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Two-Way Street (Simon Dominic)

Anonymous asked: a simon dominic one where he’s dating a really shy girl and he introduces her to the AOMG crew and hey make her really flustered and shy? also can she be a lot younger than him?

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“You sure you’re up for this?”

“Kiseok!” you said exasperatedly. “You already asked me that like five times.”

“I’ll stop asking when you stop looking like you’re scared for your life.”

You sighed, slumping a little against the backseat of the Uber the pair of you were taking to the AOMG studio. “I’m just… I’m nervous. This was gonna happen sooner or later so it’s better to just get it done with, but I…” you trailed off with a sigh.

He slipped his hand into yours, giving your fingers a gentle squeeze. “There’s nothing to worry about,” he said. “They can be a little rowdy, but they’ll love you.”

“I hope so,” you said uncertainly.

“Hey.” He reached up, his fingers landing on the side of your chin, gently turning your head so you were forced to look him in the eye. “Stop doubting yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being shy; we all get that, especially after Hyukwoo joined, and we all love him! Just… Try to take it easy. It’ll be fine.”

“I’ll try,” you said, but there was absolutely no confidence in your words, and the way Kiseok wrapped a protective arm around your shoulders showed that he knew it just as well as you did.

It was dark out by the time you arrived, and the elevator ride to their floor was silent but for the quiet whir of machinery. When the elevator stopped with a slight jolt, you took a deep breath, your heart pounding with the adrenaline that had been flooding your system the whole way up. Get it together, you told yourself, They’re just people. But they were people you wanted to make a good impression on, people that had known Kiseok before you had, people that would no doubt be at the very least skeptical of the age gap between you. You tried (and failed) to mute the thoughts as the doors slowly opened. “Let’s go,“ Kiseok said, giving your hand another squeeze before leading the way out of the elevator.

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They put a friggin’ adoptive parent/child relationship into Stranger Things, did you really think I would be able to stay away from that?

He knew they’d have to lie low. Hell, after all that had happened, how could they afford not to? He’d  told her they’d keep to their rules and take it slow, and she’d been so exhausted, she’d agreed to it. With the Gate closed just a month ago - and what a month - and the DoE descending, she hadn’t wanted to leave the house, opting for sleep and TV most days.

But a year?

Light and muffled sounds of the TV filtered through the front windows, still boarded up from their big fight. “A year,” he tested the words out on the freezing night air, his breath hanging in the moonlight before drifting away, as unimpressed as she was sure to be. “A year,” he said again, trying to sound more casual this time. Like they’d done this already, like it hadn’t ended in tears and shattered windows and punk makeup. “Just to be safe, you know.” He sighed. “No, no.. just one year, to be on the safe side… shit, no.”

Maybe if he shrugged while he said it, it would be easier? “A year,” he waggled his shoulders at an imaginary audience. “Just a year, to keep you safe. Three hundred and sixty five days.”

She hadn’t even lasted that long before running away. He sighed again and hung his head. “Christ,” he paused at the bottom of the stairs and gripped the bridge of his nose. The motion crinkled something in his chest pocket - an envelope, folded in two. He pulled it out and smoothed the creases against his leg.

Three hundred and sixty four days, really. Would one day - one night - really give him enough currency for this buyout? Or would he be handing out Eggo bribes until Halloween? He really should’ve gone to the store and picked some up before he came home. He glanced back at his truck.

Bradley’s was open until 8. He had enough in his pocket for a box of Eggos and some smokes.

He considered it. God, it was tempting.

But he’d already signaled. Six three zero, just like he’d promised. Promised with those big brown eyes staring through his soul, curls soft and unkempt, hand petite under his and entirely capable of throwing him across the house if he made himself a liar.

He tapped the envelope against his knee until he’d found the resolve to jog up the steps. He gave his special knock and she undid all four locks in an instant. She must not’ve moved to do it, because when he stepped inside, she was planted on the couch with her sweater - one of his old ones, actually - pulled over her knees, bare toes curled at the hem. Not tearing her eyes away from the screen, she wiped her nose on her sleeve.

“Heya, kiddo,” he kicked the door closed and hung up his coat. He tousled her hair, which made her smile, and then pulled her arm closer to look at her bloodstained sleeve. “What we’d talk about, huh?” he tugged on the cuff. “No blood on sleeves.”

“It will wash out,” she insisted.

Had she just spoken in a complete sentence? His heart swelled with pride, but then he realized she’d rolled her eyes at him and the chip on his shoulder returned. “Yeah, if I scrub at it all day,” truth be told, he’d never tried to scrub out the bloodstains she left on her shirts. But if she was going to live a normal life… he made a mental note to ask Joyce which soaps worked best. “Which I’m not gonna do. No blood on sleeves.”

He went to the kitchen and cracked open a beer, drinking it quickly and hoping it’d give him courage. “Hey, turn that off a minute, would you? I have something for you.”

