this was a pretty good short

and suddenly i see what he means when he calls her beautiful. she’s not pretty in the traditional sense of the word, but suddenly it seems like she is. it seems like just by looking at her, i can see everything good about her - her strength, her resilience, her empathy, her loyalty, her compassion, and it’s like a mind trick that smooths over her imperfections and enhances them to be beautiful. suddenly i am seeing how her big eyes make for a doe-eyed smile and her short hair reflects the sunlight and suddenly i am seeing why he looks at her like a dying man.
—  // lily rose.

Kiku (Japan)- Kiku is usually a pretty quiet, soft spoken guy, so he’d most likely fall for someone who’s pretty mellow. They wouldn’t necessarily have to be as quiet as him, but he would prefer someone who isn’t super loud or boisterous most of them time. He’s also a huge introvert, so he likes to spend a good bit of time by himself to unwind, so someone who could understand that he needs time by himself would definitely be ideal to him. Appearance wise he likes people who have pretty short hair, but that’s not always the case. 

Feliciano (Italy)- Feli would look for someone who’s pretty upbeat and happy, much like himself. If that didn’t work out, he’d also be fine with someone who would be able to handle his bubbly personality. One of his favorite things to do is cook, so having an s/o who’s good at it or at least willing to learn with him is something he would be happy about. He’d also want an s/o was kind as well, because he values that virtue a lot. He likes blond(e)s, but only slightly, so in ways of physical appearance he’s not very picky. 

Ludwig (Germany)- Although Ludwig wouldn’t mind a serious person as his s/o, he’ probably lean more toward someone who’s more lighthearted. He tends to be a bit of a workaholic, so an s/o who can get him out of that mood would be highly appreciated. He likes to exercise pretty often too, so someone who wouldn’t mind going on things like morning jogs with him would definitely improve his view of them.  He has a little bit of a preference for people who are shorter than him, but that’s never a deal-breaker. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- Gilbert’s pretty energetic and loud, so having a less talkative s/o might be good for him. Although having an s/o that’s just as energetic as him would be enjoyable for him too. He loves to play video games, so he would love to have an s/o who was interested in them too so they could play together. He also spends a lot of his time on the internet, so he’d most likely want an s/o who could relate to that. He’s not very set on anything appearance wise either, so he really wouldn’t care what his ideal s/o would look like. 

Tiny handwriting says:

Possibilities for Nynaeve’s original braid
← basic plait OR French braid →

Very short braid OR hair worn loose - possibilities for Nynaeve’s hairstyle after her test (although it could be even shorter than I’ve drawn here)

I’d been assuming that Nynaeve just started wearing her hair loose after her testing, and that’s what I’ve seen depicted in fan art. But then there’s this: 

Nynaeve reached for her braid, but it now came only to her shoulders. She gritted her teeth at that.

- Towers of Midnight, chapter 33 “A Good Soup”

Which sounds like what only reaches her shoulders is still a braid. A very short braid, perhaps a short braid that becomes untidy quickly, but nevertheless a braid.

And that makes sense. Nynaeve doesn’t wear her hair in a braid just because she thinks it looks pretty or because that’s the easiest way to manage her long hair (although both of those things may also be true). Her braid symbolises her status as a Two Rivers woman. Short hair means a longer plait is no longer possible, and it might mean that she no longer needs to braid her hair to keep it under control. But that doesn’t change that braiding her hair is an important part of how Nynaeve expresses her cultural identity. 

Maybe there’s going to be reference later on to Nyneave with unbraided hair, but for now I’m just going to image Nynaeve with a super short braid… 

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Lou... So much drama on Stephen's page today. Lots of people posting/backing the idea that Arrow was a train wreck in season 4 or is becoming a train wreck when it comes to writing (Olicity among other things came up). I know stephen is pretty blunt in saying it doesn't bother him and he thinks the quality is still there otherwise they wouldn't make it. Do you think any of that stuff winds itself back to the network, writers, etc? Think it has any impact? Or could impact choices?

Short answer, Nonnie - No.

Long answer - Nnnnoooo.

People sounding off on these kinds of forum are generating buzz. You know, the thing they claim Arrow isn’t worthy of because it’s so shit? 

The very fact that they’re SO invested and are going to the trouble of leaving comments on Stephen’s page means they care. Which is all any show can ask of their audience. 

Silence is what shows and networks fear the most, Nonnie, not complaining. They LOVE complaining. 

If the haters had a lick of sense they’d stop talking, stop generating buzz because that is just about the ONLY way to have an impact. Why do you think a certain birdie is no longer with us? A big reason is because people barely talked about her. 

Silence is to be feared, not complaints, because that means they’ve made people invest enough to care, . :) 

I had done a stacked a-line cut, but I’d always wanted a pixie cut.  Well a few years ago my mom said to just do it since I’d always wanted to…despite her saying for years that curvy girls with round faces shouldn’t….well I chickened out because other people talked me out of it.  Well the other day I decided to do it….can’t be worse than green, right.  I had my mom cut it for me, she has a good bit of trial and error experience over some years.   I love it, I was unsure at first, and afraid I had made a mistake but no, I really like it, I feel no less cute and pretty with it short 

TFW cool fans give ya cool messages


Heh. Greetings from the local lazy pun telling bird. So, I’m sorry if this isn’t much, I’ve been in a sort of art funk (art block I guess) for a while, but, I felt like giving my own “thanks” to this cool lil’ blog. It’s pretty sweet! And done pretty differently from a lot of the other’s. Also, I love how you answer stuff~ Feels pretty close to the canon. 

