this was an awesome series of tweets

  • weekes has said he was against what happened to Thane Krios in ME3 - that is, players having no choice over their LI’s fate in Mass Effect 3 (Thane dying no matter what)
  • he wrote Mordin’s story in ME3 - AND THERE IS A WAY to have Mordin live, even tho that character DID things most people find horrible, & Mordin was having a redemption arc. (ok, there are huge consequences, but we can’t expect no less!)
  • if there’s more dragon age content, he wants to give closure to solavellan!
  • he’s now LEAD WRITER of dragon age
  • i’ve read his personal books series… and having read it, I TRUST HIM EVEN MORE to give us a CHOICE in the end (the consequences may be tough though) (read the book, btw, they’re awesome)
  • there’s SO MUCH HOPE, PEOPLE!
  • consider these tweets:

Carmilla Life Magazine AU

Laura wants to help the people where ever they go. She tries to give food or toys or clothing to local communities and tweets about aid relief.
Carmilla just wants to get in, do their job and get out. There’s always going to be pain and suffering in the world. You can’t save everyone. These are dangerous people and situations, we can’t mess around here or bad things will happen.

For the amazingly awesome @nat-bah! Happy Birthday dude!!

Jacksepticeye Draw your Tweets VR!

So I actually thought about this quite a while ago, but I really adore the “Draw your tweets” that @therealjacksepticeye does, it’s been quite along time since we were grace with such a video and I figured out an awesome way to spice up the Draw your tweets series, some may know that Google released a drawing program for VR called TiltBrush. So, a draw your tweets video done with FUCKING VR BITCHES! How cool would that be??

So you miss the Habs...

Here’s a few things to make the off-season a bit less boring 

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014-2015:  hatty for chucky // that time we beat the kings 6-2// we did actually beat ottawa// ok we lost against tampa but we still have this game// habs season recap// daily reminder that pk is awesome // #CAREYPRICE4HART// #CAREYPRICE4PRIMEMINISTER// #CAREYPRICE4EVERYTHING

PLAYERS BEING ADORABLE AND STUFF: post-series celebration// every duel video// pk is awesome part 2// teammate trivia// mean tweets

Thank you <3 <3

As we head into the weekend, we just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the Season Two finale such a memorable and fantastic day.

From the people who entered the @ubykotex contest, to the winners and lovelies waiting in the rush-ticket who line traveled to the event in Toronto, to the dedicated Creampuffs all over the world who watched along with us at 5:30pm, to everyone who live tweeted, joined chats, created hilarious/awesome/heart-wrenching gifs/fanart/posts almost instantly after the episode aired, to everyone who has ever supported this series, to the cast, the crew, the wonderful peeps at UbyKotex:


The internet can sometimes feel a little faceless, perhaps a little detached. But yesterday felt like we were all hanging out together and collectively celebrating Episode 36 and what Carmilla means to us all. It filled our hearts to say the least.

Thanks again, Creampuffs - we couldn’t do any of this without you! Now, enough of us being sappy…ON TO SEASON ZERO!!!

Idk what a lot of people are complaining about… the Season 0 plot is wacky and funny and seeing everyone circa 2012 is awesome! They’re all so ridiculous and cute and Carm looks so hot!

Also Hollstein every other episode being so grossly domestic… WHY AREN’T SOME OF YOU WATCHING IT? 

Watch it, blog and tweet about it, talk to UBK and tell them how much you love their products. Tag things with #SaveCarmilla. 


Hey Everyone: Time to Speculate on the Upcoming 3DS RPG Nintendo is Talking About

In this here tweet.

Everyone and their mom is saying MOTHER 3 (pun intended). Please, let it be MOTHER 3. Or better yet, a complete Earthbound Series Collection, perhaps packaged with some awesome special edition swag. Nobody does special editions quite like Nintendo. 

What game do you think BIG N is hinting at?