this was always planned from the very beginning

Who wants some thoughts on Mrs. Bradley?

For starters, she’s pretty much the one defining thing that Wrath makes a big deal out of. He has no qualms admitting that his life was planned out for him from the very beginning - except for his wife - always with that key exception pointed out. 

Mustang expressing his disgust for Bradley’s identity and fabricated human life? Bradley makes certain Mustang knows that he chose his wife. Riza discovering Selim’s identity? Bradley once again feels the need to tell her that his wife is his own. Even Lanfan, when asking why he has no final words, not even for his wife - Bradley insists that there’s nothing more his wife needs to hear from him. She understands.

Now, Mrs. Bradley did not know King was a homunculus, or that he was raised for the destruction of their country, or any of the nefarious plotting Father had in store. I fully believe she was kept in the dark about that all. But I do think she knew what sort of man her husband was, inside and out. The kind of man he was away from the public eye, when he didn’t need to be so composed, when he needn’t hide his wrathful tendencies. 

And I think she was the lone human who really knew how savage he was.

Which leads me to picture many-a-night of King returning home late, mad as hell, and knowing he can vent to his wife. 

Bradley, angrily hanging up his coat, stomping around and pulling off his socks: “Bunch of mouth-breathing imbeciles leading our country I swear. Mindless brainless spineless slabs of wasted meat and oxygen. I’d just as soon unleash the guard dogs on them and then have the dogs take their place. At least the dogs follow orders!”

Mrs. Bradley, in bed and reading by the lamp on her nightstand, casually turning the page: “Oh now wouldn’t that be a sight to see. Would the dogs be given uniforms?”

“The dogs could be ass-naked at the Generals’ table and still they’d look more respectable than Crimmins and his pig-head. Undermining my authority, getting my name tangled in the Creta tariff affair. Now it’s my headache to deal with. If I could just tie him to a spit and slow-roast him over the fire place in my office, I would. I mean who the f– who on earth would think–”

“Selim’s already asleep, Dear. He can’t hear you.” 

“Thank you–who the FUCK would think it’s acceptable to use MY SEAL on official documents without consulting me?! I swear the only thing holding me back from– oh where is my night cap?

Top drawer.”

“Ah, so it is. Oh it’s softer than it was last night.”

“I made sure it got washed with the fabric softener you like.”

“You’re truly the best. It’s so plush. Give it a feel, Dear.”

“Oh you tell me that every night. I promise I know how soft it is.” Another page turn. “You were saying something?” 

“I was–oh, right. Where was I? Right, Crimmins”

SDCC SU Panel stuff!

- Zach: “Rebecca, what can you tell us about what’s to come next on Steven Universe?”
Rebecca: “I’m really excited, well … We’ve had these incredibly huge events lately, and we’re just gonna see the fallout, this bomb, there will be HUGE consequences to everything that’s happened, and the rollercoaster has sort of rocketed forward from here on out, so these next episodes were really exciting to make.”

- A VERY intense trailer was shown of what’s to come next. I couldn’t see it, I could only hear it. The audio I transcribed below:
Pearl: “I thought you’d see it someday, but … I thought I’d be there with you.”
Steven: “You’re safe! You’re here! I’m here! We’re safe, everything’s fine.”
Connie: “But it’s not, though.”
Steven: “I just wanted to save everyone, but I couldn’t even do that. I don’t know how I’m gonna get you out of this. Are you doing okay?”
Sadie: “Well, I’m worried about Lars being in space, and I hope he’s safe and all.”
Blue or Yellow Zircon: “You RAN?! From Blue and Yellow Diamond?!!”
Greg: “I don’t know anything about Homeworld, I don’t know anything about your (intangible), you guys have to put it in the contest!”
Pearl: “There are things on Earth that are impossible for me to explain. But I want to.”
Lapis: “They’re gonna take her anger out on this planet, just like they did before. I WON’T let myself get caught up in another war.”
Peridot: “Earth is our home now! Isn’t it worth fighting for … ?”

- A new Save The Light trailer was shown, and a new Peridot was revealed in the game! Her name is ‘Squaridot’, she has square hair, limb enhancers, and a left eye gem.

- Q: “Would Rainbow Quartz be the same or different with Steven?”
Rebecca: "Rainbow Quartz 2.0 would variably be different …….. it …….. Forget I said that. That’s a very good question thank you.”

- Q: “Have we seen the full extent of Lion’s powers?”
Rebecca: “I don’t think we’ve seen the full extent of Lion’s abilities yet”, etc.

- Q: “Which Off Color do you relate the most to and why?”
Rebecca: “Rhodonite. The neurotic one.”
Zach: “Padparadscha.”
Deedee: “Padparadscha.”

- Q: “I was wondering if there was any challenges making the music for the show?”
Rebecca: “Oh of course, we don’t get any extra time to do episodes with songs in them than episodes without songs in them. I think the most challenging one was Mr. Greg.”

- Q: “While making the show (cont.), I’ve been a creator for a long time, and I just had to ask: Do you gauge if something’s gonna be really popular? Like Padparadscha immediately became an enormous meme.”
Rebecca: “I think we focus on loving what we’re making. We all love Padaparadscha, so … I suppose it wasn’t a surprise to see people loved her too. I think some of the stuff that catches on is the fun ideas we have, and that was one of those where someone at a big writer’s meeting pitched that concept of a Sapphire that sees the past and we all just loved it instantly (cont.) … and thought how sweet that would be. And I always thought of Sapphires being Zelda-esque, so I really wanted a sort of Peach to contrast her Zelda.”

- Q: “Was Lars becoming pivotal something you planned from the beginning?”
Rebecca: “I think it happened naturally, because Lars was one of the oldest characters in the show. I was drawing Lars and Sadie back in college. They’re older than Steven Universe. I think they were always gonna be very very important.”


