this was all they showed of zayn


*In this post the word SEX will be replaced by “RAMEN” (for the lolz)

Ok, So no one have been talking about this. Even if whoever I asked said he shared the same reaction as me. JIMIN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST YALL. Almost half (8/19) of it is just about ramen, like all kinds of ramen. Does it mean that he “JOAH? JOAH!” ramen that much? But there is more than just ramen. Let’s look at it together: 


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  • Eels - I need some sleep: “I need some sleep .. I’m in too deep, and the wheels keep spinning ‘round. Everyone says I’m getting’ down too low. Everyone says you just gotta let it go”.      
  • Justin Bieber - Mark My Words: “Oh I don’t wanna live a lie”
  • Frank Ocean - Lost:  “ Lost, lost in the heat of it all”
  • Ty Dolla $ign - Never Be The Same:  “ Now I done seen a lot of things. Know the trouble the money and fame brings. This time I swear it’s different. I’m in the right place. I know I’m in the right place” 


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  • Kehlani - You Should Be Here: “Don’t know where you went but you’re lost now“  (2015- I am sure he knew Kehlani only this year)
  • Miguel - face the sun: “No matter where I go I belong with you … you’re the only one” (2015. This one mmm)
  • gnash - i hate u, i love u: “If I were you I would never let me go” I second that. (2016)
  • Chris Brown - So Cold: “Damn, I want my baby back. It’s so cold without her . Cold without her . She’s gone”. (2009-My ghost senses tell me this one was adressed to his first love maybe)

BEING SO IN LOVE: (This one SCREAMS Jikook to me)

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By @mimibtsghost ^^

Rylee is my eight year old sister with bilateral closed-lipped Schizencephaly which causes her cerebral palsy. When she was born, the doctors told us she wouldn’t do anything. She would never make any connections to anything, laugh, roll over, or even smile. She has a limited vocabulary of worlds like momma, good, okay, here you go, cute, cut it out, shut up, kayley, no, yeah, in here, hold on, love you, hold up, rudolph, etc.. She can’t walk yet, either. Therefore, she can’t have hobbies such as softball or anything like that. She made this connection to music though. What we love most about this connection is that it allows her to be like other eight year old girls. She loves all kinds of music, but especially One Direction, Zayn, Taylor Swift, and Luke Bryan. She’s had this connection since she was 4 or 5 and it’s always been One Direction and Taylor Swift. Recently she had a SPNL surgery done in Texas on her hamstrings, shoulder, and her gastrocs. After the surgery, she was in a lot of pain. Nothing could calm her down, and it was hard listening to her cry from pain, I thought maybe if I play I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, it will calm her down. It did, eventually she was asleep. Four weeks later, we were driving down the road (having noticed that she’ll play this song on repeat for hours) it came on the radio, and she became so overwhelmed she started crying. I thought it was cute, so I pulled out my phone and videoed it. Zayn has noticed her, and we’re extremely grateful and excited. She loves zayn so much so could we get her to the Ellen show? #GetRyleeToEllen check out my sister’s BuzzFeed articles for more on rylee: @taylorswift

hello !! i’m making this post since i think a lot of people are confused on how the Met Gala actually works !

Designers buy a table inside the gala for 275,000$. They then invite whoever they want celeb wise to have a seat at their table. When they invite a celeb that celeb has to walk the carpet in that designer dress. Every designer and guest of the designer has to be approved by Anna Wintour. You can not get into the gala unless you have been invited by Anna or by a designer. Last year for example Gigi Hadid was invited by Tommy so she wore a Tommy dress. Zayn was her ‘date’ but he wasn’t invited to the gala. Zayn said he designed his own suit and we all know he left after photos were taken. Thats because he wasn’t actually invited to the Met Gala, he just showed up for photos with Gigi.

So sadly if Louis isn’t there publicly he’s 99.99% not actually there at all. Designers are very specific with who they invite since this is basically just for people to see their designs. Hope that helped everyone understand how the gala works !!


I’m not the only one who remembers Playhouse Disney right? Charlie and Lola, JoJo’s Circus, Rolie Polie Olie, Handy Manny, imagination Movers, The Wiggles, Jungle Junction, Special Agent Oso, Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, Bear In The Big Blue House, etc. Like I’m in my feeling right now you guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Especially over Charlie and Lola, I use to watch that show all the time when I was younger trying to copy their accents, while drinking pink milk 😂😭

I’m more gassed about this video than I was about the Drake and Nicki Minaj video. Because this video, at the video people were actually drinking, smoking and shit, you actually got to have fun. It wasn’t restricted. He’d just walk through you like it was nothing, with Nicki Minaj they had all this security and shit. This video here, it shows that he is just a real, real, real guy, he’s becoming like a legit rockstar, bro. He don’t give a fuck. He’s smoking in his video, drinking in his video, actual breast without being blurred and shit. He’s becoming, so becoming one of my favorite artists. Because he’s just a young guy, he’s doing his thing, his music is chilled like ‘I don’t give a fuck’. He’s turning real dope, bro. And I’m not just saying that cause I was in the video, but like from Pillowtalk to all his other stuff, It’s You, his music is unbelievable, bro. He made the best decision to leave 1D and make a career because his music is fucking hot. I feel blessed to be a part of that video, it was such a good day. I’m more than happy, I love old school filter, it’s just sick, so sick.

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Mind telling me where's that gif from? Where Louis' like "marriage,sex ,everything" THANK YOU! :)

It’s from this Brazilian interview which took place during the “This Is Us” press junket. Begins at around 9:15. 

What’s funny is that Zayn, Liam, and Louis are being shown these pictures of women and they have to choose if they’d date them or run (I know, real classy) 

Anyway, Louis had pretty much passed on all of them, coming up with one excuse or another, and then one pictures shows up and Zayn and Liam say that she kind of looks like Harry and that’s where Louis responds that he’s all for it!

(credit to gif maker)
The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Everyone the One Direction boys have collaborated with on their solo material so far - BBC Radio 1
As rumours swirl about Louis working with Bebe Rexha, we look at the boys' other collabs

Exciting news for One Direction fans: it looks like there’s more solo material on the way from both Zayn and Louis. While Zayn’s collab with PARTYNEXTDOOR is confirmed and dropping “soon”, the Louis rumours all stem from one excitable Bebe Rexha.

“[I just finished a new song] with somebody really big from a boyband,” Bebe told CBS Radio’s Culinary Kitchen. “It’s a really massive record. We just finished it and it’s about to come out in a month or so and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever been a part of in my whole career.”

Hmm. We know what you’re thinking: there are many, many boyband stars Bebe could have worked with. But, when you consider Louis recently followed her on Twitter, and she followed him on Instagram… Yes. All fingers point to a Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha collaboration (we hope).

While we await further news from Team Tomlinson, check out everyone the 1D lads have worked with on their solo material (so far).

(very positive, nice summary that includes everyone)

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Kind of a weird question, but if all the boys had gone to high school together, which ones do you think would have been friends? Or would they have all been in separate friend groups?

I think they would have been in separate friend groups but all interconnected in some way. 

Like Liam is sort of a jock and that’s how he knows Niall because even though Niall’s not even on a team (bum knee and all) he’s somehow always at his rugby practices cheering everyone on as a sort of unofficial mascot. 

Which is also how Niall know’s Harry because while Harry seems to be a sort of social floater, he’s also the school newspaper’s photographer so he’s always taking pictures of practices and games and Niall’s somehow in every single on of them. 

And that’s how Harry know’s Zayn because he has to use the dark room to develop some of his artsier shots and Zayn’s always using the dark room taking naps during his free period even though he told his teacher he was going to work on his art. After Harry and Zayn exchange some friendly conversation about what tattoos they’re gonna get in the future, Zayn will retreat under the bleachers which is how he originally met Louis, the football star and drama student extradtraordinare who can’t be bothered to go to class if it isn’t music, drama, or gym. They smoke together and sometimes Niall will come to join them when he gets bored watching whatever the hell he’s watching. Louis and Zayn would be annoyed by his constant cheeriness and his refusal to partake in smoking (unless it’s of the more herbal variety), but they they sort of love him despite themselves. 

