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Chapter 31 (the church scene) of BLLB ends with Ronan being very angry. Why? This scene really bothers me, like I'm missing something important. He could be angry just because, but I don't think so. It's like this time, he's actually really hurt. Did the dream upset him? He almost seems ashamed (?), but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and he's upset because he's Ronan Lynch. What do I know? He challenges us all to learn him again :) Thanks, Kat

Dear wolfwings7,

The short answer to this is he thought he didn’t have to feel that way anymore. 

The longer answer requires spoilers. 




Is that far enough? If you’re spoiled after this, it’s your own fault. 

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Try and Stop Me

AH AU Klaroline fic. Chapter 1/3. Also on A03 (x)

Inspired by the Tumblr story: ‘I’ve seen this guy every day for two weeks and he always beats me to the lights. This morning I was in front of him and he literally jogged to get in front of me, turned and said “I’ve been winning for two weeks, can’t stop now. Have a good day, I’ll see you tomorrow’ - TOMORROW I’M WEARING RUNNING SHOES”

This may be Caroline’s competitive side speaking but there’s no way she’s going to lose on her morning fucking commute.

Elena and Bonnie just don’t understand. This isn’t just some random member of the general public making a nuisance of himself. This is war.

Every day on her way to work, Caroline sees the same faces that she always has for the past two years, since she started working for The New York Times. People who get on or off at the same subway stops she does, or buy coffee at the same vendor on Eighth Avenue just before she enters the lobby. There’s Louboutin Lady, who has an array of the to-die-for-shoes, the beautiful Ballet Dancer who gets off three stops before Caroline does and the Coffee Traitor, who works at Starbucks but always has a Dunkin Donuts cup.

Then there’s him.

Up until today he’s just been another New York commuter in the great city’s rich landscape. She’s never been able to come up with a name for him because there’s no stable characteristic. Sometimes he’s on the phone or has a folder under one arm. Once she saw him with a load of Fifth Avenue bags telling his friend that he loved his sister but he’d cut up all her credit cards if it got her to leave town. So at least he’s a family man. He’s damn good looking too; toned muscles, tight blonde curls and blue eyes. He’s just a little taller than her, with long legs which are always encased in dark wash designer jeans. She’s often got tickets to New York’s Fashion Week, she knows these things.

Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

But anyway. It’s the long legs that Caroline blames. It’s why he’s been in front of her every morning for the past two years and its always why Caroline’s determined to win. He joins the sea of people headed to Eighth Avenue a little ahead of her, but Caroline due to her shorter stature and trying to push past tourists walking at a glacial pace in high heels is always three steps behind him. Meaning she gets stopped by the lights and he doesn’t.

But this morning something must have disrupted him because as she’s walking along having already counted off Louboutin Lady, Ballet Dancer and Coffee Traitor, the blonde speed walker is nowhere in sight. She’d looked left and right and hadn’t been able to see him. It was only when she’d felt someone whiz past her that she’d noticed the familiar blonde curls and leather jacket beside her left elbow.

The bastard had actually ran to get in front of her. Once he was a few paces in front he’d turned and stopped. She can still remember him clear as day winking at her and saying “I’ve been winning for two years, can’t stop now Sweetheart. Have a good day, see you same time tomorrow” before jogging off again.

So. War.

As she recounts this to the girls, who are lying around the living room in various states of exhaustion, she waits for their strategic advice. Elena, who is entirely horizontal on one of the sofas, her feet resting in her elder sister’s lap is the first to speak.

“Care, I think you might be overreacting”

Caroline glares at her in response. Honestly she doesn’t know what she was expecting. Elena was always the peacemaker ever since they were babies. She always feels bad but Kat’s nickname of ‘Saint Elena’ does make her giggle, even if she always does leap to Elena’s defence. And, in fairness, Elena has just finished her rotation for the day in the ER, so Caroline can’t expect her to be at full fighting fitness. Instead she turns to Kat, who miraculously has stopped texting for once. In the city that never sleeps, Elena’s big sister makes full use of every avenue. She sleeps with her phone, although from all the A list parties she gets invited to, and the parade of guys she’s brought home at 5am, none of them are actually sure Katherine ever does sleep.

