this was actually my first pokemon game

this was the first PS1 game box art I ever saw and was also my introduction to the speculative world of 3D gaming. up until this point I’d only played a few games on my game boy and some sega megadrive games, and i found everything about this bewildering.

when i was a kid i interpreted crash bandicoots design as being a devil for some reason, and i also thought he looked really horny. i didn’t really have a fully formed understanding of why people had sex because i was 8, but his facial expression and the fact that he’s shirtless just made him look like a pervert and a fiend to me. sonic was totally naked but if he only wore trousers and nothing else the lack of the rest of his clothes would be more apparent. i also remember the advertisements at the time saying you could cheat in this game (it might have been crash team racing actually) and i was really worried by how unwholesome the whole thing seemed.

my first ever video game was pokemon yellow, a game which opens up with you in your bedroom, and you’re able to go downstairs and talk to your mum, which is something i could do in real life too, but this presented an entirely new and unfamiliar experience that thoughroughly haunted me.

everything else about this box art was frightening to me because so many things are happening. tiny tiger at the back especially, who not knowing anything about him, i just assumed he was some kind of orange orc or ogre with a tank for a lower body, the position of his cannon only furthering the very rowdy atmosphere i was imaging this series to contain. cortex being knocked away by coco riding a polar bear, an event that seemed to have nothing to do with the tank vs pogo stick action taking centre stage here, made my young mind really overwhelmed by just the thought of 3d gaming, which took me about a year to actually get over.

at some point i played a crash team racing demo disk at a friends house, and i was very hesitant because of my very negative image of the series, but i ended up really enjoying it, and eventually got my own PS1 so i could play the full game and the rest of the crash bandicoot games, i had a weird fixation on the character “dingodile” for a few years which i don’t have any real explanation for.

I don’t really hate many fictional characters or people that much but I have a deep hatred for this little asshole, Mira.

now you are probably thinking to yourself “petal why the fuck do you hate a kid so much” well first of all she has stupid ass hair but I’ll tell you the real reason.

 If you ever played the 4th generation games you know at one point you have to go through Wayward Cave where you meet this little shit who got herself fucking lost and she decides to pair up with you during the game as you navigate the cave.

 So that means all the battles you encounter are double battles. Okay this is where the real story begins. You see I actually like her at first she was cute and sweet. Until we came across a random pokemon encounter of Zubat halfway through the cave. 

Now you are all thinking “Really zubat!! those are like the most annoying pokemon you can find in caves I’m sick of them.”

 First of all shut ur mouth they evolve into my precious Crobat. Second of all these weren’t any ordinary zubat one of them was a shiny. 

So me being the fan I am was all like “Fucking yeah my first shiny of the game i’m raise this into a precious crobat which is one of my favorite pokemon!”






IT WAS A SHINY ZUBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pokemon players
  • The starter: picks pokemon according to their cuteness. They're not very strong and probably lose a lot of battle.
  • The true player: has always a good, balanced party ready for any occasion.
  • The true player 2.0: picks pokemon according to their cuteness. Somehow manages to have a very strong party.
  • The 90s player: if you listen to the winter wind you can hear them lamenting how the second gen was the best. Played a run with only bug type at least twice.
  • The Mom: *point a finger at a ludicolo* is that a pikachu?
  • The random player: probably only started oras and black2 and never finished them. Doesn't remember the names of their starter.
  • The pkmn go player: only watched the anime. Played pkmn go for two weeks and got bored.
  • That Guy: played every single pkmn game but hates the last ones because they are too simple. Is thirty years old and gets angry at kids for liking pkmn sumo.
  • The freak: draws over sexualised antropomorphic pokemons.
  • The troll: first enemy of the 90s player and That Guy. Calls the pokemons by their wrong names on purpose but is actually a very good player.
  • The unaware troll: a random player who run in too many 90s players and called victreebel "upside down pear" in front of them.

yes hi hello sorry for the inactivity everybody, been playing a lot of pokeymans resently (& really enjoying everything about it!!) and, actually, i think i’m gonna go and play some more now, but first here are some doodles of Lillie!!! i love her

Pokémon helped me with my childhood Arachnophobia

Don’t worry, there’s no pictures of real spiders in this post. 

So when I was about 5, I had an irrational fear of spiders. I was never bitten or anything, I just didn’t like things with sharp teeth. So it wasn’t so much Spiders as it was Sharks, Snakes, Wolves, get the idea? 