A spread of the goodies I’ve received from my penpal. I wasn’t able to post alot lately because I’ve been very busy because of uni. I have thesis chapter deadlines, plates and prelim exams. I thought I wouldn’t survive lol. It’s just the beginning of the semester but I’m already wiping my tears hahaha but still good because I am able to execute how to make a hull and lines plan with the use of Rhino (because we’ve always used cad for it). We all did it one by one during class. I’ve been very nervous the whole time I’m waiting for my turn but it’s all in the past now. I should chill and reward myself because I did better than expected.

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Baby Witches

Super Quick Guide for Beginner Witches

I got a request from a beginner Witches if I could help them to start practicing, so I thought that this might be a good idea to make a post with resources I find helpful. Also, I’d like to clarify how my own practice looks like.


My path

I study about Witchcraft for a couple of years and at the beginning, I wasn’t planning to go so deep into it. My Mom had a Herb Shop so I love any kind of natural healing from the very start. It slowly evaluated into reading about crystals, energy, astrology and suddenly… I bought a tarot deck, doing divination. It just happened. I also remember the moment when my knowledge became quite satisfying (tho I still learn and I always will), however, I wasn’t doing… well, any kind of practice. So I started to dig and find out that I missed a very important step. Reading about energy is one, but learn to FEEL the energy is crucial.

Now I think I’ve started walking a Green Witch path. I’m eclectic and secular Witch. You do not have to worship any God or Goddess to be a witch, but you can if you want. All elements are significantly important in my little spellcraft. I love crystals, brew herbal teas and find magic in all the mundane activities, in life itself. I’m not into rituals. For me every emotional thought is a spell, every intention attracts what we want (so be careful to not attract bad things!). What we believe, say, fell and think is powerful and have a great impact on our lives (mind and body too) and what is around us.

The practice of every witch is different. There might be a path other than mine, but more suited for you. Keep in mind I’m not Wicca, so there are no rules that regulate or decide about my path, but also it might be a bit more winding road with a lot of dead ends. However, if what I said sounds like something for you, I’m happy to provide some resources that helped me to start. The order is quite important.


A big part of them can be found on Tumblr! Also, this isn’t an ultimate list. Witchcraft is a giant field of knowledge, so for me, it’s a lifetime learning.


  1. The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock - it says everything for me, 100% right. Great introduction, a lot of recipes and exercises. Perfect.
  2. Practical Magic by Nikki Van De Car - here you’ll find basics about most important topics like chakras, crystals, herbs, pagan holidays and some forms of divination. 

Once you’ll discover your own fields of interest, buy themed books. Basics can be found all over the Internet: Google - the World’s biggest BOS ever.


  1. How magic works.
  2. Quick intro to Energy work.
  3. Masterpost about the energy : don’t read all, pick few and come back here later.
  4. Great introduction pdfs : READ THIS.
  5. Basics - look for Pages in the right sidebar menu.
  6. Ideas for BOS - extending your knowledge.

Exercises and homework ideas

Try meditation

This is the first step for energy work. might be a good place to start meditation.

Try to do basic types of energy work

Use resources to find what is interesting for you. Some ideas:

- Grounding (as the first one!)

- Feeling the energy. For example Ball Energy between your hands. You can also try to feel the energy of plans, stones, crystals or pets.

- Focus exercises. For example describing with all senses certain activities or objects. Prepare your favorite tea, sit in a calm place and drink your potion. Try to describe it with all your senses. How does it look like? How does it smell? What is the sound when you drink it? How does it taste? How does it feel? Concentrate. This is also great for anxiety/panic attacks!

- Cleansing. This one feels good when you join it with a physical cleaning of your space. You can cleanse it by visualization or by using sage/palo santo. When you are done with your space you can cleanse your aura/chakras.

- Affirmation/Attracting. Try to start daily, positive affirmation as well “gratitude logs” at the end of the day.

All above will help you to start with spells!

Basic knowledge and tools

Use resources for:
- Learning about elements.
- Basic correspondences (number 5 on a list of resources).
- Basic properties of herbs/crystals. Max. 10 of each, don’t try to learn EVERYTHING at once!
- Altars/shrines and tools.
- Types of witches.
- Types of divination (just make a list of them for start).

Above is a great list of ideas for your BOS. You can start a Google Docs folder with one file as a list of ideas and separate files on each topic. Continue to extend your knowledge.

Make a sacred space in your home

This can be something very little. Like a representation of each element: stone, feather, shell, and candle in one place. This is your place where you can be yourself!


DO NOT LEARN EVERYTHING AT ONCE (I’ll repeat that all the time). Pick one little topic for each week. For example:
Week 1. Basics of the energy work + exercises.
Week 2. Learning about elements, basic correspondences, types of witches.
Week 3. Make a list of divination forms. Pick one and start to learn it.
Week 4. Prepare your own spell based on the acquired knowledge. Do the additional research if you need to. Not sure what kind of spell/ritual? It’s great to start with New Moon/Full Moon rituals or protection/abundance spells!


If you worship any kind of Divine then add it to your practice!

~ Airid

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Hey Penny, I'm kinda lost on the whole Butch Hartman thing...whats going on?


Butch Hartman has been riding for a very long time profiting off of clickbait and pandering to people’s nostalgia for shows that he takes almost sole credit for, the whole “I created your childhood” kind of mindset he likes to throw around, and he crossed the line by using these tactics to draw people into funding this “family friendly” Kickstarter campaign for a streaming service he wants to make called Oaxis, under vague and arguably dishonest pretenses.

From the very beginning it was unclear what exactly he meant by “Family friendly”, like exactly in what, I guess, political or religious context he meant that in and how far he planned to take it, he’s always been very blatantly against the ever vague concept of allowing “Negativity” without ever explaining what he considers negativity.

