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Shitty zodiac au(i think)- Ford gets it drawn but bc of poor ventilation within the Fearamid and close quarters spray painting, he gets a little high and that's why he suddenly decides to take 8 years explaining what he drew (you call that a llama?) Also why he thinks it's a GREAT idea to correct Stan's grammar at the actual worst moment.


The Homemade Alfredo Sauce Recipe



2 Tablespoons butter
3 cloves garlic minced
2 cups half and half a mixture of milk and cream; available in dairy section
2 Tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

(Found this on Pinterest by Anna@CrunchyCreamySweet it is absolutely delicious.)


In a medium saucepan, melt butter over medium heat.

Add minced garlic and saute until golden.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together half and half, cornstarch, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and oregano. Add mixture to sauteing garlic.

Cook, stirring often until thick.

Add Parmesan cheese and stir well.

Remove from heat and use in pasta dish (see notes) OR cool to room temperature, pour into a jar and store in fridge for up to 3 days.

**BTW if anyone knows of a good Spaughetti Sauce Recipe can you tag me in it or send it my way?**

listen i wanna see hunk and shay in a long distance relationship pls im beggin

  • What if hunk makes a communicator for her so she can talk to him whenever she wants and vice versa?
    • Shay sends mostly texts because he knows Hunk can be in a battle somewhere or on a mission so she knows that Hunk won’t respond right away and he can read those texts when he’s out of danger
      • Her texts are all lowercase with several exclamation points because she’s incredibly happy and bright! She also tries to use emojis but when she DOES look through them most of them are earth stuff and she asks about them
      • Shay: hunk, do you know what this is ???
      • Shay:  🥞
      • Hunk: Those are pancakes, a delicacy on Earth!
      • Shay: oh !!! pancakes !!! they sound delicious !!!
      • Hunk: They absolutely are!
      • Shay: you can cook, right ??? do you wanna make me some pancakes next time you are visiting ???
      • Hunk: You can’t see these tears but I am crying and I love you
    • Hunk prefers video calling! Shay prefers that too but she knows that she doesn’t know exactly when to call him because of obvious reasons
      • They talk about stuff that’s happened in their lives! Fighting, ceremonies, etc.
        • Hunk loves talking about maths and engineering and earth and food, and Shay loves learning about new things! Since her people have been freed from the Galra, she’s been learning about the Balmeran culture and history, and she LOVES to talk about her going on adventures and exploring the surface of the Balmera
        • She high-key loves it when Hunk rambles on and on about maths because she loves learning and she loves Hunk and Hunk explains things so simply and passionately and she thinks it’s so CUTE
      • They can talk for literally hours on end
      • Shiro: *knocking on the door politely* Hunk, you’ve been talking to Shay for like 3 quintants. Please go to sleep.
      • Hunk: Sorry! Shay was just telling me about the Balmeran history and-
      • Shiro, who LOVES history: Wait what? why didn’t you tell me I love history!
      • *insert montage of Shiro learning about the Balmera, to the tune of the Mii Channel music*
  • When they DO meet up, they’re just together all the time like omg they missed each other so much
    • They take like, 3209489024 pictures, mostly selfies and stuff of their lil adventures on the Balmera, or just chillin in the Castle of Lions
    • Shay loves snapchat filters
    • In fact, they both love trying to get filters on the other’s face without them realising it
      • Their stories essentially become competitions for how many candids they can take of the other with filters on their faces
      • Shay is incredibly good at sneaking up and taking those photos tbh. She usually wins
Another Top 10 for Rhys (because I can...and want to)

And as a way to apologize for all the tears spilled after my Top 10 times my heart broke for Rhysand post

#1 Prof. Rhysand at his best

“Look … ” “Good,” he murmured. “I didn’t ask for your approval.” Rhys chuckled. “Ab … Absolutely.” It took me longer than I wanted to admit to figure that out. The next word was even worse. “De … Del … ” I deigned to glance at him, brows raised. “Delicious,” he purred. My brows now knotted. I read the next two words, then whipped my face toward him. “You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre?! That’s what you wrote?”


several sentences I was to write every day, swapping out words, each one more obnoxious than the last: Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord. Rhysand is the most delightful High Lord.Rhysand is the most cunning High Lord.