 Anyway, my first Pokémon game was Pokémon Gold. Generation 2. I got it at night after school from my mom and on the second route you take in the game (route 30), you can find this little guy.


At age 6, I lost my mind when it showed up. I put the game boy down and didn’t touch it for the rest of the night. When I went to sleep I thought about what the horrible beast looked like. I did the mental jumping jacks that kids tend to do in order to make something seem scarier than it actually is. I pictured Spinarak drooling and with blood red eyes. An extreme close up of it’s face and a intimidating screech noise. 

That was my call back to reality. I didn’t even hear what sound it made so…how can I remember something I didn’t hear? I woke up and, risking pissing my mom off by not being in bed at 11 pm, turned my game boy back on. I went back to the route and I walked around until another one appeared. 

Yes, I was scared, but not as much this time. I remember my heart beat racing and trying not to let out a terrified whine seeing the legs and the tiny fangs. But I started to calm down realizing, the legs were small and the fangs looked like little mint candies. Hell, the first time I saw the Pokemon, my attention was on the fangs. Now that I had gotten over that, my next thought was to look at the rest of the body. 

Okay, it’s got a horn. Bad things have horns. But, my favorite Pokemon from the show was Ryhorn. 

The spider’s got a mean face on it’s butt though. But, it’s got a face on it’s butt! LoL! 

Yeah, I laughed at this thing and then I used my Cyndaquil to knock it out. 

Then another one appeared. So I caught it. I was someone who hated spiders…who know owned a spider. Why?

During the process to catch it. It used string shot and poison sting. It did the same thing ‘growl’ and ‘tackle’ did. The first time I saw Spinarak, I thought of it as a disgusting creature instead of something that’s apart of the game. Actually battling the thing showed me that it was apart of the game. It was a Pokemon just like Ryhorn and Cyndaquil. It just so happened to be a spider. 

It was apart of my team now. I poisoned grass types and was a ‘bug’ to fighting types. That was until I got to the elite four and Koga released an Ariados. A BIG spider. With long legs and sharp fangs. 

I’ll admit I was scared…for like two seconds.

My buddy was a big spider too.

I can’t really recall my reaction to every single spider I saw after that. It sure as hell wasn’t a terrified squeal like it was before Pokemon Gold was my jam though.   

So, I may not be a fan of spiders. But I’ve come a long way from when I was a kid and thought they were evil. 

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  And a lot of it is thanks to this cute little guy!


#197: Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon 💛 ✨ 🌜

I realize I never actually posted a full photoset of my revamped Umbreon cosplay from LANtasy, so here we go! I had a lot of fun bringing this cosplay back; I first cosplayed Umbreon back in 2011 at this same event venue, during this same time of year. :’)

LANtasy 2017

Cosplayer - @anyapanda-official

Photography - abraaxos

More photos

Watching The Pilot for the first time

Series 10, here we go.

-The first episode of Series 10.
 So we could say this is the…
 PILOT episode

-I’m sorry. That joke doesn’t work, I know.

—Spoilers ahead!—

-Ooh, is this Bill’s theme? I like it?


-Why is it out of order though…

-Oh my god he has a photo of River Song on his desk ;-;

-And oh god is that Susan

Sonic screwdrivers! Did he keep all his sonic screwdrivers after all this time?

-The guitar again!

-Two minutes in and I’m already losing track of the dialogue

-Fifty years… So the Doctor’s been laying low again, has he?

-”Poetry, physics, same thing.”
 You know what, I bet he didn’t even get hired through the normal procedure, he just walked in one day telling everyone he was the new professor, or even an old professor who left and decided to return, and he just bullshitted his way through any and all obstacles he came across during his stay

-”How is it the same?”
 “Because of the rhymes.”
 Let’s see,
 Yep, doesn’t rhyme.

-Oh Doctor…

-”I don’t care who’s dying, never ever be late, I’m very particular about time.”
 Says the guy who was twelve years late when he said five minutes once.

-”Doctor what?”

-*cue changed intro logo DOCTOR WHAT*

-Okay, the intro visuals seem to have changed a little, but the melody sounds unchanged.


The inside of his coat is blue now?

AKA the pain of frame-by-frame or stopmotion animation

-Is Moffat trying to get us scared of slowmotion

-I feel like the students are very confused as to what to take notes of

-”Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, in means life.”
 I thought your granddaughter made that up?



-There we go.



