this was a silly thing to make

Okay the Horizon map reminds a LITTLE of Alien.. I’m sure that’s intentional? No matter the case it unsettles me just enough to want Blizzard to give McCree another buff.

And by buff I mean McCree simply reassuring the player that all will be well.

All the crazy, silly, cute things happening with the Cambridges in this photo make me all warm & fuzzy ♡♡ Charlotte is being her silly and spitfire self as she waves at the planes, eliciting the cutest looks from her mum and dad - and a cute tongue out tease from Kate. And Wills is holding George’s hand as he waves excitedly to the planes and looks up at his family too! My heart can’t take these people omg - they’re trying to kill me! 

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Coming out of the closet/confessing a crush? To Tracer, Zarya, Mercy, Widowmaker and Pharah. TY!

I tried to make these really light hearted and fun. Coming out can be so stressful, and is usually not a fun experience. I wrote these with all positive reactions, because there is nothing wrong with being gay/bi/pan/queer. If it was a perfect world, we wouldn’t even have to come out. Since we do, I want it to be a celebration. Sorry for the rant. These are all gonna be really silly and happy. Enjoy!

Tracer -
“How did you realize you were gay?” You ask Lena, genuinely interested. You had been questioning some things yourself, but you wanted to be sure.
“Well,” Lena begins to answer, “I guess I just sort of always knew. Ya know? I never was really into boys, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized it was because I like girls. It made so much sense.”
You think about her answer for a long while.
“Lena….” You begin to say. You’re unsure of how to tell her.
“You’re gay?” She finishes your sentence for you.
“Yes! How did you know?” You ask, completely surprised.
Lena just laughs and pulls you into a big hug. “I’ve seen you look at girls, love. There’s no way you’re straight.”

Zarya -
You drag yourself to the gym on base. You have to get your work out in for today, even though you’re really not in the mood. As you walk into the gym, you see Zarya in the middle of her work out. She’s weight lifting, of course. You can’t help but stare. Everyone admires Zarya’s arms, but to actually see her flexing and lifting weights was stunning You can feel your jaw drop as you watch her.
“I am so gay” You say to yourself quietly.
You hear a loud chuckle. Looks like someone heard you. She looks over at you with a big smile on her face. She glances up and down your body.
“I am too.” She states. You feel your cheeks go red as you both crack up laughing.

Mercy -
Today was the day. You were going to ask Dr. Ziegler out. You’ve had a crush on the beautiful doctor since you could remember. You walk into the medbay to find the doctor busy doing paperwork. “Hello, doc.” You call out. Her eyes light up when she looks at you. She flashes you a bright smile and you wonder if she actually is an angel.
“It’s good to see you.” She says, smile still bright on her face. You feel yourself growing more and more nervous. She’s so beautiful, is it even possible she’d like you back?
“Angela. I gotta tell you something.” You start to say. “I, um. I think you’re so beautiful. and uh, I enjoy spending time with you…” You stopped mid sentence. You sounded like such an idiot! Panicking, you look up at Angela. Her smile is even more radiant than before. She leans up and places a light kiss to you cheek.
“I’d love to go out with you.” She replies.

Widowmaker -
Do you wanna know the worst part of being stationed at Watchpoint Gibraltar? The shared shower. There is no privacy. You usually try to go early in the morning before everyone else gets in there. You hate getting up so early, but it’s worth it for the privacy. However, it looks like you weren’t early enough this morning. You walk into the showers to find one already occupied by a certain beautiful French woman. You know you shouldn’t stare, but you can’t look away. You’ve had a crush on her for the longest time now. She’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Now seeing her like this, she is just stunning. You look back up to see her staring at you. Busted. You immediately start apologizing. She just smiles and interrupts you, “Hush, chéri. Why don’t you come join me?”

