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Connie pt. 2

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How would Levi, Hanji, Erwin and Mike respond to their s/o being sick? With like a bad cold or flu or something.

-“are you alright?”
-turns on over protective mode
-doesn’t let SO get out of bed
-“no, go back to bed. What do you need, I’ll get it”
-freaks out when he hears SO in the middle of the night
-pets their bed as they vomit
-doesn’t mind
-sleeps with them every night
-well SO sleeps, Levi just soothes and lays with them

-oh no
-“SO! Are you sick!!!”
-they shove medicine down SO ’s throat ASAP
-picks them up bridal style and lays them down on the coach
-just pushes the papers out of the way
-they begin trying a LOT of home remedies
-just makes SO smile
-they realize laughter is the best medicine and try many attempts to make SO laugh
-eventually they both can’t stop laughing and watch a movie

-doesn’t even ask
-“so you’re sick!”
-he has a lot of work to do but he comes by your room every hour
-thinks food is the solution
-brings a meal every 4 hours
-Erwin plz it’s too much food
-lots of head kisses
-“oh no, you’re temperature is even higher”
-“sorry…it’s just…it’s hard not to blush”

-very confused at first
-“you smell different today”
-“OH NO”
-lots of blankets
-holds their hand all day for moral support
-lights lots of candles (???)
-lots of snuggles
-precious boi just wants to help


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I've got it! I'm not sure if this is crack or not, but Levi's s/o happens to fall down, and somehow Levi catches them without knowing that they fell and he was with Hanji too? Like he opens arms and crash! His s/o there! Something like that...

I took some liberties for their barracks to make this work but…anyway, hope this is what you were looking for, ‘nonnie! Kinda crack, kinda not…I had to end on the note that I did! ;)

“Alright, shitty glasses, what have I told you about sneaking into my office?”

“Levi! You don’t understand…I had to!”

“What could have possibly been so damn important you had to break the handle off my door?”


Levi’s expression became less amused than it had started with, his brows furrowing in frustration with the scientist shuffling their feet in front of him. So Hanji wasn’t willing to give up the information…that was something worth pressing for.

Levi was much shorter than Hanji, but his stature played no part in the deathly, hollow stare he sent in their direction, the metaphorical knives from his intense gaze causing Hanji to take a step back. Levi closed the distance, taking one step at a time until Hanji was finally forced back against the wall outside his office with wide eyes and palms splayed nervously against the stone. It was clear Levi was not letting the Titan obsessed idiot escape without giving him some sort of answer for breaking into his (newly cleaned) office.

Levi’s lips were halfway parted and a word was slipping through in the form of some barely audible sound, but before he even he could figure out what he was saying, a loud CRASH came from above them, both of their heads immediately snapping up toward the balcony on the second floor.

The banister was splintered into pieces, little chips of wood raining down around them at the same time a familiar looking face was growing closer and closer to Levi every second. He barely registered the scream echoing off the nearby walls before he was sticking his arms out, bracing himself as best he could for the impending jolt of the falling body.

“HOLY SHI–oh. I’m alive.” Where you’d once had your eyes squeezed closed, you opened one to peer around you and then finally up at the captain who had caught you so gracefully. “Levi?”

Levi thought he’d been annoyed at Hanji, but as his eyes scanned over each and every piece of wood that was scattered across the floor he’d only just swept, he couldn’t stop the twitch of his eyebrow no matter how much he’d tried to conceal his emotions. His fingertips were pressed into your arms, the pressure causing your skin to lighten in the spots he was gripping so tightly. You cleared your throat, attempting to shift in his grip, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

“Uh…thanks for…catching me?” you tried timidly, offering a nervous smile in an attempt to diffuse the bomb. “Totally thought I was done for.”

“What. Happened.” It was less a question and more a statement; a very direct, demanding statement.

“I…” You swallowed thickly, your next sentence coming out jumbled due to your nerves. “IwasplayingkeepawaywithErenandArminandJeanandErengottheballsoIwastryingtotacklehimand–”

“He dodged you and due to the law of motion, you kept going…through the banister,” Hanji concluded, tapping their chin with a nod.

Levi was staring straight into your eyes, causing you to want to shrink away in intimidation, but there was really no where you could go unless he wanted you to. You began to wonder how long he was going to hold you like that, but then he was moving and carrying you into his office, his leg kicking out in one swift motion to slam the door closed behind him (and almost smack Hanji’s face in the process).

Levi set you down on his desk, but he didn’t bother moving away from you, his face still extremely close and his body invading any hope for a bubble you might have had. You licked your lips and Levi’s eyes momentarily darted down to them, then back up as he stayed silent.

It was unnerving to say in the least, so quietly you asked, “you’re not mad at me, are you?”

Levi cocked a brow, lips briefly and barely cocking into the tiniest of smirks.

“Mad?” he questioned, breath fanning against your lips as he tilted his head teasingly. “No. But you did break Survey Corp property, and that can’t go unpunished, can it?”



“Leeeeeevi!” Hanji called from the hallway, trying to peel their eyes away from the seemingly intimate moment the captain and his significant other were involved in. “Your door is still broken, in case you were wondering! You’re giving the rest of the squad quite the peep show though so it might be worth it to start charging admission~?”

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Any fanfics with no sex, FLUFFY, long, and with a small or big plot?? ♡

[I know you asked for long fics but I also found a lot of short ones so I’ll throw them in as a bonus! And also, some are platonic but I thought maybe that would be okay, I apologize if that isn’t something you wanted!]


My Sunshine by pomodoro

“A werewolf, huh? Haven’t seen one of you in a long time.”

As the boy didn’t react to his movements he took a few steps, lifting him off the cold ground, ignoring the two other larger bumps in the snow.

It was very unlikely that he would make it but the raven didn’t like unnecessary deaths, especially if he was the one who could have prevented them.

Pressing the shaking form closer to his chest, he took off his cape, wrapping it around the cold boy. Only time could tell what would happen to him.

Daycare Daddy by careforsometeaeren

Levi is a single dad who works as Vice President at Trost Corps with no time to take care of his daughter. Every daycare he goes to doesn’t quite meet his standards…that is until he sees Jaeger’s ChildCare Center.

It All Comes Tumbling Down by crescendoh

When Levi accepted to work part-time in an orphanage, it was mainly because the paid was great and Petra insisted that the kids there were adorable little buns.

Levi knew Petra lied to him when he saw the same brown-haired brat trying to escape during nap time.

“Eren, you have exactly five minutes to get back here and apologise before I’m picking you up.”

Eren only climbed the grills faster.

Beauty From Playground by rimle

From his window, Levi can see children run around on the playground nearby. He has never been there, never played with other children.

Until he meets Eren, a boy who smiles at him when no one else does. And for some reason, Eren wants to be his friend.

Or: a childhood au where Levi lives with his mom, Eren is a smart kid, and everything’s adorable.

Down The Hall by Pas_dAutres

If Levi thinks Hanji is insufferable enough to be sharing an apartment with, then he has another thing coming when her new sublet moves in. Unpredictable, sloppy, and way too sprightly for Levi’s sanity. That’s fine, he can handle it. Just stay out of each other’s way and both parties will come out unharmed.

With the way thing’s are progressing however, he’s finding it pretty darn difficult in steering clear of Eren’s paths.

