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what did u think about keith this season :0?


ok ok so spoiler warnings for season 3, pls don’t read if u haven’t watched it yet!!

First of all, I MUCH rather prefer keith’s leadership over shiro. The reason behind that is, is that while shiro is clearly the better leader overall, keith is more active while shiro is more passive, and honestly in media it’s usually the villains who play the active role while the heroes just react. So it’s really fucking refreshing to see someone who’s actually ACTING and constantly on the move.

I know he’s FAR from a good leader and his dumb behavior in the first few episodes was really fucking risky and caused a lot of damage. But he’s j u s t starting out and also dealing with the loss of the most important person in his life, so he’s clearly not in the best emotional state. If he manages to deal with his emotions effectively and gains closure on…a lot of things, I think he’s more suited to lead voltron.


The keith angst was strong in ep 1 and 2 but then for the rest of the season he just looks sad or tired or frustrated without letting out much emotion and that breaks my heart more?? Like he loses a significant person in his life, gets thrown into a role he clearly doesn’t want or is ready for, FINDS SAID PERSON AGAIN EXCEPT SURPRISE!! IT MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE HIM!!! and then this fucking fake shiro proceeds to say a few sweet words to keith, asks keith to lead the paladins on a mission, AND THEN PROCEEDS TO BUTT IN EVERY CHANCE HE GETS TO OPPOSE KEITH AND REMINDS KEITH HOW INCOMPETENT HE IS AS A LEADER!!! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK??? (i hate new shiro so fucking much like. idk who he is but he needs to le a v e and real shiro needs to come back asap)

Just. Keith needs to let out his emotions in a healthy way instead of just short bursts of anger. He’s not doing okay at all and he’s the saddest we’ve ever fucking seen him and it’s making me sad too binch. He needs to stop internalizing everything and really needs to open up or I can see him heading for an emotional melt down and I don’t wanna see that happen to him

tbh i think the long and deservedly lambasted “woe is me for i am Plain and Uninteresting” affliction of YA heroines has been replaced with “woe is me for my personality is Edgy and therefore i will never be loved unlike my sister Sweethot McSlutpants who will get ten pages of screentime but our relationship is Complicated and Important, I swear”

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you said you were working on reading 10 trans and wlw books this year but you didn't mention what they were!

THAT WAS REMISS OF ME, because so far they’ve been mostly friggin’ awesome: 

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie ♥ (wlw 1/10) – light sci-fi, light dystopian, LESBIAN MOTHERFUCKING PIRATES!!!!!!!!
  • This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel ♥ (trans 1/10) – this is what I was reading when I made that post, and it ended up being the borderline-literary, adult fiction, family + trans kid saga of my dreams
  • Luna by Julie Anne Peters (trans 2/10) – old enough to be considered a Classic of the very small, very niche genre, but is now suuuuper dated compared to everything else on this list (that possibly makes it required reading, tbh) 
  • Beast by Brie Spangler ♥ (trans 3/10) – I absolutely loved this book! it’s ANOTHER boy meets girl ~*~with a secret~*~ (i.e. she’s trans) book but actually really refreshing and lovely 
  • Coffee Boy by Austin Chant (trans 4/10) – this is more of a novella than a novel and also NOTHING HAPPENS but it was still cute
  • We Are Okay by Nina LaCour (wlw 2/10) – a lovely, quiet, sad-but-hopeful book (in which the protagonist just happens to be gay)
  • The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson (trans) – I’m not counting this towards my goal of 10 because it’s a memoir by someone who’s married to a trans man rather than A Novel About A Trans Person, but it was a really great read!
  • Days Without End by Sebastian Barry ♥ (trans 6/10) – one of the most fulfilling Book Surprises of my life was realising that Thomas is trans!!! the cherry on top of an already stunningly beautiful and moving novel 
  • This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp (wlw 3/10) – I wasn’t mad about this book, but two of the POV characters are lesbians who’re in a relationship with each other (and iirc they’re the only relationship in the book) so it counts I guess 
  • Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest (trans) – this poem is trans in a THE GODS HATH TVRNED ME INTO A WOMAN way rather than a regular trans way, so I’m not counting it, but it was ELECTRIFYING and I loved it 

sportacus taking robbie to a pride parade and robbie starts crying out of happiness because he finally feels comfortable and accepted

one of my favorite things about my hero academia and mob psycho 100 is that they subvert the “children aren’t seen as children” trope

it’s a popular cliche in action/drama manga for adults to involve what are essentially still young adolescents and teens in very dangerous, very heavy situations and expect them to just…not cry, not feel anything, not be fucking kids about it. these middle school and high school children are supposed to risk their lives, watch their friends die, fight enemies much older and more experienced than themselves, all with dry eyes and a solid resolve

mob psycho and my hero avoid these tropes with characters like arataka reigen and inko midoriya. 

in mp100, during the first major arc of the series, the esper kids were in the middle of facing a team of adult espers. reigen was the one to step in and basically say, “you guys know you’re fighting fucking children, right? like…you grown-ass adults are having a serious fight with middle school kids.” and he assures the young teens that he should be the one to take care of things bc he’s the adult.

in bnha, deku’s mom is seen as comically overprotective, but like…she’s just being a mom?? like i’m sure a lot of people were annoyed that she almost prevented izuku from dorming at UA because she was too worried about him, but if you really think about this, she’s completely justified. she’s seen her 15-year-old son break his own limbs, rendering his body bloody, bruised, and completely uselesstime and time again, as well as a fellow child abducted by villains while under the supervision of that very same school. what fucking mother in her right mind would allow her child to move out and permanently dorm at UA after experiencing all that??? she eventually concedes but like!! still!! she’s totally right! she’s a mother! she’s supposed to be concerned about her son! 

it’s crazy how desensitized we’ve become to parents not acting like parents in shows like this (or parents being absent altogether, ‘cause, y’know…angst and whatnot). like, yeah, i get that a large portion of it is wish fulfillment aimed specifically towards adolescents who want to escape the mudanity of dealing with nosy, overprotective parents and get to see themselves as heroes who don’t cry and blah blah blah, but still. 

it’s just really refreshing to see parental figures in anime actually…be parents once in awhile, y’know?



i had a bizarrely wholesome dream about kylo ren last night. he turned up at my door and said, “can i come in? everyone in the galaxy is trying to kill me.” and i was like, “oh sure, sure, dude, but this isn’t a fanfiction, we’re not gonna have sex or anything, just gonna make that clear right off the bat.” and he went, “oh, that’s fine. i have crippling intimacy issues anyway, so i’m kinda glad you said that lol” and then we high-fived and ate biscuits

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

@imjustalazycat HEEEEEYYYY I love your Shattered comic and although Swapfell Papyrus is brilliant, COULD WE JUST TAKE A MINUTE TO APPRECIATE YOUR VERSION OF BLUEBERRY?! It’s really refreshing to see Blueberry actually being dangerously powerful whilst still having innocence and a kindness about him. DON’T GIVE UP ON THE COMIC PLEASE I’M ADDICTED AND THINK IT’S AMAZING!😄🎉 (drawn on the sketchbook app on the iPhone)

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Hello! Do you mind doing some Headcanons about Princess Zelda, Link, and the champions (old and new) reacting to jumpscares in a spooky haunted house?


- for the most part, unfazed (at least in the beginning) but towards the end, when the actors bust out the real spooky tricks, she FINALLY gets scared

- u’d think she’d either run or kind of cower in fear, but nope! initially, she gets afraid and upon reflex she’ll cover her face, but after she realizes what happened, the actors get lectured…yikes



- he’s tense as soon as they walk in but he’s Too Cool to let the others know that

- “i’m not scared– DARUK WAIT FOR ME– psh this is no biggie”

- he screams like a girl


- she wasn’t afraid at all!

