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Ohohoho, my friend, you’ll just have to wait and see about that. ~ Mod Oddish

Being best friends with an undercover hoe

In eighth grade I became really close to this new girl called Alexus. We often went to the library and I thought it was because her and I really liked books but apparently it was because she was a lil hoe. Anyways, we would go to the library and I would read books while she went to the bathroom for 30 minutes. Now I never questioned this because I thought homegirl just had a bladder problem. Tbh I never really even realized how long she was gone for because I was reading the hell out of the “Bluford High” series (if you know anything about those series, you know that those books were fucking lit af.)

But one day Alexus was gone for a very long time and I noticed because I finished reading half the book and she wasn’t back. It was getting dark so I began to get worried because her parents told us to get back before the street lights came on. So I went to the bathroom to look for her and she wasn’t there. I began to panic because damn like where dis bitch at? The street lights flickering and shit. Then I went to look in the park behind the library and still couldn’t find her. So now I’m really panicking because my friend missing and the street lights about to turn on. Now behind the park were unfinished houses which the high school boys would sometimes go to while no one was there to hang out. So I go to check there just in case. I’m calling her name and she’s not replying. Now I’m crying because I lost her and the street lights are on.

All of a sudden I hear a sound in one of the houses. I get ready to book it out of there but I hear it again and it sounds like a bunch of boys and a girl that sounds like Alexus. I walk towards the sound and now it’s dead quiet and all I hear is slurping. The first thing that comes to my dumb and naive ass (I kid you not) is, “damn who is drinking soup?” I go closer to the sound and see a bunch of boys huddled in a circle with their pants down and their heads to the sky. I ain’t know what type of prayer circle this was I was confused. Now I’m like, “omg I’m so sorry I’m looking for a friend. I thought I heard her voice.” These niggas don’t even flinch yo like they used to it. One boy moves to the side and is like, “this who you looking for?”

Lo and behold Alexus ass is in prayer position with a dick in her mouth and two in her hand. I was mortified because my virgin eyes had never seen such a thing before. She ain’t even flinch either! She just kept going like I wasn’t there! I’m like, “omg Alexus get up! We have to go. Get up!” And still with the dick in her mouth she’s like, “just go without me” and I’m like “I can’t. Your parents will ask me where you are” lmao I was so scared. Mostly because I never seen so many dicks in my life.

Next thing I know just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse Alexus parents come busting through the house and is like “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” And I’m like “yoooo wtf?” The boys start frantically looking for their pants, Alexus is in alter call position on her knees with no clothes on and I’m standing on the side looking like a damn dummy 💀 Alexus mom is like “Alexus!!! What the hell!!! we thought moving you here would stop you from doing this shit! Now I’m even more confused than I already am. I’m thinking “wait a minute tf? So you guys are used to your daughter doing this? And how the hell y'all even know she was here?”

Alexus is like, “omg mom are you guys tracking my phone again????” I’m like “oh no this tew much, I just came here to read.” Alexus dad replies, “ yes Alexus we told you when we first moved here that your curfew was when the street lights came on or we were coming to find you. And you broke the rule so we kept our promise.” Alexus hoe ass is like, “you guys are so rude. It’s my life. If I want to be a hoe then I will and there’s nothing you can do to stop me so please leave me alone.” I’m still standing on the side perplexed because Alexus ass naked with sperm on her chest, fighting for her right to be a hoe AND SHE STILL HAD ONE OF THE BOYS DICK IN HER HAND WITH A MEAN DEATH GRIP 😂😂. Homeboy was so embarrassed. I felt bad for him because he really ain’t sign up for all this but I had to leave. I just left in the heat of the moment. Some shit are just better left unexplained.


I’m in the back just now, in the middle of an intense game of Uno (you know, skipping, reversing, drawing four) and I hear you going on with this Jazz about the Ring of Honor World Championship. Congratulations, by the way, Kyle. But while I’m back there I couldn’t help but notice that you left this peacock out of the conversation.

REQUEST: “Could I request a protective/smutty credence? Maybe the reader is trying to get away from an abusive parent maybe that she cut out of her life or something and she decides to go to credence for help to at least feel safe. Maybe he uses magic for the first time because he gets so angry that someone tried to hurt the reader. Then that leads to some loving smuttyness? I just have a real need for protective credence 😩”

Warnings: Unprotected sex (pls use protection), mentions of abuse, presence of abusers momentarily

Word Count: 1,689

You’d known Credence for a while now, You had (quite literally) run into him while he was passing out fliers for his mother, and while you were helping him pick them up and apologizing profusely, you had noticed his hands and the fading silver lines on them interspersed with fresher, more scabbed up cuts. You were familiar with those marks, since you had similar ones on your back and legs, so you had known you’d have to be around this boy, whose name you had learned was Credence. He hadn’t opened up to you at first, but after a few weeks of continuing to talk to him on the streets where he passed out fliers and after showing him some of your own scars and fresh marks, he began to share his stories and what was happening at home with Mary Lou. The two of you were almost inseparable after that, becoming each other’s support and understanding and helping each other through everything.

Which is why, after the subway incident, Credence had gotten Newt to find you and take you away with them. In return for the hospitality and the help you’d gotten to escape your own parents, you helped Credence with staying calm and therefore keeping his obscurus in check (as he helped you to stay calm anyway, when panic attacks found you in the night and had you screaming that your parents would find you) and assisted Newt in caring for his beasts. Sometimes, though, you still felt as though you weren’t helping enough, so one day, you decided to walk down the street to the store to grab something to make something nice for dinner for everyone that had been so kind to you. As it turned out, this was a huge mistake.