Pharah -
The bartender placed two cocktails in front of you and Pharah. It had been a long, boring day of nothing but meetings. She had suggested the two of you go out and unwind. You were both enjoying your drinks while the other woman told you stories about her days in the Egyptian military. Your nice night was interrupted by a very drunk man swaggering over.
“Hey ladies.” He slurred. “You look lovely tonight.”
“Thanks.” You said, sounding angry. He was disgusting.
“How about you ladies head on home with me? I have enough to take care of you both.” He said, gesturing to his pants.
“Get lost.” Pharah said. He started to object, but she stood up. She was at least a foot taller than the man, and he got the idea to leave before she punched him.
“Damn. I am so happy I date girls.” You said. Then you remembered. Pharah didn’t know you were gay. You looked up at her, completely panicked. She just smiles at you and replies, “I am too. Guys can be such idiots. Girls are so much better.”

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I love how you made the paladins so protective and possession of lance 4 the polydins. Could u pls do something where lotor started 2 develop an attraction 2 lance and the team just go in proectction mode

the last one i wrote was kinda serious and cute, so I’m gonna try my hand at something silly and cute and short for this time around. this is more of a modern college au kind of thing. i dont know if you wanted it to be polydins or not, so im gonna just make it platonic.  :P

no one could blame Lance for what happened, and he was so glad he brought his friends with him. as if they were going to let him celebrate is birthday without them. he had decided to go to the bar that was right off campus to hold his ‘party’. in other words, to get as drunk as they can and probably go one some crazy drunken adventure in the middle of the night. the last time they had done this, Pidge had talked them into going into the next state and go pokemon hunting, which somehow led them to almost getting caught by a night guard in a cemetery. no one exactly how they got back home, but they got some great catches that night that n one really remembers.

anyways, they all went to their usual table and within an hour or two were well on their way to getting drunk off their asses, which is when lance left to go and get another round of beers for everyone. while he was waiting at the bar, some guy came up to him and was obviously a bit drunk himself.

“heeeeyy, the names Lotor. I’d love to know yours.” ok, so not a little drunk. very drunk. Lance could smell the alcohol off of his breathe, and that was sobering enough to know that he wanted nothing to do with this guy.

“my name is nonna ya business.” Lance said matter of fact, almost hiding the slur in his words. thankfully that was when the bar tender came back with Lance’s order, who quickly gathered his drinks and turned around to head back to his table. but before Lance could take a step, Lotor grabbed his arm so forcefully, that the guy started leaning on him, and not so quitely whispered in his ear “ oh, come on sweet thing, why don’t we leave and get to know each other a lil better. Ima sure you’ll like what you’ll find. i know i do.”

before the creep get in another word or move on Lance, the beautiful and deadly fist made itself known to Lotor’s face, knocking him into the bar and off of Lance. before he knows it, his whole group is surrounding him, Hunk and Pidge asking if he’s okay while Shiro, Keith and Allura ( who was the one that punched Lotor in the first place) made a make shift wall between Lance and Lotor.

that seem to have knocked enough sense into Lotor that he should take his losses and get out of there. it wasn’t until they were sure that Lotor had completely left that the three finally turned around and was asking if Lance was okay or if they needed to go and find the guy and really give him a piece of their mind.

“ no guys, I’m fine really. thanks for the save though, Allura. remind me to never get on your bad side.” lance jokes, hoping to calm down his friends enough so that they can go back to their drinking and forget about the creep.

“thank you, and you are correct. but are you sure that he didn’t try anything?”

“I’m sure. seriously, I’m okie dokie. pinkie promise.” lance tries to hold out his pinkie, but with the beers in his hand it turned into a weird hand movement that got everyone to relax to see that their friend was just fine. they all returned to their table and continued to drink and eat until they finally had to cal it quits after Keith got so drunk that he tried to do the  Karaoke  version of 500 miles, with Shiro  and Hunk singing back up. it might not have started out as the best party, but in the end everyone was enjoying themselves and Lance can chalk it up to one of the best birthdays yet.


and voila! i just couldn’t get the image of Allura punching the snot out of Lotor if he tried anything on Lance, and no one can take protective Allura away from me! i do hope you like it!