- she lives next to a lynel and her biggest fear is losing her friends, this was nothing

- mipha’s super badass anyways she’s sweet n shy but she’s hardcore don’t fw her


- he really enjoyed it!! he made some new friends!

- he’ll get scared each time, but then he’ll compliment their skill and timing, shaking their hands and everything

- “AH!! ohhh haha! you really scared me! hello! i’m prince sidon! i’m champion mipha’s younger brother! i invite you to our domain!!”


- he couldn’t enjoy it as much as he wanted to bc link wouldn’t let go of his arm, but that isn’t to say he didn’t have a good time

- the actors were…terrified of him so they left him alone for the most part, but the veteran actors definitely tried their best to scare him

- they failed


- he’s not ashamed to show that he’s afraid. he was the one of two who voted NOT to go to a haunted house and go see a movie instead

- screams the WHOLE time and thanks to him, only daruk heard link’s girly screams

- he was so scared that afterwards he was on edge until he was in his own bed


- L M A O I AM DYING at the idea of revali BOASTING about his rock solid mental stability “it’s just a stupid play house for kids”

- this is probably one of the few things he and link agree with. “uh, i didn’t hear him scream, did you hear me scream, revali?” “no, i don’t believe i heard you scream either, link”

- anyways have u ever heard how loud a hawk/eagle’s cry is when within a few feet? it’s loud


- he was the other one who voted against the haunted house

- he found it was quite a crowd and didn’t particularly have a good time but he did get some juicy stories about revali to tell his wife

- he notes to himself that he wants to take tulin here one day


- thought the idea was super fun and she had a good time!!! mom finally takes a break n has fun read all about it

- she got startled a few times but she wasn’t embarrassed about it like revali or link

- she actually laughed a lot it was really refreshing for everyone, herself included


- this cutie was so anxious on the way there she brought her stuffed sand seal plushie

- it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be!! it was really fun to her

- she also really enjoyed seeing everyone laughing and screaming (specifically urbosa)

-mod makar

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can i ask how you memorize solubility rules? i learned it way back in 121, but didn't really use it for 122 and now that it's the end of the semester, everything's kind of hazy. we're at Ksp and quantitative analysis so it's becoming important again and i could use help refreshing myself!

Wikihow actually has a really easy way of memorizing the solubility rules with acronyms “NAG SAG”, “PMS”, and “Castro Bear”  which stand for the soluble compounds and exceptions to those rules.

N: Nitrates = soluble with anything 
A: Acetates = soluble with anything
G: Group 1 elements = soluble with anything
S: Sulfates = soluble with some compounds
A: Ammonium ion = soluble with anything
G: Group 17 elements (the Halogens) = soluble with some compounds

P: (Pb) Lead
M: Mercury
S: Silver 

All the “PMS” ions are not soluble with group 17 elements or sulfates 

Ca: Calcium
Stro: Strontium
Bear: Barium  

and all the “Castro Bear” ions aren’t soluble with sulfates. 


Carbonates, Chromates, and Phosphates are insoluble with all compounds except for Group 1′s and the Ammonium ion

Hydroxides are insoluble with all compounds except for Group 1′s, the Ammonium ion and “Castro Bear” ions

3x03: Bon’s Midnight Screechings


[typos will abound]

  • That dame Blanche reference in the previously-on gave me legitimate chills. GIMME THAT WITCHY GOODNESS
  • I AM INORDINATELY EXCITED ABOUT THE SMOKY TITLE CARD!!!!!!!! Look at this good canon-nod doggo!!!!

Boston, 1956

  • Frank’s Full English breakfast. Statistically proven to be 99% less filling/fulfilling than Jamie’s Ginger Snaptacular variety 
  • The attire for all Randall breakfasting is : Tennis Whites 
  • …not gonna lie, Frank looks hella cute, as far as Frank goes 
  • In all seriousness, I LOVE Frank’s genuine laughs. Very warm and lovely
  • Awwww, Claire asking frank out on a date. That’s so sweet. 
  • “…I’ve seen them both” 
  • “we agreed we were free to”  To WHAT NOW>>>>>>>??????