Louis eventually always sneaks away from Zayn and Niall and lies about going to pull a prank, but really he’s off to audition for the musical which is how he knows Harry. They’re in all the shows together and because they’re never up for the same roll, they’re sort of comrades in arms who run lines together and practice the choreography when no one is looking even though they’re both dreadful at it. 

After tryouts for the musical Harry’s feeling nervous because he really wants a good part so he texts Liam, his lifting buddy, to meet him in the weight room so they can lift together like they often do. Liam doesn’t get Harry’s long hair and skinny jeans, and Liam’s lack of proper grammar in texts is appalling to Harry but they get along really well anyway. 

After saying goodbye to Harry, Liam will go home and blow off homework to go next door to Zayn’s who’s his childhood best friend. They grew up together and although they run in different social circles and don’t see each other often at school, they still hang out all the time playing video games and talking shit about how they’re gonna be something someday. 

So y'all really finna let Liam walk around with them ugly chains on knowing he look ridiculous
Like this is a whole new level of culture appropriation not only by the way he’s dressed but he changed his whole dialect when he talks
Like dude we get it you like RnB but come on now this is just one BIG ASS SHIT SHOW!!!

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Lmao @ harry stealing liam's spotlight on this dreaded zexit day (unintentionally obviously but still)


Okay, not really though, I’m not laughing at you. However, the stunts and album releases amongst the members of One Direction couldn’t be more blatantly linked together even if they tried. 

Let’s go back one year from today…

A year ago we were thinking back to a year before THAT day as it was the anniversary of the day Zayn bid everyone fuckin adieu and spiralled this band into a narrative so ridiculous that actually retelling the series of events makes sound it even more insane in hindsight.

SO. The 25th of March, 2016:

Zayn’s album comes out

Louis does a pap walk

This isn’t the first instance in which Zayn and babygate were linked, as Zayn was also the first member of 1D to acknowledge that Louis’ baby had apparently been born, but did it in the strangest way possible via liking some fan’s tweet about it.

There are plenty of other instances in which early BG and Zayn’s album were constantly linked. @mellygrant and I spoke about it extensively here. But that was 2016 and just for reference.

Now here we are in a year we were so optimistic about, but instead of a year free of drama and full of new music, we’re getting a brand new revamp of Babygate, this time with a different member of One Direction. But first, back to Zayn and Louis. 

Zayn’s new album is being released under Sony, which is the parent company of Syco. It’s been vague as hell whether or not Zayn’s Mind of Mine was produced by Syco, but in the early releases of songs on iTunes Syco was listed in the credits of the track. Louis hasn’t made a public departure from Syco and seeing as he’s still showing up on Simon’s reality shows, it’s safe to say he’s still linked to that flaming pile of garbage. 

Even their beards work together, and if that isn’t the biggest, “Hi, I’m a red flag!” that Louis and Zayn’s teams are still working the two of them off of each other, then I don’t know what is. 

Now here we are on the 25th of March 2017, and we have Louis at Ultra festival just as Zayn is releasing his first single from his new album. And just as everyone’s getting all excited for Louis’ performance you have Liam’s IG announcement of the birth of a child via Instagram and I can only wonder to myself why Instagram has to be the place where dreams go to die. Is IG the only way to announce stunts and babies? 

Then MINUTES later, Harry “I love all the babies” Styles not only ignores yet ANOTHER birth of one of his bandmate’s first child, but sends the internet into a frenzy with another heaux aesthetic wiping of all his profile pictures and posting ominous blank white photos again.

And life for a fan of One Direction continues to be a constant stream of wtfuckery.

THEN we get Harry’s dramatic ass advert on ITV

So many questions. Why is he wet? Why is he emerging from what looks like a giant wardrobe? What is THIS

Why is it all smokey? (You know why…)

So now we have yet AGAIN another Babygate/solo album in tandem with each other and I’m just like 

I’m sure if I start back-pedalling enough to look at times when Harry/Dunkirk/Another Man news was concurrent with Liam babygate news there will be some unsurprising links, but I’ve got better things to do like drink and play more One Direction-themed Cards Against Humanity so for now I’m gonna Zayn. 