She didn’t turn the TV off, but she did look at him, unabashed hope shining in her face. “Eggos?” she asked. He grunted a laugh.

“Not exactly, no. Now turn that off and come here a minute.” Hesitantly, she shut off the set and shuffled over to her chair at the table. He pulled out the envelope and waved it.

“I saw Doc Owens today.”

“Bad man,” she said.

But who wasn’t, these days? “I don’t think he’s that bad,” he said. “It’s… complicated.”


He sighed. Hadn’t he already given her a new word today? Surely with all the TV she watched, she should’ve learned more words by now. “We’ll look that one up after this, alright?”

She nodded solemnly, and he knew that the dictionary would be their bedtime story again. Hopefully he wouldn’t fall asleep before she did.

“Anyway, he uh… he gave me this.” He handed the envelope to her. “A gift. Kinda… making up for some of the bad stuff he’s done.”

As soon as he envelope was out of his hands, he felt inexplicably nervous. He fidgeted. “I know you didn’t really have a say in it, and I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t know he was going to do it either.” He laughed. “Frankly, I didn’t know he had it I him.”

She’d pulled the paper from the envelope. “Birth…” she knew that word. “Cer…certificate?”

Certificate, a document to certify something. In this case, that someone was born.”

She read on. “Jane Hopper.” She paused, and he held his breath. “Who is Jane Hopper?”

He chuckled. “You are, kid.”

She frowned at him. “Jane,” she pointed to herself. She then pointed to him, finger hovering over his chest. “Hopper.”

“Hopper is my family name. Like how Mike is Mike Wheeler, Nancy is Nancy Wheeler. I’m Jim Hopper.” She was frowning intensely, working to understand. She looked back down at the birth certificate.

Child of: Teresa Ives…

“Mama,” she pointed at the name.

…and James Hopper.

She pointed, and frowned at it. She looked up at him. “Papa?”

“No,” he rubbed a hand over his face, hoping she’d never, ever call him that. “No, your dad never had one of these made, when you were born. He didn’t want anyone knowing about you.” He tapped the paper where his seldom-seen legal name fell beside her mother’s. “That’s me. Doc Owens had it made up this way so you can…” he found himself choking on a lump. “So you can legally be my daughter. So you can lead a normal life.” He watched her face as the revelation spread.

“You,” she pointed, hesitantly approaching understanding. “My… father?”

“Legally, yes.”

“Family?” Her eyes were wide. He made sure his didn’t waver.


“No papa?” she whispered, as if afraid to wish for it any louder. He leaned over the table, planting one hand firmly on the table beside hers.

“Never again.”

She stared at the paper, eyes wide in wonder.

“You got me now. And sorry kid, but,” he flicked the paper, “you’re kinda stuck with me.”


So many new words today. “Stuck. Like you can’t get rid of something, and it can’t leave you.”

She looked up at him. Birth certificate still in hand, she got from her seat and ran around the table to hug his neck. It was the first time she’d ever initiated contact, and for a moment he was frozen in place. Hesitantly, he turned in his chair so he could hug her back. He looked over her shoulder at the cabin, with its boarded up windows, his creaky sofa, his freezer full of junk food, and wondered what kind of life he could possibly give her.

“You can still see your mom, you know. And your aunt Becky.”

“Home,” she said, muffled against his shirt.

Was she talking about Hawkins? Or the cabin? Or was she remembering the Ives’? She pulled away and looked up at him, and damn, just seeing those big brown eyes welling with tears nearly made him cry. “Stuck with me,” she poked him hard in the chest. “Stuck.” She poked.

He caught her hand before she could poke him a third time. “Yeah, kid, we’re stuck with each other for good, now.”

“Stuck means no leaving.”

“That’s right.”

She stared him down, refusing to let the tears fall. “Promise?” She asked.

He stared back just as hard and pressed her hand to his chest again. “I promise.”

Her smile could’ve lit up a black hole.

A year could wait for tomorrow. For now, they were stuck, and they were happy.

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Can I request - jace comes to magnus 's loft looking for alec and magnus answers the door in a robe telling him Alec is getting dressed


Magnus leans against the door frame, willing himself to be as calm as physically possible. “You do realize that phones exist, right?” He tilts his head. “There are steps you can take before running all the way to Brooklyn.”

Jace frowns, looking shockingly inconvenienced for someone who’s just spent a solid two minutes pounding on Magnus’s door. “Yeah, I tried. I called him like five times. He didn’t answer.”

Magnus raises his eyebrows. “Gee. I wonder why. It’s almost like he was busy or something.” But he knows the damage is already done. The night is as good as over. He sighs heavily. “He’ll be out in a minute.”

