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Okay I know the popular scenario is "embarrassed mutual pining" (and trust me I love that) but what about this: soon after lance realizes his feelings for Keith he just fully embraces them and starts flirting with Keith almost 24/7 the way he does with random alien chick only more specific/flattering? And Keith's like "what did my gay ass do to deserve this" not knowing Lance is actually fully serious. Then Lance finally stops playing games and just asks him out and Keith's like U WERE SERIOUS?


The time Lance realized that he was undeniably attracted to boys was directly correlated to Keith. It was weird because he could have sworn that he didn’t like Keith - that dense, unwillingly condescending and hotheaded idiot - until. Well. Until they were out after a mission mingling with the locals and Keith was just standing there, a drink in his hand, smiling softly while he talked to a young alien girl. 

It was a huge thing. Lance’s breath caught, his heart skipped a beat and all the blood in his body rushed to his cheeks. Keith hadn’t even done anything special, he really just stood there, a soft and attentive look on his stupidly perfect face while the sun drew patterns on his mullet. It should have been an everyday thing except it wasn’t because Lance really could count on one hand all the incidences where he wouldn’t have changed a thing about Keith (including his awful hairstyle).

So back then Lance did the most sensible thing he could have done: down his drink, cough like mad because wrong pipe and hightail the quiznak out of this situation before it could go completely wrong.

Also, a private freakout that lasted for like five minutes. And maybe some stress eating and extra face care but honestly, that wasn’t a bad thing. He was a paladin of Voltron, they were fighting pretty much 24/7, he was allowed to eat more of Hunk’s cookies if he wanted to. And his face certainly wouldn’t complain about testing out new products to help it stay smooth and soft.

Honestly, Lance thought he had handled it pretty well. No excessive drama and no insults hurled Keith’s way. He’d like to think that he matured through his time as a defender of the universe and could now totally deal with being attracted to boys and Keith. No problemo for Loverboy Lance. 

Except, of course, it was Keith. How did one woo Keith? He was pretty sure that Keith was gay, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that Keith was dense as quiznak. 

Luckily, the response had been right in front of his eyes: Keith might have been dense but Keith has also spent nearly 2 years with him in space and knew what Lance’s flirting looked like. It was ideal, he just had to act like he always did, not even Keith could be stupid enough to misunderstand that. 

So when the opportunity arose, Lance didn’t hesitate to take it.

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Can I ask for some art advice? I'm a super beginner and proportions are the bane of me, in both realistic and cartoon attempts. How do / did you practice proportions? Did you have to work at it a long time until you were happy with it?

this dude does a good demonstration, and covers more than just faces:

he explains it in a way that makes you realize everything is relative to everything else. something he doesn’t really cover however, is using a grid to help you better grasp how things are proportioned to help you better understand how to change them to fit what you’re doing.

things is, i still struggle with proportions, and it’s largely due to old habits that i had. i would always elongate and make things heavily lop-sided, which is still something i struggle with when free-handing. i keep a straight edge or some sort of ruler in all of my sketchbooks now, just in case i feel something isn’t quite right.

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First off, I love love love your stuff. Always makes me giggle. So thanks! :) I really like to draw stuff, and some days I do crazy stuff way out of my league and other days I can’t draw a square - the latter is really frustrating and makes it hard to keep drawing - if today happens to be a bad art day I’m afraid gonna hate what I draw. Do you experience this and how do you get through it?



something a lot of people don’t know is that i’m currently a chronic pain sufferer. it largely impacts my mood and ability to draw. i firmly believe that a happy artist is a good artist, and when pain gets too much, i go into Rage Mode and everything i make looks, to me, like garbage.

what i do to overcome it is just……enjoy the pocket. that time where you feel good, and you’re really into what you’re doing, find that pocket and live in it for a minute. you can’t always be on top of it at all times. some people take years-long breaks just to find the pocket again.

but you say you do “crazy stuff way out of your league”–realize that the crazy stuff you’re doing, that is your league. that’s what you do. what you made didn’t just happen on pure chance. that’s your art.

it’s ok to realize that not every piece is a masterpiece. i can’t begin to tell you the thousands of pieces that have been deleted, thrown out, and never shown the light of day.

