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Rainbow Doge does not understand my whistling.
I found a post last year that had a link to a window film and I bought it last December and this has been my first summer with it and it is crazy awesome (that’s where the rainbow on my dog is from). If you want more pictures or a link to it let me know. (I got it off amazon) It really brightens up my day.

The first teaser poster for Cars 3 (June 16, 2017) has been revealed. (x)

John Lasseter told Entertainment Weekly: “Lightning McQueen, he’s awesome. We’ve got some great new characters, some great racing in it. It’s a very emotional story. It’s a little bit more akin to Cars 1, where you get into a deep emotion with him. It’s really a special story. It’s very emotional and his relationship with Doc Hudson, and his memory of Doc Hudson.”

The first teaser trailer premiered earlier this month.

Where were you when Lightning McQueen died?

Something I really appreciate about the new BATB film is that the costumes managed to (1) pay perfect homage to the original color tones and styles as seen in the animation and yet (2) carry symbolic changes and account for characters’ personalities, while also (3) being period appropriate. Like, wow. Major kudos to the costume designer and associated staff on this one.  

For example, let’s just talk about Beast/Prince wardrobe, which I find really interesting and beautiful. BATB begins with a dance, and the Prince is in this very dark, regal yet kind of gaudy clothing, standing out from the sea of women in white. (He’s also wearing a makeup mask, which is just another awesome layer of symbolism and era-appropriateness that I will not go into right now.) 

Throughout the film, Beast’s clothes get progressively lighter: from dark, torn rags (like he’s a criminal, a prisoner in his own palace) to the iconic lighter blue suit at the dance…to the moment Belle declares her love and they’re both dressed in all white (in this case, a symbol of purity and absolution)…to the very end, where the Prince wears blue again, but this time it’s the lightest shade of blue we see him wear. This change also reminds me of the trailer, where the word “Beast” in the title grows lighter as it gets closer to the word “Belle”. Beast’s subtle clothing changes represent the changes in his disposition and character. His wardrobe follows the path of the curse, from its inception to completion, as the castle goes from dark to light, from winter to spring, from death to life. 

The two other dance scenes are also important. 

When Belle and Beast dance together for the first time, Belle is the one who stands out in that stunning yellow dress. When Beast lets her go, her yellow dress positively pops in an otherwise monochrome, snow-covered forest, like a beacon in the night. And as he watches her go, he returns to rags, representing his hope leaving him behind.

In contrast, when Belle and the Prince dance together at the end, they both stand apart from the crowd but for different reasons than before. Unlike their first dance, this time the Prince is the one who shines the most in an otherwise temperate crowd, which parallels the opening dance scene. Unmasked, the Prince is in a light blue and white suit, the opposite of how he dressed before; and yet, this ending suit almost matches how Belle was dressed at the beginning of the movie, in her classic blue and white dress. Meanwhile, although at first glance Belle’s mostly white dress at the end might make her appear like just another girl in the crowd, she really stands out due to the roses on her dress, like a physical manifestation of spring coming back to the castle and the curse being lifted. 


HEY ! So finally here’s the FX exercise we worked on during 4 weeks with Camille Guillot, Sarah Naciri, James Molle, Benjamin Berrebis et Côme Roy. It was a lot of stress but still it really was a blast to do it with them !:) And yeah it’s a trailer for a feature film, but of course it’s totally fake we won’t do the feature aha:)

And you can watch the other trailers from my awesome classmates there:

For A While I Was A Cynic About My Childhood But Screw It:

High School Musical was awesome.

“That’s So Raven” was amazing.

I still watch the first three Halloweentown movies.

“The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” was cool.

Nothing will ever replace “Kim Possible” in my heart.

“Phil of the Future” doesn’t get enough credit.

I still remember Now You See It, Get a Clue!, Phantom of the Megaplex & The Scream Team. (I can’t really find a GIF for that)

I would still watch a third season of “American Dragon Jake Long”.

I wish “House of Mouse” was still on the air.

