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just out of curiosity, why did you choose to center your blog around the fells as kids instead of adults?

((Oh! Ahahaha, well, actually for two very simple reasons!

1) A ton of my headcanons for the fellbros once they’re older are pretty angst-y and I wanted to do something more happy and positive for the AU. Thus, I figured it’d be easier and a lot more fun to just focus on them in their early years~!

2) To avoid shipping asks ^^;; (And not just for ships that you might think I’m trying to ignore—honestly speaking, there’s only so many ways I can answer the question “Sans, who do you have a crush on?” or “Papyrus, do you think x is cute?” before it gets stale. That’s ultimately not what this blog is about hahahah)

That said, it’s definitely not like I won’t ever draw them older? I adore the fellbros immensely and I have a ton of ideas, but I’d rather put my energy into creating positive, fluffy stuff for Underfell first and leaving the angst for rougher days :’D

So, essentially, it’s not off the table—it’s just not a priority atm~ ;u;))

Farpoint Convention

(This won’t be about Enver)

Farpoint was actually my first fandom con. I was pleased Enver was going to this one because it’s really an old-fashioned one that’s done for the love of it and not to make money. It’s very much a Trekkie centered con, and so the main guest was actually Nicholas Myer, who has written a number of things including Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. The third guest was Sam Witwer who always had a longer line than Enver, but he’s done a lot of voicework for the Star Wars animated stuff. (He was also hilarious and constantly doing voices. Super fun to watch.)

Overall I really enjoyed myself. It was a very small con with a local flavor, full of people who already knew each other. Not in a clicky way–everyone was perfectly happy to strike up a conversation. I rarely feel comfortable doing that, but was easy here. I even made new friends!

There were a lot of authors and not a lot of vendors. That was slightly disappointing because I love geeky art, but the my walls at home already covered.

I mostly went to the author track panels, which were uneven. I appreciated that the panels were all very carefully timed and organized that way, but the individual panels varied by how skilled the moderators were–and some seemed to have no moderator. Some of them were great and some just a discussion of examples of the topic and had and not really how to write.

Every one of them came back in the to something I’ve said a lot, which is that however you write something, you should make your choices based on what’s best for the story.

Overall it seemed like a great place go network if you were a local author and wanted resources. It was pretty overwhelming white and majority was men but women were pretty well represented.

I also had the pleasure of standing in line behind two fairly successful (male) authors and listen to them complain about Supergirl’s Kara x Monell arc because their individual canon ships in the comics are just better, damn it. That was funny. It was even more funny when they started talking about how Monell needed to get lead poisoning and I pointed out he had already been shot.

I didn’t like the hotel, which had a lot of hot and cold spots and activities in the atrium until early morning. The rooms wrap around the atrium and it is painful at 2 am when karaoke is still happening. Loud. I brought earplugs, thank god, but if you’re sensitive stay at the Red Roof Inn a block away. At least nothing was ever terribly crowded. I’d go again if they had another guest I was interested in.
hi hey hello this post has been made before but please try not to make fun of people for their autistic traits such as

• telling the same joke/ wanting to have the same conversation over and over again

• not having much coordination and having a tough time doing “easy” things like tying shoelaces

• having trouble understanding what you mean and needing lots of clarification

• needing things to be broken down into little steps

• having extremely high or extremely low empathy

• getting very attached to things like inanimate objects

there are a lot more but these are just ones i haven’t seen mentioned before!! feel free to add on if u think of anything else


My stuff for the Primary Big Bang! I was one of the artists for the great fic Make a Wish by @klance-my-way, so this is what I’ve been working on lately. Everyone should go check it out! ♡

If you wanna see what everyone else has been working on (and you should) just head over to @voltronbigbang to have a look-see! *:・゚✧ 

I understand

that as the phandom we like to make fun of dan and participate in his self deprecating humour, but it needs to tone down a lot. Instead of congratulating or talking about his accomplishments we put a focal point on all of his failures. He was in an actual documentary, he co wrote two books, he wrote the script for tatinof, he wrote a song for the show, and in the middle of all of that, he has weekly liveshows and makes videos for his main channel and for the gaming channel. He deserves all the love and appreciation we can give, not an endless list of memes created to bully him

we constantly praise Phil because we feel that as the “underdog” or the one with less subscribers he needs the extra motivation, but Dan deserves the same. He is wonderfully kind and intelligent, and we should start to recognize that.

A lot of people make jokes like “haha the Nazis love anime even though it’s Japanese they’re such dumbasses” and I’m just…do y'all not see how terrifying it actually is

being obsessed with “the Orient”, sexually exploiting East Asian women (they’re usually not that discerning about nationality), and treating Japanese culture as a fun playground/joke is exactly what white supremacists do you fucking morons it’s not funny just because it’s East Asians being preyed on by Nazis

02.10.16 // 4:24 PM With love, from Princeton -Kat  

seeing young teenagers embracing 2007 internet culture/aesthetic/speak in the kidcore/rainbowcore/kiddycore communities is such a beautiful thing. i think its beautiful because ive been around since 2007, and those years were golden for kids having fun and being themselves. the growth of the internet in the last ten years has provided lots of things, some of it being positive, but a lot unfortunately has become a cesspool of hatred.

between teenagers and adults alike on social media, nowadays kids are introduced to this hatred and darkness of the world early on with such easy access to it and it drives them into unhealthy behaviors and mindsets, such as suicide baiting/callout culture (NOT referring to calling out people who actually do very bad harmful things- such as pedophiles, suicide baiters, racist/neo-nazis/etc- making people aware of when they do bad things is good- but i mean the sorts who send hate and suicide bait to innocent 13 year olds over saying something wrong once and stalk them down repeatedly and bully them into suicide and self-harm etc.)

