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Yoongi Scenario: Pour Some Sugar On Me.

Request:  Hi! It’s my first time requesting. Can I request a story where Yoongi is an owner of a themed cafe and always catches you in staying in his cafe and he thinks you’re really pretty and cant help but admire you from afar until one time he sees you having a fight with your boyfriend and soon to be ex. He tries to calm you down and a budding friendship or new love after emerges >///< Am i doing this right? Thank you! 

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Yoongi loved his coffee shop, he had put a lot of effort on it and as the shop was based on his personal taste it was more than just a business, although the lucrative part of it was also very appealing. At first he thought creating a themed coffee shop would be a bit corny for him, but the idea had been in his mind long enough for him to get into action and open the shop. If he saw the money aspect then it was a bright idea, as those kind of establishments spread like wild fire and people seemed to enjoy them a lot, but he thought that if he were to open one it had to be something no one had done before. Yoongi couldn’t settle just for a cat themed coffee shop.

So he thought to include his passion for literature in the mix, and thus The Great Bean had been born, a Scott Fitzgerald themed coffee shop, with the refined 20s ambiance and great music sounding all over.

He managed his business personally, even if he had a great team of baristas, waiters and staff, he liked to go to the shop regularly to keep an eye on everything. Either attending clients at the register machine or just sitting on a lone table to work on his laptop.

But recently Yoongi was having trouble to admit to himself that there was another reason to come to the shop with high spirits. There was a fixed client that he couldn’t help but stare at every single time.
Yoongi spotted you immediately, because truth was that when you were in the coffee shop he saw you before he saw anything else in the room.

You were sitting, as usual, far from the front door near a wall to have access to a plug, and not too close to the counter so that no one would bother you. As far as he was concerned you were totally unaware of Yoongi’s constant gaze on you who were always reading some book or on your laptop. Yoongi thought you were a really pretty girl, your hair was shiny and smooth, your features were attractive to him, not because he had a type, but because he couldn’t tear his eyes apart from you and that was attraction. Yoongi was curious about what you might be doing too, what books did you read, what did you do on your laptop, what was your name, everything.

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