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(This week fic rec is an obvious example of “when I’m sad, I read famous/not famous AU. Bear with me)

 -  Here In The Afterglow , by @fondleeds  :  “If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.  Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.” -1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

Larry Historical and High School AU (88k):  amazing fic, very accurate in terms of History, well written with great characterization. LGBTQ themes and coming out, bottom Louis for the smut. And now I want to come back to SF.

- Then We Talk Slow , by @letsjustsee : (…) A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.

Larry famous/not famous AU (20k) : okay let’s be real, I’m in love with this fic. I mean, all my fav tropes are here : famous/not famous, Twitter interaction, Tumblr fandom at their best, so much flirting, EVEN STEVE AOKI IS THERE. REad this now. Just do it. (bottom Louis for the smut)

- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) , by @taggiecb : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.

Larry BDSM and Boss/employee AU (33k) : Hooolllyyyy god. I’m not even usually in sub/dom fics. But this is something else, REALLY. Sub!Harry and Dom!Louis, awesome smut, and really great explanations about BDSM rules.

- All the Lines We Cast Will Bring Us Home  , by @afirethatcannotdie :  Harry wakes to a series of tweet notifications.  @Louis_Tomlinson: Sooo excited to announce I’m going on tour !! In America in 5 weeks and then coming back to the UK ! Get tix here:    @Louis_Tomlinson: Gonna be siiiick !! “Niall!” he yells, running out of his room. “Louis is performing at the O2 in January. Niall, I have to go. Wait. Niall. Oh my god, we’re gonna see Louis Tomlinson’s bum.”  AU. The one where Louis is a famous singer, Harry’s a uni student obsessed with his music, and sometimes things have a way of working out.

Larry famous/.not famous AU (10k), cute and fluffy, with Tumblr / Twitter themes. No smut.

- Carried Away Like Butterflies , by anonymous : “Actually…” Liam said, scratching his chin absently. “I have a friend who is moving to London soon.”
“Without anywhere to live? Who is it? Do I want them living in my home?!”
“You met him at my birthday party. Harry, from Cheshire. Remember? Really tight jeans, curly hair down to here?” Realisation dawned on Louis, staring at Liam who was gesturing round about his nipples. Did he remember Harry? Did he remember Harry? He remembered Harry’s square front teeth biting into his collarbone, and he remembered Harry moaning, loud and obscene with no provocation. He remembered Harry dropping to his knees at the edge of the bed and roughly pulling Louis closer. He remembered, vividly, Harry’s lovely plump lips wrapping around his- “Lou?” “Uh- what?” Louis said, startled. “Oh, yeah. Um, I think I remember him.” -  It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Larry Roomates AU (17k) : ahaha I love the plot so much !! so this is very funnt, with a lot of pining, so good smut (bottom Louis) and nicely done !

- What do you mean he’s coming? , by @mediawhorefics : When Harry accepted to be his sister’s Maid of Honour, despite how non-traditional of a choice he was, he didn’t think writing a speech for the wedding reception would be this hard. Now, not only does he have less than two weeks left to find something moving and inspirational to say, but Gemma just confided in him that her old childhood best friend is going to be in attendance. The one who moved to LA and they haven’t seen in fifteen years because he was too busy becoming an Academy Awards winner. But hey, no pressure. It’s just Louis Fucking Tomlinson. Harry is screwed.

Larry famous not famous and ex friends to lovers AU (15k) : so actor Louis and photographer Harry, a “long time no see” story, perfect for when you’re sad :) (no smut)

- Stars and Boulevards , by @cherrystreet : They’d been friends for years, had known each other throughout middle school and into high school, meeting in a music class on a sticky September morning. They hit it off instantly, falling into one another immediately, never looking back. Their friendship was comfortable, genuine, safe, always there, achingly present and solid. Harry never felt uneasy confiding in Louis, their one year age gap making Louis somehow seem more worldly, more experienced, and even when Harry had to look down at Louis, he still looked up to him. They spent the quickly passing school years making each other’s homes their own, Harry’s mom calling Louis her honorary second son, Louis’ mom giving Harry a similar title, and everyone knew that if you wanted to find Harry, you had to find Louis first. 

