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“Ajusshi, Who Are You?”


Roses by osterfield-holland

Tom holland x reader

  Roses based of the song, ‘roses’ by Shawn Mendes thanks to the anon who requested this, i wrote it as soon as i heard the song. It was actually the first time i did hear the song so thank you for that hope you like it :)

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Tom sat there, looking around the house you decorated. The colors contrasted each other perfectly. Pictures of the two of you lined the walls, small decorations placed around the room from your joined adventures. A map placed in the center of the wall showed all the places you’ve been together.  

The room practically screamed (Y/N) and it was almost perfect. The only thing missing was you. You were the only thing on Tom’s mind, but you weren’t there you were with a friend from work. It was like Tom didn’t matter anymore to you you only cared about him.

Tom wasn’t afraid of not being enough for you, he just couldn’t find the words to tell you. You were always happy when you were with him, always smiling and laughing only seeing him. And Tom couldn’t help but let it happen because he wanted to see you happy, so he watched as the best thing in his life slowly slipped away.

Tom didn’t want to fight with you because he was scared you felt something for him, he had to know if he was still your one and only.

A single white roses sat alone on the table as you walked through the door. “Tom, baby where are you?” grabbing the rose you walked towards your living room.  “Tom-’’ you stopped mid sentence as our heart broke at the sight in front of you there sat Tom on the floor all alone in the dark his body trembling. You ran over to him failing on you knees pulling him into you like you would to a small child. “Tom, what happened. Baby please talk to me.” you pleaded over and over.

Putting your hands on his cheeks you wiped away his tears. Looking into his eyes,’’ Please Tom talk to me.’’ 

Grabbing the rose with one hand and your hand in the other he looked at you tear eyed, his voiced cracked as he said, ‘’(Y/N) will you let it die or grow?”


      Requested by @phangirlof

      Sitting with the cute wiggling puppy in your arms, you wait on the couch, anticipating when Sehun will return home from dance practice. You’ve always talked about owning a puppy together, but Sehun had always knocked down your idea, stating that Vivi is enough for the two of you. Yes, you love Vivi to death but getting another puppy sounded like a brilliant idea. Now here you are with a baby pitbull desperately trying to escape your arms and explore the apartment. 

      You had picked up the little guy at a pound a few hours earlier. Walking through many cages to find your ideal puppy took almost an hour itself. The staff working at the pound were almost frustrated with you because you wouldn’t leave without the perfect dog. You had to make sure he was cute so Sehun would at least consider keeping him, but you knew as long as you did aeygo for your overly sassy boyfriend, the pup would be yours. 

      The blue eyes peeking out of one certain cage won you over. Kneeling down by the cage, a grey pitbull with little white markings trotted to you. He whined until you reached your hand through the bars and petted his soft head. Once you decided he was the one, you’d alerted the staff, them gathering supplies for him such as a collar, leash, a bed, and some food. 

      You were tempted to send a quick picture to Sehun, but you decided to let it be a surprise. Climbing into the drivers seat of your car, the puppy hopped on your lap, instantly falling into a deep slumber. The soft snoring coming from the sweet animal brought a smile to your face and it was difficult to focus on the road when you kept glancing down in awe. 

      You hear your apartment door clicking open, signaling Sehun got your urgent text message. Instead of sending a picture of the dog, you had just told him to come to your place after work. He usually did anyways to snack on all your food. “Y/N! Why did you actually invite me over here for once when you know I’m going to come anyway.” A voice states. The puppy halts it’s wiggling, it’s ears perked at the unfamiliar voice. 

      Your hands firmly place the wild puppy on the ground, it shooting off in the direction of the male voice, it’s short stubby tail wagging back and forth. Not being able to keep the smile off your face, you waited to hear Sehun cooing over the dog, but instead you’re surprised when he screams. Sehun runs in front of your comfortable place on the couch, dragging the puppy behind him. The puppy’s teeth are solidly snapped shut on the end of Sehun’s sweatpants. He runs so fast, the puppy can’t keep up so it holds on with it’s teeth while being tugged on it’s belly. 

