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guess who's back at it again with the oddly specific asks? UK brothers reaction to an s/o's family who repeatedly ask about the s/o's ex as if the brothers weren't there? ~ sleeping Scot anon 💙 (P.S. this blog is beautiful and it's a great distraction from shitty post-breakup emotions)

Sorry it is so late! Hope everything gets better, love! -Admin Jay

Scotland: *growls before slamming his hand down on a table* “Oy! You really wanna start something? Keep talkin’ like I’m not here! Then you’ll start something real nasty.”
Alistair is the last person anyone should ignore. Talking like he isn’t there is the fastest way to piss him off and start a fight. He would get fed up the fastest out of the family and make the biggest scene. Alistair does not know the definition of subtle, classy, or tactful, but in this moment, even if he did, he wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t apologize at all for the scene, since in his mind, they had it coming by talking shit. 

Wales: *bites his lip and sighs* “Whatever…I’ll stand out eventually.”
Dillon is used to people either forgetting he is there or talking over him. So at first, he wouldn’t let it get to him, he would just try to make himself heard or noticed in a positive and tactful way…but if it continued and he heard how they were comparing him to someone else, he would get fed up. Dillon may be a quiet person, but that doesn’t mean he is submissive…so he would eventually stand up for himself and make a scene. 

Northern Ireland: *whistles to get their attention* “Oy! I’m not them!”
Seamus isn’t exactly subtle…or tactful…or quiet. So when he got fed up with his s/o’s family talking like he wasn’t there, he would make sure to remind them that he was. He would get their attention and spew out a list of differences between himself and the one before him, just to spell it out for them. Though if they tried talking like he wasn’t there again, they would have a real problem on their hands…

Ireland: *rolls his eyes and looks at them* “Do I look like them? No? Well, surprise, I’m not.”
Angus would not like being compared to someone else, and as a twin, it happens a lot. He would get annoyed very quickly as his s/o’s family talks around and over him, but he would try to remain tactful. Though his sassy side may show as he confronts them about their behavior. Angus doesn’t take shit, and he won’t sit by and let it go either, but at least he attempts to have class about it. 

England: *raises eyebrow and crosses his arms* “I’m right here, you know?”
Arthur would look at his s/o’s family and huff quietly. He didn’t want to start a fuss, but they were getting on his nerves. He would look at his s/o for guidance, but if they looked just as lost of confused as him, he would eventually say something. Though what comes out of his mouth would be polite and tactful, unlike what was being said in his head. After the meeting with their family was over, Arthur would ask if he was better than their ex, and as long as he was and made his s/o happy, that would be all he cared about. 

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I would just like to say THANK YOU for all your gorgeous Symmarah fan art. It makes me smile to see this underrated ship be blessed with art from you whenever I check the tags.

ahhhh THANK YOU for all your support!!! My reach has taken a hit lately ((and I’m not sure if it’s really because of tumblr’s algorithms because the activity tracker is crap)) so whenever someone sends me a nice message through asks or leaves wonderful notes on my tags it just keeps me going (ko-fi support is real great too!). Small things like these really mean a lot to me!!

So here’s a little something just for you~~

(also I’m not the only artist contributing to Symmarah, afaik @darkelfslair​ and @thehypertuna​ have posted fanart recently as well! please support them too!) 

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pap, dunno if this has changed now that he officially has a blog (or *he* does, anyway... heh), but your bro really wants you to know he loves you. you're the best sibling a skeleton could ever ask for and then some, even if he doesn't always make it super obvious. you help so many people just by existing and being you, and he's one of them. and he hopes you're taking care of yourself as well as you've taken care of him, cause a lot of people- not just him- care about you. he loves you.



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what makes you good for helping these cats makes him not evil you know, I mean, nothing is entitled to life, you help them and that's great and you may as well grow to be a forest goddess but should everyone be like you? hell no, then god wouldnt even mean anything (keep that soul clean girl, hurt comes from within)

this is some real neoliberal bullshit. “should everyone be like you?” my man youre really asking if everyone should be helping homeless cats and if you dont think everyone should be helping animals youre a real empathy lacking asshole. Im angry because an evil ass man who neglectes his cats and doesnt even feed them at all and threw them out of his house now made them unable to shelther during the coldest months. If you dont think that makes a person evil as fuck and shit you should reevaluate your ideologies and ethics.

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Can you please do headcannons for the Decepticons with a human s/o who suffers from PTSD nightmares? She was a victim of abuse but never told them and if they asked how she slept, she would lie and said she slept great. One night, the nightmares finally broke through her armor, she woke up crying and screaming. After trying to brush it off, she’ll finally confess about the nightmares and her past. (I am a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, and still to this day, I’m still healing.)


He would be really sympathetic towards you, and he would understand you completely. Gladiators were often tortured in training, and he still struggles over the memory of it, and he admits that might be why he’s so angry all the time. He would get so much more protective of you knowing that you’ve experienced hard times like him.