Larry Uni and coming back together AU (6k): well written, with a BFF to lovers relationship is reaching the break-up point because … life and long distance. nicely done, with happy end, and barely smutty (bottom Louis)

- Like Candy In My Veins , by @littlelouishiccups :  “Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”  “Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”   Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

Larry a/b/o and fake relationship AU (30k), add some hate to love, some amazing sisters, great smut (bottom Louis) and you’ll get an unconventional Christmas fic :p

  • weekes has said he was against what happened to Thane Krios in ME3 - that is, players having no choice over their LI’s fate in Mass Effect 3 (Thane dying no matter what)
  • he wrote Mordin’s story in ME3 - AND THERE IS A WAY to have Mordin live, even tho that character DID things most people find horrible, & Mordin was having a redemption arc. (ok, there are huge consequences, but we can’t expect no less!)
  • if there’s more dragon age content, he wants to give closure to solavellan!
  • he’s now LEAD WRITER of dragon age
  • i’ve read his personal books series… and having read it, I TRUST HIM EVEN MORE to give us a CHOICE in the end (the consequences may be tough though) (read the book, btw, they’re awesome)
  • there’s SO MUCH HOPE, PEOPLE!
  • consider these tweets:
Celebrate International Women’s Day with some Bad-Ass Bisexuals!

To celebrate International Women’s Day I thought I’d give a quick rundown of bad-ass bisexual women, real or fictional.

First off, of course it has to be Korra!

This is a woman who takes no shit and means business. As the Avatar, she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and sometimes that get’s her down. But guess what - that’s okay! Women are allowed to be flawed as much as their male counterparts, along with being as bad-ass as them (she has that last part down to a T for sure anyway).

Similarly, Asami Sato

The beautiful, strong and smart girlfriend of Korra, had to grow up pretty fast when her father betrayed her and her friends in favour of the equalists. But just like Korra, with the power of love and friendship, she powered through and helped save the world.

Evan Rachel Wood

Star of the television series, Westworld,Wood has been very open about her bisexuality. She Tweeted candidly about bi-erasure in 2015: “Bisexual people are the largest single group within the LGBT community, yet we are hardly recognized,” … “I can assure you that whatever ‘straight privilege’ I sometimes get accused of having, gets erased by #biphobia.”

These violent delights will have violent ends…

Angelina Jolie

Humanitarian, actress, filmmaker and all round awesome person, Jolie has mentioned her bisexuality in the press: She told OK! magazine: “I absolutely love women and find them incredibly sexy.

"I have loved women in the past and slept with them.  I think if you love and want to pleasure a woman, particularly if you are a woman yourself, then certainly you know how to do things a certain way.”


I’ll be in my bunk.

So, if you know of any other amazing bisexual women within the media that you’d like to give a shout out to today, then leave a comment below!

Have a lovely day you beautiful bisexual land mermaids <3

Nicole xoxo

Things I liked in Sherlock S4

I know a lot of people did/does the same list but I have to write my own because I want to appreciate this show that has been a part of my life for over three years. I never loved any show this much like Sherlock though I’m pretty much addicted to watching tv shows. It taught me many things and I gained friendships through it, and I’ll be always thankful for the laughter, thrill and tears and many more that Sherlock gave me. I’m being positive here which is a hard thing for me so appreciate it a little, okay?

In general

  • The Soundtrack: it was perfect, as always.
  • The fandom: I love all these crazy, creative people who tried to make sense in these senseless times. The fan arts, the fan fictions, the theories, the edits, everything…
  • SHERMIT!!! it was hell of a ride and I’ll always ship Sherlock and Kermit the frog.
  • The live tweeting event: which gave us Shermit. I couldn’t participate because of my exams but it was such fun as I read about it.
  • The promoting: hell yeah, it was freaking awesome!
  • Something’s fucky *puts on a tiny tinfoil hat*
  • The crack videos: people, you are nuts!!! Nuts, but fucking awesome nuts.
  • The behind-the-scene pictures of tiny Sherlock aka Tom Stroughton. Thank you, @richstoughton for sharing these adorable pictures, they never fail to make me smile.
  • I’m thankful to all the actors and actresses because they did a fantastic job to bring the series to life.

The Six Thatchers

  • Benedict’s voice-over… God, his voice…
  • Toby, the dog: it was adorable how all the characters reacted to this doggo, especially Sherlock. He’s such a dog person that my heart melts.
  • The Gang: I loved watching the interactions between John, Sherlock and Mary. They were working great when they were clueing for looks together.
  • Sherlock and his gignernuts *coughs*
  • Balloonlock
  • We had to learn more about Mary. I like Mary’s character because she’s shady af no matter what others say about her.
  • The aquarium and the sharks and the jellyish. I love jellyfish.
  • The reference to The Lion’s Mane when we are at jellyfish.
  • The scene where Mary gives birth to Rosie. I loved how freaked out every one of them were. I’m looking at you, Dr. John Watson, veteran army doctor.
  • Rosie as the Devil AND the Anti-Christ.
  • “If you want to keep the rattle, do not throw the rattle.” *Rosie throws the rattle into Sherlock’s face*