Recently as the campaign got closer to ending he starts really pandering to that nostalgia, and yet not saying a single further word of information about his plans for actually building or running this service or, hell, who was even working alongside him, because he is the only person who was ever advertised to be a part of the Oaxis team. He was blatantly asked time and time again things like “Butch, who is running this service with you”, “Butch, what kind of programming do you already have planned for the service, are there teams already working on these shows you’re promising?”, “Butch, you’re very openly religious, are you going to allow LGBT voices a platform on this service?”, “Butch, what makes this a necessary alternative when services like Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube already have active child-friendly filtering content and specific platforms to keep kids safe from mature programming?” but he never responded to any of these questions, only continuing to say things like (and this is a direct quote) “You trusted me with your childhood, won’t you trust me with your future?” and only give response to those who blindly supported him without criticism.

Then he began to openly mock and devalue the voices of anyone who criticized him, saying things like “I can’t stand when people who never do anything try to criticize me. Don’t criticize me unless you’re in the animation industry.” (that one is paraphrasing but it’s not too far off), and this wasn’t behind closed doors either, this was on a Twitch livestream, and he directly called someone out by there username, and they didn’t even message him a criticism, they asked about a meme they made for him and he went on this weird rant.

And THEN, icing on the cake, footage comes out of him speaking to religious groups stating that, as people were worried would be the case, this streaming service is going to be very intentionally designed to promote and fall in line with his religious values. Which, I will say, as someone who considers herself religious, I don’t have a problem with at face value. Sure, I may not agree with him on some of his views if we were to have a conversation, but he’s allowed to make whatever kind of platform for whatever kind of audience he wants. The problem came from the fact that he only decided to be open about this after it was already funded, or at LEAST close as hell to being funded.

His whole strategy was to get his fans to fund the majority of this Kickstarter by feeding their nostalgia with his only real incentive being “Won’t you trust me? I made 2 shows you liked one timeeee :C” and never actually explaining his TRUE mindset behind the idea and never once giving anyone, not even backers, any more information than vague and completely useless hypotheticals that are never even guaranteed to go anywhere, and most likely will not based on Kickstarter’s history.

These fans include LGBT+ kids who trusted him and now are being faced with the reality that maybe they’ve supported a platform that they are not welcome to be or, hell, even SEE themselves on, not even through representation. They include people who most likely really could have used the money otherwise but instead put their trust in a man who thinks so highly of himself that he can’t take criticism from anyone who isn’t higher on the social status ladder than he is, and most of the campaign rewards are just Butch this, Butch that, get a drawing from Butch, and so on.

And there are still plenty of details I left out. Hope this helps.

“keep dreaming ‘bout a better world, you keep wishing for some clarity”

i feel like “trust love” has elements from several different characters and themes, but i’m starting to think the beginning of this song is directed towards james, almost like someone’s taunting him.

this volume’s making a big deal out of james doing everything in his power to achieve his goal, a goal he genuinely thinks is right for the world, no matter the sacrifices. all the while he’s increasingly losing himself due to major stress and ptsd.

who’s been confronting james and his plans/methods very prominently lately?


“always hoping that a lightning bolt is gonna save you from this gravity”

the word gravity here can have multiple meanings at once. it could be referring to james not realizing the metaphorical gravity of the situation, and desperately needs someone else to knock some sense into him. but chapter 7 gives me a bit more to work with:

the staff of creation literally keeping atlas afloat.

the relic is singlehandedly preventing the kingdom from crashing down.

who’s the one person with access to the relic? the winter maiden.

and that same winter maiden has been suspected to be related to nora for a while now.

if our “lightning bolt” happens to inheret the maiden powers, i don’t know if james can rely on her to save his inevitably doomed kingdom.

Kishimoto: this is the ending I was always working towards. Naruhina was always going to be endgame and every other ship moment was just to mess with you. It was all my master plan. This is definitely what I intended from the very beginning, always.

Person: cool! So why don’t the kids have byakugan?



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Detective au + Renjun. My request is a drabble. Thanks.


huang renjun | all you leave behind is the ghost of your touch on Renjun’s skin and the memory of a person who had finally gained that upper hand. detective!au, criminal!au. | 2k words. | fluff(?), flirting, I don’t really know what genre this is, not humor but it’s kinda close.


Originally posted by dongkooki

a/n: i love how straightforward this request is sfhisjfi here ya go. definitely based reader off catwoman because why not amirite

“Hello, detective. You’re quite punctual today.”

Renjun slides inelegantly to the doorway of the exhibit floor, the polished marble that made up the ground he walked on costing more than the net worth of half the citizens in the city combined. He only ever showed up to places like these when he had cases to solve, and he very rarely got to enjoy the glimmering chandeliers and pristine paintings hanging from the walls. Even now, as he was surrounded by jewels of all shapes, colors, sizes, and origins, you were the only thing that had his attention. You were the case he’d been dying to solve ever since you’d first appeared on his radar, and you were the case made with a diamond shell. Nothing could crack you open, not like the others.

You, his “arch nemesis” when put so informally, had gone from being a thorn in his side to a knife in his back. With each victory you claimed, that knife kept on twisting.

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Are you going to tell us now how you changed the story after you saw episode 10? You said you had to go back and re-outline the whole thing. I am interested in knowing how it differs.

i’m sorry if someone has already asked you this but can you share with us the original plan you had for umfb before episode 10? or can you not tell us until after the companion fic?

How Episode 10 Changed Everything (and other fun stories):

So as I’ve said a couple of times before, episode 10 was an absolute game changer for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and now that the fic is finally done I’ll try and explain how although this may get a bit long and I wont go into too much detail about Viktor for companion fic reasons.

So the main three things that episode 10 changed in the fic was Viktor’s entire character, Yuuri as an unreliable narrator and the program music.

