this was actually full colour


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Credit to @sexy–pancakes for this find! Unwatermarked!
Whosoever's Is The Storm
A JeanMarco Pacific Rim AU!
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Whosoever’s Is The Storm

Rating: M, descriptions of graphic violence, major character injury, and emotional disturbance

Pairings: JeanMarco, Jean & Marco | background: YumiKuri, Springles, EreJean (Drift pairing make this complicated to tag lol)

Word Count: 57,000 (more or less) (across 4 chapters)

Alright lads! Here’s my entry for the JMGE, as requested by my secret santa, @yoitay, who wanted PacRim! Merry Christmas, friendo! I hope I delivered everything you wanted. This was a blast to write.

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is a Jaeger pilot, just trying his damnedest not to meet a disappointing end. Maybe he had goals once. Maybe there was a part of him that the storm didn’t touch. Not anymore.

Having been kicked from the Mark II Jaeger, Atlas Rogue, on account of the fact no-one Drifts with Eren Jaeger and walks out unscathed, Jean finds himself relegated to the Anchorage Shatterdome, Alaska, the very edge of the world. There’s a new Mark IV about to be launched, and it needs a pilot. Technically - it needs two pilots. It’s a shame he has a chip on his shoulder the size of a Kaiju.

A JMGE PacRim AU for Yoitay, exploring the journey of a Jaeger pilot from the bottom of the barrel, to the cusp of hope, across every up and down in between.



another mismatched set of A BUNCH OF KIDS
these were really fun yaaaaa


The infamous clothes swap is finally here!
When you start off with dressing up all cute and things escalate and you get a Junkrat in a thight suit and a Lucio that, just like in comp, just fills whatever role is left.

squishy hoodie boyfriends

anonymous asked:

Hey- hope this isn't too much trouble, but do you think you would mind doing a sketch of your designs of the elves (or lynches) from the suffering game please? Your anamatic looked amazing, and I'd like to see what they look like in full, if that's alright, thank you! 😁

I actually already did a full blown, colour drawing of them that can be found right here ! Over the course of storyboarding, I ended up simplifying and streamlining their designs. I’m so glad you liked them though !!


[Courferre week 2017, day 2, Harry Potter AU]

When he first enrolled, some of the teachers tried to forbid Courfeyrac from transforming in class. Combeferre still remembers the speeches about distracting other students. He also remembers, and much more fondly, the look on Courfeyrac’s face when he and Enjolras came to his defence. Metamorphmagi cannot always help their transformations, and Combeferre had ample information to back this up.

“Just because they’re rare,” Enjolras had said pointedly. “Is no reason to be ignorant about them.”

It had cost them some house points for Ravenclaw and Slytherin respectively, but it had instantly earned them Courfeyrac’s friendship.

By now Courfeyrac’s changing appearance is generally accepted as normal. Both by the teachers and the students. To Combeferre it’s as much a part of him as his exuberant emotions. They are very often linked too.

The time when someone stole Jehan’s homemade tie dye robes, his eyes turned absolutely green from anger.

The first time Bahorel tried to stand on his broom and fell off, all his freckles disappeared in fright and when it turned out he was fine they came back in bursts with every snort of laughter.

Once, after a long day of studying, they all got to watch his pastel hair slowly darken to earth tones as he fell asleep with his book in his arms.

And the day Combeferre asked him to be his boyfriend his hair curled up so violently that the curls seemed to form an actual multi-coloured halo around his head. It was a full week before his nails stopped changing colour every time they held hands.

