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Toriel requested by @frozenhaart! to be entirely honest, i dont really know how to draw tori XDD this is actually the second time i drew her with watercolor~ the first one was long looooooong ago and it took me forever to figure out her face XDD But seeing the comparison between both of them, i kinda improved a little bit on tori’s face and hands and im really proud of this piece! ^^

Understudy - Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Summary: Based on a request I received, reader is the first female to play Alexander Hamilton, but is an understudy. Lin gets sick, giving Jasmine a great opportunity to make her feelings obvious to the protagonist.  

Warnings: Few swear words, allusion to smut. 

Word Count: 2,315 (I planned this way shorter and it just EXPLODED)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - Okay so I know I just gave you a prompt a little while ago (and it was amazing btw. You’re great man!!) but like Jasmine man.. Where like a girl plays Hamilton for the night and they kiss and it leads to more and ends with like half naked cuddles???

A/N: Okay so I SUCK majorly because I haven’t posted in forever because my writer’s block has been absolutely killing me, but here is me delivering on a request that I got embarrassingly long ago, I am so sorry it took me so long. This helped me push past my lack of inspo, so I’m ready for the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon! 

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The truth is, it was hard being Alexander Hamilton. Actually, to be more specific; it was hard to be the first female playing Alexander Hamilton. The idea itself had been a rock thrown into a pool of still water; plenty of ripples were created. The enthusiastic fanbase that had grown into a cult following of the musical had mixed feelings about this. Some were ecstatic. Others were less impressed.

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That Twenty One Pilots Dude (Josh Dun)

I am so sorry this took me so long to complete, I got sent this request a long long time ago and it has taken me so long to actually come around to doing and I apologise for that I am useless.

 I hope you’re ok that I changed the request ever so slightly but it still is practically the same :) 

Words: 2,300+


I walk down the cobbled streets which seem to go on forever as I do my daily trek to work. Its a rather cold winters morning in Ohio today making the route to work unbearable as I use all my efforts to try not to slip on the thin layer of ice that seemed to have formed over night.

The ice was just another inconvenience for me that morning as i was already extremely tired from the night before. My friend Megan had come round as she had the night off of work and wanted to see me and I had not seen her in ages. We sat on the sofa caught up on eachother lives and drank wine together, this lead to Megan starting to talk about a band she was interested in that she was recently introduced to. As Megan is a lightweight and was by now pretty tipsy she was slurring her words when she was trying to speak however I managed to pick out that the band was called Twenty One Pilots, and amongst the drunken chats she was showing me pictures of them. I am not completely certain that I fully remember what they looked like however if i saw them again there is a high chance that I would be able to recognise them.

I arrive at Ember, the small coffee shop that I work in, I love it to bits, it’s warm cosy and the coffee they sell is honestly some of the best I have ever had. I push open the wooden door and walk in causing the bell to ring above the door notifying my manager Ella I have arrived for work.

“Hello Y/N, the shop opens in 5 so for the time being could you put these out for me thanks.” Ella ushers me to put a few more things on shelves before the shop opens.

“Of course” I reply and potter around the coffee shop and make sure that it is ready to open. 

It has been a rather busy morning of regulars coming in and grabbing their usuals as well as some new customers coming in and out and trying the varieties of pastries we have laid out as well as the relaxing coffees. I am pleased to look at the clock and see that I have 20 minutes until the end of my shift and look back out at the shop and see that it isn’t half as busy as it was earlier, I am thankful for that.

I see that no customers are waiting to be served and no one has walked in so I walk over to the side and pull out my phone. This is something that I am able to get away with sometimes if it isn’t busy and if Ella doesn’t see me. I was growing curious about these Twenty One Pilots guys and give in and decide to look them up and see what the big deal was with them. First of all I go to google images and see these two boys one having bright red hair and piercings and the other had a shaved head however you could still hair in his head and be able to tell that it was brown. they’re pretty hot I can see what Megan sees in them. I continue to scroll through the pictures on google images and see that One of the boys which I found out his name to be josh changed his hair colour quite frequently. And the the other boy was called Tyler and he was the lead singer and the only singer in the group. 

I was pulled out of my trance when I heard a coughing come from other side of the counter. I quickly shove my phone in the pocket on the front of the apron and walk over towards the counter. 

“I am so sorry, what can I get you?” I ask not yet looking up from my apron, most likely coming across even more rude than I was already seeming. 

“Its alright, um can I get two coffees please with milk” 

A/N I don’t know all the fancy names for coffees that they usually do at these shops i’m sorry but you can just imaging that they bought some fancy ass coffee or somethings 

I finally look up at the person who just spoke and see a handsome looking man with vibrant red hair looking back at me. A/N I know Josh now has yellow hair but this was set when he still had it red. His red hair standing out in the small coffee shop. He had a nose piercing as well as a tattoo sleeve which I immediately found attractive, he stood about 3 inches taller than me and glanced at me with his honey brown eyes.

