this was a problem

Do you ever feel alone while you were surrounded by your friends?
—  eleflourishing
Expect fireworks?

I don’t know how to feel about that but there are GUY FAWKES (you know, a reminder of TEH), GUNPOWDER (Chekhov’s gun), PLOT (speculation about plot holes in S4), CONSPIRATOR (TJLCer and TFHCer) and FIREWORKS (at Niagara Falls foreshadowed by print on Sherlock’s mug in TLD) in one tweet.

Don’t you have something to tell us, Mark?

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To celebrate the 2017 Academy Awards this Sunday, I’ve done comics for 10 of this year’s Oscar nominated films… from the point of view of animals who were in them. This is HIDDEN FIGURES. Check back periodically between now and Sunday night to see them all!

i’ve just been told by a 21 year old that just because i’m 16, i can’t have any real problems and that i need to grow up.

because it’s not like i’ve been starving myself since the age of 12, self harming since 14, and been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and bpd. it’s not like i had to quit my job due to so much stress i started to deteriorate, destroyed every relationship that ever actually meant anything to me, felt so worthless that i thought about ending my own life, and was emotionally abused by someone who was very close to me.

don’t let anyone tell you that your problems aren’t legitimate, that they don’t exist, or that they’re stupid just because of something irrelevant like your AGE.

your problems are real
your problems are valid