“Is he good looking?”

Elena snorts at Katherine’s priorities and gets her toes pinched in reaction. Before the Petrova sisters can completely ruin the evening by descending into their trademark bickering, Bonnie intercedes thank God.

“I think what we’re all interested to know is, why are you reacting so strongly to what was obviously just some jackass being cocky on his way to work? If you see him tomorrow just ignore him”

Caroline looks around at the three girls who have known her for her entire life. Have gotten her through every grade at school, every break-up, her parents messy divorce, even that whole thing with Tyler last fall. She should have called Enzo, she thinks petulantly.

“Because Bonnie, the guy has never spoken to me in two years but he’s noticed me. He initiated a challenge. No strike that, the guy has been beating me at a challenge I didn’t even know I was part of. I didn’t win Travel Journalist of the Year for the last three years straight by being some push over”

Caroline sits down once more, feeling her point adequately made. Taking a hearty sip of her vodka and lemonade she mentally reviews her wardrobe, mapping out an outfit she can wear that will work with her trainers and a pair of actual work shoes she can change into in the ladies restrooms at work.


Enzo [8.40 am]: Slow and Steady Gorgeous J xx

Caroline knows Enzo’s being sarcastic but she can’t help but appreciate the text all the same. She’d called him last night to ask his opinion. Given that it was all harmless really and she wasn’t about to take up her best friend’s offer of getting her laid to relieve the evident tension she must be feeling (the asshole was lucky he was in Chicago with his band so she couldn’t physically punch him) he’d been more supportive than the girls.

Gorgeous [8.41am]: Already on the starting blocks coach xx

Gorgeous [8.42am]: Now stop distracting me. I can see Luscious in Leather now xx

Enzo [8.43am]: Luscious in Leather?! Are you sure you don’t want to shag this guy?! Xx


Gorgeous [8.44am]: XX

Tucking her phone back into her bag, Caroline picks up the pace, jogging along the two blocks it normally takes her after the subway to spot Blonde and British. Sure enough, she sees him swanning along at his regular pace. He’s just about to hit the street lights so Caroline puts a spurt of speed on and dashes past him. For a minute she thinks it’s a wasted effort beyond her own satisfaction (which is important but it isn’t enough. She needs this guy to know he’s been beaten) and that he hasn’t seen her.

That is until Caroline hears a roar of laughter down the street and the sound of rapid footfalls coming closer.

“Wait! Wait love!” Caroline turns – the runner’s cardinal sin – and spots her intended victim dashing after her. There are several commuters staring at them in mild interest over the outburst from the typical quiet shuffling of a morning. As much as she’s enjoying proving him wrong, she does hope she hasn’t started something she’ll have to continue doing for the foreseeable future. Hell please say she doesn’t have to jog to work every morning from now on. Elena must never know or there’ll be no living with her after this.

The guy practically blurs past her she stops so abruptly. Ducking his head with an embarrassed smile, he wheels round and trots back over until they’re standing face to face.


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Maybe they ended up in AU Suna. Or Suna 13 years into the past. Ooh! Or Suna when Obito was a kid and now a la Backslide Obito can go save Rin and BABY OBITO can pull a Naruto on big Obito and be all smiling sunshine. Obito's horrified face if he realized he was back in time and had to prevent the future-- like Kurama's but worse because it's Obito and he never asked for this. At least he's got Kisame with him though! (And baby Kisame! Minato! 26yo Obito in past Konoha!!) Kat consider. What if/1

they don’t even find out it’s the Wrong time until the boondocks of Suna are terraformed into Eden and they’re so proud of themselves but then fucking Rasa or some shit pops up like “what are you doing to my desert” Just. Obito’s shock and horror and panic attacks (as Kisame’s eyes light up with desperate hope because he can *save* his comrades) and Kisame pats Obito’s back and is his support. So they fuck off, win a civil war in mist and ignore Konoha until they cant. Obito vs cave Madara!


I didn’t mean to! - Lim Changkyun drabble (slight nsfw)

Pairing: Lim Changkyun (I.M) x Reader

Genre: Humor / a little nsfw / summer fun (yes that’s a genre now lol) / fluff

Warnings: NSFW themes / accidental butt grabbing

Prompt: Being asked to put sunscreen on their crushes back at the beach

Word count: 895

Originally posted by timetoemptythetrash

writing below the cut~

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All praise Tim for your part in the wondrous shitty vampire AU

haha! I do get a cookie. At last count Kat says the vampire fic is 80% my fault.

@blackkatmagic look they do love me

My part was mostly the porn, tbh. And a little fluff. Remember this is Black “Goddamnit Tim before you I had written a scant handful of porn fics” KatMagic

I earned this scepter :D (And the Prince of Porn crown)

(I routinely send her lonnggg as paragraphs going WHAT IF, a pairing, and a very long and dirty description of porn filled adventures. It’s honestly so rewarding to watch her cuss me out and write it. Ya’ll are in for a fun few weeks <3 Kat’s darlings)

The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep up with the next few updates; with my local con approaching which I will be tabling at with friends, I’ve been running around doing last minute stuff and I haven’t been able to sit down and write any more of this. I’ll try to make time, but I won’t make any promises. Apologies in advanced.


    Kat looked around the room curiously after Helblindi had set her down, noting that, while there was furniture and some miscellaneous belongings, it was rather empty. It was Loki’s old room, they’d told her; from before he had convinced their parents he was old and capable enough to live on his own. She walked over to a desk and picked up a half-finished sketch Loki had left behind of who she recognised as Laufey, seemingly arguing with another jötunn in what she figured was the throne room.

    “He’s always had a knack for being where he shouldn’t,” Byleistr spoke up as he looked over her shoulder at the sketch, “Useful for learning things others wished he didn’t.”

    Kat giggled slightly. “Something the nobles in Asgard learned the hard way pretty quickly.” She set the sketch down and heaved a sigh, jumping up to sit on the desk. “It hasn’t even been a day, and I miss him.”

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Okay I'm so excited for this Sai time travel thing. Just so excited. Big dumb grin on my face and all. I'm so here for Sai just pulling an antiNaruto. Naruto punches people and they want to friend him. Sai friends people and they want to punch him.Gonna be so great(I'm also here to egg you on through giddy fannish gushing. FEAR ME) Also is this the "yet another backslide" you were talking about? Let me tell you, reverse was a Ride. I started reading about chapter 9 or so and I was expecting(1/2)

grouchy nonhuman learns how to be human while gradually gaining Konaha’s trust and all the fluff and misunderstandings that comes with. I was not expecting the Great Surprise Adoption Road Trip. You have done time travel so well so I am so excited to see this one. (also you did that amazing Kiba time travel oneshot and between that and Akatuski!Kiba he has become my low key fave/obsession. It’s all your fault. you should be sorry(no you shouldn’t))

Thank you!! The Sai fic is entirely different from the next backslide-inspired mess - where backslide was a Team 7 fic and reverse was a jinchuuriki fic, inversion is going to be an Akatsuki fic. Similar themes to reverse, though, probably. ^-^

“Home remedies” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



Though the time and place for you and Harry to meet up had been planned prior to the actual event, you still found yourself nearly getting hit by a car as you jogged across the street in hopes of making it to the cafe in time. Harry watched from the window, openly chuckling at you as you dodged a couple of taxis and apologized by waving your hand in the air as an aggressive mum nearly flattened you. 

Of course, he was nervous as well watching you as you dashed across the street, but it was endearingly sweet to see your clumsy yet apologetically adorable ways hadn’t escaped you over the years. 

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” you gushed, busting into the small cafe you frequented quite often and throwing off your coat. Giving Harry a hug felt so natural as you both walked towards the line, but at the same time you couldn’t help but try to find that scent of childhood you recalled so strongly. Instead, it was replaced with a manly smelling cologne you were sure cost more than you wanted to know about. 

“It’s no bother,” Harry chuckled, “You nearly killed yourself to have lunch with me though.”