this is what kids are exposed to nowadays, and in these safe communities, people are embracing what redditors/4channers make fun of and call “cringey” and being themselves because it makes them happy. not only this, but kids in these communities moderate themselves and keep out NSFW/kink bloggers that sexualize children and create boundaries to keep their internet exposure safe, because theyre mature enough to do so. these kids embrace this time because its nostalgic and comforting, and has no super bad associations other than those who called it cringey and edgy all these years. the only bad people in these spaces are those who try to invade them.

let people use scene/l33t speak, use XD unironically, and make bright eyebleeding dog OCs. let them love nightcore. just let them enjoy this while they still can, for the love of god. and if they dont grow out of it (like i didnt) leave them be. a majority of these kids are lgbt, autistic, and trauma victims just trying to cope, and then there are just other kids who do it because it makes them happy. they arent harming anyone. if you bully them, you are.

Sometimes, writing is hard.

Actually, no. Writing is always hard, even on the days when it’s fun. Writing is an intellectual pursuit which requires the investment of a lot of mental energy. It’s much harder than just imagining stories.

But some days, it feels harder than at other times.

I know it’s because the fun, easy beginning of the story is now over. I hit the point in the story that’s difficult to write and even more difficult to make exciting. And there’s no point in writing something that doesn’t excite you, because why bore someone to death? On top of that, I’ve just noticed how terrible the pacing is.

I am not at all surprised. This always hits me around the 5th or 6th chapter and I’m currently in the middle of the 5th one. And I’m noticing that the characters are not doing much of anything and that I’m waiting too long with getting to a certain event that needs to happen for the elements of the story to start falling into place… but also there is a dreadful feeling in the back of my head reminding me that I have no clear idea what will happen afterwards.

And that’s why writing is hard today.

Also possibly because I haven’t been sleeping enough and it’s a bleak day outside and I want to curl up and nap, which I can’t because I actually have a *gasp* meeting with a real life person planned for too soon.

At the end of the day, though, there’s no way but forward. I’ll keep writing sentences. Maybe I’ll eventually arrive at one I like.

Anyone has any recipes for difficult writing days?

I’m replaying Danganronpa with a friend of mine and I forgot how much I love this trio,,

STEREK AU: Stiles and Derek have been dating for a total of three months and Stiles has been trying to postpone the whole “meet my friends” thing because the first time it happened, it didn’t go so well. But, at the same time, it’s kind of hard to not introduce his longest boyfriend to his best buds, so Stiles gives in and makes it happen. And well… a lot of intimidating ensues.


(BTW Derek’s not actually “pack.” By “pack” I mean like, “pack” of friends. I shoulda chosen a different word but I didn’t wanna say “welcome to my group of friends,” like what? I’ll probably make a part two with only Stiles and Derek. This isn’t that great but it was fun and I have screencaps.)


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Request: Can you please write an imagine where Barry and y/n are in a secret relationship but to hide it, they pretend to despise each other and team flash finds them making out in the lab or something and then they have to confess? Thankyouuu xx

Notes: Okay I had a lot of fun with this one. Not gonna lie. Hope you like it!

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Is This Seat Taken? (Joji x Frank)

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“Prince of the Trainers’ School” they said! Thanks a lot!

I wanted to have something like this in one of the earlier Sun & Moon comics, but I couldn’t find a good place for it without it slowing down story progress. So here we see more fun times with Hector’s big crush on the dreamboat Captain Ilima.

It may surprise you, but Hector actually has a bit of a hopeless romantic side to him. He’d never let anyone know it though. He gets embarrassed by his own brain a lot of the time, so he wouldn’t dare say those thoughts out loud.

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rfa react to an mc who loves to tweet dumb shit like "toe tap the flea" and "phills yeast nah be dad" would they join in,,


  • He doesn’t totally get it, but he’d retweet the ones he found funny.
  • His fans make fun of him whenever he joins in on the memeing.


  • Usually just sits next to MC and watches them as they cackle at their own shitty “jokes.”
  • He laughs a lot too, but usually only because MC is laughing so hard.
  • Sometimes when he makes them dinner, he’ll say something like “blind refugees,” or “John ate the queen.”


  • “MC, what are you laughing at???”
  • Mostly confused.
  • She thinks people actually speak that way and believe that they’re correct.


  • Actually thinks it’s moderately funny most of the time?
  • MC walked in on him one day, laughing so hard that tears are streaming down his face.
    • “Jumin, what’s so funny?”
    • Through tears, he replies, 
    • “Scone app the beef”


  • Literally starts to say all of these things out loud.
    • “I made you a roman attic dinner tonight, babe. Smack the pony and leave, Phil leg minion, and ass Pegasus. Bony African feet.”
  • They end up laughing on the floor at least once a week.
A Treatise On Old Walker Psychology

Hello everyone. It’s @the-foxwolf. Today I’m going to talk about a subject that’s very important to me. As a psychology major, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Magic’s characters. Over time, I have noticed a trend among Magic’s fandom: People criticize the Old Walkers who survived The Mending without considering their point of view first.

I’ve talked a lot about this subject and I feel it’s time I make an actual article about it. This one is very near and dear to me, so please spread it. Honestly, I think this article is something the Magic fandom as a whole needs to read. Forgive me if that sounds lofty or conceited of me, but I feel like we need to take a breath and think about the people we have fun talking and blogging about. 

This is a long article. Deep and thorough. Please spread the love. I think we could all use a read through.

Gather `Round. It’s Story Telling Time!

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This was actually not supposed to be fanart, but since I am osomatsu san trash to the finest, I gave up and drew Totty… ; u ; 

Edit: changed his hair a little