this was a productive afternoon

“…Let’s build the snowman….”

My baby – I’m so proud! ヽ(^▽^)ノ But I don’t know if he’ll survive till the next morning because of the weather *sob*

What photo manipulation? Pffft! That’s my real face right there! Who in hell wouldn’t be thrilled to sit on Stanford’s lap? While making such a face? Don’t you dare to judge me!

15.12.16 // Studying English Literature. Finally. After two intense days. On monday I joined a singing contest and it was awful, they destroyed me as a person so, you see, I didn’t want to study.

Yesterday it was a pretty tiring day. I studied a little bit, but I was not feeling well. In fact today I’m stuck in bed with flu and despite this I’m trying to be productive. I’m trying not to think about bad things that have happened to me in these days and I’m trying to focus on the good things.

Plus I’m starting to worry about exams and if I think about them I get very anxious, but it doesn’t matter. I will do the best I can.

3.14.17 - ̗̀  happy pi day  ̖́- | 6:22pm | 1/100 days of productivity

spent the afternoon relaxing and reviewing the preterite because tbh we’ve learned so many verb tenses this year that i’m mixing them up!!

also i’m starting the 100 days of productivity challenge today :) i won’t be going for 100 consecutive days because i know i won’t be able to do that, but i’m going to try to actually finish it this time!

(notes inspired by @studyquill)


Revenge of the Sith | Behind the Scenes | You got a suit? Suit up! 

The Darth Vader mask for Revenge of the Sith was rebuilt from scratch, using a new digital design to computer-lathe the base master, from which molds were made to cast the on-screen costume masks. The resulting masks are, for the first time in Star Wars history, truly symmetrical.

“The breath? The breath! I got them to… the guy who made the costume (Ivo Coveney), I got him to make a little voice box, or asked him if he could and he was kind enough to oblige. He made a little breathing apparatus, so I could flip a switch and I would get the full effect of the Darth Vader breathing when I walked on the set for the first time.” - Hayden Christensen

On September 1, 2003, late in the afternoon, the Episode III production descended on Stage 4, where the minimal set of the rehabilitation center was built with just a table on a raised platform. With a crowd gathering to witness Darth Vader’s return and Hayden Christensen getting dressed in a specially set-up wardrobe tent next to the set which had been constructed as a makeshift dressing room because Hayden in his Vader costume couldn’t walk very far. Everything was going according to plan when Lucas realized that they never thought to make cuffs for the ankles. Using bits of a nearby sprinkler system, Ivo Coveney (the Costume Props Supervisor) was able to deliver the ankle cuffs in 20 minutes, just in time for filming. After arriving on set to loud applause, Hayden and the crew filmed the transformation. In one of the takes, the face plate of the mask was lowered onto Hayden’s face by a crew member using a pole.

its so weird trying to function daily while constantly having an existential crisis, like I’ll be washing the dishes and be thinking about how the atoms of particles I’m scrubbing off this plate could be rearranged to make a casserole, or like when I clean the bathroom all I can think about is how nothing matters literally nothing matters, my existence is of incomprehensibly minuscule importance, and yet here I am with my rubber gloves and bleach cleaning products just having a normal Sunday afternoon