Rhysand is interesting; Rhysand is gorgeous; Rhysand is flawless.

Rhysand is a spectacular person. Rhysand is the center of my world. Rhysand is the best lover a female can ever dream of.

#2 King of Proposals

My mother gave it to the Weaver. And then she told me that if I were to marry or mate, then the female would either have to be smart or strong enough to get it back. And if the female wasn’t either of those things, then she wouldn’t survive the marriage. I promised my mother that any potential bride or mate would have the test … And so it sat there for centuries.” “So I won my wedding ring without even being asked if I wanted to marry you.” “Perhaps.”

#3 For someone who keeps asking for some gratitude

* “You’re a bastard. You made it clear enough that I had … reservations.” “Such gratitude, as always.” I struggled to get down a single, deep breath. “What do you want from me?” “Want? I want you to say thank you, first of all.“

* “Make it go away,” I said, and he laughed. “You humans are truly grateful creatures, aren’t you?”

* “Get out.” “As usual, your gratitude is overwhelming.”

he surely has no idea how to receive it

“Thank you. For everything—for what you did. Then … and now.” “Even after the Weaver? After this morning with my trap for the Attor?” My nostrils flared. “You ruin everything.”

#4 A 500+ years old with a bedtime

“We’ll move things around. It’s fine. This one,” I added with a glare in Rhys’s direction, “is only cranky because he’s old and it’s past his bedtime.”

#5 Mature, serious and responsible ruler

At least you make up for your shameless flirting by being one hell of a High Lord.

He’d returned that evening, smirking like a cat, and had merely said “One hell of a High Lord?” by way of greeting.

#6 No introduction needed for this one

“As wonderful as it is to see you, Feyre, darling,” Rhysand said, sprawled on the bed, his head propped up by a hand, “do I want to know why you’re digging through my fireplace?”

#7 Champion of insults

“You can leave if you’re just going to insult me.” “But I’m so good at it.” He flashed one of his grins.

#8 It certainly was the type of flattery that won Rhys’ heart

"You’re a disgusting bastard.” “I’ll have to ask Tamlin is this kind of flattery won his heart.”

#9 A true gentleman

Rhysand examined the wound, a smile appearing on his sensuous lips. “Oh, that’s wonderfully gruesome.” I swore at him, and he chuckled. “Such words from a lady.” “Get out,” I wheezed.

#10 ‘He gestured to his perfect face’ - even when Feyre 'hated him’ there was no denying it

“Why did Amarantha target you?” I dared ask. “Why make you her whore?” “Beyond the obvious?” He gestured to his perfect face.

Quotes from ACOTAR and ACOMAF


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Make-A-Wish - Lauren (x)

happy birthday (a day late) to the most amazing @musainrules! this is for you <3

The first 100% #vegan Christmas dinner for my whole family💛🎄🎄 and it was absolutely delicious!
A variety of different roasted vegetables, steamed kale with pomegranate, baked mushroom, hummus + much more that didn’t even make the picture😋👌🏼
I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such supportive, kind and loving family members. And I’m so grateful for every single one of you. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!✨

IG: @naturally_nina_

It’s National Novel Writing Month, and You are an aspiring writer! But - alas! - you are struggling to write your epic dystopian masterpiece because your writing is miserable and bad, because you are a miserable and bad writer! Fear not, lovely friend, for here on our blog we have the solution: fresh coriander!

Is one of your characters in a tricky situation with no clear means of escape? Make them use fresh coriander to pick that locked door! Have your heroine’s personality and motivations completely altered over the course of the narrative? Why not have her consume some delicious herbs to explain her utter and absolute mental transformation! Did the laptop you are writing your novel on suddenly crash? Put fresh coriander in the disk drive and it will probably be fine again!

Whatever your coriander literature needs, remember that we have it on sale here all the time, on all six of the official days of the week, and it can also be put on food! Golly! Yes! Yes.

I have this theory that we tend to gravitate toward recreating our favorite non-vegan meals into vegan versions. I personally really liked egg salad sandwiches growing up because in all honesty I loved eggs. I choose to not eat them for reasons I don’t think I have to explain here (but will gladly do so if you ask). The Starch Solution has a great recipe. I modified it ever so slightly. It’s absolutely delicious.

