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A little thank you for 500 followers! I accidentally merged the rough sketch layer with the main sketch. DONT MIND IT :x

I’m so happy to hear you all are enjoying the blog so far. I honestly didn’t expect to get this amount within a few months.  Thank you for the continuous support!

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Hey dude. Sorry if you start getting harassment over the Chara meme you posted the other day. I encouraged flavor-text-chara and a couple others to do the thing, and they came up with a Frisk one, but apparently the fact that the chart gives the option of gendering Chara or Frisk was enough to set off The Discourse again. Hopefully you stay out of the line of fire, but general harassment has cropped up to anybody who has filled out the meme. Sorry. >.<

haha omg i felt like this would happen but i didnt want to change the original??? and i know some people see their chara as not nb, WHICH IS WRONG, but it’s also their chara, thats how they see them, they can hc them however they want, EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE WRONG,

and also having it like that allows people to go in between? say “hey my chara is nb but also kinda masc” so that’s neat???

anyways im good for now, no harassment yet, and don’t worry about it!!! 

you know what i love? the amount of “i live and die for ezria but damn jaria was hot!!!!!!” or “i ship ezria but now i want to ship jaria too!” posts on my dash. like the ezrians are just allowing us to have this moment in our own fantasy world and that’s beautiful fam. i appreciate that. like no one can deny the Jaria heat. ….that sounded weirder than i expected im sorry

Things that dawn on me super hard when I'm just driving along minding my own business

Davy. Jones. Is. His. Goddamn. MOTHER.

Ok ok so it’s crazy spec / headcanonning and probably much cleverer people than me have debunked the possibility years ago, but still! It would be just up this shows street to pull the Surprise! They’re a Lady! thing too.

I’m not as attached to this headcanon as I am the black fairy one, but I could def live with it….

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Oh my gosh I love love LOVE your Proposal AU!! Could I maybe request you write another one based on that scene where Margaret is chanting in the woods (you know the one lol)

omg thank you!!!! <3 yes i totally love that scene it is probably one of the best in the entire movie this was so much fun to write (if you guys want me to do a drabble in this universe just send me a message with a scene you want me to adapt)

part one

          to the window, to the wall

Nursey decided that he hated Maine. Since his visit had begun, he had been forced to kiss his assistant, had his hair touched by said assistant’s distant relatives, fallen through a dock and almost lost a small dog to an eagle. Dex’s family was nice, he supposed, except for the fact that they kept insisting on calling Dex ‘Will’. But they were very loud - and opinionated - and Nursey found himself needing to just get out.

So he grabbed the first bike he could find in the garage and set out. He knew from the moment that his feet hit the pedals that he might get lost. Looking around, he had no clue where he was going, and he was moving too fast to see anything, but he liked it that way. It was freeing, like as the trees became blurrier, his head became clearer, and the smudge of the forest around him grew as distant as another world. Ooh, that was good. Get Dex to write that down.

And then he hit a tree.

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Headcanons for the royals and how they handle roller coasters! [since it’s too long for the ask box orz]

  • Corrin - Take them on roller coasters any day. They absolutely enjoy the thrill of the high speed drops and will certainly throw their hands in the air while screaming. They have to beg one of their siblings to let them ride again and after about five times, Xander declares that it’s time to stop
  • Azura - She can handle roller coasters pretty well, but she’s deathly afraid of rides that have very high drops


  • Ryouma - Hoo boy, he can keep a brave face, but on the inside he’s terrified and wants off. At least he can handle the more tame rides
  • Hinoka - Let her at ‘em! She hasn’t seen a roller coaster she didn’t like, and she especially loves the ones that are very fast and go upside down. She’s also the one who volunteers the most to accompany the kids on a kid-friendly ride simply because it’s a roller coaster
  • Takumi - Nonononononononono do not even attempt. He used to love roller coasters, but then Elise decided to drag him onto the Fireball and he’s steered clear of them ever since. Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone isn't going to make him get on another one… Basically rip his soul
  • Sakura - You’d think someone as timid and shy as her would be wary of going onto a roller coaster, but no. She actually loves roller coasters! She would love to go on some of the larger and insanely faster rides, but she has yet to work up the courage to do so