Jace rolls his eyes. “It’s important, I need to see him now.” He brushes past Magnus, starts taking a step into the loft-

Magnus puts an arm out across Jace’s chest. Keeping him from moving another inch into Magnus’s home. “Trust me, Blondie,” he gives him a snide, significant smile. “You don’t need to see this much of him.”

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you’re now rockin with the champion

Read on AO3 here || Part 1 of 4 || Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: It’s just a job. It’s just sex.

So why is Oikawa feeling more than he has in years for Iwaizumi, a MMA fighter who only cares about the ring?

Oikawa sighs, dropping his head down against his arms.

It’s been another long day.

He can only sit in the same desk, spend eight hours working on the same, boring work for so long before he wants to bash his head against the wall.  

Today is unfortunately one of those days.

He’s sitting at his desk, shoes already kicked off in front of him. He’s loosened his tie, and is breaking the rules by having a coffee cup on his desk, but he really couldn’t care less. He didn’t even take the time to style his hair properly today. He’s a hot mess, and no amount of cat videos, swiping snacks from the staff room or trading jokes via e-mail with his only colleague that he actually likes seem to be able to save him from today.

He’s very busy contemplating life as it is and what poor choices he must have made in the past when he finally gets some reprieve - his phone rings. Not his office phone, the old, ridiculous black corded phone that the office has saddled him with, no, but his personal cell phone. The one he’s shoved in a bright orange case because it makes him smile that his boss glares at it during every meeting. He picks up the phone after letting it ring a few times, to maybe annoy someone in the office with his obnoxious ring tone, seeing that it’s from his college buddy, Kuroo. He doesn’t hesitate to pick up the phone at lightning speed, grateful for a distraction, pressing it to his ear and sighing out a greeting. “Tetsu! Hey!”

“Tooru,” It’s loud, and Oikawa wonders if Kuroo’s at work. “Hey, I have a job for you. Are you interested in getting out of town for a couple of days?”

A job? Oikawa has one, and Kuroo knows that - but he can’t help but be intrigued.

“Out of town?” Oikawa sits up a little straighter. That’s caught his attention. He’s dying for something, anything to change. “I’m listening.”

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Baby Wolf!

Request: Can I get an imagine with a pregnant reader and over protective Derek Hale please and thank you                                                                                                                                                                                 Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note:I hope that this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know.:))                                                                                                                                                                                                             I was in the kitchen washing some dishes when Derek walked in.’No,no babe you need to rest.’He turned off the water  and I put a hand a hand on his chest ‘Derek baby,If l’m pregnant that doesn’t mean I don’t have to do anything.’  He kissed me ‘Y/N babe that’s why l’m here,you just need to rest and take care of our babygirl.’he put a hand on my stomach and kissed me,and I smiled back ‘How you know it’s a girl?’ He looked at me and smiled ‘Oh l just feel it.’I smiled back at him ‘Ouukey!’He kissed me on the forhead ‘Come on baby you need to rest,leave that I’ll wash it in the morning.’ And I nodded my head.                                                                                                                                                     I woke in the middle of the night hungry but l didn’t want to wake Derek up,so l tried to get out from bed quetly.But he heard me ‘Baby where are you going,are you okay.’ I put a hand on his back ‘Shhh I’m fine,I’ just going to make so sandwich,go back to sleep.’ But he instantly got up .’Stay in bed,l’m going.’ I let out a sigh ‘Derek honey you don’t have to.’                                        ‘But l want to.’  And before l had time to argue back he was already gone.         Five minutes later he was back with a plate in his hands and l smiled ‘You’re acting silly,you know?!’ He handed me the plate and kissed me on the cheek ‘No,l’m just taking care of my beautiful wife.’I took a bite and looked at him ‘Actually,you’re acting like a little kid who was done something wrong.’  He looked at me a smirk playing on his face ‘Okay maybe l‘ve been acting to much overprotective,but that’s just because l care about the two of you.’  I put a plate on the nightstand and turned to look at him,putting my hand on his cheek ‘I know baby but you don’t have to l’m fine.We’re fine.’ He smiled and nodded kissing me.’I love you Y/N,so much.’ I smiled widely ‘I know,l love you too.’                                   

SURPRISE, KIDDOS!!! Here’s part two to this lil fic from last week! I hope you enjoy! ;)

“Thomas, just listen, goddamnit! Is that too much for your dying boyfriend to ask of you?”

“For the last time, you are not dying, Alexander,” Thomas said. “Your surgery will be over before you can even worry about it.”

“You clearly don’t know the depths of my anxiety,” Alex quipped.

“I guess I don’t, but I can’t wait to find out when you come out of this surgery totally fine and very much alive,” Thomas said, putting his hands on his hips.

“If I wasn’t on this damn stretcher I’d make out with you right now,” Alex murmured, waggling his eyebrows at his boyfriend.

“You go from anxiety to make-out session?” Thomas muttered, leaning a little closer, but not close enough for Alex’s lips to reach his.