The Lying Detective

  • The Cinematography Heaven. I drool over the whole bag deduction, window deduction and “Anyone” deduction anytime I think about them. They were such pleasure to my eyes…
  • BAMF Mrs Hudson!!!4!!4! I think we can all agree on that.
  • Sherlock’s finger guns
  • Sherlock quoting Shakespeare while he’s out of his mind on drugs. It was the highlight of the episode for me as a fellow Shakespeare fan. Just give Benedict all the awards, please.
  • “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.” monologue: it touched a string in my heart.
  • THE HUG: I cried a little, okay?
  • All of the “a cuppa tea”
  • Molly Hooper: I just simply love her.
  • It was a very emotional episode in general.
  • Sherlock drinking from a vase then complaining that the water is filthy. No shit Sherlock.
  • Sherlock would talk with you all night if he thought you were suicidal.
  • Sherlock sending a message to the Big Brother after leaving Baker Street. Dat cheeky smile, tho…

The Final Problem

  • Adorable, tiny, skippy Sherlock: we all adore how cute he is.
  • Moriarty’s entrance *yelling I Want to Break Free*
  • “Hey, bro.”
  • Pirate Batman Sherlock and John as his Robin
  • Mrs Hudson listening to Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast while vacuuming. MRS H ROCKS!
  • The Redbeard revelation was hurtful but so good.
  • All the ridiculous plotholes which we can fill with laughter.
  • The tiny Sherlock and not-so-tiny Mycroft pictures on the walls.
  • Uncle Rudy filming the Holmes family at the beach: headcanon.
  • You can say whatever you want but tiny Eurus was also cute. On the outside.
  • Mycroft “Iceman” Holmes showing how much he cares about his family. It was hurtful to watch how he tried to make Sherlock shoot him instead of John.
  • Fairytale prince Sherlock running through the night
  • Mycroft’s umbrella revelation: so that’s why he always carries it with him.
  • John lamenting that he had 10 more minutes of the session after Eurus shot him with a tranquilizer
  • All the horror movie references were funny.
  • John in a shock blanket
  • Sherlock in a beanie

It wasn’t all that bad, was it? :)

Thank you for reading it. I love this fandom and I will never leave it.

Feel free to add anything else YOU liked in S4!

anonymous asked:

Did you see on twitter that Adam deleted a tweet a few days ago saying that the question of whether Hook is getting a new love interest is legitimate because Jmo has left?? i don't know what to make of it but I feel like the more and more he and Eddy talk about s7 it's like they're trying on purpose to make us upset. Just when i have a little faith in them they manage to ruin it in 5 words or less. I feel so disheartened and i'm beyond done with their cryptic, asshole attitudes.

Yes, a kind person alerted me to what was happening and I actually saw all that go down. He let fans back him into a corner and that tweet was deleted almost the same moment it was posted. I’m impressed someone got that screenshot. I got one of his reply only, but not one with what he was responding to, because he was that fast.

He started out defending Eddy and pretty much saying that anyone who doesn’t like Eddy’s answers is anxiety ridden. He also responded to people who were making great points by saying “you seem upset, is something wrong?” It was cloaked in faux kindness, but was really pretty insulting and dismissive.

I wish I was kidding.

He also pretended to be confused and flabbergasted that anyone would read Eddy’s comments that Regina is in “all” the 7.02 flashbacks and is front-and-center as meaning that Regina is in all the 7.02 flashbacks and is front-and-center. Apparently, in Eddy speak, that just means that Regina is in at least one flashback scene in the episode and anyone who read “all” and “front and center” as more than that is reading into what’s not there. (He also might have said that they are letting their “anxiety” color their interpretation of Eddy’s words.)

Also, to be clear, the fans were not in hysterics over Eddy’s words being true, they were more challenging Adam because they knew Eddy was exaggerating. The whole exchange started because Adam butted into a conversation about Eddy being bitter about JMo leaving and letting anger at her color his interviews (which I think is 100% accurate). Adam started manic tweeting the party line about loving Emma, respecting JMo and being grateful she’ll appear in one ep and NO ONE BEING ANGRY OR BITTER! (The lady doth protest too much, Adam.)

It was kinda hilarious, because he kept saying that he and Eddy have never done or said anything disrespectful about Emma, then turning around saying it’s totally legit for them to discuss whether Emma’s true love, whom she married 2 episodes ago, is getting a new love interest to replace her without mentioning her in any of their answers about it.

He couldn’t connect the dots between them casually entertaining and teasing the idea that the series-long protagonist’s happy ending would be obliterated for the audience immediately after they saw her get it with disrespecting Emma and her story.


I will defend Adam on one point, the fool was NOT trying to upset people. He was attempting to do the opposite, but he is so married to pretending Eddy is awesome at giving interviews (AND NOT BITTER) and protecting whatever lame story they have written with #nospoilers that he does more harm than good every time he metaphorically opens his mouth to tweet.

