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First Kiss

Written for @hellomissmabel ‘s challenge (Annie’s shuffle challenge)
Song: Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside (Belgium) 2015

Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: none. (Not even a swear word!) (But just in case:) Nervous Bucky, detailed kiss.

WC 670

SUmmary: Bucky’s worried that dating you will ruin your friendship but you assure him it won’t. You go on your first date together and enjoy a kiss.

AN: I’ve never heard this song before but I have to say it’s flipping awesome! Super catchy and I really enjoyed listening to it! @hellomissmabel I really hope you enjoy it! <3

Bucky stared at himself as he tied his tie, blue eyes staring right back. His hands were shaking slightly, he was nervous. He yanked the tie off throwing it over his shoulder where it landed softly on his bed. This wasn’t his first date but it was his first date with you and he wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Glancing at his watch he gave himself one last look in the mirror and left to get you.

He walked to your apartment and hesitantly knocked on your door. You hollered that it was unlocked and he let himself in. He hovered by the door not sure if he should enter further. The date title was making him uncertain of his boundaries. Normally, he’d flop on your bed or curl up in your sofa chair but he wasn’t sure if he should wait for you by the door.

You walked into the room and flounced over to him, planting a kiss on his cheek. You pulled back and appraised him. “Bucky? What’s wrong? You look terrified!”

He took a deep breath and squeezed your hand, “I’m nervous! What if this ruins our friendship? Oh, God, I couldn’t handle that.”

“Bucky, breathe.” You put your hands on either side of his cheeks, forcing him to look at you, “Look at me. It’s just me. Y/N. Nothing is going to change our friendship. That’s rock solid. Do you trust me?”

He nodded, brow still furrowed.

“Then let’s scrap this date.”

His face fell, he was so disappointed.

“We’ll stay in, watch a movie, and spend the evening together that way. How does that sound? Just like we always do.”

You helped him take off his jacket and shoes and you did the same.

He made his way over to your sofa chair and sank into the cushions. You followed and curled up next to him, handing him the remote.

“You choose,” you said, taking his arm and draping it over your shoulder.

As you watched the movie, you could feel Bucky’s breathing even out and the tension leave his body. You smiled at how relaxed he was and you snuggled deeper into his arms.

He absentmindedly drew patterns on your shoulder and you shifted yourself to get more comfortable.



“What’s the difference between what we’re doing and a date?” He froze and you continued, “The way I see it is the only difference is how the night ends, right?” You watched for his reaction out of the corner of your eye and you could see him smile.

“Y/N? How do you see this ending?’

You turned so you were facing each other, the movie now forgotten. “I suppose it depends.”


You reached your hands up and ran your fingers through his hair, knowing it was something that relaxed him, “Well, is this our first date? Or our fiftieth?”

“Does it matter?”

You huffed, “Of course it does! I don’t usually put out on the first date! If it’s our first date, then maybe it ends with a kiss.”

“And if it’s our fiftieth?”

“Then maybe we go all the way?”

He gave you a soft smile, “I think I’d like tonight to be our first date.”

You smiled back and waited for him to make the first move not wanting to rush him.

He pulled you closer to him and cupped your cheek, stroking your jaw with his thumb. Leaning forward, he paused for a moment mere millimetres from your lips then he closed the distance and brushed his lips against yours. At first, it was feather light, then he increased the pressure. He traced your lips with his tongue and you opened up, letting him take the lead. His tongue stroked yours, tentatively at first then with increased confidence and you saw stars. When he pulled away you were panting, your eyes clouded with lust. You could see the look mirrored in his eyes.

“Wow,” you whispered, causing him to smirk.

“Wow indeed,” he replied.

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The Avengers Headcanons (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Okay so I’m going to have to do this in two parts because wowzers, it’s a bunch. Now let me say this before you read on, I have never done headcanons before, like ever. And if I did this correctly (is there a correct way??) I hope you enjoy it! Of course these are just my ideas on what your relationship would be as. Thank you anon babe for the request! I promise to get the second part out as soon as possible <3

Also some characters may have longer headcanons, that is because sometimes I’m just more familiar with certain other characters (oops)

Warnings: This does contain talks of PTSD and panic attacks

Fluff & Angst 


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Steve Roger Headcanons~

  • Huge cuddle monster, especially on his days off he won’t let you out of his arms (even if you’re needed for missions)
  • When both of you have to work he’ll be the first out of bed and will always make you your coffee
  • Whenever you’re baking sweets he likes to stick his fingers in the batter and eat it (he’s a super soldier, raw eggs can’t hurt him)
  • Whenever you’re deeply invested in doing something Steve likes to draw you. He especially likes to draw your eyes, they always show a passionate fire
  • When either of you have a mission to go do and you’re not together, both you and Steve made it a tradition to make each other lists on what you love about each other
  • When both you and Steve have missions together he always makes you carry band aids on you. He knows it’s somewhat silly but it makes him feel better
  • After missions it’s another tradition you both do, you guys take a bath together. He’d clean you while you express all of your worries and frustrations from the mission
  • Then you do the exact same for him (he sometimes gets super emotional from major missions because his mind always went back to Bucky)
  • Steve has PTSD, and when he starts to show his symptoms even more you’re always right by his side, trying to calm him down. Unlike Tony he needs to know that you’re actually there, he’s terrified of the thought of you disappearing from him like Bucky did. And as much as he hates to admit it, he can’t lose you like he did Peggy. You know that and you also know that he truly does love you
  • Whenever his PTSD gets to be too much you take him to your guy’s bedroom and lay him down, you had asked Tony to install a dimming light switch (which helps in times like this). You make sure he’s only able to hear your voice, no loud noises or bright flashes for they could bring him all back down and make him think he’s in the war again
  • When both you and Steve fight you always let him have the last word. As much as you’d want to argue back you realize how hard is must be for him to even be fighting with you
  • Sometimes when the fighting goes too far and either of you say something too harsh you both go to your hideaways. And while hiding both of you think of ways on how to apologize to each other
  • Both of you hide for exactly 3 hours. And when you both find each other it’s filled with regretful tears and loving words. In your guy’s relationship, both of you apologize, not just one
  • At the end of the day, mission or no mission, fighting or not- you and Steve always fall asleep in each others arms, whispering, “I love you.”