-I don’t like background music, it says jumpscare music

-It’s scary music

-Thank goodness, no jumpscares






-Aw, she gave him a Christmas present

Look at those poor paper crowns trying to hold all that hair omygosh

-”With some people you can smell the wind in their clothes”
 I guess it’s supposed to be more philosophical, but for me that reminds me of how people have the cold air around them when they just came in from outside.

-R.I.P. Bill’s mom.

-”But if someone’s gone, do pictures really help?”
 That glace he makes at the photos on his desk.
 At his wife and granddaughter.
 That, is just heartbreaking.

Hey, Moffat, do you have a heart, because you’re breaking mine with fictional photographs

the FUCK

-So the Doctor, took a picture of the mother, of a student that he is currently teaching, back when said student wasn’t even born?

-Eyyy he’s using the rug

-But did he really tilt the Tardis himself to put a rug under it?
 I mean, it’s incredibly light compared to its actual size, but it’s still a phone box. Sure, if someone ran at full speed and slammed their body against it that might give it a good jolt or even make it fall over but…

-There’s something deeply unsettling about that girl’s stare



-Well the Doctor certainly knows how to escape silently…

His clothes are blue now!

-You’re blue now! That’s my attack!

-Cue Twelfth Doctor theme, woohoo!

-”Why do you run like that?”
 “Like what?”
 “Like a penguin with its ass on fire.”
 Human factors and ergonomics (commonly referred to as HF&E), also known as comfort design, functional design, and systems,[1 is the practice of designing products, systems, or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them. (Source: Wikipedia)




-Ahahahahaha hah ahahaha ha ha


What’s with the burn marks on the ground

-”Do you know any scifi?”
 “Bitch, I AM scifi.”

-Possession usually has to do with fantasy or horror, not scifi…

-”There’s this thing on Netflix. Lizards in people’s brains.”
 First Pokemon, now Netflix. BBC REALLY doesn’t care.

-What’s the show though, it sounds interesting.

-” So, you meet a girl with a discolored iris and your first thought is she might have a lizard in her brain? I can see I’m going to have to up my game.“

-Doctor Who dialogue just gets better and better

-Actually, you can sorta see your face the ‘right way’ if you align two mirrors together so they’re perpendicular. The middle line might stand out, but you’re looking at your face the way anyone else sees it. The elevator in my apartment building has three reflective sides, so I can see my ‘right’ face quite often. I just have to stare at a corner of said elevator.

-They’re finally getting to the burn marks, thank you.

-”Tutorial’s over, take the night off. It’s all cancelled. Go and be a proper student. Texts, snogging, a vegan wrap.”
How does any of that make me a proper student

-”Oh, it’s just some freak optical effect. I’m bored already.”
 Like hell you are



-oh shit she’s alone in the flat

You could’ve gone to the kitchen and grabbed a knife

-But then, an umbrella is bigger and easier to wield and is great at deflecting water, so, not bad I guess

-Well I’m still getting myself a knife

-That’s it, I’m sitting in front of the monitor with a kitchen knife in my hand



-oh shit







-shit shit shit shit SHIT



“Well, that’s a first…”

-So the Tardis does have a bathroom. After all these years. After FIFTY-FOUR years, the BBC finally gives us the answer no one really asked for but everybody kind of wanted anyway.

-”Human alert, do you want me to repel her?”

-”Oh, my God! This isn’t just a room, is it?”
 “No, it’s not just a room.”
 “This is a lift!”
 “…wELL oKAY tHeN”

-”It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!”
 “Heh-hey! We got there!”


-”Well, first you have to imagine a very big box fitting inside a very small box. Then you have to make one. It’s the second part people normally get stuck on.”

-Of course, one could always scumple the big box and stuff it inside the small box, but then, the big box wouldn’t be big anymore, would it?

-”If it had work to do, why would it lie around in a puddle?”
 “I don’t know. Maybe it’s a student?”
 So it’s too afraid of life and consequences and generally overwhelmed by the looming weight of its duties to get itself to do anything?

-Wait, is the the room Bill followed them into earlier?



ah yes the three primary colors
(not to mention Misty from Pokemon)

-You’re escaping from a water monster and you went to a beach, good idea, 10/10.

-”Have we traveled in time?”
 “No, we traveled to Australia.”
 That’s also a first.

-Bill, you can’t just drink from the bathroom sink!

-”Can I ask you a personal question?”
 “Can I anyway?”

-”If you’re from another planet, why would you name your box in English? Those initials wouldn’t work in any other language!”

-Well, that wasn’t exactly a shark, but thanks for proving the point, Heather.

