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when a game’s lowest difficulty setting is “normal” instead of “easy” and you’re a fake gamer that’s big scared of combat

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What in the world is tribetwelve

It’s a super great webseries created by Adam Rosner. If you’ve heard of Marble Hornets, it runs along the same genre vein as that. If you havent, they’re a part of the Slenderverse, which is a group of webseries (that sometimes crossover just for fun) surrounding the Slenderman mythos. Each have their own little side monsters and lore, and it gets pretty creative.

TribeTwelve follows the story of Noah Maxwell, who starts the YouTube channel for a class project about the Twelve Tribes of Israel. However, the project is soon cancelled by the teacher, and Noah decides to turn the channel into a dedication channel for his cousin Milo, who recently committed suicide. But in the videos he uploads documenting his and Milo’s friendship, he starts to notice some… strange things.

Channels like this tend to start in a similar way to that. But that’s about where the similarities end.

TribeTwelve is pretty unique in that the main character, Noah, is very aggressive. At least in the beginning. He’s the only character in the Slenderverse that I’ve seen try and bring a handgun to an extradimensional eldritch horror. There are “Fuck” compilations on YouTube putting together how many times Noah has said fuck in the face of danger. TribeTwelve definitely has the strongest language out of all of the webseries I’ve seen. But his “fight me” attitude makes the series super enjoyable and actually kind of funny, along with tragic and scary.

As the series goes on, Noah becomes more and more broken, though. He’s in a very bad spot currently in the story, and it really makes you feel for him.

Another thing that makes TT interesting and unique is its lore. Noah encounters this thing called the Collective, which is a group of……. time demons? I’m not sure we’ve fully discovered what exactly they are yet. But they’re freaky. They also have a tendency to possess all of Noah’s friends and family. And… sometimes Noah himself. Without any spoilers: Firebrand is actually one of the most intriguing characters I’ve ever come across. His reveal was so satisfying, and he’s badass. I love him.

So… possession, demons, cults, time travel, dimension hopping, eldritch abominations, spirit breaking…. TribeTwelve is a wild ride. It’s one of my favorite webseries ever. There’s also a TT twitter which posts some story stuff, as well as such gems as “do you think being stalked by an eldritch horror counts as a pre-existing condition?” But it’s not necessary to follow to get the story, as anything notable that happens there, Noah usually goes over in his video.

I didn’t mean to go into such depth about it, but I just,,, I love TribeTwelve. I always say that if you’re going to get into the Slenderverse stuff, start with Marble Hornets. It is very straight forward and only includes one monster (unless you count the proxies), and the story is very easy to follow. But TribeTwelve is definitely one I’d recommend to anyone, regardless.

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Spirited Tarot Challenge Week 1: Absinthe

This is a 6-card spread used to reveal situations or realities you would not normally have seen, and advise you on how to move forwards in the future. 

1. The situation you see (”Illusion”)

2. The situation beneath (”Taboo”)

3. Something to watch out for (”Allure”) 

4. The thing clouding your vision (”Trickery”)

5. The positive potential future (”Euphoria”)

6. The negative potential future (”Misfortune”)

This design is for the Spirited Tarot Challenge. It’s meant to emulate both a faerie (the centre pair is the body, the 4 outer cards are the wings) and an absinthe fountain (the centre pair is the fountain holding the absinthe, the 4 outer cards are cups to be filled).

How to read:
Read the sideways card as you read your primary language (e.g., English is left to right, so left is up and right is down). You may read 3-6 in whatever order you desire (whatever suits your “Whimsy”!); the current order was inspired by the experience of getting progressively more drunk ;P   

Now the personal event that inspired this…

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list 5 things you like about yourself:

  • my ability to see and understand multiple sides of an event. i was raised to consider what might be motivating another person to react the way they are; i rarely take other people’s emotional responses personally and can get along fairly easily with even the most high-strung and intense personalities. (because, to be honest, other people’s emotional responses are way more likely to be due to what they had for breakfast or the fact that they argued with their mother last week than anything you did.)
  • my fingers! i’ve long fingers and really nice nail beds. like, the sheer surface area for painting my nails and the fact that my nails grow super fast and rarely break makes it actually enjoyable to wear nail polish.
  • i can read (and comprehend what i’ve read) pretty quickly.
  • i’m not afraid to make a fool out of myself if it’s in the name of having fun.
  • my ability to put a sentence together.

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The Home Farm Raid [20.11.2014]

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christmas in theory is fun but it’s never actually all that enjoyable tbh. you spend like 2 months getting super hyped up and then it actually happens and it’s just underwhelming. kinda like my birthday, I get real excited but it always somehow ends with me crying alone for reasons i cant remember

For me i used to want to like it like when i was a little kid but then it just… got so so bad bc of money issues and shitty parents and basically it just makes me think of family fights and depression and bad memories and like… same with birthdays honestly like i kinda hate celebrating both of them i just hate seeing christmas stuff everywhere it feels like ppl rubbing it in my face that ive always had bad experiences during christmas

-mod Casper


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Hey guys, I wanted to ask you all for a favor! This girl, Vanessa is the cutest tiny little girly girl ever, she is super sweet and her videos are actually super funny and her accent is like so enjoyable to listen to. She is also part of our fandom, she is a Nate girl, so trust me she knows what all of you are going through as his girl. 

I would love and appreciate so much if you would give her a chance and watch her videos, subscribe. We are a family and family helps each other right? :)