“Yeah sure” I reply with a smile and he gives me the money.

I turn around and make the drinks and realise that I was just speaking to Josh Dun that Twenty One Pilots dude. Crap, I hope he didn’t see me staring at pictures of him and his friend on my phone. As I continue to make the drinks I decide in that moment that i am not going to tell Josh that I recognise him and I have a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, I do not call myself a fan as I haven’t even heard any of their music all I have done is google them and see that they were a couple of hot guys. Also another reason being that Josh is a famous guy so he proably has fans recognising him all the time and if i was the guy I would like a break and not want to be recognised for just once.

I have made the drinks and I go back to hand them over to Josh however he is hesitant to take them thats when he looks up at me slightly nervous.

“Um, Y/N do you have break coming up or the end of your shift soon?” He asks biting his lip slightly, a nervous habit proably. I try to hide the pink blush thats creeping up on my cheeks when i realise that he has looked at my name tag and then asked me.

“Actually yes I have my break in like 10 minutes” I say smiling back at him.

“Ok I was wondering if you would like to maybe go for a walk or something” He asks but straight after he said the words he bites back down on his lip.

“Yeah I would love too” I say but this time i dont even attempt to control the blush that i know is forming on my cheeks. 

“Ok great, I will be sitting over there on that table when your shift is done just come over I guess” He says smiling in relief.

“Yeah sure” 

Then he walks away back to the table him and his friend are sitting at I can only guess is Tyler. But as he is walking away I cant really help myself from staring at him as he walks away. He was even better looking in real life than he was in the photographs.

During the small amount of time that I had before my break with Josh I continued to prepare drinks for people and serve them food but not without flashing the occasional glance towards Josh at his table. A couple of times we made eye contact and smiled at eachother but then i was sure to carry on with my work. the quicker I was done it felt like the quicker I could get out of there.

If was finally time for my break and I was ecstatic that I was going to be spending it with Josh. I take off my apron and put my black jacket on as it might be chilly out there walking with Josh and I stroll over towards the table that him and his friend are sitting on. 

As I am walking over I see his brown haired friend and we make brief eye contact. He nudged Josh’s elbow notifying him that I was making my way towards the table.

“Hey Y/N” Josh greets me after he turns his body slightly so he was facing me properly. 

“Hi” I reply smiling towards the two boys.

“Y/N this is my friend Tyler, Tyler this is Y/N” I took this opportunity to take in Tyler’s appearance. He was wearing a black Adidas Jacket and black ripped jeans accompanied by some white trainers. His brown hair had seemed as though it had recently been shaved off though you were still able to see it. He was a smiley boy who seemed to radiate joy and happiness, I can see why these two would appeal to people visually as well as for their music. 

“Hello Y/N it is nice to meet you” Tyler introduces himself to me.

“Nice to meet you too Tyler” I smile back at the boy and turn back to look at Josh.

Josh stands looks at me and smiles then turns to his friend.

“Right Ty we will be off, I will catch you later man” 

Tyler and Josh exchange their goodbyes and we walk out of the door and we are immediately hit with a chilly breeze. I shiver slightly and out of the corner of my eye I can see Josh smiling at me again.

We have been walking and talking for 5 minutes now and we have come across a small abandoned park that has some swings as well as other things their for children to play on. However, it appears that me and Josh both have the same idea as we turn to look at each other then nod towards the swing set, we walk towards the swings and sit down on them and continue to make conversation.

“So yeah I moved here from New York with my family about 4 years ago now. I love it here in Ohio but for me its not the same as New York, I guess I am used to the busy streets that never sleep at night and the hustle a bustle of city life. But you have been there before haven’t you, both you and Tyler” I continue, however before I realise what I have said it is too late, I had slipped up, I had let him know that I knew that he was in a band.

But I was surprised to see that when I looked over after I had made the error that Josh wasn’t in the least bit angry in fact he was smirking at me.

“Y/N, how did you know I was in a band?” He was teasing me now he knew that I had slipped up in our conversation and he seemed to find the whole situation amusing as he sat on the swing moving slowly backwards and forwards with his hands in the small pockets of his ripped jeans.

I then explained Megan and what had happened only the night before when she came round telling me all about him and Tyler however the alcohol that had been entered into our system seemed to have stopped me from remembering practically all of that information apart from their band name.

“So after you had ordered your drink I had decided that I wasnt going to tell you as I am sure you got it all the time people coming up to you and recognising you. Also because I don’t see myself as a fan as I only found out about your existence last night, I haven’t even listened to any of your music yet, and if i were to approach you I would have no idea what to say.” That last part earned a chuckle from Josh’s half.