You gave Harry a look as he nudged your shoulder with his side, a small smile poking through your attempt at a scowl as you made it to the counter. 

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Mermaids and Mountains

“When in conversation, 

Do you listen,

Or do you just wait to talk?”


Take my hand, come dance with me

Let’s waltz our way through this wind-up  

Jewelry box, we’re both stuck in


We’re all tap dancing around our problems

And putting pink camo on the elephant in the room

A disgrace to our army


And I know that you are trying

If you weren’t, you’d be dead

But here’s what I think:


Maybe we’re all just mermaids, trying to climb mountains

Getting high on dreams that will kill us

Slow dancing to heavy metal in the night


And we live on ramen and Times New Roman

Twelve point, double spaced

Your fingers will change the world someday


I will stand nose to nose, no no’s for an answer

So don’t try to tell me I should shut up and listen

When my generation is the last hope that you’ve got


And the mountains don’t stand a chance

Not with all the broken boys and broken girls

Trudging on with shredded fish tales


We sold our lungs so we could speak

And you still have the audacity to cover your ears

It’s finally the children’s turn


Take my hand, come hide with me

In the bomb shelter, supposed to kill each other

Where are your silver tongued politicians now


Kiss me, hit me, punch me, breathe me

Drag me to the ground

You need me


Maybe we’re all just dragons, trying to ride the waves

Breathing in, breathing out, quoting things we’d never say

Jazz swinging like puppets whose hands don’t hold the strings


And I thrive on touch and pretentious poetry

Write it, mail it, my name in fine print

You want to change the world with me


And we will fight, wrist to wrist, hands held to the sky

We tried to warn you, but the duct tape on our mouths

Was your very own cruel irony


And the waters don’t stand a chance

Not with all the salty tears from infant skin

Of the kids who learned to swim too fast


They glorify it, romanticize it

Anxiety, depression, suicide

The works


And I am not here to tell you beautiful words

This is the people screaming, the children crying

And how nothing will ever be the same


For the kids with the red marks, passed out in the hallways

And this is all your fault

So wipe that stupid smile off your face


I am not a mermaid, and I am not a dragon

But my skin and bones are made of steel

And I am here to protect the broken

Oh btw I have a question ((: what is it that you love most about Chanyeol
is it his sexy gangsta side?

External image

or his cute side?

or is it his dorky side?

External image

External image

or is it bc of his changes in expression?

External image

the way he eats?

External image

the way he’s excited?

bc he’s tall?

his acting skills?

bc he’s beautiful?

the way he looks at food?

the way he laughs?

External image

his sexy and serious side?

his modeling skills?

External image

or is it bc you wonder ‘what the heck is this kid doing’


External image

External image

the way he waves?

External image

his beautiful hair?

External image

the way he smirks?

the way he looks at you?

his dimples?

his love for the senpai that won’t notice him?

External image

or is it bc of this thing called baekyeol?

(for them to sleep togetherrr heck yeah)

and their height difference?

but here, have Chanyeol as your birthday present for the next hour-ish (even tho it’s past your bday at where youre born lol)

btw i hope these were painful cus i googled painful chanyeol gifs

happy birthday again<33 (jk about changing my mind LOL sry for not making anything >< i can only spam u with these stuffs TT)


but i think i’ve found my new favorite chanyeol gif


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I love how your first impression of naruto characters may vary, but current are so far almost always somewhere along the lines: "they're precious and MINE now))" I kind of feel the same way way)) And I don't know,it's definitely partly because of the fandom and all the awesome fics etc. But also, I think, despite all of his faults (and boy, does he have some), Kishimoto not only created a LOT of characters, but managed to get us to care about most of them.

Kishimoto is great at creating frameworks for awesome characters, I think. Sometimes they fail to live up to their potential, sadly, but that’s what fandom is for, right?

when someone sends you what the salty side of the fandom is up to….

(blocking out the URL so nobody can send hate)

The reasons that Kat/aang doesn’t have an entire month (and I read somewhere from a Kat/aanger themself that “it hasn’t gone will in the past”) is because the fandom grew up and realized what really mattered, and we matured and, well, all in all we learned what it meant for a relationship to be healthy. There simply aren’t enough shippers of Kat/aang anymore, and honestly, it’s not our fault that your ship doesn’t have an entire month dedicated to it. Maybe if you guys had any real reason to ship it then maybe it would exist. If you want a damn Kat/aang month so bad get off ya damn asses and make one and stop acting as if we don’t have any reason to have one (:

But, thanks for advertising the dates for Zutara Month! (DEC 30TH - JAN 29) Hope you participate! Only 4 days left! ;)

Okay guys, lets get real for a minute. This scene is heartbreaking, I think we can all agree on that. But I just kinda wanna explain to you why I think he’s crying alone in the shower.

So we know something happened to his shoulder, and that’s a big deal. Your shoulder is super important, and it’s kinda scary how easily they can get hurt in sports. In this scene we see he’s holding his shoulder. It’s possible the reason he’s crying is because it hurts, but I doubt it.

We know that he went to the hospital because of his shoulder. So why is he swimming again? I’ve seen many of theories, but since I’ve seen stuff like this before, I have a theory of my own. Prior to this scene, we see something happens to him in the warm up pool when “his timing was off”. It’s obvious the pain in his shoulder came back. The doctors should have known his shoulder would continue hurting if he continued swimming. This leads me to believe the doctors probably told him he shouldn’t continue swimming and he decided to ignore them.

There’s a few reasons why I think this is the case. Mainly because I’ve seen stuff like this before, it’s a horrible thing to do but it happens. Star runner at the canoe club I paddle at hurts her knee, doctor says she shouldn’t run for a year and yet I still see her run a 4k here and there. Another girl hurt her wrist and doctors said she needed to stop paddling, she refused. She’s getting surgery on her arm this winter. Amazing swimmer hurts his shoulder and doctors tell him to stop swimming. He thinks he can tough it out for one more season but as we can tell from the gif above, now he’s probably realizing his mistake.

Now he’s found a place to cry alone because god forbid one of his own teammates finds him crying. Now that he’s alone with his thoughts he realizes what he’s done. Now, because he insisted he continued swimming, he won himself a spot on a relay he can’t even swim in. He’s going down and pulling his whole team down with him. And it’s all his fault. I can confirm he worst feeling in the world is the feeling of letting down your teammates when they need you most. These aren’t just his teammates either though, these are his friends.

Help! Poor Kids Want My Hard-Earned Candy

Dear Prudence, 23 October 2014:

Dear Prudence, I live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, but on one of the more “modest” streets—mostly doctors and lawyers and family business owners. (A few blocks away are billionaires, families with famous last names, media moguls, etc.) I have noticed that on Halloween, what seems like 75 percent of the trick-or-treaters are clearly not from this neighborhood. Kids arrive in overflowing cars from less fortunate areas. I feel this is inappropriate. Halloween isn’t a social service or a charity in which I have to buy candy for less fortunate children. Obviously this makes me feel like a terrible person, because what’s the big deal about making less fortunate kids happy on a holiday? But it just bugs me, because we already pay more than enough taxes toward actual social services. Should Halloween be a neighborhood activity, or is it legitimately a free-for-all in which people hunt down the best candy grounds for their kids? —Halloween for the 99 Percent

Dear Halloween for the 99 Percent,

Forgive me for straying toward another holiday altogether, but I’d like to paraphrase one of the most beloved literary characters of all time

Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?

I think you see where I’m going with this. Already you must divert what funds you should rightfully be able to use on that second yacht to supporting America’s notoriously robust, even overadequate, social safety net. Must you also give candy bars to poor, lazy urchins who don’t even know the value of a hard day’s work, and thereby teach them that they deserve the same king-size Kit-Kat bars that the nose-to-the-grindstone children in your own neighborhood have earned honestly?

It’s not your fault that your neighbors’ precious offspring had the foresight and diligence to be born into unimaginable wealth, while these moocher-babies couldn’t even get it together enough to land with a couple of piddly-ass lawyers.