You were rounding a corner to pick up some milk when you came to face to face with both of your parents. After the initial shock, you could see the anger coming clearly to your faces, presumably because you had left without saying anything at all and had probably left their house in a disarray. You knew they would have been more upset to lose a maid than a daughter. Your heart started beating wildly, and you dropped your basket as you sprinted your way back to the apartment. Panic started to settle when you realized that your parents were following close behind you, wanting to take you back to them and see where you had been hiding all this time.

You couldn’t stop running and made it back to the apartment, pounding as hard as you could against the door. You didn’t have time to get your keys out, not when your parents were so close on your heels, not when all of your scars began to pulse with past pain. A really freaked out looking Credence opened the door to see you, tears streaming down your face, hands pressed painfully into your sides as you scrambled past him and into the apartment, stuttering out something about closing the door, something about your parents behind you, wanting to take you, and then—

There they were, standing there in your door frame, looking calm as calm could be before sending a look over to Credence, now shaking in anger. “You left us to live in sin, girl,” were the first words your mother said.

You pressed your hands over your ears, trying to close yourself off to their voices. You had been free for months now, and you knew you couldn’t go back and live through it again. What you didn’t know was the shaking rage boiling inside of Credence and the resolve he had to keep you here—with him. You looked up at the sound of his shakily controlled voice. “You need to leave.”

Your parents just looked at him incredulously, daring him to do something about their presence there. “She’s our daughter, and we can take her whenever we want. And she needs to come home.”

Credence’s outburst that followed shocked you. His obscurus shot from him, yes, but it wasn’t uncontrolled and explosive like it had been when he had destroyed New York. He simply reached an arm up and with expert control aimed the black smoke at your father, who had begun to step forward, seemingly to take you. The dark magic didn’t kill him, merely stunned him and knocked him into the wall across from the door with some force. Your mother’s eyes filled with fear as she went to help her husband to his feet as he clutched his chest in pain. “I said that you need to leave.” The danger in his voice was palpable, a threat clinging tightly to the words. Your parents couldn’t argue with that and scrambled away hastily, not even glancing back at the daughter they had mistreated.

Credence closed the door gently and rushed to your side, offering his arms as support when you tried to stand. He clung to you after you all but fell against him, and you couldn’t help but burrow further into his chest at the almost possessive way he curled himself around you. “You’re safe now, Y/N. I would never let them take you.” His voice had lost the angry undertones and had gained a kind of protective confidence that made you believe him.

You stilled when you felt him press his lips against your hair. Your crying stopped, and you pulled away to look up at him, gasping when you looked into his eyes, still soft and very much Credence, but filled with that same protectiveness that you had heard in his voice. He just couldn’t seem to pull himself from you, and more than that, he couldn’t help but want…to be closer, to prove that you were safe with him. So the only logical next step was to bring his mouth slowly down to meet yours. He thought surely this would prove to you that you were safe with him, that he would take care of you in all the ways you took care of him—how could he hurt someone he shared himself so completely with?

You had responded immediately, and passionately at that, overcome with feeling for him, and wrapped one arm around his neck and tangled the fingers of your other hand in his hair. It was unpracticed, new, and completely perfect. Your teeth clashed more than once the more heated it got, and his fingers got caught in your blouse when he had started to remove it. You two shared a laugh when his shirt got caught on his ears on the way over his head while you both were undressing, and you felt warm all over, both from his touches and from the love in it all. The kisses he trailed down your neck and collar bones all the way to your legs once you had made your way to his room were probably a little too wet, but it was all eager touches and an overwhelming feeling of safety that the both of you were sharing and which left both of you moaning, desperate messes.

What shocked you most was when he began sucking harshly on your neck the way you had been doing to him earlier; he was clearly trying to leave a mark, trying to show others that someone was there to protect you, who you were with, and you moaned loudly at that; it was a completely new experience for you to have someone wanting to leave their mark on you out of love and protectiveness rather than out of hatred and irritation. When Credence looked back up to you, his eyes were hooded and clouding over with white, and he was absolutely beautiful. You brought him back up to your mouth and kissed him with as much emotion as you could convey before sighing “Please” desperately as you positioned him against you properly. Ever the gentleman, ever looking out for you, Credence asked, “Are you sure?” All you could manage was an enthusiastic nod and a loud groan as he began to push inside of you.

His pace was slow, exploring the way you would react to what he was doing, and it was so good because it was Credence and because he cared so much about you. He pressed words into the lining of your skin constantly: “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” “Is this good, Y/N?” “I can’t believe you want me like this, Y/N.” And you did, you wanted him like this forever, wanted his hands on your breasts and his palms trailing down your stomach and his long fingers pressing against your clit when you put his hand there. You wanted him looking at you like this, always, and this led to your need to tell him. So what you said was, “I love you, Credence, I trust you I want you I love you” and you couldn’t stop the words from escaping, and the declaration was what did Credence in—his eyes ghosted completely white for a moment and black smoke curled from his fingertips as he came inside you. The feeling of his body pushing closer to you as he wrapped his body against you, lost in this new sensation and the ecstasy of being with you in such an intimate way, was enough to send you over not long after. You came hard, thinking of Credence and the love in his eyes and the unlikely protector who had become so quickly the best thing in your life.

Credence stroked your sides and talked you down, and when you could finally open your eyes, he was all you could see. He was looking at you like you were something holy, and you were sure you must have been looking at him similarly. He was so beautiful—raven-black hair damp with sweat and clinging to his face, framing it and bringing out the darkness of his eyes and the color of his lips. He looked vaguely like an angel. An angel who placed a kiss to your forehead, your cheek, and then your lips before whispering, “I love you too.”


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I’ve been meaning to draw what he might look like in Momma CQ for a while now. I’m so happy with the results! I want to hug him. ;w;

He’d actually have to change quite a bit to work in MCQ. I think, rather than not physically existing, his kid self would just…have an extremely faint presence. He’s quiet and never really played with other kids growing up, so he doesn’t have much experience with social interaction. At school, he kind of just stays back and watches people, or does his own thing (mostly quiet activities like reading and drawing).

Most people don’t notice him, or they forget he’s in the room. If someone were to approach and talk to him, he’d have no idea what to do. He’d probably tense up, pull his hood down over his face, and wait for them to leave. If they looked away, he’d seize that chance to escape; he’s good at slipping away unnoticed. And hiding.

When he’s alone, he’s more comfortable being himself. And maybe “himself” is someone no one would expect. ;)

More random thoughts:

He has some sort of condition that causes his eye sockets to look this way? (I swear no one in MCQ is a normal, healthy kid. XD Eh, it’d be boring if everyone was “normal.”)

He tends to wear gray, maybe because it matches his eyes. Maybe he just likes gray?

He loves hoodies and is rarely seen not wearing one. Also, he prefers wearing clothes that are a little too big for him, or at least loose-fitting.

He is a smol bean.

Oh my gosh I love him.

Momma CQ belongs to @alainaprana


ok idk if someone posted about this before but I legit cried when I realized this while I was rewatching ep1 

So in episode one we see Victor skating to his theme that is subbed as stay close to me BUT I just noticed it is actually said  離れずにそばにいってよ
(hanarezu ni soba ni itte yo) which literally translates to ‘Don’t leave me and stay by my side’

and I am sure we all remember when that is said again
YES, In episode 7 when Yuri said the exact same thing to victor at that crying scene, (in which they subbed it as stand by me) Yuri was probably referring to the theme title and it only sounds like a way to convey his feelings as a confession, thus, we see Victor so shocked. I was wondering all that time why was he THAT shocked to see Yuri having a break down when he purposely broke his heart and expecting a meltdown like this. There, that is the reason

and maybe that’s why Victor had the courage to kiss Yuri later on and by surprise he both meant the quadrable flip and his confession…MAYBE 

I am crying and I kind of both hate and love how this anime keeps attacking my feelings.

Jason Todd Imagine

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

14. “Jason, you need to calm down okay!” + 29. “I just want to protect you!” + 23. “Are you scared of me?”

Requested by:

Warnings: Angst I hope.


“Hey, Jay, I’m going to meet with some friends,” you called already standing with your shoes on at the door.
He looked at you.
No nod, just tensed muscles.
“I’m back in three hours,” you blew him a kiss and left.

You had noticed his strange behaviour for a while now.
Jason was always at your place and every time you said you go out, even if it was just to the supermarket down the road he got stiff.
You didn’t mind him being around, heck, you loved this boy, plus you could guess why he was acting like this and how could you possibly blame him.

Joker broke out of Arkham Asylum. Again. And the moment Jason heard it… it was like a switch being pushed.

You hated to feel the way you did. This silent voice at the back of your head telling you to run as fast as you can.
Jason was not dangerous, well, he was, but not to you, you knew that.

Still, people did stupid things because of love, because of fear.


“Jay, I was not murdered, just robbed,” you said rolling your eyes.
It had to happen.
On your way back home this dude came up to you and held a gun at your face, asking for your money.
But who was there to ‘save’ you? Red Hood.

“The Wayne’s have just been robbed, too, (Y/N)!” He hissed, walking up and down in front of the tv. “You could be dead now if I wouldn’t have been around.”

“Around? You have been watching me the whole time and you realize, though, that you can not always watch me, right?”

“I can!” He snapped.

“I don’t want that! Jason, I’m not helpless!”

He didn’t say anything, leaving the room.
Jason was boiling inside.
His heart ached by the simple thought of you dying. He knew how it was to die.
He cringed thinking about the gun pointed at you.
Jason knew he had to protect you…  at all costs….

….A few hours later you woke up in a bed that wasn’t yours neither Jason’s. You didn’t even remember falling asleep.
Plus you were still wearing your street clothes.
You told yourself to stay calm.
Panic was not making anything better even though the voice at the back of your mind was screaming.
Your hands reached for the pockets of your jeans, searching for your phone, but what a surprise it was gone.
Your feet placed in front of each other as silently as possible as you walked to the window only to find out it was locked.
You took a deep breath, leaving the dark room and walking down a long hallway until you stood in the kitchen.
A bunch, like a lot of bags stood on the counter and ground and as you looked what was inside of them the voice screamed even louder.
It was all kinds of food you loved.
Your feet moved you out of the kitchen into the living room and as you saw a bunch of your clothes and the red helmet… you listened to the voice, running past the front door, but before you could check if it was locked, too, it was pushed open and Jason walked in.

Your chest was rising and falling rapidly as you looked at him, “what’s going on?”

He turned the lights on. “It’s saver here,” he said and took a step towards you and for his surprise you tumbled back, holding your arm out to keep him on distance.

“You,” your mind was racing now, your heart beating against your chest. “You will bring me home now, Jason.”

“No,” he tried to reach out for you, but you, as stupid as it may was, ran to the nearest window, checking if it was opened. “(Y/N)…”

“You kidnapped me, Jason!”

“It’s necessary. You’re only save with–”

“Are you insane?!”

“JOKER IS FUCKING OUT THERE, (Y/N)!! YOU DON’T KNOW THE THINGS I DO!” He yelled, making you flinch.

“You need to calm down, Jason… okay?” You tried to be calm hoping he’d be calm. “B-before we dated… I m-mean, I was– This is Gotham, Jason. Life g-goes on no matter if Joker is in or out of Arkham.
You cannot kidnap me,” you couldn’t make eye contact with him, thinking if you would he would jump at you like a predictor at his pray.

His heavy breathing was filling the room. “I JUST WANT TO PROTECT YOU!” Jason hissed at you, making you wish you would be able to sink into the wall behind you.

And that’s when he noticed. Your trembling bottom lip, your wide eyes, shaking knees and tensed muscles. He took a step back in shock. “Are… Are you scared of me?” His voice cracked.

“You are, you seem a little unpredictable right now,” you whispered, looking to the ground and nod.

There was silence laying over the room and you jumped at the dull noise that broke it.
Jason fell to his knees, hands pulling at his hair while tiny sobs in between of heavy breathing left his mouth.

You on the other hand stopped breathing completely for some second. You had never seen him like this before.
You knew he was haunted by nightmares and you knew he had demons to fight, you knew he felt a lot, but seeing it all spill out was another story.

You kneel down in front of him, wrapping your shaky arms around him carefully.

“I can’t help myself,” he sobbed. “His laugh… It’s everywhere, (Y/N).

“Shh,” you pulled him closer. Was there at all anything you could say? Anything that could soothe his pain?
He never showed you how bad it was. Never told you.
You could have predicted that something like this eventually would happen.
He buried his face into your shoulder. You felt his tears soak through your shirt.

Author: Randomnessoffanfiction (HardLadyHeart)

Summary: Sometimes studying with Stiles wasn’t as boring as usual

Word Count: 1041

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, JOHN Stilinski, Momma McCall (Mentioned), Reader

One Shot Starters: “I took a pregnancy test.”

Tapping your pencil against your knee helped you to concentrate as you studied over at your friend’s house. You noticed that he never kept still and after a while, you just picked up on it so now Scott called you the drummers.

Stiles was at his desk while you were on his bed, sometimes asking each other questions about the material in front of you. You would both smile for a second after your questions were answered and then back to the books you’d go.

Were you seeing each other? No, just close friends that were almost joined at the hip. Did you think about something more? Duh, what girl wouldn’t?

As your mind began to wander to your friend, you could help but glance at him. A highlighter hung from his lips like a cigarette, a small amount of drool showing on the marker from where it slipped some. His brows were furrowed, brown eyes concentrating on the book in front of him as he marked it up with another color.

Stiles looked at you, cocking his head to the side in question, marker still in his mouth. “What are you looking at?” His face read the question completely, making you smile and shrug, looking away but being able to see him scratch his neck from the corner of your eye.

A knock on the open doorway made the both of you look to see the sheriff standing in the hall. You waved at him with another smile, the cop doing the same. “Stiles, I got a question… uh, you two are using protection, right?”

Stiles almost flipped in his chair, his mouth wide and the marker tumbling to the floor. “Dad, what are you even talking about?”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, you chose a great girl,” his dad looked at you, “you know you’re like a daughter to me,” he looked back to Stiles, “but I just want to make sure when you… you know.. that you’re using protection.”

You couldn’t help but look at Stiles and the sheriff, Stiles looking like he might have swallowed something and his dad looking like this conversation was the worst thing he ever had to do.

You couldn’t take it anymore and landed on your back as you laughed. Hugging your sides to get them to stop hurting, you tried to stop, but both of their faces made it impossible.

“I-I’m sorry, but that was- that was so funny,” you told the two between breaths. “We aren’t sleeping together; we’re just friends, Sir.”

“Then why did I find this in the garbage,” John asked, holding up a pregnancy kit box.

If your friend’s eyes could get any bigger, they would have fallen out. All the boy could do was point at the box and then at you, repeatedly. You were starting to think he glitched out.

The sheriff just stood there, the box still in his hand, as he waited for an explanation.  “When I went to the store the other day, I found a really cheap one at the counter. I was curious so I bought it and used it.” You shrugged, not really thinking it was that big of a deal. But now that you thought about it, putting it in the garbage of your best friend’s house did sound a bit off.

“You were just curious,” Stiles finally asked after you explain. “Oh, my God!” He just landed on the floor, not even bothering to get up.

“Don’t scare me like that… I’m already worried about Melissa,” and without a goodbye, John walked down the hall and the stairs.

Leaning over the bed, you looked down at Stiles, his arms splayed out on the floor. “Why in the hell would you be curious about something like that? I mean, you- you aren’t sleeping with someone are you,” he shot straight up off the floor after asking his question.

“No, Stiles, I’m not even seeing anyone. You know I wouldn’t ever do a one night stand, either.” You blushed at the mention of you being single, embarrassed that you couldn’t find someone that liked you, or more along the lines of finding a Stiles that liked you.

“Ok, good,” his back straightened, realizing what he just said. Stiles turned slowly, running a hand through his hair while biting his bottom lip and wincing.

“Why is that a good thing, Stiles?” What was he not telling you?

“Oh, no reason, just that I’ve had a thing for you since we started high school and couldn’t tell you because of all the supernatural stuff happening so I figured you liked someone and that you were dating them and that I’d never get to tell you,” he told you quickly, taking a deep breath afterwards.

“Wait, you like me,” you couldn’t help but question. There was no way he could like you, he likes Lydia. No, LOVES Lydia.

“After I found out that Lydia and Scott made out in coach’s office, I realized that after I told you about it and you went home, that you had always been there for me. It didn’t matter how silly it sounded to you or you had no idea what was going on, you stayed by me for as long as I needed. It was like you knew, when something was wrong and you knew when I needed to be left alone,” he sighed before continuing, “That was when I fell for you.”

You sat still on his bed, blinking, wondering what to do net. The seconds ticked by as you mind repeated what he told you just moments ago; your eyes never leaving him. You mentally told your body to stand, telling yourself to walk to the boy in front of you who just admitted his feelings for you. When you placed your hand on his shoulder, your body finally understood what to do and you no longer felt like a robot.

Stiles’ lips were soft, even before he began kissing you back. His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to him, a smile finally rising on his lips. You pulled away enough to look him in the eyes.

“Stiles? Why is your dad worried about Ms. McCall being pregnant?”

INTP Love Language

Some of you might remember that I did a humorous post a while back about the INTP falling in love and how the cognitive functions react to it. And, although some people say that INTPs are emotionless robots, we all know that this simply isn’t so. INTPs do have crushes now and then, just like everyone else.

But I wouldn’t say that an INTP falls in love.

You see, an INTP is so often oblivious to his own relationships with others that he’s far more likely to slide into love than actually realize it at the beginning.

The INTP may notice the person at the beginning and think of that other person as more interesting than other people around him/her. So, what happens? The INTP begins listening, learning about the person, just like he’d do for all his other friends. Only this time, without even consciously realizing it, the INTP is just a little more interested in this person than he’s been in people in the past.

Eventually, the INTP will take the time to get to know the other person and begin, most likely subconsciously, speaking in the INTP love language.

This might be hard to pick up on if you don’t know what it looks like, because an INTP is inwardly denying any romantic thoughts. This denial is definitely going to show outwardly. The INTP will go into intense trolling mode while the other person is around, flinging out carefully crafted insults and puns, all the while prepared to go instantly silent if the other person starts to talk.

Because the INTP is interested in the mind of the other person, he’s going to listen to every word that comes out of the other person’s mouth. He’s going to analyze it all without really thinking about it, and if other people talk while he’s listening to the person, he’ll shush them so that he can hear the marvelous words of the beloved one.

The INTP, no matter how much he teases, will always be ready to stick up for the other person. He’ll take everything that everyone says about the beloved one rather personally, and he’ll probably defend the other person when that other person isn’t around. At this point, other people will probably be able to pick up on what the INTP himself might not even realize yet.

When the INTP does leave the denial stage, he’s going to have a really hard time. At this point, a good ISFJ or INFP is invaluable to listen to long, agonized conversations led by an Inferior Fe. Believe me, it won’t be pretty. And when the INTP is around the beloved person, he’s going to become extremely self-conscious and probably quiet down his natural Ne quite a bit.

These are just a few of the things that happen when an INTP slides into love. It’s a slow, gradual process, but it does happen.

Widowtracily, the new ot3!

So, I hardly ever make my own posts on tumblr, and I never done this kind of post before, But I want to show the new headcanons I came up with after we were introduced to Emily, Lena’s adorable and really cool looking girlfriend.

Also, just to make things clear, while fanon can’t undo canon, anyone is allowed their headcanons, we can ship who ever we want, it doesn’t matter if one of the characters is in a relationship, as long as we respect canon.

Now, back to the main point here. Emily is adorable, I don’t want to see her separated from Tracer, but I’m also a hardcore Widowtracer shipper, and that’s not going to stop just like that, so what’s the only logical step, ship all 3 of them together! So here are my first headcanons of widowtracily:

  • Lena Emily are already together for a while now, and Emily starts noticing how Lena acting weird after some missions.
  • Tracer has found out about Widowmaker’s reconditioning during a raid on a Talon base. She knows now what happened to Amelie.
  • The file she found didn’t have a lot of information, but it did say that the experiment wasn’t perfected.
  • Now Tracer has been trying to revert what was done to Widowmaker. But has been keeping it a secret.
  • Emily finds out pretty fast.
  • Lena panics when Emily confronts her about it.
  • They talk it out, Lena explains everything the best she can. Emily understands it, but isn’t very happy that Lena is on this by herself.
  • With a few connections and help from a unsuspected Winston Emily helps Tracer find somethings on Widowmaker.
  • Tracer keeps trying to reach Amelie for the next few months, and it seems to be helping.
  • After months of trying, Tracer is saved from talon agents by Widowmaker during their fight. 
  • Tracer doesn’t understand what just happened.
  • Widow leaves, literally taking Tracer with her.
  • They’re on the run from Talon (and Overwatch, but that’s just Widow) for a while.
  • The two get really close, but Lena still misses Emily a lot. But something in her is also pulling her to Amelie.
  • After a while, Widow confirms that Amelie Lacroix isn’t her true self, that Amelie died together with her husband, and the one here will give them closure. No matter what.
  • A whole bunch of stuff happens. Overwatch decides to give Widowmaker the benefit of the doubt.
  • During their time together they form a bond, there’s n attraction there, that at some point they start getting intimate with each other. Lena tells herself that’s Widowmaker’s reconditioning wearing off and she’s just resetting her emotions, there’s noting deeper there. Until they share a kiss after the big battle to prove Widow is on their side to Overwatch.
  • Lena’s realizes what’s happening and she’s freaking out. She definitely has feelings for Amelie, but she still loves Emily, she’s sure of that.
  • Widow is surprised with how upset she feels after Lena leaves in a rush.
  • Lena actually talks with Emily after the kiss, and she’s terrified of her reaction.
  • Emily listens to it all and asks to talk with Widowmaker.
  • Tracer’s heart stops for a few seconds.
  • After the shock passes, she accepts. Lena brings Amelie with her the next day.
  • They talk, they don’t really have a lot in common, except for the focus of their affections. Lena is sweating bullets the whole afternoon.
  • Lena and Amelie are taken by surprise when Emily makes the proposal. 
  • Lena’s heart stops again, but to her surprise, Amelie accepts. With both women starring at her she has no choice.
  • The 3 are now in a relationship together. 
  • Tracer has no idea what just happened.
  • Things are kinda weird in the beginning, Emily learning to adapt to Amelie, and Amelie not really paying her a lot of attention.
  • It takes a while for Emily to gain Amelie’s interest. After a serious problem with Talon when they found Widow, that was solved by a great idea from Emily Amelie truly starts respecting her.
  • After a while they’re comfortable enough that it can be seen, they’re not just each in a relationship with Lena, they’re all in this together.
  • Between Emily and Amelie, Lena doesn’t stand a chance. If they’re both on the same side in an argument against Lena she will most certainly lose.
  • Amelie and Emily take turns cooking. Lena isn’t allowed to cook anything other than fish and chips.
  • Widow is much more physical than both Emily and Lena, always a small touch here. a quick peck there, stuff like that. Lena is very okay with that, but Emily gets really embarrassed, she never expected that from Widow.
  • They’re truly in love with each other. They share something special. Tracer feels that both of her girlfriends are just as much of an anchor to the present as her Chronal ccelerator. Amelie has finally put her past behind, the other Amelie can finally rest together with Gerard, she has a new family now and she loves them just as much. Emily is so happy to see this two women, that suffered so much being truly happy, and she’s part of the reason why, she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

This is a copy of The Silmarillion I have in my collection. When I purchased it a while back I noticed this receipt still inside. It’s faded but you can still see March ‘79 which is when this copy came out! Some Tolkien fan from the 70’s bought it the day the copy of the book was released and tucked the receipt inside. Now years later it’s a part of my collection which is just fascinating to me.

anonymous asked:

"Public figure" instead of literally any actual occupation haha. My own mother was a stay-at-home mom, so I would never criticize someone who chose that as their occupation, but she's not going that route, that's for sure.

She literally faked her own hack, lying saying it was for privacy concerns while she was probably begging IG to give her profile back after they noticed the violation and deleted it. And yet she is allowed to have it back and as a ‘public figure’ name now even if she’s just a liar and a random nobody obsessed with herself. I just… I have no words. I mean, I haven’t had words since July 2015 so this doesnt even surprise me. The only thing I care about is Louis to be far away from these people and not have them related to him and his family who doesn’t deserve ANY of this let alone these toxic people. 


Summary- You walk in on Newt without his shirt on and you notice all of his scars. He tells you his scars and the story behind them.

Pairings- Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings- Fluff, scars, etc…

A/N-  So I wrote this one a while back, right after I first saw the movie, so who knows how good it’ll be. I just felt like posting so I hope you guys like it.


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anonymous asked:

Fic title: Suitor with Red Hair

Well, obviously this is Genesis. x3 I like the idea of this combined with that concept that was going around a while back; “you were flirting with me??” “have been for a while now thanks for noticing”.

The fic would be Genesis trying to woo an extremely oblivious Cloud. Just flirting with him a little to start with, but when Cloud doesn’t get the hint, Genesis has to ramp up his game. Flowers, chocolates, going out to a fancy restaurant together in a way that clearly screams this is a date, but Cloud’s still not getting it - he’s flattered by the attention but doesn’t understand why Genesis is being so nice to him??

Genesis trying to be the most perfect, romantic suitor, but it’s not actually until he throws his hands up in despair and bluntly says that he is romantically interested in Cloud and also wants to get in his pants that Cloud finally gets the fucking message.

(Genesis is later allowed in his pants.)

Conversation Hearts

Prompt: Lance finds out reader and shiro making out and they deny it at first but lance is like ‘i saw you(??)’ and then reader says ‘okay so we were platonically making out’ while shiro at the same time says ‘we’re a couple’ and poor Lancy is so confused by anon

They honestly hadn’t meant to do this. They were just on the couch and then one thing led to another and now Y/N’s hands were in Shiro’s hair as the passionately kissed. They were so caught up in themselves that they didn’t even notice the blue paladin enter the room.

“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” Lance shrieked, jumping back. Y/N and Shiro quickly separated, moving to sit on opposite ends of the couch.

“Lance, it isn’t what it looks like.” Shiro said, his face redder than Keith’s lion.

“Really? Because it looks like you two were playing tonsil tennis two seconds ago.” Lance said, still really weirded out at having caught them in the act.

“Don’t be silly. Shiro, um, had something in his hair and I was helping him get it out.”  Y/N tried to explain.

“Do you think I’m stupid. I witnessed you two with my own eyes. Wait…. Are you two a thing?” Lance asked with a slow smirk.

“Yes.” “No.” Shiro and Y/N said simultaneously.

“You wanna try that again?” Lance asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No.” “Yes.” Shiro and Y/N once again said in unison.

“Whatever. I am gonna leave you two possible lovebirds alone to figure it out. I gotta find mullet. He owes me ten bucks.” Lance sprinted quickly out of the room.

Shiro and Y/N sat in silence for several moments. The silence was finally broken by Y/N. “Well, so much for a secret relationship.”

My Boys Drabbles - Hawaii Trip (Part Four - Final)

here goes the last part, guys! Thank you @jia911 for helping me out with proofreading! 