I don’t know if I said this it was probably on a post I might’ve deleted but since Wander Over Yonder and Steven Universe each had a musical episode with catchy songs, I was hoping it would be a continuing trend for modern tv shows including Star vs. the Forces of Evil and the then upcoming series (and also case in point) OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.

This tweet makes it apparent that my wish has been granted. Now all I need is a Star vs. the Forces of Evil musical episode and my life will be complete!

Time to clear up some confusions

Firstly I would like to say and warn people in the fandom not to believe in everything stated on tumblr without source.

Now let’s move on to the topic. There have been a lot of confusions about the “Naruto: the Last” movie and people stating that it got the best outcome (in money terms) so it’s the best and therefore people like it. Let me explain why this movie got so much money.

  • This is the last movie about Naruto Uzumaki’s generation. Kishimoto promised to explain the ending in this movie which was exactly his way of making them go and see it. Every Naruto fan would want to see what happens in the end but this does not mean everyone likes it.
  • Something I say over and over again, people were refused refunds. The pre-sales started when there was barely information about the movie overall. There was a lot of Sasuke and Kakashi shown (strategy Sp used to attract) and ironically these two characters are the most famous among Japanese fans - and in the end they were barely shown in the movie.
  • It’s the way they promoted the movie that is interesting. They didn’t show much Hinata and drew her as much as the other characters in the beginning - thus the fans thought her role won’t be that important in the movie. After the pre-sales were done they showed us the truth and posted the nh part of the movie (basically 90% of the movie) and this is the exact time people wanted to get refunds - but were refused.
  • I talked to a Naruto fan on Twitter and someone on tumblr (who wants to remain anonymous) approved that “The Last” was indeed marketed with “Road to Ninja” which lead to them thinking that it was all a genjutsu. Not to forget that they promised them a lot of Kakashi and Sasuke too.
  • A lot of Japanese fans left the theatre before the ending of the movie which is really unusual.
  • My favorite explanation of how the Japanese fans feel about Naruhina is the tweet: “Unlike our expextations that we were going to get an awesome (remarkable) ending which will make us happy we got an asspull of a relationship between strangers who didn’t care about each other up untill now. We aren’t happy with the ending, we are not celebrating Naruhina - we are trying to accept it. That’s all.”
  • The Japanese fandom blames Hinata’s voice actor for ruining the series now. It appears that it’s not the first movie she ruined.

The strategy Studio Pierrot is perfect actually. They showed the three most liked characters and gave promises they didn’t keep. They promoted Hinata along with the other characters giving the impression that other characters would get a lot of screen time too. They made the audience believe she is a little bit more important because her sister plays a role in the movie too (they interact 4 times in the whole movie). and then after the sales were finished they gave out the truth. This movie wasn’t Kishimoto’s idea but the plot was SP’s.

Making a lot of movie doesn’t change the fact that this is the most hated Naruto movie. It doesn’t change the fact that the Japanese fandom cannot bring themselves to be happy about the ending but try to accept it. Its doesn’t change the fact that Naruto Uzumaki is called “the worst scumbag” in Japan. This movie ruined everything Naruto thought us along the years so learn the difference: making a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s taken positively by the fandom.

Hannibal fan musical movie - Bryan approved: Back NOW! <3

Hi, you lovely Fannibals out there! :-) Did you already hear about this awesome project? At Red Dragon Con 3 we played a fan musical version of Hannibal series for Bryan, Hugh, Demore, Aaron, Scott & all Fannibal attendees. It was a big success, got standing ovation from everyone! <3 But we weren’t allowed to record it…

NOW, everything’s different! @fannibalmusical​ is working on a whole and surely beautiful musical movie! With international cast and filming locationn we can do what no other fandom ever did - once again! :-) Even Bryan backed the project & tweeted a lot of love to it:

And so, we have 96% now and 34 hours to go! The more you back the better the movie will be - and it’S gonna be great! <3

BACK HERE (or at least spread the word):

Besides everything else, you’ll hear a real voice of GJ Hobbs in the movie! Vladimir Cubrt recorded some texts for it!

Some song’s demos are already out, listen to Will’s Intro song and Chilton’s song! And if we get 100% funded before the musical leader fall asleep today, we’ll get one more! :-)

Here are some promo in character vids: Abigail Interview, Will Graham about the project

Also, the 1st musical is here: ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3.

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Why I Hate CC:  The Creator of TMI

I saw an reply to a someone’s post who asked why do we hate CC, even though she created the series on which Shadowhunters is based.  And I didn’t have time to reply, and promptly forgot the url of the post. So I’m going to reply here, because I want to just put that out there. 

First of all, why do people think I have to like the author to love the books. I don’t. I haven’t really liked JKR since book 5, but Harry Potter has always had a special place my heart.  As for Shadowhunters, I love the world building (despite the mythology having more holes in it than swiss cheese) and the downworlders. I particular love the show, and I respect the hell out of the writers who took a deeply flawed book series and made it awesome; despite all the risk to themselves. I mean they have:

  • They added people of color
  • They add Interracial Relationships
  • They add Gay and Bisexual representation and inclusion
  • They add a feminist and sex positive character.

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the people in the fandom who want Marco to die in the series finale?

First, I didn’t know this was a thing until you just told me, and then I did some searching and found out that this whole theory exists because of something I tweeted?! Yikes.

Second, you guys are hella dark and I am into it.

Third, I just want to get you all excited for a really fun set of episodes that will close out the season. Daron and crew have put together some really awesome stuff. How you all interpret my enthusiasm is beyond my control.

But yeah… hella dark, guys.

I had a brilliant idea earlier...

Instead of dragging Maximum Ride through production heck trying to turn it into a movie, go the (slightly) easier route and turn it into a TV series! It would work so well as a TV show. Pass it on, tweet it, get it to the higher ups. This needs to happen! EDIT: MR is getting a webseries. Saw it on Facebook. Google for more info!! Edit: People, you’re awesome, but this is my most reblogged/liked post. the post has been around for a year. So…maybe stop reblogging  it for my sanity, please? Edit: I see my plea has not been acknowleged, so I’m convinced you people must just be liking it to annoy me. I would delete it, but I’m curious if it’ll ever get to 1K likes/rb’s. Guess I’ll continue to be annoyed and driven crazy then. 


Carmilla Life Magazine AU

Laura wants to help the people where ever they go. She tries to give food or toys or clothing to local communities and tweets about aid relief.
Carmilla just wants to get in, do their job and get out. There’s always going to be pain and suffering in the world. You can’t save everyone. These are dangerous people and situations, we can’t mess around here or bad things will happen.

For the amazingly awesome @nat-bah! Happy Birthday dude!!

petemcbride  asked:

Hi! Nameless City artwork looks awesome. Looking forward to it. Maybe I missed it, but do you have a storyline overview that you can share with the masses? Really enjoyed your tweets/tumblr posts during the creation of it. Like a documentary of the comic process. Thank you.

So nice of you to ask about my book! Ok, I guess I’ll just do a big overview that I can point people to when they ask. :D

The Nameless City is a 3 book series (a trilogy) written and drawn by me. The first book will be out in early 2016, and it will be published by First Second Books. It will be coloured by the Eisner-winning colourist Jordie Bellaire.

The story is about this kid, Kai

who goes to the Nameless City (a fictional city in a fictional world, because I’ve always wanted to make one up) for the first time, to meet his dad (also for the 

first time). Dad’s kind of absent-minded, but he’s an ok guy.

(it’s kinda awkward at first)
Then Kai meets this kid, Rat

who is not particularly thrilled to meet him. See, The Nameless City is a messy place. It has cool dance parties

but also civil unrest

because it’s a city of strategic importance, a shortcut through an impassable mountain range, important to various trading routes. Whoever controls the City controls the flow of money in the world, basically. So the City gets fought over a lot, and changes hands as different nations in this world rise and fall. As a result the City’s population is diverse, lots of different people who might normally hate each other living side by side, all in the name of making a living wage. 

Anyway, Kai’s people are the ones currently in charge (or occupying it, depending on who you talk to) of the City, and have been for an unusual length of time. Which is why Rat isn’t thrilled to meet him, for painful, personal reasons. Also, Kai’s kind of a dork, but he’s trying to be better about that.

And then there’s a conspiracy and unrest and general nastiness that the kids get dragged into

and there’s like a million tiled roofs that I had to draw

(ugh god why)

and running

Soooo much running

too much running if you ask me GET A HORSE ALREADY PEOPLE No I don’t want to draw horses.

Anyway! That’s pretty much the spoiler free version of the story. I hope it’s interesting enough that you’ll want to pick up the published version. :D

Vacationing on the Rift: Cardiff

When I was last in Cardiff a little over two years ago, I was a college student taking a weekend trip from my study abroad program. This blog was just a few months old, with only one mildly successful post and a handful of followers. I did the normal tourist’s route around the city, stopped by the Doctor Who Experience, and was out of Cardiff before I knew it.

When I went back to Cardiff at the beginning of August, things had certainly changed. This time, I was able to stay for a full week, giving me more time to explore Cardiff and the surrounding cities. This blog’s community has grown astronomically, and even when I was on my own I had everyone here to share my adventures with me. 