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈<3


I love talking about myself but somehow simultaneously hate it idk I’m confused on more level than one, sO HERE WE GO

1. I love my sense of humor. I’m goofy and silly and theres nothing that makes me happier than making people laugh. I’m usually the first one to crack a joke at work or home or with friends to ease a tense situation or uplift someone when they feel sad.

2. I am an endless giver of love and help. If you need something, I fuckin’ got you. You need cash? If I have some to spare, it’s yours. You need a shoulder to cry on? Watch me drop what I’m doing to help. Sometimes I get very caught up in the feelings I have for other people that I forget myself, as a co-dependent that grew up in a house full of addicts. But, with age, I’m learning to be a little more selfish, to not always bottle up my feelings for the sake of others. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep the giving part of me that I love so much. Making people feel good makes me feel good. Till the day I die, I want to be a helper. 

3. I’m not always super satisfied with the way I look, but one thing that never changes is my love for my eyes. Green, blue, yellow. I’m truly expressive, but even superficially they’re pretty.

4. I take pride in my work. Sure, I’m a great receptionist, but I absolutely shine as a veterinary technician. I have so much knowledge after years of hard, hands-on learning. I assist in surgery, I draw blood, administer medication, place catheters, I calm nerves and quell concerns of pet owners. As many nurses are, I am the heart of the hospital and my knowledge is powerful, but so is my empathy. 

5. I love my strength. I have, honestly, been through so much shit it’s fucking insane. Growing up in a house full of addicts as child, having your needs neglected, being a parent to your parents, no one hearing your cries for help. It is no fucking joke, and I suffered for the majority of my life. Lived in absolute poverty, struggled to find food and hopped from house to house just to get away from it all. I could have given up at any time and followed in my parents path of destruction, but I persevered and moved out as soon as I turned 18. My struggles definitely didn’t stop there, yet I persevered. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I battle toxic thoughts and struggle with my codependency, but I’m alive and that alone is enough reason to rejoice. I have come a long way, and I know I will become greater.

thanks for asking, bb ;3;

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For the ship thing uh Krii7y or Smii7yladd??



1. Who boasts about the other more? Smii7y for sure

2. Who treats who’s wounds more often? Kryoz, I feel like Smii7y is the type to do some stupids

3. Who is more likely to break a bone? Smii7y


1. Who hogs the blankets? Both, it just depends tbh

2. Who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Mini be playfully slapping Smii7y bc memes

3. Who sits on who’s lap? Smii7y would usually sit on Mini’s lap as they do some nice fluffy things

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Is there any music that you associate with Widdershins, or with particular characters? I always thought it matched right up with the score to that one Sherlock Holmes movie

The Guy Ritchie movie? Yeah, that fits really well! The music in that one was bouncy and fun but still kinda sinister, it’s perfect.

I have my own silly secret Widdershins playlist (I think most of us who make comics have one of those), but most of the songs I associate with the characters (that aren’t the tracks from @empress-theonora​‘s excellent playlist here) are kinda.. embarrassingly literal? And tonally hella wrong for the period, it’s more of a ‘I hear these songs and think about my comic’ thing.

Harry, Sid, Harry and Sid, Vee, Vee and Harry, Nora, Nicola (comedy option, sorry, I still need something better for her), Florrie
Henry (and this, which is kind of a gimme really), Izzy (and this a bit)
Alexa (and this too)
Mal (and this but I’m not 100% sure why?), Wolfe (not the lyrics, just the feel, he’d need something with violin in really), Mal and Wolfe, Wolfe and Florrie (eerily perfect), Ben (dunno if Nora had him in mind for that one but its laser-targeted so I gotta include it again) Voss (lol),
Luxuria (90% of Electric Six’s discography fits though really)
Darken bonus round: oh look it’s the actual perfect Gort/Mink song

If anyone’s got others in mind I’d love to hear about it!

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In your opinion what would be the worst thing Marlene could do for the series finale?

Not make Wren A.D. (No but srsly). Probably leave it on a cliffhanger, or, make someone pointless A.D. such as Meredith. Make the whole reason ‘why’ for A.D. silly and pointless. Not give us the answers we so desperately want. There’s a list really.