~Tony Stark Headcanons~

  • He loves to spoil you. You’re always against it though (you tell him to just donate his money)
  • He also tries to get you to wear one of his Iron Man suits (he’s even made you your own Iron Man suit!)
  • Tony doesn’t seem like a huge touchy-feely guy but when the mood strikes him he’ll pull you from whatever you’re doing and cuddle you
  • During those choice cuddle sessions he sometimes is the little spoon (He had admitted it while you guys were cuddling that he loved being the little spoon. But if you were to tell anyone that he’d of course deny it)
  • Tony doesn’t like to fight with you. Like at all, he’s had too much fighting in his life already (and being an Avenger doesn’t make it any better) and you’re the one person he never wants to fight with
  • Sometimes when he falls asleep in the lab you go down to drag his butt to a nearby couch. And you stay with him throughout the whole night (you didn’t care if your body was going to hurt in the morning, he’d do the same for you)
  • Whenever Tony has a panic attack you always bring him to the biggest window overlooking the city and make him a cup of tea. He doesn’t like being touched when having the attack so you always ask J.A.R.V.I.S everyday to keep a dryer running to keep your blankets warm (Tony wants the warmth of someone during the attacks but like he said, he doesn’t like to be touched during them) You’ll wrap him up in the blanket and sit with him for hours. Wether it was to listen to him talk or just hear him breathe. You’ll remind him every few minutes to breathe in and out or to drink his tea so he doesn’t start to panic again
  • Once Tony is calmed back down from his attacks he’ll slowly scoot himself over to you (he has to test the waters to see if he’s comfortable with being touched) if he’s comfortable with it he’ll raise your arm and cuddle into your side. You’ll then sit there and softly comb your fingers through his hair
  • During most days he’ll play classic rock through the com-system and if a slow song comes on and you’re in the vicinity he’ll whisk you off your feet to a clear area and dance with you (sometimes when dancing his hands will ‘accidentally’ slip down to your butt and you’ll then ‘accidentally’ drop your foot harshly on his)
  • After a hard day at work when both of you meet up back at the bedroom you both always make it a big deal to say “I love you” before you all asleep and after you wake up

~Natasha Romanoff Headcanons~

  • She’s not one to really express (physically mostly, sometimes verbally too) her emotions to anyone (she’s secretly scared that someone will use her emotions against her and somehow hurt you)
  • You always reassure her though that she doesn’t have to do anything that makes her feel in anyway uncomfortable. You also always reassure her that you do know that she loves you
  • On her free days from missions she always does two things:
  1. She shows you moves on how to defend yourself and how to take down your attacker (you work for SHIELD and you do know how to defend yourself but you let Nat teach you anyway- it makes her feel better)
  2. She will shut all of the blinds and lock every door and then she’ll show you just how much she loves you
  • Nat doesn’t like to cook so you’re always the one cooking. You don’t mind one bit to be honest. She does so much for you already and you’re happy to do this for her
  • Even though she doesn’t necessarily show/express her feelings for you everyday, she could never turn down an opportunity to cuddle you
  • She likes to be both the big spoon and the little spoon. But her favorite cuddle position is when she’s able to look at you. She likes to point out everything she loves about to herself while you relax in her arms
  • Whenever Nat has to go on a mission you always pack her a lunch. She doesn’t care what the others think because they know that if they joke her about the packed lunch… she could easily kill them with so said packed lunch (Tony had a hard time getting all of the banana out of his ear that week)
  • When you’re the one with the mission instead, you make a week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for Nat. Your homemade cooking always gives her comfort when you’re gone.
  • This goes for the both of you, when either of you come back from a mission injured to hell and back the other takes care of the other’s injuries and cleans them up
  • Whenever she’s too tired to clean her guns after missions, you’re the one to clean them for her
  • She’s the one to kill the bugs (but she of course lets go of the spiders outside)

~Clint Barton Headcanons~

  • Clint is always cranky without his morning coffee, so before he wakes up you make a full pot of it for just him
  • You got him this gag gift for Christmas a while back- it was a giant coffee mug that could hold up to a gallon of liquids… he uses it every morning
  • Clint is partially deaf so you had taught yourself sign language for him (it’s helpful too when you want to tease him in front of The Avengers)
  • Everyone gets super frustrated when you and Clint sign to each other in front of them. It’s especially frustrating when either of you laugh suddenly
  • The first time you told him you loved him you had used sign language to tell him (he cried)
  • Before you guys started dating he would hide up in the vent and rafters and watch you (you knew he was there always hiding but you knew he was just trying to figure out your character)
  • You had finally gotten tired of his hiding so one day you asked Nat to meet you in the common room (you knew he was going to be there so before he could get to his usual hiding spot in the room, you climbed up there and waited for him. When he finally showed up you had almost fell out of the rafter from laughing at his shocked reaction. Clint asked you out right then and there, you of course said yes)
  • Clint always complains about not having enough arrows so for his birthday every year, you get him just that, arrows. (you always have a theme for the arrows, last year’s theme was Hello Kitty)
  • For being an Avenger, Clint loves junk food. So every time you go to the grocery store he has to tag along.
  • And for being a master assassin, he’s not very sneaky about all of the treats he puts in the cart. And whenever he thinks you caught him he’d give you the most innocent look, you’d then roll your eyes, and then the innocent look is replaced with a shit eating grin
  • In your phone his contact name changes every month from: “Bird Boy”, “Lil Shit”, “Princess”, and your favorite, “Lil Shit Princess”
  • He’s the master of building forts, everyone will agree with you on it
  • You two fight about the silliest of things, and when he feels as if he lost during the petty argument he goes to sulk up in the vents
  • The only way you found out how to get him out of the vents is to yell about his favorite show being on
  • Or to yell out that you’re about to drink the last bit of his coffee (it’s always interchangeable)

~Bruce Banner Headcanons~

  • Bruce loves to show you his research. It could be either his old research or new, he has to it all to you
  • He loves to watch you read his research too, you always have a proud look on your face
  • Bruce also always asks for your input on his ideas and projects. He always wants to know if you think his projects are safe/good ideas
  • Like Clint, he would hide from you before you guys started dating
  • Before dating Bruce he would spend even more time in the lab. He was investing himself in trying to find a cure for his “Big Green Problem” as he would put it
  • The only reason for him researching it even more is because he wanted you to not think of him as a monster, but as just some regular guy
  • One day when he thought everyone was gone he finally had left his lab (even in the beginning of the relationship you were always curious of what he does in the lab). You snuck in to see why he’s been in there whenever you were over. Bruce came back and saw you in tears, you had found out why.
  • Lets just say Bruce has never felt so terrified and in love after the lecture you gave him
  • Bruce doesn’t like to talk about it but you were able to convince him into seeing a therapist
  • You always wait for him during his sessions (and for when he wants you back there for him, you always rush to him and hold his hands)
  • And after therapy sessions you both always go get ice cream (his favorite is pistachio, ironic isn’t it)
  • It took a long time for Bruce to show you any type of physical affection, but when he finally did, he was the most loving boyfriend anyone could ask for
  • Whenever Bruce meditates you always join him, no matter what time it is. Unless you’re really needed somewhere else, if that’s case then you leave a cup of tea next to him
  • As much as Bruce love peace and quiet, you had made him a playlist of soothing classical music for when he’s in the lab
  • You actually made tons of different playlists for him when certain emotions hit him (his favorite is called “Calming the Big Green Babe” he finds it funny)
  • He totally cried during Marley & Me