Twitches was awesome.

I never really got into “Lizzie McGuire” & “Even Stevens”…but I wish I had.

There are still songs by Hannah Montana in my iTunes library.

I’m still watch “Phineas and Ferb” with a passion.

What can I say? I was a Disney Channel kid.

so, my buddy littledivinity and i have been talking beauty & the beast a lot, because ‘tis the season, and we somehow stumbled upon the idea of the story being told about a middle aged belle and the beast instead of youngins, and how that would make the story even more resonant.

and then just now i randomly thought, “what if nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor starred in such a film?”, because my soul needs nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor to fall in love again on a movie screen like it needs few other things in this life. plus, you know, musical, bright colors, awesomeness, hurrah!

and then i thought, ‘but wait, actually, what i really want in this life, even more than brightly colored musicals, is more lowkey and lovely fairytale movies like exquisite and incomparable 1998 masterpiece ever after

and just picture it!

nicole kidman is the longtime spinster school teacher who lives in a quaint vaguely magical 19th century-esque country village, but she’s a badass teacher who exposes her students to different philosophies of thought and probably takes them outside for nature studies and calisthenics. (so, basically, miss stacy from anne of green gables.) the school board hates her, probably, and is very suspicious of what kind of IDEAS she’s filling the local kids’ heads with (why does she keep saying it’s okay for girls not to want to be wives and mothers, or that it’s all right for boys to cry???? is it possible that she is A WITCH???), but her parents were very well regarded in the town when they were still alive and so that bought her some respect for awhile. but there’s a new fancy schmancy family with school aged kids in town, and they’re extremely disapproving of miss nicole, and trying to find a way to oust her as schoolteacher and replace her with a man who is probably very similar in temperament to mr. collins from pride & prejudice. a man who will put patriarchal gender roles back into childhood education!

meanwhile, ewan mcgregor is a grumpy old hermit duke or something who once had great wealth and privilege but has fallen into disrepair. maybe someone cursed (magically? complicated vengeance-ly, a la the count of monte cristo? who knows) his family long ago due to their shady rich people business dealings, and his father killed himself to escape the scandal and his mother died of heartbreak and his fiancee who he thought loved him steadfastly dumped him to marry another, and now ewan’s the last surviving member of his once-great family and he just lives alone this grand old manor house that has gone totally to seed. he isn’t an actual beast, because it seems like in this day and age that’s going to require levels of CGI that my quaint b&tb retelling movie just don’t need, but let’s say that he’s quite unshaven and dirty and generally off-putting and he sometimes ventures out into the forest that separates his estate from the village, but is never seen actually frequenting the village. there are abundant rumors that the forest and manor house are haunted by a beast/ghost/warlock/vampire (how does he SURVIVE if he doesn’t come to the weekly market for food???), and everyone knows you don’t go there. also, people like to gossip a ton about his family and the scandal even though it was decades ago and they all dead. because people suck.

so one night, some of nicole’s rowdy teen pupils maybe steal some wine from one of their parents’ liquor cabinets and venture into the woods and dare each other to go past the gate of his manor house, and he catches them at it and gets HELLA PISSED @ THESE UPPITY HOOLIGANS INVADING HIS PROPERTY. kids today!!!!!!!!! he probably locks them in the stables so he can deliver them a 5 hour lecture on why they suck, and also why all of humanity sucks. which isn’t the worst fate ever, but, like, he kind of looks like a straight up crazy ax murderer (crazy hair! crazy beard! tattered clothes! definitely hasn’t bathed this month!!!), so there’s some serious panic in the hearts of these kids.

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It’s interesting that they clearly show an Amazon take a bullet. Is she killed or just wounded? It becomes clear that Amazons aren’t bullet proof, so Diana climbing out of the trench into the line of fire is less foolhardy action thinking she’s invincible and more going to do what she can despite the danger. She’s a hero through and through. Also that’s hella good writing shaping the story that way. I’m really excited for this.