Sweet, Simple, Love by TitanSlayer

Ever since Carla Jäger died, his father Grisha couldn’t take care of Eren anymore. So he entrusted Levi with his little child.
It’s not always that easy for Levi to go to school, to keep and eye on Eren and to work on the weekends.

He never thought he would have a little kid in his apartment someday. But he loves Eren deeply and no one would take him away from him.

Together With You, For My Sake and Yours by LadyofHylia

They may not be related by blood, but Eren cared for Levi as if they were. Any passerby could tell that the little boy in Eren’s arms felt the same way. They certainly didn’t choose this path in life, but they were making it the best life they could. Together.


Marry Me! by Jaegerschnitzel

Little first grader Levi is bored with his last name. He hates it. After a wild suggestion from his cousin, Petra, Levi’s mission is to marry someone with a cool last name.
Armin is a teacher, Eren sketches in class, Mikasa is out for blood, and everyone loves gay first graders.

You Are Pretty by AnimeCurie

Eren or Levi…who is more pretty?

Case With Cats by Jeageractive

Levi makes the sacrifice for Eren. For Eren and his shitty obsession with kittens.


Levi’s super allergic to cats and Eren’s super in love with cats and it becomes a super big problem.

Flower Crowns by SugarRose22

Little Eren and Levi love each other lots.

As Stubborn As Always by SugarRose22

“Morning Erwin, Hanji.” Eren said, grinning as he passed them.

“Hi, Eren!” Came Hanji’s cheery greeting.

“Morning, Eren.” Erwin’s voice was low and sounded exasperated. Eren raised a brow, pausing to look back at the pain.

“Something wrong?” He asked. He’d woken up just half an hour ago, so if something was wrong he didn’t know about it. Was there a problem?

Erwin sighed and Hanji just smiled slightly.

“Levi won’t come out of his Titan.”

Love In The Dark by Blank4

Eren has been blind since birth, everyone leaves him alone at some point. All except one.

The Big, Bad Wolf by SugarRose22

Levi’s low growl filled Eren’s ears. “Don’t even think about it.”
Eren grinned. “Too late.” And he began to pet the huge black wolf laying beside him.

Five Years by ichigoangel

Eren and Levi have been in a long-distance relationship for five years, and the day finally arrives where they get to meet in real life.

Pastel Suns by slowlysaturn

Eren is the pastel-wearing math lover who gets picked on for his baby blue nails and cute bow ties, but can pack in a good punch when needed. Levi is the vice captain of the volleyball team who neglects his studies for volleyball training. When Levi turns the corner at school one morning to see Eren standing there with a bloodied fist and tears on his face, wiped away by pastel blue nails, Levi finds his heart jumping in his chest.

Levi’s Morning Coffee by Sabrinanikkol

Levi hates mornings with a burning passion and can’t live without his morning coffee. Eren is an annoyingly cheery barista who always serves him.

To Have And To Possibly-Maybe Hold by Yuu_chi

Levi had to keep reminding himself that this was Eren, and he loved the man dearly, and shoving him out of bed to crack his head open probably wasn’t conducive to a happy long-term relationship.

Chance by galaxystiel

“So I can bring my date, right?” The words came out before Eren could even attempt to hold them back. He didn’t have a date, what the hell had he said that for?

Eren invented himself a boyfriend for a dinner with his friends and his ex-boyfriend. Now he just has to find one, and fast.

Love Like Lightning by inkshaming

In which Levi is the last one to figure things out.

Levi froze on the spot, and it had nothing to do with the temperature. “In love?” he repeated. The words, coming from his mouth, sounded oddly hollow.

“Yeah, love,” Hanji said. “You know, when your stomach feels funny and sparks start flying and all that serotonin and dopamine and OxyClean starts whizzing around your brain…”

“Sounds like a bad flu,” Levi replied, forcing himself stiffly into motion again. “And it’s not OxyClean, it’s –”

“Kinda like you and Eren,” Hanji continued, not even phased.

Levi almost slipped on slick ice. “Me and Eren?” he choked.

Mean Little Kitty by SugarRose22

Levi hates everyone but Eren.

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’? by mybrainproblems

Three weeks ago the cops turned up to arrest their neighbors in a big round up of a major heroin ring. Now there are some new tenants moving in and those two seem nice enough but the really hot guy with the tattoos is a little scary and oh shit, he might be a drug dealer.

aka “I think my hot neighbor is cooking meth with his weird friends”

[Rushed Confessions and rescue missions - Levi Ackerman x Reader]

First Attack on Titan post and I’m so happy I finally finished this! I was so scared of messing it up that I procrastinated the last 800 or so words for a few days. But here it is and I hope you like it!