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If u don't use ot4 or ot5 to denote whether something was before or after Zayn left or whether a gif/photo contains all 5 boys vs 4 because it was after March 2015, then what do you use for tagging?? Or like, if it was up to u what would u want everyone to tag things as?

Oh, it’s much deeper than tagging.  It’s really the issue of the fandom either A) not thinking critically at all, or B) being hypocritical about what they apply logic to.  It’s also about people, no matter what they think happened (Zayn’s leaving wasn’t fishy vs. Zayn’s leaving being super fucking fishy), being willing to immediately believe the worst about someone they should already know the true good character of.

In more specific terms, it’s about the fandom buying everything the media and the narrative says about Zayn without valuing logic and the things Zayn says from his own mouth more.  It’s about fans willfully interpreting everything related to Zayn as negative, deciding they have a grudge against him because of those perceived “slights”, and then erasing and demonizing him in equal measure.

To state a surprising truth, there isn’t a single person in this fandom that believes everything the narrative says about One Direction.  They probably think they do, but they don’t.  I’ve seen people who constantly mock the idea of a narrative or a constructed media image and yet they still push back when the boys are said to be dating someone that’s not confirmed, said to have been rude, said to be doing odd things (sheep placenta facials anyone?), said to have a bad relationship with each other, said to be violent or on drugs, etc.  

The thing is, people THINK they believe everything is simple and truthful, but at a basic level, they have their own beliefs about who the boys are based on what they’ve seen in interviews.  If those conflict with what they’re told, they scoff at what’s being fed to them.

This is fact and yet a large chunk of the fandom had very little problem turning around and believing everything bad the media said about Zayn, even when the things he himself said and did were so different from that.  

“so grateful” and “loved what we did as a boyband”

“I don’t think I woulda done anything different”

“there was no contingency” and “my band’s been really supportive, they’ve been really cool about it”

“it was nice to look back at the memories we shared together” and “ok, you’re saying that” (this requires tone interpretation, but his tone is “don’t agree, yeah, ok, whatever, shut up” rather than “I agree with you and I’m being coy about it”)

“you don’t want to feel that you’re being lied to, not that I was lying, it’s just that them songs didn’t really fit my style of singing, so I wasn’t really 100% confident in the way that I was singing back then”

What Zayn said in person didn’t at all match up with the headlines the newspapers kept running and the words they kept putting in his mouth.

A specific example is this whole thing that people believe Harry and Zayn have a problem when NEITHER. HARRY. NOR. ZAYN. EVER. SAID. A. BAD. WORD. OR. SHOWED, SIGNS. OF. TENSION.  

I can understand believing Louis and Zayn fought a little bit more (even though evidence suggests the Twitter fight was all a planned show), but the only things that ever happened with Harry and Zayn were some BS news articles with no source and Harry making a few jokes about the unnecessary tension and glee the interviewers had when talking about Zayn.

Up until the very last show Zayn was at, he and Harry were acting normal and close. Even after Zayn’s last show, Harry was right there with the other boys in leaving space for Zayn on stage.  Even after THAT, Harry was involved in things that referenced Zayn in a positive way.

(When a fan showed Harry this picture of Zayn in concert)

There is NO basis for believing there’s an issue between Zayn and Harry, yet the fandom believes it because it’s what the press has said.  They apparently want to believe it since there’s been little to no pushback.

This is my problem with group A.

My problem with group B is all of that plus they DO know how to see everything I’m pointing out; they know and they choose not to bother with it if it doesn’t apply to Harry and Louis.  That’s even worse.  There’s no way to miss what’s going on since it’s entangled with the other boys.  It’s even harder to miss since there’s a good core of bloggers here that always gather evidence, do the hard legwork, and make posts about it.  

With the ability to reason, there should only be 2 divisions in fandom: those who believe the narrative no questions asked and those who don’t.  Instead, there are those who believe the narrative no questions asked, those who believe it about some and not others, and those who question and examine everything.

“OT4″ and “all 4 boys” are heavily associated with the erasure of Zayn from the band- even the pre-March 25 band-, the degradation of Zayn’s character, failures of logic, gross hypocrisy, and the diminishment of the amazing bond OT5 share.  