-”Hunger looks very like evil from the wrong end of the cutlery. Or do you think that your bacon sandwich loves you back?“
 In case you’re trying to start a vegan argument with this, no offense but your broccoli doesn’t love you back either.

-So that’s why the episode is titled ‘The Pilot’.

-Also, now that Bill’s found a puddle here, they better rUN THE FUCK AWAY.


-Nope nope nope nope nope

Heyyy it’s the old sonic!

-The Fourth Doctor’s sonic, to be precise.

-Soooo did BBC make some new props for this episode or did they keep all the screwdrivers from the sixties and on

-”Hey John, while you’re throwing out those old props, would you mind putting these sonic screwdrivers in the recycle bin?”
 “Nah, let’s keep them, they don’t take up a lot of space. Besides, we might need them again some decades later.”
 “Good point.”



-Twelve: “We’ve got this annoying creature on our tail, let’s try to shake it off by running through a ton of Daleks.”
 Ten: “What went wrong with you”
 Eleven: “What happened to me”



-Yep, it’s not going well for those lot

 yeah you two do that and be friends while we run away thank you

-It’s like the Doctor isn’t even taking the Daleks seriously anymore

 “lol what else would i be”

-Daleks have stormtrooper level aim now. gg BBC, gg

Tbh that’s even freakier than a normal dalek eyestalk



-Oh wait, this is only the first episode, does that mean
 Moffat hasn’t even started yet

-Is he planning to give heart attacks to all of us

-”The last thing she said to me. She promised she wouldn’t leave without me.”
 And now my heart’s breaking

-shit shit shit shit shit

Ehhh it’s okay Moffat, I didn’t need that heart anyway lol

-”That’s the Doctor for you. Never notices the tears.“
 Never acknowledges his own tears either…

-”Yeah, because I think you’re going to wipe my memory. I’m not stupid, you know. That’s the trouble with you. You don’t think anyone’s ever seen a movie. I know what a mind-wipe looks like!“

-”Imagine, just imagine how it would feel if someone did this to you.“
 They just HAD to put Clara’s theme in there, didn’t they?

-All slowed down and more tragic

-And they HAD to make the Doctor sound like he’s holding back tears

-*distant crying noises*

“Shut up.”

“You shut up as well.”

-Someone fucking end me

-Come to my house and stop my sinful hands

-I am allowed too much power

-*ahem* Anyway

-Did the Doctor just leave for a hundred years to mull this over and come back to the present

-”It means, what the hell.”
 That’s a first, AGAIN.

-I love that theme at the end!

-Oh boy I can’t wait for more episodes, they all look so exciting–


iS THAt john simm

-WhAT tEh FUcK

things that should be fixed/added in pokemon go

an actual functional tracking system where u can see how far away and what direction a pokemon is not everyone lives by pokestops ok

being able to run the game in the background like come on niantic it’s really not necessary to have it open all the time and it kills your battery just give notifications being like “a mantine is nearby!”

an option to only have it notify you when it’s a pokemon you don’t have or one u need to evolve into a pokemon you don’t have would also be cool so ppl aren’t just getting spammed by “there’s a ratatta nearby!”

make it so that u don’t need both evolutionary items /and/ candy to evolve a pokemon who thought that was a good idea honestly

a functional tracking system

pokemon that are higher leveled/high cp should give you more candy when you transfer them a 10 cp dratini shouldn’t give you the same amount of candy as a 1600 cp dragonite

the option to buy another infinite hatching incubator
i am willing to pay you dollars niantic

trading should also really be a thing by now ok i have many pokemon i don’t really care about that my friends really want and vice versa

breeding would also be cool in the future but pls focus on the glaring issues your game has first ok

have i mentioned an actual functional tracking system

So!! I did the art style challenge thing and!! Wow! It’s so weird to see that I have an actual style haha, plus, it was nice to go back and revisit styles that I used to draw a load and that inspired me! Fun Fact: May from Pokemon Advanced was the first person/thing I ever really tried to draw! Which is why I opted to do that style instead of the games or the updated SuMo style!

Top Row: My style, Pokemon Advanced, Gravity Falls
Middle Row: Rick and Morty, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Adventure Time
Bottom Row: Soul Eater, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton


Here’s a weird one for Ya.

When you pre-order games today, you might get a small statue or an extra in-game skin, but back in the good ol days, they’d give you something useful. How would you like to be able to sit down to play your game and never have to leave your room again? Well if you pre-ordered Star Fox Adventures from Circuit City you could do just that.