~Thor Odinson Headcanons~

  • First things first, he may be a God from another part of the universe but he’s a huge fucking nerd
  • While you were showing him Earth’s modern entertainments, he had stumbled across the Star Wars movies (big mistake)
  • Whenever it’s his turn during movie night at The Avengers tower he always and you mean always requests for the Star Wars movies
  • Everyone blames you
  • You never understood his obsession with Poptarts
  • But you always stock up at least one cabinet in the kitchen with the artificial treat (it’s always gone within three days)
  • Speaking of the kitchen, during your first few months of living together you had to keep your good china dishes hidden from Thor so he wouldn’t smash them
  • But! You do keep thrifted dishes in a separate place so both you and Thor can smash them for whenever you both want to celebrate
  • Thor never likes to be the little spoon. And if you were to even joke him about trying to be the little spoon for once he’ll always answer with, “I am the might Thor! I must be the big spoon my love!” He just doesn’t want to crush you
  • He’s also very dramatic (you blame it on his Asgardian culture) but you find it charming to be honest
  • He can get very homesick sometimes but he knows he can’t leave at times because The Avengers might need his help
  • When he does get homesick, you drape on your guy’s bed sheets and try, keyword try, to do an Asgardian accent. It always manages to bring a smile on his face. And if you got super close to doing the accent he’s proud laughter will boom throughout the room (they don’t call him the God of thunder for nothing)
  • If Thor has the chance to go back to Asgard, he will every time ask you if you wanted to come along (you of course always said yes)
  • Whenever you both are in Asgard and someone asks who you are, Thor without fail will pull you into his side and answer with, “My Queen.”
  • And it always ends with you laughing at him


This alone has taken me two days to do, please forgive me if I don’t get out the other part the same day as this posts or even the next. I’m only one little nerdling <3



: Bucky X Steve X Reader

Summary: The reader is an Avenger and has a hard time dealing with the aftermath of a mission. Bucky is there to save her and bring her back from the darkness of her mind.

Warnings: sadness, angst, smut, cursing

A/N: Hey y’all I’m finally back after a hella long break. This is my first time writing smut so please tell me if it’s awful! Also I tagged some of my favorite blogs at the bottom. I hope this is okay but if you want to be removed just let me know :) Feedback is always welcome! 

I don’t remember walking of the jet or walking through the Avengers Tower in the direction of my room, everything was a blur. We had just gotten back from a mission that went terribly wrong, lives on both sides had been lost or jeopardized and it was all my fault. The weight of everything that had occurred over the last twenty four hours started to sink in and I could feel my heart breaking. My best friend, Sam, was gravely injured and no one, not even the doctors, believe that he will pull out of it. Coldness seeped through my body. I walked into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom and turned the shower on as hot as it would go. My clothes where striped from my body and I crawled into the bathtub. Any energy I had left was gone, so I couldn’t bring myself to stand up, instead I tucked my knees under my chin and sat down in the cold bathtub. The drastic change in temperatures sent chills down my spine.

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anonymous asked:

So what made you choose Carol as the... I guess you could call it, main focus, of so many of your efforts? What is it about Carol that makes her so rife for parody, do you think?

There’re some things that can’t be explained, but I will try.

On a base level, writing assholes and bullies it’s just fun to do, and Carol is canonically a pretty uptight, talk-shit get-hit kind of character, so the parody does nothing but enhance those characteristics.

Beyond that, I’ll never get tired of saying it, and I don’t care if people don’t believe me (like that angry anon weeks ago): I like Carol Danvers. I actually consider myself a fan of the character. Now, none (NONE) of her ongoing comics were ever above the “decent by american superheroes standards” (a low-tier decent), but still, Ms. Marvel v.2 was one of the first cape comics I started following, my gateway into this horrible obsession hobby I have now (Sana Takeda’s beautiful artworks and covers caught my attention), so I think I owe the character a bit.

When Kelly SUe DeConnnick’ ongoing was announced, I was actually intrigued! Yes, that’s the truth. Then of course we all know what happened. When I started doing my edits, the Carol Corps thing was still blowing strong, and my mockery was a rejection of that whole thing. They tried to hammer this asinine plot point “The whole world loves Carol Danvers” and I kept saying, no, no, no, this is stupid.

Carol Danvers can’t have fans in universe, Carol Danvers is PATHETIC. She’s a bottled up sack of self-loathing and anger. That’s why I like her.

Look at the already mentioned Brian Reed’s series, the very first big attempt by Marvel to push her: at the very core of it all, it’s the story of a person having an early mid-life crisis, waking up one day knowing that for thirty+ years they literally never lived up to their true potential (House of M and all).

And an issue that always springs to my mind is New Avengers #15 (2006) by Brian Michael BEEEENDIIIISSSS. Most of the story is narrated by Carol in form of blog posts. It’s really melodramatic stuff, she talks about her day, her powers, who she is, what she does, the people she knows and there’s this little detail added at the end of each caption: “0 comments”. An apparently inconsequential detail that makes the whole thing pitiful and disheartening.

So, here’s the reason I really like Carol Danvers: every superhero has a tough life, and she had one hell of a life as well, but she so often fails in such an incredibly mundane way that I can’t help but actually relate to her.

Plus, y’know, she kills aliens without remorse.


Chapter One

This is a revised/reworked version of my first fic, Walnuts. Its a Christmas time fic, so it’s a little off season, but, what the hell?

Warnings: language/mentions of verbally abusive relationship/threatening of violence/fluffy happenings at Target/slight trash talk about Walmart.

As always, please let me know if you want on or off my tag list :)

Master List


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Day by Day

Pairing: 1940s Bucky x reader

Summary: A final dance with Bucky before he goes off to war.

Word count: 783

Warnings: None. Fluffy Bucky.

A/N: Hey everyone! I loved writing this. Hope you enjoy it. Feedback would be deeply appreciated.

Taglist is open.

Requests is open.

You were making dinner for you and Bucky while jazzy tunes played in the background on the cordless radio. Bucky was busy packing. Tomorrow he will be leaving to go off to war.

When you were a kid, Bucky and Steve were your best friends. The three of you would often climb trees or pretend to be soldiers in a war. How silly it sounded now. You were inseparable, but your mother didn’t approve of your friendship with Bucky and Steve. She wanted you to behave more ladylike and less like a boy. Your father on the other hand didn’t seem to mind. He was rather fond of them.

When high school started your friendship with Bucky developed into something more. He began to hold your hand when he walked you home from school and every time you saw him your heart beat faster. Your relationship infuriated your mother even more.

After your father passed away, things got more hectic at home. You ran away to the only place you’d be free to be yourself, the Barnes’. Bucky and his parents welcomed you with open arms. Mr and Mrs Barnes were very fond of you as you were of them.

When high school ended, you and Bucky moved into your own place, a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. You felt safe and loved with him. If anything happened to him while he’s out there… Just the thought made you sick to the bone.

Your eyes were shining with tears. You didn’t know if it was because you were feeling sentimental or was it just the onions you were chopping a few moments ago.

