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Cat Grant with Clark Kent

I am now 100% positive that when Cat flirts with Clark, especially in the season 2 finale, she is just making Kara jealous.

Cat knows Kara is Supergirl, so she probably knows Clark is Superman. It’s not that hard to figure out. So Cat is talking to them in a way that doesn’t let them know she know’s Kara’s identity, specifically, but also gets the message across that she believes in Supergirl.

So since in that whole scene, she is talking with a subtextual message, I believe the line “Oh those big green eyes; I promise you when he takes off those glasses he is a tiger in bed” is actually how she feels/thinks about Kara. But she changes a few words to fit Clark so she doesn’t scare Kara away.

However, while she says that line she is looking at Kara in a way that says ‘I’m talking about you’. But Kara is too blinded by her jealousy to realise it. When Kara then awkwardly chuckles and says “Oh god, I hope Rhea kills me”, it clearly shows she is jealous by the events of the scene.

Catversation (By Various Means)

MariChat May 23rd: SIN II


Sequel to MariChat May 22nd: Link

Summary: Marinette and Chat define their relationship using actual words. Shocker I know.

Marinette paced back and forth.

Marinette was in her room after having to explain her sudden disappearance to her mother. It was hard to since she obviously hadn’t wanted to mention that she was making out with a freaking superhero. So she made an excuse about wanting to get some clothing scraps and forgetting to text her and surprisingly her mother seemed to buy it.

The only problem left was that she still hadn’t talked to Chat. She just couldn’t handle it. Especially after spending all morning thinking about how they had kissed the night before. When Chat had shown up out of the blue and offered looked at her like that, well, she just couldn’t help herself.

Though being unable to help herself apparently wasn’t enough of an excuse for her little Kwami friend. Tikki had taken to periodically rolling her eyes at her gushing about the kisses and chiding her for not talking to Chat. Marinette didn’t really feel like that was fair. She was definitely going to talk to him. Eventually.

She groaned and threw herself onto her chaise.

If only the silly kitty hadn’t taken her heart in the first place. It was becoming apparent, even to her, that she wasn’t going to get it back. Her heart beat harder and faster whenever he was around and she constantly wanted to be closer to him. It was almost like she had fallen… in love…

Marinette shot up from her chaise and whimpered. “Oh no, I’m in love with Chat.” She realized.

Tikki rolled her big eyes from Marinette’s desk. “Really? You just figured this out now?”

Marinette pouted her cheeks flushed. “How was I supposed to know?”

Tikki shook her little head. “You’ve made out with him twice in two days.” She pointed out.

Marinette remained stubborn with a pout on her lips.

Tikki floated over to her and grabbed both her cheeks. “You even started it both times!” She said mushing the girl’s cheeks together before finally letting go with a harrumph.

“Ow.” Marinette muttered as she rubbed her cheeks. “Fine. I should’ve figured it out sooner. Happy?”

“That isn’t even the point Marinette.” Tikki smiled gently at her. “You need to talk to Chat about this-” She gestured to Marinette with a paw. “—thing, that’s going on between the two of you.”

Marinette looked down. “Okay Tikki, I’ll talk to him.” She looked back up at her Kwami with a confidant smile, only for her to have disappeared. “Tikki-?”

Chat rolled off her bed and dropped onto her floor with a quiet thud.

Smile forgotten Marinette gingerly made her way to the cat and prodded him in the side.

He turned his head towards her. “Stop that.” He said with a pout.

She giggled and poked him again. He growled at her and when she didn’t stop he flipped over, grabbed her arm, and pulled her on top of him. He let his hands rest on the curve of her back.

Marinette was so happy she couldn’t wait any longer. She smiled widely at him. “Iloveyou!” She squeaked out.

The shock on his face made her smile dim slightly. “You what?” He managed to gasp out.

She stared him straight in the eye and smiled nervously. “I lo-um. I loooo-er.” She groaned quietly and let her head drop onto his chest.

