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RFA + Saeran + V and Nicknames for MC

This is a post that came about when he got distracted from our RFA comfort fluff post…thought we’d share. 


  • “Babe” mostly
  • He’ll call you by your name in very serious moments
  • Might shorten your name from time to time, if you don’t mind


  • He makes up the cutest nicknames for you
  • Things like “Mochi”, “cutie pie”, or any dessert you two have shared      recently
  • In super sweet moments, he’ll call you “honey”


  • You actually brought up the fact that you two don’t have nicknames
  • As a joke, you said that she should call you Mocha and you’d call her Latte
  • The next day, that’s literally all she called you and the nickname stuck


  • He mostly calls you “Darling”, “Dear”, and “My Love”
  • You can tell the situation and his mood by his terms of endearment
  • The above names being more casual and usually circulate through the day
  • When he calls you “Princess”, you know he’s in a very romantic mood or he’s feeling very vulnerable


  • Names are super important to him, so he’ll mostly call you by name…but his tone is more indicative than the terms of endearments he uses
  • He’ll call you “babe” or “hon” when he’s a goofy mood though
  • Occasionally, he’ll give you nicknames based on inside jokes, but they usually only last like an hour
  • He does call you “Princess” on very rare occasions when he’s being especially romantic or sweet


  • He’s also more into saying your name mostly
  • Occasionally, he’ll call you “Babe” when speaking casually
  • You know he wants something if he ever calls you “cutie”


  • His nicknames for you are super poetic and always changing
  • Some of these include, “My Flower”, “My Angel”, or “My Beloved”
  • He rarely says your name, but when he does, he says it with so much love and reverence
  • If he has a sleepy voice and says your name…RIP MC 

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Do you think that Dave and Karkat cuddle a lot when they are alone in their home? I mean,like Jade visiting John or Rose and being out for hours,and Dave and KK use this time to cuddle and be sweet with eachother? Like,the moment Jade is out they look at other and smile and hug in the sofa trying to watch some movie but Dave is too busy kissing KK's cheek and giggling and Karkat is hugging him and kissing his forehead and just being really cute. This is my fetish.

im of the mind that jade doesnt actually live with them because the house next to theirs is far closer to her shade of green than the canon limeblood color we got (which is more yellowy, and also we dont even know if limebloods were revived) and the shapes are way more organic looking than the straightup rectangles on the others

either way mr I DON’T DO ANYTHING QUIETLY and mr im going to ramble off until i verbally step on a rake are probably too much to live with 24/7. and considering they both really need a lot of privacy (especially karkat) and are used to having it over the 3 year trip i think jade is aware enough to notice and not want to overstep on that anyway

and even if they DID get their own room to have privacy in do you really think karkat wouldnt die of embarrassment of having the fact that him and dave sleep in the same one and retire to it every night so plainly out in the open. also yeah. theres the volume issue there in particular as well if you catch my drift

either way to your point i definitely think that the reason why they didnt show up to johns birthday is cause they got distracted because they cant stop snuggling when theyre on a couch together alone and the second jade walked out they immediately clicked together like the most revoltingly adorable magnets in existence

i also headcanon that when theyre out in public they almost dont do any pda but when everyones distracted by something and no one else is looking theyll sneak eachother looks or quick pecks and then kanaya worries over them wondering if they both have fevers cause theyre blushing like mad which only makes it worse

I think that one of the sweetest things is texting late at night about how you just want to cuddle and wish they were there next to you. And of course the goodnight and sleep well texts. And the way you fall asleep thinking about them and missing them. And the last i love you texts before we try to sleep. I love those moments. Not quite as much as being with her but those moments are really nice and sweet.

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yo do u have any fierrochase fic recs

is the pope catholic?? yeah you know it!!

