this was a tester and it turned out great

i love the idea that rai and jack start dating but nothing really changes

jack is still the self proclaimed ‘prince of darkness’ and a complete and total brat, and rai is still a good guy who’ll stop jack no matter what. but there is a difference in the small things.

rai never fights jack more than is necessary to stop whatever evil plan he’s hatched, and he makes sure the other monks don’t take it too far either (the whole “taking jack’s hair” incident makes him feel so guilty for weeks before jack finally snaps and says it’s all in the past, and besides, it’s not like wouldn’t have done the same thing in rai’s position - hell he probably would’ve gone further)

jack’s evil plans shift from “eliminate the xiaolin losers” to “get them conveniently out of the way while i take over the world”. surprisingly, this is actually a more effective technique, especially when he can get the xiaolin monks to keep chase and wuya busy too.

rai starts “accidentally” leaving the vault open whenever jack loses all his wu, and jack starts “accidentally” only taking the sort of useless wu that the monks haven’t used in ages (the monkey staff is always left in the open, if not “accidentally” left behind after the showdown)

and the others start getting in on it too. kimiko starts challenging jack online at goo zombies, and they’re in pretty much constant competition for the highest score. not only that, but jack turns out to be a great (almost unintentional) beta tester, since his first instinct is to always hack into the game and try to find exploitable weaknesses, which gives kimiko a chance to find where the weaknesses in the code are.

clay always makes extra hotdogs at his barbeques, since jack has some sort of hotdog radar and always turns up at the exact time he finishes cooking to 'steal’ some hotdogs. omi almost continuously tries to turn jack to the side of good, and they eventually start having ice cream saturdays where they just sort of hang out. at some point rai starts coming along because jack’s his boyfriend damnit and he really wants free ice cream which then means kimiko and clay start tagging along as well.

in the end jack is still sort of evil and rai is still good and nothing really changes.excepteverything does
The Icing on Top of the Cake

Modern AU Jily/Marauders: In which there is no war, Lily is a Muggle, and the Marauders set up a bakery.

This took ages but it’s finally here! Inspired by a load of headcanons from the-marauderers (you guys are awesome) and betad by the lovely Lily (awkwardholmes) :) Thank you to everyone who helped!

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“This is it, boys. Are you ready?” James stands at the front of the bakery, arms spread wide.

“As I’ll ever be.” Remus heaves a sigh.

“No.” Peter bites his lip.

“Shit. Why are we doing this?”

James hits Sirius round the back of the head. “Because we’re going to run a business, goddamnit. And this is going to be the best bakery ever.”

“Sure, Prongs. Sure.”


“Fuck, Sirius! How many times have I told you not to touch the flour?”

A powdery white dog pouts mournfully at his friend from the floor, whilst Remus runs a sticky hand through his hair. It is day one in the bakery, and already they’ve made a mess.

James comes jogging into the kitchen. “Sirius? Do you have those pastries for the display or –“ He sees Sirius on the floor and groans, “Mate. Didn’t I tell you that Moony would hex your balls off if you didn’t hurry the hell up?”

Sirius whimpers and transforms. Standing in his human form, he mutters an apology and sets about cleaning. Remus rolls his eyes and yells for Peter to hurry up and clean the damn baking tray – he knew they were going to need more than five – and James goes back into the shop, humming on his way.

The door bell jingles and Peter almost squeals with excitement. Sirius grins, “First customer of the day!” and sticks his head into the shop to see James’ reaction.

A girl, probably about the same age as the boys has just entered the shop, smiling. She’s wearing a black dress with decorative flowers all over it that stops just above her knees and James has to blink a few times before he can speak.

“Hello!” he says brightly, “Welcome to Mooncakes, what can I get you today?”

The girl smiles a little and replies, “Nice place. You’re new, right? Oh, I’d like two of these, please.” She points to the éclairs that sit in the display and James grins.

“Yeah, first day. And good choice,” he says, taking two of them and placing them into a paper bag, “These are great.”

“You’re the tester, I suppose?” She smiles.

“Of course. All food stuffs are tried and tested by yours truly.” He hands the bag over, “That’ll be one ninety-nine, please.”

She hands a few coins over and turns. James watches her open the door, but just before she leaves, he calls out, “What’s your name?”

She looks at him, “Wouldn’t you like to know. Bye, James!”

She leaves, and James gapes at her as she walks down the road outside. Then there is a tap on his shoulder. Sirius is standing behind him, apron adorned and smirking. “Someone’s got a little crush, eh?”

James shakes his head in disbelief. “I don’t understand,” he mutters, staring in wonder out of the window. “How did she know my name?”

There’s a pause in which Sirius’ shoulders shake and he tries not to laugh at his friend. Then, “You’ve got a nametag, mate.”


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