this was actually in one of my student guides

18h on august 22nd

yesterday vika took me on a semi-official tour of chernihiv where we were shown around by an actual professional tour guide who happened to be one of my aunt’s former students and offered to give me a tour for free.

we saw like 4 different churches. on one of them there was a magic stone that grants wishes. i touched it and made a wish so i’ll let you all know if it comes true.

we also saw some haunted caves and an underground church. that was really cool and also physically cool (about 15 degrees, as opposed to the 35 degree weather outside). (on that note it’s been hot as hell i was really not enjoying it. today it’s like 20 and raining though so i’m happy and not dying of heat finally.)

then we collected vika’s son from his music lesson as well as vanya and went to the countryside, and i mean like the ACTUAL DEEP COUNTRYSIDE where there’s no running water (or bathroom, only an outhouse) and dirt roads. went swimming in the river to cool off bc, again, it was hot as balls and i was perishing.

in the evening we made a fire and sat around it and talked and at one point i pointed out that i hadn’t seen vanya in 18 years and then i just … started crying. & the kid was like “look dad, aunt nastya is crying” & it was awk but everyone hugged me and stuff so it was ok finally i just hate crying in front of people but i couldn’t help it i was just like when did we get this old vanya, when did this happen, it was all super emotional

then today we went for a walk around the village to see some more churches, then we took the bus back to the city. we went to vika’s apartment to drop off her stuff and i was introduced to her floofy old cat kuzya and he let me pet his tummy and purred. i love him.

then vanya and i took the bus to his parents’ house (where i’m staying) and at one point he told me he likes the name masha and if the baby is a “girl” that’s the name they’ll probably go for 

tomorrow it’s supposed to rain a lot so i might hang out at home or we might go to the movies or something, not sure yet

I know this is a long shot, but I’m wondering if you guys might be able to help me out so here it goes.

I read Wonder when I was in college and immediately knew I wanted to read it to my future students, but I haven’t been able to do that yet because I only have my copy of the book. I know that sounds silly. Just read form the copy, right? Well, I personally can’t process something unless I can see it. When people read things to me, I can rarely understand what I’ve just heard without looking at it myself, and I’ve had plenty of students who were the same way. I’ve also had students who are tactile learners and need to use their finger/a pencil/a line guide to follow along on an actual page.

PLUS, I don’t just want to read the story to them. I want to use it to teach my standards. I want them to be able to break into groups and discuss, reread parts of the book, put sticky notes in the book, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t do any of this without more copies of the book. And I just don’t have the funds to do that because I need 25 copies to be able to supply one to all of my students.

My school only gives each teacher a $100 credit to a local school supply store. Everything else comes out of my pocket (I literally spent $50 of my own money yesterday to upgrade the seating in my classroom, and that doesn’t even come close to how much I’ll spend to get my classroom ready for this coming school year OR how much I’ll have to spend throughout the school year).

So this is where you guys come in. If any of you are willing to donate a copy of Wonder to my classroom, I would be FOREVER grateful. I don’t care if it’s hardcover or softcover, new or used. I just need copies for my students to read! You’ll be helping to provide a child with a wonderful story!

Here’s the link to my wish list (that’s literally just copies of the book): BOOKS

(If you are able to purchase one, it gives you the option of sending it to my address. Please don’t forget to do that.)

If you aren’t able to donate a copy, please share this!! Thank you all so much!

New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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Originally posted by spderman

Summary: Reader is a new student at Midtown and Peter is enlisted as her tour guide. Funny thing is, she already knows him. When Reader lets word slip that she knows exactly who he is, she hopes he’ll let it go. Little does she know, letting it go isn’t Peter’s thing.

Pairings: Peter x Reader


A/N: I’M SUCH PETER PARKER TRASH IT’S ACTUALLY A PROBLEM?? I’m currently working on a part two to this but, please let me know if you actually do want it? Also, big thanks to @marvelandassociates for putting up with my constant Tom chatter and reading this one over for me :) 

Word Count: 885

Tapping your foot impatiently on the floor, you watched the seconds tick by.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.

Tick -

“Excuse me, ma'am? How much longer?”

Heaving a large sigh, the woman set down her pen and looked up at you over the rim of her thick frames. She looked as if she was the type of person you’d see stuffed away in her house tending to her hoard of cats after she got off her shift. “Sweetie, that’s the 6th time you’ve asked in the last ten minutes.”

You shrugged, unflinching, “I wanted to make sure nothing had changed. As long as you’re not doing your job, might as well spend your time answering my questions.”

She narrowed her eyes, her demeanor shifting from patience to annoyance rather quickly. “I beg your pardon? I don’t know how you want me to fix this for you! Your tour guide is late, so your tour has been delayed. All I can ask of you is for you to wait here patiently until Mr. Parker -”

“Wait, I’m sorry. Not only do you feel the need to state irrelevant facts and to ask questions you don’t need the answers to, you also feel as if you can tell me to wait here? How am I even supposed to be sure that Mr. Parker is coming in at all?”

“Miss, I can assure you, Mr. Parker will be here!”

Frowning, you glanced between her and the clock, “And what, exactly, is your assurance supposed to mean to me?”

“I, for one, think Dolores’ assurance means the world.”

Leaning lazily against the desk, the new face appeared as if they had done this exact thing a dozen times before. Like strolling into the office half an hour late was the usual for them.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Your brows furrowed as you looked him over, the gears in your head turning.

He looked familiar to you.

You knew you had seen him before. But the question was, where?

“Peter. Peter Parker.”

Your eyes widened, the memory of who he was hitting you like a ton of bricks, “You’re-”

“Your tour guide? Yes! Come on. Bye Dolores!”

Grabbing your hand, he quickly dragged you out of the office and into the empty hallway before you could say much more.

Frowning at you, he looked around, “So, you’re-”


“Y/N. Did you just move here?”

You looked him over, completely avoiding his question, “Do I know you?”

Smiling shyly at you, he shrugged, “I doubt it. I’m-”

”You’re Peter Parker.”

Frowning slightly, he nodded, “I… Yeah, I guess I am.”

“You’re… wow, okay. So I’m talking to the one and only…” A wide grin spread over your lips as you whispered the last two words hanging on the tip of your tongue, “Spider-man, huh?”

His eyes widened and he didn’t waste a second as he pushed you into a nearby closet and pinned you against the wall.

“What-what would make you think that?”

Trying your absolute hardest to shove him off, you scoffed, “Other than the fact that you had me pinned against this wall in less than a second with zero strain?”

Clearing his throat he quickly pushed  himself off of you, remaining positioned in front of the door, “That doesn’t mean anything.”

“That means everything.”

“No it doesn’t. Look I’m not Spider-Man okay?”

Crossing your arms defiantly, you gave him a pointed look, “That’s not what your “internship” told me.”

Shock filled his features, “How do you know about that?”

Immediate regret made its way into my thoughts as I realized I had said something I shouldn’t have.

“Tony is going to kill me…”


“Shit. Okay, pretend you didn’t hear me say that and I’ll pretend you’re not Spider-Man.”

The was a moment of silence where we both stood and watched each other. It was as if neither of us were sure what to do.

He suddenly opened the door and gestured for you to walk out ahead of him, a slight nervousness in his tone, “So… you have a lot of money, don’t you?”

Scoffing you walked out, glaring back at him, “Are you accusing me of being rich?!”

“You’re friends with Tony Stark.”

“I wouldn’t say friends, per say. It’s more of a forced connection.”

He gave you a questioning glance, “What does that mean?”

You sighed slightly, giving him a small smile, “Nothing. Don’t worry.”