The previous chapters are here: 1, 2 and 3


My Boys Drabbles – Hawaii Trip (Part Four)


Over the course of the following weeks, Amelia needed regular consults with Ben Warren, especially after he’d noticed she’d lost weight during the course of the first weeks of gestation. But when Amelia entered her second trimester, the nausea completely vanished and she could easily make up for every pound she’d lost.

“I am glad to see your appetite is back,” Owen noticed with a smile while they had dinner at home.

“This is just too delicious,” Amelia affirmed, trying to manage slicing her chicken only with the fork as her other hand was busy balancing Thomas still on her legs. She was at fifteen weeks now and since she was carrying two, her bump was considerable noticeable, making it harder to fit her two year old between the table and herself.

“I am glad I can be of help,” Owen added, satisfied that she’d liked the dinner he had prepared. “Hey nugget, did you finish your dinner?” He looked at Thomas, seeing as the boy was picking food from his mother’s plate with his fingers.

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Der 18.1.**** 

Once again, I coolly celebrate another great Birthday! 

Some people get so worked up over getting older. Everyone should spend more time enjoying the excuse to eat sweets and do something they like. It’s not like denying yourself a simple pleasure is going to turn back the clock, so we might as well have a drink and maybe try to drag a few fun people into a round while we have the chance, right? If you’re lucky enough to have family or friends, use the excuse to spend time with them! And if you don’t, then maybe I’ll adopt you for the day! How about an awesome surprise for a birthday present, Vögel?

Of course, every year does make me just a bit more nervous. How long has it been now? Has anyone noticed anything? Who knows how it’s going to turn out from here?

But of course, the future isn’t for the weak of heart! I’ve survived enough worrying things at this point that such trivial fears shouldn’t even phase my awesomeness. Why should I bog myself down when I could be eating the cake West made? 

Truly amazing! Of course my little brother’s cakes are the best! 

Deserving of the Awesome Me Honor Award as usual, West! 

One more year of being the greatest! I’ll make it happen! 

Watch over me again, Old Man! 

a list of summer-themed AUs for you to consider
  • “i’m at the beach and some kids thought it was funny to bury me in the sand when i dozed off can you please dig me out” au
  • “it’s unbearably hot and we’re both fighting over the last handheld electrical fan at the shop at the amusement park” au
  • “hey i just met you, and this is crazy, but i get sunburned really easily so can you please help me put sunscreen on my back?” au
  • “i’m alone at the open-air bath and you noticed and scared off someone who tried to steal my bag while i was in the pool, how do i demonstrate my undying gratitude to you” au
  • “thunderstorm after a menacing heatwave and we’re both getting weird looks for dancing in the rain” au
  • “i have no idea who you are but you just fainted right in front of me holy shit dude you need to drink more in this heat” au
  • “we both chased after the leaving ice cream van like ten-year-olds and now we’re both out of breath and a bit embarrassed” au
  • “i clearly reserved this deck chair by putting a towel on it why on earth are you lying on it who the fuck do you think you are” au
  • “everyone else is on vacation and we’re both stuck in our boring home town wanna hang out and mope about it together?” au
  • “i accidentally crashed your campfire party at the lake when i just wanted to go for a swim but you were really great about it and invited me” au
  • “i lost my swimming trunks while performing the world’s greatest ever cannonball dive and now i can’t find them at the bottom of the lake and i’m stuck in the water PLEASE HELP ME” au
  • “i don’t know you but you fell asleep in the sun next to me without putting sunscreen on and you’re slowly but surely turning an alarming shade of lobster red, i guess i better wake you up” au
  • “some asshole left their dog in the car in the blistering heat and we both noticed and are debating on what to do” au
  • “i just dove into the water right next to you without thinking much about it and didn’t realise you were skinny-dipping holy shit this is awkward” au
  • “we’ve been running into each other in the graveyard while watering the flowers all summer i guess it’s time i introduce myself” au
  • “hey neighbour, i bought loads of stuff for this barbecue but all my friends canceled on me, wanna come over and eat with me” au
  • “you’ve been camping in a crappy tent next to my really comfortable caravan/motor home and it’s been raining cats and dogs for ages, do you want to come in and have a hot cocoa to warm up?” au

Anonymous said:

Hello! Please do a one-shot where the reader has been in Neverland for a while, but one day Peter notices how beautiful her eyes are and he realises that he loves her and he confesses and then fluff? Thx xxx

Warning/s: cursing, sexism


Summary: you hated each other and then boom!

Character: Peter Pan

I have been on Neverland for a long time now. It gets boring at times but who am I to complain? At least I’m not back in the real world. God, it sucks there! I hate school, I hate my classmates, I hate my neighbors, and I hate my parents. I’m basically just your typical teenager.

I was more than thankful when Pan’s shadow appeared in my room. I mean, it was weird at first but then it was cool. I get to leave my unloving hometown so why fight the shadow?

During my first few days on Neverland, I was treated as a slave but then the lost boys got the hang of me and started treating me like I’m one of them. But all we did was hunt, play Pan’s games, dance. I mean, it sounds fun but it gets boring when you do it every single day.

Pan, the ruler of the island, is quite a mystery for me. All I know is that he’s a sexist bastard. He was the reason why the boys treated me as a slave. Because apparently, “Girls are supposed to do what boys told them to”. After that, I never get to talk to him. It’s either he’s busy or he just doesn’t want to talk to me. I mean, I’m actually good with that because whenever he would talk to me, all he does is make sexist remarks.

So that’s basically the reason why I enjoy not being his companion. I don’t even know what he has against girls. Like, when I first arrived here, he wasn’t so happy about it. He just hated my guts immediately.