Oh, and this time, Rachel Talalay, the director of the series finale, had invited me out to visit her. 

Obviously, this was one of the most incredible weeks of my life.

I had been promised chilly rain during most of my week in Cardiff, but thanks to some strange magic, it was gorgeous and sunny nearly every day. In my downtime, I found myself wandering around Cardiff Bay a lot. I currently live in a hellish swamp on the East Coast, so even though I was over 5,000 miles away and on a different continent, the sunshine, seagulls, and saltwater reminded me a lot of my hometown in California.

But while Cardiff certainly made me feel homesick, I couldn’t pretend I was at home on the beach for long. Mostly because I kept wandering into episodes of Doctor Who where I never expected to find them. I would stroll into a random Starbucks, look at the diner to my right, and ask myself, “Haven’t I seen that in an episode before?”

And the answer is yes, I certainly have.

That’s Eddie’s Diner, which was used as the American diner in “The Impossible Astronaut.” They’ve modified a doorway in the back of the restaurant to look like the TARDIS, so when you open the Elvis door it looks like the TARDIS is still parked out back!

No joke, when my mother asked to see pictures of Cardiff Bay, I told her she’d get a better view if she just watched “Boom Town.” Almost every inch of Cardiff Bay has been used as a filming location at some point.

We’re most familiar with the Millennium Centre and the Roald Dahl Plass, which are two of the most iconic Cardiff landmarks used in Doctor Who.

On this trip, the Roald Dahl Plass had been turned into a carnival fairground. Not so great for reenacting silly scenes for photos, but on the whole, it was definitely a lot more fun.

And of course, there were the castles. 

Lots and lots of castles.

Seriously, they’re overrun by castles.

They’re all remarkably gorgeous, and they have all been used as filming locations for Doctor Who

I spent a good three days just exploring all the different castles. Cardiff Castle is right in the heart of the city and the easiest to visit if you’ve only got a few days in Cardiff. You’ll need to catch a train from the city center to get to Caerphilly Castle, but it’s right near the train station, enormous, and totally worth your time. 

That last castle pictured above is Castell Coch, a Norman castle that was destroyed and then rebuilt by the Bute family in the 19th Century. It’s gorgeous, but it’s a mile and a half from the nearest train station, so be prepared for a bit of a hike to get there (If you’ve got a car, it’s only about a 20 min drive from Cardiff).

Does the entrance to Castell Coch seem familiar to you? Because the exterior bridge and entrance were used in “Nightmare in Silver.”

The interior courtyard was also used in “The Vampires of Venice,” but I unfortunately couldn’t get a great picture of it due to construction. But it pretty much looks exactly like it does in this screenshot, except without the creepy lighting or fish-vampires.

And the exterior walls and interior rooms were used for the German UNIT base in “Journey’s End.”

But by far my favorite castle to visit was Caerphilly Castle.

Caerphilly is exactly the type of castle that Americans who have never seen a real castle in their lives imagine all castles look like (I say this as an American who was really impressed by the Cinderella castle at Disneyland as a toddler). The archways and towers, the moats and bridges, the massive halls and crumbling walls – it was all my childhood Tamora Pierce/Disney princess fantasies come to life. I spent the entire afternoon wandering wherever visitors were allowed, and testing a few locked doors along the way.

I knew that plenty of Doctor Who episodes had been filmed here, but I was constantly surprised when I walked into a perfectly innocent seeming room, only to realize that I recognized it from yet another episode. 

The most surreal moment happened when I walked into the main dining hall. I swore I recognized it from somewhere, but I couldn’t quite place it. While I wandered through the hall taking photos, Rachel Talalay and I exchanged a few emails about my tourism adventures. She mentioned offhand that the amazing shot of Peter Capaldi posted on the official Doctor Who Instagram was taken in that hall. I stepped around to the other side of the room, and finally recognized it. It’s a little bit less impressive without the sun setting dramatically though the windows while Peter Capaldi stares down a camera, but I did my best:

And then, of course, I had to stop by the Doctor Who Experience. They completely re-did the Experience after Capaldi became the Doctor, so it was well worth another visit. 

If you haven’t been, the first part of the Experience is an interactive adventure, and the second part is an exhibit of Classic and New sets, props, and costumes. The interactive adventure is much better than the old one they had when Matt Smith was the Doctor. The story is much more engaging and cohesive now, and there are interactive activities for both older and younger fans to enjoy. I also loved all the references and homages to Classic Who sprinkled throughout the adventure. And the transition between the adventure and the exhibit was absolutely beautiful – you exit the junkyard from the very first episode of Doctor Who and walk right into the first Doctor’s TARDIS. 

