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Kätzchen - Leon Draisaitl (smut)

NSFW imagine giveaway prompt:ย  Leon Draisaitl with all the rough stuff. Gags, daddy kink, tying you up, overstimulation (or orgasm denial, both are hot), anal (if youโ€™re comfortable with it), face fucking, kinda feel like at some point there would be a threesome with Maroon (only one I can think of that would be kinky), pussy spanking, ass spanking, him making you scream, would probably constantly tell you how tight you are, would also probably make you scream his name and say that youโ€™re his. Add anything you want.

A/N: It took me 8 hours, but I did it. Let me know what you guys think of it. Huge shoutout to @carey-pricemas and @diaries-of-pucks-and-purses for keep cheering for me after 8 hours.

Word count: 3727ย 


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It would have been so nice for Matt to be something of a friend, even as a survivor buddy to Shiro. Shiro is so often placed on a pedestal of perfection and expected to exemplify the ‘perfect paladin’, he’s the leader and father figure of the teenagers and I feel like with Matt he could have just let go and de-stressed for once. Just have fun like everyone else, because we all know that Shiro is down to have fun (see squishy asteroid fight, food goo fight). It would be nice to see him relaxing a little, not acting as if the entire universe is in his hands all the time. I mean it is, but he deserves to have fun too. He deserves to have a best friend, Matt would have been perfect. But it’s strictly business between them, almost. It’s as if they just met each other after a holiday or something, I would never tell that they survived in a year in galra prison together and Shiro saved Matt’s life. Likely after the leg incident they didn’t see each other again. Man, I wish they didn’t limit Matt to just Pidge, and extended his relationships because his attachment to Shiro is AS important.  


Penny: And Terra Dove, @thedancingsim‘s, was one of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Karl: Ooo this is almost perfect. If only she looked at the camera during this!

Nyla: I don’t think she’s actually a dancer, she could only do these poses for a split second before she’d collapse. I don’t think she could have looked at me even if she tried, but I loved the effort!


Name: That is the reason why you are here with me.
Pairing: Crowley x reader
Summary: the reader has a terribly low self-esteem and finally gathers the strength to ask Crowley why he is dating her. Fluffy as hell.
Author’s Note: may contain self-harm references? Skip those if you must. Also the reader is more on the… roundish/puffy side? And yes, I still am wallowing. I need my King, and I need him badly.

“Uhm… Crowley?” you call him one evening, as he is walking you home from a restaurant. He could move you home, or you could drive, but you decided to take a walk and just be alone for some time. You just so happened to forget your phone, and he commands his demons to give him a break. It is quiet and extremely, peaceful, as you are walking home under the moon. Almost the perfect romantic image - his hand on your shoulders, walking after the dinner. If only you weren’t supposed to be hunting each other, but this allows you to compare yourselves to Romeo and Juliet, even though it isn’t Crowley’s favorite play.

“Yes, love?” he notices that you can’t make yourself say the next word and smiles. “What is it? Didn’t like the food and are too scared to tell me?”

“Oh, no, the food was amazing!” it truly was - the best dishes you ever had. You realize that the restaurant was probably fake, and all the food was transported from real restaurants all over the world, but it didn’t make it any worse. “I just… I have a question.”

“Well, shoot.”

“Why me?” he doesn’t answer, so you elaborate. “Of all the girls in the universe… Lean, smart, college-going, artistic, and sport-liking females with the perfect stature… Why me - a weird human hardly capable of keeping my life together?”

“I see…” he smiles again. “Why do you think?”

“I honestly do not know. At first, I thought you were trying to get to the Winchesters, but you do not ask anything about them, and there is nothing that you would really need to know, so… So I thought you wanted to get my soul. But I do not want to guess.”

“Well, I chose you… because I love you,” you smirk and shake your head.

“Now the real reason?”

“Why can’t you accept that I love you?”

“Because a man like you does not just fall for a girl like me, Crowley. I have seen your type. And it is not me. You couldn’t logically choose me,” Crowley shakes his head, stopping near the light and making you face him - his face a little tense, eyes starting to glow for some reason.

