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Ooh! It worked! I didn’t expect that at all, actually. What a nice thing to wake up to!

23. Do you research things in your story? If so, how? – Uh, not really, no. Typically I’m writing about things I make up on the spot that adhere to rules that don’t apply in the real-world. If I am ever finding myself writing about something that does require a little technical expertise then I, uh, I might google it. But that does mean I’ve gone far outside my comfort zone. My comfort zone being my own head and what’s already in it. I’m aware this is awful form.

14. What do you include in your character descriptions? – Like? Physical ones? I don’t actually really ever describe characters. At all. Though I’m trying to move away from this because I know it’s bad and people like these sorts of things. Short story characters get nothing because they’re A) Basically just me grappling with an idea and B) Disposable meat puppets unworthy of description. Longer story people (like the folks in Cold Hard Hugs or Proper Schooling, say) I try to at least give a vague impression of what they look like, even if it’s one thing. I don’t like describing people…

10. Do you write more guy or girl characters? – Good question. In short stories (for reasons mentioned) they tend to be male if they’re human at all. In longer things I try to be more evenly split. I’m not a particularly diverse writer because I live in constant terror of writing someone badly. Hell, I can barely write human beings. Ideally all my characters would be genderless, asexual robots but I think most people would probably find that dull and the pronouns would get confusing after a while.

6. Do you outline or not? – I’m gonna say no. The most I do is write down (quickly) anything I don’t want to forget. The rest I do in my head. This is, of course, a terrible idea and very probably a significant reason I’ve never finished anything noteworthy. There are other reasons. Uh, yeah.

My writing technique is so poor and I’m so painfully aware of this I was genuinely considering starting my own writing-advice series called “Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I did”. That’s not a joke. I ain’t no shaelinwrites or anything but I can still do my best to steer people clear of the rocks I’ve scuttled myself on (and am making no real efforts to escape from). Or that’s my justification anyway. Mostly I just like using my blog as a point from which I can pollute the internet with myself, toxic influence that I am.

Or I would if I wasn’t so lazy. So everyone’s safe, really.

That was a lot longer than I meant it to be!

Thanks for the ask!

I’ve been researching my family tree lately.  Fun things I found:

  • My family was some of the first white people from England to show up in America and ruin everything.
  • Quakers.  Quakers everywhere.
  • I qualify as a Daughter of the American Revolution three separate times (+3 damage vs Trump).
  • At least one ancestor owned slaves (really bro?  In New Jersey, no less.  He may in fact be the actual Jersey Devil).
  • The Irish side(s) of my family are awful at keeping records.
  • One of my ancestors had sixteen goddamn kids.  Then his son had fourteen, then HIS son had fourteen, and then his son - my great-great-grandfather - went “Fuck that” and had one (1) kid.  I don’t blame him.
  • A long and distinguished history of people who NEVER LEFT THEIR TINY WEST VIRGINIA HOMETOWN EVER leading back to the American Civil War and terminating with my biological father.  Seriously, how do you have five generations who never bothered even going to the town down the road?
  • Possible inbreeding.
  • Spectacular financial irresponsibility.
  • The same eight first names over and over.

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so after a bit of research i've named myself as demisexual and my parents don't believe that anything in the ace range is "real" so it's even harder to explain demisexual because they're like "demisexual?? you just defined almost everyone on earth" and like they don't understand that i cannot form any type of sexual feelings towards any person that i have not been with for a while and the idea of one night stands actually terrify me. like no that's not "everyone"

aw i’m sorry anon, parents can really suck sometimes. but honestly, their opinions don’t really matter too much and what’s important is that you’ve found your identity.


Srsly, though. I came across this article in one of our newspapers that claimed that researchers from the Clarkson University of New York discovered that toxic fumes from molds inside people’s houses can cause hallucinations and visions of “things that aren’t actually there”. They are currently researching the correlation between the quality of the air inside someone’s home and “seeing ghosts”. Apparently, older buildings contain different chemicals in the air which could lead to psychosis.

After reading this article, a tiny voice inside my head (which sounded an awful lot like Zak’s voice) went all:

“But how do you explain the voices then? And the chills and feelings your body gets? Or the readings on the EMF detector, the flashing REM-pods, the thermal camera’s?”

So to me, it sounds like researchers want to try REALLY HARD to explain the paranormal :p

I would’ve posted the link, but the article is in Dutch, so sorry ‘bout that :3