  • Xander - He’s pretty good with roller coasters, but don’t let him get on rides that go upside down. He tried once out of curiosity and threw up. To this day, he claims that he blacked out and denies ever throwing up on the ride
  • Camilla - She’s about as good as Hinoka, but she prefers the Superman Tower of Power to any roller coaster in existence
  • Leo - So remember how Takumi is with roller coasters? Yeah, Leo’s the opposite. He hated roller coasters with a fiery passion when he was small, but one day someone had to accompany Elise on one of the bigger rides [well, the operator did say that it was two to a car and she can’t ride by herself…] and he surprisingly loved it. Now he often spends a lot of time planning out how many times he can go on any one given ride before it’s time to move on and not die of heart failure
  • Elise - She will conquer all the rides! This girl is an adrenaline junkie and will go on as many rides as she can. She’s often seen riding with Corrin, but she has been known to ask others to accompany her. The only rides she hates are the ones that she’s too short to get on

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Can I get the list of Jason x Shiro HCs no one but me seems to be asking for? //shot

”oh my god.. i have been waiting for this my whole life i already have HCs ready for this moment!!!!!!!!!! 

  • they’re both cheesy and sappy around each other (its mostly shiro’s fault tho)
  • shiro is the Mess of the relationship
    • can’t wake up before 10 AM on the weekends
    • doesn’t separate the laundry (i.e. dark and light) and it drives jason crazy
    • drinks out of the milk/juice carton
  • they like to wear each other’s clothes since they’re almost the same size, but jason is a bit smaller than shiro and when shiro wears jason’s sweaters/turtlenecks it stretches….and jason hates it
  • they’re the type who stays up late at night just talking to each other, or comforting each other
  • in this universe shiro works at the GCPD and jason loves to stop by at lunch just to chat with him
    • shiro’s team in the GCPD loves to bother him with things about jason
    • “What’s jason’s favourite sock?” “why do you even ask that???”
  • jason jokes that one day he’ll adopt pidge……
  • they love to babysit lian !!!
  • 98% of the time you can catch shiro with his arms/hands around jason’s waist for some reason
  • SPACE NERDS!!!! they love space so much they stargaze together, memorise names of constellations together, etc.
  • every morning is just a lot of cuddling because shiro knows jason is probably going to be gone for the rest of the day
    • and every night shiro would wait to make sure his bf returns!!
  • shiro calls jason “jaybaby” to annoy him
  • they’re both bilingual so they teach each other languages!! 
    • shiro teaches jason japanese 
    • and jason teaches shiro spanish
  • shiro is the taller one, by a few inches (he’s 6′3, jason’s 6′0)
  • ohmy god they kiss each other a lot. like in a day they can kiss each other 30 times
  • they’re always trying to help each other out, giving each other compliments and encouraging one another
  • shiro always patches jason up, no matter how tired he is at that time
  • Jason makes a lot of self-depreciating jokes and shiro is sad when he does that because??? Why cant his bf see that he’s beautiful and perfect in every way??? But then remembers he can’t even think that of himself (:

(a few under the cut bc this is lengthy)

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To the body image anon, there's a brazilian fashion blogger called Ju Romano and she's super great at advocating people's right to be fat and still love themselves. Maybe you can't read what she says, but just look up her pictures on google! She rocks any type of clothing she wants and looks great doing it! I'm talking crop tops and leather skirts and sheer shirts and short shorts and bikinis. It's a hard lesson to unlearn, that fat doesn't mean ugly, but I'm rooting for you! You're not alone

She’s beautiful!

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Hi! I love your art and your hims&hems serie very much and I was wondering if you'd make a book out of it? With some art in it too? If you did be sure that I will buy it I admit at first I was a bit sceptical about cross-dressing but you convinced me

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’m really flattered!!! I’M SO GLAD TO HAVE CONVINCED YOU. It is certainly not a common interest, but I’m hoping to change that a little bit. :3

For your question, I unfortunately have neither the time nor the means to actually make art books. :( (Nor the popularity to make it profitable.) 

But! I’m making all these Hims n Hems drawings in one gimp file, with each layer being a page, and once I draw about 20 or so pages, I’m planning to “publish” them in one pdf to sell on gumroad for a couple dollars. :) Not as cool as a book, but much cheaper and more convenient that way for everyone, I think!

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Will Pond Scum Royalty have any continuation? I know it's been well over a year since the last update, but it's really enchanting and captivating to read! You are excellent at comic making!