There are lots of other neat things you can see at the exhibit, including the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS, which you can walk onto for photographs. But whoever’s set up the exhibit has an odd sense of humor. In the line-up of all of Clara’s outfits, someone decided to include the flipping Dalek. 

But as incredible as seeing all the castles and filming locations was, nothing could top my visit to Roath Lock Studios, where Doctor Who is filmed. And I am so incredibly grateful that even though Rachel was ridiculously busy while I was in Cardiff, she took the time to meet up with me and show me around.

It sounds like I’m stating the incredibly obvious, but you would not believe how hard everyone works to pull off an episode of Doctor Who. I think it’s something that we all sort of rationally understand – we know that it must be very difficult to create a TV show and that everyone, from the writers to the crew to the actors, all have to work very hard to pull everything together into a 45 minute episode. But I promise, however hard you think they’re working to create this TV show that we love, they’re working even harder. And it was wonderful to see even a tiny piece of it come together.

Even though I loved wandering through all the castles and filming locations, nothing could top the moment that Rachel took me to see the TARDIS set. And guys, I promise, it’s just as magical as it is in the show. It’s completely enclosed, so stepping in through the main doors actually feels like stepping into the TARDIS itself. 

When Rachel left me alone at the console, I had to take a moment to collect myself and take it all in. When I was very, very young, I didn’t quite understand how sets worked. I knew that the movies I was watching weren’t real, but for some reason I thought the sets were real. So somewhere in the world, I imagined that someone had built a full-size, functioning Millennium Falcon just to film Star Wars

Standing on the TARDIS set brought back a moment of that childish glee. It wasn’t real and I knew it, but for a moment I just wanted to giggle, flip the lever, and play the TARDIS dematerialization sound on my phone so I could pretend I was off on another adventure with the Doctor. When you step on the TARDIS set, for a very brief moment you step into another dimension where traveling through time and space in an old police box is possible. 

And then Rachel has to go back to work and it’s time to go back to the real world.

I can’t share photos of my TARDIS visit right now, but I promise, there’s a really awesome picture coming your way as soon as the new series premieres on September 19th.

I’ll leave you guys with one more thing from my visit to Cardiff. Rachel sent out a tweet earlier this summer that really resonated with me: 

So to thank her for taking me to see the actual real-life TARDIS, I commissioned elinj (who designed my blog’s logo) to illustrate this tweet, with the characters Rachel has directed helping her kick through the glass ceiling.

I had an amazing time hanging out with Rachel in Cardiff, and all I want to do right now is go back.

invest-yourlife  asked:

Have you seen that the Throne of Glass series is being adapted into a tv series?? Sarah Maas tweeted an article about it earlier today! (Also you're art is absolutely incredible, I hope you have an awesome day!)

Thank you so much! I’m working on a Empire of Storms drawing right this very second so I’m really giddy! Um I don’t know how I feel about it? I feel like only the first two books would work well as adaptions but hopefully it will be brilliant!

Things I Learned From the Finale of HIMYM

       The last show I remember watching before my dad passed away was How I Met Your Mother so forgive me for being biased on having a sentimental attachment to this show, but hearing what people have to say I feel the need to put my two cents in. I am tired of the tweets and posts that say, “I feel like the people who loved the series finale of HIMYM have never watched the show before this.” We all have our opinions and we all have our reasons for liking and disliking things. I have watched every single episode (more than once) of this show and have fallen in love with each and every character so don’t sit there and tell me my opinion is invalid. The writers didn’t write this show for it to be ABOUT the mother (even though she was awesome) it was about HOW HE MET THE MOTHER and all the trials and tribulations he went through to get to the love of his life and further. So take a step back re-watch the episode and look for the lessons in the last episode and maybe you will learn the things I learned.