“What can I say? You’re the best distraction ever.”

Thomas would never admit it, but he felt himself getting flustered. He was about to give in when the doctor walked in to do his final consult before Alexander was whisked away to the OR.

“Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Jefferson,” he said, nodding to each of them.

“Dr. Warren, the two boys said, sobering up rather quickly.

“Any questions, Mr. Hamilton?”

“No, sir, none from me.”

Dr. Warren smiled and nodded at him. “All right, then why don’t you say a temporary goodbye to your boyfriend and we’ll get you in the OR so we can have you out and back together nice and quick.”

Alex swallowed hard and nodded. Dr. Warren left the room and the nurse who’d come in with him stepped outside to give the boys a moment alone.

This time, Thomas leaned down and kissed Alexander right away. No teasing. “You’re gonna be fine,” he told Alex, cupping his face. “And I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

Alex nodded, and Jefferson leaned down one last time to kiss his forehead.

“Love you,” Thomas whispered before quickly exiting the room to get the nurse, leaving no time for Alex to respond.

The nurse pushed Alex’s stretcher out the door and down the hall, rounding a corner and exiting Thomas’ line of sight. He sighed. Now he had to wait.


Thomas spent the entirety of the time Alexander was in surgery researching what his recovery would be like. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t done this research five times already. But he just wanted to be certain that he got it right. He wanted to be certain that Alexander’s recovery would be as smooth sailing as possible when the person he was dealing with was someone as nonstop as his boyfriend.

Thomas got so caught up in re-reviewing his research that the nurse jolted him from the depths of some carpal tunnel forum to tell him his boyfriend was out of surgery and in the recovery unit. She led Thomas off to see him.

When Thomas first laid eyes on Alex, he had to stifle a laugh. There was his fast-paced, incredibly intelligent boyfriend who barely ever slept totally knocked out. His perfect little mouth was open in a small o and drool was trailing its way down one of his cheeks.

He looked so perfect, Thomas couldn’t even stand it. So of course he pulled his phone out and took multiple pictures.

Thomas sat in the chair next to Alexander, and placed his hand gently over his boyfriend’s, which was bandaged up from the surgery. He didn’t even notice time passing, he was so caught up in watching the even rises and falls of Alex’s chest. He rarely got to see his boyfriend look so serene.

Of course it didn’t last long.

“ImmmhHHmmm,” Alex mumbled as he started to come to.

“Hey, babe,” Thomas whispered, stroking Alex’s hair.

“Hhhhh,” Alex greeted Thomas as he blinked his eyes open.

“How ya doin’, baby?” Thomas grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and wiped away the sleepies that had gathered at the corners of Alex’s eyes.

Alex looked up at Thomas, an innocent, slightly confused smile on his face. He reached up the hand Thomas wasn’t holding, which was also bandaged. “Mine?” he asked, his hand motioning at Thomas’ face.

“What? Me?” Thomas asked, tried to hide his laughter.

“Yeah,” Alex said, his hand still in the air.

Thomas guided his hand back down and looked Alexander right in the eyes. “All yours, baby,” he whispered.

“WOW,” Alex exclaimed. “Wow,” he said again, eyes filled with awe.

Thomas did his best to hide how flustered he was, but it also helped that Alex was too out of it to notice.

“I’m soooo lucky,” Alex whispered.

“I think I’m the lucky one,” Thomas said, cupping Alex’s face. Alex nuzzled into the touch and Jefferson swore his heart melted into a puddle on the dirty hospital floor. “Shut your eyes, babe,” he said gently. “Sleep off some of the meds. I’ll be right here, okay?”

“Wow,” Alex said in response, his eyes fluttering shut. “Wow,” he said softly, his breathing quickly evening out again.

Thomas held Alex’s face as he slept, a grin on his face the entire time.


“Thomas, oh my god, I swear I can do this simple task!” Alexander whined.

Thomas glared at him as he snatched the bowl of leftovers from Alex’s hands. His hands, which were still partially wrapped in bandages so he didn’t accidentally pick at the stitches on his palms. His hands, which should be resting.

“You shouldn’t be straining yourself,” Thomas said.

“Because picking up a bowl and pressing a few buttons is so strenuous,” Alexander quipped.

“It’s been three days since your surgery! Can you please let me take care of you for, like, a week?”

Alexander paused, and Thomas knew he was thinking it over. He knew Alexander well enough to know that the other boy wanted to be taken care of, but that he also had such a strong self-reliant streak, that he wasn’t used to being taken care of. That it would be hard for him.

Alexander sighed. “Fine,” he muttered, sulking into the living room and curling up on the couch.

Jefferson smiled at his triumph, knowing it was no small victory. He put the bowl of leftovers in the microwave and set the timer. A few minutes later, he was still grinning as he brought Alexander his lunch. He was surprised to see Alex looked even more upset than before.