And, the music is gorgeous.

PSA for writers

Recently I discovered some awesome YouTube videos about movies and screenwriting, but I think the lessons from those videos are a great resource for aspiring novelists and short fiction writers as well. So I’m going to share a few that I liked :)

1) The Darjeeling Limited: How Brother’s Communicate

2) Let’s Discuss Horror

3) Andrei Tarkovsky - Poetic Harmony

4) Opening Shots Tell Us Everything (I think this would be super useful for writers to understand how to write opening scenes in their stories.)

5) Dialogue in Film: How Should Characters Talk? and The Social Network - Designing Dialogue (These are REALLY good for dialogue, definitely my favourites.)


Ember Gleams - Lucid Rainbows  {Feb 4, 2017}

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Just watched this movie and I’ve got to say it really blew me away. The acting is fantastic, the storyline is awesome. If you’ve seen and enjoyed the movie, ‘Contact’ with Jodie Foster, you’ll understand just how good this film is. As I watched it, I couldn’t help but recall the message, in my dream some three years ago, “Our mission is to show you different dimensions.” I could not stop thinking about the reality of the UFO phenomenon that most people are not aware of and how it appears for some, 'they’ are doing just that - transforming us and our perception of this reality. I really enjoyed the message in this movie and the brilliant way that they conveyed it. Excellent film!


Systems against Split!

Hey guys; I’ve come up with an idea and I hope you’ll all like it! I could really use your help! :D

Jess struggles to be a focal point in her videos (which is what puts her off filming a lot) but I thought, with this Split film coming out, what an awesome time for systems to gather and valiantly fight against it together!

So, my plan is this:

If you’re happy to be filmed:
- Film no more than 30-60 seconds of you and why this film is a bad idea/how it will negatively stereotype DID
- Introduce yourself “my name is… and I have been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder” before you start :) (you can use pseudonyms if you prefer!)
- Taglines work great if you can think of any (i.e. “We are a real disorder, not a Hollywood myth”)

*Please ensure that you have an official diagnosis (this is so we can solemnly swear that everybody involved has it if we ever have to justify it’s not an act etc (you’d be surprised that we can get this a lot!))
*Please ensure there’s just one person on screen :D if your friend/partner wants to get involved, ask them to shoot themselves separately (it will look more powerful with more people speaking in separate takes!)
*Partners and friends are welcome too! “My name is… and my mother/friend/partner has DID”
*If you’d rather shoot anonymously, you can! Just use a teddy bear or a mask or a sign etc so the camera has something to look at! :) be as inventive as you’d like!
*By sending the video to us, you agree to be on our channel and give us this right to edit and post as such

If you’d like to take part, please attach your video to email and send to:

The deadline will be next weekend (14/01) so I can stick everything I have together and edit in time for the film coming out ^_^

Thank you to everybody who takes part! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here!

Y’all complain way too much???? Like this series has been so good so far? It’s so clever how they’re slowly fitting pieces together? Stop complaining like you knew Stiles wouldn’t be in every episode that’s what the series revolves around?????? Stiles being missing. I know he’s a favourite but like he had to take a load of time out to film for The Maze Runner and then was injured so had to take time out. 

Also, why is everyone only just realising how important Stiles is to Malia? And how awesome Malia is? Like smh guys. 

Corey is so important in this series and y’all are overlooking him so much. So are the rest of like the 2.0 pack since that’s what everyone’s calling them. 

In short, they’re doing really well with this season and everyone should be appreciating it more.


Good morn, evening, night?? to whoevers reading this probably no one thats awesome :’) 

So CALL ME OLD FASHIONED but instead of just having internet friends I think it would be really cool to have an actual pen pal on the other side of the world (or in the same country man i dont even care) 

Ill tell you about myself so you can see how boring i am and youll feel sorry for me and write letters to my sorry ass (:D) 

My name’s Ash and I’m 18 years old. Im from Melbourne in Australia (nothing happens here) (like at all im always fucking bored) 

I’m a university student and Im studying film and photography. Like I said before, Melbourne really isnt cool but I can promise that I will take, print out and send you really cool photos of our cityscape bc its naice. 