Chat swallowed. “Are you trying to say, that you love me?” He lifted her chin so he could see her face.

Marinette answered by pressing her lips gently to his. He allowed it for a moment before she pulled back. “That’s a yes I take it?” He asked.

Marinette nodded, a flush on her cheeks.

Chat chuckled deep in his chest. “I love you too, Princess.” He purred.

Since she was laying across his chest Marinette could feel the chuckle and the purr. She hummed happily in response to his words and smiled so wide it hurt.

Chat grinned back. “So, does this mean you’re my princess now?”

She giggled and pressed a kiss to his chin. “Only if you’re my prince.” She murmured.

“And here I thought I was your knight.” He teased.

Marinette smirked and flicked his bell. “You’re a little higher ranked than that now.”

He purred and flipped them over so that he was above her on his elbows. “Would you say I’m on top of you?” He wiggled is eyebrows.

She rolled her eyes and laughed before putting her hands on his cheeks and tugging him down to her lips.

Chat slowly relaxed into the kiss as his eyes slid shut.

Marinette’s arms fell to the ground and she smiled into the kiss when she heard him purr.

They broke apart a second later and stared into one another eyes as they tried to catch their breaths.

“This feels familiar.” Marinette chuckled.

Chat looked at her confused. “What do you mean?”

Marinette suddenly paled. “Uh, nothing! We’re just kissing again is all!” She said nervously.

“Why don’t we familiarize ourselves further then?” He pressed his lips against her neck and she could feel her breath hitch.

“S-sure.” She moaned. The feeling of his soft lips on her neck was making her head spin.

She couldn’t stop the embarrassing sounds coming from her lips at the heavenly feeling of his gentle kisses and licks. When he copied her bite from yesterday she let out a small mewling sound that made Chat grin against her neck.

To wipe the grin off his face she gently pulled his head back by his hair and forced her tongue into his mouth.

From where she was under him she could feel his purr get louder. As his tongue weaved against her own she buried her hands deeper into his fluffy hair.

Chat pulled back a bit and Marinette’s tongue chased him. This let Chat grasp her tongue and, using his mouth, sucked gently on it. She couldn’t help but moan at the strange feeling. He stopped after a moment and pulled back. A thin string of saliva still connected them.

“So that’s where you disappeared to yesterday.”

Marinette and Chat jumped away from each other at Sabine’s sudden entrance. Once they were both away from each other Marinette tried to desperately wipe away the saliva on her chin while Chat spoke.

“This isn’t what is looks like!” Marinette gave him a look that said ‘Are you kidding me?’ he looked back at her sheepishly.

Sabine smiled and shook her head. “I think you two were kissing. Am I wrong?” She asked coyly.

Marinette sighed, defeated. “Yes Maman, we were kissing.”

Sabine hummed in consideration and used her hand to cover an amused smile. “I’m assuming you weren’t getting scraps to design with then?”

Marinette grabbed at her arm guiltily. “Yes. I mean no I wasn’t.” She looked away from her mother. “I was kissing Chat then too.” She blushed.

Sabine giggled excitedly. Marinette looked at her with dread.

“I see how it is.” Sabine murmured. “Marinette, would your boyfriend mind staying for dinner?” Her eyes gleamed.

Marinette paled. “Of course madam. I would be honored.” Chat said, ignoring Marinette shaking her head rapidly at him. When He finished speaking she groaned in defeat.

“Sounds great!” Sabine said cheerfully. “I’ll call you two downstairs when it’s ready.” She smiled and then added with a wink as she left. “Have fun!”

Marinette turned red. “Maman!” Her mother giggled as she shut the hatch.

The two stood awkwardly for a moment before Chat finally broke the silence. “Boyfriend huh?” He looked at her intensely.

Marinette shifted on her feet nervously. “Yeah, I mean… if that’s fine with you?” She asked, their eyes meeting.

“I’d like that.” He smiled.

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M!A: You are now Outertale!Aurora!!