He quirked a brow at you, a frown now present on his lips, “I’m not worrying. I’m curious as to how you have a “forced connection” with Tony Stark. Not only that, you just met me, yet knew exactly who I -”

You rolled your eyes at the boy before you, quickly resting a hand on his cheek and pressing your lips to his. The kiss didn’t last for more than a second, with you pulling away before Peter even had time to react.

He gave you a wide eyed look, “What-what was that?”

You shrugged, walking away from the stunned boy and calling over your shoulder, “You talk too much! Look, I’ll find my own way around. Thanks anyway. Maybe I’ll see you around?”

Without giving him a chance to answer, you rounded the corner and made your way down to what you hoped was your first class.

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So, one of the characters I’m currently roleplaying is a doctor and I found while trying to do research for her background that there are almost no guides to playing doctors or medical students. So, this is a guide that focuses on characters that are doctors or are studying to be doctors. It has a lot of information that could be used in a characters background and current situations.

I would like to say that I am not a doctor nor a medical student (I’m actually a film studies major rn), however, I did put a lot of research into writing this guide. I do have the help of google and two parents in the medical field. Also, I’m not American but this is the American system since 80% of characters are American and it was the system with the most information. However, there is a tiny bit of information about the Canadian system at the end.

If you find it helpful it would be nice if you could give a like or reblog! If you would like to request a guide or anything my ask is here

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anonymous asked:

How do you actually do spells? Could you tell us how you find your spells? Also can you do magic without an Altar?

How do you actually do spells? 

This is kind of a toughie, because spell work is a very broad category. The way I do spells differs depending on the type of spell I’m doing. But as an example, one spell I do every day is a basic energy spell with my morning tea. 

  1. I prepare my tea like I normally do. Sometimes I will pick a specific blend depending on intent. (Lavender for peace, orange for luck, etc). 
  2. I plant my feet beneath me, reaching into the earth and drawing energy into my core. 
  3. I stir my tea clockwise to call forth energy from the elements that make up the tea (earth, air, fire, water). 
  4. Usually I think/say a few words or a phrase of intent. Ex: May this nourish me and fuel me throughout this day. And it harm none, so mote it be. 
  5. And drink! Easy as that. 

How do I find my spells? 

Well, some I find on Tumblr/Pinterest. The internet is a great resource for baby witches to research and experiment. Others, like the one above or other daily spells- I make myself. Spell crafting doesn’t have to be super complicated. For a busy college student like me, simplicity is key. 

Can you do magic without an altar? 

Yes! Not every witch has deities or wants an altar. Some witches, like me, practice in secret so we can’t have an altar openly. I’m actually working on a guide to creating pocket altars that fit in an Altoids tin. Magic is everywhere, and while altars can be a part of your practice, it is not a requirement. 

Many blessings! - Kate 



First things first, I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes to chill at a café. Maybe it all started with the sip of frappe when I came into a coffee shop when I was just 14yrs old. Who would’ve thought that at my age I’d go cray cray for joe…. Let’s skip to the main topic.
So I’ve heard about this new coffee shop near my school. And I was like “What? Who would’ve thought of building one near our campus? Are they out of their minds?!”. And guess, what.. This news was real. It was built in front of our school gate.
On Saturday afternoon, me and my friend decided to spend our time on leisure matters. We went to the café…. Inside, I was absolute star struck. Amazed on how they put up with the place. The interior was amazing. Industrial, I suppose was the theme. They even put up icons regarding to the city where it’s built. You’d thought this was a place where money is spent in 3 digits.. well, you’re right. It showcases the elite, for my opinion (joking). I may be exaggerating with the prices, but as a student.. it’s the truth. I kind of like the cold atmosphere complimenting the songs played on the speakers. It had the touch of French ballad.

The food was seriously expensive. Let’s start with the mac and cheese. 95 pesos is spent on this platter, and it wasn’t even that good. I can cook that at my house with youtube tutorials guiding me along the way. My point is, this place could’ve done a better mac n cheese. Next is the crepadilla, worth 165 pesos. The last one is the sandwich. I actually forgot how much it costs. It was good.


