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I’m an adult. And because i’m an adult i went and enrolled on a tango and folklore dance school.

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Hello! I've just watched Little Mix latest music video and I was a bit /meh/ about the outfits​, so i thought of you and said to myself "I wonder if Evelina likes little mix? And what she thinks about the ootds in the video?!" Did you like them? (If not, can i ask yoy How'd you've dressed the girls?) Thank you and have a nice day xxxx

hey babe! thank you for thinking about me, that’s so nice and i’m kinda moved :”) 

i do like little mix! i haven’t followed their career so i’m afraid i’m missing out on a lot of their old works, but glory days is awesome, i love it. and i’ve watched the video last night, so this ask is very welcome.

what i think about the outfits is that they were a bit overdone, which is sadly something that happens very often for them. i liked the whole cowgirl, ‘coyote ugly’ vibe and the general theme, but some choices were a bit bizarre. 

i loved perrie and jesy, especially in this first set of outfits, although i’m not the biggest fan of jest’s shoes, but they pass. however, as for leigh-anne and jade… oh god. sorry but nothing on leigh is pretty, which is offensive because she’s insanely gorgeous. as for jade, the look is cute but a bit too cheap, in my opinion? i feel like the others are dressed, while she’s just going to the beach with western boots on. so i restyled them for you :) i worked with the overall theme so it’s nothing insanely different but here’s something that would look nice, in my opinion: 

for leigh, stella mccartney flared jeans, a calvin klein bustier and moschino vintage pumps that are kind of trashy, but hopefully in a good way. instead of that glittery choker that doesn’t match the outfit, but doesn’t compliment it either, i’d go for a layering of chokers, a tiny leather one, a colorful one and one that goes with the details on the shoes. then also a necklace - because why not! - which is a beautiful piece by shourouk and gives me western vibes with the red flowers. 

for jade, a crochet top instead of a bikini (this one is by rosie assoulin and costs more than my life), saint laurent shorts and golden goose western boots, with a body chain (only child) because she could definitely pull it off. 

as for these ^ … there’s a lot going on, clearly, but all in all i’d say perrie, jesy and jade look good. different shoes for perrie and jesy would be welcome, but still. leigh… why did they do this to her? it doesn’t make any sense. i won’t even re-dress her properly because i think everyone with eyes can see how horrible and also unflattering her attire is. she would have been fine with high-waisted black shorts, a cute bralette and the shirt, oversized and left open. maybe high-top converse for the shoes, with socks. but i mean, there are many alternatives of course, anything is better than that! 

with that said, of course, the girls look so bomb and stunning that we don’t even care ;) i just think they deserve better.

hope you like this, anon! 


Legends of Smoak: Felicity’s masked debut

The QUEEN was on Legends last night making her masked debut. Honestly… it was AWESOME. There were so many little details the Legends writers put in that I loved.

Total badass since always. I loved that she used tech. I think those were Curtis’ T-spheres, but I can’t be sure. 

“Bimbo brigade” hehehe. That was funny. My girl is hilarious in any situation.

The dark hair was ON POINT and Felicity lowered her voice like Oliver does. She was also wearing his hood.

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