“Wh-What! Outertale?! I don’t even know if-” *pssht*

*crackle, hiss, sst* “…ot…ing…”

*pfft, pssh* “I… do… ing… rk…”

*crackle, hiss* “…ight… ive… ot… at… unk…. rd…”

*snap, crackle, pop* “That’s all right mom… it looks pretty cool anyway!”

*farther off* “I’m sorry dear…”

“Mom, it’s fine! Even if it doesn’t work, human technology is always neat!”

*Stops and stares…*

*Massive gasp*

“It’s working! The screen is on!”

*The resolution gets bad… she probably shouldn’t be so close*

“I can see little words…”

“Tiny human box sphere…”

*She’s really close*

“Tell me your secrets.”

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I love how on the about for the block list that was made one of the reasons was "-you have posted or reblogged content that depicts toxic or abusive relationships." LMFAO. I laughed sooooo hard like Klance is SO FUCKING TOXIC??? Lance is always instigating shit, making Keith and him fight all the fucking time. LmFao that's Deemed HEALTHY apparently. HAHA OKAY KEEP REACHING. Klance can be healthy but from what the show has showed us the majority of the time???? Lmfao bye.

Antis deadass think that a loving relationship with a slight age gap is more abusive than ships they portray as actually abusive

so now i remember why i quit overwatch and played hots instead. its a fucking toxic game with a toxic community and one player can’t make any difference at all. i’m stuck in fucking gold and no matter how hard i try, i lose. i’ve lost 8 games in a row. the competitive scene has bred disgustingly racist, homophobic and toxic people and its just?? fucking unbearable. fuck golden guns, its not worth it.

at least with hots there’s no fucking voicechat, and you actually feel like you make an impact on the game. you actually feel like you can put up a fight.

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You've mentioned using a flanger effect in your songs once or twice, and I was wondering what that is/what it does?

i actually use it in all my songs for the vocal mixing - it’s kinda hard to describe honestly, but i use it on the harmonies along with the chorus effect to make them sound more. like multiple people are singing at the same time??? and also kinda??????? i dunno how to describe it lmao like you know how the harmonies sound in my songs lmaooooo

I know, I know. PICK A COLOR AND DESSERT FOR YOU PRECURE ALREADY! But that’s so hard! Precure uses a lot of colors. 

I was going to use Black but it turns out, shocker, the villain uses black. 

That’s when I was reminded by my friends that I actually have a signature dessert IRL. See when my friends and boyfriend finally came to visit we had this event called Steak and Cake. My boyfriend grilled steaks while I made my special Mandarin Orange Cake. The cake is a huge hit. I decided to use that dessert. It’s all friendshipy and stuff anyway like in the show. Just gotta Cute-ify it up a bit. Make it a mini ombre cake. The bat is a sugar cookie with orange icing. 

I’m going to use ORANGE. Custard’s color is technically yellow, so Orange isn’t used. 

And Mandarin orange wings for the fruit bat. Eh? EH?! *cackles*

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Silly ask time! What would the big hero six crew's quirks be? Alternately (or also) what kind of weapons/suits/etc. would class 1-A make if they went to the Institute of Technology and decided to be superheroes.

I’m gonna go with the first one because talking about tech (even fake tech) is hard but I sure do love assigning superpowers!

Tadashi has a tracking quirk! It’s sort of like Ragdoll’s; with it he can pinpoint someone’s location at any point, and it’s super useful for showing up right in the nick of time when Hiro gets into crazy shit.

Hiro, while still a literal genius, is quirkless. He’s actually kind of proud of this, in a weird way. Some people make the mistake of thinking that his increased aptitude is his quirk, and he’s always quick to correct them.

Wasabi has enhanced awareness, including the ability to detect changes and contaminants. He’s immune to change-blindness, and also hyper-aware of how many germs there are, everywhere, at all times.

Honey can generate shield barriers. Gogo jokes sometimes that they look like giant hamster balls, and Honey later duplicates the effect with at least one application of her chemical bombs.

