this was a test run

Fic Update: Pragmatic Dreams (9/?)

Fandom: swtor

Chapter Title: The Parade (Read on Ao3!)

Pairing: Lana/Beniko/female Jedi Knight

Rating: Teen

Summary: When Darth Marr’s flagship is destroyed, the galaxy mourns the loss of a leader of the Jedi Order. And Lana Beniko mourns the loss of her lover. But when secrets are uncovered, Lana realizes that the only way to save the galaxy might just be to tear it apart, all for the woman she loves.


Lana looked down, realized her knuckles were almost white, and let go of the railing of the balcony. The balcony looked over one of the busiest streets in the Spire. Citizens of Zakuul lined the streets, all here for the parade celebrating the completion of the very first Star Fortress, up above Belsavis. A test run, they said. And if successful, they would expand the program to other worlds. No world would be safe from the Emperor’s new toys.

And the people of Zakuul ate it up; they looked for any chance to take a day off from work and celebrate. So they all milled around on the street and balconies, waiting for a glimpse of their Emperor.

Just like Lana.

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SP GS-2 4414 by Robert Thomson
Via Flickr:
Scanned Photo Postcard Scan is presented for historical/archival purposes No copyright is claimed or intended From the back of the card: “…The train in this picture appears to be the original 14-car Daylight pulled by one of the first streamlined 4-8-4’s, No. 4414, built in 1936 for the new train which went into service that year. Since the position of the sun indicates a time somewhat after noon, about three hours after the Daylight was scheduled to pass this point [horseshoe curve near Chatsworth, California], waht we see here is probably a trial run to test the locomotives, cars and timing. The Daylight train was a highly successful attempt by the Southern Pacific to recover passenger traffic which had fallen to below standard level during the business depression of the early 1930’s… Southern Pacific” The post card was published by Vanishing Vistas of Sacramento, CA in 1974. The photo is courtesy Southern Pacific Railroad, the text by Robert A. Le Massena.


I’ve actually realized that I am pangender.  Which means while I figure out the complexities of my gender identity - I know why my name felt like it fit more than my given one but still didn’t fit right.

My pronouns are currently still he/him but if you are in doubt - I’m totally cool with they/them in a pinch.

I’m collecting gender neutral names I think are going to suit me well so currently, Storm suits me well and I’m giving it a test run.  <3  Please use that rather than Daniel.

Best parts of Moana:
-no love interest
-Moana had proportions like an actual human and wasn’t sexualized
-Disney princess set to inherit is actually depicted being trained in running her society
-no dead parents!
-bechdel test pass
-respectful depiction of source material and culture
-the music oh my god!!!!!
-Maui’s 4th wall breaks
-no actual villain
-closest thing to a villain was David Bowie crab
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-the chicken
-only white in the cast voiced the chicken
-my giant green wife


Finished my first taako animation with my toonboom harmony rig ! Colors and designs are so simple but it moves alright ! im hoping to refine it further but it was a good first test run with one of my fav taako lines.  The goal is eventually to do at least one of each main since i do so love them all. 

Two months ago, you discover a strange power. Every time you wake up, you become a different animal. Scientists have you captured and have been running horrifying tests for weeks. This morning you shattered the glass box they keep you in because you’ve woken up as a T-Rex.

A letter to the American Idiot:

If you voted for the evil orange blob man you disgust me to the core. What you have done for this country is inexcusable and irrevocable. He feeds off of hateful rhetoric. He is sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and an abomination of a human being. He is Donald Trump, and he will run our beloved country into the ground. The world will no longer respect us, and will instead pity the Americans who have to live under this demagogue’s reign of terror.

Our next president can’t form a sentence fit for a 4th-grade English test. He is one of the most unfit men to ever run for president. These next four years will undoubtedly go down in history as some of the worst America has experienced. Our children will ask us how we allowed such a hateful man to lead us, and we will look into their eyes with pity. We will not want to tell them that our citizens voted for oppression, for injustice and wrongdoing.

Instead of voting for an extremely qualified female President, Americans chose a reality TV star. Clinton, while she had her (many) faults was inarguably one of the most qualified people to ever run for president. She did one thing wrong, however: she was born a woman. The day America shut Clinton out, the glass ceiling got thicker. Women were shut out. Minorities were shut out. The LGBT community was shut out. In Trump’s America, white men are the only people who will benefit.

Now, we wait to see the results of our country’s inconceivably ignorant election. I have always respected the Republican party’s beliefs regarding politics and economics, however, this goes beyond the typical Republican-Democrat divide.

We elected a man who likes to “grab women by the pussy.”
We elected a man who makes fun of disabled people.
We elected a man who wants a mass deportation of immigrants.
We elected a man who, time after time, has proven himself to not only be unfit for office, but unfit for humanity.

I am genuinely scared for our future. If you voted for Donald Trump, congratulations.

You just made America worse again.

Thanks Amanda for having all that dope 2D equipment for me to do some pencil animation with! I miss the feeling of traditional hand drawn. This was such a treat after 10 years of only making digital animation. There’s plenty I would like to fix in this, but good enough for a fun rough :) Here’s a still of my original rough layout I worked from:

Gem Things Steven Has Inherited.

1.) A malleable, stretchy form.

2.) A natural protective instinct for his homeland.

3.) Personal space? What’s what?

4.) A talent for dancing and singing.

5.) Like other gems we’ve met, an urge to hide darker emotions.

6.) Very independent for a boy his age, especially compared to other children. When he wants to do something important, he wants to do it alone.

7.) Magic, of course.

8.) Stronger than most humans his size.

9.) His body ages with his mind.

10.) Sense of humor, while more advanced, is still very literal; relies on puns, and is not always understood by those around him.

11.) T E E TH