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Hey, Scout! Do you usually know what size canvas you want to draw/paint on or do you keep adjusting the size as you go along? Do you have any favorite sets of dimensions, or standards you like to work with? (I just keep adjusting mine as I go because I don’t know what I’m doing I guess?)

heya! i do normally know the size of canvas i’m going to work with. thing is, once you start creating pieces for print, your idea of concrete dimensions becomes a little more strict. you never know when something might take off, so you have to be ready to have it in a size suitable for printing.

comics are the only things i don’t really care what dimensions i have, but i work really tiny with them. especially post-episode comics! i always have a 500x900 72dpi canvas open in case i wanna whip up a quick strip

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!!!!! So cute ohmygracious.... May I hug> (I just found this blog and I LOVE it?? Also forgive me if this ask doesn't make sense it's 4:28 AM and I'm pulling and all-nighter)

Not if he hugs you first!

But you should take care of yourself! Get some sleep!

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hello!!! i love your art and writing, especially the voltron family au!! it makes me so happy! so, this might seem kind of random, but i was wondering if any of the kids struggle with adhd. october is adhd awareness month so the question kinda just popped into my mind! thank you for the great content and keep up the good work!!! (๑>◡<๑)

[The Voltron Family] It was around the first few months when Shiro and Keith adopted the kids that Keith noticed something. At first, he thought nothing of it, but then it happened so often that he became worried.

“Hunk, sweetheart. Have you finished your homework?” Keith asked the little boy who was sitting in the breakfast table, dangling his little feet while munching on some cookies.

“I dunno. Maybe,” the boy answered. Hunk looked at him for a second then his eyes wandered around the kitchen, wiggling in his seat.

On the table laid Hunk’s books and it was opened on the page that was only answered half-way. It was a math exercise and Keith left him for a minute to check on Lance and Pidge as Shiro was staying late at the hospital, so he was on homework duty.

Keith sighed as he sat beside his child, moving the book towards the boy who turned his attention to the book. “You haven’t even answered half of it yet. You know this. This is easy for you. I know because you’re a very smart boy, Hunk. We practiced multiplication and division every night, didn’t we?” He paused as he noticed Hunk’s attention was somewhere else again. 


“Yes, Daddy?” Hunk quickly turned to look at Keith, as if guilty at being caught at doing something.

“Just finish your cookies first then we go back to homework, okay?” When Hunk smiled at him, Keith wondered if he should have a talk with Shiro or not.


“I’m not saying there’s something wrong with my child, Takashi,” Keith started as soon as Shiro joined him in bed that night. “Hunk’s a ball of sunshine. A ball of boundless energy. Everyone loves him. He’s very hyperactive. But I noticed that he turns on the television and turns it off again and again. I’m not sure if he wants to watch something or not, or is he doing it merely for his own entertainment. The other day, he was pretty excited with his new toy and then lost interest quickly,” he paused to look at Shiro and hold his hands out for emphasis. “It was a Gundam action figure, Shiro. A GUNDAM FROM JAPAN!”

His husband placed a hand under his chin to think for a moment. “The orphanage didn’t mention anything in his papers though, right?”

“No. Nothing at all,” Keith sighed. “But what if he’s just not diagnosed yet. I’m just worried, okay?”

“Hunk does fidget around, doesn’t he?” Shiro asked.

“Quite often actually,” Keith confirmed. “I have a cousin who has ADHD and it’s a little similar to what is happening to our son at the moment.“

“Alright. I’ll have Hunk diagnosed tomorrow,” Shiro smiled. 

“Thank you. That makes me feel much better,” Keith returned the smile as he pulled the comforter over him.

“And Keith?”


“Raising a child with ADHD is no easy feat—”

“—I’d do it, Shiro.” Keith cut him off.

Shiro was taken aback but smiled softly nonetheless. “I don’t even doubt that, Keith. We just have to be more patient with Hunk and I’ll let you know everything about the diagnosis and what we can do so you’re not left in the dark.”

“Thank you,” Keith whispered, a little more worried about how others would treat Hunk. God, he was just a child.

“Daddy Keith?” A small voice interrupted their discussion.

Both men turned towards the door and Little Hunk was standing, hugging Mr. Cuddles in his pyjamas. Quickly, Keith moved out of the bed to attend to his son only to be stopped when the boy spoke up again.

“Can I sleep with you and Daddy Shiro tonight?” Hunk asked shyly as he kept moving his feet in his place.