“Oh, stupid little hunter. It is you because you are beautiful - body and soul. Because I love coming to the bunker when you are there. Because you remember what coffee I like. And my hatred for ginger in Sam’s tea. Because you know to buy those cookies I like, even though everyone else hates them. Because when I come, you just give me this soft smile. Because you are just… soft. It feel good to hug you, it feels even better to have you lean back and just rest your head on my shoulder. Because you make me feel good about my life, Y/N,” you can’t stop blushing, not under the serious stare of the bloody red eyes. Why are they even red? He is not furious. Crowley suddenly takes your hand and strokes your wrist. “Because I never want to see the count of your scars increase.”

“That…” you lost your voice. Your shoulder jerks, and Crowley raises an eyebrow. “That is… beautiful.”

“That is the reason why you are here with me, Y/N,” he chuckles. “It is good my demons are not here, I would be dealing with a rebellion then.”

“Let’s just go home,” this time you are the one to take his hand and place it on your shoulder, as you lean in to rest your head on his shoulder. He nods slowly and starts walking, tightening the grip on your shoulder, when you say quietly, almost under your breath. “I love you, Crowley. I love you so damn much,” for a second, you can hear his breath fasten, then everything returns to normal.

“This is another reason, Y/N. See, you keep giving me the reasons?” you can’t help a smile, realizing you could not be happier than you were then, walking home with the King of Hell.

Umm Justice League is kind of awesome?? Thank you, bad reviews, for giving me zero expectations (a life lesson tbh). Also, going in I didn’t know who they cast as Henry Allen and I almost screamed—PERFECT casting omg he and Ezra have like the same face and duh with the Snyder connection. Beautiful visuals (again duh with Snyder), Danny Elfman’s score is heroic and powerful (and made me weirdly emotional when the Flash did his thing?), the characters are A+, it’s fun, etc. But I couldn’t stop laughing at Henry Cavill’s face; it’s so obvious when they CGIed his mustache out omg.

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Is it possible for you to do one where Dylan gives the reader a promise ring? Same with Eric? By the way, I absolutely loveeee your work and I hope you feel better soon!!!

(This is the part two that I was mentioning.) 

Thank you so much, anon. You’re so sweet! I’m feeling much better now. Here is the Dylan portion of your request, and I will make a separate post very soon with the Eric portion. I hope you enjoy and thank you for the cute request! <3 

One year had flown by faster than Dylan could believe. It had been one year that you had been together. One year of laughs, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and good times. He wanted to do something special for you, but wasn’t sure how he could show you how much he really loved you.

He’d spent an entire week trying to come up with something perfect to do for your anniversary. He’d almost given up and decided on just getting you chocolates when the perfect idea popped into his head.

You and Dylan had gone out to dinner for your one year anniversary, spending a nice, quiet evening together. After dinner, you went back to his house to spend even more time together.  His parents and brother were away from the house, making it quiet and peaceful. He led you out to his backyard, where he’d set up a blanket to sit on.

The two of you got comfortable on the blanket, looking up at the stars. Dylan looked over at you, watching as your eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

“Did you enjoy dinner?” Dylan asked. You nodded, looking over to him with a smile.

“I did. Thank you, babe. I love you,” you said, leaning over to kiss his lips gently.

“I love you, too, y/n. I have something for you,” Dylan said, rummaging into his pocket. You watched him with curious eyes, wondering what it was that he had for you. He pulled out a small, black, velvet box, making you even more curious and confused.

Dylan popped the box open, revealing a thin, silver, twisted band. You glanced up at him, not sure where he was going with this.

“Before you panic, it’s not an engagement ring,” he said, able to detect the slight nervousness on your face. You loved Dylan more than anything, but you also know that you were too young to be getting married yet.

“It’s a promise ring,” he said, taking it out of the box.

“A promise ring?” You repeated, unable to take your eyes off of the gorgeous ring. Dylan nodded.

