this was a tumblr error nightmare

Well, there’s a reason of why I’m posting to much. It’s beacuse I’m stealing wifi I wanted to start a new activity on my tumblr! In celebratrion of my 2000+ followers I want to do this! “Let’s create together”!

This activity consist in creating a character using the suggestions you guys give me (eye color, powers, skin color, etc) but in my style. What’s my style? well, as you see, I love to draw sanscest fan children and I want this character to be one. And finally give blueprint a friend so I don’t have to draw him alone

SO, since there’s a LOT of Sanscest ships, I want to make a votation of wich ship should I draw. After that, I’ll ask you guys to send me descriptions based of how would a child from that ship look like. Simple right? I hope I have explained it well ;o;

Let’s call this stage: “Selecting a Ship”

but HEY, don’t start throwing me ships names! keep reading first uvu

I sellected a few ships I like and you will have to choose between those! Since Tumblr allows to comment on a post, I don’t have to create a poll for this on other site -v-)U yes! It doesn’t matter if the ship already has one child, I want to make my own and give you the chance to cooperate in the process of creation! 

Also, I’ll give the winner ship their own ship week (like I’m going to do with InkBerry)

Here’s the ship list:

-ErrorNight/Error x Nightmare

-Cream/Cross x Dream

-RottenBerry/Reaper x Blueberry ( @nekophy made me love this ship with just one comic xDU)

-AfterFell(?)/Geno x Edge

-Kustard/Classic x Edge 

They’re the ones who I love the most! 

So, as I said before, this time you only have to comment with the ship you want to win! After some time I’ll check the votes and announce the winner. Once the first stage is done, we’ll proceed to the stage two: “Making their appearance”!

Don’t forget to participate!

(Dreamswap) What friends are for (2)

Okay, enough Durarara posts, have more story.


(Cross’s alarm goes off, playing a Disney song much louder than necessary. The three of them shift in their positions, which somehow became a tangled mess over the course of the night, all of them cringing slightly.)

Nightmare: Cross, what the hell is that…

(Cross slams his hand on the nearby table his phone is on. He slams various places until he finds his phone.)

(But his hand is asleep, so when he tries to pick it up, it falls out of his grip and onto the floor.)

Cross: aaagghhhh

Nightmare: What are you doing, turn that stupid thing off…!

Cross: where is ittttt

(Cross flops over the side of the bed, crushing Nightmare under him as he searches the floor next to the bed.)

Nightmare: oW

Cross: okay I found it

(He picks up the phone with his other hand and struggles a bit to turn it off. Finally, he succeeds and places the phone back on the table, and slumps even more of his weight into Nightmare.)

Nightmare: get OFFFF

Cross: too early… too much physical exertion…

Nightmare: Why the heck did you even set an alarm?!

Cross: it makes me feel like a productive being…

Cross: also I’m trying to fix my sleeping schedule…

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Blue Raspberries don’t exist, and neither should I…

What started out as something innocent and cute turned into…this. I don’t know what to call it, Fatal_Corruption, Corruption? *Shrugs I’d imagine it’s either a side of Fatal we haven’t seen or is just a separate entity from him. Just something I thought I would show you. :D

Xedra’s Notes:


I was laying in bed in the dark half asleep, I went to check tumblr and saw THIS and got sooooooo creeped out haha I LOVE THIS THOUGH THIS IS SO COOL

Thank you so much :D


Cross is clearly a trolldere

Previously on the Crack Adventures of Cross and Nightmare, Cross was being annoying, Horror stole some ice cream but it was later retrieved, it was implied that Error ships Crightmoss, and thanks to some trolling, the ship started to come true.

(Everyone is still extremely out of character. Also, know that this one is a bit more fanfictiony than the previous ones and focuses more on the actual pairing in all its dumbness)

Nightmare: My mental coherency is in shambles.

Killer Sans: (teleports in behind him) LEMME GUESS WHY



Killer Sans: maaan you and Cross were like THERE

(Nightmare throws Killer Sans out of the room and slams the door.)


Killer Sans: (from the other side of the door) but come on man you were talking to yourself I couldn’t help it

Nightmare: GET OUT OF HERE

Killer Sans: ugh fine I guess you need your brooding time anyway

(Killer Sans leaves, and Nightmare immediately begins to pace around the room.)