Word Count- 1839

Warnings- Just fluffy fluff

Don’t repost or plagiarise


“So, how was training today? Did shorty make things hard for you?” Hanji asks, grinning. Her brown eyes were lit up behind her goggles as she stared at our group.
“When does the Corporal not make things hard on us?” Reiner scoffed, rolling his eyes.
“Well, he made things hard on us.” Eren said, gesturing to the other people around him. “But he let Y/N skip out on the second half of her laps today.”
“I had a sore ankle,” You reasoned with him but they all rolled their eyes at you.
“Bertholdt passed out on his second to last lap and he still had to run the rest when he woke up. I swear, Shorty has a soft spot for you,” Ymir said and you blushed, using your hair to create a curtain in front of your face.
“Corporal would like to speak with you in his office after dinner, Y/L/N. Be there sharp or expect to be cleaning the stables, Brat,” Oluo sneered and you rolled your eyes, laughing as Petra tells him off for pretending to be like the Corporal.
“Brilliant. This will be my punishment for not completing my laps today,” You groaned, putting your head in your arms.
Hanji pet the top of your head in an attempt to console me and you sat back up once you was sure everybody was paying attention to their own business. You made eye contact with the Corporal at the table at the front of the Mess Hall.
He raised an eyebrow at me, motioning his head to when you had your head on the table, with a small smirk on his face. You weren’t sure if you had seen it because the next second he was gone, and his attention was back onto something that Erwin was saying.
You looked back down at the table, a blush high in your cheeks. His eyes flickered over to me at various points during the evening but you ignored it, not wanting to make things even more awkward than they already were.
After dinner, you rushed out of the mess hall and up the stairs to stand in front of the Corporal’s office door. You knocked on the door, waiting nervously for an answer.
“Name and Business.”
“Uh- Y/N Y/L/N, Sir. You asked to see me?” Your voice went up at the end, making what you intended to be a statement sound like a question.
“Come in,” He responded quietly from inside. You turned the door knob with a shaking hand and closed the door tight behind you. He motioned with one hand towards the chair sitting in front of his desk and you sat down without hesitation, looking towards the Corporal.
You were one of the only people who was shorter than him, which meant you got twice as much teasing for it. You were only two inches shorter, but Eren and Reiner still enjoyed to joke about your height, placing your gear on hard to reach shelves when you were late for training.
“So, where do you want me to clean? The stables? The second floor?” You asked, twiddling your thumbs in your lap. You thought it was better to get the whole ordeal over and done with, so you could get away from his intense gaze as soon as possible.
“Who said anything about cleaning?” He questioned, tilting his head to the side.
“I just thought-uh- because I didn’t finish my laps earlier-“
“You didn’t finish your laps earlier because I said you didn’t have to, that you had trained enough. You aren’t going to get a punishment for simply being dismissed,” Levi scoffed and you avoided eye contact again, looking anywhere around the room except at him.
“Oh right,” You replied, finally lifting your eyes up to meet his. “Then why did you ask to see me? If it has anything to do with Reiner and Eren, I swear they started it-“
“It has nothing to do with those two brats, although they probably deserved it,” You chuckled at that, inwardly agreeing with what he was saying. They always complained about having to clean the stables and you thought it was hilarious, as it only made Heichou double their shift. “By the sounds of it, you may find it hard to believe, but you are not in trouble. You have not done anything wrong, end of story.”
At this point, you couldn’t be more confused. Why would he call you to his office if you weren’t in trouble?
“I-I don’t understand-“
“Do you have any idea just how much you confuse me, brat?” You stared at the Corporal, wide eyed. His question caught you off guard, and you avoided eye contact as you tried to formulate some sort of answer. No suitable ones came to mind.
“I-I don’t know, Corporal-“
“What?” You asked. It should be you asking why the Corporal was confusing you instead of the other way around.
“Don’t call me Corporal when there is no-one else there, it’s too bloody formal,” Levi scoffed and you nodded slowly, looking around the room. You twiddled your thumbs in your lap and when you looked up, Levi’s face was but inches from yours.
You squeaked and pushed yourself as far back into the chair as you could, your cheeks a brilliant crimson. Levi smirked at you and you inwardly cursed as there was nowhere else to look except at him.
“I don’t think you have any idea just how much you confuse me sometimes,” He continued before you could say anything. “Look, I’ve tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
You stared up at him, your eyes wide. That’s not what you expected to hear at all.
“L-Levi, I-“
“But you don’t feel the same way, do you,” Levi frowned, backing away from you. He walked over to the window and stared out it, his back to you.
Levi knew that the chances that your feelings were returned were slim, but he thought that there might have been a possibility that you had feelings for him, but your shocked silence had shown him otherwise.
Levi had read into it all wrong. You did have feelings for him you just didn’t know how to say it. And you never got a chance to.
“There’s an expedition tomorrow so you better go res up for it,” Levi dismissed you. You opened an closed your mouth a few times, trying to say something, anything, but you were unable to.
“Just don’t die tomorrow, Levi,” You said to him before leaving, looking down at the floor.
So maybe she does care, Levi mused.
You brushed your hair out of your face as you rode in the formation, bouncing on your saddle. You focused on your squad leader, ignoring the feeling in your stomach that something bad was going to happen.
When the Female Titan appeared, your worry for Levi got increasingly worse. Your squad was stationed in the trees outside the forest, staring down at the titans at the base of your tree.
“What the hell is happening in there?” Jean asked when a loud screeching ran out through the air, and the titans lost interest in you.
“I don’t know but it doesn’t sound good,” You commented, preparing your ODM gear.
“You’re not planning on going in there are you?” Armin asked, staring warily at you.
“The Levi Squad is still in there,” You said and Mikasa nodded at you, firing the wires from her gear. You followed her into the forest.
You ignored the shouts from your squad as you sped through the trees, focusing solely on manoeuvring through the trees without slamming into stray branches.
“Eren!” Mikasa said and I gasped, my hands going over my mouth.
The female titan had bitten in the back of the neck of Eren’s titan form.
“Get back here Ackerman! Y/L/N!” Levi shouted, pulling you away from going to help Eren. You struggled against the arm around your waist but it was no use. He was too strong.
“We need to help him!” You replied, trying to push Levi’s arm off you.
“You made me promise that I wouldn’t die today, I’m expected you to promise me the same,” Levi whispered in your ear. You slumped against him, giving up at last.
“We can’t just leave him to die!” Mikasa screamed, glaring furiously at Levi. You wondered how she had the courage to act so brashly with him but considering how he treated Eren at his court case, you couldn’t blame her for not holding back.
“And I’m not going to! He’s in my squad, remember? Just make sure Y/N stays here and doesn’t do anything as brash as you.” Levi ordered, pushing you towards Mikasa.
You watched as he slashed at the arms and legs of the female titan, rendering them useless. He gouged at her eyes before moving onto her jaw, injuring her to the point where her mouth fell open.
Levi pulled Eren out of the Female Titan’s mouth and mover out of the way before she regenerated.
“Tch, disgusting,” Levi muttered, throwing Eren down onto the tree branch.
Mikasa frantically checked him over whilst you and Levi stood in silence, not knowing what to say to the other person.
You were only back at headquarters for a few hours before a knock on your door brought you out of your nap. Grumbling, you answered it, waking up when a nervous Armin stood in front of you, twiddling his fingers.
“T-The Corporal has asked to see you,” He stuttered before leaving.
Great, what have I done this time? You asked yourself before grabbing your jacket and leaving your room.
You knock on Levi’s door and he opened it wordlessly, gesturing to the chair that you had sat in the day before. You scurried over to it and sat down, nervously looking around the room.
“What you did today was reckless and stupid,” Levi scolded you and you hung your head, unable to look him in the eye.
“Yeah, yeah I know. So, what’s the punishment? Cleaning the stables? The Mess Hall? The entire headquarters?” You asked bitterly.
“Do you have a punishment kink or something? Why is it every time you’re in my office, you expect me to punish you?” Levi asked. You shrugged, pointing out that it was a reasonable assumption. “Tch, fine. I’ going to punch you in the face.”
“What?” You squeaked.
You pressed your back against the chair as Levi leant on the arms of the chair. You widened your eyes as he kissed you, not expected it at all. You were frozen.
“Softly. Because I love you,” Levi muttered, his grey eyes flickering between yours before down to your lips.
“I love you too,” You whispered, afraid to say it too loud.
Levi smirked, pulling you closer to him as he kissed you again. If that was what sparring was like with Levi, you thought that you’d like to fight him more often.

Attack on titan!! ⚔️🌎 Some hardcore fighting in this anime! I am Hanji Zoe, literally (just without the creepy obsession). 😂 It would make my day if you followed my wattpad! —> oxNaLuxo <— I attempted to write a fanfic and I wrote a story called “She has a smile like a loaded gun” so look out for it! Thanks xo ✨❤️

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I am absolutely in love with your blog and was wondering if you would do a scenario where Levi's s/o died during childbirth and the kid that they had (no specific gender and age 6/7) was asking where their mother was? Sorry I am just in the mood for heartbreaking scenarios..

I really did try with this one, anon, but it wasn’t flowing the way I liked. I’m sorry if it sounds kind of awkward, but I did try my best! This is in a modern AU because I couldn’t see how Levi would handle having a kid in canon without his s/o, so I hope you still enjoy!

“How come you never wanna talk ‘bout Mommy?”

 It’s not a question Levi had mentally braced himself for despite his daughter’s growing years. Age meant maturity and maturity meant curiosity; a dangerous connotation that forced him to reflect on memories he would have rather kept buried beneath the surface. As he glanced down and stared into his daughter’s large, inquisitive eyes, an overwhelming sense of guilt and loss eroded and frayed his composure.

 Levi gripped the counter where he was prepping dinner, brow creased in pensive thought. “You’ve never asked,” he coolly responded in a feeble attempt to divert her attention away from the topic. Perhaps it was cruel to never want to speak of her biological mother, but the memories and the heartache of recalling the last fleeting moment he had with you was too much for him to handle even six years later.

 Just how much more did he have to shoulder on his own?