“You okay doll?” Bucky asked, worry in his voice. You nodded, afraid that if you talked your voice would fail you.

In the dim illuminated kitchen, you could make out his figure. Bucky was leaning against the doorframe.

“And now here is this week’s number one hit by Sammy Cahn.”

The sounds of trumpets filled the room. Your eyes flicked over to the radio. Bucky always loved music, but this song was his absolute favourite. You turned to see him standing behind you with his hand held out for you.

You smiled and took his hand as he pulled you to him. You were chest to chest with the man you always loved. He wrapped his right arm around your waist. You settled your left hand on his shoulder and you entwined your fingers in his. Your eyes locked on his as you bodies slowly swayed to the music.

Day by day I’m falling more in love with you and day by day my love seems to grow. There isn’t any end to my devotion, “ Bucky sang to you. He always had the ability to make you smile even when you felt like nothing in the world could cheer you up.

He spun you out, twirled you around and pulled you flush against him. You laughed. This moment was a feeling of pure bliss. Dancing with the love of your life, but unfortunately this was soon going to end. It was too much for you.

You settled your head on his shoulder and he rested his in the crook of your neck. Tears prickled out of your eyes onto Bucky’s shoulder. He felt you sob, so he held you tighter.

"Bucky I’m gonna miss you.”

A knot formed in his throat. He shut his eyes and kept on swaying.

“I’m gonna miss you too doll,” He whispered. He found it difficult to speak. He focused on your honey scented hair and the warmth of your skin, finding comfort there. He stopped swaying and lifted his head, you did the same. His grey eyes were heavy with tears. When he spoke up his voice sounded almost broken.

“Before you know it, this war will be over and I’ll be back. We can get us a big house with a white picket fence and and big yard then we can get married and have ourselves lots of babies.”

You smiled while the tears ran down your face.

“Is that a promise Buck?”

“You can take my word for it (Y/n).”

He rested his forehead on yours as he cupped your face in his hands, tracing your bottom lip with his thumb. Your parted lips so close to his. You raised yourself on your toes and kissed him hard. Your arms wrapped around his neck. You didn’t want to let go of him, you wanted his swollen lips on yours forever. You both let go for air.

“I love you so much Bucky. You have to come back to me.”

“I love you too doll. I will always come back to you.”

A Little Alcohol Always Helps (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Written by: @stevebuckyandward

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1707 words

Notes: Here’s my first Steve one for this blog! This is just fluff. Also it’s very random.


“I dare you to make out with Capsicle,” Tony said as a blush crossed your already flushed face. “Also it’s gotta be for two minutes!”

Cheers were heard from the rest of the Avengers as you questioned all of your life choices that lead you to this point. With that you downed a couple shots of tequila.

- 16 hours earlier –

“Ms. (y/n), Mr. Stark requests your presence in the kitchen immediately,” FRIDAY’s voice woke you from your slumber.

“Why?” You asked groggily.

“He did not say.”

“Then tell him that I’m busy,” You said and pulled your covers back over your head in an attempt to go back to your dream.

That dream involved you and your longtime crush Steven Grant Rogers. He was perfect in every sense of the word. His perfect hair, to his perfectly blue eyes that you could get lost in, his perfect manners, and so much more. In the dream the two of you were laying in bed, gazing into each others eyes when you were interrupted by your two children. You had already forgot the rest of the dream, and the sound of your phone ringing made sure you wouldn’t remember the rest of it. Picking up the phone you saw Stark’s name cross the top of your screen.

“Fuck off,” You answered the call.

“Good morning to you too sunshine. Now get your ass out of bed and stop dreaming of Rogers’ ass,” He said and promptly ended the call.

Swearing under your breath, you pushed the covers off your legs and threw on one of Steve’s sweaters that you stole from him. It took you a minute to walk over to the kitchen. Once you arrived you walked over to Steve and Bucky and stood between the two.

“Mornin’ Doll,” Bucky said and kissed your cheek.

“Morning Buck,” You said and kissed his cheek.

“Good Morning (Y/n), and is that my sweatshirt?” Steve asked as he pulled you closer to him to give him a hug.

You reciprocated the hug and said, “It is and good morning to you too Stevie.”

“Now since the lovebirds are done talking. Let’s get down to business,” Tony said.

“To defeat the huns,” You sang.

“Did you send me daughters, when I asked for sons,” Clint joined in.

“You’re the saddest bunch I’ve ever met,” Natasha also joined in.

“What are you singing?” Steve asked.

You gasped dramatically, knowing that it was unnecessary and irritated both Steve and Bucky. Since neither of them have seen the movie.

“We are watching Mulan after this,” You said and the super soldiers nodded. “Now why did you need me here? I would like to go back to my dream.”

“Party tonight! I expect you all to be there, even you Frosty,” Tony said and started to walk away.

“What the f-” The rest of your statement was muffled by one of Steve’s hands, while his other arm was wrapped around your waist. Pulling you to his chest and trapping you. Probably so you don’t murder Stark. Once you relaxed, Steve removed his hand from your mouth. Not that you minded that he kept his arm wrapped around you, and you could feel his toned stomach across your back.

“Didn’t know that you were into bondage (y/n),” Nat said.

“Only for you babe,” You said with a wink.

Steve’s gripped tightened, as everyone else’s jaws dropped as you practically purred out that statement. That’s when you noticed something hard beginning to press into your backside. Holy shit. You made Steve hard. Now all the confidence you had disappeared.

“I think that on behalf of all of us, we would like to see that,” Tony ran his mouth again.

Steve and Bucky got to him before you or even Natasha could. It was so quick that you didn’t even feel Steve let go of you, until you realized that your back was colder that it was only seconds before. Also when you heard feral growls come from both men. They hovered over the smaller man as they were saying things that you couldn’t make out.

“Hey, (Y/n) we need to talk,” Natasha and Wanda said.

“Okay,” You replied and followed the two females out of the room. “Where are you taking me?”

“My room,” Wanda said.

Soon enough, the three of you arrived at Wanda’s room. Before you could say anything Wanda started freaking out. Her and Nat were talking a mile a minute, planning something.

“So…What’s going on between you and Steve?” Natasha said.

“Nothing,” You said.

“That wasn’t nothing (Y/n). That was Steve protecting you,” Wanda said.

“A man that you so happen to love,” Natasha said.

You blushed and they took it as a victory, “Now how do we get him to admit his feelings to you?”

“You know if Bucky finds out-” You said.

“If Bucky finds out what?” Said man asked from the door.

“NOTHING!” You said.

Bucky walked up to you and looked you dead in the eye, “If I find out what (Y/n).”

“That she’s head over heels for your best friend,” Nat said.

Bucky laughed, “No shit,” He looked at you again. “How could I not notice my friends giving longing glances towards the other when they’re not looking.”

That was when you left the room and returned to yours. Trying to forget what just happened and go take a nap before the long night that you knew that you were going to have.

