this was all i read on the internet in 2008

alright y’all i need help if i ever wanna die happy

so there’s this cartoon TV show that my sister and I used to watch probably around 2008/2009.  We didn’t watch it enough for me to remember the name, but we watched it enough for me to remember it every few months.  I cannot remember the name for the life of me and it’s ruining my life.

SO basically the cartoon was about a black cat that made monsters.  That’s all I really know, but I remember the entire plot of one of the episodes.  I’mna put it under a read more, but please if you don’t know what it is reblog this.  I have searched the entire internet for this and it’s ruining my life

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anonymous asked:

If there is a Mulan live action I do hope it's an all Asian cast. I do prefer if it's an all Chinese cast though because I'm a little iffy about other POC playing Chinese characters. However, I'll be impressed to see an all Asian even if it's not all Chinese actors/actresses

honestly, given what disney has already done to mulan in the animated film as well as through once upon a time i’m absolutely NOT looking forward to any live action version, even if it has an all-asian cast (which…i honestly don’t see how they can do it any other way tbh like you’re not telling me there were white ppl in the northern wei dynasty that is not a thing).

it just seems really Extra. there are dozens upon dozens of really top-notch chinese/hk/tw/sg adaptations of hua mulan, the most recent film of which starred a-list chinese stars (chen kun, zhao wei, jaycee chan, hu jun). i don’t see what the point is of adapting hua mulan yet again (there were two mainland adaptations of mulan in the summer of 2013 alone there is no want of nuanced portrayals), except to milk her like a cash cow and to impose a western understanding of her story. are people incapable of reading subtitles or something?

if there is a need for a new live action mulan (which i can tell you with absolute certainty, having sat through all 48 episodes of 花木兰传奇, that there is not) i don’t see why it has to be a western adaptation, i really don’t. 

the animated hua mulan was important because it was released prior to the widespread use of the internet to transmit information, and during a time when we saw very little of ourselves in mainstream media. now? the 2008 version of 花木兰 is subbed and up on youtube, and the hou mengyao/dylan kuo version is up and subbed on viki, and you can find lady general hua mulan w/subs almost anywhere. what is the need for white people to tell our stories for us?

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