The most significant by far was Viktor’s character. Because pre episode 10 we really still didn’t know that much about Viktor and we had no idea about the banquet. So before episode 10 I assumed that Yuuri fell in love first and Viktor came to coach Yuuri out of curiosity because he likes surprises and doing something different and eventually and unexpectedly found himself falling in love. In a draft for another fic I was tossing ideas around for it actually centred on Viktor only realising he was in love with Yuuri just before the kiss in episode 7. Viktor was always very mysterious and I’m sure people who were in the fandom pre ep10 will remember all the theories that he was just using Yuuri and all that and while I didn’t believe that, I did assume that Viktor’s character trope was the ‘workaholic slowly learns how to love by being loved’ one.

But then episode 10 comes and completely knocks that out of the water because we find that Viktor is actually this adorable sappy romantic who calls Yuuri sleeping beauty and adores him and fell in love with him when he was wasted and dancing and brought life and love back into Viktor’s world. And that completely changed Viktor in the fic because after an episode from his pov I had a much better handle on his character and realised he absolutely wouldn’t act like he had been planned to act in the fic.

In the original plan he wasn’t ever a bad person or anything but he was actually a rival for Yuuri and he didn’t fall in love until much much later. But with episode 10 we also found out that Chris and Viktor are best buddies and Viktor likes skating with Chris and can’t imagine a season without him which means that in the fic there’s no way that Viktor would feel threatened by Yuuri as a rival because in canon he’s besties with his competitor and he’s way too much of a sweetheart for that. So in the fic it changed from Viktor reciprocating the rivalry to Viktor actually enjoying the challenge and excitement it brought into his life.

As for him falling in love, in chapter 10 the singing thing was always planned but that was originally the first sign that Viktor was feeling deep affection for Yuuri and was just the very beginning of him falling in love. It chapter 10! But after ep10 I realised that Viktor ‘love at first drunken dance’ Nikiforov would definitely not be having a solid two years of a ‘relationship’ and just be starting to fall because that would be seriously ooc and we finally saw just how much he adores Yuuri through his own eyes. And so in the fic I reworked the whole thing to fit with Viktor as a character as I now understood him and that included him falling first, falling hard and falling early.

Episode 10 also showed us just how much of an unreliable narrator Yuuri is, with the banquet and also how different everything seemed from Viktor’s eyes. And so that meant that I started to play with the idea of Yuuri being a seriously unreliable narrator and trying to tell a story where his version is very different to the version the audience see, which is obviously now pretty crucial to umfb&mha.

I also went back and reworked all the program music for the fic once episode 10 came out. Before it was all important and did have significance but after I knew that Viktor was going to fall early, I decided to play around with the idea of showing the audience how he was feeling through his music. So I went back and completely changed the program music to tell a proper story (funny story, originally Yuuri was going to be the one skating to Sun and Moon. And then episode 10 happened and I looked at the new outline of the fic like ‘this is such a Viktor song oh my god).

Another thing that episode 10 changed was originally, Chris wasn’t involved in the fic at all until we found out about his and Viktor’s friendship and that he’s actually such a good bro not just a weird guy who gropes Yuuri and comes on the ice. As well as that, in episode 10 we also found out that Yuuri was actually the unknowing playboy in the Eros story not Viktor, coming into Viktor’s life, stealing his heart and then leaving without a word, which lead me adapting the fic to umfb!Yuuri becoming a perceived playboy by others, through certain things that will be explored fully in the companion fic, as a reference to that. There were also some smaller changes like the inclusion of the drunken Olympics and Yuuri knowing how to pole dance as a shout out to the episode.

Episode 12 also changed a lot. One of the things was Yurio and his role in the fic and how he feels about Yuuri which will be explored more in the companion fic. Also the original end of the fic was that Yuuri was going to try and fail to do the quad flip which ruins an otherwise perfect skate and potentially loses him the gold but he was willing to sacrifice it to tell Viktor. But in episode 12, we see that Yuuri can do a quad flip with his love for Viktor as motivation so it changed to Yuuri still risking ruining his perfect skate because he isn’t sure if he can land the jump but doing it anyway and actually succeeding because every time he tried and failed before it was because he was doing it out of bitterness trying to beat Viktor and this time he was doing it out of love.

The fic also changed a lot over the course of writing it just because characters take on a life of their own and my first draft was very rough and done before I’d written anything so I’ll try and do a chapter by chapter run down of the big changes from the rough plan I wrote before starting the fic to the end result.

Chapter 4:

·       There was originally going to be a discussion between Viktor and Yuuri that went badly and they both ended up annoyed and offended which sparked Viktor’s side of the rivalry but there was no way to do that without making them both dicks and ooc. After episode 10, it changed to Viktor trying to be helpful but phrasing it badly and being a bit too blunt and unreliable narrator Yuuri taking it wrong and cutting the conversation short before things could be explained

Chapter 6:

·       Yuuri was originally going to be watching interviews and stuff of Viktor and thinking how arrogant and self-assured he was but this changed with Viktor’s character change because that’s just not him at all

·       Viktor was going to make a comment about Yuuri’s quads but this one was actually going to be an insult and again changed when Viktor’s character changed because Viktor wouldn’t insult a fellow competitor like that

·       The idea for the dream sequence only came later

Chapter 7:

·       Pole dancing only became a thing after episode 10

·       Viktor was going to only miss the GPS and come back for Worlds but lose because he wasn’t fully recovered but I decided I didn’t want the first time Yuuri won against Viktor to be so unsatisfying

·       The watching Yuuri skate at the rink didn’t originally happen at this point in the fic until after I saw ep 10. It was actually planned for somewhere around chapter 10/11

Chapter 8:

·       Yuuri never lost motivation originally but I decided at that point it was important in his character to almost give up but then come back with a vengeance

·       The drunken Olympics never originally happened

Chapter 9:

·       Yuuri was originally still going to be very hostile before I realised it was ooc and a dick move after Viktor was being nice to him so it changed to him congratulating Viktor after Viktor won. That then changed the sex scene from the mutual hatefuck it was going to be pre ep10 to Yuuri and the comments thing that sent him spiralling. The not-talking thing was also added as a plot device because Viktor as he became acted very differently to him as he was originally planned to be, and it would have been too easy if he had been allowed to talk.