It didn’t take long for you to fall back asleep as you had a new dream. It started where you were at the party and Bucky convinced you to admit your feelings to Steve. You walked up to him and were in the middle of telling him that you loved him, and then a beautiful blonde walked up to the two of you and ridiculed you for thinking that he would love you back. Then Steve agreed with her and Steve kept calling your name as you ran away.

“(Y/n)!” Steve shook you awake. You sat up quickly, realizing that it was just a dream, and that you had tears streaming down your face.

“You were saying my name,” He said and you quickly decided to lie to him. You were going to hell for this later.

“Yeah. I was having a nightmare, and you were killed,” You said.

The second the last word left your mouth, Steve held you in his arms. Reassuring you that he wasn’t dead. That’s what he thought. This only made you want to stay like this forever. Wrapped in his warmth. His arms holding you securely to him, and your face buried in his neck.

“What do we have here?” Clint said and Steve turned his focus away from you for a minute.

“She was having a nightmare, so fuck off Barton,” Steve said.

“I was sent down here to remind you that the party starts in an hour,” Had you slept that long? “And that Nat wants (Y/n) in her room now.”

You nodded and made your way to Natasha’s room, but before you could get too far Steve pulled you back and made sure that you were all right. Nodding your head, you walked away and sighed as you somehow managed to lie to Steve without cracking. Once reaching Natasha’s room, a scowl greeted you.

“You should’ve been here an hour ago,” She said.

“Sorry. I was sleeping,” You said.

“Or were you? Cause Clint told me that he recived a ‘fuck off’ from Rogers,” You blushed. “Who so happened to be holding you in your bed?” A blush crossed your cheeks.

“It wasn’t like that Nat. He came in there when he heard me saying his name,”

“So you were fucking him in your dream?”

“No. It wasn’t that,” You said and went on to explain what happened and how your stupid ass handled it. Natasha quickly threw clothes at you and did your hair and makeup so you would get Steve to have a heart attack. As soon as she finished, she slipped into a form fitting black dress that accented all of her assets. Once she was ready, the two of you made your way up to the party. Where there was a lot of drinking already happening.

-Present time-

The warmth and burn of the tequila gave you that extra boost you needed as you made your way over to Steve. The closer you got to him, the more you could see the smile beginning to form on his face. A furious blush hid that smile.

“Are you okay with this? We don’t have to do this if-” You began to say.

But your statement was interrupted by Steve pulling you to him and pressing his lips to yours. You smiled into the kiss and climbed onto his lap. His lips tasted of beer and tequila, and the plumpness of his lips made you feel like you were in heaven. Steve’s hands moved from cupping your cheeks to pulling you closer to him, as your hands were in his hair keeping his mouth against yours. Excitement was coursing through your veins as the kiss continued. The way his lips molded perfectly against yours and made you putty in his arms. The strong hands that gripped your hips as you started to grind against him. You didn’t even hear Tony say that it was past the two minutes, until Steve removed his lips from yours. He looked at you with a goofy grin plastered on his face, one that you surely had as well. You couldn’t help yourself when you leaned in and pecked his lips again.

You were hooked and you knew it. Also you knew that this gave it away.

“So how about we ditch these guys and go out for dinner?” Steve asked.

“I’d love that,” You said and the two of you left.

“I didn’t know that you felt the same,” Steve broke the silence that was created upon entering the elevator.

“Always have Steve,” You grinned at him. “But a little alcohol always helps move things along.”

The two of you laughed as you continued enjoying the rest of your night. Which continued for the rest of your lives.

Reboot [Part 1]

Originally posted by bobbedrake

Summary: A new member aids the avengers in temporary place of Bucky while he’s in Cryo, but no one knew exactly how temporary she was really going to be.

Warnings/Themes: Eventual BuckyxReader, this chapter has no warnings really except cussing, you always get cussing from me. 

Author’s Note: Hey, been awhile! Didn’t realize how much of a struggle finding muse to write could really be ;v; sorry guys, I guess this blog will only be for when I have the time and inspiration to write, it won’t be consistent, but I’m excited to start a new (and my first) series here. Got this idea in the shower, so strap in for as-I’m-writing ideas lmao There is no planning. 

Also beware of that awk POV change from third to second person lmao…

Y/N = Your Name

Tony Stark stands with his back facing the newly-established avengers tower. He brings one hand to the opposite wrist, discreetly playing with the cuff-link as he waits for your arrival. 

“Tony-” a voice started behind him. It was Steve. 

The super soldier makes his way steadily behind the billionaire before stopping a comfortable distance and continuing his sentence. “Are you sure this is a good idea? We just got most of the team back together. Don’t you think it’s a little too early to be introducing a new member?” 

Tony straightens up at this, stopping his anxious gesture and turning with his usual cocky-demeanor. He was still far from being on good terms with Steve and there was no way in hell he was going to let Captain America question his motives now. 

“She’s good people, Cap. She’s strong and she can handle herself.”

“That’s not my point-”

Tony raises a hand to interrupt the blonde before finishing his part

“Right now, your buddy’s on ice. Look, I get it. It’s been a few weeks since it happened, but Cap- if you want this team to be what it used to be- we need to get back on track. How do we do that? I’ll tell ya! While Kitty and his team find a way to knock those trigger words out of his head, we need a temporary placeholder to help us on missions. (Y/N)’s strong and I know her. Why don’t you give her a chance like I’m giving Tin Man his, huh?”

Steve’s jaw clenches at the insensitive tone his friend was giving off. After all they had been through, Tony still decided that being a complete asshat was a good option. He opens his mouth to speak but was cut off by the loud chopping of helicopter blades.

Like it or not, Tony’s little guest was arriving. 

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I think the problem I have when it comes to St@ron is that there were better options for both characters, that would’ve made more sense.

With Sharon, it would’ve made more sense to have her stay single, so that her character could have a bit more development. After all, in Winter Soldier, she’s just a SHIELD agent, who Steve flirted a little with. We don’t even know her real name until the end. I maybe wouldn’t have objected to her being Steve’s new love interest, if she’d had a chance to develop beyond that.

As for Steve, if they wanted him to have a new love interest, there were more logical options. Bucky, Sam, Natasha, even Tony would’ve been at the very least more interesting in terms of the story. These are all people that Steve knows and trusts. He’s known Bucky for at least a decade before First Avenger ended, and they’ve always been there for each other. He’s known Natasha and Tony for four years, and by this point he gets along with them and likes them. Even Sam, who he’s known only slightly longer than he’s known Sharon, has always been honest and reliable, and has fought alongside Steve against Hydra and Ultron, as well as helping him protect Bucky.

My point is, St@ron was introduced too soon, and it didn’t make any sense for the characters in this particular incarnation.