  • into themselves we fell by sleepynir
    • This is probably my all-time favorite fierrochase fic - human AU where Alex works in the Fadlan’s falafel shop and Magnus is a customer. It’s utterly sweet and also really hilarious. (tw for a short moment of homophobia & transphobia)
  • Bound X by imwastingmylifeinhere
    • One of very few multi-chapter Fierrochase fics on here, and it’s a great one! Alex and Magnus get magically bound to each other by one of Hearth’s runes (totally an accident) (not) and have to deal with that. Plus background Blitzstone, Gunderkeen, and even Percabeth. And it’s complete, thank god
  • We Contain Multitudes by lancelot_of_the_revolution
    • An AU where Alex is a famous actress and fashion model and does a photoshoot with fashion designer Blitz, thus meeting Magnus too. And other stuff happens too. It’s real cute and I recommend it highly. 
  • If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re trying to seduce me by omfg_otp
  • You could’ve died, you know? by omfg_otp
    • These two are quick drabbles, 300-some words each, quick reads but cute ones too!
  • 1 Year Anniversary by TheNerdGun
    • Couldn’t resist throwing one jeffierrochase fic into this list as well - T.J. and Magnus try to do something nice for Alex on their one-year anniversary. 

That’s just a few of them - if anyone else has a favorite fic they’re itching to tell the world about, shoot me an ask!


Trying to avoid giving out spoilers about what’s going on in the scene.  But the Anne and Matthew relationship continues to be all kinds sweet and heart-warming.  The show’s willingness to tackle difficult emotions, makes these sweet moments feel all the more potent.  And there’s such a genuine affection between the actors involved.  Such cuteness!

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Excuse me? Uh, No.

Long time lurker, first time poster, and even LONGER time as a front desk clerk. Obligatory apologies for formatting errors.

This happened a few months ago. I’m the supe at the front desk, and my houseman (who is also trained at the desk) comes in from his break. Sweet! Smoke break time. I steal away for five, go smoke and have my sweet few moments of solace from the monotony of the day.

I come in, wash my hands, and spray myself down, and as I’m doing this I hear the houseman talking to a lady. (theres a wall that opens from the front desk to the back-office and I’m behind the wall) I kinda just listen in, see how he’s interacting with the guest.

I’ll be M. Houseman will be H. And the bitch guest will be B.

B. I need a room for tonight. One bed.

H. No problem, we have a standard king room left, and after tax it comes to ____$.

B. Holy hell that’s a lot of money. I saw it online for ___$. Can you match that? (proceeds to shove her phone in his face.)

H. Um. Maam. That’s the rate for two days from now, for a different location. Our rates are based on availability and even though that’s a lovely property, we are in a better area of town so our rates tend to be a bit higher.

B: What? You can’t fix it? That’s bullshit.

H. I might be able to help a little though. Do you have AARP, AAA, or by chance are you ex-military or spouse of ex-military?

She says AARP. He gives her a 10% discount, which is standard for our brand. He’s taking down her info and I’m just sitting back, listening. Pretty impressed with how he’s handling the situation. You go, H. Now, though, before I get to the next part, let me just say our GM does NOT take rudeness kindly. If you’re rude to her staff, you gtfo. Our staff knows this, I know this, and we definitely have the right to refuse service if we see fit. The rest of the convo goes like this.

B: I cant believe the rate is so damn high. Ugh. Oh well.

H: Yeah, I apologize about the inconvenience. We’re in the beginnings of our peak season so the rates tend to jump up a bit.

B: Hm. Yeah. Also, I thought I should let you know, you look like SHIT dude.

H: … Ex… excuse me maam?

At this point I walk around the corner. I’m about to ask her to leave.

B: Well, you do. You look like shit. You’re an ugly fuck and shouldn’t be working the desk with a face like that. And your shirt looks bad on you.

H: slides card back to her Maam. Im gonna have to ask you to leave. I can’t let you stay here.

B: What?! Why? I wanna pay for my room. I’m giving you money!!

H: Because, frankly, youre quite rude. And I can refuse service to anyone I see fit, especially if they are disrespecting me like that.“

B: I wanna talk to your supervisor!

this is where I finally get a chance to speak.

M: Actually, I’m the supervisor. And no, I don’t think we can let you stay with us. He’s correct. We have the right to refuse service, and we’re refusing you.