Eggless Egg Salad

½ block of extra firm tofu
3 tbsp. vegenaise
2 stalks celery, finely chopped
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
½ tsp. turmeric
¼ tsp. onion powder
¼ tsp. garlic powder
½ tsp. dried dill weed
¼ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper

I love using the high-protein tofu from Wildwood because you don’t need to drain it. But if you choose another extra firm tofu be sure to drain it to remove any excess moisture. Then, crumble the tofu in a large bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Best served chilled.

Obviously flirting altean!Lance & galra!Keith by @fonbella

Bella made this absolutely delicious sketch and gave me the green light to post it here<3 WORDS AREN’T ENOUGH HOW MUCH I DESIRE ALTEAN!LANCE AND GALRA!KEITH TOGETHER OKAY *A*

Closed for Business

600 Follower Celebration Fic for @casownsmyass

Summary: Dean is getting ready to close the bookstore at 9, when an incredibly attractive blue-eyed customer walks in.

warnings: Destiel, dry humping, frotting (thru clothes), surprise ending! (lol)

word count: ~1400

Dean was nearly done with his shift at the bookstore, having put all of the shelves back in order and swept the floor.  It was three minutes until 9, so he went over to the cash register to start counting the till.

He finished counting quickly, making notes in the books on the day’s earnings.  He had just turned to lock the cash drawer up when the front door jingled, signaling a customer.

“Hey, sorry but we’re clos-“ Dean started, turning toward the door.

Standing there, looking absolutely delicious, was the most handsome man he’d ever laid eyes on. Piercing blue eyes were watching him, and the messy dark brown hair on his head just begged for fingers to tame it, or mess it up even more.

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Editor’s Pick Wednesday

With tomorrow being a special Post Ep Thursday, we’re taking the liberty of giving you guys an extra post ep today.  We found this gem ages ago and have been waiting for just the right moment to post it.  Today is that day!

Milagro is a hit or miss episode with the fandom; you either love or hate it, it seems.  Regardless of your feelings of the episode itself, it has inspired some of the best post ep fic and gif sets known to our fandom.  Like…hello…

Today’s rec is absolutely delicious (almost as much as the gif above), and such a fun treat.  It’s absolutely what we as a fandom needed following the episode.  


Title:  La Madrugada

Author:  @h0ldthiscat

Rating:  NC-17

Length:  5K / 2500+ word count

Synopsis:   The events following Milagro

Spoilers:  Milagro

Possible Triggers:  None

if you’re a student like me, you probably don’t have much time or money to make nice food (we’ve all lived off ramen/bread at least once). allow me to introduce you to my super easy, cheap, creamy, delicious vegan pumpkin soup. this is my absolute favourite autumn meal, especially now that the november chill has set in. I love to sprinkle seeds and some parsley from my lil plant on top and have it with lots of yummy homemade bread. keep reading for the recipe & a price breakdown 🍂✨

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Aesthetic (viktor/yuuri smut)

adjective: esthetic
1. 1. 
concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.“the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure"
giving or designed to give pleasure through beauty."the law applies to both functional and aesthetic objects”

Yuuri was gorgeous. Viktor didn’t have enough breath in his lungs to tell Yuuri that; the boy had him moaning so much, on the verge of screaming as he rode Viktor; he was a fucking champion. But Viktor really did wish he could say it, wished he could tell Yuuri that he was beautiful, that he was so, so perfect; because he was. He was gorgeous. He had a body that Viktor, although he’d worked hard to get his own body, would kill for. Yuuri had this beautiful torso, tone and defined but not quite defined like Kristoff or Viktor. He had these beautiful, round thighs that looked absolutely delicious as he moved himself up and down, as sweat dripped down his body. Viktor’s hands came to Yuuri’s body, touched his hips; and he didn’t help Yuuri along as he’d been planning, just held onto his hips. Why was he so gorgeous? How did Viktor get so lucky? Viktor thought he would wonder this forever.