He would get it, as he too has his own nightmares of Megatron punishing him, but nowhere near to your extent, so he would be a good person to talk to and relate back to you. He’ll tell you to come to him if you ever wake up in the middle of the night so that he could console you.


He would understand. He’ll give you tiny little silent comforts whenever he notices that you’re tired from now on, if he ever notices that you’re having a rough week he’ll have Laserbeak keep you company and at night watch over you while you sleep.

Knock Out

He wouldn’t know what to do, and he would admit that. This is deep and he doesn’t want to make any mistakes so he would need you to tell him what to do, but he does want to do something to help you, just please tell him.


He would break something when you confessed, angry that someone would hurt you like that. He would very seriously ask you if you want him to go after your abusers, and he would if you said yes. Either way, he’s going to tell you to just ask if you need anything.


Whenever you encounter times of trouble like this, Dreadwing will always ask you “What do you need?”, and he’ll do anything, within reason of course. This is because he knows that he doesn’t know as well as you do what you need, and he wants to help you the best he can.


He would get so angry and would be one inch away from going on a murderous rampage to go after who hurt you, only staying to comfort you. From now on he’s going to keep you company while you sleep to make you feel safe, circling around you in a tight not.

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Hi I had a really bad day could you do some like Prinxiety fluff maybe? Only if you want to. Thank you for your time. <3

I’m sorry you’re day wasn’t great and that this didn’t come out sooner and it’s short and not that great. I hope your day gets better
“Virgil honey?” Roman asked softly pushing open the door to his room. Virgil hadn’t been out in a couple days and Roman had begun to worry.
Virgil didn’t respond but Roman could see him burried under the blankets.
“You haven’t been out in a while. We’re worried”
“I’m sorry,” Virgil finally said.
Roman sat on the bed, “no love it’s okay. Are you?”
“No,” he sobbed.
“Oh my love,” Roman said.
“I’m sorry,” he sobbed.
“It’s okay. Can I come lay with you?” He asked softly.
“I guess,” Virgil said sniffing.
Roman climbed in next to him and curled around him stroking his hair, “it’ll be okay.”
“I doesn’t feel like it,” Virgil said.
“It will. I promise.”
It helped having Roman there, it didn’t really make anything better but at least he felt less alone.

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Can you talk about some of your favourite fantastic beasts? You look great btw!!! 💙

Luna: They have a look about them that frightens people off, and they don’t quite exist on our plane. But… they are kind, and they are loyal, and they are really quite clever– and they do deserve to be loved.

((OOC: Luna sympathizes a lot with thestrals.))


Cracking around this morning I headcanoned the main reason Luciano doesn’t drink alcohol is that he tends to embarass himself whenever he’s drunk- like yodeling with people or doing other silly things he would never do while sober.

I’m not entirely sure what Luciano is trying to prove by showing off his yodeling skills but in his mind it works, okay?

Thank you, @ask-mama-germania for joining me in this! Go and follow them, their blog is great! And sorry for murdering your style and all… AND I RUIN EVERYTHING WHEN I TRY TO INK.

It probably starts off with something awesome like this, really. Luciano’s germanic blood is strong, he can compete well enough even with an expert like his grandma’ (What is their relationship, actually?).

Then it just degenerates. And, YES, please, watch the video, it’s the best yodel song ever written. Go chicken go! go chicken go! Now go, now fly, you own the sky!

It’s all Luciano’s fault anyway, he’s a terrible drunk.

Totally not crying over chicken awesomeness.

Bonus round:

I have no shame.

Hi there! 43m here! Just wanted to share this with you and you can post it anonymously on your blog if you like. Quite a few years back after my first divorce, I went to visit a friend and his wife out of town. I was there for work and had my own hotel room. He told me about how his wife had wanted to try other men and had always wanted to suck my cock. My friend and I worked out the meeting via text and set something up to meet a couple days later. My buddy continued to text me before hand about how hot it was and he could understand why his wife wanted to suck me off. I’m not really into men, but I asked him if he meant he’d like to suck me. He said he was dying to and he came over to my room when I got off work that night. He was so eager and did a great job. I kept calling him a good boy and encouraged him. We swallowed all of cum, it was so hot. His wife never knew. Now, many years later, I often wish that I had 69ed with him and sucked his cock as well. I feel like I missed a hot opportunity.

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Favorite blogs? Looking for some new ones to follow :) Thanks!

Hey anon! There are so many wonderful blogs on here. I mostly joined tumblr for the fanfiction, so most of my favorite blogs are writers. Some of the first ones that come to mind, and/or ones I interact with regularly:

@misha726author: One of my favorite writers on here. Her Kenna x Diavolos stories are my favorites, but all of her stuff is really good, and she has a nice mix of couples from different books. She also has some really nice OTP asks, headcanons, and essays on different books and chapters.

@lizzybeth1986: She writes amazing essays on TRR, and really nice in-depth ones on Liam and Hana. They really enhance the story for me, because she has such great insights and catches details I sometimes miss.