Pre-orders came with the Star Fox Survival Kit. In the kit you received a Jones Soda Fox Fuel to keep you energized, a door knob hanger to keep out the parents, and a roll of toilet paper with hints and tips to help get you through the game. I know what we’re all thinking: “The toilet paper is great because I won’t ever have to leave my TV screen, but what about the smell?” Well, the kit actually came with an air freshener for that very reason, but I got this one used and it didn’t come with it.

Special thanks to @62bitgaming for this one. I first saw it mentioned on his page and knew I had to add this to the collection.

((It’s answer time!!

Thanks so much for all your questions! I tried not to make my answers too long lol I failed miserably at that oops but uh yeah everything is under the cut! ;D

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aunty-kats-pokemon-ranch  asked:

Could you teach me about competitive battling or send me resources/guides?

Sure friend! I’m at work right now, so if you have any specific questions I’ll answer those in more detail tonight.

But the way I look at it is theres two parts to competitive battling - teambuilding and actual playing the game. The key to both is practice. Especially on that second one.

For teambuilding, I recommend looking at smogon forums. In each tier, there’s a section for good cores and one for viability ratings. Look at both. Pick a core, a Pokemon, or an idea to build around

Using the Butterfree team for example: My goal was to create a team that would set things up for Butterfree to sweep. So first, I saw that hazards are a huge issue (ow 49-50 percent for stealth rocks). I wanted to have at least one rapid spinner, preferably two so I put down Donphan/Blastoise.

Next, I knew that I would need something that could wallbreak or punch holes into the enemy team - basically wear down the enemy team so Butterfree had an easier time cleaning up. Both Donphan and Blastoise are typically physically bulky, so I also wanted something bulky on the special side. Meloetta has a crazy good sp atk stat, paired with a good sp def stat. It has good coverage and because of that I knew I could go full offense and just slap an assault vest on. Now Meloetta is my “special wall”.

But now we have our special wall fully offensive, which means its having to fulfill two roles - breaking walls and being our sole switch in to special attacks.

So now we need to take off some of that pressure. We can go Goodra for that, since it’ll fulfill the same roles with an assault vest - now we have two Pokemon that both fit two roles. That allows us to be more unpredictable with our switches.

But our team is now pretty ice weak - the enemy team can just spam ice beam and we really don’t have switch ins.

We can fix that a bit by getting rid of Donphan and switching in Steelix. Sure it doesn’t like taking sp atk ice moves, but it’s a start.

So ice types are still an issue and oh no Butterfree is like our only win condition. Let’s kill two birds with one stone - an offensive fighting type. Hitmonlee fills this role. If we go with Liechi-Endure set, now we have another win con - again giving us flexibility.

I’m just now seeing how long this is so I’ll add more details on actual playing when I get home, but there’s a start. And take this with a grain of salt - I still definitely suck compared to top tier players, but hopefully these tips still help

Pokemon theory: Komala is not actually native to Alola

The title says it all! Before you scoff and scroll away, hear me out. I think I’ve found direct, in-game proof of this.

One of my favorite things about Sun and Moon has to be the addition of cafes in the Pokemon Centers– which are not just a nice touch, but also a great way to score extra beans and status-healing items from past generations. I make a point of checking each cafe out when I stop in for the first time because of it.

In Seafolk Village, you can order a Komala Coffee, and as a result get a very interesting bit of text:

Here’s the text in plain print for anyone having trouble reading this:

“We blend beans that we import from a distant region. In other words, you can experience not just one novel flavor but several! It might not actually be correct to call this Komala Coffee.”

Take note of the words “distant region” and “import”, also the bit about several flavors, bc what follows is going to be a bit of a doozy.

Here’s what I’m getting at: I think they slipped this bit of text in to subtly hint that Komala is actually not from Alola!

As it stands, it makes no sense that we got a koala Pokemon in a region that is far from their real-life exclusive habitat of Australia. It also makes little sense that such a unique and long-awaited Pokemon…doesn’t have an evolution that would further it’s desirability and popularity. We all thought it was going to have one, but in the end, it didn’t. What gives, Gamefreak?

But that’s part of the point I’m making here. From just this bit of dialogue, I’m starting to think this: Komala may have first been *discovered* in the Alolan Pokedex, but it’s actually native to another region entirely– a Pokemon equivalent of Australia. However, somewhere along the line it was brought over - or should I say, imported - to Alola for whatever reason, and the species managed to make a living there, thus why it is seen as “native.” Said native region, however, is not currently “discovered”, and this move happened so long ago that it’s been forgotten– thus why there is no mention of it in Dex entries.