I understand and acknowledge that not all people using it have those intentions or participate in those actions (which is why it doesn’t bother me as much when people I follow and know have good intentions use it), but so many do that it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth every time I see it.  Zayn’s career prospects, personal desires, name, and reputation have been so unfairly and so badly abused that the injustice of it makes me furious. Anything connected to it makes me furious and that’s why “OT4″ and “all 4 boys” has that affect on me.

It’s not something I’m expecting everyone would use, but @paynoisbatman uses “zayn’s boys” when there are 4, or “liam’s boys” if Liam’s the one missing, etc.  It’s a great way of showing that the missing member is still important and is still part of the love all 5 share.  When it comes to “all 4 boys”, you simply have to drop the “all”.  It might take a tiny bit more typing, but it’s worth it to represent the situation accurately and honor the contributions of and bond between all 5.

Hokay So.

For as problematic as the WWF and WWE have been and continue to be, they hire a huge amount of women, indigenous people, and POC.  When they fuck up, they do try their best.  But you wanna know something?

Its not the WWE who are the sick fucks.

Its the white male fans.  Smarks and racist sick fucks.  The people who boo and cuss Roman Reigns and threaten his family when his whole thing is being a man of honour who loves his family most?  WHITE MEN.

The people who support Brock Lesnar even when he fails drug tests consistently (and Roman gets crucified on live TV for his one and only failed test in 10 years), doesn’t follow company safety codes, actualfacts HURTS other entertainers?  WHITE MEN.

The people who give Sami Zayn, a Syrian-Canadian Muslim serious about showing a strong positive representation of faith, unending streams of racist tweets, cruel jeers, and yet more threats?  WHITE MEN.

The people who buy the “genetically superior” schtick for Charlotte Flair while simultaneously ignoring the strong ladies of colour beating the everloving shit out of her (AP English hint: they’re tearing down the idea of genetic superiority)?  WHITE MEN.

The future of the WWE is colourful and diverse because the people who fund the damned thing with their money are colourful and diverse, young and old, all genders, all religions.

They’re not perfect.  They fuck up a lot.

But white men, check yourselves.  You might be powerful now behind your computers and in your seats, but there is a reckoning for those among you who are cruel, who are bullies, who are racists, sexists, deists, and nationalists.  

Enjoy the ride, fuckstains.

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Melly The Sun said that Z2 will come out in August and if I remember correctly in August are exactly two years since Zayn signed his contract with RCA. You think there's some connection?

Ok so don’t mind me, I’m having a real moment over here, because after you said that, all of these dates for Zayn read like standard contract periods and now I’m

So just, bare with me here a minute. INDULGE A HOE, because I’m wondering if Zayn’s contract with Syco maybe-ish expired (and I know this contract speculation isn’t new, but that tattoo coupled with those dates really gave me ho(e)pe). 

A lot of folks have speculated that Zayn’s last show with One Direction was really meant to be OTRA Dubai, given how much it was publicized and how big Zayn’s fanbase is in Asia. That show date was April 4, 2015.

Zayn gets a tattoo on April 2, 2017 underneath his finish line flag and Instagrams it:

 April 2, 2017* is 2 years to the very day from April 4, 2015. 

Other important dates:

July 28 & 29, 2015 - Reports surface that Zayn signed a management deal with Sarah Stennett

July 29, 2015 - Zayn’s signing with RCA is announced (30 days exactly from the end of Q3, which is a standard grace period). 

August 2017 - Potential Z2 album release date as reported by The Sun, 2 years after signing with RCA is announced 

So basically what I’m trying to say in my own windbaggy way is that if August rolls around, and Zayn emerges with brand new management (please), a brand new album, and suddenly starts promoting shit like the glamorous little nerd king boss he is, then I will cackle forever but also take out the celebration snacks.

*I’ve also got Boob Instincts tingling because Harry’s music release date was April 5, 2015, so I wonder if contracts expired for all of them. 

Shout out to the incredibly talented man on SNL. 

The one who dressed as Mick Jagger and stayed in character.

The man who dressed as prisoner and still kept character despite that blasted beard coming off.

To the man who gave it his all performing solo for the FIRST TIME since the hiatus. To the man who sang his heart out for two of his song, songs he had written, to the man that just made every single one of his supporters immensely proud.