·       Viktor was originally going to take Yuuri out to dinner at the WC purely out of guilt

·       There was originally going to be another sex scene after the WC and dinner where Yuuri was angry at Viktor for ruining his skate but it would be ooc for both of them and got changed early on

Chapter 10:

·       Number swap was supposed to be just for hooking up but changed after ep10

·       Yuuri’s theme was originally going to be something related to hatred but it changed as his character developed and I realised how he was being affected by the events of the fic was different to the plan and that would be doing him a disservice as a character. He had already let go of almost all his bitterness by this point and was falling for Viktor, not hating him.

·       Conversation with Phichit was very short and didn’t involve a lot of the stuff it did in the final chapter

·       Viktor was going to be acting very different in the second sex scene with none of the need or desperation that happened, which all came about during his character change

·       Conversation with Chris never happened until the third of four re-writes of ep10 when I realised Viktor’s actions needed some more context for people who were ignoring the music (A lot of people still hadn’t caught on that Viktor was head over heels in love yet and I felt it needed a more explicit hint)

Chapter 11:

·       Lots of domestic sex was supposed to happen in this chapter in a very very early first concept but I changed it early on for plot reasons and also companion fic reasons

·       Sex scene was supposed to be all about Yuuri acting like Eros Yuuri in the concept drafts before I started writing the fic, but those two idiots in love were very sappy and sentimental instead and it became a crucial relationship shift point instead

·       All domesticness from that chapter was planned out later in the fic as the details were not specified  in the first plan, including the borscht scene

Chapter 12:

·       Meal with the other skaters never happened, that idea came later

·      In the rough draft of the chapter, the revel about Yuuri’s virginity happened at the same time as the second reveal but I split them because it worked better that way

·       Yurio wasn’t originally involved at all and Yuuri left after getting jealous. The love revelation never happened

Chapter 13:

·       Yurio appeared in this chapter instead although the conversation was very different in the rough plan because everything he talks about in the final version came about after episode 10 changed everything

·       Yuuri was originally going to be much more angry at the scandal and use his anger to win while Viktor still fucked up his skate. This changed very early when I realised it was ooc and Yuuri would actually react very differently due to how in love he was, and that emotional devastation and heartbreak would ruin his skate instead. 

Chapter 14:

·       None of the conversations with Yuuri’s family were planned in detail in the first rough plan, I just knew he needed to go back to Hasetsu and have some revelations

·       Yuuri was supposed to convince himself that Viktor never loved him and never could and only realised Viktor’s feelings after seeing stammi vicino. This changed because it was very important for Yuuri to go and get some distance and time and then decided to come back and decided to try again with Viktor before he saw stammi vicino. It also changed because with Viktor as he became after ep10 and how he reacted, there was no way that Yuuri would convince himself that Viktor never cared for him. He’s a bit emotionally dense sometimes but not an idiot

·       Yuuri was going to fall on the quad flip

So yeah, all this is from the very rough draft before I wrote any of the actual fic (and while the show was still on about ep 7 or 8) and the story adapted and changed along the way as I got more into the characters and got a better handle on how they would act until it became what you see today. It definitely became a much better story and I’m very happy with all the changes that I made! Having a plan is great for a framework but letting the characters grow and change naturally during the writing process is much more fun and I think makes for a better story

it physically pains me to kno that even could have had a season. all those ‘he isnt from 99’ and ‘he came in too late he’s just a love interest’ phrases ppl on here were using for 4 months were absolute bullshit bc it’s now confirmed he’s been one of the originals from the very beginning. julie was always planning to bring him in and im 110% sure that if this wasnt the last season we would have honestly had even as the main for s4 and sana for s5 and vilde for s6.

anyways since this is life and we dont get nice things, its still really upsetting that julie still casted even aside this season for……. this mess. not only was his story not told, but it really connected with sana’s struggle during s4 and how she felt so out of place and how people looked at her a certain way, and her distant friendship with the girl squad. im just… jamilla and even could have been so so important for sana this season and it would have been so good and so important and so much focus would be on sana! and sana not feeling like the villian! sana actually having someone to talk to that understood her.

im still so disappointed all the bus/girl squad conflict still never got resolved, but i guess you can say that’s also a direct parallel to how even and the balloon squad’s story never got resolved on screen either :)

Them? They’re Both Mine Part 5 || jjk +kth

Pairing: jungkook x reader x taehyung 

Rating: explicit 

Word Count: 2,632

Warnings: poly relationship, fluff, smut, oral sex (f receiving), teasing, praise kink

“Well well well look who finally decided to wake up." 

You feel a scowl take over your face as you hear the loud cheerful yet mocking voice of Hobi as he sits at the counter sipping from a steaming cup of tea. You walk over to the group of boys crowded around the kitchen island as you tug at your shirt trying to hide the newly formed hickeys. 

"Someone sure enjoyed themselves last night from the looks of it. You can barely walk straight,” Jimin laughs as his eyes trained onto the slow movements you make. Your eyes are narrow as you look at him and mumble a quick ‘shut up.' 

You watch as Namjoon and Jin let their chuckles out as Hobi tries his hardest to shield his laughter but ultimately fails. Yoongi’s face, of course, holds nothing but distaste for the conversation occurring, not wanting to hear about the details of last night.  

“Of course she enjoyed herself last night,” Taehyung smirks as his arms wrap around your waist pulling you into his lap. He places a soft kiss against your check as his finger softly brushes over your hickey, causing you to flinch at the unexpected touch. “Damn you really marked her up Taehyung,” Jin exclaims as he watches as Taehyung brushes your hair back to inspect the numerous amounts of bruises. 