 His daughter pouted, stamping her tiny foot against the hardwood floor. “Have too! Hanji says you won’t tell me ‘cause talking about Mommy makes you lonely.” Still too curious for her own good, Levi’s daughter skirted around his legs and tugged at the apron that was covering his clothing, asking with innocence and naivety that only a child could possess, “Are ‘ya lonely, Daddy?” 

 “You,” corrected Levi, a looming cloud of loss and regret hanging over his head despite turning to look down at where his daughter stood, “not ya.”

 “Are you lonely?” came her retort, her arms folded across her small body in a manner that almost cruelly mocked him. Sometimes, it was difficult not to see you in your daughter. Her attitude and quick wit was almost directly inherited from you even if he was a fairly big influence.

 They stood there in silence for a moment and it took every fiber inside of Levi to turn back to the stove. “No, I’m not. How can I be when you’re stomping around all over the place?”

 Seemingly unsatisfied with that answer, she huffed, plopping herself back down at the kitchen table, casually mentioning, “Hanji says that I need a mommy in my life.”

 Levi was going to skin them alive the next time he got his hands on Hanji. The last thing he needed was for them to be putting weird ideas into his kid’s head. “You have your Aunt Isabel,” Levi reminded her, an eyebrow raised as she frantically shook her head. His answer wasn’t good enough because she stood on top of the chair, much to Levi’s disgust, and crooked her finger for him to come closer.

 Now that they were parallel to one another, she slapped her hands to his cheeks, leaning in closer to Levi’s face to declare, “I just want you to be happy.”

 Pain spread throughout his chest at his daughter’s insight, a flickering expression ghosting across his features. The last thing he had ever wanted to do was to make his daughter worry about him, so he reached up and ruffled the back of their hair. “I am happy, kid. I’ve got you.”

 “Daddy…” His daughter’s once bright, cheerful features shadowed into something much darker than any six-year old should experience. “You’re not. You’re not happy.”

 The topic was too heavy for not only him but for his six-year-old, so Levi did the only thing he could think of to change the subject, even if it meant rubbing salt into his still-healing wounds. “C’mon,” he said and scooped them up from the chair, double-checking to see that the fire was completely turned off from the stove. “I’ll show you some of your mother’s photos. Is that good?”


 It wasn’t enough and there would be a time when he’d have to tell them the truth about what happened to you but, for now, Levi was going to keep your memories buried as far into his heart as humanly possible.

Stay By My Side | Levi x Reader (lemon)

Side note: this is literally the very first fanfiction I have ever written so bear with me pls.

He never wanted to have feelings for anyone. He never wanted to look at someone and feel his heart skip a beat. He never wanted to have to lose someone or leave someone he had given his heart to. He never wanted to fall in love.

And that’s why he hated you.

Everything about you made him crazy. The way you fought with unmatched passion in battle. You’re fire hot anger that burned constantly, waiting to be kindled though you had a strangely nurturing behavior towards your subordinates. The way you walked when you were still wiping away those last remnants of sleep. The way you had a tendency to make everyone around you laugh and leave smiling. The way your (H/L) (H/C) hair fell into your face when you bent your head down. He was insane with a passion and heat in his chest that proved merciless every time he was around you. He wanted it to stop and he wanted you to be far away.

But of course with that furious resilience of yours whenever in battle, you quickly moved up through the ranks and ended up right beside him. He had to see your face and sit with you in meetings every single day and he could feel himself slipping over the edge.

You were scared of him, because he seemed to only talk when he was criticizing someone’s character or yelling about god knows what. He made people do unnecessary tasks when he was annoyed and seemed completely heartless in every situation. But he was also kind of funny with his constant use of poop-based puns and his ability to see even a speck of dirt. His anger seemed to make up for the inches he was missing and he was always aggravated because he never knew the next time someone would call him “shorty.” Being friends with Hanji, you used the term quite often in feeble attempt to cover up your fear of him in any situation.

This particular morning had started like any other. You pulled on your uniform out of muscle memory, still half asleep. You clambered your way to breakfast and sat with one of the several groups calling out for you to share that one joke you had come up with on the fly last night that made a kid actually pass out from laughter. Afterwards, you made your way back to your room when your eyes were met with the terrible sight of piles upon piles of paperwork that had graced your desk. You let out an exaggerated groan and slumped over to your desk. Upon looking at the stack you realized that the situation was only growing worse because someone had given you Levi’s papers as well. Your eyes widened as you realized you would have to be the one to take them to him. Your hands shook as you grabbed the papers and slowly made your way to the hallway. Your short walk to his door was filled with fear of him yelling at you and nervousness of simply talking to him alone. Though you were scared you couldn’t deny that you felt something for him, especially when you caught the way he looked at you with a seemingly unfulfilled hunger in his eyes whenever he thought you wouldn’t notice.

You approached his door and knocked with caution. “Name. Business.” You heard a voice say from within the room.
“It’s (Y/N).” you heard footsteps and the unlocking of his door, then he was in front of you.
“What do you want?”
You spoke quickly, hoping that he wouldn’t be angry with you, “um, our papers got mixed together so I came to give you yours.” You shoved the stack into his arms and began to run back to your room as you heard a voice behind you.
“Wait.” You turned around. “I want to see you tonight after dinner. Come back at eight.”

You quickly nodded and ran back to your room, locking the door behind you. You were shaking as you sat back in your chair, fearing what your punishment would be. You had been assigned cleaning the stables several times the past month and prayed to everything holy that you wouldn’t have to do it again.

The hours seemed to drag by as you worked your way through paperwork and several cups of coffee, debating whether you should find a way to skip out on corporal and he’d maybe forget he was angry at you by tomorrow. ‘Who am I kidding, Levi is an expert at holding grudges’ you thought to yourself as you made the final decision that you must abide by his wishes and take whatever punishment you received like the upstanding individual you were. You did, after all, have to set an example for your subordinates.

You made your way to dinner and sat with yet another group of those starry-eyed kids wanting to, coincidentally, hear that one embarrassing story you had about the corporal back when you were still trainees and he already thought he was best. As you finished your story you realized that it was about the time you needed to be at Levi’s room. You excused yourself to a harmony of “boo’s” and “aww’s” and made you way back to that fuming shorty’s room.

Upon arrival, you noticed his door was already open so you simply walked in. He turned around in his chair, the usual stoic expression on his face, and told you to close the door behind you. “(y/n) do you know why I called you here?”

“I think so, but I sincerely hope I’m wrong Corporal.” You saw a faint look of hurt in his eyes and couldn’t help but wonder why.


“My name is Levi. You’ll call me by name.”

“O-okay. Sorry… Levi.”

“Anyways, I summoned you here because I need to have a word with you.”
‘Oh god, here it comes’ you thought to yourself, preparing for your inevitable punishment as you suddenly found the floorboards alarmingly interesting.

“Do you realize what you do to me?”

Shocked, you looked up to an expression in his eyes you had never seen. He seemed genuinely troubled and looked like he was experiencing an immense amount of pain. Worried, you replied “What do you mean ‘do to you’? I’ve never meant to harm you in any way if that’s what you mean.”

“(y/n) I swear I’ve tried to hold back these past few years but I can’t anymore.”