Thomas set the bowl on the table and sat next to Alexander on the couch. “Hey, baby?” He tentatively placed a hand on Alex’s knee. Alexander didn’t react at all. Thomas took a deep breath. “Alex? Babe? What’s wrong?”

“I can take care of myself,” he whispered, all of the fight that had previously been in his voice gone.

“I know you can, babe. You just shouldn’t right now. You gotta let your body heal.”

“I can take care of myself and heal,” Alex said, turning to Jefferson with wide, watery eyes. “You don’t need to worry about me, I promise.”

“I want to worry about you, Alex,” Thomas said, cupping Alex’s face and waiting until his boyfriend looked him in the eyes.

“But––” Alex stopped, biting his lip.

“But what?” Thomas gently prodded.

“But I don’t want to annoy you so much that you leave. I don’t want to become a burden,” he whispered.

“Alex, baby,” Thomas said. “You are not and will not be a burden, okay? What if I told you that taking care of you makes me happy, hmm? Because it really does,” Thomas said with a smile.

“But it’s so hard,” Alex sighed.

“I know, babe. That’s why I’m only asking you to let me take care of you for a few more days. That way you have an end in sight. Does that help?”

Alex bit his lip again, and Thomas had to keep from smiling at the adorable gesture. He also made a mental note to make Alex wear lip balm to keep the habit from drying his lips out.

“Yeah,” Alex eventually said.

“Perfect. Now how’s some lunch sound?”

“Good,” Alex said with a small smile.

Thomas leaned over and kissed his boyfriend on the side of his head.

“Oh, and Thomas?” Alex said as the other boy reached for the bowl on the table.


“I love you, too.”

Thomas froze. “Wh-what?” He couldn’t have heard that correctly.

“What you said to me, right before I went into the OR? I heard you, and I love you, too.”

Thomas turned to Alexander and kissed him.

By the time they were done, Thomas needed to reheat Alexander’s lunch.

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errr, how about Enjolras/Grantaire for any of the pretending-not-to-be-dating aus instead? (post/125270018403/c-is-for-circinate-so-i-know-how-much) or the fairy tale au from the ot3 au ideas (post/121590222988/ot3-au-ideas) for Marius/Cosette/Eponine? thanks!

(Here it is! Hopefully you like it, I’m a sucker for outside POV and tiny Les Mis ladies and thus this happened.)

The history department staff room is silent for ten ringing seconds after they storm out.

The girl with the stack of six books and the nose ring gives Louison a pitying look. “Let me guess—you’re Professor Enjolras’s new TA?”

“Is he always like that?”

“He’s got a reputation for being fairly terrifying, yeah.” The girl shuts her book and reaches across the space between their armchairs to shake hands. “I’m Floréal. We’re going to get to know each other pretty well, I’m afraid. It’s usually best to keep those two out of the same room, and I’m Grantaire’s TA.”

Louison shakes her head. “I’m amazed they haven’t both been kicked out of the department, if they always argue like that.”

“They’re both genius prodigies, unfortunately. You know that, that’s probably why you applied to work with Enjolras in the first place.” Louison nods, reluctant. “And they really are both geniuses. It’s just best to keep them away from each other unless it’s a staff meeting, they can usually forget their differences in methodology and approach to agree that adjuncts should get paid more.”

“I will do everything I can to keep them apart.” Louison really does not want to witness a blowup like that again.

Floréal nods. “They’ll still manage a fight at least twice a semester, but we can minimize it, and Éponine in the department office sometimes stops glaring at us if we can manage to stop them attending each other’s lectures to heckle. Apparently they’ve known each other on and off since undergrad and now they’re in the same department, a rivalry for the ages. What’s your name, new kid?”


“Well, Louison, get ready for a trial by fire, and let’s talk about office hours so we can make sure they’re at the same time as much as possible so they don’t wander into each other’s and scare away the students.”

“They do that?”

Floréal’s speaking look says plenty.


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dad, i've had a long day. so seein the box open made my day!! could u make it even better with Iwaizumi comforting his s/o with some fluff and love pls 😞 i love you both!

Ahh, I’m glad it made your day, and I hope today was good too! I see Iwaizumi as the “tough love, but puts everyone else before them” type so that’s kind of what I was going for here. I hope you like it! - Admin Dad

Business trips were rough—especially ones all the way down in Kyushu. Sure the team talked about going out, maybe hitting up the tourists sites since the season was dwindling to an end, but 14 hour days of back-to-back meetings killed those dreams pretty quickly. 

Iwaizumi slumped off his fourth train of the day, luckily the last local so he didn’t have to call a cab. The company didn’t want to waste too many business hours so his mad dash back to Sendai had him bouncing between shinkansen and airplanes more than he ever cared to do. But he couldn’t wait to go home, collapse in bed beside you, and just be still for a few hours. 