“Wasn’t me,” Tae smirks as his eyes look over to the other boys. 

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Tacky, cheap, ugly. The writers will regret the fuck out of this. If this was always the plan, it should have been done in S2, there was no need to fuck around with a wedding. They actually killed off the one person who’s absence would irrevocably alter the very foundation of the show & for what? A three second cheap twist that the audience will resent forever? Ended the best written relationship/marriage on TV right now so Jane can get back with her ex? Be miserable for two seconds before a time jump? Start from the beginning & redo the same things we’ve already seen for 3 seasons? OH, AND RUINED THE BEST BROMANCE TELEVISION HAS EVER SEEN?

Ahhhh. I can’t believe I thought Jane The Virgin was the one show that wasn’t infested with the usual CW stupidity & garbage tropes. You almost had me, fuckers.
Comic-Con: Disney XD Sets 'Milo Murphy's Law' and 'Phineas and Ferb' Crossover (Exclusive)
The episode will premiere in 2018.

Phineas and Ferb continue to deliver on their promise to do it all.

Announced today at San Diego Comic Con, Disney XD’s Milo Murphy’s Law will be getting well-known guests in 2018 with a Phineas & Ferb crossover special episode. 

In the exclusive article, linked at the top, THR reported: 

“We’ve always known that Milo lived just a couple neighborhoods away from Phineas and Ferb,” Povenmire and Marsh said in a joint statement. “We’ve planted lots of clues and Easter eggs in this first season, so a lot of fans have figured it out. But what they don’t know is that the story arc of Milo Murphy’s Law has been designed from the very beginning to lead us to a big crossover with all the Phineas and Ferb characters. It’s planned for early in the second season and we can’t wait for the fans to see these two worlds collide.”

The crossover will also include Candance, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus.


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- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )


Chapter 1

Pairing: Ben Hardy x Reader
Word Count: 1k (they will get longer I promise, I just wanted to end this on a cliffhanger)
Warnings: Strong language, Smoking, Gun use, Alcohol mention.
Authors Note: I wrote two scenarios for this chapter, and they are so different. Like, I prefer this one drastically, but the story would be completely different if I’d chosen the other omg.


“You’re not wearing that.” Y/N’s mother stated. “This is a very important meeting for your father, and yourself.”

Y/N just shrugged. Sliding her freshly shaved legs into the shimmery gown. It was modest in the sense that the fabric reached the floor, even with the pointy-toed heels she had on. However, the thigh-high slit and deep neckline left little to the imagination. A garter was slid over her left thigh, and her Browning model tucked into it. Y/N glared at her mother, taking a drag from her thematic lucky strike cigarette.

Being the daughter of a Mob Boss had its perks. For instance, she’d always attended the finest schools with the finest teachers, she was always dressed to the nines in jewels, and she’d learned enough about the business to essentially create a mob of her own if she wanted. However, she did not. Because this was the meeting where the decision whether or not she was worthy to lead the Capulets after her father’s passing.

“I’ll wear what I like, mother,” Y/N snapped, “and I like this dress.”

The meeting was disguised as a formal ball in one of their uptown speakeasies. The final decision wouldn’t be made tonight, but Y/N had to show face, and -more importantly- act respectable. She never did, always finding a young bachelor to seduce and bring home. This was the reason the decision had taken so long, Y/N’s father viewed her actions as childish, therefore deeming her unable to succeed in the position, but the rest of the gang leaders believed that the art of seduction was a helpful quality to have.

The speakeasy was 1920s themed, and so the password matched. Tonight’s phrase of choice was ‘sockdollager’, meaning an event or action of great importance. It was foreshadowing from the very beginning. The Capulet Mob were all about following through to the very last detail. Their extensive planning and knowledge were how they succeeded every time. They were the reason behind the naming of the Capulets and Montagues, and of course, the Montague Mob (their rivals) were always one for the dramatics. Y/N sat on the barstool, watching guests trickle in. A secluded area was marked by plush velvet curtains, inside was her father. Y/N paid him no mind as she spoke to her best friend.

“I don’t get it, Rami, He wants me to be able to step up to the challenge, but won’t let me do jack shit.”

“I’m not defending him, but you could stop sleeping around, maybe grow up a little.”

“Don’t be an asshole. The rest of the board thinks it is a good idea, and my lifestyle would be a valuable contribution.”

The blue-eyed man had a witty reply. but Y/N wasn’t listening anymore, she’d caught a glance of a handsome male.

His blonde hair was a stark contrast to the black of his suit. Dark sunglasses were perched on the bridge of his nose, despite the dim lighting. He lingered around the curtains that shielded Y/N’s father from the rest of the party. Rami quickly caught on that she was no longer listening, as he turned to face the thin red-head who had been begging for his attention all night.

He paced slightly, obviously out of place, she watched as he finished his glass of whiskey. Eventually, he made his way over to the bar, perching on the empty stool next to Y/N. For the next 5 minutes, he tried to get the bartender’s attention to no avail, he felt stupid. The pretty girl kept watching him as she sipped from her straw. Suddenly she whistled, The Bartender immediately turning to her.

“A Gin Rickey,” Y/N ordered, “and whatever he’s having.”

“Whiskey on the rocks.” he stuttered, running a hand through his hair, sunglasses still covering his face.

Their hands were once again filled by glasses, as they got to talking. Names were yet to be exchanged, but the sexual tension was high. Y/N silently told herself that he was her conquest for the night.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?” she asked, “blinded by my beauty?”

A breathy laugh escaped him as he smirked at her, biting his lip, “I guess you could say that.”

The grandfather clock behind the bar chimed at 1 o’clock. Signalling last orders. Neither of the pair bought anything though, both too caught up in the conversation to notice. Rami had disappeared around 5 minutes beforehand, Y/N suspected it was to help escort her father out of the building. It wasn’t, for the Egyptian man had noticed the signet ring on the blonde’s left finger, and immediately ran to tell of his discovery. He quickly returned, glaring at the mysterious stranger Y/N was talking to.