  1. Time sucks and people change. If you think about it for all the avid watchers of HIMYM we have watched this show for nine straight years. So we have watched the time pass in all these characters live and when that happens, just like in the real world, they get older just like we have and things change. People grow; we lose loved ones, we get married, we have kids, we move away, and we meet new people.  And as much as we want to hang on to time, just like Lily did, we can’t because the more we hold on to things like that the more bitter we become and the more we stop focusing on all the good things coming in the future.
  2. One moment can change things in your life and yourself forever. Barney neverwould have changed if he didn’t get someone pregnant and he would have spent years as a bachelor and ultimately ending up alone. That baby girl changed his life and showed us all that even though he wasn’t ultimately capable of loving Robin or anyone in a romantic way it still showed that Barney was a loving human being who had a heart and that in the one moment of meeting his daughter he changed right before our eyes.
  3. Life is for the living.  We often forget and succumb to being selfish when people die in our lives. We make ourselves think that we should all stop living when someone we love dies and that’s not fair.  So no the show shouldn’t be called “How I Met Your Mother, but I Really Wanted To Bang Aunt Robin” because Ted didn’t go “bang” Robin right after his soul mate died he waited six year, he raised his children, children who obviously loved him enough to listen to that long of a story, he wasn’t selfish he was selfless. Was Ted supposed to stay alone? Ask yourselves out of all the people on this show did you really want ted to be alone?
  4. Right person wrong time. I know everyone is pissed off that the writers supposedly spent eight seasons saying that Ted and Robin weren’t right for each otehr but in reality the only reason that Ted and Robin didn’t work was because when they dated they wanted very very very different things in life. Ted met his soul mate, they got married (eventually), they shared all their corny hobbies, and most importantly they created a beautiful family together. If Tracy had not died Ted would have always been in deep love with her, but unfortunately life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to.  Who is to say they weren’t right for each other? Robin never wanted to have kids and that wouldn’t have been fair for Ted to force her to do that on top of the fact that she couldn’t provide the love a mom should because that was just something she wasn’t capable of, ultimately they could have ended up in a divorce just as well. It was finally the right time for both of them it made perfect sense for the two of them to be together…and the blue French horn. This wasn’t nine wasted seasons just because it didn’t make sense to you for Robin and Ted to be together. Because in the second to last episode Ted says to Robin, “Love isn’t supposed to make sense.”
  5. Everything happens for a reason. If you don’t believe in that get over it because it’s true. Great things happen to you in life to get you where you are, but shitty things are going to happen to you and it will help you get to the same place. Every character on this show went through hardships in their lives that brought them to that season finale right where they belonged. Were their lives perfect? No. But in the end they were all happy and that is what mattered most.
  6. “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” (Don Williams, Jr) You didn’t waste nine years of your life on this show because you got exactly what the title said, how Ted met the mother. This was about Ted’s journey with his friends who helped him get through what seemed like the worst times in his life and celebrated with him during the best.  Life isn’t ever about the destination its about the memories, hardships, and triumphs that come before. This show was way more than just about the mother don’t forget that.
  7. In life we don’t get answers to everything we ask. Think about it, where is the goddamn pineapple.

Jacksepticeye Draw your Tweets VR!

So I actually thought about this quite a while ago, but I really adore the “Draw your tweets” that @therealjacksepticeye does, it’s been quite along time since we were grace with such a video and I figured out an awesome way to spice up the Draw your tweets series, some may know that Google released a drawing program for VR called TiltBrush. So, a draw your tweets video done with FUCKING VR BITCHES! How cool would that be??

Thank you <3 <3

As we head into the weekend, we just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the Season Two finale such a memorable and fantastic day.

From the people who entered the @ubykotex contest, to the winners and lovelies waiting in the rush-ticket who line traveled to the event in Toronto, to the dedicated Creampuffs all over the world who watched along with us at 5:30pm, to everyone who live tweeted, joined chats, created hilarious/awesome/heart-wrenching gifs/fanart/posts almost instantly after the episode aired, to everyone who has ever supported this series, to the cast, the crew, the wonderful peeps at UbyKotex:


The internet can sometimes feel a little faceless, perhaps a little detached. But yesterday felt like we were all hanging out together and collectively celebrating Episode 36 and what Carmilla means to us all. It filled our hearts to say the least.

Thanks again, Creampuffs - we couldn’t do any of this without you! Now, enough of us being sappy…ON TO SEASON ZERO!!!

Buckle up Creampuffs, the Carmillapocalypse is coming!

That’s right guys, it’s that time again.

Unless you’ve been living under a hiatus rock, you’ll now know that Carmilla 2x01 hits a computer screen near you on June 2nd. To celebrate this glorious event, it’s time for another tampon army social media takeover.

When? - Tuesday June 2nd

What the hell is it? - A thunderous outpouring of Creampuff love in honour of S2 starting, and to hopefully recruit some new viewers for the new season.

What do I do? - There are a multitude of weird and wonderful ways to participate.

  • tag any and all carmilla-related posts with the designated #carmillapocalypse (one a) tag in addition to the usuals
  • change your social media handles/urls/avatars to something carmilla-related for the day
  • cover yourself in merch and/or tampons and take a #creampuffselfie
  • that carmilla fic/art/song/puppet show you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do? do it
  • tie a friend to a chair and make them watch the episodes. they’ll thank you later
  • blog/tweet/scream from your rooftop reasons why the series is awesome and everyone should watch and love it
  • join the live-watch of S1 from 2.30pm EST 
  • join the push to trend #carmillaseason2 from 5pm -6pm EST (the hour around the ep going live)

See you on Tuesgay!

(cover art by the incomparable toodrunktofindaurl, thank you!)