“Thank you Y/N, I mean I do get quite a few people coming up to me sometimes so it was nice to speak to someone who sees me as Josh Dun, and not Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots.”

I smile back at him understanding completely where he was coming from and I am thankful that I had made the right choice about not telling him that I recognised him as if I did I might not be here now talking to him.

“Josh if I had told you that I had recognised you in the Coffee shop would you have asked me to go out for a walk with you?” My curiosity was getting the better of me and I had to ask.

Josh looked down at his feet in front of him for a second he seemed as though he was nervous. Then he finally speaks up.

“I think I would have, even though you may have recognised me I don’t think I would have forgiven myself for letting someone as beautiful as you go without even trying to talk to them or give them a chance.”

What Josh had said had caused me to blush extremely hard and I let my hair fall in front of my face in attempt to conceal it from josh.

Josh walks me back to Ember as I still have a few more hours working there before the end of the day, but just before I walk through the door he speaks up.

“Um Y/N I really enjoyed it today and I would really like to get to know you better so I was wondering if I could get your number?” He asks biting down on his lip again, nervous again. I smile up at the red haired boy

“Yes of course, I enjoyed it too” I say now not even trying to conceal the blush on my cheeks from Josh who was typing away his number into my phone.

“Talk later yeah?” He asks optimistically as I turn away to go into the warm comforting coffee shop.

“Yes Josh, talk later” I say opening the door to be greeted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee, one of my favourite scents. 

Throughout the rest of the day I was unable to clear my mind of thoughts of josh and I was looking forward to the next time I would be able to see him.


BTS Idol Crushes

HEYY!! It’s been forever and two days since I’ve posted ANYTHING and I had mad this a loooooong time ago so I just thought I’d post it because I’ve felt so bad about not posting anything. I will have some requested reactions and outfits up very very soon (probably later on tonight actually!) so look out for those. I hope y'all like these sets!

I’ve been in a big rut recently, lost my drawing mojo or something. Being re-reading The Hobbit* at the moment, I challenged myself to draw some fanart. I started a big piece, got discouraged, didn’t finish it. Started a second big piece, got discouraged, didn’t finish it either. So I thought I’d start smaller, with just a character.

…Although I’ve been a big Tolkien fan forever and The Lord of the Rings changed my life almost 20 years ago, I’ve never really drawn art of it. I always thought I wasn’t good enough for the wonder and beauty of Middle Earth… still think it, actually. I’m not really happy with this drawing. But I’m afraid that’s the best I can do…

…anyway, please feel free to request other Tolkien characters, though I can’t guarantee anything good…

(*but in Swedish, this time. I don’t understand everything, but I know the story inside out anyway. Since somehow I ended up with a Swedish boyfriend, I’m trying to learn his language. Det är inte lätt)


So a while ago someone requested photographer!kook and I decided to combine it with the social media AU and that sounds really fun so I wanted to do it today, here is the second half of the Busan line, an actual bub with the cutest smile like when his face scrunches up a bit and his eyes do the thing and it’s just so cute, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This is gonna be a mix of college student!kook and photographer!kook and also Instagram!Kook 
  • An art major with a hobby of photography
  • He’s forever in the art building, painting is his thing but sometimes he does quick sketches
  • That’s one of his things he likes to do, sit down somewhere and just sketch everything he sees bc taking pictures is a bit too obvious people tend to notice when he’s sitting there with a big ass camera in his hands taking pictures of everything
  • But sometimes when it’s a less busy day, he’ll bring out his favorite camera and just snap away
  • He would prefer digital over film
  • Unlike Yoongi, he prefers a more modern approach to it, he’s already busy enough with his classes and his art and his job, he doesn’t have time to sit there and develop film by hand and fiddle around with the printing process
  • He likes being able to just take the pictures, get them onto his computer and then edit them if he wants or just leave them be depending on how much time he has on his hands
  • Plus there are some really nice cameras nowadays and he has this system where he puts a lil bit of money from every paycheck into a jar and saves up for a new camera or a new lens or anything like that
  • He loves taking pictures of everyday situations but in an artistic way
  • Like he’ll be on a train or a bus and he just takes a picture of his reflection in the window with all of the other people in the background
  • But he always makes sure to hide his face with the camera or take it at an angle where you can’t see it
  • Has a popular instagram of all the photos he takes around Busan but no one knows it’s him bc he’s never posted a picture with his face in it
  • Never adds captions onto any pictures besides the location of the picture and the date it was taken like the only thing he’ll add is “5:00 bus 01/02”
  • Some of his close friends like Tae or Jimin bring up the account and are like dude this guy looks just like you and he just laughs it off
  • You were the only person who actually knew the man behind the camera/phone in all of the pictures
  • Occasionally, he would get you to be in the picture too (making sure your face is hidden too bc that’s the whole theme) and his arm would be around you most of the time, like around your waist or over your shoulders
  • There’s this one picture (it’s actually the most liked picture on his account) where he’s got you in his arms and he’s getting you really tight and his face is hidden in your hair and in the background are all the other people on the train but they’re kinda blurry bc obviously the train was moving so the camera wasn’t perfectly still
  • And the entire thing just makes it look like you two are the only ones in the world in that moment and it’s really cute and simple but sweet
  • He also takes a lot of shadow pictures and you’re featured in those the most
  • Those are the ones where he’s holding your hand while taking a picture of your shadows on the sand of the beach
  • There are also just some body shots here and there like pictures of his feet as he’s walking somewhere or his hand holding a cup of coffee with the simple caption of “essay due tonight”
  • He does love to take pictures that don’t make it to instagram and probably never will bc they hold a special place in his heart and he wants to keep them private bc he wants to be the only one to see them
  • Like a picture of you opening gifts on your birthday or getting your first puppy with him or pictures of you two cuddling 
  • They just make him smile every time he sees them so he hangs them on his wall but he never publishes them
  • He does let you take pictures of him but he gets shy when you compliment him on how good they turn out and he starts giggling bc oh my god you think he looks good rn (even though he always does let’s be real here) 
  • There’s this one photo that sends all of his followers wild with how cute it is and it doesn’t happen for a few years but it eventually does
  • It’s this picture of his hand holding yours and it shows off the new engagement ring and all the caption says is “said yes 3 a.m. 11/12”