“Y/N We have to go,” He panted, pulling her off of the stool, “Now.”

Her protests were cut off by the booming voice of her father, “Spy!”

The sound of bullets ricocheting off of walls sent Y/N tumbling to the ground. Her gun pulled from where it was strapped to her leg, ready to protect herself if deemed necessary. Rami grabbed her hand as they fled with the guests towards the escape door. Y/N found herself turning to help the handsome stranger, only to see him hiding behind a pillar, a gun of his own shooting back towards the capulet mob.

‘Who is he?’ She thought. ‘Why are they shooting him? Why is he shooting back?’

Rami pulled her into the black jeep beside him, adamant to get her safe from the brawl that had erupted, The capulet flag shook in the wind as the engine turned on. At that moment the stranger had run out of the door, The blond’s sunglasses had fallen off in the commotion, and he paused to look at her.

“A Capulet,” he whispered, breathlessly, before taking off from the alleyway and into the night. The discovery having shook him to the core.

An audible gasp escaped Y/N’s lips as she realised, leaving her frozen to her seat. It was so clear now, and she was naive to have not noticed. Engraved in her mind were his eyes, the unmistakable green eyes of a Montague.

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Milo Murphys Law And Phineas And Ferb Crossover Heading Next Year!

Both shows hail from Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, who have planned on doing the crossover since the beginning of Milo Murphy’s Law. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed several Easter eggs planted throughout the first season that hinted at the fact that Milo and his friends live in Danville, also home to Phineas and Ferb.

In addition to Phineas and Ferb, the crossover also will feature characters including Perry the Platypus, Doofenshmirtz, Candace, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford.

“We’ve always known that Milo lived just a couple neighborhoods away from Phineas and Ferb,” Povenmire and Marsh said in a joint statement. “We’ve planted lots of clues and Easter eggs in this first season, so a lot of fans have figured it out. But what they don’t know is that the story arc of Milo Murphy’s Law has been designed from the very beginning to lead us to a big crossover with all the Phineas and Ferb characters. It’s planned for early in the second season and we can’t wait for the fans to see these two worlds collide.”

Milo Murphy’s Law follows 13-year-old Milo Murphy (Al Yankovic, aka “Weird Al”), the fictional great-great-great-great grandson of the Murphy’s Law namesake. Milo is the personification of Murphy’s Law, where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The series was recently renewed for a second season.

I’d like to talk about LGBTQ representation, RWBY and Bumbleby.    

For anyone not in the LGBTQ community, it can difficult to understand why these fans become so passionate.  The main reason is that the vast majority of media we see is aimed at hetrosexuals. Statistics from GLAAD showed that in the 2017 - 2018 season, only 6.4% of characters on primetime TV were LGBTQ.  With that in mind it’s understandable why people get confused or annoyed when the community starts getting vocal and passionate about a fictional relationship.  It’s because straight people see characters representing themselves all the time, so it’s hard to understand why it’s special.

Even among shows with LGBTQ characters, the depiction of their relationship isn’t often the best.  I absolutely love ships like Wayhaught, Avalance or Deanoru, they show two women in a loving relationship, but, to be honest, little time was actually spent setting up these pairings.

It’s not unusual for a M/F relationship to get several years of build up, several years of character growth and interwoven storylines before they get together romantically.  F/F relationships usually happen very quickly, they get together within one season and have little development with each other before they become a couple.

This is the reason so many of us have fallen in love with RWBY and Bumbleby.  It has given us that development.  It has taken the time it needed to show how Blake and Yang have grown as people, both individually and together.  It’s shown us their initial friendship, growing closer and trusting each other more, sharing intimate details of their life with each other, accidently hurting each other, pining for each other while they’re apart, trying to repair their relationship and finally coming together stronger than ever.

This is not uncommon in M/F relationships, but is so very rarely found in F/F ones, so you’ll have to excuse us for being really excited about it.  To some of us, this is something we have never seen before.

I completely understand that a lot of people just don’t see the development of a F/F relationship.  We live in a heteronormative society.  There is the perception that two women can be more intimate with each other, without it being romantic. It’s not uncommon for people to ship a M/F pairing just for looking at each other, but if a F/F pairing shared the same look it would be seen as platonic, so seeing a growing, intimate relationship between two girls is often written off as them being close friends.  However, in the case of Bumbleby, I can assure you that the signs have always been there.  I would ask you to look at any of the popular Bumbleby blogs, I guarantee they’ll have a list of the romantically coded interactions between Blake and Yang.

Perhaps, even more importantly, there are very strong hints that this relationship was planned from the very beginning.  A show making a F/F pairing the primary romantic relationship, then putting time, effort, care and long term planning into it is, I believe, unprecedented.   

While I wouldn’t want to denigrate anyone’s M/F ship, the sheer ubiquity of them means they aren’t unique.  Bumbleby really is and for that reason it is very important to us, so we’re going to be loud about it and we’re not going to be sorry for being loud.   

I invite everyone to share in our happiness.


Interview: Andrew Hussie

Welcome back, dear readers. After yesterday’s disaster, we have someone very special here. Please welcome Andrew Hussie, the creator of Homestuck, and a writer and director of CON AIR 2: THE EPILOGUE. It’s so good to have you here, Andrew.

It’s my pleasure. As always.

What inspired the creation of CON AIR 2? Taking a step from a webcomic to a feature film is huge change, and decisions like that aren’t made in a day. How did the transition start?

It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that the decision to begin working on CON AIR 2 took a very long time, and it was a work of a vast network of skilled individuals. Our initial plans were very humble. They didn’t have anything to do with the Epilogue. If I recall correctly the Con Air-aspect came in after a year of development, too. The script was built over a long period of time, and almost every new member added new things into it. The idea pile didn’t stop getting taller, and soon enough we had a massive project on our hands.

