this was actually a big waste of time

The Houses as Video Game Things


Only picking the nice dialogue options. Carrying around way too much stuff because “what if it might be helpful later?”  Pausing a fight because you’re about to die and need to use a health potion. Being really good at puzzles and minigames. Balancing your skills so that you do well in a fight, regardless of the circumstances. Never wearing matching armor. Fighting the same enemy over and over again and cheering when you finally beat them. Panicking whenever dark music starts to play. Having to walk everywhere because you’re carrying too much to fast-travel.


Spending 2+ hours on the customize character screen. Getting emotionally attached to the NPCs. Using actual strategy to plan out your quests/fights. Always having a lot of money but never having anything to spend it on.  Spending all of your level-up points in one category.Never getting caught when you steal things, but only taking small items because you’re afraid that someone will notice if you take something big. Wasting a lot of lockpicks on something that doesn’t even have good items in it. Placing waaay too many manual map-markers because you can never find your destination otherwise.


Spending too much time on side-quests instead of working on the main objective. Accidentally walking into a ridiculously difficult battle when you’re only level 2. Using long distance weapons to fights the enemies because you’re terrible in close combat. Forgetting what quest you were working on because you got distracted by a hunt for a random object. Actually using resistance potions/spells/e.t.c. Having conversations with companions and unlocking extra quests. Forgetting which buttons on your controller do what and having to spend a couple minutes to figure it out.


Forgetting to save and having go way back to the beginning of the quest when you die. Screaming out loud whenever something scary happens. Getting lost in a location that you’ve been to 50+times. Sneaking? What is that? You run straight into the open and hope you won’t die. Not understanding what the different stats for your weapons mean and picking the one that looks the coolest. Always forgetting that you have helpful items and never using them when you need them.

hi honeys !! i’m back with another self care masterpost because we all know self care is probably my favorite thing in the world. anyways, these are just a few tips (that i actually came up with myself in my own bujo to help me stay productive and motivated) to help you get back into the swing of things as school starts up again :)

  • take a nap after school rather than just wasting time “relaxing” (aka scrolling through twitter for hours @ me)
  • start homework at school (if possible)
  • be okay with giving yourself breaks and rest periods, but make sure what you do in those times is actually serving you
  • work in a coffee shop to get stuff done, but budget yourself. this is helpful but also an easy way to drop a ton of cash in a short amount of time
  • alternative to above: work in a library or (if you have a big campus or live near a university) go to their main “center” and just chill out there, there are restaurants but also just tables for anyone to use.
  • be realistic with your time and actually budget it. your time is valuable.
  • start things early
  • make small, personal deadlines
  • reward yourself
  • work outside
  • experiment with your studying/writing/working methods - it’s okay to change things up
  • let things flow
  • know that you deserve everything you’re working towards

hope this is helpful,

xoxo annie

Ooh, yes! Freddy’s got the bad guy frozen with a magnet!

Now, the gang can go grab the final Scooby Snacks and escape this virtual world.

Go get them, Scoob! 

I mean, the movie reiterated mere minutes ago that – to the digital people – magnets cause:

1. Immobility

2. Complete helplessness

3. Total lack of awareness

4. Temporary memory loss

So, you’re perfectly safe, Scooby!

…oh, no, silly, no need to be sneaky. Just run up there and grab them, this is everyone’s big chance!

…no, seriously, the bad guy can’t do anything. At all. You know he can’t see you, or react to your movement. You, or any of the rest of the gang, can walk straight past him.

…look, Scoob, just go up there already, please? There’s no reason to risk wasting time, all you need to do is go forward. Why isn’t anyone else trying to–

…oh, come on, now.

Y’know, actually, you could just walk around the side of the room to get to the Scooby Snacks, if you wanted. Or maybe even run, seeing as your lives are in danger and all.

Honestly, this could have been over in 4 seconds, had you not decided to slink around the random gray balls at Freddy’s feet.

or if the rest of the gang had just walked over there themselves during this copious amount of time. C’mon, lend the dog a hand! Your survival kinda depends on it.

…oh, goody, and now the gray balls randomly turn into yellow/green balls, because logic.

…oh, double goody, Fred also decided to get in unnecessarily close to the bad guy, and not watch where he’s going!

Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen.




Look… I’m not expecting a masterpiece of a script from Scooby-Doo, here, but when your heroes need to have a auto-win situation foiled by an intricately-choreographed series of bad decisions… maaaybe you ought to re-write the scene.

ultimate back to school masterpost

it has come…the witching hour…the time of doom is now upon us…okay so obviously ignore me, i’m a huge nerd. but if you’re like me, going back to school is a terrible, nerve-wracking experience. so here are some tips to help you survive this.

1. Do. Your. Summer. Work. If you haven’t started on it now, turn off whatever device you’re reading this on and start working. Many teachers will test you on whatever summer work you were assigned, and occasionally it can count for a significant portion of your first semester grade. Seriously, don’t put it off until the last minute, because then you really won’t want to do it. Plus, then you’ll have more time to focus on binge-watching Netflix uninterrupted. 

2. Whether you’re moving to an entirely new school or just a new grade, things will change this year in some way. You have to be ready for it. And you-yes, you-can be one of those things. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Want to dye your hair? Try a new extracurricular? Break a bad habit? Learn a new language? Go for it. 

3. Push yourself, but not at the expense of your mental health. No test or project is worth breaking down over. That being said, procrastination is the enemy of progress. You won’t do it later-and if you do, you won’t do it as well as you could have. 

4. Make time for your friends and yourself. Don’t let school take over your life. Self care and having fun are important too. 

5. Wherever you are, whenever you are, people are going to judge you. It’s how we’re wired-we’re a judgmental species. There’s really no point in worrying about how other people perceive you because you can’t please everyone. You could be an actual saint canonized by the pope AND cure cancer AND negotiate an armistice between the forces of good and the rabid radioactive alien wolves sworn to destroy all humanity and still some people are going to call you “bitchy,” “fake,” “weird,” “trying too hard,” et cetera, et cetera. Be unabashedly you. 

6. You are smart. Really really smart. So what if you don’t have perfect grades or the best ACT score? If you’re trying your best-really, really your best-no one can fault you for it. 

7. People who are confident in the knowledge of their own intelligence don’t: 

  • play the “grade game” i.e. “whadja get??? i’m sure you did great…seriously whadja get tho?? c’mon show me, i won’t tell anyone.” (u know these kids) 
  • loudly complain about getting an A minus/B plus when they know other people didn’t do as well as them
  • say they “didn’t study” every time there’s a test
  • cheat
  • lecture people when they didn’t ask for it
  • brag about their grades/scholarships/other opportunities 
  • compare themselves to/compete with other students constantly
  • condescend to others
  • talk about how much “busier” they are than other students all the time
  • put others down whenever they talk about successes (”i’ve won loads of those; it’s not that hard to do.” “you do know everyone who applied for science olympiad got in, right?”) *the last one someone actually said to me-and it was a blatant lie so double wtf?? 
  • lie about accomplishments when asked (just say you don’t want to talk about it its? not? that? hard?)
  • make fun of people who don’t do as well as you

Bottom line: Be honest with yourself-do you do any of these things? If so, why? The truth is, if you view your academic life as this crazy competition, you’re not going to have any fun, you’re going to lose friends over it, and people aren’t going to see you as a role model to emulate, they’re going to think you’re well…an arrogant, self-centered tool. Everyone loves that you care about school, and everyone can see that you’re really smart and driven. You have nothing to prove, and everything to lose. If you want to do well for yourself, that’s great. But if it’s all about one-upping other people, it’s not worth it. Like in writing, show, don’t tell, how competitive of a student you are. 

8. Good friends don’t: 

  • put you down
  • exclude you
  • stifle you 
  • use you as an emotional dumping ground 
  • stop supporting you 
  • tell people your secrets
  • gaslight you 
  • manipulate you 
  • make you feel unsafe
  • abuse you in any capacity
  • threaten to rescind their friendship for small offenses
  • make jokes that you find offensive 
  • ignore you/give you the silent treatment without telling you what’s wrong
  • pressure you into doing things you don’t want to
  • only hang out with you when their “best friends” aren’t around
  • talk about themselves all the time but never ask you about yourself
  • mooch off you 
  • stop talking to you for no reason
  • refuse to stick up for you when people are being jerks

Bottom line-if you feel like you come in second, if you feel like you’re the one that has to do all the work in the friendship, you have to ask yourself why you’re trying so hard. Having healthy friendships is as important as having healthy romantic relationships. Of course, there are degrees to how toxic friendships can be. I’ve been in some fairly awful ones that I had to cut off completely, but I’ve managed to reconnect with other people who I didn’t have good friendships with (i’m always careful never to get too close to those people though.) If you’re being abused or manipulated by a friend, you need to CUT THAT PERSON OFF. You deserve friends who treat you with respect. If your friends don’t, you’re better off alone (at least until you’ve found some real friends.) 

9. No significant other or crush is more important than your grades, your extracurriculars, or your mental health. If your relationship is taking over your life, take a step back and ask, “Where do I see this going?” Don’t waste time with people who don’t treat you right or people who aren’t interested. When the right person comes along (and they will!), you won’t have to feel nervous or awkward around them. 

10. Study smarter, not harder. Use abbreviations in your notes and find shortcuts to difficult math problems. Of course, do all your homework. It’ll cost you big time in the long run. 

11. Buy some clothes that you actually want to wear, and get rid of the ones that you hate. It’ll make getting up in the morning that much better if you feel confident about how you look. Dress for yourself-you are not “slutty” or “trying too hard” for wanting to look good. 