This is America, not communism! Don’t feel bad for standing up to this encroaching oppression; give the poors a Snickers and they’ll soon get all kinds of uppity ideas about having access to the same education, health care and political enfranchisement that their wealthy superiors enjoy. And then where would we be? A nation full of people who believe they’re created equal in the eyes of the Great Pumpkin?

Halloween isn’t about trick AND treat, it’s about trick OR treat. Feel free to avail yourself of the “or” and instead of handing out candy, drop a bootstrap in their buckets.

I blame you for everything that is wrong with my life or at least my sleep schedule

But like okay I really can’t deal with Deer!Kat having to rear up on his back legs okay I am compromised about this I had to draw it and it is totally your fault

Aw, Pi, you flatter me XD

I am very okay with this being my fault. I will take all your blame and build a centaurstuck themed castle with it. And then I will point and laugh at you from the parapets.

HIS TAIL IS SPROING!! Also also I actually was picturing Karkat using his front legs to brace/grasp on like that AND LOOK AT IT LOOK AT THEM EMBRACING GODDAMMIT PI WHY MUST YOU EMOTIONALLY COMPROMISE ME RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU

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The dino-bone-cast-necro thing is Tobirama all the way. He says it to Hasirama. Hashi is greatly disturbed with his baby brother. "Tobi no! I'm pretty sure reanimating 'Dino Museum Bones' would be illegal and morally unethical. Why must you be so damn weird? Obito, Kagami, Madara, someone help me out here." (Modern Witch AU with HashiObi (who are plant witches) & TobiKaga. (Kagami who Hashi had hoped would keep a leash on Tobi...He doesn't. He just makes it worse.) Whoops. That got away from me.

So I did a thing and it is all your fault. D:

So, I would just like to thank you all for following me.

I mean, sometimes I’d have to question your reasons, but thank you. I’ve been on tumblr for about a year now, and without all you fucking nerds it wouldn’t have been the same.

To my tumblr friends: @antstepsbooks @theboywhoreadsbooks @chloe-reads @random-stuff-thrown-into-a-pot @booksturnmugglesintowizards @kat-from-minasmorgul @boneseasonofglass @wishful-bibliophile @happybibliosaurus @monsieurbookshire @amberthebooklion, y’all are a bunch of fucking nerds but ily, never change

To all those people I follow quietly from a distance @books-and-cookies @theworldofabookworm @immzies-adventures-through-books @lauraloveschocolate @j-k-reading @rainydayscoffeeandbooks @polarbibliophile @adarlansassasssin @dukeofbookingham uhh hi there, thanks for existing

To anyone else I forgot - I’m sorry, blame the alcohol

and finally, to @breakfastat8willtherebewifi the fact that I’m even on this website is all your fault, wtf dude

Overall, thank you to the mysterious 5k people who have decided to follow me. And also thank you to all the people who have made my last year of procrastination on this website so enjoyable.


Neighbors (10/?)

Summary: Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Part 10 of Neighbors. I want to thank everyone who has sent me messages telling me how much you enjoy the story so far. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

I watched the phone in front of me ring. It was the third time today it had rung, and like the last two times I would let it go to voice mail.

It was Fury. He wanted information that I wasn’t ready to tell him.

Yesterday had been the same. He called three different times and I hadn’t answered any of his calls.

My month was up, and my mission was to be over soon. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t let them take me from the life I had become so accustomed to, not yet.

The front door opened and I reached over to silence the phone as James walked in.

“I think I have everything,” he said placing the grocery bags he was holding on the kitchen table. “I lost the list you gave me, but I memorized most of it.”

I leave the phone on the table and walk over to inspect the contents of the bags. “It looks like everything is there,” I tell him pulling out a few things. “Are you ready to get started?”

“I think,” he laughs. “Just don’t get mad if I do it wrong.”

“Then don’t do it wrong,” I tease. “Its okay,” I laugh. “I’ll be right next to you the whole time.”

We get to work on the lasagna we would be eating for dinner. After making it a few times already in the last few weeks James suggested that this time he wanted to help. After a long speech that the recipe was my very own creation, and was to be shared with no one, I finally agreed to let him help.