It took years to formulate the script to its final form. You could say it’s creation was very Homestuck, as in, we continuously made shit up along the way. The script wasn’t finished when the filming started, and sure as hell it wasn’t finished when the filming finished. The script was almost like a living being, always being rewritten. Scenes we had already filmed took on new meanings. Parts of footage were used several times over. The movie was it’s own entity, and you’ll sure be able to see that in the theaters. It has a meta aspect, as everything in Homestuck does. At its core, CON AIR 2: THE EPILOGUE is a coming-of-age story enhanced by mystery and spectacle.

And speaking of mystery and spectacle, those were crucial to Homestuck’s narrative as well. The transition wasn’t as big of a deal in that regard. Homestuck has always been close to films, whether it has been having fun with them or making fun of them. Flash animations were a central factor in Homestuck’s path to the big screen, and ultimately transcending the boundaries of traditional media.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, please explain. What’s the deal with Dark Cage? Why are actors going nuts left and right? It’s almost like Homestuck is becoming real. What the hell, Hussie?

It is bold of you to assume Homestuck becoming real hasn’t been my intention all along. Or perhaps it’s always been real?

Please elaborate.


At least give us some light on Vriska Serket’s casting situation.

Vriska is Big Chungus. That’s all I have to say. I will not longer comment on this subject.

Fucking hell. What am I supposed to ask then?

If you’re having trouble, I could take turn asking the questions instead.

You can’t do that.

Of course I can. [snops]

Look! I’m the interviewer now.

What the fuck? You can’t just say that.

Why not? I have the bold text and all. I won’t call myself a professional but I’m pretty sure this is all you need.

Bold text? There’s no text. This is an oral interview, which we’ll transcribe later.

I just got it, though. That jackass Doc did the same earlier.


Oh, sorry. Dark Cage.

This is stupid.

It keeps happening.

Oh god.

So what’s the deal with this interviewing stuff? Am I just supposed to keep firing inquiries from this deudly firearm I call my mouth, which so happens to be framed by two luscious lips?

Just shut up already.

State name.

A total dumbass, apparently.

What’s your opinion on horses?

I don’t give a shit about your horses. You’re hijacking my goddamn interview and it’s degrading.

Your words are degrading to all things equine and I’m getting sort of worked up about that.

I give up.

It’d seem our interviewee is getting reluctant. I figure it’s time to reel it in and call the curtains. Do you have anything to say to the fans before we ride this pony back to the stables?

Fuck you.

Enormous thanks to our interviewee, who really has a way with their words. Thanks for reading. CON AIR 2: THE EPILOGUE in theaters 4th of April 2019, 24h streams on the 13th.

Why is it that almost every Bioware antagonist is like “I could explain my evil plan to you but I’m not going to because you’d never understand it anyway.” ??

Like… Seriously. In their two flagship titles that EVERYONE knows them for there are like… Four people/creatures/whatever that actually tell you what they’re planning to do.


Saren: I applaud you, Shepard. My Geth were utterly convinced the Salarians were the real threat. An impressive diversion… Of course, it was all for nothing. I can’t let you disrupt what I’ve accomplished here. You can’t possibly understand what’s really at stake…


Sovereign: Rudimentary creatures have blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding.
Squadmate: I don’t think this is a VI…
Sovereign: There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension.


Ryder: Tell me what you want!
Archon: I won’t explain what you can’t understand. 


Inquisitor: Why does this world need to die in order for the elves to return?
Solas: A good question, but not one I will answer. You have always shown a thoughtfulness I respected, it would be easy to tell you too much.


Corypheus: Mortals beg for truth they cannot have. It is beyond what you are, what I was. […] Your understanding is not required. If you gain it, consider yourself blessed.

Flemeth straight up just comes in and whispers some incomprehensible riddle shit to you throughout three different games and then disappears without ever truly answering your questions.

The only villains/antagonists who were truly forthright in their plans from the very very beginning were The Harbinger (”The Reapers are basically Gods and we, the Collectors, are helping them. We’re going to bring your species to them for your Glorious Purpose.”), The Arishok (”Give me back my sacred book and the thief who took it or I’ll kill you.”), The Illusive Man (”We gotta control the Reapers, I know it sounds crazy, but just LISTEN…”), and the entirety of the Darkspawn + the Archdemon (gonna destroy the world, you can’t really read into that too much.) you fight in DA:O…

I mean, I kinda get it? But like…………. The trope is getting Tired™ pls.

Akayona 183 thoughts

It seems that Hak is trying to get back to Yona’s side by working his way up back through the ranks in the Sky Tribe, since they’re typically assigned to guard the princess??? I wonder why Yona can’t just straight up say that she wants Hak by her side as her personal guard - Suwon is well aware of their longtime bond, and even if Keishuk was against it, he couldn’t possibly go against Suwon’s wishes? Suwon should also be aware of how uncomfortable Yona is, being forced into this “engagement” farce, though he makes no attempt to correct the audience.

I don’t think Hak would be foolish enough to attack Suwon within the castle, especially since his return (along with the Happy Hungry Bunch) was highly publicized and it’d put the others at risk…what exactly is Suwon planning on doing with them?


(My guy Hak is serving looks this chapter damnnnn)

From his conversation with Geun Tae, to me it doesn’t seem like Suwon plans on being King for very long - it makes me think he’s planned every little detail from the very beginning and he’s almost considering Hak??? It takes me back to when they were younger and discussing social standing and how it didn’t matter to Suwon.

Suwon dude what is going on in that brain of yours????? What are you planning??????


Side notes:

It’s so amusing how Geun Tae always just casually roasts Judo in conversations and Judo always reacts the same


Zeno and Shin Ah look so done with Jaeha and Kija for overdoing their power to protect them, it’s so endearing how close they are T_T