So when he walked into the living room to find you flying off the couch wiping away obvious tears, his heart stopped. 

“What, what’s wrong?”

“Hajime,” you smiled, both surprised and embarrassed, “What are you doing home so early? I didn’t think you’d be back ‘til way past midnight.”

He ignored the question, closing the distance between you with broad steps. He placed his hands on your shoulders. “You were just crying, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, really,” You waved him off, wiggling out of his grip. “You’ve had a long day too, you don’t want to listen to me complain—“

“Don’t tell me what I want or don’t want.” His voice was stern. You worried for a minute that you’d accidentally stepped on a land mine.

But then Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in against his chest. He pressed his lips to your forehead. “I don’t like seeing you cry.”

You nuzzled into the crook of his neck, the tears welling up again. “I know, I’m sorry.”

“Hey now,” Iwaizumi grumbled, pulling back just enough to look at you. “Stop apologizing for your feelings, okay?”

You nodded and he leaned in to give you a chaste, yet lingering kiss. “Now I take it you’re not going to tell me what happened just yet, right?”

You nodded again, biting your bottom lip. 

Iwaizumi sighed. “Well that’s okay. Have you eaten?”

“A little—but you just got home, you’re probably starving!”

“Oi,” Iwaizumi raised a brow, the beginning of a smirk pulling at the corner of his lips, “I wasn’t talking about me, I was asking if you ate.”

You pushed back defiantly. “And I want to know if you’re hungry, when’s the last time YOU ate today?”

Iwaizumi let out a sigh that turned into a chuckle at the end. You two had done this dance more than a handful of times. “Okay, okay. How about you start to fix up something for me and I’ll draw you a bath. I’ll come get you when it’s done and take over in here. Compromise?”

You held out your hand for a shake. “Compromise.” 

It felt like not even five minutes after Iwaizumi left to start the bath he was already back at your side. 

“Bath is ready, get out.”

“Yeah, but the food isn’t,” you gestured at the empty pot on the stove and the half-circle of ingredients around you. 

Iwaizumi grabbed your arms and pulled you out of the kitchen. “A deal is a deal, in the bath you go.”

He shoved you into the bathroom and slid the door shut behind you. “I’ll go down and finish the food, you get in and relax.”

Before you could yell back, you heard him take off down the hall. You looked over to see the tub still running, the steam carrying with it the scent of your favorite bath salts.

You shook your head in defeat and started undressing. Iwaizumi was always like this, putting you before himself. You wanted to kick yourself for letting him find you in that state, crying because of a rough day at work after he’d traveled over 1,000 kilometers just to get home. 

You had to admit though, once you shut off the water and sank into the tub you felt a little better. Maybe it was the heat from the bath soothing your muscles or the steam making you lightheaded, but you felt yourself melting away. 

Until two strong, familiar hands settled on the base of your neck making you jump in surprise.

“Shh, calm down it’s me,” Iwaizumi mumbled. “I thought you could use a shoulder massage since you hunch over a lot when you’re stressed.”

“Did you—“

“Yes, I ate.” You could practically hear him rolling his eyes. “You’ve been in here a bit longer than you think.”

“Have I?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“No way!” You started to stand up, but Iwaizumi wouldn’t let you. 

“Hajime, it’s been long enough—“

He turned your head to meet you in a kiss. You mentally blamed the bath for how your head spun. 

“I know you don’t like to talk about these things,” Iwaizumi started, stroking your cheek, “So I’m not going to make you. But I took two earlier trains and changed my flight to see my favorite person sooner today, so I’m going to do everything I can to see them the way I want to: happy and relaxed. Understood?”

You nodded, fighting the tears welling up for a different reason this time. 

“Now, do you want a shoulder rub or not?”

“Only if you tell me about your day at the same time. As a distraction.”

Iwaizumi laughed, the sound bounced off the tile walls. “Sure thing.” He leaned forward again and kissed the back of your neck. “I love you, you big dork.”

You reached up to squeeze his hand and smiled. “I love you too.”

sysungjoon  asked:

“ why aren’t you listening now? ”


Sullivan continued to stare at yet another of his unnecessarily tall crewmates. His work abandoned, clipboard dug into his hip and the crook of his elbow as his arms dangled limply. He had been hoping if he ignored Sungjoon and blinked enough times that, one of those times, he would give up and leave him alone. 

However, it seemed like that was not going to be the case because they’d been standing there for five minutes already. 

He sighed.

“It’s adorable that you think I was listening to anything before this point, really. It warms my frigid little heart. But unfortunately, you’re gonna have to repeat whatever you felt the point of interrupting me was since clearly, it’s more important than anything I have to get done today.”

swing-in-the-chandelier  asked:

095:"Mm…your kid before five in the morning." that is something that Yoongi would say

lol that definitely is X)

095:“Mm…your kid before five in the morning.”