Nightmare: (thoughts) What’s wrong with me?! Ever since that thing that happened an indeterminate amount of time ago happened I can hardly look at Cross in the eye socket anymore!

Nightmare: I just look at him and I… I…

Nightmare: … I really need to get out of here for a while.

(He teleports away.)


(Horror Sans slowly peeks out from behind a cabinet. He laughs like Bowser from Hotel Mario before cartoonily sneaking out from his hiding spot.)

Horror: There’s no hiding the ice cream from me, Nightmare.

(But suddenly, as he’s creeping out, the door to the room begins to open. Freezing momentarily, he teleports back into his hiding place.)

(The person entering turns out to be Cross.)

Cross: Look Nightmare, I think we really have to talk about–and you’re not here.

(He turns around, sighing as he exits the room.)

(Horror raises an imaginary eyebrow. Did he miss something? Well, it’s not like he cares, anyway. He just wants ice cream.)

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Some Fluff because I am the hero that Tumblr Needs

Some fluff by Bfly

Geno was scared. A nightmare had scared him but he didn’t wanna be a bother. Error suddenly burst through door, holding Glitch and looking around scaredly. A clap of thunder from inside jolted him. The storm was scaring him. 

“Y-you okay Error?” asked Geno, stuttering despite himself. He already knew what the problem was but asked anyways.

“Um n-no… .T-the storm is freaking me out a-and Fresh and Mom are asleep so…” Error hugged Glitch as an especially loud thunder clap followed the bright thunder. 

“Oh I-I get it. I just had a nightmare, to be honest.” he gave a shaky smile. “But I-I’m okay now. You’re here, after all.” Geno sat up and edged over in his bed, patting the new space while grinning. “come on. I know you won’t get any sleep alone.” Error hesitantly got in the bed, closing his eyes and cuddling up next to Geno. Geno smiled and put his arms around Error, closing his eyes too.


In the morning, the storm had cleared out. The sun was coming up and birds were singing like there was no tomorrow.  CQ walked down the hall, calling for error. 
“Err- oh.” She grinned as she opened the door to Geno’s room. The boys had fallen asleep like that. She glanced outside. There had obviously been a huge downpour- pine needles and pollen were all over the driveway in huge puddles and she had slept right through it. Error must have gotten scared and come to Geno’s room. She closed the door, smiling. Today would be a good day, she knew it.

Ta da! Fluff!

The Mirror

I stare
At the petite stature
In the mirror.

Her smile shining,
Her laughter resonating,
Her humor genuine,

Yet she is despondent.

Her hips, too wide.
Her thighs, too bulky.
Her shoulders, too broad.
Her face, too round.

There she stands,
5'5, 135,
Feeling deprived
Of a childhood,
Only wishing to thrive.

For she spends hours
In front of that mirror.

That mirror, which has seen everything. That mirror, which has seen her
Grow and shrink,
Indulge and starve,
Laugh and scream,
Socialize and isolate,
Fall and tumble
Into a hole that no one can escape.

That hole
Of never being enough,
Of never exceeding expectations,
Of never pleasing anyone,
Of never getting it right,
Of never loving herself.

herself for all that she is.
that there is much more than what meets the eye.
What she has and how she’s got it.

All she sees
the flaws,
The pain,
The errors,
The nightmares,
The jealousy,
The lobotomy,
The weight,
The surface,

The darkness.
Nothing beyond.

For there is no light at the end of the tunnel
Because she’s trapped
Inside of the mirror.

Please, get me out of here.

I’m SCREAMING I’m reading the “receipts” on xkit guy and they’re such a fucking gross exaggeration hamfisted mess

tumblr call out culture allows absolutely NO room for human error and very LITTLE chance of redemption because your apologies have to be literally written in the blood of gods for it to be valid like I’m screeching what kind of victim turned bully nightmare has this cite become without even realizing it

you guys are bullying actual literal humans out of their hobbies for completely forgivable human fuckups because you’re expecting everyone to be wholly articulate social justice experts with absolutely no room for mistakes and that’s terrifying