Marvel Master-List

Avengers, stand-alones, GoTG, Fantastic Four 

# of fics done for this fandom: 100-ish? 


  1. Watching ____’s reaction to you reverting back to your first language when fighting/arguing.   💕
  2. Imagine the Avengers’ expression when they first see you  💕
  3. How the Avengers hold hands  💕

Gifsets and Edits

  1. AU gifset Body Swap
  2. gifset Steve and Tony confront Peter about his very obvious crush on you
  3. Steve Rogers magazine edit

Avengers x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Sleepover          Imagine all the Avengers fighting for your attention 
  2. Snowball fight          Imagine having a snowball fight with the Avengers, but then everyone starts using their powers, so you’re forced to use yours, which is the ability to melt/freeze things 

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine being part of the Avengers but being younger than them, so they are very protective of you [X]   
  2. Imagine the Avengers showing up in your house because they need your help, even though you quit after your boyfriend, Pietro died [X]  

Loki x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Silence           Imagine being Loki’s prison guard and trained to tell when he’s using magic and/or lying to you, so instead of sitting in silence, he decides to tell you the truth about himself 

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine Loki telling Thor that he likes you [X]  
  2. Imagine Loki jealous (Loki x reader)[X]   
  3. Imagine dying while trying to save the Avengers and Loki blames them [part 1]  
  4. Imagine being reborn on Asgard but Loki denying everything [part 2]   
  5. Imagine being Coulson’s daughter and Loki falling in love with you [X]   
  6. Imagine Bucky, your best friend not liking your boyfriend, Loki [X]   
  7. Imagine Loki telling Thor that you are too good for Loki  and he doesn’t want to hurt you [X]  
  8. Imagine Loki avoiding you, thinking that you are in love with Thor [X]  
  9. Imagine Loki constantly teasing you about your height [X]  

Peitro x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine being Tony’s sister and him finding out that you’re dating Pietro (Pietro x reader)  [X]   
  2. Imagine trying to spend some alone time with Pietro, but the Avengers keep interfering (Pietro x reader) [X]   
  3. “You think that’s funny?” [X]   
  4. Imagine Telling Wanda that you like her brother [X]   
  5. Imagine Pietro, your best friend, using his super speed to piss you off [X]   

Peter Parker x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1.  Loveseat pt.1           Imagine joining the Avengers and falling in love with Peter Parker. After becoming close friends, he soon tries to ask you to be his girlfriend, but things keep getting in his way.
  2. Loveseat pt.2           Imagine joining the Avengers and falling in love with Peter Parker. After becoming close friends, he soon tries to ask you to be his girlfriend, but things keep getting in his way.
  3. Loveseat pt.3           Imagine joining the Avengers and falling in love with Peter Parker. After becoming close friends, he soon tries to ask you to be his girlfriend, but things keep getting in his way. 
  4. Protective and not afraid to show it Pt.1           You are Peter’s close friend but when he tells you about Tony recruiting him for the big battle in Germany, you get mad, and confront Tony about endangering a kid
  5. Protective and not afraid to show it Pt.2           You are Peter’s close friend but when he tells you about Tony recruiting him for the big battle in Germany, you get mad, and confront Tony about endangering a kid
  6. Wedding Guests Pt. 1              Imagine Peter meeting you at Tony and Peppers wedding and falling in love at first sight.              

- Imagines

  1. Imagine Being Bruce’s sister and him finding out that you’re dating Peter Parker (Peter x reader)  [X]   
  2. Imagine Peter Parker, your boyfriend, bringing you to meet his parents, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers (Peter x reader) (Stony) (Super family) [X]  
  3. A world where Peter Parker is an orphan. All because his uncle and aunt got shot by a burglar a while ago. And after spending some time in a home, where he meets you, Peter runs away, not knowing that you’ve fallen in love with him.  [Part 1]  (spider man x reader)
  4.  [Part 2] (spider man x reader)
  5. Imagine going to the same school Peter Parker and him being completely in love with you, not knowing that you have powers yourself (Peter Parker x reader) [X]  
  6. Imagine Peter trying to figure out your Tumblr password to prank your blog. [X
  7. Imagine being Coulson’s daughter and secretly dating Peter [X]  
  8. Imagine Peter, your best friend, trying to delay your date by telling you that your outfits are bad, or your makeup isn’t right, but he ends up making you feel bad [X]  
  9. Imagine you and Peter both confiding In Aunt May about your feelings for each other  [X]
  10. Imagine you and Peter going on adventures and him always taking photos of you because you’re so beautiful [X]
  11. Dialogue prompt: “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.” [X
  12. Imagine Peter meeting you, Tony’s daughter for the first time [X]
  13. Christmas Prompt: Imagine sneaking out of a Christmas Party with Peter [X]
  14. Imagine Peter Parker trying to get you to answer if you like anybody. [X]

Steve Rogers x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Loved                Steve!dad x disabled!reader> Imagine being the disabled daughter of Steve so the Avengers bring a present
  2. Fanfics and Blog                Imagine SHIELD doing its mandatory background check on you, and Tony finds your Tumblr fan-fic blog dedicated to them 
  3. Love/Hate                Imagine Steve acting differently around you, not because he hates you, but because he loves you. 
  4. Prank War gone wrong                 Imagine Steve using Johnny Storm’s help to prank you, but things go wrong and someone almost dies 
  5.  Ride Down Memory Lane                 Imagine Steve going to the Museum and finding an exhibit on you, which brings back memories 
  6.  Beach day                 Imagine going to the beach with Tony and Steve, but them competing for your attention since they both really like you (Steve x reader x Tony) 
  7. Split Apart (pt. 1)          You and Steve go on a mission but you guys get split apart. After a while, Steve comes to know that Hydra wants something in you and have kidnapped you.      
  8. Family              Steve come home to find you comforting Bucky after Steve has difficulty doing the same  
  9. One night out            Steve comes back out of hiding, for one night, to take you out on a Valentines  Date.       

- Imagines  

  1. Imagine being locked out of your house, so Steve invites you in for dinner but then calls Nat and Sam to make it less awkward.  (Steve x reader) [X]  
  2. Imagine cuddling on the sofa with Steve, on movie nights (Steve x reader) [X]   
  3. Imagine Steve being jealous of Tony flirting with you [X
  4. Imagine Steve being addicted to snapchat [X]   
  5. Imagine Steve, your boyfriend, having to tell your brother, Tony, that you died in the Civil War [X]  
  6. Imagine coming across Steve’s drawing journal [X]   
  7. Imagine figuring out Steve’s age [X]   
  8. Imagine getting Steve a dog [X]  
  9. Imagine Peter Quill flirting with you, not realizing that you are dating Steve [X]   
  10. Imagine Steve coming out of hiding to meet you in the hospital after you got into an accident [X]
  11. Imagine waking up next to Steve [X]
  12. Imagine Steve reading whenever he’s mad or upset about something [X]
  13. Imagine making up after a fight with Steve but Scott walking in [X]

Bruce x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine Bruce having a huge crush on you and Tony telling him to ask you out  [X]   

Tony x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Beach day            Imagine going to the beach with Tony and Steve, but them competing for your attention since they both really like you.  (Steve x reader x Tony)