Still confused, you didn’t realize what was happening until his lips were against yours and he had pushed your back against the wall. Your eyes widened as you finally understood the situation and you began kissing back even though every fiber of your being was telling you to resist. Before you were fully aware of what was going on, Levi was kissing his way down your neck and had already removed everything obscuring his view from your upper half, save your bra. As he reached around to unclasp the last bit of fabric that had been hiding you from him and tossed it out of view, your hands shot up to cover your now exposed (s/c) skin. He pinned your wrists above your head and glanced back down at your now fully exposed breasts as he mumbled “finally.” You let out a small laugh at his reaction as his mouth made his way to your right bud. Hearing your laughter, he bit down, making you bite your lip to fight the moan that attempted to make its way into the room. Levi looked up from his position with annoyance, “don’t you dare play like you’re quiet now, I wanna hear you. In fact, I want everyone to hear you.” He smirked and picked you up, making his way to the bed.

“I don’t really think this is fair” you pouted, motioning to his still fully clothed body, as he laid your half-naked frame onto his bed. At that, you removed his jacket and began working on the straps that made it so difficult to quickly reach your goal. You achieved in discarding the straps, letting them fall to the floor, and didn’t hesitate to unbutton his shirt and make it follow. You then decided to one-up the oh-so-great corporal and add his pants to the growing pile at the foot of his bed. Before Levi could stop you he was already standing there in all his glory. Your eyes wondered the entirety of his body, taking in his toned abs, his powerful arms, his broad shoulders, and, admittedly, stopping for a moment to assess his length, which was now at its full potential.

Your eyes widened as he growled and practically ripped the fabric from your lower half. He began teasing you, running his fingers along the inside of your thighs making you groan in protest. He kissed down your body, a trail of goose bumps following close behind where he’d place his lips. After slowly kissing down the insides of your thighs, his tongue made its way into your folds, accompanied by a long and slender finger. You let out a gasp, this being a new feeling to you. Levi smirked and added another digit to the mix, making you grab his hair and let out a moan that you had been holding in far too long. A knot started to grow in your stomach as you let out a series of moans at his ministrations. “Levi… I” and just before you felt you would fall over the edge, you were left bare as Levi moved back to be face to face with you once again. He placed a series of kisses along your collar bone. “This is probably gonna hurt for a bit. Just bear with me.” And before you could reply, he had already entered you. You screamed as the pain hit you. It felt like you were being ripped apart. Levi slowly made his way out and back into you again as your pain faded to a sense of pure pleasure. “Levi. Please, move.” You said barely loud enough to be considered a whisper, but Levi seemed to hear you loud and clear as he began thrusting faster, causing the room to soon fill with sounds of both of your moans mingling with the resonating slap of skin against skin.

You soon felt that same knot forming in your stomach and soon reached and spilled over the edge you had been climbing towards. As you reached your climax, Levi let out a string of “(y/n)’s” and “fuck’s” in every octave he could manage and soon reached that same point, filling you with his warm seed that had been longing for you this whole time. He collapsed on top of you, a sweaty mess, you both breathing heavily from the actions you had just committed.

Levi moved to lay beside you, his arm wrapped around your waist as the other moved the hair out of your face. After debating whether he should let out the words he’d been holding in for so long he said “I love you, (y/n)” hoping he’d receive a response. Without a moment’s hesitation you responded with words that made the breath catch in his throat and his heart stop for a moment “I love you too, Levi.” A genuine smile crept upon his features, making you beam because you had never seen his face display such features. Levi grabbed his blankets and covered the two of you, soon falling asleep, the smile never leaving his face. You drifted off at his side, deciding that you would never leave it.


 Summary: Ten years later, Levi reflects back with a cup of tea and an old photo album.

Pairing: RivaMika bc I am trash  

Note: I swear to it there is rivamika here please read to the end & YOU SHOULD REAAAALLY READ THIS WITH THIS PLAYING (gives you the whole feels shebang)


Situated at the far left corner of a comfortably furnished living room sat a man. His form rested upon the back of an old leather armchair, one hand flexed towards the side table, serving to occasionally to bring a cup of tea, black, as he had always preferred it to be, towards his lips for that slow sip, and the other to flip a page on an bulky photo album.

 Ten years had walked by since the last cry of the final titan that had been slain and ten years had gone since the first cry of man that became a signal for humanity’s long awaited victory. Levi glanced at the cover of the photo album, its edges weary and color faded. Photographs have been rare before, especially to them who served in the military where different priorities were placed above trivial matters. Though, idly thinking back to it, Levi felt somewhat happy they had occasional moments to spare to trap time within paper.

He pushed away his prior thoughts and flipped a page to face the familiar faces of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa staring back at him. He chucked wryly. Upon noticing Eren’s deep scrunch of the brow, looking rather angry, Armin’s shy glance towards the camera, and Mikasa’s deadpan gaze boring to the lens, Levi concluded this picture was taken in their younger days, probably within the first few months of their training. The rest of the page was filled with similar pictures he noticed. His eyes slowly scanned across photos of various 104th cadets some of them smiling, laughing, even glaring - courtesy of Mikasa, and some pictures of them training. 

Most of the photos he scanned by were of Jean and Eren either fighting or glaring, Armin waving behind a book, Ymir, with blushing Historia under her arm,and Sasha and Connie with their arms entangled and smiles adorning their faces. He chuckled at a particular photo; a red faced Jean leaning, or rather, attempting to lean close to an unsurprisingly deadpan Mikasa who very subtly leaned her body away. Either Connie or Sasha must have been the culprit behind this photo, he mused. 

Flipping through the next few pages, he stopped short at a particular photo of Erwin, Hanji, and himself. 

His eyes glazed with nostalgia at the sight of Erwin’s proud grin, broad shoulders and sky blue eyes. Erwin, in the picture had slung an arm over Hanji’s broad shoulders whose smile seemed even wider and the reds on her cheeks even redder. Even he, in the picture, even standing at a noticeable distance had looked at the two with an expression mirroring one of happiness, well as much happiness as you could get from the Levi after all. The picture had been taken after one of a successful expedition, so that must be the explanation of why Erwin looked less goddamned constipated for once, Levi thought.

He stopped yet again at a single photo shuffled crookedly to the corner. It was a simple photo of Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie seated on a bench with their usual expressions in place; Reiner with his proud smile, Bertholdt with his gentle eyes, and Annie’s expression resembling Mikasa’s usual deadpan look. Levi looked at the frayed edges with blank thoughts and flipped the page yet again. He willed himself to ignore the transparent gleam of tape that connected the rip of the photo midway.

Another photograph of them all caught his attention. Historia seated at the middle, a strong gaze steadied to the lens and her posture straight and proud. The rest of them had stood behind her, some smiling, some neutral with their hands fisted to their chests; their symbol for devotion. 

The rest of the photos from the album mostly consisted of the faces of cadets in different settings. Some were familiar, some not quite. Along the people, he noticed the notable fear in the eyes and the weary posture that they held their bodies and sighed proceeded to sigh woefully. The war had been long and so much was lost for the walls to finally fall. 

That moment had been captured in a photograph. It wasn’t a grand photo. Just a photo of open land. He remembered that field well. Probably just a few feet away would have laid the final titan face turned to the ground and body slump. It was silent, he remembered. There fell a hush after the creature fell with a thud. And then a cry. He didn’t know who, but he remembered a cry. It sounded somewhat a mix between a cry of victory and a cry of anguish. After centuries of bloodshed and fear within caged walls, the remaining soldiers joined the chorus and let out a cry. Some cried for those who were lost and some cried out of relief. Levi didn’t cry. He fell to his knees instead, with his hand curled to a fist over his heart as he bowed his head. 