      You can’t contain the laughter that spills from your lips. Tumbling on the floor,  you clutch your stomach at the terrified expression on your boyfriend’s face. Little legs soon topple over you, a slobbery tongue licking all over your chin. After gaining your composure, you pull yourself off the ground while taking the puppy back into your arms. Sehun points accusingly at the adorable creature, “That thing was trying to kill me!”

      The puppy growled suddenly as Sehun starts to approach you. Perfect timing. “See!” Sehun exclaims, backing away. You hand the bundle of cuteness to him and he hesitantly takes it, giving you an awkward look. “He just wants to play with you! It would be embarrassing if you’re scared of this tiny little puppy.” You state, picking up one of the dog’s toys to also hand to him. 

      “Didn’t I tell you Vivi was enough for the both of us?” Sehun swiftly changes the subject, narrowing his eyes. “Fine, if you don’t want him I can take him back to the pound where he was waiting to find a good home.” You sigh, reaching for the puppy you know he isn’t about to give up. Whether he admits it or not, Sehun has a weakness for adorable creatures called puppies. 

      “No, no, no! We can’t take him back!” Sehun almost yells, cuddling the dog into his chest. The puppy nuzzles his head into the fabric of Sehun’s sweatshirt. The love in Sehun’s eyes is obvious when he examines the little dog. There’s no way on earth he is going to let it go. “I thought Vivi was enough for both of us?” You remind him, a smirk forming on your lips. Watching your satisfied expression, Sehun rolls his eyes. “I can allow Vivi to have one sibling, I guess.”

      You both sit on the floor, throwing the toy back and forth, watching the pitbull scrabble for it over and over. “He needs a name though. Since you’re letting us keep him, you can pick a name.” Tapping his chin lightly, Sehun snaps his fingers. “His name is Boba.” He has to be kidding. Lord, this child. “Sehun! We’re not naming the pitbull after bubble tea!” You argue, throwing the dog toy and hitting him square in the chest. “Do you want to keep the dog or not?” Sehun asks, throwing the toy back and nailing you in the face. Huffing, you lift the puppy in your lap as it chews on the toy it managed to catch. “Boba, it is.” 

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Probably too late because I felt compelled to sleep on my answer to the best/favorite thing... and I think for me it is his genuine, almost reverent excitement at meeting Miss Piggy. 😊 Just too much perfect in that.

Yeeesssss….one of my favorites.  Who blushes over meeting a puppet?  It is so infuriating. 

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Could I get a request with Sharrkan and an s/o who really likes to draw?

of course you can xo


The young f/m sat under the shade of the towering tree, face straining to gain the perfection they would project on their paper. It was peaceful outside; almost perfect, until a loud laughing voice could be heard in the distance.

“Alright, I’ll see you later! Hey [name],” They looked up from their beloved look to see an equally as much loved man to them.

“Hello Sharrkan,” They greeted as soon as he sat down next to them. He frowned at the book when they resumed shading.

“Ugh, are you still drawing?” He asked, disappointed.

“Yeah, I am. Why?”

“I just thought you and I could…” Sharrkan began to lightly trace his tongue across his lover’s jawline and down to their neck, biting slightly on their sensitivity.

“Are you kidding me? Sharrkan you probably just woke up, it’s too early for this,” They said, gripping the pencil tighter. He let out a hearty laugh.

“I know, I know, so why can’t I have you for breakfast?”


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding, what are you drawing anyways?” He leaned over and scanned the page, surprised at its contents.


“You. You like it?”

“I love it,”


“Magnus, I love you.”
   “I love you too”

Fan talking about Jensen as “Oscar material“

When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought “Oh well, he’s really handsome.”

But then we found out that there was more than that, that you have so much more to offer. We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character. And that you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters and not just because you have a pretty face.

You handle both, tragedy and comedy, with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.