12. Find your textbooks online so you don’t have to lug them back and forth every day. Don’t wait to buy your supplies-buy them now so you can get good deals and won’t end up scouring every office supply store for that particular brand of pencil. 

13. Participate. Seriously. I didn’t realize what a difference this made until I got to high school. Even if you feel like you’re going to get the question wrong, even if you feel like you’re not smart enough to add anything interesting to the class discussion, say something. Not only does it make the teacher notice you-which in a big class is super important-it’ll show that you’re paying attention and that you want to learn. If you participate, teachers will be more likely to remember you and you’ll feel more confident about yourself, as well as less tempted to doze off or talk to your friends. Do this in all your classes-even the ones you’re not as good at-and you will see better grades-guaranteed (especially if they grade on participation). 

14. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re not stupid if you don’t understand something. If you can, ask someone to tutor you if you’re struggling. Ask the teacher for extra practice on what you struggle with. If no one is asking your question for you in class, you have to ask it yourself, otherwise you’re never going to learn. 

15. Hard test? Start studying 3-4 days in advance. One day review notes and material; the others do practice exercises or quiz yourself. If possible, study with friends-as long as they don’t distract you. Take 5-10 minute breaks in between sessions so you don’t burn out. 

16. Make a studying playlist and a motivational playlist. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel about studying. Only do extracurriculars you actually enjoy-not ones you just do because you think it will look good on some application or the other. Don’t load up on these activities either or your grades will start to dip. 

17. Know the dates and times of any big standardized tests you’re taking (SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP tests, IB tests, IGSE, GCSE, SAT Subject Tests, etc.). Plan to start reviewing for these at least a month before the exam. (and a month before only if you know you’re really good at that kind of test-taking.)  

18. Edit your essays, once by yourself and once with a friend. Know the format your teacher wants so you don’t have to waste time googling “MLA in-text citation” every time you have an essay due. 

19. This may come as a surprise to you, but you are not the center of the universe. So before you go on long rants about how hard your life is, remember, you have no idea what the person you’re sitting next to might be going through. You are not the only person ever who’s had to juggle hard classes, extracurriculars, a job, and family problems at the same time. Other people are also struggling-what you’re going through is not more difficult or more meaningful than what anyone else is dealing with. This year, make a resolution to ask people questions about themselves, to listen to others, instead of making everything about you. You will be surprised at how much more people will trust you and how many more friends you will make. Also, guess what? Bad days happen to everyone-so stop taking out your frustrations on people that you care about. It’s petty, it’s stupid, it’s not fair, and it’s the quickest way to make your bad day a little worse. 

20. Regardless of whatever happens this year, you will graduate, you will get a job that makes you happy, and you will be a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, successful human being. If you get nothing else out of this post, take this-don’t get yourself so taken in by that weird, hive-mind-toxic culture that school perpetuates that you lose the ability to deal with the people who are truly important to you. At the end of the day, you want to say that you came out of this school year a happier, wiser person than you entered it. 

Let's get out there

You know that feeling when you really want to jump into the black and white lines in your book? When your own world seems boring and you realise that you are not the main character in a haunting story?

You are not Hermoine Granger, the brightest which of her age.
You are not Bilbo Baggins who left for an adventure.
You are not Katniss Everdeen who fought for life and love and justice.
You are not Achilles who grasped and swallowed immortality.
You not odysseus who walked with giants.
You are not Aelin who will gain back her crown.
Your are not fictional.

Instead you are very real. You might struggle with school. With your mentality. With your personal life. You wish for problems so big that they would overshadow your own and turn you life upside down.
You are waiting for an opportunity.
But you know what you are actually doing?
You are wasting time.

Stop waiting.
Stop wasting.

Yes, we are not in those magnificent universes that other people created with their imagination.
But you know what?
All stories have something that anchors them into our world.

Those ideas. Those worlds. Those universes. Those books. They didn’t appear out of thin air.

Something in those books, and it might only be the nightsky, but something in there comes from our world.

So get up and out. You want to dive into their world? How can you say that when you haven’t even seen your own?

Look up! Do you see the full moon that so many legends are spun around? Would you like to touch the stars that so many myths rang about? Do you see the mountains that giants used to play on? Do you listen to the whispering of the trees? The songs of the wind? The roaring of the sea? Do you hear the groaning of the woods? Those trees, do they move in your book? Walk to face Saruman?

What are they facing now?

Your world is just as magnificent as the one you read about.
The people are just as brilliant.
Now it’s your turn. You want to be the hero or the heroine in your life?
Well what are you waiting for?

You are millennium old stardust, formed by time itself.
You have iron in your blood and calcium in your bones.

Don’t tell me that you don’t have it in yourself to be the hero you read about.

You are a force of nature.

And no one can take that away. No one but yourself.

So stop doubting yourself and get out there.

Voltron Youtubers AU Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The Klance is here! 

On Lance’s channel:

  • Hunk and Lance collab all the time
    • It’s always lighthearted challenges
      • Their Bottle Flip Challenge video is LEGENDARY
        • Hunk got it on his first try and he dabbed for the first time
          • Lance cried. He’s so proud.
        • No matter how hard he tried, Lance could not get it by the end of the video
    • One time Lance convinced Hunk to do a song with him
      • Hunk played the guitar and sang backup vocals
        • Views went through the roof
      • Now subscribers love their guitar duets
        • Their instrumental songs are on a lot of studying music playlists
  • When Allura comes on, they talk skin care
    • Face masks, face washes, you name it they’ve done it
    • Lance screamed when Allura brought over a magnetic face mask to try
      • He spent an hour of time just playing with it
        • “It was worth it. Don’t judge.”
  • Shiro collabs on Q&As with a few challenges thrown in
    • The most famous collab they’ve ever done was a Blindfold Makeup Challenge
      • Shiro turned out okay. But Lance…
        • “Shiro. My dude, my guy. How did the eyeliner come out PERFECT????”
        • It’s true. The eyeliner was perfect and Lance went to a party with it on afterwards.
      • Lance wants Shiro’s eyeliner secrets
        • “There is no secret?? I just do it???”
        • “LIES.”
  • Pidge makes song mashups for Lance to cover
    • They’re all love songs
      • “Another love song? Can’t we do something else?”
      • “No.”
      • “But WHY??”
      • “I’m waiting for SOMEONE to take the hint.”
      • *Queue fandom screaming*
    • Pidge uses a program of their own design to make mixes
      • It’s available for free download because Pidge is good to their people like that
  • Keith appeared on Lance’s channel after a month of convincing
    • They do challenges ONLY. They are RIVALS
      • It usually involves water. Or electric shocks.
    • Their banter is hilarious once they’ve gotten comfortable together
      • These videos give Klance shippers life
    • There is footage of a Whisper Challenge that may never see the light of day
      • Things were said. Feelings happened.
      • Keith asks what happened to the footage but Lance says it got corrupted. 
        • He lied. Lance rewatches it every so often with a soft smile.
    • The fandom screams for him to do a Mouth to Mouth Challenge. With Keith.
      • He’s thinking about it

On Keith’s channel:

  • Pidge both loves and HATES being on Keith’s channel
    • The games just DON’T WORK
      • “Keith, I can’t even mod this. The code doesn’t even make SENSE.”
      • “Welcome to my life.”
      • “Can we play something else?”
      • “No. Suffer with me.”
    • Keith is the only one that can bring out Pidge’s RAGE.
      • Multiple compilations are made out of their screaming
    • They talk conspiracies and cryptids and Lance when they’re not screaming
  • Shiro comes on and they play co-op
    • Their teamwork is LEGEND
      • Opponents will log off when they see Shiro and Keith’s screen names together
        • Shiro’s is TheBlackPaladin
        • Keith’s is TheRedPaladin
          • Shiro says he copied his awesome big brother. Keith denies it. But he totally did
    • Keith once suggested they play Who’s Your Daddy?
      • Shiro shut that DOWN. He’s knows better after Allura told him
  • Allura plays indie horror games with some survival horror thrown in
    • Jumpscares do not affect her
      • But Keith is WEAK
    • But if a game has scarecrows she is OUT
    • Until Dawn was not a good time for either of them
      • Except Keith had all these weird wendigo facts to share
    • Allura excels at survival horror because she has good item management
      • Keith just wastes ammo and healing items because he gunjumps EVERYTHING
  • Getting Lance on his channel was actually pretty easy after they did a collab on Lance’s channel
    • They are VERY competitive playing games
      • DDR was a disaster. Mistakes were made
      • Mario Kart went better?
        • “Did you just blue shell me??”
        • “Well would you look at that, I did.”
        • “You are so going to pay for that.”
        • “Maybe if you ever catch up to me!”
      • They don’t play shooting games anymore
        • Keith got tired of losing
    • Lance did an Ice Bath Challenge for Keith’s channel
      • Lance chased Keith around afterwards trying to steal his body heat
      • Lance won and Keith cradled him in his arms
        • Lance doesn’t remember because he was so cold
        • But Keith remembers. He remembers how well Lance fit in his arms. And how close he was. Almost close enough to-

And there we go! Now I just need to write some one-shots…. and a multi-chapter fic…. *moonwalks out of the room*

Alrighty here’s the masterpost for Hell’s Studio, I guess

So what the heckity heck is this au about?:

This AU spawned from a joke I made with @arsonsara about bendy looking all weird in-game because joey sucks at 3D modeling.

