this was all i could think of during his number

Last night I read some articles about solid light, slowing down light and possibly completely trapping it inside crystals as well as light teleportation through quantum entanglement and I just wanted to say that if Feanor was the greatest scientist of the elves, then his silmarils are a plausible creation, which might not take as much effort as you may think.

Not going to try to explain how he could have done it on his own, but since a source of light is needed, it got me thinking about the number of silmarils and the number of lights he had available during the year of the trees. Therefore, I am pretty certain his silmarils were not all the same - I think he saturated one with the light of the Golden Tree, one with the Silver Tree and one with the mixture of their lights.
So they had different colour.

At least to me it seems like something he would do. Why make three otherwise - he could just make one, if he wanted only the light of the trees intermingling.

Not to mention, Feanorian lamps - same principle I think, just a different light was captured inside, most likely from a weaker, more mundane source, something easily accessible, and the crystals into which it was trapped were subpar to the ones he used for the silmarils. He might have even used some mined from the earth - simple silica crystals.

I reckon it took him more effort to prepare the purest, most brilliantly cut gemstones for his silmarils than to fill them with the light of the trees.

Those are my thoughts :D Now I’d like to see some real-life silmarils, but I’m afraid science is only going to use these techniques to make faster computers. Oh well, maybe it’s for the best :D

I admit that although the fandom has achieved some big things during it’s time I thought getting Jensen to number one would be beyond us because it’s a HUGE deal and there’s so many big name artists out there and here’s our little unicorn rock star with his whiskey and chocolate voice amidst them all singing his heart out to ‘Simple Man’.

I didn’t think it could be possible until I saw that #getjensentonumber1 had been trending on twitter already, until I saw a post that said he was at no.30 in the itunes Rock Genre chart before most of America was fully awake, until I listened to the whole song and realized all over again how beautiful and soulful his voice really is.

Now I’m wondering…maybe we could pull this off. What an amazing thing to give back to him in return for what he’s shared with us.

We can at least give it a good fandom try.

So spread the word. Reblog. Tweet the hashtag Jason Mann’s came up with in support of his buddy #getjensentonumber1 and download ‘Simple Man’ from ‘Covers with Friends’ now, available on itunes and amazon.

Jason Mann’s whole album ‘Covers with Friends’ is awesome by the way.