I enjoy procrastinating and wasting all of my time watching films and reading waaayyyy too many books, so if you like films and books then we can talk about them all the time yay for that 

I also love music, all kinds really

Id really love to get to know someone in a different country than me. Im looking for someone between the ages of 17-24. Or anything really I dont care. 

Please message me if youre interested :) or just like this post and ill message you :)) 

My handwriting is also shocking so theres that. pls forgive. 

I will send you keyrings of koalas and kangaroos. 

small rant fam

Sorry if this offends you.

OKAY SO, we know Soshitsu, the fourth OVA of tri. comes out next month, alrighty? That’s cool, I am excited, I’m sure you’re lowkey excited as well. I just have a small tiny issue. You see, every OVA we’ve gotten different protagonists; in the first one we got Taichi and Yamato.

In the second one we got Mimi and good old Jou.

In the third one it was Koushiro and Takeru’s time to shine.

In all of these films we got different posters and promotionals with the protagonists of each OVA, which was pretty awesome, we got some really cool stuff. Meiko was in some of them but you know where I’m heading to, I hope.

Flash forward to the fourth OVA, where SORA, Taichi and Yamato are going to be protagonists, but mainly SORA, okay? Do we all agree here?

AND I WAS SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH OF TAIORATO TRASH I AM!!! I was super excited because I thought we were gonna get so many Taiorato posters and promotionals and Taiorato was gonna be in the front page of every Animedia and Otomedia issue and I was gonna be LIVING.

Well, we’re almost one month away from the movie`s release and guess what? Zero. Not a single new Taiorato promotional we’ve gotten since the movie poster, instead we got more Taiyama. 

WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE TAIYAMA. We’ve gotten Taiyama with every single OVA, and I understand, they’re the real Digimon protagonists and that’s what really sells merchandise and magazines. I GET IT. But this was supposed to be a Taiorato film damn it. Would it really kill it off if you could draw Sora in the middle or the corner?

I’m just so disappointed, I wanted to see Sora shine, not only in the film but in all the extra material as well. Everyone’s gotten their time, why must Sora get overshadowed by Taichi and Yamato?? 

It makes me sad and just so agsafguekfs. But anyway, I hope she gets to shine in the movie at least, if not I’ll have to go and burn something up.

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Ok so like

I had this thought

you know how in the flash and legends of tomorrow, they slipped in all these prison break jokes and it was awesome?

well they started filming season 5 of prison break after they finished filming legends, wouldn’t it be great if  they slipped in at least one flash/legends joke? like “Michael, can’t we just do this thing?” “yeah sure, let me just jump in my time ship and I’ll get on that” or “who do you think I am? some kind of super villain?”

Richonne - A thought

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Hello fellow Richonners.  I just wanted to share a thought that I had and @sugarysweetzee agreed with as well.  Some of us, certainly not many, had an issue with the lighting in this scene.  I just wanted to throw in that you really can’t tell much of a difference between Rick and Michonne’s skin tones in this scene.  Yes, we decidedly know the difference and I’m not sure if this was something TWD even considered when filming this particular scene but maybe the lighting was different because of their circumstances but also to show (in more ways than one) that Rick and Michonne are the same.  Yes I’m probably reaching but this is what an OTP as awesome as Richonne does to me.  Thanks for indulging me anyway.

I miss Dreamworks making historical animated films.  Prince of Egypt is AMAZING (still their best movie EVER), Joseph King of Dreams is awesome, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron is great, Sinbad is really good too, The Road to El Dorado was another great one (minus the worshiping white men thing) that the people of color are historically accurate and BROWN and NOT stereotypes/caricatures is fantastic, I REALLY thought they’d continue with that, keep making those gorgeous 2D animated films based on history, that should have been their thing.  But then we got Shrek and it was all downhill from there.