Basically, Joey Drew got the idea in his head that he could potentially bring his original characters to life, and then goes to do that. However, it’s not all that easy, and he ends up bringing Bendy into the real world completely off model as this hulking mess of sentient ink vaguely in the shape of a demon. Obviously Bendy is very frustrated by this. But on top of being off model, he finds even more frustration in the fact that Joey wasted precious time trying to perform a demonic summoning ritual when he could’ve spent it making the actual goddamn cartoon. Seeing how impulsive and distracted the guy can often get, Bendy decides to appoint himself the new head animator and co-producer of the show if they want anything to get done. And it all kicks off from there.

So this AU doesn’t have a big overarching plot or anything, it’s mainly just episodic and things just happen. Think of it like The Office of Parks and Rec. Most of it is goofy comedic shenanigans, but i guess there is some drama-ish stuff in there from time to time, idk it’s a mess. It’s been built off of people sending me cool ideas on Tumbler Dot Com.

I don’t intend on making an organized timeline for things that happen throughout the au because literally anything can happen at almost any time and it’s constantly being added to, so I’m just gonna list a bunch of important points about the characters and how things work.

this is kinda just so y’all have just one big post to reference.

So here we go there’s a whole heckin’ lot:

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GOT7 REACTS TO: Finding hickies on their necks

Anon Asked:  Got7 reaction when they see hickey’s on their neck from the last night…😉😉

Literally just about every got7 request is sexual. you guys are nASTEE - Admin Dayna


The long lean string bean is a little (a lottle) embarrassed. He’s not necessarily ashamed of it, but feels awkward when it darkens or is in a spot that can easily be noticed by others. 

Mark tries extra hard to wear clothes that’ll cover it up. Sometimes, he traces his fingers over the hickie and thinks about the night before and his ears will get all red. For the most part he looks calm and collected - nobody suspects their bean is a siNNER.

Originally posted by j-miki


Doesn’t give an actual fuck. He gave a fuck - that’s how the hickie got there (huehuehuehue) but he isn’t going to go out his way to pretend it isn’t a thing. If people see, they see. If he happens to be doing an interview, he’d cover it up with makeup - just to avoid any scandals or rumors - but for the most part… he sees it, smirks, and forgets about it as the day goes on.

Originally posted by magiccastles

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Sugar: Where do I find my Daddy?

In this age, you can find an SD a lot of places. Let’s break this down for you. This post isn’t about the couple hundred per meet SDs, this is for the SDs that will actually sponsor you, offer you a monthly allowance and aren’t bedroom bandits.

Seeking Arrangements: This site is developing into men who feel “I don’t have that much money, but really want to fuck a 20 year old bare, but I can’t afford a hooker and/or I think they all have HIV.” (I’m an escort, most of these dudes can barely afford my hourly) If this is your MO, or you aren’t looking for a big payout for your time, and you are ready to compete with millions of other girls, this is for you.

Other sugar sites: a waste of time. SD4Me might have some redeeming qualities, cause I did have a guy who paid for my laptop from there, but there’s so many time wasters and its a badly set up site. Also many non-SA sites have very inactive guys, but you can’t see when they were last logged in until you pay or whatever. time/money sink.

Tinder: Most 40+ guys on tinder aren’t looking for an SB, mostly because they can’t afford it. Some are open to it but will bail on you. You can use a fake Facebook, if you’re trying to conceal your identity. Don’t ever try to get money for a relationship on the chat. never say sugar baby.  Like I’ve said before, unless he offers up the money amount and everything, don’t push for it too early. He has a lot of girls who just want his money, don’t become one of them. Block guys as soon as they say their not interested in an arrangement, just block and move on. Find out if he actually has money buy doing research. The flashy BMW pic? He went to a car show once. Not real. Also flashy does not equal generous.

Other dating sites: YES.


If you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy and you’re not on a sugar website. Don't put it in your profile. Just don’t. Say you are interested in older men and yachting or fine dining or whatever, but don’t put arrangement in your profile. 

hey hello friends!! i’m excited to present a new original masterpost series, #studyingwithacdemic! my blog’s “tagline” has long been ‘study with me’, and now i’d like to make that a reality. in #studyingwithacdemic, i’ll be addressing many of the problems that students encounter in their studying journeys, and offering my personal tips on how to face them! 

some of these masterposts will be veeery specific while others will talk about a broader topic. however, all of them have one goal: to help you become the best student you can be! you can tag posts using these tips with either #heyacdemic or #studyingwithacdemic and i’ll be sure to reblog <3

with that aside, here’s the very first masterpost: studying a subject you hate. i know hate is a very strong word, but there are some subjects you really just can’t stand. however, there are a few different kinds of hatred:

  1. hatred because it bores you: if you don’t enjoy learning about a subject, that can certainly complicate things a little.
  2. hatred because it confuses you: sometimes you don’t like a subject because it’s not your strong suit and it frustrates you to try and understand it!
  3. hatred because of previous failures: there are some subjects i don’t like because i failed a test on it, or something of that sort, whereas i enjoy the subjects i’ve always done well on. past mistakes may influence your opinions on a subject!
  4. hatred for no reason: u serious mate?? pfft.

there’s really no set, foolproof method to tackle subjects you don’t enjoy, so in this masterpost i’ll be addressing how to study for subjects that you dislike based on why you dislike them. ok ok, without further ado:


  • use a rewards system!! if you really cannot get yourself to enjoy a subject, forcing yourself to like the subject won’t get very far. however, forcing yourself to like studying it is slightly more doable.
    + set up a way to reward yourself for bravely facing that awful subject
    + after two hours of focused studying, give yourself a pack of gummy bears or something. give yourself an incentive to study!
    + bonus points if the reward is good for you. maybe reward yourself a 30 minute run if you finish studying, cause that’ll boost your energy, be healthier than gummy bears, and be a cool reward for studying :)

  • study in different ways! have some diversity in the ways that you study!
    + experiment with timelines, mindmaps, annotating, etc. to keep things interesting while you’re taking notes.
    + also don’t hesitate to stray from your textbook and into the world wide web of info: look up youtube videos, podcasts, websites, articles, etc. to study rather than just sticking with what your teacher gives you!  
    + when you’re reviewing something, don’t just stare at your notes, turn it into a game or something!! make it fun.
    + if you’re always trying new ways to study a subject, who knows, maybe one will click and you’ll start to enjoy it :)

  • associate with things you enjoy! hard to hate something that’s similar to so many things you like, right?
    + for example: you hate english? look, you’ve just shunned all of your favorite books and songs and writing in general. you hate science? sorry, my friend, it’s because of science that you’re breathing (biology) and cake exists (chemistry)
    + ps: sorry if i got those subjects wrong, i haven’t taken chem or bio yet!

  • study with the pomodoro method! here is a great masterpost by aza (@etudiance) about the pomodoro method, i really recommend taking a look!
    + this works great for subjects that bore you because you’d be studying for short blocks and have breaks in between, meaning you wouldn’t be stuck staring at a textbook for 3 hours *shudders*
    + just make sure that the time you’re spending studying is really focused studying, not just passively flipping through notes.

  • study with a friend! especially if they LOVE that subject. studying with a friend (productively) can make subjects so much more bearable!
    + as long as it’s actually studying, and not.. taking selfies or talking about unrelated subjects ////toootally haven’t done that before ahem ahem////
    + plus, if your friend adores the subject you abhor, maybe their enthusiasm will rub off on you!


  • ask your teacher for help! i swear by this one: teachers are (usually) great people who want you to succeed! no they are not evil creatures making you fail your classes for the heck of it!
    + arrange office hours or something with your teachers to go over content you’re struggling with. this is a great time to get to know your teacher as a friend and you’ll be approaching the material at a pace you’re comfortable with
    + if you’re scared of talking to your teacher (we all know the feeling!), you can always just correspond via email, and if they think you need a private meeting, they’ll most likely suggest it
    + if your teacher gives study guides or premade note thingies, always always always go through them thoroughly because that’s exactly what they think you need to study!!

  • don’t hesitate to raise your hand! everybody hates asking questions in class because they’re afraid they’ll sound dumb. don’t.
    + ask with pride because somebody out there needs you to ask that question for them! and even if you think you hear snickering (spoiler alert: that’s your imagination, silly), imagine it as a heroic deed for that-one-kid-who-needed-to-know-the-answer-to-that-particular-question-but-didn’t-bravely-raise-their-hand-like-you-did. congratulations, my friend.
    + teachers are totally fine with going through material again because if you are struggling to understand something, that’s their fault because they’re supposed to be teaching you. 
    + it’s better to ask during class than struggle on a test.

  • basically, reach out to other people. if you have trouble with a subject and are starting to resent it because of that, the answer is not to self-study and cry over things, the answer is to ask for help.
    + i know because i basically wing everything and there are times when i want to slap myself for not asking a teacher, friend, or my parents for help beforehand.
    + don’t be afraid to search online, but don’t rely on it either. if you’re scraping through your english class by living on sparknotes / cliffnotes, etc. that’s clearly not going to work. it’s okay to use resources like that sometimes to help you understand content you’re really struggling with, but using those ideas (aka not your own ideas) in your homework, etc. is plagiarism. nuh-uh, not ok, don’t do it! ask for help!!
    + also the studyblr community is great!! send in asks because we will all want to give you love and support: and even if we don’t know the answer, we can direct you to another person or masterpost that can help. some people to ask are emma (@elkstudies), grace (@gracelearns), sareena (@studyign), ann (@educaticn), seo (@tbhstudying) and kimberly (@kimberlystudies) – they are absolutely lovely and seem to always have an answer <3 or you can check out @studyblrindex to find someone who studies the subject!! or just ask any studyblr honestly! feel free to ask me as well, i’d love to help if i can ;o;

  • use methods that work for you! even though diversity in study methods is great for subjects that bore you, stick with the stuff that always works for you when you’re confused.
    + do you usually get good grades when you annotate while you read? great, keep doing that!
    + don’t make the mistake of sticking with methods that don’t work, though: if annotating while you read just confuses you even more, it’s time to stop and try something new.

  • just keep working on it! hatred due to lack of understanding of the subject is probably the easiest to fix because if you work hard enough, the subject gets easy and woah omg, more bearable <3 it may seem tough now but you can do it!!
    check out my motivation tag for some stuff to keep you going!
    + i personally think @chibird’s super adorable drawings are great for boosting your morale if you’re feeling down / unmotivated :) give jackie a follow!!!


  • don’t doubt yourself! you get one bad grade, then you think you’re just doomed to bad grades in the class for the rest of the semester. then you really do get bad grades because you’ve just given up. don’t let that happen!!
    + the worst thing you can do is constantly remind yourself about what you did wrong!
    + also, most of the time your “failure” wasn’t even as bad as you think!! even if it was something public and embarrassing, the only person who still remembers it is you.

  • spend less time thinking about your “mistake / failure / incident” and more time assessing what you can do better next time! this one’s a biggie. instead of resenting a subject because something bad happened that one time, it’s better to see how you can prevent it from happening again.
    + giving up isn’t an option here!!!
    + maybe for the test you got an F on, you tried a new study method that definitely didn’t work. all you have to do is stop using that method!
    + this will also take your mind off the fact that you “failed” (again, you probably didn’t), and lead you to think of it more positively (because now you know what to avoid doing in the future!)

  • don’t overdo it! one time in english class, i basically made this really dumb mistake and i cried and was miserable about it for a whole year. then, i made myself attempt to memorize the dictionary because i forgot the meaning of one word. 
    + that was a huge waste of time for me, constantly reminded me of the mistake i made, kept me miserable, made me feel guilty when i couldn’t memorize a word, didn’t actually help my vocabulary, and was basically a big, fat pfffft.
    + the lesson to learn from this is: assessing what you can do better next time DOES NOT MEAN to overdo things. it just means to learn from your mistakes and try to improve <3

  • re-inspire yourself! most of the time, this subject wasn’t one you always hated. it was just that one dumb thing that made you feel miserable and queasy to even think about the subject. don’t let something so small ruin a whole subject for you!
    + check out my failure tag for some posts about dealing with failure or disappointment in the academic world!!
    + search for posts in the studyblr community related to that subject to see how wonderful that subject is! :)


  • there’s no way to make yourself not hate something if you don’t know why you hate it. ask yourself why you hate that subject so much! chances are, you don’t hate it at all!
    + try and talk / rant to someone about it (you can drop me an ask with a rant about a subject you hate – i’d be happy to try and help or just be a person you can rant to). maybe the reason will come out in the process of ranting.
    + or just journal / write for a little bit about the subject. sometimes letting your emotions loose can help!

alright, that is it for this first masterpost!! i really hope you found this helpful, since these are all my personal tips, no research or anything. if you have any questions, want to talk, want to yell at me for a bad masterpost, want to chat about your day, have any suggestions for future #studyingwithacdemic masterposts, want to request a future masterpost etc. etc. just drop me an ask and i’ll answer asap to the best of my abilities! <3 thanks for reading and have an absolutely magnificent day, xoxo hannah

Personal Trainer  Jungkook

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Warning: Cursing, Smut, Slight Angst?

Excerpt: He had never seen you this exposed since middle school at pool parties, your body was a shock to him. The way the leggings hugged every curve and made your ass looked perked up not leaving much for the imagination. As well as your sports bra which left your mid-drift completely exposed and your breasts slightly shoved up. “Um hi uh yeah let’s not waste time, get down and give me thirty push up and then a thirty second plank.” “Wow Jungkokie is bossy when he’s at work.”

Word Count: 2,887

Note: I was actually working out (shocking) when I thought of this bc holy shit imagine Jungkook big ass arms picking you up like a fucking rag doll and his veins just omg yes please bias wrecker!   

Originally posted by taelatte

Lately you’ve been in a rut, you weren’t happy with how things have been going since you’ve started university. Being so caught up in school work and actual work at the coffee shop you started to notice yourself drifting away from your friends. Those friends being the seven hyungs you’ve known since middle school. Picking your phone up from the picnic table you were studying at for the moment, desperately trying to get out of this rut you decided to reach out to them in the group chat to meet and catch up on life. 

To Hyungies: “I miss you fuckers, lets chill at the campus fire pit around 8?”

Jiminnie: “Awe guys she misses us, how sweet.”

Me: “I miss you the least Jiminnie.”

Jiminnie: “The lies you tell Y/N ;)”

TaeTae: “I’m down”


Me: “So I guess I’ll go ahead and reserve it so it can just be us.”

Kookie: “I might be there a bit late but for sure, and Hobi don’t bring that wine cooler shit.”

As the rest of the texts came spilling in you couldn’t help but get excited, you haven’t seen the little shits in almost three weeks and last you checked that’s the longest you’ve gone without seeing them yet. 

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Top 10 K-Dramas: 2016

The edit above is not in the order of my top 10 but the list below is. This was my first time making an edit so I was just trying to make it all fit, lol. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on these dramas, I’d love to hear that ya’ll think!

1. Descendants of the Sun (Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won)

  • This was the first drama I followed along with while it was airing and it cemented my stay in kdrama-land so I’ll forever be grateful for that. I loved everything about this drama from the cast to the plot, I thought it was unique and funny and so very enjoyable to watch. A soldier and doctor falling in love in the middle of a crisis with brilliantly amusing scenes and secondary characters? It’s a win for sure. I think it found the perfect balance between drama, action, romance, and comedy. Also, the OSTs in the drama were amazing; Talk Love by K.Will will forever be one of my favorites. 

2. Goblin (Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun)

  • So I’m cheating a little with this one because it didn’t finish airing in 2016, but this is currently my favorite drama so I felt obligated to put this on my list. This was my first real venture into a fantasy kdrama and I love everything about it. The aesthetics and cinematography is unreal, the cast is fantastic, the beginnings of romance is natural, but the bromance and friendships are probably my favorite things about this drama. It’s honestly just so witty and fun and the performance by each actor is amazing. It never fails to make me smile or laugh. Since it’s by the same writer as DOTS, it has the perfect combination of fantasy, romance, drama, and comedy. Also, the OSTS are wickedly good in this as well.

3. The K2 (Ji Chang Wook, Im YoonA, Song Yoon Ah)

  • Despite the drama surrounding the characters and it’s obvious problems story-wise, I loved The K2. One of my favorite genres is action-romance and this drama was packed with both. JCW is brilliant as always in acting but his action scenes were amazing. I thought the plot was pretty unique and the lead three gave great performances (I know people thought YoonA’s character was useless, but I didn’t; the story literally wouldn’t exist without her, lol). I have to praise Song Yoon Ah for her performance especially because this was the first time I empathized with the villain; I certainly didn’t agree with everything she did, but they gave a depth to her character that I really appreciated. There are some things I’ll never understand regarding the drama, but I don’t want to spoil anything for others so I won’t mention it here.

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk)

  • Again, this drama has yet to end, but I honestly think that this is one of the most brilliant dramas of 2016. It’s a feel-good, coming-of-age drama that balances romance, comedy, and friendship and that honestly delivers each week. It tackles first love and all the innocence and insecurities that comes with liking someone unattainable, it explores friendship between women and the unbreakable bond you can make with life-long friends in college, it shows characters with unhealthy issues taking the right steps to get help, and it shows how guys should treat girls and how naturally you can fall in love with your best friend. Most of all though, it tells us that it’s okay to fall out of love with your talents and what you have been doing your entire life; it’s okay to take a break, try new things, and find yourself. Brilliant cast, brilliant writing, and brilliant performances.

5. Reply 1988 (Lee Hye Ri, Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi)

  • I’m late to the game but there are not enough words to describe what a good drama this is. I love that it focused so much on family bonds rather than romantic love. More than the individual families, the entire block was one big family that supported and took care of each other. I laughed, I cried, and I was happy when they were happy. The line between friendship and family is easily blurred in this drama because I swear the kids were more like family than they were friends. The parents’ friendship also made me happy because for once there was no evil parent or scheming; they all loved their kids and were such good friends with each other. There were so many lessons to learn from in this drama, it’s A+. Also, the goat noises made my life. 

6. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Lee Joon Ki, IU, Kang Ha Neul)

  • I had/have a love-hate relationship with this drama. This was my first saeguk drama and I did really like a lot of things about it. The cinematography was beautiful, it really was so well done. I liked most of the characters, especially early in the show when it was more funny and cute. And the actors, even the idol-actors, did well in my opinion. What I hated was how they tried to jam-pack the Chinese version into the last 4 episodes, the insanely terrible editing that just made it seem like the characterization for leads did not align at all with what we knew about them, and the ending. I truly detested the ending; it was sloppy and unnecessary. If they didn’t cut that one scene from that ending, I would have been satisfied but they chose to do a disservice to the characters and for that reason alone, I’ll probably never re-watch this drama. 

7. Age of Youth (Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo )

  • I loved everything about this drama. The friendship between the Belle Epoque girls made me smile; they grew from being so awkward with each other to being such good friends. They teased, fought, and took care of each other like any good roommates would do while living their own lives. The drama did brilliantly in highlighting each girl’s unique struggles and allowing them to grow because of them. There is nothing I didn’t like about this drama; it was funny, interesting, and just really good. The Belle Epoque girls are special. 

8. The Legend of the Blue Sea (Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun)

  • I like drama a lot but mostly because of JJH’s character and performance. I’ve never failed to smile, laugh, or feel second-hand embarrassment for her character and that just really made the drama fun. I’m not really a big LMH fan, I think he’s an decent actor, but I think this is probably my favorite role of his. He’s actually doing really well and I really enjoy his character. One of my main issues is the plot and direction of the drama; I think it’s been a little sloppy and some things just don’t make sense and are poorly explained. Also it’s taking forever to get through some of the sub-plots and it honestly just feels like a waste of time. To be quite honest and in my opinion, if the leads weren’t as big stars as they are, this drama would not be doing as well as it is now.

9. Doctor Crush (Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Kyun Sang)

  • The beginning of this drama was brilliant; PSH’s character was the epitome of a bad-girl who was also kind to her friends. I loved the plot; a girl with an attitude problem with no care in the world changing her ways and becoming a brilliant physician to not only prove people wrong but also to get revenge on the people that wronged/hurt her? Yeah, sign me up for a drama like that. The secondary characters were great, there really were some comedic scenes with them. I liked the medical part of the drama and PSH’s friendship with her childhood best friend and the other doctors. What I hated what that she never really got her revenge; they went with the most predictable way of the guy getting out of it for a medical drama and I hated that. He wasn’t even sincerely apologetic for what he had done. And honestly, I also hated that she never really called out step-mother for being such a terrible person. I had higher expectations for this drama. 

10. Cinderella and the Four Knights (Park So Dam, Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun)

  • This was definitely more of a feel good drama for me. I love the “cinderella” trope so this was just really cute. Park So Dam was just adorable and she made the story fun. There was nothing overly special about this drama; it was fun and light, there were some pretty-boys, and a sweet best friend. All the makings of a classic feel-good drama. My favorite thing would probably have to be the OSTs in this drama; they were all just so good and I still re-play some of them. 
These mf Tinder Daddies

There’s two ways to play tinder. 

Game 1: Regular SB route

You tell him you want him to spoil you, he says no or yes, you move off text and start arranging a meet, he meets you and wants to take you home, you decline and decide to ask about allowance. He says yadda yadda per month/week/date and you say yes or no and then you start the arrangement if you’re both happy. hopefully its high, probably mid range, and everyone is happy.

Game 2: High Life SB

You do ask him about spoiling you and if he responds accordingly, you then proceed to get as much info on him as you can. You find out that he’s the CFO of some company and makes 1.2mil a year in salary, owns 2 homes, yadda yadda. You decide to play the long game and make him chase you JUST A LITTLE let him wine and dine you for a date or two witha few kisses and suggestive touching but nothing more. You then bring up that school is around the corner and you need tuition, or your car payment, or your rent and make him pay for whatever you need. then after that purchase you make him buy you a superficial item, just to see how he responds then by now you’ve sucked him in and soon he’ll be paying for everything, while the money you make in your full-time job goes straight into savings.

The point here is to do your research, learn the actual potential of your POT.

If he doesn’t earn much he can’t offer much. and you should go the regular SB route and negotiate a per date allowance or whatever. But if he earns a nice amount of money, don’t be afraid to wing it and get him to actually be committed to you turn him into a sponsor. The issue is, if you ever tried to negotiate a per meet allowance with the guy from Game 2, 8/10 times you’ll turn him off, and you’ll lose him cause you come off like a gold digger. Losing the 1.2mil guy vs the 200k guy is a big potential earnings loss. If the 200k guy calls you a gold digger, he probably didn’t have much to offer or he actually looked at his bank account and realized he couldn’t afford you. 

Game 2 is for girls with time to spare, which is why you have to do so much research into finding out if he’s actually rich, so you don’t waste time on a poser who took pics in a Bentley at a car show.

Also be aware of when the guy from Game 2: no matter how much money he has, has no intentions of sharing much or any of it with you. Bail. Its not worth it. he’s been stingy all his life and will always be stingy. 

Get that money,


Apologies (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I really like this imagine I kind of crying writing it so… oops 😂 anyways enjoy!
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: you’re pregnant and babysit henry and Spencer comes to pick him up instead of jj after you guys have broken up and you’re very pregnant and that’s how he finds out.
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Reader gets kidnapped…
“Your mom is going to be here in about 10 minutes so lets gather up your Legos.” You said slowly sitting next to Henry on the floor.
The large baby bump make it harder to do everyday activities, but you have managed throughout the 7 months on your own.
You helped Henry put all of his Legos in the little box he brought and then there was a knock on the door.
“That’s mommy.” You said slowly standing up as Henry bolted to the door.
He opened your apartment door and heard him call, “Uncle Spencer!”
You froze at his name.
Why was he here?
“Hey Henry!” He said back.
You didn’t dare turn around but you instinctively did.
“I told JJ I would pick Henry up. I hope…”
He froze as his eyes met your bulging stomach.
“H-Henry… will you go wait in the car? I’ll be out in a sec okay?” Spencer said putting a fake smile on his face as tears filled his eyes.
“Okay.” Henry said complying as he walked down the apartment stairs.
“Is… is it…” he stuttered.
You nodded already knowing the answer to his question.
“Spencer just go please? I want to be alone.” You said crossing your arms over your chest, as if it would hide the 7 month old baby in your stomach.
“Wh-why didn’t you tell me?” He said walking closer to you as a tear fell from his face to the hardwood floor.
“Spencer please just go.” You said avoiding him as much as possible.
His hand reached out but he slowly retracted it as he noticed your struggle to get away from him.
“I-I’m sorry Y/N. I really am. I messed up I know-I know I messed up but… that… that’s my child?” He questioned walking a little closer.
The reason why you and Spencer broke up was because he was never around due to work, which was okay with you.
But then, you found out that when he claimed he was stuck at work he was actually staying on purpose to avoid you.
He slowly lost interest in you, but you were still had a flaming passion for him.
He claimed you were boring and a waste of his time during a big argument, and that’s when you packed your bags.
“Spencer you left me. I still loved you and you pushed me away. We could have talked. We could have taken a break… but when you said I was a waste of your time I knew that was how you felt. I don’t want to waste anymore of your time.” You said turning around and walking to your bedroom, but you were stopped by a hand on your arm.
“Please… give me another chance. I made a huge mistake and let you walk out that door. I never stopped loving you Y/N, I was stressed. My-my mom wasn’t doing so well and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry Y/N please let me take care of you and our child.” He said holding both of your hands as he begged you for forgiveness.
You stayed silent, recalling the sleepless nights where you wound up crying against the door until you had no more tears to cry.
You looked up into Spencer’s eyes for the first time in months and saw complete and udder sorrow, guilt, and love.
“Please…” he asked again. “I’m not just doing this because of the baby, I’m doing this because I love you.”
“Why didn’t you tell me about your mom? Why didn’t you tell me you needed space?” You asked.
You were fully willing to forgive him, but you had so many unanswered questions.
“I bottled it up. I think bottling up my emotions will make them go away but it doesn’t. I couldn’t handle knowing the medicine my mom was taking for the past 6 months wasn’t working so, I held it in. And during that argument, that stupid argument, I exploded. I didn’t mean what I said. You aren’t a waste of my time. In fact your probably one of the best things that ever happened to me Y/N.” he said as tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Did you plan on apologizing before you knew I was pregnant?” You asked with a small smile.
“I told JJ I would pick Henry up just so I could.” He said sniffling and holding your hands a little tighter.
“Well then of course I forgive you.” You said pulling his head down and kissing his soft lips that you have missed.
He melted into your arms as he hugged you gently, like you were made of porcelain.
“I’m also sorry for not being here. Your one of the strongest woman I know to be going through pregnancy all by yourself.” He said stroking your hair.
“I forgive you for that too. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, you had the right to know.” You said wiping a tear from his cheek.
“God I’ve missed you.” He said hugging you again.
“I’ve missed you too.”

Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N? (Part2)

Part1     Part3    Part4

Authors Note- The second part to this imagine, sorry if things get a little complicated from her on out, just make sure you read in the correct order, which are linked above. Hope you enjoy, sorry its late but my school takes no prisoners x

Scott’s Perspective

After having time to think, Scott remembers little signs that indicated you were caught up in something bigger than he realised. One occurring about a week or so before your disappearance. He walked into your room and sat in his usual seat, at your desk. “So, what’s the problem?” you asked, taking it as an indicator for your usual heart to heart. “Nothing, just wanted to see how my litter sister is doing” he claimed while spinning the chair around to face you. “Ah, so that must mean you want something” you replied, looking up at his cheesy grin. “Well actually me and Stiles were wondering-” he began. You shook your head lightly, “This cant be good” you accidently thought out loud. “It’s nothing elaborate” he defended with a smile. You rolled your eyes and he gave you a playful nudge causing you to laugh. “I was… Stiles and I were hoping you would look after the house and cover us at school for a few days-” he trailed. “What, why?” you asked as your face straightened out. “We need to do something important and for once its not supernatural related so you don’t need to worry” he shot you a confused and pleading look. He didn’t see what the problem was, it wasn’t like you hadn’t done stuff like this before. He heard the slight increase in your heart rate, “Look, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to” he said softly, he thought it might have been to do with you being home alone while your mom was on her nightshift. “It’s fine ill do it” you said with a weak smile. “Actually, I don’t think I want my little sister home alone for that long of a time-” he said with a sudden disturbing thought. “You better not say, what I think you’re going to say” you moaned, sitting up. “Derek can babysit you” he nodded knowingly. “No not again, not after the last time. Id rather-” you began but cut yourself off after receiving a text message. Scott couldn’t help but notice another hitch in your heartrate as you immediately locked your phone and slammed it back onto the bed. “Who was that?” he asked in concern, reaching for your phone but you squatted his hand away, picking it up as you walked over to the window casually. “So, are you going to tell me why you’re being so secretive?” he asked as he stared at you. He watched as you peered out of the window, looking left and right before slamming it shut, checking the lock and pulling the curtain over. “No, are you going to tell me what you and Stiles are doing?” you asked back. “No” he replied shortly. “Touché” you joked it off. “Idiot” he exclaimed throwing a cushion at you playfully. “Jackass” you replied, throwing it back, only for him to catch it with one hand. “I hate you and your stupid wolf powers” you huffed, flopping back onto your bed. “I love you too sis”.