Safe Upon the Shore -- COMING SOON!

Safe Upon the Shore – COMING SOON!
(Benedict Cumberbatch/OFC)

When his friends invite him to spend some time with them in the Hamptons to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, Benedict jumps at the opportunity to get out of London and away from everything that reminds him of his grief. Though two years have passed since the horrible night that he lost the most important person in his life, it’s still there bearing down on him, making it difficult to breathe. To survive. Even for his children.

In search of solitude, Ben takes a long walk on a secluded beach and makes a silly wish about his future—one he never expects to come true. Why would it? Magic doesn’t exist. But it makes him feel better, like he’s done something instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen to him. Unfortunately, he learns all too soon that one should never, ever ask for favors from the sea…

This will take place in the Home universe, and will begin after I finish Home. But I’m excited to put this out there now, so you can get excited (hopefully).

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Original Alphys was bad enough (Not very happy her about creating a killer robot to saave Frisk from), but THIS! Killing people for opinions?!!?!?!

As I already said, she wasn’t killing people. YES, the bridge goes out, but it’s meant to be a cartoonishly silly thing. The fall is not fatal. Again, Frisk in canon survives it just fine, and it can be assumed that she and the rest of the guard makes the correct answer to the question very accessible for monsters.

It is meant to be a defense mechanism against humans. And more importantly, it was meant to be a joke. Undertale is full of those. After the seriousness of the previous updates, I wanted something over the top and goofy to lighten the mood. So I went for a Looney Tunes-esque sequence of the bridge going out.

As for canon Alphys… she didn’t create a killer robot to save Frisk? Mettaton was made before Frisk fell, a) to impress Asgore, b) to help her friend’s dreams come true. She simply rigged a bunch of shows to make it SEEM like Frisk was in danger.

But I digress. I wouldn’t actually turn Alphys into a murderer over an anime. My goal was to bring in some goofy antics before going back to more serious matters.

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I need a little bit of help. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. These three things make it very hard to keep my battery above the 30%-50% mark at all times. Do you (or anyone else reading this) have any tips on how to take it slow and steady? May sound like a silly question but I honestly have a problem with pushing myself too hard, too often. I have many options in my life that I can take with education and work but I honestly don't feel I can do them right now.

Been there. This is what I tell to myself:

  • Be kind to yourself and lower your timing expectations a bit. I mean, one thing at the time. 
  • If you overload yourself, you’ll end up burned out and it will take some more time to recover. 
  • Being one of “The most successful under thirty” has a price. Take your time, slow but steady. No one is competing with you but yourself. 

By the way, this might be off topic but I have two new mental health coping skills that I adore and I wanna share them, maybe they could help, dear anon. 

One is the Youtube channel of @katimorton

The other is the Booster Buddy app. 

My best wishes! You will be okay. 

u know what makes me lowkey sad? when someone says ‘i know it seems silly’ before talking about something they clearly care very deeply about bc u know that means someone gave them shit for caring that much about that thing before which is Fucked Up.

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

Lives and Aesthetics of the Signs

Aries: Cannon ball diving into the pool, splashing everyone with water, and laughing. Yells obscenities at other drivers that piss them off. Always gets in trouble for being too loud in class. Will take any dare. Refuses to be told what to do and argues even when wrong. The life of the party.

Taurus: Sitting at the dinner table, eating, while reading a book on local edible plants. Goes for walks and puts random things he finds in his mouth. Will take any eating-related dare. Has tried just about every “strange” food known to man. Isn’t afraid of the “30-second” rule.

Gemini: Makes silly puns. Watches YouTube videos of baby animals and shows them to all of her friends. Full of questions. Constantly raises her hand in class, and can elaborate on a subject for an infinite amount of time. The one to start every conversation and the first to make friends in a new environment. Her laughter sounds like bubbles.