Gogo has minor clairvoyance, sort of a short-range foresight that only extends up to a minute. Mostly it manifests as killer reflexes, which is useful for stunt-riding.

Fred, much like our Midoriya Izuku, is a hero-wannabe fanboy. He does have a quirk, but it’s just minor empathic abilities so it’s not much use in a fight.

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The gang reacting to Ponyboy's first time?

-he asks so many questions
“How long have you known them?”
“Did you use protection?”
-isn’t mad just worried
-also doesn’t want to have to clean anything up
“Ponyboy, I swear if I have to wash anything I’m making you sleep outside.”

-this boy deadass knew he whole time
-gave Pony a pep talk
-gave him pointers
“Chicks love it when you…”
“Trust me, they dig it.”
“Make sure she’s okay with it first.”
“Don’t try too hard buddy, it’ll kill the mood.”
-was fucking giggling while Darry freaked out

-doesn’t give a fuck
“Wow, you actually got laid? Shocker.”

-doesn’t really know how to react??

-this boy..
-teases and teases and teases

-freaks Pony the fuck out
“Pony…that can get her knocked up.”
“She might be pregnant.”
“Better hope she didn’t _____…that’s not a good thing.”
-pony is on the verge of tears and dallas is just sitting there cackling


Wish I could be part of that world…

The shots I did for @myhollie1911‘s mermaid MEP which is looking incredible so far ohmygosh I’m so honoured to be a part of it /)w(\ There were originally supposed to be four shots and none of them actually linked, but when the last two were proving to be actually kinda hard and the 2am mark passed, I settled on turning it into her exploring a sunken ship, discovering an interesting thingamabob, and then daydreaming about life above the sea <3 

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I just actually checked his recent videos, and JESUS THAT FUCKING LAZY BASTARD. HOW HARD IS IT TO IMPLEMENT A SKELETAL PLOTLINE FOR OSANA? Character model, a few 'plot' events over the course of the week, a few ways to sabotage, 'Osana succeeds' game-over cutscene/'Osana fails' cutscene at the cherry tree. HE CAN FLESH IT OUT MORE AS HE GOES, JUST AS HE DID WITH KOKONA'S PLOTLINE. ffs this guy makes me look like a hard-working programmer and I can barely write text-based games in Python

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I understand that the AU has a very valid reason for it being overall harder than the original Undertale. However, if IF were to become a game, would the difficulty be scaled down to sort-of line up with the original game (the Sans fight might only be a bit harder than the Papyus fight)? Because if Undertale was a lot harder when it came out, it would have discouraged players. For my AU, I always like to think "How would this do if people didn't come in here with any Undertale Skill?".

Honestly, I’m on the fence about that, since in some regards I kinda see IF as a hard mode of sorts. It’s designed as a pseudo-sequel, after all. That being said, it probably would depend. I would want a reasonable difficulty curve, but I’d still want, say, Sans to be harder than canon Papyrus.

With IF, I’m more concerned about telling a good story than making everything perfectly catered toward an actual game, since… well, IF is a comic.

Honestly MLA and Chicago and all those formatting rules are completely arbitrary and also inaccessible for people with any kind of visual or cognitive disfunction (dyslexia, adhd, macular degeneration) and its already so hard that the societal norm only allows people who are 100% able bodied and neurotypical and wealthy to become educated but like on top of that I can’t even fucking read your textbooks and scholarly articles like honestly it’s time to make way for diverse people to become scholars. Make your shit accessible.

@weyrbound replied to your post: If you don’t mind going into it, what about Scriddler appeals to you? It’s not a ship I’ve ever really considered - but then, I also never really thought that hard about riddler ships in general until recently :P   

Scriddler, for me, has a very strong dynamic.  They can keep up with each other.  With Jonathan in particular, he can actually outsmart Edward with his psychology knowledge and due the fact he’s likely older and therefore has age-given experience.  But he doesn’t make a big deal out of it when he does it.  He just leaves it as a thought for Edward to consider and move on.  Jonathan can provide Edward with a guidance he needs and I don’t really see him getting from another character.  Not really life guidance, but how to manage oneself.  I always imagined Jonathan as being very mindful of himself and how to control himself, and I think Edward would want to learn from that.  It’s not an easy skill.