New set of backgrounds from #Ripaille. If someone finds an Harry Potter easter egg in one of them… You’ll win all my respect. Actually, there are a lot of surprises hidden in all the shots and environments of the film.

one of these days im gonna make actual profiles & move all my favorite muses’ bios here. but today is not that day. muses that are here: 

minyoung; journalist - very gay & very morally ambiguous as far as getting to the truth goes
mina; pre-med student - formerly famous for her ballet until injury - also gay
jihoon - jeju born activist & tourism organizer, grandfather killed in the jeju uprising, very involved in politics and passionate etc etc - genderfluid
ten - cute mermaid boy. thats all you need to know…
saem - private investigator/esper - affiliate of arcana 

anonymous asked:

Back in high school like 8 years ago, my college prep program was teaching us about interviews and they told us for the "tell me about yourself" question to answer "what would you like to know about me?" and my young inexperienced naive ass thought that was a great answer but now that I'm grown, I know how stupid it is and that the one in your guide is a lot better. Thanks for your hard work!

Teacher, why. Why did you tell students this. Asking a question in response to a question in this way is essentially avoiding giving an answer. It makes it seem like either you are hiding something or you are incapable of answering the most basic questions about yourself. 

For more about interviews and how to actually answer this question, try the Interviews Guide (link).

Something is working, even if it feels like everything is not

Ok y'all. These seniors are rough. Rooooooough. I’m pulling even longer days than I did last year just to make sure my plans are on point, my content is relevant (with like no holes), and my grading feedback is beyond personalized and detailed, but some days I’m standing in front of a classroom of blank stares and apathetic expressions and wayyyy too many side discussions and I’m just like, “Is anything working?”

Today was ‘one of those days’ and I was SO ready to roll out as soon as the bell rang. But I couldn’t. It started with one student coming in to ask a question about an essay. Then a handful of boys came in to work on quiz corrections. Then another group came in to finish up their study guides. Still more came to look at the projects I hung up. Pretty soon my room was abuzz with laughing, teasing, talking, and (most importantly? least importantly?) Brave New World

No but actually, I know most importantly is this: when I had to kick the last few out after 7:00, one of the young men turned to me and thanked me for letting them stay and for helping out. “Not many teachers do that, Miss,” he said, “And like, this is the first book I’ve read since freshman year because you made it sound so good. And I liked it. And I think I’m going to read for your class this year.” His friends nodded.

When they walked out, I legit started crying. These kids are something else, yes, but they are so much more than just a 'trouble’ class. They are complex, intelligent, thoughtful, and  unique. They are creative, persevering, strong-willed, and opinionated. They are assertive, fiery, passionate, and witty. And they are kids. They just need to know someone is there. That someone sees them, cares for them, and is there for them (whether they did the reading or not). And so even when it feels like everything you’re doing is for nothing and nothing is actually working, something is. To someone. And that in itself is the most important thing. 

llxnne  asked:

Wait, what do lesson plans in the field actually look like? I've written a few over the past year or so and I think I've only had to script one. For the most part they've been detailed but not excessively.

This is an example of the lesson plan I currently use for guided reading (it’s a little bit longer, like 1.5 pages total, but the rest is just stuff about each student I meet with and what I’m gonna do with them when they come to me, blahdy blah). For math, science, and ELA group lessons, I basically just write down my objective, essential question, activity, and standards. Guided reading is definitely my longest lesson plan for sure, and it’s one plan that lasts me an entire week for all 15 meetings, so 5 hours of instruction time.

THIS is an example of a lesson plan from my senior semester of college, when I was student teaching in kindergarten. This plan was for my morning meeting/calendar for one day. It is six pages of work for a 20-minute lesson. I wrote five of these every week while I was student teaching. So…yeah.