Cancer: Watches Disney movies way too much and probably cries during most of them. Shy. Avoids big responsibilities, often for fear of letting others down. Prefers to stay indoors and at home. Their “happy place” is inside, reading a good book, while wrapped in a cozy blanket on a rainy day. Very good at making up stories. Has vivid dreams and daydreams. Pretty good at baking.

Leo: Spends a lot of money on music festival tickets. Owns an entire shelf of different hair care products. Wears “loud” clothes and accessories to stand out. The friendliest jock you will ever meet. Great taste in the people they surround themselves with; they have no tolerance for bullies. Parties harder than anyone they know, and always posts photos of what they’re doing on social media. Probably invented beer pong.

Virgo: Owns several calendars. Maybe even a label maker. Has a blog about “Planners”. Finds pleasure in ritualistic cleaning and organizing. Great at planning events. Always prepared. Carries everything they think they might need in the purse they take with them everywhere (“Mary Poppins Bag”). Loves to write, and keeps around a dozen half-filled notebooks in her room. Very good at problem solving. Prefers to work alone.

Libra: Messy. Owns at least one exploding bin of art supplies. Creates everything that decorates her room. Verbally comments to appreciate the beauty surrounding her as she sees it. Stares into your eyes when listening to you. Can make up a conversation about anything. Talks constantly until she forgets that she’s still speaking and trails off. Reads people like books, and uses humor to explore boundaries and learn about others. Avoids confrontation. Good at lying. Can’t own a white shirt because she spills everything on it (food, paint).

Scorpio: Perpetual “emo phase”, internally or externally. Rarely talks about themselves. Can walk into a room and immediately understand the intentions and personality of each person in it, just by looking. Hard shell, soft insides. Their eyes are the only ones that light up and shine in gloomy weather. They can stare into your soul. Only sees things in black or white. Usually has great taste in music. Deeply loyal friends and partners to those they trust. Keeps a lot of secrets, both their own and of those they love.

Sagittarius: Fascinated by other cultures. Has or wants to travel to many different countries. Speaks at least three languages. Either deeply spiritual or religious. Ritualistic. Isn’t afraid to try new things. Loves mystery and adventure books. Very independent, and doesnt like feeling trapped. Has some sort of self-expressive medium that allows them to free their wings (art, music, dance, writing). Self-sufficient.

Capricorn: “Work hard, play hard” mentality. Typically very serious in nature. Always seems much more wise and mature than his peers. Has probably tried hard drugs at one point in his life. Firm in practices and beliefs. Good at keeping their word. Has one big obsession/hobby, like playing a certain game, collecting something, or working on something.

Aquarius: Has a very unique sense of humor that others don’t usually understand. Conspiracy theorist. Loves all helpless creatures and wants to protect them from the world. Activist and rebellious humanitarian. Insanely intelligent, but refuses to apply themselves to the school system. Learns very quickly. Good at public speaking. Probably the “class clown”.

Pisces: Stays home on weekends to sleep in. Has a dream diary. Typically pretty creative and may enjoy abstract painting. Musically gifted. Has been told that they “live in another world”. Slips easily into daydreams, and enjoys indulging in the fantasy worlds of books and stories that they read.

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honestly??? mood

  • part of the reason keith sleeps in his regular outfit is because he can’t find the red paladin pajamas
  • hot castle debate: whose planet is a death planet??
    • on altea the animals wanted you dead while on earth the planet wants you dead
    • “wh- how is our weather weird? you guys had boiling hot rocks that fell from the sky” “and you have swirling death vortexes
    • allura and coran are really hung up on the “tornado” thing 
  • lance makes silly faces at little princes and princesses behind allura’s back during diplomacy meetings
  • coran: “princess, pick your battles. pick… fewer than that. please put some battles back, that’s too many”
  • pidge and hunk are currently having some issues with physics
    • they uh. they try not to talk about it too much
    • “……………so i ran the numbers the other day and the lions can definitely fly faster than the speed of lig-” “can we please not”
  • shiro, to a captive galra: “you have the right to remain-” lance: “a loser!!” shiro: “nice. but now i legally have to start over lance”