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aah!!! this is my first time ever requesting a headcanon and im a little nervous ahah so im really sorry if your requests are suddenly closed or something haha but can you do a headcanon about credence being in a relationship with a reader who listens to heavy metal? ahh gosh this is really weird but i would really appreciate it if you would do it! I'm also sorry in advance if you aren't able to do it or this isnt just your type of thing :) i totally understand 💕

omg hi, babe, i know this is from forever ago, but i’m finally getting a chance to actually look at what’s been requested rip,, this isn’t weird at all, and i’m absolutely down to give this a crack!!

  • he’s taken with you when he first meets you but doesn’t know quite how to place what that means
  • you just have a quiet intensity that he can identify with and that he appreciates greatly
  • he tends to think of you in soft colors and loves how you make him feel that he doesn’t have to say anything if he doesn’t want to and that you’ll get him anyway
  • so imagine his shock when he hears your music through the wall, drumming causing the walls to rumble and bass causing the floor to pulse
  • not to mention the voices, so loud and present and unlike how you yourself are (or how you present yourself around him)
  • he isn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, since he’s just listening through the walls, but he wants to find out
  • after all, it’s you who’s listening, and at this point, he’s accepted his crush on you and knows he wants to Understand
  • he wonders if you’ll hear his knocking on your door over the music
  • you do
  • when you open the door, you smile in surprise at credence, and he hopes he hasn’t interrupted you or anything, but you just invite him in, so he supposes he hasn’t
  • he asks you about your music, so you explain to him
  • what it means to you, who your favorite bands are, who is currently playing, etc etc
  • credence finds that he doesn’t mind it so much now that he sees the light it puts in your eyes when you talk about it
  • he also admires your expression when you listen to it, how the music seems to take you over and it’s all you can pay attention to
  • he visits your room every day after that to talk to you about music and listen to whatever songs you recommend or put on
  • he especially likes when you explain why a certain song is important to you, since it often means you share a pretty private piece of yourself with him that most people don’t know
  • it makes him feel special
  • he also finds he especially likes the lyrics–they tend to have a weight to them that he really likes and feels give voice to some things he hadn’t been able to express
  • it’s during one of these Music Conversations that you admit your feelings to him, leaving him dumbfounded
  • but he’s sure to confess that the feeling is mutual
  • so music is really the thing that brought the two of you together, giving you a link and a means to express complex/heavy emotions that are hard to bring up casually
  • music was just how you two really got to know each other
  • so credence ends up having a soft spot in his heart for some heavy metal

so my first place winner for my giveaway from like forever ago, sollux-your-captor, requested eridan and sollux being nerds. with a little help from my lovely catto, i ended up capturing them as sleepy tired nerds in front of a fireplace with cocoa

tis the season to be bitch lil dorks

hopefully this is ok ;3;“

happy holidays to everyone!!! <3

Sometimes, Maribelle takes her boys to go shopping with her. 