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine being Tony’s assistant and creating a better, more efficient suit [X]   
  2. Imagine the Avengers building you Baymax but Tony becoming jealous, quickly, of how much attention it gets [X]  
  3. Imagine being coming out to Tony as asexual [X]
  4. Imagine Tony Stark worrying about you, a young superhero, after you wind up in the hospital [X]
  5. Imagine Tony surprisingly visiting you for Valentines Day, while you are off on a business trip [X]

Bucky x reader

- One-shots (600+ words) 

  1. Three Strikes         Your best friend from High school comes to visit but he turns out to be extremely vulgar and rude, which Bucky. Does. Not. Like. 
  2. Three Strikes Part 2           Bucky is at the end of his straws, with Dylan, and maybe even does something drastic? 
  3. To Forgive or Not to Forgive      <3Valentines day special<3 Bucky visits you at your workplace and apologizes after you two had a fight, and makes it up with a surprise 

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine Bucky seeing you in a dress for the first time [X]  
  2. Imagine being Bucky’s last thought before him being brainwashed [X]  
  3. Imagine being reborn to find bucky-your soulmate- and when you think that there is no hope left and you won’t find him, you run into him, quite literally, at stark tower, your uncle Tony’s home [X]  
  4. Imagine Bucky saying goodbye to you before getting cryogenically frozen [X]  
  5. Imagine Sam teaching Bucky how to ask you out but when Bucky practices on you, you realize that you like him [X]
  6. Imagine Bucky learning that you were murdered trying to keep him hidden from Hydra and Shield [X]  
  7. Imagine going to the Mall with Steve & Bucky, and convincing them to come along with you into VIctoria’s Secret [X]  
  8. Imagine Bucky getting protective of you -his neighbor and friend- when your abusive boyfriend comes home [X]
  9. Imagine Bucky trying to look scary but failing every time because you call him ‘boo bear’ which makes him cracks up  [X]
  10. Imagine Tony initiating a game of ‘truth or dare’ and Steve daring you to kiss Bucky, knowing that you two have a massive crush on each other
  11. Imagine Bucky learning that you’re in love with Steve, and he becomes disappointed because he was planning on asking you out  [X]
  12. Imagine Bucky holding your baby for the first time [X]
  13. Imagine Bucky planning a surprise for your birthday, and refusing to give any information about it [X]
  14. Imagine Bucky finding you asleep on his sofa after you had a fight with your roommate and needed a place to sleep [X]
  15. Imagine being the only other person than Steve, to make Bucky smile [X]
  16. Imagine Steve finding you in Bucky’s house when you’re trying to keep a secret that you bucky are dating [X]
  17. Imagine Bucky not being able to concentrate on anything cause he’s in love with you [X]
  18. Imagine introducing Bucky to your parents over dinner [X]

Thor x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine not knowing that the Mjolnir is stubborn and Thor catching you move it [X]  

T’challa x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Surprise Pt 1         The reader, African royalty and Fiancee of T’challa comes to Vienna’s UN meeting to surprise him, but things go drastically wrong.

Wanda x reader

- Imagines (>600 words)

  1. Imagine Scarlet Witch protecting you, after you’ve been injured, even though you two were on opposite sides in the Civil War because she loves you [X]  

Peter Quill x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine him teaching you how to fly the Milano [X]  

Clint x reader 

- Imagines

  1. Imagine telling Clint about his resting face x  

Ships with Reader Insert

- Imagines (>600 words)

  1. Stony: Imagine Tony and Steve’s daughter, and creating an iron suit for fun at first, then joining forces with your parents [X]  


  1. Medieval  times AU with the Maximoff Twins [X]  
  2. Avengers at Hogwarts [X]  
Good Grief ≡ Sam Wilson ≡ Part 1/?

bGet prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. This is going to be a drabble ish series for @whothehellisbella Summer Music Challenge. The song of my choice is Good Grief by Bastille.

Series Summary: The Reader and Sam’s love story
Chapter Summary: The first time they meet

Warnings: I don’t think there are any? Fireworks?

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

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allthefandomss  asked:

Hi! I love your blog! Can you do another Steve PTSD one? With the other avengers finding out somehow?

Tony was the first to realize that Steve’s fairly frequent trips to the local VA Hospital were not strictly out of the kindness of the veteran’s heart. Sure, that had something to do with it, and maybe Sam suspected what was really going on, since he had connected Steve with the group, but one day, he asked Steve if he wanted to invite some of them over.

“Some of who?”

“The other people in your group at the hospital.” Steve looked up, eyes questioning how Tony knew about the PTSD support group that he ‘volunteered’ at, but Tony cut him off by simply saying, “Bird man over there,” and nodding towards Sam.

Steve’s next reaction was to make a joke of it. “What, have them all over for a play date?”

“Sure,” Tony replied with a shrug. “Or whatever. What about a Veteran’s Day barbecue? No fireworks, Scouts honor.”

“You weren’t a Boy Scout.”

Tony only shrugged. Sometimes, Steve still had a hard time trusting that Tony was being that altruistic, but then he’d share something from his time in captivity that would resonate with Steve, and the questions would subside. “Maybe.”

In the end, he invited two of his friends from the VA, an older gentleman who also fought in WWII, and a woman in her 20′s who was an Iraqi war veteran. He introduced them as Bill and Sandy, respectively, and they were welcomed like part of the family. They all knew that Steve volunteered for the group, and that was just one more hint for Natasha. What convinced her, however, was when Sandy’s offhandedly mentioned that a car driving down the road reminded her of her first car, Steve responded with so much interest and enthusiasm.

“Which one?” His keen interest was that of man who understood what those little nostalgic moments meant and how they kept a person grounded. Bill even perked up, the three of them all having that memory of driving their first car that they carried through their own wars with them. In that moment, they were all kids again, just kids handed weapons and a uniform, undamaged and bright eyed, and Natasha’s heart broke.

anonymous asked:

I know it's a killua blog but I barely know any hxh blogs so I figured I might ask you... Do you know why Kite was so important to Gon? I mean he literally just met him why the fuck would he go so fucking far as the newest ep to avenge him....

Point 1: Kite changed Gon’s life. Gon never knew anything about his father or the world of Hunters, Kite appeared, saved the young boys life and told him of the man who is his father. Kite is the one that set him on his mission to find Ging. If Kite hadn’t appeared that day, Mito probably never would have revealed the truth, and Gon would have always just assumed Ging died in a traffic accident like she told him. 

In the manga Kite appears in the first chapter. The HxH wiki summarises it well so:

Kite rescued a young Gon from an attack by a ferocious Foxbear. Kite killed the beast, but just as he went to put its cub down, Gon stopped him and embraced the child foxbear. Kite warned Gon the cub was wild and would hold a grudge against humans once it was older. The cub clawed at Gon, and hurriedly ran back into the forest. Kite asked Gon if his father’s name was Ging Freecss, responding with a shocked expression. Kite went to Whale Island seeking clues regarding Ging’s whereabouts, and had found nothing up until meeting Gon. As the two discussed Ging, the foxbear cub returned to Gon and grew accustomed to him. Before he left in search of more clues, Kite told Gon that animals get along well with good Hunters. From that moment on, Gon wanted to be a Hunter when he grew up.

