this was a two and a half hour hike jesus

Fic: Cupid’s Weekend (1/?)

A Chris Evans fanfic

Summary: Chris plans a weekend away to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together.

Warnings: Fluff, language

Note: Sorry about all the angst that’s been taking over my brain. I promised fluff, and fluff you have here! Thank you so much for reading!! xx

Dedicated to @raveviolet and @toc1985. :)

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The journey to Stratton Mountain for their Valentine’s getaway weekend was an adventure in itself. On a dry day, the hike from Boston to Southern Vermont’s highest peak was an average of two and a half hours. During a nor’easter? Five hours and forty-eight minutes. But who was counting?

“We made it!” Chris hollered, palm smacking down on the hood of the car. He breathed in the fresh, chilly air and welcomed the tranquil sounds of the nature that surrounded them.

“Jesus, I’m alive and in one piece,” Natalia groaned as she got out of the passenger side, stretching out her achy limbs. “I was so sure skiing was out of the fucking question when we hit that stupid detour.”

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