Mikasa held Eren and Armin close to her and as well let out a cry. Eren had thought she resembled her nine year old self that day, raw and stripped of her armor; so Eren had let out a smile instead. Armin looked at the two, then the men who scattered themselves across the battlefield, and then the open walls and he too let out a cry. 

Levi turned the page again and stopped at a photo of a bonfire. The photo was solemn. The black of the night and the red hues of the flames in stark contrast against the faded linings of the paper it was stuck to. On the bottom, there lay a note.

“To all whom was lost- may we devote our hearts to your sacrifice and to humanity.”  

The line was written with quick, precise, strokes, and Levi has never thought for a few words to envelop him in so much nostalgia and longing before. 

The sound of a door opening and a mix of footsteps running and walking in pulled Levi from his trance. 


Levi looked, the confusion immediately dispersing from his features and stretched his arm out for his daughter to grab. He smoothed her black hair and lifted her up to sit in his lap as he listened to her animatedly talk about what she bought with Mama in the market. 

“Mama bought a lot of leaves! I asked why when we have a lot of leaves in our tree but mama said the leaves were for the tea shop but Papa what does she mean? How can you drink from leaves?” 

Levi looked at Lisa, his and Mikasa’s three year old daughter and smiled at her bewildered expression, “Mama and Papa have to brew them, baby.” Lisa still sat on her papa’s lap, still with a puzzled expression but nodded none the less. Levi chuckled.

“Papa, me and Mama saw Uncle Eren and Uncle Armin too! They said Auntie Sasha’s bakery is opening tomorrow. We should go, Auntie Sasha makes really good cake, papa. Can we go?” 

Levi ruffled her hair and replied, “We can ask your mama so we can go together, okay?”

Levi looked towards the kitchen where Mikasa had begun to organize the tea leaves into separate containers and caught her eye. “Jean has mentioned that Connie told him about the opening, so I don’t see why not.”  

Lisa let out a yell of a hooray at her mama’s approval and jumped from her papa’s lap, not before kissing his cheek (which Levi smiled at), and joined her mama in the kitchen. 

Mikasa paused from her work, swiped a strand of hair to the side and glanced at her husband. She studied as he sat on the chair, blue eyes looking far out the window and finally noticed the old hardbound album sitting on his lap. Mikasa moved towards Levi, taking the seat across from him and placed her hand on top of his. Levi jolted in a slight surprise from the touch, relaxed, then took her hand under his own. 

They looked at each other in a comfortable, familiar silence. Levi studied Mikasa’s face as her eyes, that used to look at the world with such a hardened gaze had now stared back at him softly. His eyes trailed down to her scar that peeked curiously from beneath black tresses and briefly thought back to its origins. 

Lisa’s sudden call broke the silence,“Papaaaa! Mamaaaaa! I’m finished! Can I set out the biscuits mama bought earlier?” 

Both Levi and Mikasa glanced at Lisa, amusement flickering in their eyes. Levi then looked at a framed photograph mounted to the wall. It was a photo of the three of them; Mikasa, finally without the deadpan expression and finally smiling, sat on the sand, with Lisa between her legs, his daughter’s eyes scrunched in laughter and Levi, sitting beside Mikasa, one hand slung over her shoulder, his eyes locked on his family, a calm smile ghosted over his lips. 

Levi’s eyes drifted towards his wife, with his daughter in her lap, hands reaching towards the plate and pretty blue eyes (which she got from him) in deep concentration over the arrangement of the sweets. 

Levi looked around once again, at the simplicity of his home, and the smallness of his family and grasped at the leather bound photo album tighter. 

Years back he would have never imagined to be in this position, always feeling like a piece ready to be sacrificed at any time, but as he looks at Mikasa and Lisa, Levi realizes that he has never felt more at home.

anonymous asked:

Levihan 12

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble: “I think we need to talk” 

Warning slight spoilers for chapters 78 + 84

Writing this actually made me cry…sooo heads-up?  

Moblit the Brave

Moblit Berner did not consider himself to be particularly brave. That’s not to say he didn’t do his job. He did. And he liked to think he did it well. But he’d never been able to easily forget the queasy feeling of fear. It seemed to strike Moblit at the most inopportune times.

Such as now.

He intended to speak with Captain Levi Ackerman. Or rather, he’d been intending to speak with Captain Levi Ackerman – for the better part of the morning. Paying only half a mind to his regular duties, Moblit had watched Levi go about his business, waiting for the right moment to approach him.

It wasn’t that Moblit was scared of Levi. The captain did, however, have a certain unapproachable quality, and Moblit found himself waiting for the right moment to strike up a conversation.

The moment came sooner than expected.

As Moblit climbed the stairs from the storage rooms, a hand snagged his collar. Moblit grasped the front of his shirt and spun, instinctively raising his fist. It was caught in an iron grasp.

Levi stared at him, unamused. “Why are you following me around, Berner?”

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prettyrebel1955  asked:

Can u name all the things that make rivamika beautiful?

Hello there dear and sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know if by RivaMika you mean the ship itself, or the fandom as a whole, but sure, I can list some of the things I think make RivaMika so beautiful.

  • Mikasa’s first impression of Levi, which was the reason why she, unlike everyone else, wasn’t afraid of talking back to him or arguing with him, because, to her, he was just the midget that beat up her precious Eren mercilessly, and needed to pay for it sooner or later.
  • Levi’s secret protectiveness of Mikasa, him attempting to teach her the right thing and guide her so as to not commit the same mistakes as his. He even got himself injured while saving her, because he realized how Eren was her weakness and how she moved so recklessly, putting her life in danger, in order to save him, which she would have failed at without Levi’s help.
  • Mikasa being a secret admirer for Levi and his skills, which got her to observe the way he fights, and learn from his moves, and then attempt to test them out in the battlefield. This shows that despite the little grudge she held for him, she still acknowledged his strength and respected him for that, which is amazing.
  • Levi’s not-so-obvious tenderness with Mikasa. When she would stand up and argue with him, he never mistreated her, which was admirable, considering Levi always used force in order to discipline those who tried to act rebelliously, such as Eren and Historia, even with Hanji, he used harsh words, although he still respected her, even with Nile, he was disrespectful, although Nile was in Erwin’s status. And yet, he treated Mikasa quite differently. 
  • Mikasa’s sorrow for Levi’s injury, her feeling of responsibility and half-assed attempt to apologize, which not only is considered as a development for her character, for she was showing that she cared not only about Eren, but also about her captain’s safety, and the consequences of her actions, but is also a development–a turning point in their relationship.
  • Levi’s trust in Mikasa, acknowledgment for her strength, and pride in how far she developed, which was shown when he asked her to team up with him and kill the enemy, who was at that point humans instead of their usual enemy; titans. This shows that he believes in her abilities, actually he always believed in her abilities, and he was only scared that her attachment to Eren would lead her to a sooner death.
  • Mikasa’s acceptance for Levi’s leadership, putting her trust on him, and her obvious less attachment to Eren. While she was ready to risk everything for him at the beginning of the series, she is now more considerate about her actions, having learnt from experience that everyone’s life matters, and she shouldn’t risk their lives for a single person’s. This, of course, doesn’t mean that she cares about Eren any less, for she already showed concern for him, but she came to accept that her feelings must be put aside, and all of this is thanks to Levi.
  • Humanity’s strongest duo, in which both Mikasa and Levi team up to kick ass on the battlefield, always going ahead of the rest of the team in order to clear the path. Their relationship finally developed to a point where they put faith in each other, work hard, cover for one another, kill without hesitance, and guarantee a successful mission. Neither of them was a team-work person, but together, they make the strongest battle duo ever. This is a huge development for the two of them especially. They used to work individually, trusting no one but themselves, but they have over come that to accept working together, and this is beneficial to everyone. The rest of the team must now learn from them, and Levi and Mikasa must be the source of courage for the rest, to kill the hesitance everyone else is feeling about killing humans, which are more or less the true enemy of mankind itself.
  • Last but not least, Levi being still protective of Mikasa, even though he knows exactly how strong she is, he was still ready to rescue her if needed when they made their attack on Kenny’s team. 
  • Also, Mikasa’s amusement by pissed-off Levi is worth to be pointed out.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, but yeah, this is all I could think of about what makes the RivaMika ship so beautiful in my eyes.  After all, I’ve had a very good journey being a RivaMika shipper.