We only get the beginning bit in a flashback in the 2011 version, and it comes much later, making it much less impactful. I have no idea why they decided to leave Kite out at the start, since his impact on Gon’s life is the entire driving force of Hunter x Hunter.

Point 2: He let all that anger fester. So to an extent, it wasn’t even about Kite anymore. Kite was always the centre, yes, but it was about revenge and Gon trying to redeem himself because of the enormous guilt he felt. Survivors guilt. That why he was felt relieved and somewhat happy when his arm was severed in the latest episode. 

Point 3: people let him get to that point. Killua wanted to accommodate Gon, like he always has. He didn’t have a Wing or a Bisky or a Leorio to keep him in check. Gon became a lot stronger because of this revenge, and they had a world to save, so nobody who could have done this stopped him. Nobody noticed, really. They had more to worry about and their own anxieties to deal with. 

Point 4: Gon’s positivity. The was such optimism with regards to Kite’s return in Gon. He was literally convinced that Kite was alive until they found his dead body being controlled. Gon says that Kite has to be alive, he wouldn’t die. This is Gon’s childish vision of Kite as the superhero that protected him from the FoxBear. He views Kite as a superhero almost incapable of death. He was convinced that he could get Pitou to restore Kite back to life. Pitou could not. Earth shattering realisation. Overwhelmed by emotion and guilt and hatred and loss. Cue Gon’s complete melt down and power up. 

I think this optimism was there more as a protective shield. If Kite was alive then Gon wouldn’t need to feel guilty. If Kite was dead, it would be too much to bear, as seen in the most recent of episodes. 

anonymous asked:

whenever anything like this happens in the marvel fandom i always end up getting really anxious because i feel like people are gonna trash talk me for having certain opinions. so i just wanted to say thanks for being so validating for people who are tony fans, because i see a lot of nastiness thrown around by hardcore stevebucky fans and always come to your blog for moral support lol

if i wanted, if i wanted, i could post half a dozen things abt how supporting characters that are meant to be superheroes in murdering a teammate is highkey disgusting (or did we forget that avengers don’t even kill their enemies lmao??), but nah son i am here to focus on my ship. there’s enough to cry abt here as it is.

apart from the occasions when they’re cheering for tony to die, i respect stevebucky absolutely. that first scene in the film was beautiful af and the part of me that isn’t already dead was weeping. there’s no competition that stevebucky is The Ship of the mcu cap fandom. everyone and their mother knows this. We Get It. this ain’t the hunger games where we gotta compete to the death for whose ship will survive cacw.

all we ask is that y’all like… chill with the murder………….. it’s not cute. esp for ‘big damn heroes’ steve ‘i don’t like bullies i don’t care where they come from’ rogers and bucky ‘i don’t do that anymore’ barnes in a 2 vs. 1 fight.

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Love the blog, as always. Bit of a random question, and feel free to skip it if you'd like :) but I'd be so curious to hear people's stories of how they first became Tom fans? I'm only curious because, for me, I totally didn't find him attractive at first (I know, I know). I saw him in Thor and The Avengers and barely looked at him...I saw real life pics of him and still didn't think much! It wasn't until I had a random dream about meeting him that I realized how hot he is! Anyone else? Xo

Hiya! Haha, great question! 

(I hope other members will tell us their stories as well!)

Let’s see…my story goes like this.

To be honest, I’d never heard of the guy before Thor and the Avengers. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even see the first Thor movie until Avengers was on its way to theaters, but I really wanted to see Avengers and when I found out that Loki was the villain of the movie, I thought, “I should probably see Thor so I know what’s up." 

So I watched Thor, and I enjoyed it. I thought ‘the guy that played Loki’ was nice looking, but it wasn’t much more to me at the time than that. Then when Avengers hit, I was totally undone by Loki. That scene when he strides down the museum steps in Stuttgard? LAWD HAVE MERCY. I saw the movie three times (once in 3D) and that scene left me in a puddle every time. (Still does, tbh.)

But I wasn’t really looking at Tom. I was looking at Loki.

Then I saw the Loki’d video he did with Josh Horowitz. I could see him as himself - the total cheeseball that he is - and that’s what did it. Seeing him as this normal guy with this really goofy sense of humor made me want to learn more about him, and I started becoming more of a fan at that point.

The classically handsome face and knife-like cheekbones and the long, lithe body (god I sound like I’m writing fic I am so sorry) certainly don’t hurt, but honestly it was everything else - that's he’s smart and well-spoken and silly and compassionate and talented - that drew me in and turned me into the complete and utter mess that you put up with today.

(also he has a really great butt)

- Mona

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anonymous asked:

Are any of you bisexual or pansexual? I just came out as bi to my family and could kind of use some encouragement.

I’m pansexual! Sorry, I know this ain’t my blog, ‘vengers, but I think I can offer some advice to this sweet young lady or gent or neither or both.

It might be hard at first, people might treat’cha differently than they did before. But I say, #&$% ‘em. You’re perfect just the way you are.

If anyone ever gives you any trouble just lemme know, sweetie. And, plus, there’ll always be people there for you if you need it. I’m here! And all the Avengers too, I bet. Oh and Mod!

I don’t know much about your family, if you’ve got a pretty conservative family who may be opposed to that, or if you’ve got some more open-mided folks, but whatever their reaction is, we’re here for ya!

——wade w. wilson——

anonymous asked:

How do you keep yourself from being affected by Tony haters? I've been in this fandom ever since Avengers came out, but especially after aou, the hate has increased like exponentially. Civil war hasn't even been released in the us, and already I've seen so many f*ck Tony posts on tumblr by international fans and I bet it'll only get worse after May 6. I want to be indifferent, but my heart... ;w;

i’m sincerely hoping they’re in the ignorant minority. you’d have to be actual scum to walk out of the film with your first thoughts being ‘fuck tony’. 

MY ADVICE IS ALWAYS: just unfollow them.

if there are blogs that are clogging up your dash with all this wank and negativity, no matter how much you love the rest of their content what is the point really of keeping them around?? trust me, i know your suffering and there are blogs in the past i’ve admired/respected only to find out their tony tags are full of wank.

at the end of the day it’s your dash and your space to unwind and have fun and immerse yourself in fictional worlds, you should be able to mediate what you see and don’t see. you shouldn’t have to force yourself to scroll through posts that you don’t have to have on your dash. 

unfollow them. block. ignore. delete. whatever you have to do. and remember that for every bitter hater there are dozens and hundreds and thousands of people that do genuinely enjoy tony as a character. i’m always happy to give blog recs if you need them.