Furthermore, because Komala was taken out of it’s natural habitat, I speculate that Komala currently has no known evolution because it lacks what it needs to evolve in Alola– that something may be a special item, or a location, etc., but the point is that this something that Komala needs to evolve is found ONLY in it’s native region.

The tidbit about there being several flavors could also hint to multiple evolutions– maybe it has day and night evolutionary forms like Lycanroc, or it could have more than one evolution branch and need special items, etc. The list of possibilities goes on.

It’s also highly possible that an evolution (or multiple evolutions) were planned for Komala, but none of them made the final cut, so it will be pushed back to a new region for this reason, too.

This brings me to my last point in this theory, and while this is a bit of a stretch, I wanted to say it: by the previous points, there’s a good possibility we may see an Australian Pokemon region in the near future! Who knows when it’ll be, but when it happens, it’s also possible our cute new koala Pokemon could be way more competitively viable, as well as more popular!

Just finished Pokemon Sun! Here’s my final team. Wilson the Wailord, Kenny the Arcanine, Wesly the Decidueye, Rowdy the Braviary, Isa the Ninetails, and Kjell the Lycanroc.

First time actually finishing a pokemon game, didn’t lose a single battle, only used my favorite pokemon. Feeling pretty proud of myself. 

Pokemon Go rant...

Okay, honestly, wtf?

I’m on team Valor. I chose Valor because Pokemon Red was the first video game I ever actually played and beat on my own, and I was feeling very nostalgic when I got lvl 5 and was given the choice of a team. Here I was 22 years old, and basically (kind of) living the dream I had since I was 5 years old.

Now, I got so into it. I bought a Valor shirt that had my trainer name on the back, and I like to wear it when I go play.

However, the times I’ve worn it out, I have been called Valor trash, have been told to just leave, and basically made to feel terrible about myself by Instinct and Mystic players.

The worst was when I showed up to the special screening of Pokemon the First Movie at a local theater. I walked in and was booed and told to leave. All I wanted was to enjoy this movie that I had seen as a little girl in the theater again. Something I never thought would happen. I felt terrible the entire time I was there.

Like, I know there have been team rivalries, and that Valor were supposedly assholes at the beginning, but… This has to stop.

I don’t know what else to say, and I don’t want to sound like I’m whining. But, I’m a nice person, and I just want to enjoy playing Pokemon. I would never make anyone feel bad for whichever team they chose.

So, I guess my PSA is: Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

Let’s just have fun.

Au's inspired by my life events

I literally only see you whenever i go to the weird obscure gamestop you work but holy shit you’re really cute with that lip ring and muscle shirt and you kept my zelda scarf safe when i left it there wow

You sneezed and farted at the same time in the library and i couldnt stop laughing but then i choked on my lunch and you had to take me to the office au

The last time we talked was in 8th grade when we played DnD but then i see you across the lunch room with a new campaign and can i join??

You never close your locker all the way bc it gets jammed and im the kid who got bullied so exactly 47 minutes after school you find me shoved in your locker eating peanut crackers au

Quick my family thinks i have a korean boyfriend bc of this dumb texting app will you please be yoosung for the week

Weve been internet friends for 3 years but today is the first day i heard your voice and wow its so pretty?

I have synesthesia and your voice is a really vibrant reddish color will you please shut up before i fall for your beautiful words

Everyone thinks we hate each other bc of the level of friendship we have but you actually have a obvious crush on me

You’re my best friends older brother and instead of telling me you liked me with cliche stuff you gave me your shitty pokemon emerald game when you moved away

Its my birthday and we decided to go for a walk and theres a dead bird on the sidewalk, and i think youd be grossed out but i end up falling for you cause youre sweet really sympathetic and buried it


Im just a quiet highschool kid who follows rules and youre loud and obnoxious and a stoner but somehow we get along great

I sit behind you in history and why did you shave a pineapple into the back of your head dear lord

You have a weird ass obsession with william McKinley but i think its fine bc you put up with my conspiracy theories too

You literally stapled your fingers together and theres blood everywhere and all you’re doing is making hand puns for the love of god get to the nurses office

So I had no idea about Magikarp jump until it came out and I saw it here on Tumblr, kinda sad since my whole dash is pretty much Pokemon.

At first I’m just confused why its a game. but then I played it.

Now I can safely say all my magikarps are my babies and I was actually really upset about the retirement until I learned they show up in the back. The relief I felt was so genuine.