And the RivaMika fandom as a whole is pretty cool yo! We have great artists, amazing fanfic writers, and although most of them left, we still get more and more people joining the RivaMika ship everyday!

Thank you for the question, my dear. I really enjoyed answering it!

anonymous asked:

May I ask for a scenario where Eren and his s/o are having an intimate moment (making out or something like that) in one of the barracks that for a strange reason there isn't other cadets around, that is why they are there. Suddenly Levi and Hanji opened the door because they were looking for Eren to do duties/experiments. Thanks you, I love your work! And this is just a hilarious idea that came into my mind. Thanks again!

I hope this is okay! I couldn’t figure out a way to fit both Hanji and Levi in there so I just picked Levi. c:

Lips, hot and fervent, descended on the dip of your neck as you were backed up into the frigid wall, the stone digging into your upper-back. “Eren,” you warned, voice coming out more breathless than you had intended. If he had heard your weak, lily-livered attempt at making him stop he paid no mind to it, his hands rubbing up your sides before they dipped in the waistband of your uniform pants. 

This was not how you pictured spending the free time that was allotted to you during the afternoon but, the minute Eren caught wind that the two of you would be alone for the time-being, he had backed you into a corner and practically pounced on you like a wild animal.

You gasped in the back of your throat once his teeth nipped at your pulse, the urge to toss all caution to the wind becoming more and more tempting with each and every move he made to seduce you. Before you could protest again, Eren’s lips descended on your own, silencing your efforts to stop this rendezvous before it escalated any further.

Damn him for being such a fantastic kisser.

Defeated, you sighed, coiling your arms around his neck before mumbling against his lips, “This is a bad idea, Eren. What if we get caught? I don’t—”

“You worry too much,” came his response, breath fanning out and tickling your skin. Eren drew back enough so that he could look into your eyes, his electric gaze causing you to melt. Every argument was seemingly lost on the tip of your tongue once his hand held the side of your face, his gruff voice quelled into a whisper. “Besides—no one is around and we haven’t done anything in weeks. I want you.”

You hated how easily he managed to crawl underneath your skin and persuade you into doing things you’d never do in a million years.

When you didn’t respond, Eren leaned his forehead against yours as he questioned quietly, “Do you want me?”

“You already know the answer, you goof,” you huffed, arms unfurling from his neck in order to cup his cheeks, pulling his mouth into yours. Eren smirked into the kiss, arms snaking around your midsection in order to tug you flush against his chest. His smug attitude was nearly tangible as his tongue swiped across your bottom lip, yet a piece of you felt resigned to tease him, if only a little.

Breaking off the heated kiss, Eren whined your name and playfully poked your side, forcing you to gasp and squirm in his hold. His intentions were obvious; the glint in his eye only confirmed your initial suspicion. Just as you were about to reconnect your lips with his, the door to the empty barrack swung wide open, revealing the last person on planet Earth who you wanted to see.

Standing there with a furrowed brow and a look of evident disgust was your captain, Levi.

You wanted to melt into the ground and die right then and there, but it seemed as though nature wouldn’t give you such a luxury.

Levi’s eyes swept over you and Eren’s disheveled appearances. “I let you go for a few minutes and you run off to mate like a wild rabbit. Let’s go you shitty, horny brats.”

As Levi turned on his heel and marched out of the room, expecting you both to follow suit, you swore your entire face was on fire. Lips parted to speak, Eren held up his hand, effectively silencing you.

“Don’t,” he asked, clearly mortified by what had just happened. “Do not say I told you so.”

You sighed, slipping your hand into his. “Well,” you began, fumbling for words to say, “at least we can spend quality time together when the Captain assigns us to clean the stables for however long as punishment.

It took him a moment, but Eren eventually glanced your way, a faint, barely-there smile on the edges of his lips as he said, “Yeah…I guess that isn’t too bad. There’s always the supply closet in the stables, anyways.”


The Catch


For @judylaverna. Thank you for your encouragement.

Summary: Hanji needs more money for her research.

“Oi, Four Eyes.” Levi poked Hanji’s forehead. She was sprawled out on Levi’s couch in his office. One of her arms was resting on her eyes; trying to block the light, or rather, her problems. “It can’t be that bad.”

“No experiments until we have more funds, Hanji.” Hanji’s voice lowered to imitate Erwin. “You should have stick to the plan, Hanji. You shouldn’t have bought so many high end microscope slides, Hanji. You can’t take from Levi’s budget for black tea, Hanji.”

Suddenly Hanji sat straight and looked at Levi like a brilliant idea just struck her.

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Claustrophobia- Levi x Reader

Attack On Titan canon verse; Levi x Reader one-shot in second-person POV. This is my first fan fiction, constructive criticism is welcome. So my friend and I had a writing contest where we could write about any Attack On Titan characters we wanted, but one of them had to have a phobia, and this was my final product. Feel free to tell me what you thought of it.

Warnings: Some swearing.

I do not own Attack On Titan or any of its characters.
I do not own you.
I own this story.


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r-i-f-d25  asked:

Levihan (of course) with 7 "I almost lost you." Please. (I love your stories 💖)

Thank you! <3 I hope you like it!

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble.

In retrospect, it was a foolish mistake. Everyone knew to check their saddle before riding.

Hanji had been rushed. Her experiment had run long. She’d been hurried, shouting results for Moblit to record, even as they dashed to the stables. Everyone was already gathered. A stable hand passed her the reins to her horse. Erwin was at the front, and Levi waited at his side, glaring in her direction – likely annoyed to have been kept waiting.

She hopped on the horse without a thought. Tucked beneath the horse’s belly, the frayed girth was hidden from sight.

They rode hard for the walls. They’d gotten a late start, and Erwin was determined to make up for lost time. They would need it once they pushed forward in the expedition.

The wall had been in sight. Dust choked the air as hooves pounded the dirt-paved road. A formation of birds flew overhead. Craning her neck, Hanji rose in her saddle to get a better look and –

Something snapped.

The stirrup on her left side plunged suddenly down. And then she was sliding – pitching sideways. She grabbed for the horse’s back, but her fingers found no purchase. Her right foot was tangled in the other stirrup, and she was falling. She saw the dirt packed road, and realized with a horrible, sinking certainty that she was going to hit the ground. She curled.