We fell in love with you all over again today and seeing you perform live, for the first time in forever without Liam, Louis, Niall (even Zayn) was indeed probably weird, probably hard, but you managed to pull through. You managed to show your true talent and give us an extraordinary performance.

You were yourself. Your quirky, eccentric, hilarious self. Your stylish and outgoing self and I’m pretty sure the whole world fell in love with Harry Styles all over again. I’m so proud of you, your fans are proud of you, your family and loved ones are proud of you because you did it. You fucking did it.

None of this beating yourself up about it, searching for hate and negative comments. You live in the moment and fuck everyone.

We are so in love with you and please, please know that we are proud and that we never ever want to let you down. You deserve the world and beyond Harry.

You Harry Styles, are a natural talent and born a star and this is only the beginning babe. 

Congratulations we love you x

Everytime I doubt Ziam I remind myself of this:

Zayn copying Liam’s NRJ outfit for the AMAs:

Cartier Love bracelet:

the obvious fakeness of all their “relationships” including the legendary “beardy boys” selfie:

I Won’t Mind:

Zayn’s “Liam” tattoo:

Liam’s silhouette on Zayn’s leg:

Louis’ Late Late Show performance with the blue and green lights (seen as Larry proof) changing to red and yellow:

There’s more but I think it’s enogh for now… 

Zayn leaving Gigi’s apartment 30.4 (left hand hidden in the pocket):

Zayn arriving Gigi’s apartment (hand with a red bruise):

Zayn’s hand perfectly fine in 29.4:

This was pointed out to me by Cami. The same way some people don’t like to look at these details, i think it’s important to notice Zayn behaving like this when stunting gets him hard, since 2012 (post1, post2, post3). If his new team was looking for his best interests, things like this wouldn’t happen.
My unpopular opinion: he tried skip Met Gala by pulling the injured foot and it didn’t work. He got pissed… Hand injured. That’s MY opinion. And this is sad af, because he (probably) will appear gorgeous as always at the Met tonight, and this will be forgotten (not by some of us, tho).

Not believing in these “conspiracies” (like some people like to say), will not change the fact this is happening for a long time. Unfortunately. It’s a pattern and his way to say it’s enough.

All i want right now is that he gets to be mia for a little while. Away from any stunt, to recharge himself. And that he can get to start rehearsals for his upcoming shows in Japan. Fingers crossed.
Harry Styles Shows How to Do Florals Like a Cool Guy
The actor and singer proves that a gent’s style can blossom in spring.

Today is a big day for Harry Styles. The former boy bander’s solo single just had its music video debut, plus he’s hit several high notes with his wardrobe in recent weeks, too, elevating modern rock star style in his own special way.

He took things up a notch again in New York today, with a look that was literally in full bloom. While Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, and Zayn Malik have all tried their hand at the floral trend, it’s Styles who, over the years, has successfully pushed the idea to a new place. True to form, Styles offset the graphic nature of his cherry blossom–covered top with the signature pieces he loves best: skinny black jeansand Chelsea boots.

Let Me Kiss You

by @allwaswell16 for @afirethatcannotdie

mature | 3k+ | read here on ao3


Harry Styles is on top of the world. He’s moving to Chicago to live in a kick ass apartment that he’s sharing with his old college friend, Niall. When their old college crew makes plans to hang out, Harry realizes he will be coming face to face with his unrequited crush, Louis. 

          H: Tommo’s?

           N: Yeah. Tommo. Louis. Tomlinson. Are we seriously doing this? You really gonna pretend you don’t know who I’m talking about? Dude I’ve seen you sign ‘Harry Tomlinson’ all over a piece of paper.

          H: That was a long time ago!

           N: So you do know who I’m talking about then

          H: Yes. Just it was a long time ago.

           N: It was 3 years ago not 30 years ago. Anyway I’ll text you the address. Liam and Zayn will meet you there in an hour and I’ll be there as soon as I can.

          H: I can’t just show up!

           N: Why not? He knows you’re coming. See you there. Later.

Happy birthday, Ellie!

Harry Styles - Supports Girlfriend Imagine

[I rather like this one! Hope you do as well! Enjoy!]

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