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okay so like I know everyone is talking about his eyes and i agree!! but please: what about his perfect stubble accentuating that gorgeous jawline i mean look at it please!!

Okay, all right! Let’s look at the evidence shall we? First of all: YES we need to mention those eyes because they are just insanely BLUE and I can’t not talk about them!!! But, fine let’s move on. First of all, we need to get closer..

Right. I hear you. That’s a very very nice stubble indeed. It’s got a slight red tinge to it too which goes really nicely with his golden skin tone 

and YES, it definitely accentuates his jawline! It looks so sharp and wonderfully defined and I can say with 100% certainty, anon, that you are ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!! That is one fine jawline definition right there ^^

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Hawkmoth praises Akuma!Marinette/Ladybug by saying "I present to you my future daughter-in-law. Look at her. Doesn't she look perfectly adorable with that menacing look?"

Evil villain or not, Papillon certainly knows how to appreciate a good daughter-in-law!   

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Family au when the kids are older Pidge is declared "absolute favorite" by Keith simply because she's the only one shorter than him.

But IMAGINE KEITH BEING ONE OF THOSE PARENTS THAT ARE REALLY FIRED UP AT THEIR KIDS SPORTS GAMES. Poor Shiro having to monitor him and Lance from being overly critical of referee calls. (2)

OMG Keith would be that kind of parent! You see, they really weren’t expecting their kids to be into sports. Maybe Lance, yes. But Hunk and Pidge? They seemed more fit for science and literature clubs. BUT. They were all part of their high school teams. [The Voltron Family] (there are newly added fics in that post!! Go read them!)

Hunk = Football
Lance = Baseball
Pidge = Soccer

And honestly, Shiro and Keith sometimes cannot keep up with their games but they all try their best to be in each and every game of their kids. There are times wherein the schedule for the day is like baseball for Lance in the morning and soccer for Pidge in the afternoon and then football for Hunk in the evening. It was intense but damn are they so good at what they do.

Keith: RUN LANCE RUNNNN!!!!! *standing up while cheering*
Shiro: Keith, sit down. You’re—
Keith: Shiro, I don’t care if I’m causing a scene. MY SON IS OUT THERE DOING HIS BEST AND I’M NOT GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE PASSIVE PARENTS WHO DON’T—*looks back at the field and sees Lance doing a homerun* OH MY GOD! *whistles* THAT’S MY BOY!!!!! WAY TO GO LANCE!!!!! 
Lance: *sees his Daddy Keith* *fist in the air* *smiles so wide despite all the sweat on his face* *dances like an idiot on the field* 
Keith: *points at Lance while looking at Shiro* *frowns* Okay, he NEEDS to stop doing that. THAT is just embarrassing. 
Shiro: *laughs* You’re so proud of him.
Keith: Of course, I am. *smiles* He was so lanky and now look at him, running like a fricking cheetah like no big deal. *looks at his watch* Will we make it to Pidge’s game in an hour? *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *checks his phone* Yeah, I can drive us there in 15 minutes.
Keith: Okay, now let’s go and congratulate our son. He showers the longest. I’ll call Pidge and Hunk to let them know about the result of Lance’s game.

So Shiro drives Keith and Lance to Pidge’s game in a different stadium.

Shiro: *sees Pidge walking out with her team* PIDGE!!!!! OVER HERE!
Pidge: *looks at the bleachers and sees her family* *waves* *shouts* CONGRATULATIONS, LANCE!!! *thumbs up* Knew you could do it!
Lance: *grins* Obviously, DUH! Now go kick some butt!
Keith: Honestly, where does she even get that cackle from?
~The game starts and the crowd was going wild~
All three: *standing up* *watching intensely*
Keith: *chants to himself* You can do it, baby. You can do it.
Pidge: *kicks the ball and scores a goal*
Keith: *jumps* OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!! *looks around the bleachers* THAT’S MY DAUGHTER WHO JUST SCORED A GOAL!!!! *looks at Shiro and Lance* DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT LIL GIRL JUST DID????!!!
Shiro: We did, Keith. We did. 
Pidge: *gets called by the referee*
Lance: *groans* WHAAAAAT WHAT NOW?? THAT WAS DEF A GOAL! THAT WAS NOT A FOUL!! *rolls up his sleeves* I’M GONNA—
Shiro: *stops Lance* No, you are not going down there. Stay.
Keith: Well I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.