Keith felt like his knees gave out as he landed back on the bed. He let out a soft chuckle and said, “Of course, darling. Come here.”


Grayson photography studio L.E.N.S (not sure about the name)

thanks to @applekissims @kosmokhaos @putrulance @cakenoodles @sakorb @katsujii and @reveal-the-fkn-sims for letting me use your sims pictures💚

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can you tell more about ed’s (and oswald’s) ways of thinking? god i can listen to you going on about them forever

…Well since I don’t seem to be capable of shutting up about them, I’m thrilled you feel that way??
(I’m sorry this took so long… Honestly I kept putting it off because I was waiting to see how Defrosted!Ed would handle things on his own before I committed to a reading on him!)


Ed is a chess player.
Oswald is an artist.

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Can you do a drabble about Viktor trying to get Yuuri to come to bed and go to sleep?



Yuuri startles where he’s sitting on the couch and immediately rips one earpiece out of his ear. The living room is still bright with the lights on but the skies outside the windows are pitch black.

Right behind him, with a hand on Yuuri’s shoulder, stands Viktor, clad in the comfortable, oversized T-shirt he sleeps in. Yuuri’s eyes fall to the pillow that he’s holding in his arm. Yuuri’s pillow.


“Come to bed?”

Yuuri glances at the clock on his computer. 2:28.  He’s been playing games since Viktor went to bed four hours earlier.

“I don’t feel like sleeping yet,” he says.

Viktor is quiet for a moment. And then… “Please?”

The sound of vulnerability in his voice, no matter how hushed, fires alarm bells in Yuuri’s heart. He turns his head again and pulls the other earphone out, only now truly noticing how burdened Viktor’s eyes look.

Oh no.

“Is something wrong?” he asks, worried.

“I seem—” Viktor sighs and his shoulders sag like he’s carrying the entire world.

(Yuuri understands; sometimes one’s thoughts are much heavier than the world itself.)

He covers Viktor’s hand with his own, his game entirely forgotten.

“I don’t think I can fall asleep without you tonight,” Viktor whispers, hugging Yuuri’s pillow closer to his chest.


“Of course,” Yuuri murmurs. Seeing Viktor like this, so fragile under the weight of his own mind—he doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to it. He doesn’t want to get used to it, ever; he’ll do anything to make everything better before that happens. “I’ll be there in a minute, I’ll just turn everything off, okay?”

“Okay.” Viktor nods. “Thank you.”

As he’s stepping away, Yuuri tightens his hand on Viktor’s fingers. “Hey, Vitya?” When he has his attention, he gently pulls at Viktor’s hand and tilts his head up. He doesn’t need to say anything - Viktor leans in and Yuuri presses a tender kiss to his lips. “I love you,” he whispers.

Viktor smiles for the first time since he’s gone to bed. “I love you too.”

Yuuri’s eyes accompany Viktor all the way to the bedroom, and only when he’s alone again, does he look at the computer screen once more. He doesn’t care he hasn’t reached the saving mark in the game yet; he exits it without a second thought, turns the computer off and checks again if the front door and all the windows are closed before he shuts the lights off.

Viktor’s already in their bed, curled up on his side, waiting for him. As quickly as he can, Yuuri changes into his PJs and gets under the covers. They meet halfway; Yuuri opens his arms and Viktor snuggles close, letting out a soft sigh as Yuuri’s scent and warmth surround him. He surrenders.


Falling asleep is much easier when their hearts have each other’s rhythm to follow.

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u ever think about klance getting together and keith being shy at first but then slowly starting to initiate contact and like they’ll be walking together and keith will just stop and grab the front of lances shirt and pull him close and kiss him hard and lance will just laugh

lance laughs and then kisses him again while smiling and blushing like an idiot

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Helloooo, your blog is one of my favourites! I was wondering if you know what the quantum physics theory is?

aw thank you! AS a matter of fact i’m actually quite interested in quantum physics but i don’t know much about it. i dO know that it is modern physics that it talks about how subatomic particles inside atoms interact with each other or something.  i remember reading something about electrons being waves ok i honestly don’t know much about this but it’s cool. idk it’s talked about a lot on the flash so i got interested, plus it’s very complicated so whatever you need it for (or maybe you’re just testing my intelligence \_(ツ)_/¯  ), good luck!