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i’m going to be honest, this was literally one of the best things to ever happen in an anime. their relationship is so healthy and realistic and its actually treated seriously. its not used as a gag or bait to lure in lgbtq viewers, the series lets it develop along with the plot in a way that is so perfect and it


this normalizes same gendered couples and takes these kinds of relationships away from simply being a “weird sub-genre”. it’s proper representation, i really hope other production companies decide to follow in these footsteps. i don’t think i will ever be able to shut up about this

"Rough Work" a Carl Grimes X Reader Smut

You sat on your couch in your shared house in Alexandria. Talking to your friend Ron while your boyfriend was out working with his dad, Rick. You weren’t too fond of being in the house alone, but you didn’t have much of a choice considering everyone volunteered you to watch Judith. Who was certainly sleeping. So, like most days, Ron came over. Someone who Carl wasn’t too fond of. You figured that a little jealousy wouldn’t hurt anyone. Then again with Carl who knows..

You sat near each other on the couch laughing about something Judith had done earlier today. Though Ron’s voice seemed to be in more of a flirty tone. You didn’t pay any mind to it though. All you knew is you loved these little moments filled with laughter, something Carl hasn’t been able to give you since the walls needed to be rebuilt. But you still loved him no matter how busy he were to get. Though you did miss him a lot. His kisses, his warm touch, the way he looked at you with that stunning smile of his. Maybe that’s why you were hanging with Ron more then usual. To get Carl’s attention. You knew he was busy but he needed to know that you still needed love too. Not just a glance before bed.

As Ron scooted closer, acting as if he was about to make a move the door opened. Revealing a hot sweaty Carl who looked completely drained from the heat and hard work. Your eyes shot to him as a sad smile formed from your lips. You hated seeing him like this, he didn’t deserve it but it was just something that had to be done. He took off his hat and went to walk for the stairs when he saw you and Ron. His eyes narrowed and filled with anger. His hands turned into fists. Showering and sleeping was no longer on his mind. Beating Ron to death was.