@kenjkats: If you’re looking for Kenji content, definitely visit her blog! She makes amazing art and headcanons, and I fangirl with her regularly over Kenji.

@mrswalkerwrites: Another one of my favorite writers. All of her stories are wonderful; her Drake x MC ones are some of my favorites.

@angstymarshmallow: Another really wonderful writer. I believe she’s on a little bit of a hiatus (sorry if I’m totally wrong on that, dear!), but her Drake x MC and Zig x MC fics are fantastic.

@faded-hero: I adore her headcanons. They’re so spot on and really help inspire my creativity, and she has a great mix of characters and genres.

@toglidethroughlife: Another great writer here. She has absolutely wonderful Kenji x MC and Liam x MC fics.

@lolablackwrites: Another one of my favorite writers. Her stories are just so detailed and in-depth, and she has a great mix of ships she’s written and writes about.

If you’re looking for art, @justapapercut and @raventear both have great stuff, and a nice mix of characters.

And welcome! :)

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As Spanish speaker I have to say both Yongguk and Zelo are speaking it really good! I have me a lot of people that studied the language for a long time and not have that good of an pronunciation. Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s really good!

Ohh, that’s really cool!

Both Yongguk and Junhong clearly have a great interest in languages, and I love that. Junhong is self-taught in English, and he’s really good at it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s actively trying to learn even more languages. Yongguk has said more than once that he thinks every language in the world is beautiful and has its own charm, and I think it’s funny how he seems more confident in speaking Spanish than English XD He obviously has a great interest in French, too.

Man, I love languages XD I remember me and @kimhiimchan having a very passionate conversation about how cool and amazing languages are, lol, and I think Yongguk and Junhong think so, too. It’s awesome.

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Happy birthday to abot!! This is such an amazing fic and honestly it inspired me to start writing fics and the feedback I get on them makes me really happy when I’m down so in a way, you’ve been helping my mental health a lot! Which is really equivalent exchange, considering how soul crushing abot is. Have a great day!

“Which is really equivalent exchange, considering how soul crushing abot is “


Thank you!! ^^

I’m really glad it was able to inspire you like this. There were some really incredible Danny Phantom fanfics I read when I was younger that inspired me to start writing myself, and I’m thankful for them every day. I really love knowing that I would like, keep the chain going.

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What's your favorite Bughead fanfic?

Honestly? There are far too many to pick from. There are so many great stories on here written by some really amazing writers in the fandom. :)


Since you asked me to pick just one, I’m going to go with The Stacks. I have a huge crush on the Jughead in that particular story. I hope he exists IRL.

Unfortunately, I can’t send you a link because Ao3 is down tonight. Thanks for the ask. 

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write abt your and inus first kiss omg

This is longer than I intended because I got a little carried away, thank you for the prompt! 

I honestly really enjoyed writing this and got a little choked up and embarrassed myself lol which I guess it pretty apt considering how I responded in the story. I hope you enjoy!

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I'm so proud of you for fighting Hela plus I just wanna say because no one else has as of yet, that you were great (illegal?) king! Haha. I know you're not a hugger but have hugs and pies anyway. ❤

It was nothing, really. Fighting my own daughter? Definitely something to be proud of. 

Now me being king? Something even I myself am proud of. Asgard happened to be at peace for the time I was ruling, not to mention everyone seemed to be fine when I took a turn to funding the arts.

@januarycarnation you sent a really great ask a few weeks ago that I want to respond to but haven’t gotten the time yet. I haven’t ignored it I promise!

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AVPSY for the ask thing!

Fav major character- Draco (lauren lopez is fucking amazing) and Ron

Fav minor character- I really don’t know??? There’s so many minor characters and they’re all great. Maybe snape

Fav ensemble- this is really difficult. I love everything ends but there’s something very special to me about the goin back to hogwarts reprise

Fav small ensemble- I was or senior year

Fav solo- sidekick (and that’s not just because it’s the only solo, I love that song so much)

Fav quote- “I’m a snake hey where’d my arms go just kidding I’m a snake” or “fuck the tie” (I’m sure there are much better ones but I remember these off the top of my head because I find them stupidly funny for some reason)

Fav scene- the second to last scene when they’re all saying goodbye (mostly the draco/harry handshake and Darren’s ‘it has been totally awesome’)

Fav gif-

Overall thoughts- I’ve already made a post about this so I won’t make this too long, but I regret not getting into it sooner because it’s a masterpiece and the perfect way to end the potter series and it never fails to make me emotional

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Last night's episode was amazing, but so hard to watch. Justin Hartley's performance was perfect. It's so hard to see Kevin like that, it breaks my heart, I really hope he's gonna be better soon, because it's so painful to always see him making the wrong choices and feeling bad :(

It was a GREAT episode. Justin was amazing !! I think it opened a lot of eyes. A lot of people didn’t like Kevin before, because they couldn’t understand that a self-centered character like him, can be like that for a reason. I think we might have a cliffhanger before winter hiatus about his issue.