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35, zimbits? <3

I hate trying to put my desire into words when my body knows exactly what to say.  Come home. (You can’t start a fire without a spark.)

Bitty misses Jack. That’s an understatement, really. Bitty aches to be in the same room with Jack, to touch warm skin and calloused hands. Computer screens and phone calls just aren’t enough.

Jack smiles tiredly from across the country in Anaheim, propped up against the headboard of a hotel bed, laptop illuminating his face with unnatural light. Bitty wants to caress his face, watch those beautiful, sad eyes droop close and listen to Jack’s breath even out. He wants to run fingers through slightly wet hair, ease the tired muscles from a long game. Bitty just wants to be there, to be in the same time zone.

“What’s wrong, Bits?” Jack murmurs, fighting to stay awake.

Bitty amps up his own tired smile and shakes his head. “Nothing, honey. You played a good game tonight, you should get some rest.”

Jack frowns, pushes himself up to sit a little bit straighter.

“Something’s bothering you. Tell me?”

Bitty sighs, absentmindedly picking at the pilling fabric of his pajama pants.

“I just miss you,” Bitty whispers, avoids making eye contact. They tell each other this all the time, every day, but it’s different this time. He hasn’t touched Jack in over a month and his chest feels tight every time he remembers that.

“I miss you too,” Jack replies in the same hushed tone. Bitty knows this is just as hard for Jack but Jack is better at hiding his emotions. “I’m flying back in two days and then we have our bye week, remember?”

Bitty nods, wiping at the tears starting to spill down his cheeks.

“Oh, mon chéri, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Bitty finally looks up and sees the love so clearly on Jack’s face that it gives him strength to keep going.

“Get some rest, hun. I’ll see you in a couple days.”

A Softer World Prompts

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Okay, but, like, "Don't Stop Believing," comes on and Coran and Allura are so confused why everyone dropped what they're doing to scream the song as loud as they can.

The downbeat hits and all the sudden every paladin screams. There is pandemonium as the aliens try to figure out what’s happening. Lance runs to the DJ table and pidge projects the words so the aliens can sing along. Even Keith knows all the words. Lance sings the guitar riffs perfectly.

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not a question but ily everyone loves you this AU is lovely this AU loves you you should be the one to kill Trump you should be president you are amazing + someone I look up too that is all 🍄 a mushroom for good luck I hope you have the best day/night ever goodbye ily

Awwww thank you anon!! <3<3 thats really sweet of you to say and what was that middle part again?

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For MerMay how about a bioluminescent mermaid? Love your colouring, it's very vibrant! and in your watercolours feels very harmonious ❤

I will always say yes to bio/deep sea mermaids haha and thank you very much <3

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Flower shop AU: Ed trying to secretly leave a white rose at Oswald's door but is caught by the mayor myself. Blushing embarrassment immediately follows for them both

Two idiots… (x)

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pssst could I ask for some Nano as Sombra? Nanombra? Sombrano? (I just. cannot look at Sombra's Incendio skin without thinking of Kim and Sombra's purples would rock with the flux.. pretty please?? <3 <3)

Mess with the best and die like the rest.

((hells to the Yes))

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hi! this is a v v simple question & im sorry to waste ur time with it but i can't find the answer anywhere else, so who better to go to than my fave!! when you color, how do you stay inside the lines? i use the photoshop wand tool & use it on the lineart layer, then switch to the color layer to use the paint bucket tool but it's super duper slow & i cant figure out a better way to do it? how do you do it? im sure u, a neat person, has some neat tricks up ur sleeve :) thanks in advance!!!

i color in probably one of the most painstaking ways? but IMO, it has the nicest effect for me! but yea, i do it manually, like i would anything else like watercolor, pencils, etc. refer to the GIF. (from a scrapped speedpaint huhu)

(AND HELLO! thanks for the question. <3)

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Ziam can and most certainly does have my ENTIRE heart and soul. Its crazy and I'm so proud of Liam's performance it was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to get some new Zayn performances too! ❤❤❤

ANON, ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?? Liam just gave us a certified bop + hand choreography and hip shimmies, and Zayn’s out there recording the greatest sophomore album of our time! What did we do to deserve them?

Also not to start a panic, but please mark your calendar for June 18th, when BOTH Zayn and Liam will be performing live on stage and casually turning us to cinder and ash. 

^^ all of us on June 18th


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Whole RFA & Saeran & V reacting to an MC who is a huge nerd that cosplays and goes to conventions and even performs in panels (please?)


  • Oh my god???
  • He thinks it’s so c u t e
  • Yoosung is familiar with cosplaying and conventions, so he’s all for it
  • He would probably help MC with her costumes
  • He might even ask to go with her 
  • Totally there to support MC during panels


  • Three words: cosplay power couple
  • The dude is an actor, of course he loves any chance to dress up and act
  • Insists he goes with MC and picks out a really skimpy costume Zen no
  • Instantly regrets it
  • Wants to fight every guy that stares at her. Nobody is brave enough to take pictures with MC l ma o
  • Takes dozens of selfies with her instead 


  • Doesn’t really get it, but will totally support MC!
  • Thinks she looks adorable in any costume she picks out
  • Helps MC with her hair and makeup before a convention
  • The Supportive Girlfriend™ that goes to every panel 
  • Totally records all of MC’s performances 


  • ‘???? MC, I can just buy you all these costumes??’
  • Doesn’t get why she makes stuff by hand
  • She has to hide his credit cards so he doesn’t buy her like a dozen costumes
  • R E F U S E S to do a couple cosplay. Nope, not happening
  • Insists that MC keeps her costume on when she comes home from conventions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Lmao d u d e
  • He is the cosplay king are you kidding
  • Already has a closet full of costumes for MC to wear
  • Buys tickets to every convention within a 50 mile radius 
  • They always go as the same character 
  • Performs in panels with MC and steals the show


  • Thinks it’s weird at first ngl
  • ‘You look stupid in that color wig’
  • Once he sees how into it MC is, he stops insulting it
  • Actually kind of likes seeing MC get her costume ready 
  • Gets dragged to conventions but secretly loves it


  • The man is so supportive of anything MC does
  • It just makes him love her more??
  • Compliments every costume MC tries on
  • Insists on coming with her to conventions to take pictures
  • Loves to cheer MC on during performances
  • Pulls out all the stops during pictures: the best lighting and equipment he can carry 
  • Best. Convention. Ever.