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♫Better Man- Paolo Notini// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request:  Sirius x reader with the song better man by Paolo nutini would be amaaaazing

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Sirius Black is 11 years old when the rough fabric of the Sorting Hat collides with his sweating forehead, and the instant booming of “Gryffindor!” almost deafens him as he makes his way to the mahogany table, surrounded by cheering students. He is 11 when he clumsily shakes hands with 3 other boys that surround him at the table, fitting in like a piece of a puzzle. He is 11 and the epitome of innocence when he turns his head towards the Hat at that fateful moment as it bellows “Y/H!” and his eyes meet the eyes of pure beauty and her smile blurs the noise around him and she is the only person in the Hall at that very moment.

Sirius Black is 12 years old when he has a strike of luck and Professor Slughorn seats him next to Y/N in Potions class. He is 12 years old as he manages to sneak a glance at the graceful way her handwriting loops and curves on aged parchment. He is 12 years old as he admires the furrowing of her brow as she concentrates, and the way she plays with her quill while she listens. He is 12 years old when she feels his stare burning her skin and finally asks for his name, forcing his mouth into a grin that didn’t fade for weeks later.

Sirius Black is 13 years old and there is a mutiny in his mind as he finally rips down the wallpaper of his room and covers it in embodiments of forbidden fruit, a permanent distance from the trap that is his family. He is 13 years old and she is all he wants, but she doesn’t have pure blood running through her veins, so he protests in the only way he knows how to. He is 13 years old, and she smiles at him every day and says the simplest things, but her voice is a complex ode gracing his ears and he can’t help but look at her back as she leaves, wishing for her to turn around so he could see her face for another second. 

Sirius Black is 14 years old and he often says her name, just to feel the fireworks of his heart crackle on his tongue, and she often hears it, turning to give him a smile that glows like a thousand suns. He is 14 years old and, finally, she agrees to go on a date with him: “One date,” her voice says, pouring from her silky lips, sweet as honey. He is 14 years old and they laugh and laugh for hours on end, and she is sweet as a sugar apple and the bitter taste that his hatred leaves in his mouth fades like stars at dawn. He is 14 years old and about to leave for the summer, when she intertwines her fingers with his and kisses him on the cheek, his mouth agape and his heart soaring.

Sirius Black is 15 years old and his head feels heavy on his shoulders, like an overgrown rosebud weighing down its stems, the thoughts that he hides sharp as its thorns. He is 15 years old as he admits to himself that he hates who he is meant to be, when he tells her everything that weighs down his velour heart and she takes it in her hands and keeps it safe with the warmth of her being. He is 15 years old when she tells him she loves him, 15 years old when he finally kisses her, his hand gently cupping her face, his mind a wonderland as he feels her fingers in his hair and knows that he belongs to her as much as she belongs to him.

Sirius Black is 16 years old when he is forced out of a place he never wanted to be, shoved out of hell and into purgatory. He is 16 years old when she hears what happened and runs to him, and he can feel her heart beat fiercely against his chest and her warm breath tickles his skin and her tears slide down his collarbone and the chaos of his life fades as he embraces her tightly, holding her like the gold lining to a grey cloud. He is 16 years old when their love bursts into flames and his hands are on her hips and she whispers his name and he admires every curve of her body, covered in nothing but moonlight as she proclaims her love again and again.

Sirius Black is 17 years old when he decides that he will be the man she deserves, because life without her wouldn’t be a life at all. He is 17 when James, Remus and Peter scoff at every ring he shows them and he finally picks one blindly, met by nods of approval from his friends. He is 17 years old and his palms are sweating, and he can’t help but nervously touch the inside pocket of his jacket every few seconds as he waits at the very place where they first confessed their love and melted into each other. He is 17 years old when she comes in and he can’t wait a second longer for her to be his forever, and without so much as a greeting, he falls on one knee and asks her a question as he pulls out the small velvet box and it falls and falls again, and her laughter makes it all easy as he finally opens it and asks her to allow him to love her for life.

Sirius Black is 18 years old and he is a married man, and he is young, it’s true, and they say young marriages don’t end well, but he finds it ridiculous that he should wait a second longer than he must to marry someone that makes him want to be a better man.


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“Byeong Yeon-ah,

Don’t forget that if I could trust only one person in this world…

Without change, that person would still be you.”

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