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Hello everyone! This is where all of my writing will be posted for easier organization and such. Longer fics will have their own masterlists and will be put under their corresponding parts. Each will be organized by character pairings. :D Thank you for reading, ENJOY!

Bucky x Reader: 


Six Degrees of Separation

Right Beside You

A Christmas Miracle

Beyond This Window

Getting Even

Such Great Heights

Two Wrongs Can Make a Right

I Always Will

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The Place I Call My Home

Take Me In- This was my first fic, ever. Tread lightly. 

Tony x Reader


None yet!

Series Masterlists:

My Mistake

Thin Lines

Well, That's Unfortunate (Pietro x Reader) Part 1

Summary: As the newest addition to the tower, Y/N has to deal with the process of fitting in with the others. Everyone seems to like her, though, apart from one person in particular. Shit is about to go down.

Chapter List


Part One

The taxi-driver pulled up outside the Avengers tower, and looked at you expectingly. You looked back at him, confused, until you realised this was your stop. The Avengers tower, huh? Not bad. You figured S.H.I.E.L.D. would have dumped you in some abandoned apartment on the outskirts of town, but this was, to your surprise, not the case. You thanked the driver and flashed him a smile, but he only grunted in return. You sighed, and made your way to the boot of the car. So much for spreading the joy. You wrenched the lid open, and pulled out your bags, making your way over to the back entrance. Nick had specifically told you to enter there, in order to avoid the chaos of the lobby in the main entrance.

You looked for a doorbell of sorts, and cursed under your breath when you couldn’t find one. Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere, making you jump.

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Wildflower: Part 1 of ?? (Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader)

A/N: Hey, I’m finally back, we have spring break this week! I’m only three episodes into the first season of Daredevil and I’m fucking hooked. I love it. So, I decided to write a oneshot (that may or may not serve as a prologue to a series depending on the feedback). Requests/Collabs are always open, so please feel free to submit, ask, or shoot me a message.

 This is based on 2 songs, because music is where I usually draw inspiration.  Jackie and Wilson, and From Eden; Both by Hozier

 Feedback is always welcome! Please enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing. A lot of swearing. Depictions/descriptions of slight violence, MattyxReader angst/fluff

Word Count: 1447

!!!EDIT, 13 JULY 2016!!!

        Wildflower (Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader)

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She was a whirlwind; a roman candle. With his heightened senses, Matt noted the softness of the wildflower, fruity perfume, and cigarettes that emanated from her. Her laugh sounded like the most melodious bird song imaginable. Y/N was certainly something. Something different, something refreshing. She juxtaposed herself in the most complex ways; gentle and rough, funny and serious– somewhat unassuming if you didn’t know her, yet someone that you’d be an absolute idiot to cross. To call her a mystery was to come to the realization that her name could very well be a synonym. She could be compared to a drug–his heroin–and Matthew Murdock was hooked. 

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marvelbase001  asked:

Hey can I get a ship for the owner of this blog Alice? She loves to draw and write. She has suicidal bipolar depression and it's progressing. She doesn't really open up to those. When you first get to meat her, she comes off as shy but once you really get to know her, she's outgoing and carefree. She always stands up for others, often putting herself down. Thank you so much! 💕💕

“Hi so I realized when I asked for the ship for Alice I didn’t put a fandom. Could you do it for the avengers and supernatural? Thank you so much! 💕💕”

No prob, Bob. 

Avengers: Steve always had his eye on you, and when he found out about your draws you bonded over it. With time, he learned about you in a way no one else ever did. He helps with your mental healthy as much as he can, always being by your side with your doctor’s appointments or on the waiting room during your therapy. Also, he doesn’t see you as your disorder. You are a girl who happens to be bipolar, not a bipolar who happens to be a girl. He’s always there, even when you apparently doesn’t want him there, and is very patient about you. 

Supernatural: Sam was the best friend you could have, and when your relationship turned into romantic, he was a even better boyfriend. He always took care of you, specially on your bad days, and fell in love with you specially because of how you stand up for the others. When you put yourself down, he always tried to pull you up and always assures you of everything good on you. He knows when to leave your side and when to stay with you, and doesn’t expect you to get better out of nowhere or “because he loves you”. He knows you have a long way up, and he’ll be by your side in every step. Also, he loves to read what you write, even when you think it is silly, because that’s how you express yourself, and he thinks you’re the best. 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @xoxacidxox !!!

A/N: Part 3. This imagine is the most popular one on my blog :) Also, this time @xoxacidxox requested this idea, so the idea belongs to her, I just wrote it :) Enjoy. Please read the   PART 1. , PART 2 first.
GIF is not mine!

It’s been almost three weeks now since Thor hilariously interrupted your kiss. You always laughed when you remembered it but Loki just rolled his eyes every time you brought it back. However, none of that stopped you from kissing him again. And then again.. then again. You’ve never discussed what exactly it was between you two, but it kind of felt like.. dating?
You’ve never tried to hide it from the rest of the team. Even if you would want to, there was no possible way how to do it, since Thor couldn’t handle it and told everyone about it right the following day. It wasn’t totally easy, but it could be worse. Bruce was clearly worried but supportive, Tony made stupid comments every single time he had a chance, Thor was way too much happy for you, Steve and Clint both looked like someone threw a dirty sock right into their face every time they saw you holding Loki’s hand or kissing his cheek and Natasha very honestly told you that this is the stupidest idea you ever had (“and you had many stupid ideas, Y/N, to be absolutely honest”). And Loki..well Loki did what he usually did - he didn’t give a single shit about them.
Everything seemed to be better day by day. Until one morning, when Tony’s stupid comments were a little more stupid than usually.
“Morning,” you murmured when you walked into a kitchen and took a cup of tea standing on the table. You always did that, instead of making yourself one too. But then the cup slipped from your fingers and a hot tea burned your hand.
Fuck me!” you swore loudly and Natasha chuckled. “Good morning.”
“Y/N,” Tony started with a very father-like voice, “Captain America doesn’t approve your language.”
Steve rolled his eyes and you laughed along with Thor. Then you turned over when you heard Loki’s steps. Of course he didn’t bother himself with saying hello to anyone but you.
“You’re awake already?” you smiled, “you looked deeply asleep.”
“Well I was, then I heard your passionate ‘fuck me’, so I told myself I won’t let such opportunity go,” he gave you that kind of devilishly charming grin you loved so much you totally ignored everyone’s dissapproving faces. The only thing you could think about was how much you wanted to take off that sweater he looked so handsome in.
“You know what this means?!” Clint appeared in front of you and pointed at your hand, taking his cup of tea you stole, “that God finally punished you for stealing everyone’s food and drinks.”
“No thank you, I have my own god to punish me,” you replied brightly before you could stop yourself, which caused some indignant comments and Loki’s laugh.
You smirked, still holding your ring finger, that one hurted the most. Tony noticed, of course.
“Be careful, beautiful, you’ll need that one,” he commented and you raised your eyebrows.
“What?” You looked at others and you were even more confused, because it looked like everyone knew what’s going on, except you. And Loki, who was frowned. But that could be because of Tony calling you beautiful (these kinds of conflicts happened a lot). You shook your head and let it go.
“Thor, a word,” Loki spoke, still looking at his brother. Tony’s comment was enough for him to figured it out. He wasn’t stupid.
When they left, you took a seat beside Steve and for your own frustration, all of them suddenly acted weird. Something was definitely going on.

“Tell me, do you ever keep your mouth shut? Will there ever be a time you will be able to keep a secret for twelve damn hours?!” Loki wanted to shout but he kept his voice down, because they were only one room away from the kitchen. “I asked you to tell no one!”
“I told no one!” Thor poorly defended himself.
“Well who is no one?!” Loki replied sarcastically and disgustedly looked at his brother.
"You’re not supposed to answer that,  idiot!”

You were already back in your room when Loki came back to you. He said nothing so you took a word.
“Please, sit and tell me what’s going on. Something happened.”
“It didn’t yet.”
“Stop it and talk,” you repeated and he sat beside you.
“Well, I would have to tell you anyway so.. I planned to ask you to marry me, but I talked to my brother first. But he has a big mouth, you know, and everyone else knew it before I had a chance to ask.”
You were so shocked by his words you didn’t even listen to the rest of it. I planned to ask you to marry me. You kept quiet so long, Loki finally spoke again: “Y/N?”
“Marry you, already? You want to marry me so soon?” you asked, still clearly shocked. Loki frowned.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean. On Asgard.. don’t you, you know.. date first?” the question sounded even worse than it did in your head. And you were sure of that, because there apeared an amused smile on Loki’s face.
“We do, but where is the point in dating someone when you don’t want to get married and spend a lifetime with them?”
You tilted your head to your shoulder. He was always one big suprise.
“You know, every man should take a lesson from you, at least in this thing,” you grinned and sat on his lap.
“Is that a yes?” Loki asked with a small smile, when he hugged you around your waist and you felt his lips on your neck.

All a Disguise

Request: Can I have an imagine where reader and Tony pretend they hate each other and are always fighting but they actually love each other, then they get in a really bad fight and reader runs away and Tony goes after her ‘cos he can’t live without her?

Note: I was picked as a guest writer for this amazing blog, so this is my first one on here! Thanks to anyone who likes it, and I do not mind constructive criticism to make my writing better!