Thank you so much! :,D

Ty you guys for sticking with me despite the lack of content and bombard of shitposts xD

So now it’s time for…

Tadaaaa. I know i’m no pro artist or anywhere near that, but i thought i would at least try as my thanks for you guys! So let’s get into it


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7. I can deny some of your request, if you refuse to change your request, i might pick another winner or just rush yours, and boi it’s not gonna be pretty

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11.Also raffle prizes takes time and i have actual stuff to do too, so it might take a while for me to get to you, but may i ask you to not rush me UwU


So now, here comes DA PRIZES! There will be 5 picked winner, the following prize for each winners are :

First winner prize:

-A full picture, with actual backgrounds, coloured, shaded and all that jazz

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-A 64x64 pixel art

-2 Shitpost/Edited picture OR a 32 x 32 pixel art

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-A flat coloured full pic

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-A flat coloured character + misc

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-Flat coloured character with single coloured background

-A profile picture line art

-A 48 x 48 pixel art

-A moist shitpost (Is just a shitpost)

Fifth winner prize:

-A lineart of a character

-A 48 x 48 pixel art

-A complimentary shitpost and an unwanted shitpost

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So that’s all the prizes!

So far that’s what i can do, i’m doing my best!

Sooooo, The Art raffle ends on:

20 October 2017

After that, the winner will be picked using Google random number generator (yay!) and the winner will be announced on my new art blog! (i haven’t made the art blog yet so shhh)

Don’t forget to use the extra entry magic word and Good luck!

Also, why did the chicken cross the street? (Amuse me and i might give a complimentary 32 x 32 pixel art :3)

UT merch post

So I decided even if I don’t show everything I got in the States, I’ll at least show the Undertale stuff I got because that’s something some of you guys will probably have some interest in.

Because I knew I was going to be in the States, I ordered some Undertale Stuff because then I wouldn’t have to pay the extra $100 to get it to South Africa safely and can just have it delivered to my friend’s place.

I’m still waiting for my physical copies of the game and the second series of Little Buddies both of which are still on preorder. But this is what I got this time around on top of the Toriel plush I already showed a photo of.

(The Undertale plushies are taking over my bed at this point.)

First the really wrinkly Napstablook shirt! Sorry they’re so winkled, they’ve been in a suitcase. The shirt is actually navy, not black, but my phone rebelled it seemed. I have a deep love for space so of course I needed this shirt. There’s no hidden annoying dog on this shirt though :( unlike the Delta ruin and Megalovania shirt.

Next, the box of tarot cards! I’ve been wanting these for a while but they’ve been sold out until recently. They’re not functional as tarot cards, but they’re more like a collection or art cards for all the characters. But of course I knew this XD I wouldn’t use tarot cards with recogniseable characters on them any way.

The character art is also extremely high quality and by the same artist, so the art is all consistant which I really like. Sometimes a box of cards by different artists is nice, but in those cases there’s always one or two pictures you’ll inevitably not like. And with my luck it’s usually a character I really like that’ll be done in an art style I don’t. So these are nice because they’re ALL gorgeous.

Sadly I can’t go through them in too much detail because they contain spoilers. XD;

The cards are also really quire big, and appear to be printed on linen paper which is nice (although I could be wrong)

Next we have the Flowey fan club pin! The only pin from the store I absolutely had to have! The Delta ruin and “world’s worst employee” pins are nice too, but this is the one I was really after.

I’m actually sad there’s not a lot of Flowey merch in the store. I’m hoping to one day have them sell a potted Flowey plush or something.

The pin is fastened with 2 studs at the back.

Fangamer always sends extra swag with orders which I really love! This time I got a Flowey button which glows really potently in the dark, a ghost sandwich sticker (which I don’t know how well it photographed) and another Undertale logo.

I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do with all these Undertale Stickers. The art store I go to sells black canvases, so I think I’m going to buy one and stick all the stickers I have onto it and then put a sealant over it, turning them into an art piece rather than stick them on something which might eventually become obsolete.

I also got the Ruins poster. :) I plan to get the dimensions for it and then I’m going to buy a frame for it. Not a big fancy one, just a basic frame you get at photo stores. Similair to how I framed my Usagi Yojimbo poster.

I also got….. this….

What is this…..?

It’s just a paper bag with Mettaton’s face on it…


What is this??

Lastly, the Undertale artbook. It may look a little small in the photo but it has about 225 pages of full colour so it’s actually pretty thick. The cover is a weird rubbery matte feel to it.