A request from @mahwaha from like FOREVER ago, when she won a thank-you-for-the-followers raffle! I finally got around to finishing it. I actually haven’t gotten to many of Maribelle or Henry’s supports yet–too busy trying to see all of Female Robin’s supports with everyone else!! Gaius is great though, since I actually…didn’t kill him on this second playthrough LOL. 


ok so this wasn’t on my list, but it was requested a while ago and i recently got inspiration for it. so, this will probably be another series (that i’ll finish perhaps ??)

anyways….. enjoy! this is the first part of coffeshop!17

  • so jeonghan’s family has owned this cute little cafe since like forever so he’s pretty much grown up running around the shop being helpful and occasionally stealing pastries when the employees weren’t looking
  • once he actually started “working” at the shop everyone loved him because he’s really personable and sweet to the customers
  • esp the older women and teenage girls
  • he’s really oblivious though, so he doesn’t notice all the phone numbers scribbled on the napkins that are given back to him
  • or if he does find them he’ll give them to jun like “i think these are for you” and jun doesn’t say anything but is secretly like r e ally
  • but yeah jeonghan is an A++ barista and probably the most helpful person working there
  • he usually does whatever he’s asked when it comes to the cafe because he likes to help out in any way that he can, so he’s usually stuck training the newbies and taking the shifts that no one else wants to work
  • really close with the cute lil waiter jun and flirty cashier seungcheol
  • jeonghan is sorta the middle man when it comes to them though?? like their personalities are very outgoing so jeonghan has to be like “chill” when they’re all together
  • his uniform is always really neat except for his name tag which can never seem to stay straight… it’s always so crooked
  • once hoshi told him customers were leaving because they kept finding hair in their drinks and he got so embarrassed
  • no one ever saw him with his hair down again rip
  • always really graceful and calm behind the counter, even when the whole cafe is in chaos during rush hour
  • very very smiley all the time (which attracts more customers)
  • overall just great for business
  • sooo ok the first time you met jeonghan was outside the cafe. he was running late and you were walking super slow with your face glued to your phone and……..… you know what comes after that
  • you didn’t realize you crashed into an actual person until you opened your eyes and jeonghan practically had you in his arms
  • both of you sorta stood in that position for a few seconds until you were like !!!! what o m g ! because he was super attractive and holding you so close
  • he apologized like fifty times afterwards and even offered to buy you coffee but you kinda brushed him off because he interrupted your mobile disney movie marathon
  • but he was also v v cute and made you all flustered a few seconds ago so you eventually told him it was ok
  • a few days later you had to start your new job at this really quiet and cute cafe despite knowing nothing about working in a coffee shop
  • aside from that u found out that it is a really cool place to work and you quickly become friends with the other newbie mingyu
  • after working at the cafe for like two weeks you notice how much the other employees talk about how amazing the owner’s nephew is and you’re honestly so confused because you’ve never seen this “angel barista.” does he even exist???
  • anyways because you’re a newbie who has no say whatsoever your schedule got changed around so that you’re working some of the cafe’s busiest hours (also due to the fact that you embellished a little too much on your application)
  • you met jeonghan for the second time when you started working during rush hour and you kinda freaked out a little after seeing him
  • but he didn’t seem worried about it and all he said was “ah……you look familiar.” when you guys met again and you were just like ??? what ?
  • your first day working rush hour was really chaotic and every time you turned to look at jeonghan he was so calm and you couldn’t believe it hOW did he do it.……… but once he saw that you were struggling he tried his best to help you and kept asking if you were ok,,,, you can do the tables if you want
  • is surprisingly patient with you………… like he didn’t even get mad when you broke the blender
  • everyday he asks if you need him to walk you home but you always say no because you can’t !! you get really awkward around him and being alone with him would be too much
  • one day it started raining really hard after your shift and you tried your best to stall after you clocked out because you really didn’t want to walk home in the rain. jeonghan noticed and was like… do u want me to walk you home and being a scaredy cat you said no,,, it’s fine you’ll just end up getting wet too BUT SURPRISE he has an umbrElla. you couldn’t say no to that so you guys walked home in silence for like the first five minutes until jeonghan started talking to you about the cafe……… the convo got deep really fast bc jeonghan brought up the fact that he really wants to become a singer but he has his family to worry abt and you told him that u weren’t sure if your advice would help him since you’ve never been in that situation before
  • he was like no!!! i really value your opinion !! with that smile of his and you sorta just melted right there
  • after that you didn’t say no to him walking you home again
  • you didn’t really notice but he was v v protective over you when you guys walked… like he would casually switch places with you if you were walking too close to the street and if it was raining he had to bend down a little to stay under his umbrella because he was holding it closer to your height than his
  • as the two of u get closer he starts complimenting you often.……… but they’re always really subtle and out of the blue which leaves you v confused all the time
  • you’re always hanging out w jun and seungcheol now bc apparently “they come with jeonghan, deal with it”
  • BUT IT’S SECRETLY BC THEY’VE DECLARED THEMSELVES JEONGHAN’S WINGMEN and they have to make sure he’s not being weird around you but they’ll also awkwardly leave you and jeonghan alone at random times ????
  • oops the secret is out jeonghan likes you
  • and he’s always tripping over things when you’re not looking bc you make him CLUMSY
  • once at the employee picnic jeonghan kneed you in the stomach while you were playing soccer and he spent the next two hours apologizing and checking up on you
  • also the employee picnic was the first place he tried to confess to you… it was when you were cleaning up and he suddenly got really serious so you asked if he was fine and he opened his mouth to say something but mingyu came in like HEy guys wh- o shit and jeonghan didn’t talk to him for like two weeks
  • the second time he sorta confessed to you was at the cafe where two high school girls kept trying to get his attention by “accidentally” spilling their drinks or getting a water cup fifty times. they eventually just went up to him and started talking (u were listening in tho dw) like two minutes into their convo you got bored so you stopped but all of a sudden one of them asks if jeonghan had a girlfriend and he was like no, i don’t. then the other one asks if he likes anybody. he didn’t reply immediately so you subtly peeked up at him and when you looked up he was staring RIGHT at u looking straight into ur soul or sum and just went “yes, i do”
  • you avoid him for the rest of the week bc what was he thinking??? how could he do that !! to yOu!
  • he confronts you about it with a box of heart shaped cookies (jun: “hyung this plan is foolproof she’ll totally fall for you, i made these cookies with loove) and actually manages to get a confession out before you get the chance to tell him off abt earlier
  • you accept the cookies but you tell him that he has to make you coffee if he wants you to accept his confession as well
  • he does it in like .03 seconds and at this point you’re a smiling mess because you happen to like the sweetest boy in the world (and he likes you too)