Yuuri leaned forward, perched his hands on Viktor’s chest. Viktor slipped his hands under Yuuri’s palms. His fingers laced between the younger boy’s, and he held onto them tightly, brought them to his lips. Yuuri was putting quite a bit of his weight on Viktor’s palms; he was getting tired. Viktor had no problem with that. He didn’t mind holding Yuuri up; in fact, he liked holding the boy. It made him feel like he was doing a little more for the younger than just watching him pleasure Viktor.

“Close yet, baby?” Viktor asked softly, for he could see the way Yuuri’s eyes were drooping in that non-sleepy way. He was coming close; Viktor didn’t even have to ask, but Yuuri gave him an answer anyway: a little, weak nod. Viktor let go of one of Yuuri’s hands in order to reach out, to wrap his fingers around Yuuri’s cock. It had him thinking about Yuuri’s fingers around his cock, about how they looked so beautiful whereas Viktor’s fingers looked more elongated than anything. Yuuri’s now free hand gripped Viktor’s shoulder, fingers digging maybe a little too hard into his skin, but Viktor didn’t mind. Oh, he didn’t mind; he loved the marks Yuuri gave him, "Cum for me, baby. Cum for me–” Viktor lost his breath again. He tried to take in a breath, for he wanted Yuuri to hear he was beautiful; he wanted the boy to know so badly, even if he’d already memorized the words from the many times Viktor had said them before. Fuck, he probably memorized the love-struck tone in which Viktor said the words. But Viktor wanted him to hear– he thought Yuuri deserved to constantly hear he was beautiful. "Vitya.” Yuuri whimpered, and then he was cumming, shooting over Viktor’s stomach, gripping his shoulder, hanging his head as he let out a little cry– sounding pained, but Viktor knew it was just Yuuri’s natural reflex, knew the sounds he made during sex, knew that one in particular was natural. Yuuri must have been exhausted by now, Viktor thought, and he was ready to flip them over, to take over, let Yuuri rest– especially his poor thighs; oh, they would ache in the morning– but Yuuri wrestled his hand out of Viktor’s and gripped his opposite shoulder, pushed himself harder; he was determined to get Viktor off.

Viktor brought his hands up to Yuuri’s face now, tilted it up to have Yuuri look at him. Viktor liked this; he liked that the two of them looking at each other in such an intimate, almost vulnerable act wasn’t awkward. In fact, it felt natural; it was so comfortable to look into Yuuri’s eyes like this, even if they were both red-faces, blotchy, tears in their eyes from over-stimulation, naked skin wet with sweat. It didn’t matter; because it was comfortable, and Yuuri was so, so, so beautiful. "I love you, baby.” Viktor whispered, voice a little strained because he could still barely breathe. Viktor’s fingers traveled up to Yuuri’s wet hair, “I love you. I love you– you’re so beautiful.” "Ah,” Yuuri could only whine. His fingers gripped Viktor’s shoulders a little bit harder, and he pushed, pushed, pushed himself, sinking himself down quicker on Viktor, going as hard as his poor, tired thighs would let him. And he just kept going faster and faster– better and better as Viktor came closer and closer– up until Yuuri’s body was ready to give out, and Viktor came into him, choked on a little moan, choked on a lot of breath that he just didn’t have. Yuuri’s arms buckled, but he didn’t fall the whole way, just dropped a few inches, head near Viktor’s shoulder now. Viktor flipped them over quickly, careful not to jostle Yuuri too much, because he was still balls-deep inside the boy, had just barely come down from a high. Yuuri was panting beneath him, so red-faced, so sweaty, but still so fucking gorgeous. "I’ll never understand how you do it.” Viktor whispered; and Yuuri likely thought he was talking about the intense way he’d been riding the older, likely assumed Viktor was forming little post-sex words as they calmed down, caught their breath. Viktor kissed Yuuri’s lips, pet his hair again, and after a few deep breaths, told Yuuri, “You’re so beautiful. So beautiful, so gorgeous– I love you so much.” "I love you, too.” Yuuri whispered, the first thing he’d said apart from Viktor’s name in the past hour. Viktor kissed him again– and again and again and again, pulling out of him somewhere in the middle of all the kisses. And he kept whispering words of love and beautiful until he and Yuuri were droopy-eyed, falling asleep, could talk no more.