Again though, I can’t page through it properly just yet since I’m sure it’ll contain spoilers. Similar to when I got the Mass Effect art book and had to wait a long time before I could look through it XD

(shown here; spoilers)

I also noticed at the last moment it has a gold Annoying Dog on the back.

Anyway that’s everything for now!

As usual, everything is from Fangamer and are official merch. please support Toby Fox and the rest of the people behind the game (the very few of them that there are) and buy legit products!

My Undertale shelf is over capacity by now. I need to buy more bookshelves. I’ll have to get one with a long row I can use specifically for Undertale stuff because the box one I have right now isn’t cutting it any more.

Especially with more Little Buddies and the physical copies on the way.

Ah! Thank you!

what a weird game this is.

okay so @preludeinz the other part of your question was:

which rocks particularly should i avoid

In the theme of “nav hates aura quartz but mostly because people try to pass it off as something that it’s not” here are some rocks that I wouldn’t say avoid so much as take it with a grain of salt.

First up we have dyed geodes and agates (I’m putting them into one because to recognise one is to recognise the other). They’re pretty common, because colourful things attract the eye. Like with aura quartz, it’s another case of people prettying up quartz because it’s not beautiful enough.

Again, I am bitter.

Agates and geodes come in a whole range of different colours naturally, though its mostly muted greys and browny reds. It can be super pretty (I bought two bits today).

Dyed slices are typically brightly coloured, hot pinks and blues seem to be most common, but I’ve also seen greens and purples. Pink is the easiest to pick out, because nothing in nature is that colour. You basically never get green quartz, and when you do it’s not the colour of dyed slice. 

Purple can be trickier to pick because you can get amethyst geodes and agates, but the colour is usually a giveaway. Dyed stones are much more vibrant than the real thing.

Blue dyed stones are another case where I need to stress the fact that this is not an “avoid completely” so much as a “you do you” and get it if you want. I have a soft spot for blue dyed agates. My grandfather used to ave a set of bookends. I tend to lean more towards appreciating the more muted tones though.

Next cab off the rank is crackle quartz. Another dyed stone and dressing up poor old quartz in artificial colours. The stones are heat treated for the crackle (it’s internal fracturing) and then dyed to a greater or lesser degree.

Sometimes the colour is subtle, sometimes it’s not there at all. The internal crackle is fairly distinctive. 

Again, this is not so much as a stone to avoid completely as something to watch out for. I have a couple pieces of subtle golden yellow crackle in my stash, because I picked them up in a bulk lot of stones, and they’re pretty cool. 

I also had a blue piece on my keys for a very long time, until I dropped them and it broke. The crackle makes them very brittle, but so long as you’re not dropping them in a carpark it’s probably fine?

Last up we have goldstone/sunstone/gold sunstone. It has a bunch of different names, and you will know it when you see it. Sparkly AF. It also comes in blue and, as I recently found out, green.

Sunstone is on here because it’s not an actual crystal/mineral, although it is often sold as such. It’s actually a fully synthetic glass. As with aura quartz, sunstone mostly bothers me when it is being peddled as something all natural.

It is not. It is even less natural than aura quartz, which at least has the decency to be glittered up actual crystals.

The glittery bits in gold sunstone are actually tiny flecks of copper in the glass. Using cobalt or manganese instead will get you blue sunstone, and the green stuff is full of chromium.

Natural sunstone is an actual thing, although its colouring and sparkles are much more irregular. It’s a type of feldspar with tiny crystal inclusions of goethite or hematite, which flick the light around and give the glitteriness. It seems pretty cool, but I’ve never actually seen any in person that I can recall.

Again, I will reiterate that these are “not rocks to avoid” (although I will say again that goldsotne/sunstone is not a rock, it is an artificial glass) so much as “things to keep an eye out for and look at somebody sideways if they try to pass it off as natural”.

An honourable mention goes to the weird habit of polishing things into six sided points or bars and pretending that they’re natural crystals.

No buddy. Just no.