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I’m glad you liked it!!!

feel free to send in more orisa requests-

hi babes! so recently someone asked me if I had any good 5sos fic recommendations and I realized I haven’t made a follow forever in a really long time (I think the last time I made one was a year ago yikes). I hit 9k a while back but I never did a proper thank you sort of thing, so I’ll do that now: honestly I am so blessed that so many of you deem my shitty blog worthy enough to follow and actually enjoy reading my writing. Thank you so so so much to those of you who take the time to send in requests or nice messages it really does mean a lot:-) I also figured it would be a good opportunity to share some of my fave writers and fics with you guys because there are tons of super talented writers here and I want to share them with you guys! 

some shout outs (as per usual):

@pfftclifford Lauren! Girl I love you and I’m so sad that we live on opposite sides of the world from each other. But you’ll always hold a special little place in my heart because you were my first internet friend ever, you’re rad dude!

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Mall Rats - Part 7

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Steve

Word Count: 1008

Requested by: @thesprintersoldier

I found your account earlier today and I fell in love! I think “Mall Rats” is really creative and a great idea! I’d like to request a store, I was thinking build a bear would be really cute. Maybe, Steve and Bucky can make the reader a bear or they see that the whole team has their own each personalized bear. I actually seen some avenger bears there not to long ago!

A/n: I have decided to continue the series for sometime longer. So please send any requests you have!  Tagging is also still open!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

You were walking past Forever 21 when a dress in the window caught your eye.   You had to try it on.  Turning to the boys you let them know you were heading in.  They diligently followed you into the store.    You managed to find the dress you saw in the window as well as a couple others as you made your way to the fitting room.

You tried on the dress and you weren’t sure it the color was right so you left the fitting room to ask the guys.  The sight that met you had you shaking your head.  Steve was leaning against the wall his head hanging, in his hand your shopping bags hanging loosely.  

Bucky was sitting on the one chair that sat outside the fitting room.  He had his head leaned back against the wall and was sighing every few seconds.   You looked at both of them and coughed to clear your throat.

“What do you think?” You ask giving a little spin. Both men look at you and give you smiles.  Steve holds you at arm’s length and gives you a heart melting grin, “You look beautiful.”

Bucky give you a wink and says with a pleading look, “It looks amazing on you. Can we leave now?”  

“Why don’t you guys head to the sports store next door I will meet you over there.”  You concede giving them a grin.  You head back in the fitting room to try on the rest of your clothes while the two men headed out into the hallway to find the sports store.

As the two men were heading to the sports store, something caught Steve’s eye.  He stopped in his tracks and looked in the window of the store.   In the window were teddy bears dressed like the avengers. “Buck check these out!”