Jonathan would be difficult to get to know due to keeping things so close to the chest and Edward would of course regard that as a game and keep at it accordingly.  But the more he learned about Jonathan’s history, the more he would respect where he came from and how he got where he is.  Jonathan, largely, comes from nothing and makes himself into something.  Other characters have done this but to my knowledge Jonathan is one of the only ones who made it before becoming a criminal.  Some characters are really good at being criminals but didn’t really make it anywhere legit.  Jonathan can do both.  Jonathan’s ability to match him both in wit and perception would keep him from getting too bored to either leave or start something just to see how far he can push this thing until it breaks.

Moreover, they really do just plain get along.  They don’t fight, they don’t have any real arguments, they only manipulate each other a little and they even call each other for help now and again.  They seemingly have this background ‘I’m cool if you’re cool’ sort of thing that makes me believe they could (mostly) peacefully coincide and probably help each other when they’re ready.

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basement jokes are annoying too when you consider that there are actually basements members still who haven't debuted yet where as johnny is actually an idol now

^ like my problem back then (predebut Johnny era) was that he was actually doing stuff? Like instead of people supporting him during his little cameos, performance at SPECTRUM, and his My SMT appearances, people kept making those jokes. Like I’m sorry??? Johnny was training and WORKING, even though it wasn’t necessarily while he was IN NCT. I’m 100% sure the other trainees are working hard too since they can’t freakin visit home often…

it’s probably the way i was raised, but discrediting someone’s hard work is like, a huge offense. i don’t even laugh at hansol basement jokes because 

1. he’s training hard since we haven’t seen him, except those dance workshops in japan, and since he was with SM staff nearly all the times he was spotted, we’re assuming he’s still in SM

2. idk… his fans are some of the sweetest NCT stans i’ve ever met, and sometimes people like to mess with the fact that he’s “in the basement” and i know a few people where that’s a lil hurtful to them. they wanna see him so bad too! like we’re all over here having fun but ppl keep pokin fun at hansol :( 

and honestly since this is Tumblr dot com, and it’s filled with a lot of assholes that wanna be funny and add snarky remarks to posts not concerning them, imma go ahead and say, don’t add “it ain’t that deep” to any of this because i’m trying to be a little serious lmao 

I just watched Sabrina Benaim’s Explaining My Depression To My Mother: A Conversation. It was well-written, I didn’t expect that because depression is such a difficult topic to explain to people who don’t feel it. It hit me so hard because I’ve been there or maybe I still am. At this point, who even knows? It’s just very disappointing how others say that I should always tell everything, rant out every bit of what I am thinking to someone because that helps lessen the burden of keeping it all inside and it might actually make me feel better. But what happens once I try to reach out? I will be told that that is just a simple problem, it’s all in my head. Is it considered simple when it cripples my self-esteem? When I wanted to be gone because of that? And I guess what hurts the most is it came from the people I expected to love me with all the love the world can contain. But you know what they say, you really can’t have everything. 


Guess what, of course I’d celebrate my fave boy’s birthday in a special way! So for a start I got playing with some photos today~ Lighting in my room isn’t the best >:,3 but! I could get a few good ones out of it! Wahaha, I’m actually pretty happy with those ´ ω` ♡ and as guests for these photos we have bunny So-chan and a family of puddings!! Always a pleasure working with them!

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Do you ever think of doing animations of your characters?

with animations you mean like, more rotoscopes, or actual short films? Because if it’s the first I definitely plan on making more, for the second… well, I’ve tought about it. I’d definitely like to try to animate a small scene or something, I’ve actually an idea that I would love to animate, but it’s really hard work and I have never studied complex animation so.. it’s not in programm for now :’)