this was an absolute snitch to upload

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do u know the whole deal with "the life and times" fic? I know everyone praises it. Also, whats the whole deal with it being abandoned? thanks

  • so i kind of joined a bit late (in terms of the whole tlat thing??)
  • But, what i do know that this was The Fic
  • The Fic of All Fics
  • ppl had urls abt it, ppl had fanfics abt The Fic etc etc
  • something abt not chasing the quaffle if u can see the snitch…. (which ik sounds Cool, but this is not how quidditch works)
  • people absolutely loved it, and apparently it was great and like it was The Fic along with Commentarius
  • it has like 60+ chapters?? v v v long
  • i joined too late to start reading it tbh, like there was Too Much for to me dive into especially when so many other lil fics were being uploaded!
  • i did Try to read it tho and….. the writing was quality 10/10 in terms of like fluidity, description, characters etc. etc. but for me it had too many original characters who i didn’t rlly care abt and there was A Lot going on and it wasn’t rlly a jily fic? like ik the best stuff has a lot of background and supporting stuff, but i didn’t rlly Get Into It personally 
  • and then it kind of just stopped….. uploads were rlly far apart and then just stopped and idk what happened but i think the author just got v busy with real life? which is tbh a v valid reason to abandon a fic
  • i’m not sure of the whole story: someone like @hiddenpolkadots or @snapslikethis might to be able to give u a more comprehensive understanding! <3
  • hope this helps anon