When he returned from his and Stiles’ short trip the house was completely upside down, it was an absolute mess. “Y/N!” he shouted, his voice vibrated the upstairs floorboards of your bedroom. “Shit!” you exclaimed, rolling out of bed and pulling your hair into a messy bun, you still had last nights clothes on. You slowly crept downstairs and into the kitchen. “What the hell is this?” he shouted, following you to the fridge. “I ermm, I had a party last night…” you said, trying to keep your heart rate steady. “Where’s Derek?” he questioned. “There was an emergency at the loft and he had to run out” you claimed, pouring yourself some orange juice but your hands were shaking so it went all over the counter top. “Have you been taking drugs?” he asked with wide eyes. “What the fu- No Scott, I don’t do drugs” you defended with the 100% truth. “Then what is wrong with you?” he asked again. “I’m just a little hungover, ill be fine” you said, rubbing your eyes. “So what, you think its ok to have a party and get drunk and… and…” he continued. “So shoot me! For trying to be a normal teenager and doing normal things like partying and enjoying life rather than trying to run from it all the time! Don’t you understand that? I didn’t ask for this, it’s you that dragged me into it” nothing but venom was coming out of your mouth. “Why are you acting like this?” you could hear the hurt in his voice. “Save the big brother act until someone is around to actually see it, you’re wasting your breath” you said bitterly. He stood there opened mouth, not able to speak. “That’s exactly what I thought” you exclaimed before running back upstairs. He stood there, his hands shaking and his eyes watering, he never expected his little sister to say that, especially when he tried everything to keep you safe and it wasn’t exactly his choice in telling you about the supernatural, you uncovered it by yourself. But little did Scott know that when you returned to your room you slid down the wall and sobbed for hours, you didn’t want your brother to miss you as much as he would have if he remembered nothing but happy memories. It would have been a lot easier if he didn’t care.

So today Scott called a pack meeting, determined to get to the bottom of his sister’s disappearance once and for all. Stiles arrived, his skin practically transparent and the bags under his eyes seemed to drag his once hyperactive self down. Lydia and Allison soon followed both of them sulking and moping about like two lost souls. They sat in your living room, except for Scott who stood. They were staring at the ground, not wanting to see the cheesy family pictures on the walls or your things that were scattered around your house; textbooks, jumpers, even something as simple as a nail varnish bottle was enough to set them off. “We’re going to find her” Stiles assured, placing his hand on Scott’s shoulder, before sitting down. He gave a weak smile, he hadn’t lost hope, but after hours of trying to track you by scent and nothing turning up, he couldn’t help but feel beaten down. “Y/n is a hard nut to crack, she may not have any supernatural abilities but she’s as badass as the rest of us” Lydia cracked a small but genuine smile. “If not more badass” Allison agreed. “If this gets too much for you, we can stop” Stiles offered. Scott nod his head and exhaled, before opening Stiles’ theory pack on the coffee table. They all edged forwards on their seats and began to scan over the facts they had and what they needed to find out. Scott’s chest began to feel tight, this wasn’t some crime scene investigation the pack was working on, it was his baby sister’s. He was unaware that his claws began to protrude from his hands, not in anger but upset and guilt. “Scott look at me” Allison said in a calm panic. “Woah Scott are you ok?” Stiles asked with concern. “I think we need a time out” Lydia agreed, they hadn’t been looking for long and it was taking a tole on them all, not just your older brother. Allison assisted Scott in standing up and exiting the living room. “Scott!” she called after him as he stumbled upstairs and into your bedroom.

It was the first time he had been in your room since you disappeared, he slowly sat on your desk chair and stared at your bed. Memories of you two since you were little flashed through his head, from the pillow fights when you were six to the countless times he embarrassed you when your friends or boyfriends were around since freshman year, to the current relationship you had of studying and having your daily chats at night together. He could see the lacrosse jerseys spilling out of one of your draws because you insisted in having one from every pack member that was in the team, from Scott’s to Stiles’ to Isaac’s to Liam’s to Kira’s, he was even sure you had Jackson’s and Brett’s too, even though they weren’t actually pack members. Meanwhile in the living room Stiles and Lydia sat there in silence, reminiscing themselves and trying to connect the dots to what seemed like an endless chain of events. Stiles gave a sigh and closed the book before taking it off the coffee table. “Oh here, you dropped this” Lydia said, picking up the piece of scrap paper that had fallen out. She briefly read it and began to pass it to him, before she processed and read it again. “Lyd what is it? Lydia?” Stiles asked. “Is everything ok?” Allison asked, walking into your bedroom and approaching Scott at your desk. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just miss her” he shrugged glumly and swivelled so he was now facing the actual desk. “We all do” she trailed, looking around your bedroom that somehow seemed dull without you there. He opened the notebook and flicked through the doodles you made when you were supposed to be studying, before he stumbled across something he shouldn’t have. “What is it?” Allison looked over Scott’s shoulder at the note you had written. “Did you know?” Scott asked, quickly standing up and ripping the page out. “No, she never mentioned anything about seeing or dating anyone” Allison claimed with a furrowed brow. When Scott and Allison re-joined Stiles and Lydia in the living room, they were sitting there with nothing but the note on the table. They sat beside them, “She didn’t want anyone to know, I wasn’t even supposed to know- what I’m trying to say is, I know who the mystery boy is and-” Lydia began to ramble, before Scott placed the note he had found on the coffee table beside the other. “Surely he wouldn’t do anything to harm her though, right” Allison chimed in. “I don’t know, but you’re going to tell us everything you know about their relationship, right now” Scott said firmly. Lydia nodded in agreement, before explaining her part of the story.

So the next part is in Lydia’s perspective, comment below or in the requests who you want this mystery boy to be and sorry this part is kind of short, but Scott has the least involvement in her disappearance, hope you enjoyed x 

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Hey if you have time: ReaderXChekov where reader gets injured on an away mission and has to go see McCoy but plot twist reader is afraid of doctors and tries to hide. Chekov finds reader and drags/coaxes them to med-bay and stays while they get treated and is in general a good partner and friend. Bonus points if McCoy is grumpy that they are being so affectionate while he is trying to work, but secretly is glad Chekov is there because he knows reader is scared of doctors.

Chekov X Reader – An Apple a Day

A/N – Writing for Chekov but thinking of Jaal in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

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There was no doubt about it. Being a red shirt officially sucked. Sure, you’d often heard jokes about it but you’d never actually believed it. Now, you were stuck behind a rock on a desert outcrop, shielding yourself from Klingon fire while Kirk and Spock did the same a few metres away. Ideally, you could have laid covering fire down all day until Scotty beamed you back aboard the Enterprise. The planet however, ruined that plan with its highly magnetic field, meaning that because of interference with the sensors, Scotty could only beam the three of you back if you were all grouped together; that meant you had to leave the safety of cover so as not to risk Kirk or Spock’s life. It’s not that you didn’t trust Kirk and Spock to have your back but being the only security member there left you wishing you were the one protecting your team, the way it was meant to be; after all, you were the best shot of the landing party.

I couldn’t have been more scientifically minded. Nooo, I had to decide punching things was more fun.” You grumbled silently, mentally preparing yourself for what was to come next.

At Kirk’s nod, you sprinted the daunting gap which had seemed pitifully small only a few minutes ago. Seconds before you made it to safety, you felt a stinging sensation under your ribs. You knew all too well the pain of a phaser shot and this most certainly wasn’t it. A risky glance at your attackers revealed that the Klingons were accompanied by some form of unknown animal. It was a creature the likes of which you’d never seen before, an iguana-like animal, about the size of a large German Shepard, that apparently spat some form of acid. You felt tugging on your arm and in the next instance, the three of you were back in the transporter room.

Kirk gave you a concerned once-over, his gaze lingering on your torn shirt, the bile had lightly burnt the skin underneath. You glanced down at the injury; fortunately, it wasn’t causing much pain past a light stinging.

“Spock, comments?” Kirk demanded, never looking away from you.

“The Klingons have been suspected of creating genetic hybrids for some time now, Captain. Lieutenant (L/N)’s injury appears to be the work of the first one we’ve seen; effects are unknown. It is advisable that the lieutenant is escorted to med-bay for immediate treatment and long-term observation.”

Kirk nodded at the practical analysis, meanwhile, deep-routed fear clawed at the back of your mind, making you nervous about what could come if you didn’t act fast. Hiding your reservations, you tittered a small laugh, Spock raised a curious eyebrow.

“Come on guys, a doctor for this paper cut? I’ve had worse injuries from falling over, I feel fine, really.” You grinned breezily.

“No, Lieutenant.” Kirk argued. “I want you checked over by Bones.”

You held up your hands in mock surrender. “Alright, you got it. I’ll go to med-bay right now if it puts your mind at ease. Still, I really do feel fine so it’d be a waste of your time for you to escort me when I already know the way.”