“It’s a promise that I will love you and only you forever.” He said, slipping the ring onto your left ring finger.

“Dylan, it’s beautiful. Thank you,” you wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, pulling back only to kiss him. Dylan couldn’t help but smile against your lips, pleased that you liked his gift.

“I love you so much, y/n. We’ll make things permanent someday.” Dylan said.

“I love you, too, Dylan. I can’t wait until that day,” you said, kissing him once again. Dylan laced his fingers with yours and you spent the rest of the night cuddling under the stars.  

It’s a selfie, one of few that he’d convinced Aaron to take. He’d managed to capture him mid laugh, all crinkled eyes and unforced smile that glowed through the lens. Robert’s smiling too, eyes looking away from the camera, down at Aaron, nothing but love and adoration radiating from them. He can’t for the life of him remember what they were laughing at. Aaron’s wearing a black Tshirt while Robert is pressed up next to him in his blue button up and they’re happy, so happy. Almost perfect, and for two minutes Robert had it all.

- Anythig less than I love you preview.

Insp: X

He’d been quite patient, all things considered. What he wanted to do took much patience. Cross-referencing. A bit of research before each mission. Sometimes he knew immediately that the planet he was being sent to wasn’t right for his needs. Other times it looked hopeful, but there ended up being no appropriate situation… but here? On this cool, watery planet the Third Fleet had chased these rebels to? It was almost perfect. The inferno that had been their riverside base made it the most ideal place he’d be able to find outside of Dreia 55.

The Lieutenant closed his eyes for a moment, taking in the heat of the fire that warded off the chill of the planet’s night before reaching back to pull something from a small compartment in his belt: his brother’s sevria, one of the last connections he had to the other. He looked over at the silver ring in his palm, at the tiny speck of pale blue light that hadn’t lost any of its brightness in the near-150 years he’d kept it tucked away. If anything, it seemed brighter in the darkness and firelight, a notion that brought a small smile to the man’s face.

An outsider might suggest he keep it as a memento, but if Haxus was going to keep to any tradition, it was this one: a Dreian’s sevria– believed to be a… guardian spirit of sorts from Zha Kasarit– was to be burned with their body upon death… or in place of it if a body couldn’t be recovered, as was the case with Nerok. It brought a small measure of comfort and of closure. It was the last thing Haxus could do for his brother.

He let a few more moments pass in contemplation, humming softly to himself before he pulled back and threw the ring as hard as he could. It arced high with a faint ringing of metal, glinting in the firelight before vanishing amidst the flames. He watched, standing until his song had ended before speaking quietly to the night air.

           "Aesethil sur drotavin shalvis aat va aatu arixas, veiu threivik.“

Silence fell for another moment, quiet except for the roaring of the fire and the river a short distance beyond it before Haxus turned his back to the flames. What he’d sought to do was finally finished…

But there was still work to be done.


Alec Lightwood in Love Is a Devil

Anyone who cares about Max should be there. And that includes me and Magnus. Together.

Stranger Things 2 SPOILERS AHEAD

We asked for Hopper to be Elevens dad, and we got it.
We asked for Jancy to finally get together, and we got it.
We asked to meet one of the other numbered lab hostage kids, and we got it.
We asked for a snow ball, and we got it.
We asked for a heartwarming adorable Mileven reunion, and we got it.
We asked for Steve Harrington: Adventures in Babysitting, and we even got that!
We didn’t even ask for some crazy drunk conspiracy theorist to annoy Jancy into hooking up, but honestly I couldn’t have asked for it any differently!
And plus that breakfast scene ‘Pullout’?!
I have loved every minute of season two, and now I am back to being empty, and waiting for season 3.
I should have spread this season out better. I have no self control.


Giveaway prize for the lovely @victorialee-93, who requested aged-up Yurabek (Otayuri? Otario? This ship has so many names…) in a pose from this video, with character designs based on adult!ice illustrations by @istehlurvz.


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