this was a test to see if the upload limit really was higher

anonymous asked:

hi, im really sorry to bother you, but how do you make your art into gifs while keeping such a high quality? i've been wanting to try it for a long time but i don't know where to go

so lets say we got this cool animation you did. 

If you have access to it, use PS. online animation programs will stub the quality of your work and compromise it.

(tutorial on animating / tips)

make sure:

  • you’ve limited your colors already
  • it isn’t too long (I shoot for 1-2 seconds as a safety net)
  • you’ve sized to your site:

Image -> Image Size

look up what site you’re posting on has! there tends to be limits on size of uploads so to not compromise on the later parts, just size it to the max display for the site. there’s going to be someone on the site who knows the dimensions (btw, tumblr is 540 width. once it gets above a 3:4 ratio width:height expect your quality to drop significantly)

besides, having the dimensions match the display is actually pretty ideal. you want to keep higher quality stuff on you but if you post something larger than the site displays, it’ll trying sizing it down itself. it usually does a pretty crappy job of it too

also if you got a huge image it will take a long time for photoshop to even render the previews and it will be a huge file. don’t do that to yourself

then! go to File -> Export -> Save for Web (Legacy)

from the menu in the top right select GIF (it may be PNG/JPEG)

this is where it gets a little convoluted, you’ve got a few different options here:

  • how the colors are selected to be broken down to a 256 or less palette (selective, adaptive, ect.)
  • how ps will handle placing these colors (pattern, dither, ect.)
  • how many colors/transparency
  • and some other things that really I don’t know much about/are already taken care of in your document/special cases

the preview boxes are there so you can see what you’re changing, so mess around, they even tell you the file size! (tumblr limits to 2MB! be mindful of that. gifs will stop working past that)

you have to compromise sometimes at this point, your image may be too big so here are some things:

  • lower the colors (going to 128 usually doesn’t change much if you play with the dithering)
  • reduce the dithering
  • reduce your animation frames (the timing of each frame doesn’t matter, it’s how many! drop some inbetween frames if you need to)
  • and when all else fails, cut it into pieces and export the parts

if none of this works, consider uploading an MP4, part of this stuff is just planning and problem solving.

also there’s a preview box down in the the bottom left so test!

basically guess and check, compromise on a bit and prioritize what you need. 

and you’re done!

If you have more questions let me know! I also recommend looking at gfx makers, they know this side of Photoshop a bit better than me I think.

good luck!!