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i’ve really been in the mood for writing some polyamory lately, and with what’s been on my dash, i felt like this was a good time to do it. this is my first time seriously writing a pairing with more than 2 people involved, so please feel free to give me constructive criticism on how to improve in the future if i did anything poorly. 

it’s very mercy-centric, just fyi. 


angela sees fareeha amari for the first time when fareeha’s 12 and she’s 17. she’s been at overwatch for a few months when ana brings her daughter to work–her nanny was sick, and since ana was just doing paperwork for the day anyway, it was easier to bring her along.

angela, long before she became the graceful guardian angel of overwatch, was a teenager with balance issues and insecurity over her weight, who dressed in baggy clothes underneath a lab coat. she nearly bowls fareeha over and spends a solid three minutes stammering apologies and helping her up under the watchful gaze of captain amari. she thinks that little fareeha looks a lot like her mother, but she has softer eyes.

angela scurries off, busy with work, and fareeha watches her leave before ana’s gently pushing her towards her office.

angela sees fareeha for the second time when she’s lying in the middle of the typical omnic-human warzone and wondering if it’s time for her to just. stop. she could heal herself—it’s a gunshot wound through her middle, and if she would just pick up her staff and click it on—

but she’s tired. has been tired since overwatch fell, since no one would take her into their research programs when dr. ziegler was synonymous with “overwatch’s nanotech research department” for years, since she has been offering her assistance to only the most desperate, because that’s all that would accept her help in the aftermath

(she’s been tired since all of her friends scattered to the wind and she was left alone and had no idea where to go or what to do.)

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anonymous asked:

Could you write about that one headcannon you had where Gray is uncomfortable with hand holding and pda in general but natsu does want to so they end up fighting. Natsu wins and Gray ends up actually liking it

So, I don’t expect any of you to remember, but when I hit 160 followers I said I’d celebrate by writing the first request that was sent in (I celebrate the most random numbers on my follower count).

Well, this is the request I ended up with. Do you know what I discovered that night? Fight scenes are difficult af to write. I am SOSOSOSO sorry, anon. I got this request 300+ followers ago. I finally finished it. I hope you get to see it!

It’s my first time writing two characters actually fighting, so please go easy on me 😅 (also, if anyone wants to IM me tips on how to do this better, I would love you forever).

— — — — —

“Ooh! There!” Natsu pointed to a food cart enthusiastically. “Let’s try that one! Come on, Gray.” Natsu laced his warm fingers through the chilly ones of his boyfriend and tugged him forward.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming, Flame Brain. You don’t have to tow me along.” Gray tried to pull his hand back, but the grip around his fingers tightened. He held back the sigh that wanted to hiss out of his lips. He knew Natsu loved holding hands and cute little kisses in public and all that romantic crap, but it really wasn’t Gray’s thing.

He was a fairly private person. Beyond that, the stares they got were kind of embarrassing. He didn’t give a shit that people knew he was into guys. It was more the fact that people were analyzing him as a boyfriend when it was none of their damn business.

“I’ll try one of your number 3 combos, extra spicy.” Natsu smiled up at the woman servicing the cart as if she were some goddess. The smile that split across her face was huge. Gray bit his lip. His boyfriend did have a pretty contagious grin.

“And for you, sir?”

“Hmm?” Gray looked up at her. “Oh! A… number 5, thanks.” Gray dropped Natsu’s hand under the pretense of grabbing his wallet. “I’ve got this one.”

Natsu’s face visibly fell. He’d only gotten to hold Gray’s hand for a couple of minutes. He was always doing that. After two or three minutes, without fail, he’d just let his hand slip out of Natsu’s and shove it into his pocket or scratch at the back of his head. Natsu knew he wasn’t the most affectionate person, but damn. Would it kill him to just hold the dragon slayer’s hand?

A pang of guilt stabbed at Gray’s chest and sunk to his stomach at the put out look on his dragon’s face. He quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking before he leaned forward and planted a kiss on Natsu’s cheek. He wasn’t expecting the irritated growl he got in response. ‘Fuck. I’ve pissed him off. Again.’ It was gonna be a quiet meal.

* * * * *

It took Gray over an hour to get Natsu to forgive him.

Unfortunately for the ice mage, he managed to get back into Natsu’s good graces and tick him off again all within a 10 minute span.

“Every time!” Natsu raged. “Every single goddamn time!”

“Natsu, I didn’t mean to let go. My hand got sweaty!”

“You’re so full of shit! You just hate holding my hand when we aren’t alone!”

“Do not! I just –”

Natsu cut him off, “That’s it. Get your ass outside.”

Gray’s train of thought came to a screeching halt. “What? Why?”

“Because we’re gonna fight.” Natsu’s fists clenched.