“You sure?”

“Stop fussing, will you? I’ll see you later.”

Before any more arguments could be made you ran out of the room, taking a left for the turbolift but changing direction as soon as you knew it was safe to. If you were going anywhere, it was straight to your hab-suite for a change of clothing. Once in the safety of your room, you glanced at the wound which had dried out rather quickly, you hid it with the new shirt and left quickly, heading to the one place you would fade into the background; Engineering.

“Vhat do you mean ‘not here’? Vhere else could (s)he be?” Chekov asked McCoy dubiously. He’d come to pick you up from med-bay as a surprise only to find a disgruntled McCoy arguing with Spock over the comm-link.

“I mean that (Y/N) is not in this room, nor has (s)he been here since the mandatory physical at the beginning of the year.” McCoy growled gruffly.

“But (s)he’s hurt, zhe Captain said so.”

“I’m sure (s)he is but I don’t have time to play a damned game of hide and seek on a ship this big. You want my advice? Get a tracking device. Better yet, check with Scotty, (s)he’s probably with him in engineering anyway.”

“Really?” Chekov looked hopeful.

“HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW?” McCoy burst out irritably. “You’re not gonna find anything here, go ask somebody else and stop wasting my time, I do actually have other patients, damn it.”

Chekov knew better than to provoke McCoy further, he left the doctor alone and begun his search for you, trying to reach you through your communicator every so often but receiving no reply.

You didn’t remember entering the empty storage room, in fact, you didn’t remember much at all. All you could focus on now was the debilitating effect the iguana-dog had had on you; evidently, the bile it produced was a fast acting venom with a delayed start, not an acid. Knowing what had damaged you however didn’t help, what you needed now was a cure. You were currently experiencing a wide-array of symptoms, each worse than the last. It had started with mild nausea and sweating. Then came the dimming vision. After that, your breathing had become shallow and laboured. Even if you wanted to see a doctor now, which you didn’t, it wouldn’t be possible; small movements alone caused serious pain to flare through your body, as if your skin was on fire.

The next stab of pain caused you to wonder exactly how much time had passed, it had lost its effect at some point around the dimming vision. Had it been seconds or hours? Was it even the same day or had you slipped into a different one? How long did it take for the various new symptoms to occur?

At some point during your suffering, mild delirium set in. You were stuck reliving the previous battle, except, with each rendition, there was something else out of place. In one battle, you were walking on the ocean’s waves, in another you were fighting the people you’d lost through the years. Finally, you could hear echoes of things you’d heard before while you fired your phaser at imaginary foes. One echo however, was new, something you’d never heard said before. The familiar voice resonated within your thoughts, bringing you briefly back into reality.

“Pavel.” You mumbled upon feeling his arms wrap around you, raising you into the air; it felt vaguely like flying.

“Argh, you stupid, stupid… Hang on, McCoy vill fix zhis.” Chekov stressed frantically. He couldn’t believe his eyes, your skin was almost translucent, revealing the veins and arteries underneath.

“No.” You batted his chest lightly, barely a tap. “I’m fine… don’ need him.”

Chekov wasn’t listening, he was too busy trying to keep you steady as he ran the way to med-bay.

“Don wanna hurt ‘gain.” You argued bleakly through laboured breaths.

“He’ll make you better lyublyu (love).”

“…Docs ’re dangerous.”

“Not zhis one. I promise.”

Fresh waves of pain coursed through you, you writhed against Chekov who tightened his grip on you.

The only indication that you’d reached med-bay was McCoy’s exclamation of, “Good God man.”

“Doctor.” Chekov pleaded helplessly, so sure that he was going to lose the one person he truly loved aboard the Enterprise.

“On the bed.” McCoy ordered.

“Don’t leave.” You whimpered, using your little energy to grasp Chekov’s shirt.

“I’m here lyublyu (love), don’t vorry.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll make my work much easier.” McCoy grumbled sarcastically, hiding his concern for you behind a disdainful tone.

Shouted words turned to fuzzy mumblings and then to nothing as your body finally gave in, though whether to exhaustion or medication, you weren’t sure. McCoy did his best to stabilise you, all the while issuing orders to Kirk and Spock through his communicator; if he was going to save your life, you’d need a different kind of help.

After hours of work, pumping you with endless hypos and chemicals, your survival became a waiting game, relying purely on the success of Kirk and Spock. Chekov stopped murmuring comforting words to you for the first time since he’d brought you in. Fresh tears fell freely from his eyes as he gripped your hand and steeled himself for the question he’d been dreading since the start.

“Vill-” He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Vill (s)he make it?”

McCoy sighed, lifting an uncomfortable hand to his face. “I don’t know.”

Although he’d been prepared for the answer, Chekov shuddered queasily. What he really wanted to hear was something along the lines of, “Yeah it looks bad now but it’ll be okay.” or, “(S)he’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep.”

It was foolish to wish for a lie but that was all he wanted to believe. Hearing the truth was acknowledging the likelihood of your death and that was something he simply couldn’t bear. After hearing that, Chekov couldn’t bring himself to ask anything else so he settled for whispering all his plans for the two of you in the future, slipping naturally into Russian as a small comfort to himself.

You struggled to open your eyes, squinting against bright light that forced you to keep them shut for a minute. You didn’t think you had ever felt worse, every muscle ached like it did after intense training, your mouth held the after-taste of vomit, and you could feel extra pain where you knew several hypos had been used; on top of all that, there was a heavy weight on your thighs and you wondered briefly if you’d been paralysed. You fought against the light again, forcing your eyes open until they adjusted. If you’d had the energy to smile, you would have, Chekov was sat on a chair next to your bed, his head was resting on your legs and his usually neat hair was ruffled all over the place.

“Glad to see you’ve joined the land of the living.” Nurse Chapel beamed at you, bringing a large glass of water with a straw in it.


Nurse Chapel help up a hand. “No talking. I expect you to drink that first and then you’re going to let me run some tests; when I’m done, you can talk, understand?”

You bobbed you head lightly, instantly regretting the headache it brought with it.

“Good. Glad we’ve come to an agreement.” She passed you the water, making sure you were taking steady sips before scanning your body and talking again. “You know, you’re lucky you got me instead of Doctor McCoy. He’s worked on you for almost 60 hours straight and let me tell you, he’s furious; still, underneath all that crabbiness lies a heart of gold, if he yells, it’s because he cares. Now tell me, do you remember what happened?”

Disjointed memories of your delirium came to you, the only true one being of the iguana-dog. You put down the now empty glass and cleared your throat, ready to test your voice. “Venom?” You croaked.

“Yes, venom that you foolishly tried to hide. Venom that we didn’t have a cure to.”


“Spock and Kirk had to ‘liberate’ one of the creatures that did it from the Klingon camp so we could synthesize a cure; I imagine they’ll want words with you too.”

You cringed, the thought of a telling off wasn’t appealing, surely the venom had been enough of a punishment already.

“Don’t worry.” Chapel smiled. “They won’t get to my patient until you’re fully recovered.”

You silently prayed that wouldn’t be for a long time so you could put off the punishment. “What about the iguana-dog?”

“Iguana-dog? Oh, the Triffid that poisoned you?”

You raised an eyebrow at the name.

“Yes, that’s’ in the animal lab being examined, though it made quite the effort to get to you. Spock believes that the scent the other Triffid made the creature friendly towards you; it’s tried to attack everyone else on the ship you know.”

“I always did want a pet that could kill me.” You joked, lying back uncomfortably.

“Well you’ll have to talk to Kirk about that, for now rest, it’s been a long-”

Chekov stirred, mumbling a tired, “Lyublyu (love).”

Chapel sighed sympathetically, “I’ll give you two five minutes together, any more than that and I’m fetching McCoy.”

Chekov stared blearily after her before coming to his senses and turning his attention to you. “(Y/N)!” he grabbed hold of you enthusiastically, quickly letting go when you cried out in pain.

“Shit, do you need a doctor, vater, sleep, tell me and I’ll get help.” He hovered uneasily, clearly ready to run wherever you needed.

“It’s okay, jus’ need a little rest and I’ll be right as rain.”

Chekov stared wide-eyed, unsure of what to say next. He was past anger and elation; right now, he just wanted to care for you and make your recovery his number one priority.

“Thanks for staying with me.”

“Lyublyu (love), I’m never leaving.”

“Good luck with that, five minutes and Chapel gets McCoy to throw you out.”

“I’d like to see him try.”

You managed a weak laugh at Chekov’s bravado, he was swelling his chest out to look bigger. “Easy there Rambo, McCoy would wipe the floor with a toothpick like you. What’s say we leave the fighting to a pro like me?”

“Leave zhe fighting to you?” Chekov tutted. “Zhat’s vhat got us into zhis mess.”

“Alright, alright, then you think you can stay on guard duty while I sleep? Who knows what kind of experiments McCoy’s ready to try when I nod off.”

“He vould never.”

“Wanna bet? I hear he’s pretty pissed at me.”

“(Y/N) please, zhe whole ship is pretty pissed at you.”

“Oh yeah? What about you?”

“I’m zhe vorst of all, unfortunately I’m stupid enough to love you.”

You grinned and continued the conversation, quickly losing track of time. Nurse Chapel watched through the window in the adjacent room while McCoy complained at her about anything and everything he could think of concerning you. “-and on top of that Chekov’s still in there and I know he won’t (Y/N) leave to do his damned job; that’s distraction in the workplace.”

“Oh hush.” Chapel chided. “We both know you’re glad (s)he’s not alone.”