Hi! Thank you so much! :,)

I’m sorry to say that until an undefined date Pond Scum Royalty is on hiatus! I do plan to continue it and I have the story planned out it’s just kinda.. from a heavy place? and it’s hard for me to revisit when I’ve got a lot of other things driving me. But it’s definitely something I want to address when the time is right and I’m so grateful you enjoyed it enough to ask about it! :;;; 

Until then, I hope the wait will be worth it! I do want to do some more illustrations for it in the near future.

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I just saw your Fitzsimmons movie night Notting Hill drabble. Can I request a continuation where Jemma tells Daisy actually there first kiss was in the lab? Please? Thank you!

A contiunation from this drabble:

“Anna, how long are you planing to stay here in Britain?”

Julia Roberts looked back at the reporter, a smile grew on her glowing face. “Indefinitely,” she replied.

Notting Hill’s ending montage begun to play and Daisy’s gaze switched between Jemma and Fitz (who were still cuddling on the couch; Jemma resting against Fitz’s chest and their legs tangled together) and the joyous couple on screen—surprised to find more than one similarity between the two couples. The couple beside her seemed memorized by the happy ending montage, and Daisy swore she saw secret smiles on their’ faces, as if they were both in on a secret she knew nothing about…

A wedding played out on screen, and Jemma suck deeper into Fitz’s arms.

Huge Grant’s interlaced fingers with a pregnant Julia Roberts’, and Fitz’s fingers involuntary twitched on the side of Jemma’s stomach.

Daisy could hardly contain herself while she waited for the movie credits to roll. Once they did, she shot up from her casual (but sneaky) position that gave her perfect viewing of both her friends and the movie screen. She pointed out from the common area. “Ok. Get out Fitz!”

Slowly, Jemma moved out of Fitz’s arms. Once again, their quizzical looks mirrored each other’s. “Daisy? What—”

“You can’t kick me out!” Fitz sat up and protested. “This is a shared space.”  

“Hm-ho,” Daisy retorted and wiggled her pointed index finger. “Do I look like I care? Get out,” she repeated. “I need to talk to Jemma. Girl talk time.”

Fitz begrudgingly dragged his legs down from the couch to the floor. “Jemma doesn’t girl talk…What even is girl talk? Have you two ever had girl talk?” He looked between the two women for answers, receiving none.

“Ah, Fitz…” Daisy gloated. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

His brow furrow at the comment and then smoothed. “Alright. Whatever. But just so you know,” he pushed himself up from the couch. “She’s gonna tell me everything you say anyway.”

“OoOo,” Daisy’s eyes twinkled at him. “I’d planned on it.”

Fitz’s brow pitched again before turning back to give Jemma a quick kiss. A tiny squeal came from Daisy as she watched their kiss, causing Fitz’s to blush and be unable to turn before leaving.

Jemma, in turn, starred at Daisy in utter confusion. “What the hell was that about?”

“Shhh!” Daisy waved at her, watching Fitz walk down the hall through the window. “Not yet.”

“Daisy.” She insisted. “Come on…”

When Daisy finally did redirect her attention to Jemma, she bounced crossed-legged on the couch, a knowing smile brightening her face.

“Are you pregnant?!?”

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Was just casually strolling but then I saw, "I mean even as myself I have to tell Chat how to do his job sometimes" on your blog 😌. "Even as myself"?? 🤔. Do you have some kind of secret identity that you're not telling us? Hmm??



Is what I meant.

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Hi! I love your writing <3 I was wondering, in CL ch. 2 you mention Anders has a tattoo on his forearm. What is it? A cat? Something baseball related? A cat with a baseball bat? The people need to know!

Oh man, now I want it to be a cat with a baseball bat! 

It is baseball related but there’s a little more meaning behind it…which I won’t give away now, but you can probably guess who it relates to. 

And thank you! <3 I really appreciate it.

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well we do know that zarkon was the black paladin BUT I LOVE HER AS ANY OF THE OTHERS. ESP THE YELLOW LION. OR GREEN. i also like the idea that alfor was a paladin as well, maybe blue or yellow. ALLURA’S MOM PILOTING THE RED LION AND THE CROWN PRINCE FALLS IN LOVE WITH THIS HOT-HEADED, STRONG WILLED YOUNG WOMAN WITH A COCKY SMILE