this was a very intense scene


“Is this room exactly as it was then?”
“The curtains were drawn, sir. And the electric light was on.”




“Tarth. I’m biased, but she keeps it together.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to HBO on which character do you admire the most?

“I love the character of Jaime Lannister. He’s just so complex…” -Gwendoline Christie

“Gwen and I have a lot of fun together, I wish it could go on forever.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“And Nikolaj is a very special actor. He’s brilliant, hilarious and mercurial. And again, incredibly highly skilled. I felt nervous about acting opposite someone that was so highly skilled that I’d be working with so intensely, but he completely went for it from the beginning and was not afraid to go full-throttle on all of the scenes. And to really feed the relationship off-screen, too, by endlessly teasing me, haha. It’s really fun and hard work. He’s a brilliant actor. And I’ve had an absolute ball. I’ve had a real riot.“ -Gwendoline Christie

“If you meet Gwen, you’ll know that she is light.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Let me say one thing about the finale

I’ve been watching it over and over because of feels reasons, and this might be due to my filthy mind being, well, filthy but the more I look at that scene, the more it feels to me that it was edited just like they would edit sex scenes in movies

I mean, forget the splendid foreplay, the coming together at last part they’ve got (wonderfully) going on 

and even the clear, blatant, mutual adoration

now just take a look at this, and imagine

as the music urges towards its climax and you hear the lyrics going

your hands, your legs
my hands, my legs

which is already as allusive as can be without being entirely explicit

it’s easy to picture these as the little sighs and moans and ragged breaths you’d hear if this was a sex scene, AND THEN

the movements become more frantic, more confused, almost blurry

you see, but at the same time you don’t see everything; there’s the very same intensity and pathos as any explicitly romantic/sensual scene, and yet just like “proper” sex scenes it leaves part of the act to your own imagination

and the thing is, so many people have argued that this show didn’t give us complete “evidence” of their romantic relationship, because we had a censored kiss and then only hugs and hand holding, but guys


this whole performance was a hymn to their love, and it very much looked and felt like lovemaking



Ideal Careers Based On Your Zodiac Sign -- Scorpio

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21

“No one can keep a secret quite as well as you, Scorpio, and that’s something you can use in your career, as you are placed in positions that require discretion,” says Fox. “You thrive in the midst of intelligence organizations, top-level or secret negotiations or handling confidential papers or very expensive goods.” You also love a challenge and to investigate, and you’re intensity is legendary, which can work in a variety of fields but definitely lend themselves best to things that would repel others—think surgery or medicine or being first at the scene of the crime as a forensic detective.

Ideal careers: As mentioned, you would be at home in the surgery room or as a secret agent, as well as working in crisis management (things that need a high level of secrecy) like a real-life Olivia Pope. You’re also great with resource management and logistics, and would make an outstanding chief financial officer.


okay. this is how im calming down

griffin actively recognized that the ending of petals to the metal, while unintentional, was an example of bury your gays. and he did his best to rectify that. he knows that the trope is bad and doesn’t want to do that shit.

taakitz was a very intentional piece of representation. no bones (ha) about it. the mcelroys obviously know how attached the fandom, especially their lgbt fandom, is to the couple. there is so much fanart. they know how important those two are to us.

kravitz is not going to die. no way are the mcelroys gonna do that. they learned that lesson and they won’t do it again. this scene was put in to establish how dire the hunger main plot stuff has become, because after this the campaign will swiftly move on to that.

yes! of course you’re allowed to have an intensely emotional reaction to this. i am still shaking! griffin put that scene in there to freak us out about the hunger plotline (although he couldnt know how intense some of our reactions would be) look at my liveblog, i freaked out. you’re allowed to be concerned, and it sucks that we’re at this cliffhanger. but:

1. they’re going to return to it soon!! the plot will do something about this; it isn’t a throwaway.

2. the mcelroys learned previously that “bury your gays” is bad and wouldn’t do it again, especially with how attached the fandom is to taakitz.

3. things are going to be okay. kravitz will be fine, the main trio will be fine, you’re gonna be fine. believe me.

David Duchovny: The relationship scenes, the scenes between me & Gillian, that deal with something other than furthering the case or propelling the action forward, the emotional spine of the movie. I thought so important, that sometimes it brings more pressure into those scenes just for me wanting them to be special, or perfect, or provocative or strong enough to carry through the next 20 minutes of action. To emotionally engage the viewer in this relationship. Then drop it for the next half an hour so we can chase some shit around.

Gillian Anderson: I think both of us are very interested in the scenes being not just accurate in terms of who these characters are, where they are in this particular place in their life, but that we bring all the history with us into the room. Plus the history that we are making in the moment as of this script which is quite heavy duty. That happens in-between the two of us in this film and the balance between the past and the present is quite intense in this film. 


“We have a very special relationship. When you work, it’s thirteen hours a day. So we have time to really get to know each other! It creates links, memories. Many people may think that this is just cinema, but this friendship is born quite easily. We had the same approach to our roles, we were also able to laugh, especially after very intense scenes… We are now deeply connected. Success, we lived together, trials also.”

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So I wanna start watching anime and suggestions ?

Sewell because i havent watched a lot of anime I can suggest a few that  have watched one of them being of course COWBOY BEBOP MY ABSOLUTE FAVE (idk if you guys know that already)

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Terror in Resonance

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Ghost Stories (English Dub) I promise you you’re gonna get a hell of a kick out of this dub version

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The Wind Rises (My favorite Miyazaki Movie)

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When Marnie Was there (My favorite Studio Ghibli Movie)

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And lastly, Elfen Lied. Also fair warning if i haven’t stressed this already: The show contains very intense and even sad events. At several points in the series, there are themes involving sadistic experimentation, psychological torment, animal cruelty (just one scene, actually), bullying, loneliness, suicide, and bleak, depressing thematic material. I recommend this but just a warning

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I kind of understand what Loo meant by the beautiful scenes that she had shared with Benedict as Sherlock in season 4. Although there were not much of her screen time but the glimpses of Sherlock and Molly’s intense relationships; how they glanced at each other or even how they conversed these days, had been showing quite something. People around them mentioned them to one another very differently. I do not want to overly interpret but it was obvious that they had come very very far from the ridding crops experiment scene from season1. My guts told me that they had been hiding “secrets” which hopefully will be revealed in Ep.3 soon but who knows, might not ever will. Anyway…chin up, smile on and enjoy the great show, people.

Take care,

You know, if ReySky happens, and the Big Reveal™ really is in that very first scene between Rey and Luke, then that means we waited two y e a r s for information that literally gets revealed, like, five seconds storywise after the end of The Force Awakens.

Two years of discourse. Two years of debates and wondering. All because Luke, Luke Extra-Like-My-Father-Before-Me Skywalker, just HAAAAAAAD to have his thirty seconds of dramatic hood lowering and tragic, silent staring accompanied by an intense helicopter shot. 

I feel personally attacked by Luke Skywalker’s flair for dramatics. This isn’t even fair. 

Tarjei’s been praised a lot and he deserves it undoubtedly. He’s just amazing! I can’t remember the time a young actor impressed me this much. I can see him going places. But I also wanted to praise Henrik. I think he’s also a great actor. I love how he plays Even: easy-going and bold but with this intensity…the way Even looks at Isak is everything! You can feel Henrik’s very attuned to Tarjei’s facial expressions and body language. They complete each other perfectly, and therefore they’re able to enhance every Isak&Even scenes. I’ve been hearing about Skam for about a year now but I was hesitant to watch it because I don’t care much for teen tv shows. Now, I’m so glad I was bored last week and decided to give it a go. This show is quality!

Takanemaru H-scene [with Heroine's voice]
  • Takanemaru H-scene [with Heroine's voice]
  • Takahashi Hiroki
  • Jooubachi no Oubou - Menou Hen


Quite smutty audio, please use a headphone when listening.

Oh, 205 is the ep directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield, the one they filmed when Matt had his b-day. When she tweeted (or something-ed) to him that if she had known it was his b-day, she wouldn’t have been so hard on him the night before. That means, there will be some intense scenes with Alec! 

I think the roof scene with Magnus will be in 205, “You would blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right,” since the ep description says, “After the recent attack on the Institute, the Shadowhunters are left devastated and wounded. Trying to regroup, each of the Shadowhunters deals with the situation their own way.” 

I think that Alec will start working hard and training hard, basically overdoing it - again! - beating himself up for something that was in no way his fault. And Magnus will talk him down. 