“No, that’s too much sauce,” I yell rushing to stop him from adding all the sauce. “You need to spread it out evenly.”

He gives me a playful glare for my scolding, and adds less sauce.

He wasn’t the worst helper I had ever had. Steve had asked to help once before, and that ended with red sauce on the ceiling, and a few choice words from me when it came out burnt from the oven.

“How long do we have to wait,” he asks as I place the dish in the oven.

“Not to long,” I tell him closing the oven. “I’ll set the timer.”

When the food is ready James makes me go wait in the living room while he sets the table. I tried to protest saying that it was my apartment and I should be the one setting the table, but he pushed me out and made me wait for him to do it.

I was mindlessly flipping through the TV channels when James appeared at the doorway leading to the kitchen.

“Finally I’m starving,” I exclaim turning off the TV and standing up to walk to the kitchen.

“Wait,” James says holding one hand in front of him stopping me from going any further. “Close your eyes.”

I stare at him confused.

“Come on just do it,” he says letting his hand fall.

I roll my eyes at him before closing them. I feel his presence closer to me as he stands behind me and uses his large warm hand to cover my already closed eyes.

I felt his warm lips lightly kiss my neck before he gently guided me forward.

“Open your eyes,” he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine. He removed his hand and I slowly opened my eyes.

The room was lit with only the candles spread around the room and on the table. There was a single rose in the center of the table surrounded by the plates we would be eating on.

A candle lit dinner.

“James it’s…” I couldn’t find the words to describe what I felt. It was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me.

He kissed my check and led me to the table where he pulled out my chair for me.

The entire dinner James did everything. He served my plate, poured my wine, and cleared the table when we finished eating. I stopped him when he wanted to wash the dishes by himself, and told him I help make the mess so I would help clean it.

We sat on the couch after finishing with the dishes. We were still continuing our Disney movie marathon, and the hum of The Lion King was the only background noise as we talked.

“Thank you James,” I look up at him smiling. “No one has ever done something like that for me.”

“You’re welcome,” he said looking down at me.

The movie was in the back of my mind as I looked at him watching it. The man I was falling in love with.

He turns to look at me again and smiles at me.

“What,” I ask.

“Nothing,” he shakes his head. “I just never thought that I would fell this way about some one. Not after what I have been through.”

“And how do you fell about me,” I ask a strange feeling in my stomach.

“Like I could tell you anything,” he says with a small smile.   “My past isn’t something I am proud of, and honestly its something I wish to forget.”

I watch him warily, but don’t say anything.

“With you I feel that I need to tell you,” he said taking my hands in his. “To have the heavy weight of my past be lifted and have no secrets between us.”

I was screaming in my head.

“Kat I am about to tell you something, and I need you to keep and open mind about everything until I am done explaining it,” he said looking me in the eye.

I nodded slowly without breaking eye contact with him.

He told me, everything.

I knew most of it from the files I read, but it was different hearing it from him. It made it all more real. This wasn’t just a story, or words on a paper; it was someone’s life.

They way he told me, with regret and sadness, made the words on the papers seam insignificant. There was no way a file could do justice to what he had been through. There was no way anyone could understand the pain and suffering he was put through.

“Kat,” he still held onto my hands. “Please say something.”

What was I suppose to say. He had just told me his darkest secret, and I still held onto mine.

“I understand if you wouldn’t want to see me again,” he said softly. “I wouldn’t blame you.”

I lunged forward capturing his lips in mine and kissed him. He was stiff at first, surprised at what I had done, but soon kissed me back the same amount of passion I had.

“None of it was your fault,” I told him pulling away to breath. I pressed my forehead to his and closed my eyes. “What they did to you. What they made you do. None of it was your fault.”  

I open my eyes to see him looking at me.

“I love you,” he said, his eyes no longer held sadness. “Kat, I am in love with you.”

I couldn’t get the words out, so instead I kissed him again. Trying to show him I felt the same way about him as I put all of my feelings into that kiss.

Part 11