this was all your fault kat


((A few of the sketches I did to make marvelousghost’s boring classes a bit more bearable. As said in a previous post, I can’t post this on my personal, so bear with me. Also, I got descriptions! Yay

  1. “Eugh, don’t - will you move?! You are crushing my legs!”
  2. 3243545% done, that’s what Pitch is
  3. Do not be mistaken, they are actually muttering snarky remarks at each other.
  4. “Don’t. Just, not. A single. Word.”
  5. This is the best I can come up with
  6. Sweet revenge.

I think I’m done here.))

when someone sends you what the salty side of the fandom is up to….

(blocking out the URL so nobody can send hate)

The reasons that Kat/aang doesn’t have an entire month (and I read somewhere from a Kat/aanger themself that “it hasn’t gone will in the past”) is because the fandom grew up and realized what really mattered, and we matured and, well, all in all we learned what it meant for a relationship to be healthy. There simply aren’t enough shippers of Kat/aang anymore, and honestly, it’s not our fault that your ship doesn’t have an entire month dedicated to it. Maybe if you guys had any real reason to ship it then maybe it would exist. If you want a damn Kat/aang month so bad get off ya damn asses and make one and stop acting as if we don’t have any reason to have one (:

But, thanks for advertising the dates for Zutara Month! (DEC 30TH - JAN 29) Hope you participate! Only 4 days left! ;)

A Medic And Her Captain

For @anonymouslydevious65 who wanted kakasaku SWAT team AU with hate to love. I don’t know much about SWAT so I played it off like it was a shinobi team. I hope you like it!

Also on ao3 and Fanfiction

               “This is all your fault!” Haruno glared at the man across from her, whispering angrily in the dark.

               “My fault? This is your fault!” Kakashi spat back at her.

               She rolled her eyes at him and muttered curses under her breath. “Whatever. Who knows how long we’re going to have to stay down here?”

               At her question, he glanced up at the bared hatch they had slipped through. The moonlight barely slipped through giving them just enough light to see each other’s faces. He figured they were in a basement of sorts. There were boxes all around them and the dust that covered even the floor told him that no one had been down there in probably years. He knew they would be safe here, well hidden from the enemy.

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Functions react to bullying

Ti: “You’re an asshole.”

Te: “These are the reasons you’re an asshole.”

Si: What have I done in this situation before? What have people told me to do?

Se: the fuq u think u doin m8 i’ll fuck u up

Ni: Ignores the situation but also secretly plans out your murder.

Ne: Ignores the situation but is also going through all the possible ways to murder you.

Fi: Gets out of the situation and then cries, most likely thinks the bullying is their own fault.

Fe: Might cry or might knock you out, depends on who’s watching.

anonymous asked:

i havent felt really goopy fresh lately kat... do you have any advice to feel better?

Well, first of all, I think we need to know what’s NOT letting you be fresh peach-flavored, angel!! Is there anything you wanna do?

My best recommendations in general are venting, self-care and letting yourself being surrounded by love a lil while, if you need deep advice on it, I am here!!!

But most important, I want you to know that is ok to feel down sometimes, and that is not your fault! sometimes things happens, and feeling bad is not gooey and nice, but is necessary! sometimes you gotta let go, if you wanna cry, cry, if you wanna “trow a tantrum” trow it, if you wanna vent, vent.

But please remember that here there’s people who cares about you and love you to bits!! and that people is always willing to help! and we love you a ton!! 

Now come here, a lil sweetheart like you deserve THE BIGGEST wild sticky PUMA HUGS!!!! Limited edition

Ok right now I feel like you need this so have a break, have a Kit Kat, and listen to me you my little Chou.

You’re not responsible of acts that bad people do. This is not your fault if terrible things always happen all around the world. You have the chance to live in a safe place, at home because you do have a home, with your family, you can go to school and dream about your future… and none of this should make you feel guilty or bad, okay ?

You’re one the nicest and kindest person I’ve ever met, one of the most generous and intelligent person I’ve ever talk to, and I’m so glad you are a part of my life.

I can only imagine how hard to deal with are your feelings after every attacks and terrorist acts, but I do know how hard it is to grow up and try to find your place in this world when you want so hardly to make a change, to make it better, to help people… and how hard is the feeling of being worthless and useless because sometimes – often – you can’t do anything. But you have to learn – and this is probably the most important thing I’ve ever understand in medicine – that you can’t save everyone. You just can’t, and, listen to me : it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that, nothing.

You are a gift to this world. Please, stop blaming yourself for having the chance to be born in this situation that is yours – not so many people are clever enough to realise that.

Take care of yourself, okay ?

Love you 💞✨ @francaise-de-coeur

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Kat you may call us enablers, but now I'm building a sketch page for "One is for Sorrow" and it's entirely all your fault goddammit lmao. (But this seriously brought up my mood from earlier today /seriously/ (I especially appreciate the animal transformation into a /bird/ thing considering we were coincidentally talking about the wonders of crows today <3333))

I was giggling when we were talking about it because it was an awesome coincidence. Glad you liked it, and for your gorgeous art I would happily enable you so goddamn much. Consider it returning the favor.  💕

So, I would just like to thank you all for following me.

I mean, sometimes I’d have to question your reasons, but thank you. I’ve been on tumblr for about a year now, and without all you fucking nerds it wouldn’t have been the same.

To my tumblr friends: @antstepsbooks @theboywhoreadsbooks @chloe-reads @random-stuff-thrown-into-a-pot @booksturnmugglesintowizards @kat-from-minasmorgul @boneseasonofglass @wishful-bibliophile @happybibliosaurus @monsieurbookshire @amberthebooklion, y’all are a bunch of fucking nerds but ily, never change

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To anyone else I forgot - I’m sorry, blame the alcohol

and finally, to @breakfastat8willtherebewifi the fact that I’m even on this website is all your fault, wtf dude

Overall, thank you to the mysterious 5k people who have decided to follow me. And also thank you to all the people who have made my last year of procrastination on this website so enjoyable.