I did a couple of passes for this same shot. This one is a very short yet hard shot for me to do. 

My 1st pass is a very old take, and the early design of the character didn’t really have a focused direction - so it needed to be redone for sure. I realize he’s probably doing a bit too much for this scene; it being borderline over-acted.

The 2nd pass was definitely a lot more controlled, but I felt it lacked the intensity from the 1st pass. It was not dynamic enough, and the character felt like he wasn’t emotionally in the scene. It felt like he was just gliding to the poses, so it didn’t really have enough character to it. (Also, it’s evenly timed…)

The 3rd pass, I actually got advice and feedback from my friend Rune - who helped me figure out the poses. Draftsmanship and clear drawing are some of my wain weaknesses, so its always great to have someone else point out what causes the issues. Its pushed, yet more controlled and simplified. The gun leaving the screen as he swings adds a dynamism to the animation. It’s much snappier, for this being part of an action segment; it makes sense. I’ll have to come back and fix the drawing a bit so its a bit closer to the model of the 2nd, but I definitely learned a lot from re doing this shot a bunch. 

Wow I went into the malec tag and …. yikes.

I am not sure why people have such a problem with their last scene. To me everything looked 100% consensual with, yes, a very eager alec. Magnus’s reservation was that he thought he would lose Alec if they rushed into Alec’s first time before he was ready. Alec assured him that wasn’t the case, and then fade-to-black.

We also had enough of Magnus’ POV this episode that established he was feeling very invested in his relationship and was ready to go all in. Plus when Alec came in and went in for the intense kiss, clearly leading somewhere, Magnus’s words when he stopped them included “Not that I’m complaining…” indicating he was perfectly fine with the direction things were taking save for him worrying about Alec feeling rushed and losing him as a result.

Consent is definitely important to establish, but IMO this scene fell WELL within the parameters of a perfectly acceptable & healthy implied sex scene on a tv show, which doesn’t and can’t always exactly mirror real life.

I truly think this is being blown out of proportion.

You Can’t Please Everyone.

We see this truth in goodread reviews and in the literary preferences of our friend groups, and lately I’ve seen it highlighted time and again during the beta reading process.

In most instances, for every person who finds a flaw in a scene, there are two or three other people who picked out that very thing as their favorite aspect of the scene. 

For every twenty people who profess their undying love for the protagonist, there will be someone who doesn’t like them. For every twenty people who connect all the dots, who manage to logic though the implied information to come to the correct conclusion, there will be one person who misses the point entirely. For every twenty people who think a scene is intense and intriguing and immersive, there will be one person who detached themselves from it, and grows bored.

Often that person will be the same person every time, the person who wants to be reading a different book entirely. But sometimes they will be someone who loved the rest of the book, and took issue with that one particular aspect for whatever reason.

You can always learn something from negative critique, and if the same critique comes from multiple sources, it’s likely a sign there’s genuinely something that needs fixing. But always remember you are crafting your book into the best version of itself. If the critique of one person isn’t mirrored by your general audience, analyze where it came from, and then ignore it. You can’t please everyone.

From books to foods to colors to art, for all good things in life there is going to be someone who dislikes it. If there are sane human beings who can dislike chocolate, then your novel is certainly not safe from negativity.

Don’t change your book for any one person, but instead, craft it into the best version of itself, a version as close to your vision as you can make it.

Create the  book you would give anything for the chance to read, and know that there are others who love the same books as you. 

They will love your book too, I promise.

Kise H-scene
  • Kise H-scene
  • Ryouhei Kimura

Kise Ryouta Imaginary H-scene. Edited from other R18 game with the same seiyu. This audio is totally fanmade.


This audio is inspired by these images above. The coloured one (cover) is from the talented artist shima920. The first image is from the dj Sukisugite Sawarenai to Kimi ga Iu node by Naoki [Scan & Translate by the wonderful Silver Lining. The second one is from the dj Seishun Intense by Unlucky Strike/Gemute [Scan by the geneous Daisenkou & the dj Nakayoshissu by Oniyuri & Tayoko [Scan & Translate by Silver Lining]. The third one is from the dj First Strike by Relights/Batch [Scan & translate by the amazing  Baka-dumb-aho]