Y/N thanked the shadow for taking her away from her ‘home’. The shadow just nodded at the girl, feeling confused as to why she was thankful because every other kid that he brought to Neverland was either crying or struggling.

He looked at Y/N one last time and flew away, leaving Y/N standing there, looking rather like a lost puppy.

Y/N looked around as countless of boys appeared behind the trees. The one who was wearing a camouflage outfit and looks like the leader walked over to her with a scowl on his face.

One of the lost boys who sneaked up behind Y/N, knocked her down, making her kneel in front of the leader. The leader smirked at her helpless figure.

“A girl, I see. Why does my shadow keep on bringing useless ones these days?” he insulted, his voice showing off his English accent. The boys around him laughed and snickered at his insult.

Y/N just sat there, feeling vulnerable, mad, and scared at the same time. She looked at the rude boy and glared at him.

The boy raised an eyebrow at her and forced an amused smile on his face. “Feisty one, aren’t you?” he chuckled. “What’s your name, girl?” he spat the word ‘girl’ with disgust.

“Y-Y/N” she stuttered. The boy smirked at her. “Not so tough now huh? I’m Peter Pan by the way. I just wanted you to know what your ruler’s name is” he chuckled at her vulnerable state.

“Look at her boys! She’ll be our new slave because that’s what girls are for. Take her to camp and make her do your chores or whatever it is that needs cleaning.” Pan waved her off like she was some kind of object.

~end of flashback~

I stared at the fire in front of me while thinking about how the boys decided to treat me normally. Nevermind how. I’m just thankful that they’re not sexist like their leader. Pan would always make these sexist remarks whenever he gets the chance. Like when I was washing my clothes, he would throw his dirty laundry at me, telling me that I should clean them because that’s what I’m good for and I couldn’t even complain because he’s the ruler of the island and he can kill me in just one blink of an eye so I just do as he says.

There’s also this one time where I was eating lunch and he decided to take mine, telling me that I should just make another one for myself because girls are supposed to cook  for guys and blah blah blah.

I hate his guts for being so sexist. Like, sexism is next to racism in my list of hated things. So I decided to just stay away from him or avoid him so I won’t have to deal with him.

My thoughts were interrupted when someone poked me from the side. I looked at them and when I noticed that it was Pan, I looked back at the flame in front of me, ignoring Pan’s presence.

“Aww, why are you ignoring me?” he cooed mockingly.

I rolled my eyes and stood up, muttering a “I need to do something” so I don’t come out as rude.

I walked into my tent and sat on my bed, bending down to puff my pillow. When I sat back up though, I wasn’t expecting for Pan to be sitting beside me so I yelped in shock, putting a hand on my chest.

“Oh gosh” I whispered.

“Sorry, love. Didn’t mean to startle you” he chuckled.

I continued to steady my breathing while Pan sat there watching me with a smirk. When I was breathing normally, I looked at Pan and frowned when I saw him smirking. I have had enough of his ‘games’ and I’m not interested in playing them anymore.

“Okay, I really don’t want to be rude but you’re being really fucking rude and I don’t even know what I did to you that you always make me irritated or why you’re being such a sexist.” I shouted at him while looking down, not wanting to see his cold eyes that are probably glaring at me.

“What I’m trying to say is that please leave me alone to sleep.” I stated awkwardly, still looking down, realizing that I just shouted at Pan.

“Well look at that” he chuckled bitterly.

“Are you ordering me?” he asked, threateningly. I continued looking down, afraid as to what I might see when I look up.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” he shouted. I silently whimpered at his loud voice but I was still looking down, praying for my life.

“I said look at me!” he exclaimed, grabbing my face with one hand and forcing me to look at his face. I looked at him, my eyes probably glossy with tears, while he stared at me.

His face suddenly softened and he let go of my face, muttering a ‘sorry’. He was still staring at my face as I awkwardly sat in front of him.

“Um..” I coughed awkwardly, “Is something wrong?” I asked him.

“It’s just your eyes” he trailed off, still staring at me.

“What about them?” I asked, trying to ignore the awkwardness, which he doesn’t seem to be feeling.

“They’re.. beautiful” he smiled at me. My eyes widened as I choked on my own saliva.

Pan looked at me with worried eyes as he patted my back.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Are you?” I muttered.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You just told me that my eyes are beautiful” I chuckled awkwardly.

“It’s true” he stated, making me look at him weirdly.

“W-what?” I asked.

He sighed. “That’s why I came up to you earlier. But you shut me down quickly.” He chuckled.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him, completely confused.

“Okay listen” he started.

“I came to you earlier so I can apologize for being so mean to you ever since you came here. I was a dick for making fun of your gender. I just didn’t know how to act towards… girls” he scratched the back of his neck.

“Wow” was all I said.

“I’m sorry” he repeated.

“I heard you the first time” I said.

“So.. What do you say?” he asked.

“Mmm… Okay, I guess” I shrugged. “Just don’t be a dick again” I deadpanned.

He chuckled but then nodded.

“Ugh.. This might mess everything up but I wanted to..” he trailed off.

“To wha-“ I was cut off when he pressed his lips against mine, making my eyes go wide in shock. It took a while but I kissed back and felt him smile. He pulled away and smiled at me.

He leaned his forehead against mine and looked at me lovingly.

“I’ve always wanted to try that.” He whispered.

“And guess what? I loved it” he smiled.

“As surprising as it sounds.. I loved it too”


note: I might be super busy next week because life. lmao. I hope you enjoyed this one. I haven’t posted in a while soo. :3

Requests are OPEN yo!