Word Count: 1,167


You sat in the movie room, re-watching Greys Anatomy. You’ve always been a fan of the show, and when the last season ended, you needed to watch it again.

Just as a surgery scene started, you heard a voice. “How do you watch that shit?” Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Iron Man, major hottie. You had a crush on the man, but you hid it, because he hated you so much. If you told him, he would laugh at you, and make fun of you as well.

“It’s interesting.” You defend the show. “Interesting, my ass. All she does-” Tony points at Meredith, “- is drool over him-” He points to Derek, “-and do surgeries that mostly fail.”

“Actually, most of her surgeries succeed.” You snap. He sighs.“Any ways, I came in here to tell you there’s a mission. Me, you, Steve, and Sam. Hydra base has important info in western Greenland. Everyone else has two other missions doing the same thing, except they are in Norway and Japan. Get ready.”

You sigh, and turn off the TV. You saunter off to your bedroom, and open up your wardrobe, looking for your suit. After a while, you finally found it.

It was a simple dark red suit, that was loose and kept you warm. The reason it was dark red was because you could blood bend, ever since Hydra tested you. It came in handy, but scared some people. Like, really scared them. Screaming head off and going unconscious scared.

You quickly put the suit on, and went to the Quinjet, where everyone else was waiting.

“Finally.” Tony says, his voice oozing with sarcasm. “The princess awakens from her royal slumber.”

“Shut up.” You reply.

You all pile onto the Quinjet, and Tony drives. The ride there is around five hours, so you brought entertainment. You played cards with Sam and Steve. Since Steve only knew the oldies, you played old maid. Sam had lost six times, you had lost three, and Steve was failing with a whopping fourteen losses. You and Sam were taunting him when Tony called out “We’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Steve stands up. “Let’s go over positions. Sam, you’ll bring Y/N down with you, and knock out the guards, along with Tony. Y/N, you’ll sneak inside and collect the information. I’ll back you up.” Everyone nods when their name is stated.

When you are as close to the hideout without bring noticed, Tony opens the door. It wasn’t that bad, blizzard wise, but it was freezing in your terms.

Sam gripped you tight as he flew down. You weren’t a big fan of heights, but you kept your mouth shut.

When you were finally down on the ground, Sam let you go. “See you later. Have fun picking up those files.”

You sneaked around the building, until you saw two men leave through an exit. You leaped forwards, and as quick as a mouse, you caused the guys to fall to their knees with pain, and slipped inside the base.


The ride back to the Avengers Tower was silent. Not even Tony spoke, which was queer. As soon as you got back, you ran to your bedroom, ignoring Steve’s calls.

You lay on your bed, and the tears started streaming. You hastily wiped them away. You didn’t mean to do it, but…

Your thoughts were cut off by FRIDAY’s calm voice. “Tony Stark is requesting to come in.”

“Tell him to fuck off, and don’t let him in.” You whisper. Tony comes in anyways. “How’d you get in?” You ask him. “I can get FRIDAY to do what I want.”

You both sat in silence, before Tony started yelling. ‘Why’d you kill him, huh? He had lots of information! I had him!”

“No, you didn’t!” You screamed back. “One more second, and we’d be bringing back your dead body instead of those files.”

“I just needed to get a shot in.” 

“You were firing when I saved you!”

“Maybe you should have done your job and controlled yourself!”

“Do you know what?” You whisper quietly. “What, Y/N, what is it?” Tony snapped back.

“I’ve been controlling myself since the day I was taken from my bed when I was seven years old. It’s so hard, everyday, to not make you feel pain, because you’re such an asshole to me. So, yes, I have been controlling myself, but you’re not exactly helping.” 

And with that, you press a button Tony had installed for April Fool’s. It was a slide that ejected you outside. The ground falls underneath you, and you slide down to the rainy New York night. 

You began walking away from the bright Avengers Tower. You hoped that someone wouldn’t come after you, but fate and karma teamed up to become a bitch to you.

You felt a hand grab your arm, and it wrenched you to face the other way. You turned around to see, just your luck, Tony.

“Let. Me. Go.” You say through gritted teeth.

“No. I won’t let you leave, Y/N.” Those were the last words you thought Tony Stark, the person who hated you the most, would say to you.

“Tony, I can’t do it anymore.” Tears started streaming down your face, but the rain made it hard for Tony to notice.

“Can’t do what?”

“Everything. I can’t keep this up. Pretending to hate you, when in reality I really love you. When that man was about to blast your suit out of the sky, I just felt that I needed to protect you. ever since we met in that shawarma shop, how Natasha introduced me to the team, I had the most massive crush on you. But you don’t feel the same. You’ll never feel the same.”