“What’s going on here?” Carl asked. His eyes forming a glare at Ron. “We were just talking.” You spoke up as you crossed your arms. The way Carl nearly walked right past you after not seeing each other all day but only stopped because Ron was near, kind of pissed you off. Ron on the other hand looked slightly horrified. “Yeah. Don’t mind us. Go about ignoring (Y/N).” Ron spat. You had told Ron about how you felt. Which now you began to realize might of been a mistake. “Excuse you?” Carl stepped forward. “You heard me” Ron stood up as if ready to face Carl. “Oh please both of you calm down. You’re worse then Judith.” You huffed. “You need to go, Ron. before I make you leave.” Carl spoke with rage trembling within his voice. “Well you’re gonna have to make me.” Ron crossed his arms. “Guys c'mon” you stood up. Knowing Carl would actually most likely end up beating Ron. “First…You invade my home…Then you wheeze your way into a ‘friendship’ with my girlfriend.. Now you’re flirting with her while I’m out working my ass off?!” Carl grabbed Ron by his shirt and shoved him against the wall “H-Hey not my fault she needs a real man in her life” Ron grinned. Carl raised his fist ready to kill Ron with a thunder punch. You ran over “Carl Grimes!” You yelled for him to stop while grabbing his shirt. He grinds his teeth while backing up then shoving Ron towards the door “Get out.” He told Ron with a warning tone. Ron didn’t think twice before turning around and quickly leaving. You sighed and rubbed your face with your hands “Carl…We weren’t doing anything. You know I would never cheat on you.” You turned around to face the stairs. Feeling offended that he would think such things you went to walk up the stairs. Only to be stopped by his arms gently wrapping around you. “I’m sorry…I know you wouldn’t but it’s just…I’m not your only choice anymore…” he said while nuzzling your neck sadly. Your heart broke hearing his saddened voice. You turned around and wrapped your arms around him, lovingly and comfortingly. “Carl..I never dated you because you were my 'Only Choice’. I dated you and continue to because I love you. And only you. You’ve given me a life worth surviving for. You’re my everything” You said as you gently brushed the little stray hairs out of his face. Your expression soft and loving and his turning relived and happy. “I…I love you (Y/N). So fucking much” He said as he pulled you into his chest. His embrace tight and packed with love and protection as he nuzzled your hair “And..I know I can have a temper sometimes…But I never mean to hurt you…But with Ron I just-” He stopped and sighed. “I just don’t trust him…The thought of you having someone else like we are together…I just can’t stand it. I hate him. I hate when he’s around you. I hate his stupid fucking face and the way he looks at you - a-and the moves he tries to pull on you!” He slammed his fist against the wall in pure anger. Your eyes widened at his sudden outburst but at the same time, you understood him. You hated when any other girl was around him. Because even though he didn’t see it, you saw the way they looked at him. And you hated them to death for it. “Love…” You whispered softly as you moved to be in front of him. He hung his head low in shame of what he’s done. “Honey I’ll never love anybody but you. To be honest i don’t really like Ron. He was just someone to hang with while you were away…And plus…He made you jealous…So how could I resist the teasing it would bring on” You smirked as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He slowly looked up at you through his sweaty but still amazing hair with that devilish grin of his. “All this for a tease?” He asked. You replied with a simple nod and a lip bite. “You know how I handle teasing, (Y/N).” He spoke in that deep dark voice you knew all too well. His lips brushed against your neck as he pressed you against the wall. You couldn’t help but grin knowing this was going to get you exactly what you wanted. What you’ve been waiting for. “Actually I don’t really. Maybe you could..I don’t know…Refresh my memory?” Before you could even finish your sentence you were being carried into the kitchen with your legs around his waist and his hands on your ass to hold you up. He sat you on the counter and you squeaked in surprise while looking down at him only to see him aggressively whipping off his belt and tugging down his pants, leaving his tightening boxers. You bit your lip in excitement at the sight of his growing boner. “Then let me-” He gripped your thighs tightly and pulled you against him “Refresh that memory”