Pidge’s team wins and now they’re all driving down to watch Hunk’s game in yet another stadium.

Pidge: Whose got kids who are fricking BORN WINNERS??!!! *looks at Shiro and Keith* YOU DOOOOOOOOOOO~ *finger guns* *winks*
Lance: *laughs* Hunk better not cry when he loses. Losers are not accepted in this family of awesome.

Hunk DID cry. But he cried because he scored the final touchdown and he was a sobbing mess. Lance cried. Pidge cried. Keith cried. Heck, Shiro cried.

Keith: Oh my god. I knew you could do it, Hunk. But oh my god. *hugs* My lil baby just—
Hunk: *laughs while sniffing* I can’t believe I did that, too!
Pidge: *glomps Hunk at the back* Now we’re all winners! How great is that? You know what this means, Daddy Shiro? *eyes him*
Shiro: We’re all happy and proud of you three?? *smiles innocently*
Pidge: Nooo!!!! You and Daddy Keith are going to treat us to that pizza parlor and we get to have one each!!!
Keith: *gasps* Pidge, can you even finish 4 slices? What more 8 slices?
Lance: *places arm around Keith* Please, Daddy Keith. Do not under estimate your children and their capacity to consume food after winning their games.
Pidge: I’m way too hungry I could probably even eat Hunk’s share!
Hunk: HEY!!! NO STEALING OF PIZZAS, PIDGE. We’ve talked about this!

In the end, Hunk still shared his pizza with Pidge. ;)

Keith: This is so tiring but I’m way too happy to even think about it.
Shiro: Three games in one day.
Keith: They should’ve just joined normal clubs! Wasn’t there an art club in that school? But nooooooo. They just have to join the sporty ones.
Shiro: *laughs* They’re having fun and you seem to be enjoying it.
Keith: *laughs* I am. I guess you could say I’m glad they didn’t join the going-home club like I did back in high school.

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i saw that your requests were open and i was wondering if i could possibly request some yooseven maybe playing videogames together?? (i love your art a lot btw!!)

Aww thank you~!! Glad you like it anon ^^ Hope this will satisfy your request~~*flails away*

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@ mod zoe: your reply to @starry-eyed-Lester was so cute 💙💙 you're such a lovely person !!!

Team Mom Friend to the rescue

Okay but seriously, sleep is exceedingly important, fic writing is hard, and as much as we all like a laugh here, we are desperately grateful for every fic writer.

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your art is so pretty??? Words cant express how much I love your art and how its a gift to danganronpa fans??? and I learned what soursop is thanks to you Youre just pure gold

aaaaa thank you so much, thank you very very much!!! I hope you have the most incredible day!! take care!!

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Your Director Ennoshita makes me so happy ;-; I love Enno and I'm so happy to see you drawing him!!!

I’m so glad to hear it!! Thank you for loving him (*´ ˘ `*) ♡!! 


It might be a little difficult to marry all of you together, but there’s nothing impossible with all my love for you my dear followers~~ lololol
Seriously, all of your messages are so nice, you give me so much motivation! I’m honoured to have such followers ^^

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yoooo i met tricksterexe at a convention this weekend and we had a nice convo about how much we love your art, just wanted to say u are a blessing

that’s!!! SO SWEET OF YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU LOTS and I hope the con was great and that the rest of your week went great and aaaaHHH thank you, you’re both the true blessings tbh!!!

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Finally people are sitting with aone on the train what a blessed image thank you so much he deserves all the people sitting next to him what an amazing guy! 10 years have been added to my life!

!!!! AAAA GOOD I’m so glad you think so!! and thank you for appreciating Aone!! ♡♡♡ I hope you have a lovely day (and congrats on the bonus 10 years)!!