You cast your eyes downward, so you couldn’t see Tony’s smug face. In reality, Tony was shocked.

“Y/N.” He said softly, the rain droplets in his hair. “I do care about you. I do love you. I was scared today that you were going to be killed. That’s why I’m so mad at you, that’s why I flipped out. Just like you said, I fell in love as soon as I saw you.”

You were about to say that was impossible, but Tony continued talking. “I came after you because I love you, and I cannot live without you. Even with your obsession with horrible dramas, annoying habit of leaving the pantry doors open, and terrible singing, I can’t live without you. You’re my one and only.”

At that moment, you weren’t exactly what had driven you to do what you did. It was instincts, perhaps. 

You leaned forward, and kissed him. Lightly, but long enough to be forever locked in both of your memories. Rain fell over the both of you, but at that moment, it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, except for feeling Tony’s lips on yours.

When you pulled away, Tony gave you a dazed look. “Wow. Didn’t know you could kiss that good.”

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(Another amazing submission, please check them out @madwafandoms , I am obsessed and this was just great. Hopefully, in the future they’ll want to write some more of our billion requests :D - Ro)

allthefandomss  asked:

Hi! I love your blog! Can you do another Steve PTSD one? With the other avengers finding out somehow?

Tony was the first to realize that Steve’s fairly frequent trips to the local VA Hospital were not strictly out of the kindness of the veteran’s heart. Sure, that had something to do with it, and maybe Sam suspected what was really going on, since he had connected Steve with the group, but one day, he asked Steve if he wanted to invite some of them over.

“Some of who?”

“The other people in your group at the hospital.” Steve looked up, eyes questioning how Tony knew about the PTSD support group that he ‘volunteered’ at, but Tony cut him off by simply saying, “Bird man over there,” and nodding towards Sam.

Steve’s next reaction was to make a joke of it. “What, have them all over for a play date?”

“Sure,” Tony replied with a shrug. “Or whatever. What about a Veteran’s Day barbecue? No fireworks, Scouts honor.”

“You weren’t a Boy Scout.”

Tony only shrugged. Sometimes, Steve still had a hard time trusting that Tony was being that altruistic, but then he’d share something from his time in captivity that would resonate with Steve, and the questions would subside. “Maybe.”

In the end, he invited two of his friends from the VA, an older gentleman who also fought in WWII, and a woman in her 20′s who was an Iraqi war veteran. He introduced them as Bill and Sandy, respectively, and they were welcomed like part of the family. They all knew that Steve volunteered for the group, and that was just one more hint for Natasha. What convinced her, however, was when Sandy’s offhandedly mentioned that a car driving down the road reminded her of her first car, Steve responded with so much interest and enthusiasm.

“Which one?” His keen interest was that of man who understood what those little nostalgic moments meant and how they kept a person grounded. Bill even perked up, the three of them all having that memory of driving their first car that they carried through their own wars with them. In that moment, they were all kids again, just kids handed weapons and a uniform, undamaged and bright eyed, and Natasha’s heart broke.

Mobile Masterlist

Here is my most recently updated Mobile Masterlist. Since the (Y/N) Barnes series is all one, big story, I have listed each part in chronological order, if you would prefer to read it that way, or if you are just curious about the order of events.

If you have any feedback, as always, I would love to hear it : ) Please enjoy!!!

  1. The Day Your Life Changed Forever
  2. Walking You Home
  3. Dancing the World Away
  4. The Belated Kiss Good Night
  5. Cursed
  6. Meeting Steve
  7. Borrowed Rage
  8. The First Time
  9. The Break In- Fear
  10. Moving In
  11. Self Defence
  12. Treasure Hunt
  13. The Best Man’s Toast
  14. Enlistment
  15. Buchanan the Bear
  16. Letters
  17. An Adventure of Your Own
  18. The 107th
  19. Lets Hear it For Captain America
  20. Three Days
  21. I Fell in Love With a Hero
  22. Waking Up
  23. Hands
  24. Recovery
  25. Recovery- Letting Someone In
  26. Recovery- the Zoo
  27. Recover- Wish You Were Here
  28. Recovery- Grace
  29. Recovery- Tony Day
  30. Nightmares
  31. Impressing a Man Not Easily Impressed
  32. Be My Valentine
  33. Wish I Could Stay Longer
  34. Strain
  35. The Lemurian Star
  36. Flowers
  37. The Photo
  38. The Man on the Bridge
  39. You are James Buchanan Barnes
  40. Understatement
  41. Home
  42. Don’t Leave Me Again!
  43. Fear Not This Night
  44. Office
  45. A New Leaf
  46. Muscle Memory
  47. Broken