this was an adorable video

True love is when you can’t wait for your significant other to get home so you can show them all the funny videos/memes you found on the Internet that day.

the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool


Omg hahahaha Jay Park didn’t know that fan was gonna use a filter on him xDDDD cuteeeee….like an adorable squishy bunny xD

I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛


Park Seo Joon’s Bday~ Taehyung’s the one holding the cake~

OMG babyyy Bambiiii😍😍😍 he is so adorable 😭😭 and I’m so proud of him ,since he was a little kid he chased his dream and never gave up , a truly inspiration 💜

Please show him love trough social medias , he always reads the comments and interact with igot7