McCoy blustered. “No. I’d be glad if the idiot didn’t fear doctors, I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous in all my years.” He kept complaining while rifling through drawers, making himself look busy as Chapel listened; she shook her head and continued to observe you, letting McCoy get all his ranting out before he could get to you, though she feared you would still get an earful anyway.

How to Study in High School… and Still Have a Life

Since most high school students will be back in school this week, I thought I would write a post about how I managed my time with a reasonable amount of studying. I think that joining clubs and sports and productions, or working a part time job, or just spending time with friends is crucial in high school, and you should be able to balance school with those activities. These tips will help you make the most of your time in high school, without studying 8 hours a day.

Time Management

  • Set exact, tangible goals for each class and major assignments. I found high school to be extremely results based, so I would choose a goal for my final mark in each class and exam. I found this I found this super helpful because it motivated me, but also because it allowed me to see how well I needed to do on each assignment to reach the goal. And to be honest, sometimes it allowed me to slack off on an unimportant assignment that I didn’t need to maintain my average.
  • Establish times that you study each day. In high school, I had so much going on with extra curriculars and friends that it was unrealistic to study for hours on end each day. I found that studying during my spare periods at school, and for a few hours after dinner. This meant that right after school and after like 10PM, I could focus on other things.
  • Only review what you need to. I know a lot of studyblrs preach that you should study an hour a day for each class, or 5 hours a week per class, or other formulaic solutions to how much to study.  But honestly, I found that reviewing for an hour a week or just before quizzes was enough for me in some classes. Don’t bother eating up your precious time trying to study a certain amount if it isn’t actually helping!
  • Get specific with what you need to study. This is tied to the above point. If you feel like you need to study for an hour for a class, decide what you will do during that hour. Catch up on reading, do review questions from the textbook, or write flashcards. Whatever it is, that’s fine. However, don’t just decide to “study for 1 hour” without a plan.
  • Remember your deadlines! If you are forgetting about tests and due dates, it will lead you to cram and pull all-nighters to get things done. This is a big waste of time, especially if you could have been dividing the workload over a week or more. I suggest using a planner, and telling a parent about upcoming deadlines so they can remind you.
  • Divide assignments into smaller tasks. This was my absolute ride-or-die organization method in high school, and I still use it now. If you have a five paragraph essay, make a small checklist breaking it down into the outline, each paragraph, and editing. Then, each day, you can do one task, which will only take 20-30 minutes, rather than spending 3 hours in one night. I have an example of these checklists here.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

  • Find out what kind of learner you are, and use relevant study techniques. I have a post on this here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but you will save your time by studying effectively.
  • Don’t just reread notes. Unless you have found simply reading information can make it stick in your head, try to choose a more active form of studying. You could study with a partner, write something down, record yourself reading the notes aloud, etc. I find that if you’re just sitting reading notes, it can often be because you feel obligated to study but don’t know how, so it won’t be effective.
  • Only use study groups if you can know they are effective. I remember in high school, my friends and I would always use “study group” as an excuse to hang out during our spares. Study groups can definitely be helpful, but if you’ve studied with someone a few times and never gotten anything done, suggest hanging out after you’ve both studied alone instead.
  • If you find a study technique that works, stick with it. People used to rag on me in high school because I would write out flashcards for every test in every class. But doing that got me 90s and up on all my tests, so I kept doing it. There is definitely a benefit to trying out new techniques if you’re struggling in a class, but if a study method works for you, just keep doing it.
  • Follow your teachers study guides and tips. I used to always think I was such an “advanced student” and so great at studying that I could make my own study plans. That might be true, but it will save you a lot of time and energy to just follow the guide a teacher prepared for you. If they put in the effort of preparing a guide for you, they probably want you to do well — and they’re the one who wrote the test, after all.

Specific Study Guides

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Via IRC fundraiser - Steve & Clint bonding - Steve took Clint at his word immediately after Clint shook loose of Loki's spell - Clint will never forget that.

Steve discovered, his second week in Wakanda, that the fishing there was amazing, and T’Challa had said he could fish so long as he threw the little ones back unharmed and brought his catch to the palace kitchen to be cooked. Nothing was wasted in Wakanda, and hunting was for food, not for sport. (Though T’Challa admitted with a grin that you could have good sport from hunting for food.) 

To Steve’s shock, after the jailbreak, Clint actually took Steve up on his invitation to go fishing with him. He wasn’t bad at it, either; by the time the sun was up Clint had landed a big catfish-looking creature, and had helped Steve pull up a second. 

“Can I ask you something?” Steve said, as Clint re-baited his line and tossed it out after losing his bait to a fish smarter than either of the ones they’d caught so far. 

“Sure,” Clint replied, leaning back in the boat, sipping from a canteen. 

“I get why you retired,” Steve said. “Good neutral response to the Accords, and you had a family to think about. But why’d you come down on my side when I called? You didn’t have to.”

“No, I suppose not,” Clint agreed. 

“But you didn’t even object. You just saddled up and rode in.”

Clint smiled. “I like that image, me riding in on a horse like the Rohirrim at dawn.”

Steve blinked at him.

“Too nerdy?” Clint asked. 

“Shockingly nerdy,” Steve agreed.

“I mean…” Clint felt a tug on his line, tested it, then shrugged it off as a current. “I owed you one.”

“From when?” Steve asked, brow furrowed.

“Well, maybe not…” Clint glanced away. “I didn’t owe you one, like, you did me a solid and you’ve got credit. It’s more…you put your trust in me, and I owed you that back again. When Natasha pulled me back from Loki. I said I could pilot a plane. You said okay. You didn’t know me from Adam.”

“Natasha trusted you, that was enough for me,” Steve said. 

“That’s what it looked like from your angle, sure. From my angle, Captain America just told me that despite all the terrible shit I’d done, he knew it wasn’t me who did it, and he knew I could saddle up.” Clint smiled at him. “When someone trusts you like that once, you owe it to ‘em to be worthy of the trust somewhere down the line.” 

“Huh,” Steve said. “Got you in a hell of a pickle, Clint.”

“Bah, I been in worse,” Clint replied. “It’ll all sort out. In the meantime…” he reached over and hooked a finger on Steve’s line, testing it, “I think you got a bite. Give it a reel, see if we can get one more before we pack it in.”

one thing that bothers me abt avas demon is that clearly the art and dialogue have improved immensely and id say the characters are a lot more realistic blah blah blah BUT michelles devotion to odins stutter just plummeted after the ship crash. (so did the ship. hahahaha). my point is this was a realistically depicted stutter that got worse around tricky consonant combinations + when odin was nervous, and just generally fluctuated in severity instead of just being an apostrophe thrown in once or twice per sentence. examples:

(^^the wrench ones my favorite. iconic. a good moment.)

basically his stutter was a big part of the way he talked. it hit you in the face with a brick. it took a long time to get sentences out, which frustrated the other characters and himself. it also took up a lot of space, which im assuming is the reason its been reduced to this:

see what i mean? it isnt a big deal. it just bugs me because, the way he talked at the beginning, thats what a stutter actually sounds like. its annoying and it takes a really long time-thats why its called a speech impediment. and so i think taking it away it robs odins character of a certain amount of depth. i dont know. sorry for wasting your time lol

The real stuff .

I just really need to get this off my chest because it’s getting hard to keep it to myself so please bear with me for a little. 

In the past (and today, this is why I’m writing this) I got quite a few anonymous asks saying stuff like “you have a fetish for Asian people”, “you want to be Asian so bad you run a blog and pretend to like fashion”, “Asian-wanna-be”. Ok. So. Sorry for liking absolutely amazing fashion that is different from what I see daily? Sorry for liking Japanese culture and traditions and everything modern and ancient? Sorry for wanting to see the country of my dreams? 

I absolutely adore Japan, it’s been in my hobbies for around 8 years now and it makes me so damn angry when someone writes that kind of stuff to me. What is wrong with liking another culture? I’m not trying to be or even belong to that culture, I just want to see it and appreciate the beauty. I want to travel through Asia and experience the different environment from where I grew up. 

It’s not because “I have a fetish for Asian culture” , what the f is that even? Come on, guys, that’s not even funny. I don’t scream when I see an Asian person in my university (and there are quite a few by the way). I don’t turn to every person who mentions Asia. I just love that part of the world, the style and fashion I see on internet and even anime! I grew up watching it ! That does not mean I have a fetish for it. It’s nasty to even say that, ok? 

I used to cosplay, yes, but it was because I adore some characters in anime or games ! I met so many awesome people through cosplay !  And I know a lot of them get shit ton of hate for “trying to look Asian” when it’s make-up for a character. I might understand the frustration from people who are actually Asian but I really wish that they could understand, why cosplayers dress/do make-up the way they do.. 

So please stop saying these things, it’s getting really stressful. Just because I like Asian culture more than my own, it doesn’t mean I want to be Asian. That’s not possible and I don’t even try. I want to be able to have a blog about things that I like and not get hate for it. My dream is to open my own store someday and I might have some inspiration from the fashion I see on my blog! And I’m so tired of getting hate for it. So please don’t be that person who writes stuff to others out of nowhere and ruin their day. Because telling that someone has fetish is actually a quite big accusation when you don’t even know someone. 

I’m going to stop here and I will never ever answer an ask that blames me for having fetish because 1) there is no point in arguing with someone who could actually come up with that stuff 2) I know how things really are 3) Not going to waste my time. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it cleared up some things. If you actually believe that I have a fetish for running a pink fashion blog, you’re the one who has a problem, not me. You’re welcome to unfollow/block me. I just wanted to write this in case some of you decided to leave me an ask again…