“Natsu, you’re really mad. What will that even solve?”

“It’s going to solve our problem. If I win, I get to hold your hand whenever I want for as long as I want.”

Gray eyed him curiously. “And if I win?”

“I didn’t think that far. I don’t plan on losing this one. But if you win, by all means, you can set your conditions.”

That left him in a tricky place. He didn’t want anything that would hurt Natsu’s feelings. He considered forfeiting the fight before it started. That is, until he looked around and saw the entire guild watching their little interaction. He could already hear the stupid remarks he’d get for giving up so easily. Fuck that.

“You’re on. Let’s go.” Natsu didn’t need to be told twice, he was already halfway to the door before the last word left his mouth. Gray should not have been surprised that every one in the guild followed them outside to watch.

The fire and ice mages had fought countless times over their lives. Gray had seen Natsu gear up more than usual a handful of times but this was different. He looked focused, pissed off, and determined.

Natsu’s fist ignited and a smile spread across his face. “Ready?”

“Ye– wait. We’re going to use magic?”

“I told you, I don’t plan on losing. That means I’m going all out. I expect the same from you, Ice Princess.”

Gray smiled for the first time since Natsu challenged him. “Bring it on, Ash Brains!” His fist met his open palm by his left hip. “But don’t expect me to go easy on you just because –” he looked up from the position his fingers had taken to find Natsu full on charging at him.

“Fire dragon iron fist!” He hit Gray square in the chest, sending the ice mage hurling backwards.

‘Shit, that hurt. He wasn’t kidding about going all out.’

Scrambling back to his feet, Gray launched his freeze lancers at the fire wizard. The smug grin on Natsu’s face was downright irritating. The dragon slayer raised his hand, a rope of fire forming in his grasp.

“The fuck is he…”

He started swinging his arm in a circular motion Gray could have sworn he’d seen before. “Way to go, Natsu!” Lucy cheered as his fire clashed with spearheads of ice, sending them flying to the side or outright destroying them.

That’s where he’d seen it! With Lucy’s fleuve d'étoiles… he was using his flames like a whip!

Gritting his teeth, Gray shifted his stance before Natsu could wipeout the last of his attack.

“Ice make cannon!”

He couldn’t help the satisfaction that warmed his chest when his ice pelted into Natsu’s torso and knocked the wind out of him. The fire wizard looked up at him with a shit eating grin.

“Ice make impact!”

Natsu barely managed to roll to the side before the ice came slamming down with a thunderous crash. Gray launched attack after attack as Natsu ran back his way. The dragon slayer dodged almost all of them, only to have Gray’s saucer smash into his rib. The devil slayer was not surprised when Natsu pushed through it without even flinching.

“Fire dragon talon! Claw! Crushing fang!”

'Those are gonna fucking bruise.’

“Ice make –”

“Fire dragon ROAR!”

The ice devil’s dark blue eyes widened in a moment of panic and he changed form, “shield!” He threw the barrier up just in time and watched as flames blew around the sides and continued behind him.

They were so much hotter than usual; fire born of Natsu’s determination and passion never failed to impress.

He could feel his shield starting to give way. Steam hissed all around him as the ice began to melt. Gray heard the slayer sprinting over. Natsu leapt on him, taking advantage of the smoke and fog of steam to rain punches down on the dark haired man.

Gray blindly swung back, only landing a few hits of his own before Natsu pinned his hands down.

The fog cleared, the smoke rolled out, and all Gray could see was a bruised up fire mage beaming down at him. “I win.” He breathed, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth.

Despite his exhaustion, Gray’s pride screamed at him that the fight wasn’t over, that he could get back up and keep going. But if Natsu won and it made him happy, what did Gray really even lose?

“Yeah, yeah, don’t let it get to your head, Ashes.”

Natsu released his hold on Gray’s wrists and threaded their fingers together. “Too late.” He murmured before pressing his lips to his boyfriend’s.

The kiss was just as intense as the fight and soon Gray’s head was swimming enough that he was able to ignore the cheers and wolf whistles that would have had him pulling away otherwise. He could get used to this for Natsu’s sake. He’d move freaking mountains if it meant the dragon slayer could be happy.

* * * * *

“Che, grabbing my hand again,” Gray scoffed when warm fingers slipped through his own, “we’re only going to be walking for 5 minutes, Flame Brain.”

Natsu stuck his tongue out at him, “You like it.”

He did. He loved it. It was rare these days to not see the two men holding hands as they walked around town or sat in the guild. His palms were now accustomed to the warm presence Natsu provided, and he would never tell him this, but when it was gone, he missed it, even if it only lasted a few moments before it was back again.

“Tch.” Natsu had turned him into such a sap. And he didn’t mind one bit.