this was a quick one a little over an hour i guess

one year ago we drove to the east bay to see nimmy and go to sick fest. on the way up we ran into underpass at a gas station. on the way out of town we saw jon working at alameda natural grocery. i guess it’s about the time erica wrote me that last letter, she was preparing to visit socal.
last night i played my little casio in a song about a sunbeam, song about a girl. i spent hours of the morning working on a painting, something erica had said once. painted over it. left it outside to warp in the moisture overnight.
this morning i left the house around 7am, walked around my neighborhood, came home and collapsed on the blanket forgotten yesterday in the backyard which is where you’ll find me now.

we’ll drive up for another quick turnaround trip next month for her memorial

Uncle Kurt comes over to babysit

Wordcount: 1,070

Summary: Kurt is requested to babysit Rachel Summers for a night.

“Mein Gott?! Vhat zhe hell is happening?!”

Two hours earlier…

“Uncle Kurt!” Rachel ran towards the blue man and hugged him tight. “I’m so happy we’re having a pajama party tonight!”

“Not so quick, little lady! You gotta be in bed by 8:30” Scott said to his daughter.

“What?! But, daddy! It’s Friday night!” said the little 5 year old.

“It doesn’t matter, love. We’ve talked about this before, so please, behave.” Jean said caressing her little one’s face.

“Okay, mommy” she said, head down and hands to her back. Kurt got a glimpse of what seemed like crossed fingers on Rachel’s hand.

“I guess ve von’t behave for long, right, liebe?” Kurt thought.

“Bye!” the little girl waved to her parents while Kurt lifted her on his arms, standing on the doorstep.

“Take care of uncle Kurt, Rachel!” Jean mocked.

“Auf Wiedersehen, mein freunds!“

“O beer-then!” Rachel tried to say just like Kurt did.

“Pretty close, liebeling” he squeezed her against him and then walked into the house.

Kurt, having the spirit of an eternal child, got crazy as soon as Rachel started to act, well, like a child!

“I want cookies, uncle Kurt!”
And Kurt gave her cookies.

“I want potato chips!”
And Kurt gave her chips.

“I wanna horse ride, pony Kurt!”
And Kurt became a horse for his lovely guest.

“Can we watch a Disney movie?”
“As long as it isn’t zhe hunchback of notre dame, liebe, we can watch any movie”
And they both saw tangled and the beauty and the beast.

“You zhink zhat could happen to me, liebeling?

“What?” she asked, her mouth filled with popcorn.

“Meet a princess even if I look like zhis” Kurt said pointing at his appearance.

“Hmm… not really…”

“Ouch. Zhat vas harsh” he said a little hurt. Kids always tell the truth.

“…Because you isn’t mean like the beast, uncle Kurt. You are kind, and like a teddy bear. You are a prince…” she said leaning on his arm and petting his fur.

He was very fond of the little girl’s touch when she suddenly gasped and jumped off the couch.


“YOU ARE A PRINCE! AND YOU ARE BLUE! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!” she said, excitement filling the room.

“Zhat I look like a smurf or an avatar prince…?” he asked missing her point.


Then Kurt understood why she fangirled so bad.

“I’ll wait until my blue prince comes and saves me!” Rachel shouted from the top of the stairs with a very big princess dress.

“Here I am, milady!” Kurt jumped out at the end of the stairs dressed as a prince with a sword on his tail. “And I vill save you… Vhat am I saving you from?”

Rachel screamed like a damsel in distress.

“Carefull, my blue prince! Here comes the dragon!” she said pointing to her stuffed dragon.

“Zhou shall not vorry, mein liebe! I’ll save you!” And with those words, Kurt threw himself towards the stuffed animal. After an endless war with the fierce dragon, the stuffed animal ‘stole’ Kurt’s sword and ‘stabbed him to death’.


“NOOOOOO!!! BLUE PRINCE!” Rachel shouted, running down the stairs.

Kurt was lying on the floor holding his chest ad if he was really hurt.

“I’m sorry, mein liebe. I failed you…”

“You know what you need?”

“Vhat?” he said, getting a little out of his character.

“A kiss” she said just as she leaned forward. He got scared to hell, until the little one gave him a little kiss on the forehead.

“Oh!” he said relieved. “I feel my energies coming to me again!” and with a jump, he ‘killed’ the dragon.

“My hero! “ she hugged Kurt.

“You scared me vizh the ‘kiss’ part” he said.

“Don’t worry, mommy explained to me that kisses are just for parents, or people that is going to marry, and we are not getting married. Ew. We are friends, duh…” she left to the kitchen.

“Vell… I’m sorry to tell you zhis, mein freund, but you have to go to bed…”

“No, uncle Kurt! Please!”

“I’m sorry. It’s already half past your bedtime.”

After a while of fighting, begging and a bit crying, Rachel got into bed. Kurt kissed her forehead, turned off the lights and got out of the door.

Few minutes had passed away when Kurt started to hear weird sounds near him. He ignored them when they finished, but then they came again. He turned around and saw the dragon he was fighting earlier was floating behind him and approaching.

“Mein Gott! Vhat zhe hell is happening?!”

Moments later, some other things began to float and move around him. Dishes, candles, books… all of them moving around Kurt.

“Ist eine geister!” he shouted and then ran upstairs to check on Rachel.

“RACHEL!” he screamed, but when he got into her room, she was missing. “RACHEL! VHERE ARE YOU?!”


The blue man turned around scared. Jean was at the door of her daughter’s room.


Scott walked in with Rachel in his arms.

“Do you have anything to say to Kurt? Look how worried he is”

“I’m sorry, uncle Kurt…” she said, eyes on the floor.

“Vhat? I don’t understand…”

“There’s no ghost… It was me… I didn’t wanted to go to bed…” she said pouting.

“I still don’t get any of zhis…” he said looking at Scott, then Jean, and after that to Rachel. He really didn’t get a thing.

“I can do what mommy does… And I moved the things. But I didn’t wanted to scare you, I just wanted to keep playing with you… You are fun…”

“So… She’s like you…?” he asked Jean.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but we all agreed that she would behave…” she gave a hard look to her daughter.

“I’m sorry”

After clearing up all the mess, Kurt began to say goodbye to his friend to go back to his house.

“You know, next time we could use your povers and mine and have an even better time” Kurt whispered when she hugged Rachel. He backed a little bit and winked at her.

“If that ever happens, I think we will need you both to be babysitted by someone else” Scott said as Jean hid her face on her hand.

[Request by @shakespearevillain. I’m very sorry for the delay]

Mostly Fine [Emmet/Samael]

The hospital was by no means his favourite place to be. After all that time he’d spent there himself, Emmet would have been glad to never set foot in one of those hellholes again. Yet there he was, arriving right on time for visiting hours at that. He was glad to have done a quick check on that, wouldn’t have been good to wait too long and miss the chance completely.

Ignoring the rude nurse who stared a little too much at his unfortunate look for the day, he headed for ward three. Pidge followed close as always, though both man and ghost remained quiet until they reached the right room.

“Knock knock, guess who!” His entrance was a teensy bit too dramatic. Then again, everything about Emmet was a bit too dramatic. He offered Samael a smirk as he strutted over to them, pausing a short distance from the bed to bring a hand up to his chin. “Hmm… If this is what you call ‘not bad’, I’d hate to see your ‘seriously hurt’.”