B: That’s not right! I’ll call corporate on you!

M: By all means, please do! We actually have you on camera and audio right now. I’m sure corporate will side with you! Now please leave the property before I call the police on you for trespassing.

She huffs and puffs the whole way put, knocks over a plant, kicks a dent into the wall. All, again, which we have on camera.

I high-five the hell out of our houseman. He didn’t even break a sweat, and hes never dealt with a guest of that caliber, especially on the desk.

Oh, and yeah she called corporate. Called us rude, and when corporate asked why we refused her service, she apparently said "the guy can’t handle getting the truth thrown at his face!”

They reviewed footage. AAAAAAND SHES BLACKLISTED.

I legit love the chain I work for.

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Do you think you could do Alex and Charles? Thank you so much if you can, you're amazing <3

of course my love !!! i hope you feel better soon 💛

• Alex Summers is well acquainted with anxiety attacks. He’s been having them since Cuba, and they only worsened with everything that went on in Vietnam.

• that’s why, when you have them, Alex takes his upon himself to make you feel safe again. because he knows how it feels; to have your breath ripped away from your chest and your body sparking with electricity overload

• he speaks very, very softly. he knows how comforting a simple murmur can be in those moments, and he uses his voice to tell you sweet nothings.

• if you allow him closer, he’ll gently grab your hand and entwine your fingers together, bringing them up to his lips to press a kiss to your knuckles

• he’ll even start to hum against your skin, ending up singing ballads under his breath, his fingers barely grazing the insides of your elbows

• once you’re calm enough to receive further physical touches, he’ll pull you into his strong arms, your head neatly tucked under his chin as you breathe in his scent

• he’ll continue to quietly sing to you, stopping every few moments to press his lips to the crown of your head


• As a telepath - and as your lover, Charles is particularly affected when negative emotions hit you.

• when your breathing starts to pick up, however, he pushes his own symptoms aside; ignoring the churning of his stomach to focus solely on you

• he’ll reach out with one hand and let his fingertips press against yours in a gentle display of affection, blue eyes filled with love and concern

• his other hand will come up to touch his temple, connecting his mind to yours and filling it with soothing scents and memories you’re fond of; like that one time you went to get ice cream and you sat in his lap, and how the frozen treat had accidentally met the tip of his nose, creating a little stain in the process

• he’ll continue to fill your mind with happy, serene thoughts until your breathing has slowed and your tears have dried, and only then will he allow himself to gather you in his arms, a small tear running down his cheek as you sniffle quietly, eyes closing and body relaxing against his

i want to see alex and maggie in bed together. i want to see alex in reading glasses with her book, and maggie with her messy bun working on paperwork. i want maggie finally snuggling down to go to sleep and alex absentmindedly rubbing her back while she reads some more. i want to see alex already awake some morning, watching maggie sleep because she looks so cute even though she snores a little bit. i want to see maggie coming in extra late when alex is already asleep, crawling into bed and immediately big spooning alex so she can kiss her neck because she’s happy to be home. i just really want those sweet, domestic moments that happen naturally when you’re comfy with someone.

Does anyone else find it sweet that Logan wanted to take Charles Xavier out on a boat to live out the rest of his days

Their life together was MISERABLE.

It was sad and dark and full of…ugh, driving, sand, and dirt.

Logan not only did not abandon Charles, even though their life together was this boring, horrible, frustrating little struggle for survival. 

He didn’t go searching for a new life.

He STUCK around. 

Took care of Charles’s needs.

Took care of him even though he was dangerous and expensive to take care of and rather petulant, stubborn, and miserable, not easy to be around, due to his mental degradation. 

And what did Logan dream of?

What did he aspire to, after years of glory as a hero and countless victories, years of being strong and free? 

Just wanted to take Charles somewhere happy. 

Just wanted to make him happy and content out on the sea before he died. 

And Logan would’ve been happy there too. 

He was gonna blow his brains out, wasn’t he?


After Xavier died on that boat? 

Did anyone else find that sweet? 

And sad?