Say ‘baby’ and rounded little cheeks come to mind. Some people think of coos and giggles. Others think of pudgy hands fisting at t-shirts and big doe eyes that observe you with an infinite amount of love.

But when Min Yoongi first heard baby he thought of crying, wailing, and less sleep. And when Y/N told him she was expecting after only a year of being married he didn’t know whether to jump for joy or bemoan the loss of little rest he gets nightly.

He opted for the first, although Y/N was pretty sure Yoongi was a little frightened because for one they’re new parents and second the music writer already has the strangest sleeping schedule ever.

Neither of them broached the subject though. Yoongi was too busy cooing over her tummy when no one was looking and she was too busy picking out matching shoes for Yoongi and the baby. She’d made sure to pick out tiny pair of Vans that looked just like Yoongi’s.

They did everything, but discuss taking care of the baby and how they’d both help. Of course that didn’t mean their friends didn’t touch the subject. Jimin liked to remind Yoongi to sleep now before he didn’t sleep at all. Which is kind of strange considering you can’t really stockpile sleep for later use.

Yoongi did however learn to appreciate it because as soon as the baby was home, hell was let loose. He’d learned to recognize the tiny sniffles before the wailing, the exaggerated frown and watery eyes before the tears, and he’d learned that you just couldn’t sleep through your baby’s crying.

Whether it was the baby or Y/N asking him to take care of it.

This time it was Y/N who was nudging his side, with tired eyes and a rough voice.

“Yoongi…please…” her voice was slightly muffled by the pillow.

He didn’t want to open his eyes, they felt heavy and he was sure he’d only been asleep for about an hour.

“Not tonight…I just fell asleep…” he mumbled before flipping on his side, away from her pleading eyes. He couldn’t risk meeting her eyes, lest he want to give in and lose. All it’d take was one look and he was done, they both knew she had him wrapped around her finger.

“Min Yoongi, that’s your son too…” she whispered against his back as she wrapped her arms around his torso, warming him to the bone. She was making it even harder to stay awake when she spooned him like this.

“Mm…your kid before five in the morning.” He sighed out and burrowed further beneath the covers.

“Damn it Yoongi…” she huffed. By the time he’d turned she’d already gotten out of bed and was shuffling down the hallway. The lack of heat and her abrupt movements had shaken him awake. He was starting to regret her request considering she was the one taking care of the baby most of the time.

He stood away from the bed and shuffled down the hall until he came to the baby’s door. Y/N was already soothing the baby to sleep in her arms.

“Y/N?” Yoongi called out, but received no answer.

“Don’t ignore me…”

Y/N shook her head, “Go sleep Yoongi, you’re tired and you have work tomorrow.”

“I’ll call in sick tomorrow, just come back to bed.”

“And the baby?” As if knowing he was being talked about, their pudgy son looked up with watery eyes and cooed at the sight of Yoongi.

“Bring him,” Yoongi smiled and latched onto the pair, steering them into their bedroom, where Y/N nestled their little boy in between them, pillows on either side.

It was a tight fit, but Yoongi didn’t mind, not when his two loves were sleeping soundly at his side.

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write a prompt about niall smelling like home

Niall smelt like home, which was ironic, because you were the one who was there while he spent months touring the rest of the world, his scent eventually diminishing from the confines of his bed from sleeping in it so little. 

When you were in his arms, he smelled of lavender and fresh laundry; soft cotton pressed to your nose. He smelled like coming home to your favorite place after a long day at school or work, the bottoms of your feet crying out until they’re wrapped in fresh socks and curled up beneath you on the sofa in front of a fire. 

When you were in his arms, he smelled like a homecooked meal; musky scents wafted into your nose when it was pressed into his neck, hiding from the rest of the world. He smelled like sitting down at the table and eating dessert before dinner and he smiled like you felt - giddy and spoiled - because you felt so lucky to have him. 

When you were in his arms, he smelled like lazy Sunday mornings spent in front of the television; coffee and a light breakfast, cuddling with one another on the couch while a light sheen of dew hit the grass outside. He smelled like the house when it rained, a light mist or a heavy wash, and you always felt refreshed around him, rarely sad like the crying skies tried to make you feel. 

When you were in his arms, he smelled like home; and home is where you wanted him to be, where you wanted him to stay. 

“I miss you,” you murmur over the phone, cheek pressed into his favorite pillow where his head used to lay. “I miss you so much." 

On the other side of the call, you hear a crackling noise - like Niall has just pulled the phone away from his ear to take a deep, calming breath. He’s back a moment later, voice just as soft as it was moments ago, reminding you of the late night conversations you used to have so frequently, your nose nudged into his with your legs entwined at the edge of the bed. 

"I miss you,” he replies, smile evident even from halfway across the world. “But I’ll be home in two weeks.”