With a wink before you knew it your clothes were off and tossed around the kitchen along with his. His lips attached to your neck, sucking and leaving 'You’re Mine’ marks all over. You moaned as you reached down to his boxers, palming him through them causing him to let a moan slip through his lips. You grinned to yourself. You kept one hand down there playing with 'him’ as the other felt around his body. You slowly lowered your lips to his neck. Deciding to leave your own marks on him. He bit his lip as his grip on your one thigh tightened, the other in your hair. His brought his hands to play with your breasts, kneading and squeezing them causing you to moan into his ear. His lips lowered to them. He took one sensitive nipple of yours into his mouth, sucking and licking on it within his lips. You arched your back in pleasure. That was enough teasing. “C-Carl please…” You started. “J-Just…Fu-” Before you could finish he ripped off his boxers and pulled you closer. “Baby girl you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. Begging will only make it rougher for you” His lips brushed across your neck as he spoke. His breath rolling down your neck. Your eyes fluttered shut hearing his voice in such husky tone. One you’ve missed. His one hand gripped your thigh again, tugging you even closer as the other positioned his rock-hard on to your entrance. He thrusted through your soft folds, getting himself ready with your juice. Feeling his huge swollen tip push against your sensitive clit was nearly enough to put you over the edge. Especially the fact that he did it twice and slow. Your hands found their way to his shoulders, one gripping his shoulder the other in his hair. Your forehead rested against his as he slowly thrusted into you. You always loved the feeling he gave especially in these moments. The way he filled you, the way he stretched you out, it was all so rememberable. You took in a slow deep breath as you adjusted. As soon as he saw you were ready, he pulled out, tip just barely staying inside. But then he thrusted back in. The sound your skin made when it came in contact with his echoed throughout the house. You moaned loudly and in shock at his sudden movement. Thinking he was only going to do it once, it definitely caught you off guard when he continued to go just as rough. Causing you to scream his name in pleasure. “They need get it-Through their thick skulls - that you’re mine!” He said with a loud grunt. You moaned to his words. Your grip tightened on him, your face nuzzled deeply into his chest. When the knot began to tighten in your stomach you knew just how close you were. But Carl had a different idea. He pulled out and put you on your feet. His hands gripped your hips as he turned you around and slid into you from behind. You both moaned deeply, loving the position. You gripped onto the counter as you let your head fall down and the pleasure take over. His rhythm continued. He would pull out to the tip and slam right back in. Going so fast you barely felt him pull out at times. His grunts and moans got lower and deeper as he got grabby. His one hand slid down in front of you. Rubbing that very special spot as his other hand went up and gripped your neck, pulling you back against him. He began kissing your neck and down your back. Leaving more bites behind as well. You weren’t used to him being so rough. Usually he was gentle and afraid to get too rough. But tonight he wasn’t. His middle finger rubbed vigorously on your clitoris. You continued to scream in pleasure as did he when you both heard the sudden click of the front doorknob. Your heart wasn’t just racing with excitement it was now racing with fear. If Rick-Hell anyone was to find you two like this you were both dead. You started to freak out and tried to climb away from him. But he spun you around and wrapped your legs around his waist, reentering you instantly. You moaned but also knew you both had to make a run for it.“C-Carl if they find us like this we’re dead!!” You warned him in a rushed yet quiet tone. “Nahuh. We aren’t done yet” He replied in that husky tone that you loved so much. Just as the door started to creek and foot steps were heard he gripped you tighter and ran into the pantry, never letting his member leave you he quickly shut the door quietly behind him before he slammed you against the wall with love. His hands slid down to your ass where he gripped you tightly and began to make you bounce on him. You squeaked while rewrapping your arms around his neck. The thrill of nearly being caught excited you yet almost made you fear for your life. But Carl was not done yet. “Carl? (Y/N)? You in here?” Your eyes widened hearing Rick call for you both while entering the kitchen. You nuzzles Carl’s neck, knowing he wasn’t going to stop. But you didn’t want him to either. “What the hell…” You heard Ricks voice from the kitchen. You knew both of yours and Carl’s clothes were scattered around there. “Fu-Fuck you’re so tight- (Y/N) I-I’m cumming where do I-” You cut him off, slowly leaned closer so your lips brushed against his ear. “In me” You whispered. He slammed his hands against the wall, pushing even deeper inside you and hitting your inter sweet spot head on. You tried to hold back but failed and screamed out his name. He dug his fingers into the wall paper as his seed of love split within you. His moans were just as loud. Which told Rick and everybody where you both were. But in this moment, neither of you cared. “CARL! (Y/N) GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW! BOTH OF YOU ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE!” Rick shouted. Carl started grinning as he panted against your neck. “I’m deep but not that kind of deep” He whispered to you. You giggled and rested your forehead against his. “I love you. And every way that we are deep.” You grinned. “I love you too. And this is my favorite kind of deep.” He grinned back as he captured your lips in a loving kiss.

Did this boy drive you crazy? Yes. Were you probably going to get murdered by Rick? Mmm yeah. Was the love of your life’s kid just planted inside you? 100%. But all that mattered was that he is yours. And you are his.

💫~“Rough Work”~

{This was requested by: Anonymous. Written by: Me!}

{I just want to say a quick thank you to the requester and every follower I have for sticking around and that I deeply apologize for the long wait. Each and every one of you are special to me, I never imagined my stories would get the love that they have. I never abandoned this blog, posting has just been slow. Too slow. And that I apologize again for. Stories will very much still be continued though!}

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