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GOT7 as Art School Students
  • Jaebum: the student ready to combust into flames when the professor says to scrap the entire final a week before it's due
  • Mark: is late to class every day but never decides that maybe, just maybe,,..,. they should leave.. earlier
  • Jackson: gets up during an art history exam and does not come back until the end of the period. claims to the professor that "it was hard"
  • Jinyoung: the student who already has half of the project completed before the professor has even finished explaining what to do
  • Youngjae: sits in the back of the dining hall eating a plate full of cookies avoiding the homework
  • Bambam: has taken the same angled selfie at LEAST twenty times for their insta before saying they all looked like shit
  • Yugyeom: waits until the night before their 8 am class to start a full project
you enter the witch's bedroom

she’s surrounded by tarot decks, quartz crystals, and bottles of strange liquids. you don’t look too closely at what’s floating in them.

before the witch is a grimoire of some sort. she leans over the book of spells, she appears to be muttering something under her breath.

you lean in to try and catch what she’s saying:

i’m at the pizza hut, i’m at the taco bell, i’m at the combination pizza hut and taco bell

  • Laura: I would say that the moment I knew you were the one, Travis, was when you snorted sake because I dared you to.
  • Laura: And it was . . . the best part . . .well, I'll tell the whole story.
  • Laura: So we were out on a date. And I dared him to do it. And it was cold, unfiltered sake, right?
  • Travis: *covers his face*
  • Laura: And he did it. He was like, "I'll do it. I'll do it. I hAVe to be a mAN."
  • Travis: *nods*
  • Laura: So he snorted it, and he was like, "Oh, that's weird. It was like . . . It's actually kind of refreshing."
  • Travis: I don't remember that being my reaction at all.
  • Laura: No, that is what you did. You went, "That wasn't so bad, that wasn't so bad." And I went, "Oh my god, I expected it to sting really bad."
  • Travis: Oh, I remember.
  • Laura: And he goes, "No no no. It didn't sting. It's actually, it's kind of funny. You should try it." And I did. And it STUNG SOOO BAAAD!
  • Laura: And he totally like held the reaction down just so I would do it too.
  • Travis: I was like, this sucks so much. If I could just lie to myself for thirty seconds, I'll get her to do it.
  • Travis: Then she was like AHIDSHIETEKHSIGDHIE!!!! And I was like, "IT SUCKS, DOESN'T IT?"
  • Travis: Best secret agent job I ever pulled.

Because no one plays with Min Min when it comes to food (∩˃o˂∩)♡

When your friends guilt you into going to an event you didn’t want to go to and you gotta wait out the night because you’re not trying to be a buzzkill: