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Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  

Hello, and welcome to the long-promised Timeskip Companion Outfit Standalone Replacers

Those of you following me here may be familiar with my Companion Timeskip Outfits project, an eventual effort to provide different outfits for every companion on the basis of act, romance status, whether or not it’s Mark of the Assassin, and whether or not the final quest was completed. In the final Timeskip project, all companions will have a full set of outfits that will automatically change over: however, I’ve had several requests to upload the outfits I have completed thus far as standalone replacers, and am consequently doing so now. New outfits will be uploaded as I complete them.

To Install

Pick the file(s) corresponding to the outfit(s) you like, then unzip and drop the .erf file into your Override folder.  If you do not know where your “Override” folder is, it is found under the same Dragon Age 2 folder that stores your user data (this is the same Dragon Age 2 folder where any screenshots taken in-game will be stored). This will usually be found in your “My Documents” or “Documents” folder, in the “Bioware” folder, and is NOT the one found under your Program Files. This should  be the case for both Macs and PCs, but if you have wound up with an alternate filepath, try to find your in-game screencaps folder and navigate up to the “Dragon Age 2” folder. Once you are in this folder, go into “packages”, then “core”. There should already be a folder named “override” in here; if there is none, and are sure you are in the right location, you may create one. Once in the “override” folder, you can just paste the files there.

To Uninstall

Delete the .erf files from your override folder.

Currently, the outfits available include:

Anders First Outfit Replacers:

  • Act One - A modified Grey Warden outfit, to indicate Anders as having recently left the Wardens.
  • Act Two Romanced - The same first romance outfit as available in Anders Automatic Romance Armors. Contains a hawk feather color scheme and bracers with the Amell crest.
  • Act Three Start - A dark variation of Anders’ first outfit, opened
  • Act Three Start Romanced - A dark variation of Anders’ first outfit, opened and with bracers with the Amell crest.
  • Mark of the Assassin - A fancier outfit inspired by his Awakening clothes, with the original Awakening color scheme. Suitable to wear to fancy parties.
  • Mark of the Assassin Romanced - A fancier outfit inspired by his Awakening clothes, with a red and black color scheme and the Amell crest. Suitable to wear to fancy parties.

Anders Second Outfit Replacers:

  • Post-Justice Romanced - The same second romance outfit as available in Anders Automatic Romance Armors. Mixes red feathers in alongside his black and includes bracers with the Amell crest.

Isabela Base Outfit Replacers:

  • Act One - A modified DAI Captain’s Coat mashup with the pants from Isabela’s DAI outfit and the gloves from her base outfit.
  • Mark of the Assassin - A modified Harlequin outfit, recolored to be black, blue and gold.

Isabela Romance Outfit Replacers:

  • Mark of the Assassin Romanced - A modified Harlequin outfit, recolored to be black, red and gold. Includes an Amell crest print. No Amell favor armband because it looked really weird with the red ties, sorry, but I can add it in if anyone really thinks it should be there.

Labeled pictures of all of these outfits may be found under the pictures section as well.

Please let me know if you want any of Anders’ first outfits to replace his second outfit or vice versa, and if you’d like an Act One Outfit replacer for Isabela’s romance outfit. This mod is not compatible with any other outfit replacers or retextures for the replaced outfit. Hell will freeze over before you get any fairskinned Isabela variants, do not ask for them, do not edit these to be fairskinned Isabela.

Coming Up next

Act Three Isabela romance and nonromanced variants, concept art Isabela inspired outfits available with and without her fancy hat from DAI.

Other mods visible in this mod:

  1. Unique Face Textures for Companions
  2. Curly Hair for Isabela


You may retexture and redistribute any of the outfits provided within this mod as long as you do not lighten Isabela’s skintone in any armor replacers meant for Isabela. (You may of course do so if you are using it for a lighter-skinned Hawke or other companion, just not Isabela or any other darker-skinned companions.)

Thanks to:

  • vaelsmod for the texture base + pre-trimmed mesh used for Anders’ Act One coat. 
  • DA2 NPC Hands for the lighter palms texture + non-wooden looking fingers used for the hands Isabela’s Act One outfit, which I just feel gives it a nice touch of realism.

Looking for a more traditional DAI Captain’s Coat for Isabela? Try CC Addons and Various Mods. Looking for a more traditional DAI style Warden outfit for Anders? Try DAI Warden Armor for Anders and Morph Tweaks. Looking for some more Harlequin outfit recolors? Try Harlequin Armor Recolor.

You can get these outfits at this link! Happy modding!

An Unconventional First Date [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Voltron request? Shiro taking his s/o on their first date and it fails miserably and by the end of the night he feels like dying a little inside but when his s/o kisses him, he goes back to his room with the biggest smile on his face. ( I just thought it would be cute!) thank you! I hope you have a good day!“

A/N: Hope you love it my lovely anon! <33


So the day Shiro finally asked you on a date everyone thought ‘it was about damn time.’ Living on the castle ship with the paladins didn’t leave much room for privacy and secrets, everyone knew how everyone else felt about the other. Meaning the other paladins knew Shiro was head over heels for you within the first week in Earth time. 

When he finally asked you out everyone sighed in relief. 

After finding out where it would be safe to take you, he planned the perfect date.

Leaving you rather excited. Allura sat in your room as you readied yourself. “You must be excited” she said, you turned from the mirror to face her. “Yeah, I’ve had feelings for Shiro for a while now. Since we were in the garrison together, I guess we were both oblivious to the other.” you laughed sitting beside her.

“I never really got the chance to ‘date’ as you call it. Being a princess made it difficult.” Allura informed you. Putting a hand on her shoulder, “You’ll find someone incredible, I know it” encouraging her. A large smile grew on her face, “Thank you [F/n]”

“And worse comes to worse, there’s always Lance” walking to the mirror again. Allura laughed behind you, “I’d have to decline the offer” she joked. Eliciting some laughter from you.

Not long after there was a knock on your door. Walking over you clicked the panel beside the door allowing it to slide open. Shiro stood on the other side, nervously fidgeting.

He smiled upon laying eyes on you, “Wow, you look incredible” complimenting you, Allura had lent you some clothes. It was nice to be in something different. “Thanks Shiro, you don’t look half bad yourself” teasing playfully.

He chuckled before asking “All set to go?”

“I am” answering as he offered you an arm. Of which you took.

“Don’t have too much fun you two” You could hear Lance yell from down the corridor. You simply laughed, looking up to see Shiro chuckling, face flushed. It was too easy to get him flustered. But it was undeniably adorable. 

He took you down to where his lion was. Climbing aboard you turned to him, “So where are we headed?” walking backwards toward the cockpit. “Well Allura and Coran told me about a friendly planet nearby so I thought maybe it’d be fun to go check it out”

“Sounds cool, lets do it” smiling at him. He blushed again before heading to where he pilots the lion. Standing beside him you held onto the chair. “Hold on” he said before taking off. Though the propulsion knocked you off balance.

Noticing Shiro quickly caught you by the waist. Though it caused the lion to jerk and you fell the other direction. That ended with you falling on to his lap.

You hands landed on his shoulders, his arms still around your waist. Meeting his eyes you both blushed bright red. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry” you cursed, quickly jumping on his lap.

“I-I” choking on his own voice, he cleared his throat. “I, uhm, don’t worry about it. It’s okay”

You both sat in a bit of an awkward silence. Before you started to laugh, “Who knew Lance’s advice would come into play so early” you joked. Shiro began to laugh as well, “Can you imagine how long it’d take to live that down?”

“We wouldn’t” you smiled while watching space fly past, as a planet came into view. “Is that it?” pointing out toward the mass.

“It is. Lets land and get the ball rolling” You nodded, getting a better grip onto the chair this time. Though the landing was smooth.

Once landed you both exited the lion, it putting up it’s force field the minute you stepped off.

You followed a path to a nearby town. It was a cute little place, tucked away from where the Galra could find it. It seemed to be a port for many travelers, seeing aliens of different species everywhere. “What should we do first?” Shiro asked standing beside you.

“I don’t know about you but I’m starving” your eyes skimming over the buildings. “Oh there!” you pointed to what resembled a restaurant, grabbing his hand “Come on!” a cheery tone to your voice. Leading him through the rather crowded street.

You made it to the small restaurant and got yourselves a table. “I have no idea what any of this stuff is” staring, confused by the menu.

“Maybe we can just ask to get what’s popular?“ Shiro looked around for the alien taking your order.

You did so and made idle conversation while waiting. Trying to keep the conversation light. The service was good, the food was out quickly. It looked less than appealing.

“Okay we both take a bite at the same time, it’s only fair” Shiro laughed gesturing between the both of you. “Ugh, fine! We take the bullet together” you hesitantly grabbed your utensil.

You both got a spoonful. “Okay, on 3. 1.. 2.. 3!” both taking a bite. “Oh god that’s horrible” placing your utensil down. Shiro shook it off, “That isn’t what we’re used too”

“We should’ve brought back up space goo” you laughed, staring disapprovingly at the food. He nodded laughing as well.

After paying you both began to wander the street again. Peering into each restaurant or store. Though one caught your attention, “Is that a bar?” you laughed.

“I think it is” Shiro chuckled following your gaze. “Well we’re both adults, and haven’t had a drink since we were brought out to space. So what do you say?”

“Are you sure?” he asked hesitantly. “Come on Shiro live a little” squeezing his hand. He sighed, “Okay, just one”

“Deal” grinning before pulling him to the building. Approaching the bar, “Hi, how are you two? You new around here?” The bartender greeted. “Just passing through” smiling at him.

“Nice, what can I get for you?” he asked looking at the both of you. “Uh, I guess whatever is popular“

He smiled before coming back with two glasses. The liquid in it was slightly tinged pink. Taking the glasses and handing Shiro one. “To terrible food, lets hope the drink’s better” you laughed, Shiro smiled before clinking his glass to yours. Both downing the drinks.

“Whew, that is strong” placing the glass down. “And your unaffected and i feel like a lightweight” noticing how Shiro didn’t even flinch. He laughed, “I guess you are a lightweight.” he teased. The drink obviously making him more confident. “I’m hurt, you have wounded me Takashi Shirogane” using his full name in faux offense.

“I’ll be right back” he chuckled, “Okay but don’t abandon me here” you laughed. Watching as he headed to the bathroom. Leaning against the bar you fiddled with the empty glass.

“Hey sweetheart” a voice came from beside you. Looking up you saw a male alien, he had dark eyes, and purplish skin. You gave him a small smile before turning away.

“What’s got you here all alone?” he flirted coming closer to you.

“I’m actually here with someone, so please leave me alone” Politely rejecting his advances. Though he didn’t take the hint and continued to flirt. However, when he reached out to touch your arm he was pinned to the bar. Jumping back you noticed the Galra arm, shocked at this new side of Shiro.

“Leave her alone” growling before he pushed him away. The man gained his balance, punching Shiro in the jaw. Though Shiro barley flinched, being a prisoner and fighting the galra has given him a high pain tolerance. 

Shiro grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him off his feet. You were stunned, not having ever seen this side of him (not that you didn’t like it). Though the bartender soon broke it up, “I want both of you out now!” he yelled at them both.

“We were just leaving” you grabbed Shiro’s hand and pulled him out of the building. Beginning to walk back to his lion. You walked in silence.

“I’m sorry” he looked over at you. “I ruined the night” You simply shrugged, “It was probably the drink, lets just get back it’s late. I’ll clean up that gash when we get back.” Giving him a kind smile. “You were protecting me so thank you”

He gave a small smile before nodding.Though he couldn’t help but feel he ruined everything, including his chances with you.

Getting back to the castle ship, everyone had gone to bed. Telling him to sit on your bed as you went to get some supplies to clean up his busted lip.

Coming back with a wash cloth and antiseptic. Sitting beside him you focused on cleaning up the blood and tending to the area that would surely bruise.

“I’m sorry again. I ruined our night. I just really like you and I guess I got a bit jealous when seeing that guy wouldn’t leave you alone, and it mixed with the drink I had. Basically I understand if you don’t want to be more than friends after tonight.” he babbled, not allowing you a word in.

“Shiro, you didn’t ruin the night. I had a fantastic time and I’d love to go out again. Though, maybe next time something simple like stargazing or just exploring would be better. Away from weird food and strong drinks” you smiled at him. He felt relief wash through him.

Smiling he said “I’ll let you get some sleep” standing to leave. You followed him to the door. Turning to you he gave you a bashful smile, “Goodnight [F/n]”

You smiled widely back, “Goodnight Shiro” turning to return to your room. Though in a rush of confidence you stopped mid-step and turned to him again. Swiftly your hand landed on the back of his neck and you pulled his lips to yours.

He was shocked at first but soon relaxed into the kiss as his hands landed on your hips. Pulling away you smiled, cheeks flushed. Your face was centimeters from his as you whispered again, “Goodnight Shiro” before retreating into your room again.

Leaving a shocked Shiro behind. A grin beamed on his face, under flushed cheeks. He wore a ecstatic smile all the way back to his room and until he fell asleep. Still in disbelief that you kissed him.


Soooooo I made my first video! 

It’s a flip-through with me talking about a few things that inspire me and my favorite materials. I made it so I can learn how to make/edit videos, mainly, and to introduce myself I guess. 

(my voice is really shaky/weird and I’m sorry, I was really nervous) 

If you guys have any ideas that you’d love to see me make videos about, hit up my ask box! I’m planning to do a few on my favorite art supplies. :)))) 

i feel like there’s this weird trend w marvel writers where its like,, if something opposes a big thing within the comics, ie hydra, they make them apart of it?? which is bullshit?? im sorry but erik lehnsherr is a holocaust survivor??? tell me he’s apart of hydra??,.,,, honestly marvel is so Tiring at this point trying to mix stuff up,, like i get it..i really Do,, but making a character thats inherently against a nazi organization (or just any character ever tbh) a member of that organization is Not Cool. like stop trying to do this? it’s literally not that hard?? give a male character a boyfriend or give us more poc superheroes?? woah what an insane concept?? there are so many other ways to make money honestly like trying to make hydra seem trendy™ or whatever isn’t the answer lmao

GOT7 Reaction | Seeing their ideal type at a fansign

| Could you please do a BTS and GOT7 reaction when they see their ideal type at a fansign? Thanksssss ❤️ | Here u go fam! ~Admin Hedgehog (i got carried away with yugyeoms I’m sorry my bias is showing)

Mark: he would get really really shy and giggly to himself, and would be terrible at making eye contact with you bc he’s so shy~~~

JB/Jaebum: ahh this sucker would be a weird mix between super giggly and low-key flirty but he would try his best to give you signals that he likes you, without showing favoritism. 

Jackson: can u say king of skinship like good god he’s gonna try to be all over you without making it a big deal, but while he tries his best to show that he likes you, he wouldn’t act on his feelings in such a public area

Jinyoung: our prince would be extra polite and give you lots and lots of smiles and hand touching, holding your hand and writing a cute note on your album/poster.

Youngjae: sweet awkward bean would give so many awkward giggles and would try to gather up his courage to hold you hand before you move on to another member, and he may or may not be successful, but he would appreciate it if you made the first move and held his hand first lmao

Bambam: my meme son would be sO EXTRA EXTRA holy shit he is going to be doing The Most™ to show his affection for you but when it comes down to it he might show his cute and sensitive side and be really shy to ask you out, especially since its v dangerous to show extra affection with all the other fans there and his hyungs right there as well.

Yugyeom: I remember an interview where he said if he saw his ideal girl on the train, then he would walk over to her and ask her if she had time to get a coffee or something IDK but the point is that even though he’s at a fansign and lil maknae is getting a lil more confident, he is in front of more fans and his hyungs and his manager, so i think he wouldn’t try anything but he might try to figure out who you are so that he can maybe stalk u online for a while before messaging u (MAYBE)

friend: so do u fancy any celebrities?
me: Damon Albarn
friend: ew?? he’s really ugly
me, continuous tears streaming down my face: WELL im sorry that he doesn’t fill your standards of what is considered conventionally attractive u shallow asshole

Woman of Letters - Part Three

A/N: Part 3. Thank you to my wonderful beta @thorne93.

Summary:  When Louisa finds an old, unopened letter from her great grandfather, she leaves her old life behind to go search for a man named Henry Winchester, hoping he has some answers for her. What she finds is beyond her wildest imagination, but she is determined to continue her family’s legacy.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Louisa (OFC), Cas

Warnings: None i think..


*not my GIF*

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Sam watched her as she ran her fingers over the backs of the books in the library, her blue eyes locked on the words while her lips mouthed the words as she read the titles.

She had been there for almost a week now, reading, learning. Sam had offered her a room, but she had insisted on staying at the motel in town. Louisa came by the bunker every morning, stayed for a few hours, left for lunch before coming back for a few hours. Dean was always quick to retreat to his room whenever she showed up, not coming back out before she was gone. He still refused to have any part of this… whatever it was that her and Sam had going on.

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Hanaemi 花笑み (Japanese) - Means the “flowering smile” or “the smile of flowers” in old Japanese. It is a smile that is as beautiful as blooming flowers, calling people to feel happy.{Credit : @word-stuck, Thought Catalog, and Google}

Originally posted by yoonmin

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: angst, future fluff, tattoo soulmate au (kinda?)

Description: Whenever you fall in love, a black tattoo appears somewhere on your body. They turn red once the person you love dies. But blue, blue is a different story.

Word count: 1,009 words

A/N: I just had this idea after reading this by jungkxook. I truly recommend reading it, her writing is really beautiful🌸. I’m so in love with the tattoo concept so I tried this. It’s gonna be a series. Hope you enjoy 🤗

ch. 1


“Dammit, where’s my fucking lighter? I thought I’d put it in this jacket…” You were furious at this point. You were in a little alley you’d never seen before, couldn’t find your damn lighter and the only reason you were here was your sister’s goodbye letter. What a coward move of her. How could she just leave you like that? You wanted to finish this together, like always, together.

You needed this goddamn cigarette right now more than anything. You wanted nothing more than the relaxing feeling it offered when you were stressed, drowning your sorrows and problems in nicotine, hoping they’d crumble to ashes and disappear just like its remnants. You felt betrayed. You couldn’t go back home now, you didn’t feel like it, didn’t feel like entering an empty apartment while knowing that you’d be alone. All because your own sister, a person you trusted with all your heart, abandoned you. The only thing to calm your jumping nerves at this realization was fresh air and nicotine.

You looked around in hopes of finding a little shop to buy a new lighter or even matches although you didn’t really like the latter option because of the fire extinguishing really fast, before you could even make use of it.

While you walked around the empty street looking for a possibility you spotted a young man walking into your direction.

Maybe he could lend me a lighter?

You slowly walked towards him and prayed that he’d also be a smoker and eventually a nice smoker helping you out in your hour of need. You prepared your sentence in your brain, having always been shy and extremely awkward when it comes to talking to strangers.

“Excuse me?”

He averted his gaze from the pavement at the sound of your voice and tried to find the source of it.

“Yes?” He said, finally finding your eyes and waiting for an answer.

“Could you lend me a lighter, please?” You asked. Internally cringing because of your impatience that made you do this instead of searching a little shop, but you didn’t really know where you’d been to begin with or where you could find one.

“Yeah, sure.” He said, nonchalantly. Phew. While he fumbled in his pockets, you took your time examining his face, his features that seemed quite familiar. You knew this guy from somewhere, but who was he? Where’d you seen him before?

Cigarette already between your middle and index finger itching to be ignited, you stopped staring at him when he offered you the item you needed so urgently at the moment.

“Thank you.” You said, wasting no more time and bringing the cigarette in between upper and bottom lip, proceeding to light the other end. But then you took a closer look at the man’s property in your hands and you couldn’t believe your eyes. Were they playing a trick on you?

No, there’s no doubt.

This was unmistakably Jimin’s. Silver covering and a neatly written ‘Jimin’ in Katakana, the japanese alphabet used for writing foreign words. He’d told you about his trip to Tokyo and that he’d bought it there at a local souvenir shop when you once recognized the letters of your mother tongue. The owner of the shop was kind enough to write Jimin’s name on it as a personal wish. He knows how to sweet talk people way too well. But where is Jimin?

You eyes were now wide open, staring at the little thing in your hands, you were about to speak up, it was already getting a bit awkward when you didn’t return nor use it, but kept gaping at it. Maybe you were hallucinating, hoping for a little sign of him. You turned your gaze away from what you thought must be an illusion or pure coincidence, it’s not like Jimin was the only person on this planet to own such a thing, right? You lifted you head up to look once again at the helpful stranger in front of you.

Now you knew why he looked so familiar. He resembled one of Jimin’s friends, the one you occasionally got to see on his phone background or outside the library when he picked Jimin up after studying together. Unfortunately, you never really got the chance to get to know him. But you were not exactly sure if it was him. What was his name again? This couldn’t be coincidence, could it? Maybe it was only a ludicrous play of your mind, you’ve been going insane these past few months, especially today. You weren’t quite sure what you should do now but you definitely didn’t want to miss a chance to get any kind of information about Jimin.

It’s worth a try.

You don’t know if it was the adrenaline pumping in your veins of finding a hint that led to Jimin or some kind of confidence boost that made you ask him the ridiculous question that was flooding your mind: “Do you know Park Jimin ?”

Please, say yes. Tell me where he is. Is he okay?

He looked a bit taken aback and hesitant, as if contemplating wether to answer the question that seemed to be really weird, considering the fact that you didn’t know each other. Realizing the uncomfortable tension in the air and his shocked face mixed with confusion, you decided to make an explanation, trying so desperately not to sound like a creep.

“Um, it’s just, I’m sorry. I must’ve mistaken you for someone. Here, thank you. ”

You stretched out your hand and returned the lighter back to its owner, turning on your heels and walking away. You had no destination in mind, you only wanted to outrun the embarrassing situation that was a result of your blunt, unthought actions, and mostly of your despair that probably reached its limit today.

Why am I so dumb? Am I really losing my mind now? I must’ve really mistaken him for-


You came to an abrupt halt, you didn’t expect this. Why did he stop you? What was he going to say?

You turned around to face him, a bit anxious but the curiosity definitely overweighted.

“I knew Park Jimin. Who are you?”

A/N: If you have any feedback, questions, critique, etc. please let me know and don’t hesitate to ask me anything. The tattoos and the colors will be explained better in the first chapter. It’s my first bts fanfic, I’ll try my best.

Imagine Daryl asking you to keep an eye on Merle, only to end up having sex with him (smut)

(Sorry if it the dialogue seems weird 😣I really tried my best for this smut XD Yay Merle! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D I mixed in two request in one :3 One where reader takes control over Merle and one where you have to look over him and it leads to sexy time 😏lol Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After Rick came back with Glenn and Maggie, he had told you that Daryl had found his brother, Merle and that they both left together.

It broke your heart a little to hear that your good friend had just left but at the same time you were glad he found his brother.

Since you had met all of them, you knew how dear the brothers were to one another. They had a strange way of showing it but nonetheless it was a rather strong bond.

With that in mind, you had convinced yourself you were fine with Daryl leaving the group.


However the day, they both came back, you instantly got up from your seat and jump to hug Daryl tightly.

You were nearly in tears to see him and couldn’t contain your excitement. You were squirming all in his arms and as Merle stood just near, he had to notice you.

He thanked the hot weather to make you have no choice but to wear a tank top and shorts that showcase all of your great assets.

He stared at you for a long while before chuckling. In his raspy loud voice, he then let you know of his presence.

“Honey! Where’s my hug?! Did you forget about me? Or something?!”

You turned to look over at him and noticed his big smile. His arms were wide open to you and as you stared at him, he started to pucker his lips, making kissing sounds in between.

You eyed him in a judging matter and simply shook your head at him. You approached him slowly only to turn around and leave him hanging, saying “I have other things to do than having to care for you, Merle…Just hug yourself and pretend it’s me!”

You grabbed Daryl by the arm and brought him along to go back at what you were working on.

As you walked away from him, he laughed at your comment and his eyes had lowered down from your neck to your hips swaying.

It had only been a couple of months since he had seen you but you seemed to have grown up so much, he could barely recognize you.

He wanted to follow you but was suddenly pulled away by Rick to show him his cell


A few days, had pass since Merle’s arrival and although the group had been divided, you tried your best to help resolve everything.

From the way you would handle things, it seemed as if you were the only one that Merle would listen and instantly stop talking.

Daryl had notice your ability and knew that he’ll have a good use for it once the time would come.

Fast enough, it came real soon. The group had a major argument with Merle about going on a supply run and you had to stop everything.

You pulled him away and excused yourself for him and escorted him back to his cell. He was boiling in anger and as you sat him down, you rubbed his shoulders and told him to breath and calm down.

Daryl had followed you from behind and finally here was his opportunity. He approached you carefully and pulled you away for a moment.

He stood by the door and looking over at Merle and back at you, he talked to you in a lower tone.

“Look I know this is the wrong timing and all but…We still need to go out there…and check on The Governor and all…We just don’t need him going on another rampage…So I just need you to keep an eye on him for a while…You think you can do that? Please?”

As you listened to him, you raised your eyebrow up and just didn’t knew what to answer. He was practically begging you with his eyes and although you felt like rejecting him, you couldn’t.

You simply smiled and awkwardly nodded in agreement to him.

“Sure…Why not? I got him out of there might as well just keep him company in here, right?”

He gave you a nod and squeezed your hand as a thanks.

“Thanks Y/N…I promise we’ll be back soon…”

He walked away from you and you sighed at the thought of being left alone with Merle. You didn’t knew how long it was really going to be. It could be an hour, half the day or even worst until later that evening.


If it were the other way around, it wouldn’t have bothered you but this is Merle. He was going to give you a hard time of being stubborn and just talking about how damn horny he is.

Despite being angry, you knew he was going to make some remarks about you and all just to try and get you to all hot and bothered.

You couldn’t deny his words had some effect on you, making you smirk to yourself and slightly feeling a tingling sensation down your spine.

As you thought about it, Merle stared at you from behind and slowly felt his anger changing into a different feeling.

He needed some sort of relief and just let it all go before he could calm himself down. He wanted you. Right there, right now.

However, he had a feeling you wouldn’t accept so easily so he had to ease you to him.

Exhaling, he stomped his prosthetic arm on the bed loudly enough for you to hear. As expected, you turned to him.

He looked at you from head to toe and the words from his plan had seem to go all away. He just wanted to pound into you and couldn’t think of anything proper to say to get you to him.

“Get over here…”

In a rough and demanding tone, it was all that he could manage. He found himself motioning you by his finger to get closer and his eyes staring at you hungrily.

For a strange reason, you felt your heart thumping harder in your chest and your breathing being shallower. You didn’t like being ordered around but the way his eyes looked at you made you move forward to him.

“That’s right, honey…Come closer to daddy…”

As you approached, your foot finally touched his slightly and instantly he felt the need to grab you.

He hooked his handless arm around your waist and tried to pull you down to him. His hand slithered all over you and suddenly slid under your shirt.

Lifting it slightly, he buried his face into your stomach to feel you, kissing, sucking and nipping along your skin. In a hushed but gruff tone he mumbled in between the care he was giving you.

“Let’s get rid of your clothes babydoll…”

His hand sliding around to grope your ass, approaching you closer to him, while he marked your stomach, only served you to make you warmer and wetter.

You wanted him as well at the moment, but not his way. You thought that if you were going to keep an eye on him for the day, might as well make it be about you rather than him.

You then showed him your resistance by backing away and pushing him by his shoulder towards the bed.

“I ain’t your bitch Dixon…You take off your clothes…”

He was surprised to hear you order him so eagerly. To see you stand there and look at him the way he had been looking at you, made him feel so wanted for once and he liked it.

He was getting harder by the seconds just thinking about it and without hesitation, he reached down to unbuckle his belt.

He was struggling though, he was fumbling with it and couldn’t get it off right. It ticked him off and his frustration showed.

You smirked and crossed your arms at the sight. Casually, you asked him, “You need help?”

He looked back at you and nodded in embarrassment.

You shrugged and shook your head at him.

“If you want it…Beg for it…”

You don’t know what went through your mind in that instant but you just wanted to make him feel vulnerable and submitted for once. You wanted to let him know that you weren’t going to have it his way.

He hated begging for anything but your eyes looking down at him and your voice resonating in such a demanding manner yet so sweet, made him do what he had never expected to do.

“Please…please help me out of my clothes…Y/N…”

He didn’t forget your name, he knew a simple mention of it was going to make you feel powerful and in control of the situation, at least that’s what he felt when women would say his name in bed.

You approached him and sitting down next to him as he laid there, you reached to unbuckle him. Your hand had brushed against his hard cock so many times, he was squirming beneath you to get you to notice him.

As his pants came off, his arousal was painfully aching for any kind of release. He started to touch himself but he just didn’t feel like it was enough.

“Come on, baby…do something about this…”

You smirked, enjoying the role of having dominance over him and quickly got rid of your clothes.

He had wanted to grab you in that instant to make you climb on top of him but instead you pushed him back and did so yourself.

Straddling him under you, you grind yourself to him and inched your hand behind you to get closer to his shaft.

You gripped him, making him groan and buck his hips forward. Feeling more playful, you grinned and started to slowly stroke him.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly, Merle…What is it that you want from me?

He felt like losing his mind from your touch and your wetness slowly spreading all over his stomach and waist and couldn’t form proper words.

You tortured him by adding some twists to your wrist and tugging him ever so lightly. You rubbed yourself against him and your ass could be felt painfully grazing on his cock.

“I asked you what did you say, Merle…Care to repeat yourself?”

Only moans and groans could escape his lips, as his eyes closed tight shut to feel you even more. You knew he wouldn’t be able to answer you for a while and you thought; Good, he’ll keep his mouth shut for a once.

Jaws clenched and hand firmly gripping you thigh, he felt the tension get worse with each touch and for once he knew what it felt to be at the mercy and submitted in bed and he loved it.

You were bringing him near orgasm but each time you’d go on, it only served to make him feel even more in ecstasy.

No words could come out but slowly, he felt like you might want him to return the favor. He slid his hand all over your thigh and finally arrived at your wet folds.

With as much control as he could, he started to rub and graze your clit with his thumb. It made you whimper and slowly you started to loosen your hold on him.

You threw your head back at the feeling and just as him, moans were coming out of your mouth. He got himself up to you and wrapped his arms around your to feel your body even closer. He pressed his lips to yours and quickly delved his tongue.

His hand gripped your hair and made you respond back to him. You enjoyed the feeling of his rough lips on yours, however, slowly you realize you were losing control.

You couldn’t accept that. There was no way he was going to have his way with you, especially not after what had just happened.

You pushed him back and as he fell down on the bed, you slid down his cock and inserted him inside you with no warning.

He let out a few curses at the sudden tightness and warmth, and couldn’t believe he was truly being handled in such a demanding manner.

“Fuck…Fucking shit…”

You chuckled and kept on torturing him by moving your hips slowly. He tried to make you ride him faster by conducting your hips with his hand but you didn’t let him.

You grabbed his wrist and pinned it above his head and smiled mischievously. You dipped down to kiss his lips very quickly and couldn’t help but find him adorable once under control.

“You forgot…That we’re doing this my way…didn’t you…”

“Please…Just a little bit faster…I-I can’t take it anymore…Y/N…I-I need you…to…to make me come…Fuck!”

You gradually moved your hips more to his favored rhythm but maintained him under your grip. You had, had enough of his annoying behavior and just had to get something of your chest.

“Then promise me…you’ll stop…you’ll stop…getting into fights…with the others…Do that, beg for it and i’ll let you come…”

He didn’t care at this point what he had to promise, he just needed for you to ride him hard. He nodded eagerly and managed to open his eyes a few instant to look you back in the eyes.

“I-I promise! I won’t! Now, please! Y/N! Make me come!”

At his words and struggle, you went harder at him just as he wanted. He bucked his hips to yours and you felt the pressure coming up to you as well.

You both cursed at the feeling of one another and before he could release inside you, you removed yourself.

It surprised him but as he sat up, he understood what you were doing. You gripped him back again and stroked him until his seed spread all over your hand.

At the sense of relief, he instantly fell back on the bed and was out of breath. He couldn’t believe how he was completely at your mercy and how he let himself being controlled that way.

He chuckled at it and as he looked at you, you had started to rub yourself to get yourself near the edge as well.

With as much strength he could muster up, he then got closer and removed your hand. He brought your fingers up to his lips and instantly sucked on them, enjoying the sweet taste.

He chuckled seeing your surprised reaction and simply winked at you.

“How about I pay you back for all of this…I think we still have time…”

You smirked and slowly nodded before looking down between your legs and back at him.

extrnalisa  asked:

Could you do Thalia/Reyna headcannons where they kiss for the first time and Thalia mutters "I love you Luke" and Reyna just gets so mad

Sure! I wasn’t really 100% sure what to do for this, so I’m sorry if these aren’t great or what you were thinking of. (Also somehow this turned into weird angst over Luke’s death and Thalia being sad???)

  • Reyna and Thalia weren’t exactly sure how it happened, all they know is they found themselves lip-locked under a tree one afternoon.
  • They had never kissed or shown any hints of romantic attraction to each other, so there were a lot of mixed feelings. 
  • Reyna was excited. She had never kissed anyone, especially not someone who might actually think of her as more than a friend. 
  • Thalia, on the other hand, was more conflicted. She knew she was bi, she had for quite some time, but the last person she had feelings for was Luke, and that hadn’t ended well. 
  • Luke wormed his way into Thalia’s train of thought, and suddenly she was no longer kissing Reyna, she was kissing Luke.
  • They pulled apart for a moment to catch their breaths, and without realizing it, Thalia whispered Luke’s name. 
  • Reyna, with ears sharpened by years of training and battle, heard her, and anger exploded inside her. Of course Thalia didn’t care for her, it was silly of her to get her hopes up. Of course she had someone else she loved, just like everyone else Reyna had every admired. Of course, of course, of course!
  • Reyna shouted at Thalia, and stormed off. Tears burned in her eyes as she made her way back to the barracks.
  • Thalia stood there, her mind spinning. She wasn’t sure whether or not she should go chasing after her, or simply leave and never speak of the kiss again. After all, did she even really care for Reyna?

anonymous asked:

Wait, I thought you and Boyonetta were friends? Or was that Nentindo? Sorry if it's a weird question.

You’ve got it mixed up. Nentindo used to hate me, and now we’re buds (ay what’s good @nentindo), and me and boyonetta used to mutuals but I unfollowed because he’s really no different than your generic tumblr kid. Just replace ‘transphobic’ with ‘aphobic’ and it’s the same childish shit with him.


Everyone picks on Nick :’^l

Like with the Arithmomania comic, I ran across this vampire weakness and I just love how impractical and idiotic it is. I also ended up drawing the guys in beach wear (I tried to do their eclectic mix and match clothing style but it’s hard) when I was at the beach so I figured I’d do a comic using the designs I came up with? I like Viago’s, haha. Sorry the format is kind of weird, you can read the text a lot more easily if you fullscreen the image.

Re:the last line, since moonlight is just reflected sunlight, I kind of like the idea that a really ancient vampire like Petyr would be a little vulnerable to being outside, so it would be nice and soothing to have sunscreen put on him if he’s out for too long.

anonymous asked:

i really fuckin hate your art style. to the point where it wraps around then cancels out. i love it. its so honest. thats nice

Thanks, I guess? I think?? I don’t believe my style is anything worth strong feelings either way… but I guess this is good?

hipstervoid-deactivated20170417  asked:

I'd like to know your opinion on the Deformed Gills Eridan theory. After snapping, Eridan flees and Karkat tries to order Equius to kill him by strangulation. This is impossible for seadwellers as they can breathe through their torso, thoughts?

Ah, yes. The topic of troll biology. This one and many more (including troll dicks) that made me spend nights awake simply questioning how xenobiology of Alternian (and Beforan) society works.

Let’s talk about Eridan’s gills. Believe it or not, Eridan does have a use for his fins.

Calm, smoothed out gills

Angry, puffed up gills (most likely for intimidation)

With fins, the matter is easy - they’re what seems to be one of the secondary fish traits that were either remains of what trolls has once been (water only creatures) or another step further in evolution (coming back to the sea, as the ability to stay on land and in water seems like superior ability - not to mention Eridan’s link to whales, which are land mammals that evolved back to live in the sea).

However, when it comes to gills, everything becomes twice (if not thrice) as complicated. People in general seem to headcanon that Eridan and Feferi (and also sometimes Gamzee) have gills like actual sea creatures and the general visualization looks like this:

Gills both on neck (nearby fins, like stereotypical fish) and between ribs (because of closeness to place where lungs should be by human standards) (Art by Orsob btw)

The problem with this sort of thinking is that people in general don’t understand the difference between gills and lungs and this is something we need to explain if we even want to touch upon Karkat’s command to Equius (I’ll also have to glide over general cardiovascular system of trolls as well as you can’t talk about respiratory system without mentioning blood system, sorry). So, at first, brief biology lesson/reminder:

Gills - respiratory system that acts like absorber. Oxygenated water (and, by laws of Earth physics, water is always heavily oxygenated) gets into gills (usually through mouth, so it has to mean Eridan and Feferi are both doing the constant mouth movement in water) and blood absorbs oxygen through filtering system that traps particles other than water while gas exchange takes place. Then, filtered water gets sent out through the gill slits (cartilaginous fish) 

Like sharks

or operculum (bony fish)

Like goldfish

The main idea is that water flows in opposite direction of blood flow in the gill and the funny hair-like parts of the gill that you can see on the fanart (called lamellae aids) increase the surface area of the gas exchange.

Lungs - oxygen gets into blood through air inhalation and exhalation (thanks to muscules) - during this process blood gets oxygenated into blood capillaries and diffuse the carbon dioxide out at extremely thin-walled alveoli which gets extracted the same way (there’s no circulatory current happening like it’s in case of gills). In general, breathing through lungs is considered superior to breathing through gills as more oxygen gets into blood in comparison to one single breath a fish and a mammal make (which takes less energy and allows mammals and other lung-breathers operate longer on the same function).

There are three ways to understand how Eridan breathes and all of them are (more or less) probable, as we know basically nothing about troll biology. 

1. Turn on, turn off. 

This sort of thinking comes to mind immediately, as seadwellers in general seem to have no trouble when it comes to breathing both on land and in the water (we don’t see any sort of transistion scene when it comes to changing environments for Feferi and neither of them mentions this to be a source of any sort of problems). This would mean that Eridan in general has two respiratory systems - one supported by gills and one supported by lungs and that he - either automatically or at will - switches between them when it comes to environment he is in. This would mean that yes, he can have neck gills and rib gills (like on the fanart), but once on land, they’d remain tightly closed and forcing them open would most likely provide breathing complications. This also should mean that seadwellers should either have much stronger cardiovascular system (in general bigger hearts) or even much more specialized blood system that would support this sort of respiratory system (biologically speaking, he’d most likely need an additional chamber in his heart (considering that trolls have four chambers in there like humans) to be able to handle the pressure.

So, would Equius be able to choke Eridan if this is the system we’re betting on?

The answer is: yes, he would. This would come from the fact that if he’s got his hands around Eridan’s throat, he’d be cutting both of respiratory systems and even if Eridan would manage to try to breathe through his torso gills, this wouldn’t help him unless they would be submerged in water (in such case, he’d be able to breathe like that for some short span of time, but considering how ineffective gill system is, this would only prolong his suffering and if he wouldn’t find a way to stop Equius fast, he’d be a dead fish).


2. Mixed respiratory systems.

This sort of system would require for seadwellers to be always a bit out of breath as they would always be troubled by either too much air (on land) or not enough of it (in the water). This sort of system would explain their weird quirks

where Eridan never uses commas or periods (as if he didn’t really stop his sentences) and Feferi seems to be treating letter “H” like some sort of weird accent thing (a letter that’s often associated with breathing - exhaling, inhaling and such). This is something that would explain why seadwellers have purple/pinkish blood, as humans also have different colors of blood that depend on amount of oxygen there’s in it:

Purplish one is not oxygenated (filled with carbon dioxide) and red one is oxygenated.

This would also mean that seadwellers are not next step in eveolution and more of an old remains of the past as their breathing system is faulty and always failing to an extent (and would also explain why there’s so little seadwellers as this sort of system most likely would not make many survive for long as it seems to be furthering loss of energy to a big scale that’s inefficient for a living being). This would require for sardiovascular system to support both of the respiratory systems (that would be most likely fused or linked in some way) and in general, this would mean seadweller’s body would be under constant stress that would make their particular elements overgrow or evolve to some freakish extents (doesn’t explain longevity of purplebloods tho as this general system is against long life in general; also, Gamzee and his indigo blood becomes a one big question mark in such case).

So, again, would Equius be able to choke Eridan if this is the system we’re betting on?   

The answer is: no, he wouldn’t. No matter if they would be in the water or land, Eridan would be able to breathe through rib gills (which, in such case, would be simply treated as second nose) and only damage to veins of his neck could provide his eventual death.

Can’t touch this.

3. Advanced alien xenobiology anatomy.

This is some fantasy science right there, but you’d have to consider things like density of blood (we know nothing about troll blood aside from the fact it has different color), particular cells and functions of them when it comes to association to gills and/or lungs and primary functions the said things were supposed to fill in. Were trolls primarily beings that emerged from sea and existed as sea creatures only (something their insectoid grub reproduction complicates a lot as there’s a long way between a fish and an insect)? Do seadwellers actually have gills or is this specialized way their lungs are working that supports their submerging in liquid-like ecosystems? If this is linked to blood color, where exactly does it put Gamzee with his Sea Goatdad lusus who is half land animal and half water one? Would difference between cartilaginous gills (something fishes, alias Feferi would have) and operculum gills (something seahorses, alias Eridan would have) come to play as important?

These are seriously questions only Hussie can answer depending on if this only would ever matter as a thing worth explaining and depending on the answer, there would be different outcomes to Eridan clashing with Equius.

Pick your favorite.

Oh my goodness, where have I been...

First off, HELLO!

I have freakin’ missed each and every one of you and I am sorry for disappearing so completely and for so long! It has been a weird five (FIVE?!?) months and I’m going to attempt to explain where I currently am in my life right now!

1. I am moving! I never quite fell in love with Hawaii…and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I feel like I never quite settled into a routine and wasn’t able (or just didn’t) to get out there and explore and really experience Hawaii like I wanted to. But, overwhelmingly, I have felt so, so lonely out here. I’m not near any of my friends or my sisters, and I’ve met some cool folks out here, but nobody that really wanted to take the time and effort to invest in a solid friendship with me the way I wanted to with them. And so I’ve spent a lot of my days sad and at home. And I fell out of love with my roommates so even that didn’t bring a lot of comfort. And the two people that I’ve dated throughout my time here have also left me a little bit heartbroken and bruised (one who really and truly broke my heart, and one who is amazing but is deployed and I couldn’t stick it out the 6 months necessary for us to be reunited). So! I’m heading out next week–I fly to DC, hang out there for a few days, then I’ll go to Boston and visit a friend for a couple days, and then I’ll make my way up to Maine for the summer (back to camp!!) and at the end of camp, I’m going to be moving back home to NYC! Which I am SUPER excited about, and also kind of having weird anxieties about whether or not I’m making a mistake, but overall I think this is what I need to do and what will be best for me.

2. I’ve had some weird health issues happening lately that I am trying not to let take over my life. The gist of it is that I have a syndrome that is affecting various aspects of my health, and I need to be making some lifestyle changes (in essence, I just need to be healthier all around) in order to combat them. But things are a little bit nervewracking and it’s all happening at a very inconvenient time. And also I just dealt with some very bad not-strep strep (nobody really knows what it was) so that’s also been not fun.

3. The main reason for my absence is that I haven’t been running, and I’m anxious about that and so I considered (am considering?) deleting this blog. BASICALLY–I am one of those people who often lets things go unchecked for long periods of time for various reasons (although to be honest, the biggest/most consistent one is because I just don’t ever really have good enough health insurance) and so running is not always the most comfortable. I tend to just run through my constant aches and pains and hope it never gets too bad. However, an old knee injury has gotten pretty bad. It used to only hurt when I was running, but after the marathon it started hurting more regularly, and also more intensely. So I stopped running in the hopes that some time off would help it get back to normal, but in fact it only got worse, and so at this point, before I start running again (and also, really it should be before doing any types of strenuous activities) I need to get my knee checked out. But I just don’t really have the funds right now, and I’m also 100% terrified that a doctor is going to tell me that I will never be able to run/dance again. So, I have not. But it also kind of means that I don’t have much to talk about on here, so I’ve been feeling very out of place, and as a result disappeared from tumblr, and I don’t really know what kind of relationship to keep on having with this blog.

All that to say, a lot has been going on, and I’m sorry for the abrupt disappearance! I have missed all of you and thank you for the messages you’ve sent, it’s been so nice knowing I’ve been missed. And I’m not really sure where I’m going from here, but I just wanted to let y’all know all those things. I hope you’re all doing so, so well!!

ooc:  Okay, I know I’m really behind on replies and stuff but I’m vibrating with the kind of excitement I thought had been crushed a long time ago.  Found an animation program on steam’s sale that looks pretty intuitive and-  this is the part that surprised me-  it functions like the weird amalgamate my team had to come up with back in college on my senior project.

Our class was a mix of 2D and 3D students so we wanted to come up with a good way to combine that for our short.  Back then what we ended up doing was having the 2D people draw all the pieces in photoshop  (this was before Flash was a program being taught btw)  and the 3D people imported them into Maya and rigged up bones for them so we could animate.

So yeah- I’m super glad some program was like ‘how about we give you easy to use bones on something that isn’t effing Maya and make this program affordable.

miyori999  asked:

1. 11. And 14 for the artist ask?

Hi DANIII! Sweet sunshine of my life!! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

1. what is your favorite color to work with?

I ADORE CORAL! My current favorite color! I love this in junction with a bright turquoise or olive green. I had to mix my own batch of it since I get so nit picky but ahh! (๑♡3♡๑) (tumblr fix your gif maker thing, this looks so shitty)

11. warm or cool colors?

THIS IS HARD AHHH. I would of said both but @gobodosama has me really inspired with her recent style change so im opting for warmer colors now. Isnt her art beautiful??? (Im sorry if this is weird but check out her art guys! I sometimes just sit down and study her color schemes lovingly!)

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

OH GOD. When I first started painting with acrylics I use to do these space art thingies and I kinda miss it!