Home. It was a word that you longed to hear from him every day, gliding off his tongue like it was meant to be there. Home was wherever he was, in whichever plaid flannel or plain cotton t-shirt he wore, and home was him in your arms. 

You close your eyes; drift off some more. There’s breathing on his side of the phone, soothing and sweet, and you imagine it brushing tendrils of your hair away in the middle of the night. 

“I’m not giving you back your side of the bed,” you mumble sleepily, and Niall laughs this deep, hearty laugh that has your stomach fluttering. His thick Irish twang is apparent in the chuckle, something you wish to hear every day, only in person. 

“That’s fine,” he promises you, and he’s still smiling, and Harry is rolling his eyes like he’s never seen anything more disgusting. There’s a voice on his side of the conversation, giving him the five minute warning, and he can only breathe out a sigh before turning back to your voice. “I don’t want my shirts back either." 

You wait for a moment to process his words, already half asleep and sinking into the cushioning of his mattress. "Bullshit." 

Niall snickers again, this time more quietly, and he only says, "Okay, you’re righ’, but I only want my Derby County one back." 

"That’s fine.” Just like you had done times before, right to his face, you tease him, “I don’t like them all that much anyway." 

Growling in the back of his throat, he bites out, "Go to bed, you absolute nutter,” but you know he’s smiling, and you know he’ll be home soon. 

BokuAka AU: Part 1

Okay, so of course i had to write about this Savant!Bokuto and Akaashi the accountant AU. I’ll be putting it on an AO3 when I finally get my invitation, but for now, I’m posting part 1 here. Just because I can’t get enough of it. Enjoy! (I’m also putting it under a read more cut because it’s pretty long)

Akaashi’s head was spinning as he stared at his computer. He was vaguely aware of the fact that he wasn’t registering any of the numbers on the screen, and still he fought against the tired haze in his brain.

This client would be the death of him, he knew it. How could anyone be so disorganized and still hold a job? None of the numbers seemed to make sense, no matter how many different ways he worked them. He’d tried to contact their CFO three times in the past two days to ask about discrepancies in the account balances; twice he was ignored completely, and on the one occasion he actually managed to talk to someone, they told him they’d have to call him back. They were avoiding him, and with good reason. Incompetence when it came to an audit was bad news for a company. And these people were decidedly incompetent. There was no other explanation.

After reading through the same path of numbers four times, Akaashi accepted defeat. He threw himself back in his chair, sliding his glasses up and vigorously rubbing his eyes. Little stars sprang into his vision, and he couldn’t say he minded them.

A glance around the office told him that most of his other co-workers had gone home. There were only two other bodies visible from his spot at his desk, though somewhere in the distance, he heard the faint click of keys. This was a pretty common occurrence during busy season. No one had left the office before 8:00 in over a month, and there was a good chance Akaashi would be sleeping here next week if he didn’t get ahold of the client by tomorrow. But for now, his bed was a short train ride away, and the numbers on his computer were nothing more than a jumbled mess. So, with a heavy sigh, he shut down the desktop and started to organize his things.

“Wow, actually leaving before us? Where’s your usual vigor, Akaashi-san?”

The deadpan voice was scratchy from disuse, and Akaashi turned to see bored golden eyes looking up at him over the tops of black-rimmed glasses from a few desks away.

“Well, Tsukishima, you know you’re also free to leave at any time,” Akaashi replied, too tired to banter with the blonde.

“Some of us are actually getting work done.”

Okay, maybe Akaashi wasn’t too tired.

“There’s a first time for everything, I suppose,” he replied coolly.

The quirk of a smile on Tsukishima’s mouth betrayed his bored expression, and he returned to the stack of papers on his desk wordlessly. Akaashi was one of the only people on the floor willing to put up with Tsukishima’s… Eccentricities. Most people saw him as a cold, callous prick who didn’t have a nice word for anyone. And generally, that was pretty true. But he did his job well, respected his superiors, and was actually pretty funny in his dry, monotonous way. So Akaashi didn’t mind him.

The other man in the desk clump was sitting across from Tsukishima, eyeing the blonde warily. Did he realize there was a pen stuck behind his ear? Probably not, considering how exhausted he looked.

“Yamaguchi, you know you’re also free to leave anytime,” Akaashi said a little more gently.

Yamaguchi nearly leapt out of his seat, snapping wide eyes toward Akaashi, almost like he’d forgotten the other was even there.

“Oh! No! Thank you, Akaashi-san, but… But I’m okay! I just have a few more things to… To get done,” he stammered. He shuffled a pile of documents together, ones Akaashi had seen him messing with about five times already, before scanning his deak for something. Probably his pen.

“Well, don’t burn the candle at both ends,” Akaashi sighed.

“Yes, sir,” the two desk mates replied in unison.

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