Her shoulder hit first. The world turned on its head and her teeth slammed painfully together. She was rolling. She couldn’t breathe. Hoof beats were the last thing she heard.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! 🤗 May I request a first time sleeping in the same bed type fluffy scenario with Hanji and a female S/O who is a smol bean? There isn't enough Hanji love out there. ❤️

Hope this is what you were looking for, anon! <3

“Scoot over!”

“Why?! I’m half your size, Hanji!”

“Yes but you have very pointy knees,” Hanji retorted matter-of-factly, adjusting their position and accidentally knocking their feet into your bare legs.

Eek! Your feet are fucking freezing!” you yelped, sending them a threatening glare over your shoulder to where they were behind you on the bed.

“My bad,” they said, and you could hear the beginnings of a smirk growing on their lips. Slowly their arms wound around your middle and tugged you back into their chest. “Guess I’ll need to work extra hard to keep the rest of you warm then, hm?~”

Your cheeks heated with the tell-tale signs of a blush as you felt Hanji’s hands begin to peruse the expanse of your stomach, attempting to subtly push your shirt up. 

“Hanji!” You slapped their hands and they laughed. 

“Just kidding.” They leaned forward, pressing their lips against your neck softly before trailing them up to the corner of your lips sweetly. “Have I ever told you how gorgeous of a woman you are?”

“You could stand to remind me,” you murmured, trying to look mad but failing as Hanji wormed their way into your heart. 

“So. Fucking. Beautiful,” Hanji whispered against your skin, punctuating each word with a kiss against it. “I love you.”

Your cheeks, just finally cooled down from earlier, heated again. “I love you too, Hanji.”

“My small bean~”

“I said to stop calling me that!”

“Oooh, are we going to have to have angry make-up sex now that I’ve pissed you off?”


Happy Veteran HCs

-Mike is a big ol hugger. He isnt very verbal obviously but with friends he tends to lean on them or rest his elbow on their shoulder or head depending on their height.

-Nanaba wouldnt be physical except with Mike

-Mike is the type to go around and ruffle everyone’s hair and smile at them

-If he hugs you there is a 100% chance he sniffed your hair

-Hugs with Nanaba last 10x longer than any other hugs

-He tried to do a group hug once or twice only Hanji went for it

-Levi gave up trying to stop him from patting his head but he also glares at him everytime he does it

-Erwin and him are more of resting elbows on each others shoulders and leaning on em kinda guys

-He rests his elbow on Nanaba’s head often

-Hanji tried to hug Nanaba once and was met with awkward back pats and awkward laughter. It was the thought that counted tho

-Aside from Mike, Nanaba considered Hanji her best friend

-Hanji and Nanaba knew each other as children although they weren’t close until they joined the military.

-Nanaba was intimidated by Mike at first until she learned he was just a giant puppy

-Nanaba can’t cook so Mike refuses to even let her try bc he can’t stand the smell but he plays it off by cooking for her and honestly hes an A++ cook

-Levi and Nanaba judge the new comers together but they aren’t exactly mean about it. Although it isn’t exactly nice either.

-They all cope differently with what they’ve been through but they’re all super supportive of each other and they try and keep their casual conversation positive.

-Nanaba teases Levi for how short he is but Mike turns around and does the same to her. She feels betrayed that he would hurt her in such a way

-Nanaba lowkey loves being the tallest woman. Although she also loves Mike being taller than her he makes her feel safe. Yet Mike also feels comfort in being around Nanaba because she has a very calm personality compared to the other three vets.

-Mike and Levi respect each other’s strengths a lot despite Levi taking Mike’s place as humanity’s strongest soldier because Mike ain’t a dick and doesn’t get petty like that.

-Erwin and Hanji sometimes ask Nanaba for help on strategizing just because she can look at things from different angles.

-Nanaba is highkey mom friend.

-Erwin respects the vets and trusts them all with his life.

-Mike and Erwin tell each other literally everything. They’re like teenage girls but they go about it calmly.

-Levi wasn’t immediately annoyed by Nanaba when they first met nor did he dislike her. He was indifferent but found she grew on him rather quickly with how dedicated and hard working she was.

-On the topic of Nanaba being mom friend, she takes care of any injuries they get while training. She also chides them for being foolish yet she does the same thing but like its just that mom mode kicks in and she can’t help but tell them how stupid they were for attempting whatever it was they did.

-Nanaba gasped out loud once when she saw a bunch of kittens once and they haven’t let her live it down but its all fun anf games. No real insults.

-Mike loves Nanaba’s muscles and vice versa.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hanji:</b> Good morning beautiful people out there! This is Hanji Zoë ,live from your favourite and only radio station here behind those fuc- I mean wonderful walls and this is another episode of "Cleaning DIY's with Lev- HEY! This is not my show! And not my notes!WHAT? Levi what are you doing here suddenly? I cant remember inviting you to my show?!<p/><b>Levi:</b> Good morning to all reasonable wall citizens who decided to listen to another episode of "Cleaning DIY's with Levi" Isn't it a wonderful and sunny morning to do the laundry at 5 am after another fucki- I mean not so great sleepless night. But then you realize that all your clothes are already clean which makes you so sad that you want to shot some holes into a priest's stomach?This is relatable. But here is my tip: Take a strong broom and grab it with your trained hands.Then ,clean the entire house until-<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Oi! Clean-Freak! Nobody is interested in this stuff. Go and bore someone else! How did you even get here? Where is Moblit?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Probably having a hang-over.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Huh? Why that?! He wanted to sleep earlier after the experiment with Sawney and Bean. Why did he hit the bottle?<p/><b>Levi:</b> I would also get drunk if I had to spend my whole afternoon with three abnormal Titans.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Why three? I have only Sawney and Bean.<p/><b>Levi:</b> ....<p/><b>Hanji:</b> ....<p/><b>Levi(getting nervous):</b> How is Bean doing? Did you teached him how to make a big dump. Or is his stucked shit still giving him some ass-pain?<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Awwwwww Levi. You are finally interested in the stuff that I like? Hm?<p/><b>Levi:</b> You mean shitting?<p/><b>Hanji:</b> No, Titans!<p/><b>Levi:</b> Do I look that desperate ?<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Rude.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Actually we all in the survey corps do.Wow... this is sad.We should change that.<p/><b><p/><b>Levi:</b> They just have to smile more often. But you less because your Titan's told me they have still nightmares of you.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> WHAT?!?!They talk to you but not me?!?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Yes.<p/><b></b> Hanji( whines)<p/><b>Levi:</b> There ,there. Titans are just not the best friends, Hanji.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> But I love spending time with them. What should I do now with my freetime if they dont want me in their near??<p/><b>Levi:</b> Well... it is bothersome but I guess I have some time I can spend with you, Shitty glasses.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> ....This is not a trick to make me go on a date with you , right?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Tsk. I asked you before: Do I look desperate?<p/><b>Hanji(giggles):</b> Yes, you still do Grumpy.<p/><b>Levi(looks away:</b> Then it is an attempt to go on a date with you.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> That is for today's episode of: " .... " We have no title for this, Levi.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Yeah ,no shit. You are the one with the brain so come up with someting.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> What about "The Titan parents "?<p/><b>Levi:</b> I will abandon these children immediatelly.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Then what about.....<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>