Anyways, I’ve typed enough. short and sweet, y'know? I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing this blog continue to flourish and such


Thank you so much! We try very hard to stick to the canon. I seriously cannot believe that this blog is reaching the point that it’s receiving fan art. It’s insane. And this drawing??? Oh my goodness. I ADORE it! Brittany and I freaked out when we saw this in the inbox. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this. It’s so cute and you are so talented wow. As a nonequivalent thank you, I give you an Undertale sprite of yourself. If there’s anything you’d like changed don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again!!! - Abby

Omg there was an entire family of Mormons* (SIX children!!) traveling to New York. Can you imagine the cost of that many plane tickets!?! And you know Mom doesn’t work.

Also some rando came over to compliment the mom on her brood of Aryan children (“they are all so beautiful and look just like you!”).

and I wanted to grab the children and be like RUNNNNnnnn

*powers of deduction: no coffee, long shorts on the girls, prayed before breakfast, we’re close-ish to Utah, also I have pretty good Mormon-radar

Last night it took me a second to fully realize that I wasn’t just listening to a recording of the Cure and that Robert Smith was actually playing those songs right in front of me. The Cure is one of those bands I’ve listened to 500 times, but it was crazy to hear it performed live. His voice still sounds as good as it did 30 years ago. Im always worried I’ll be disappointed by going to big shows, but so far it’s been worth it to see my heroes (except Bad Brains, they were terrible lol). I also have a very short attention span, so any artist that can hold my attention for 2+ hours is pretty awesome. I think I saw the Big Dipper too.

Its a bet! (Jack B Imagine)

~Request: Can you do a Jack one where you’re best friends and you share a drunken kiss. But it actually meant something to you and yeahh please? :)~

(Fun fact: this happened to me once but he didn’t feel the same lmao)

After a long, quite annoying day at Warped Tour, you were finally back on the bus, chilling with ATL. You were the merch girl for Hit The Lights, and there were a lot of bitchy people today, so you were quite ready for a drink. Since you and HTL were great friends with the Baltimore boys, you were all more than happy to head over to their bus.

Three hours and five shots of Malibu and Smirnoff later, you were stumbling around with everyone else, singing to Green Day and laughing and just fucking around. Your good friend and long time crush, Jack, came up behind you and lazily put his arm on your head (you were pretty short so its normal for him to do that) “Heeeey Y/N” he slurred and took a sip of whatever mix of soda and alcohol he was drinking. “Heeeey Jack” You mocked him and giggled. You two made conversation until you both stumbled into the back lounge to see beer pong was set up earlier (but abandoned not soon after) “Waaanna play?” Jack smiled confidently. He was the best beer pong player of the All Time Low crew, but what was so funny about that, was you were the best beer pong player of the Hit The Lights crew. “Ohh you’re -hic- you’re on!”

“Not fair!” Jack yelled drunkly, as you got into his second to last cup. You danced in triumph, and some cheered. Playing drew a couple people in, so they were watching. “I’m kicking your ass” You slurred, even though both of you had one cup left. “I’m gonna win you know it!” Jack retorted. Suddenly, Alex popped up, almost falling down and yelled “Bet on something!” You and Jack thought that would be a good idea so you said “Alllllriiight. Jack if I win I can have your boner shirt!” Someone in the audience literally gasped. You always loved that shirt (besides it smelled like Jack) Jack grumbled something then said “Ok well if I win… You gotta kiss me!” 

‘Holy shit’ You thought to yourself, you tried not to blush but you did. Luckily the room was dimly lit so nobody noticed. You heard a couple “oooooo”s in the crowd but you ignored them. “Its a bet.” You drunkly winked.

 Jack had the ball so he was to go… needless to say he got in into the last cup. Everyone cheered and you were extremely nervous now, as ya know, your huge crush on him. Also didn’t help you were very disoriented from the alcohol, so you were a bit overwhelmed when you felt Jack grab your hand and pull you into a bunk. You didn’t even know what was happening, and you couldn’t see in the darkness of the bunk. Suddenly, he kissed you, and there was a sudden sense of nothing. Like all the nervousness and overwhelmed feeling just lifted away instantly. It was wonderful. You finally started kissing back. Jack gently pushed you down so you were laying down and he was leaning over you, hand on your waist.

~The next morning~

You woke up with fuzzy vision and a pounding headache. You just wanted to get out of the bunk and get some water, when you realized you had someones limp arm across your torso. You looked over to see Jack. He still smelled of alcohol. You looked down in a panic to see how much of your clothes came off but it seems just your shirt did. You sighed in relief that you didn’t have sex with him.. you don’t really remember everything that happened but being in the same bed as him, you can easily assume you kissed him.. a lot (you could also tell by the marks on his neck)

You gently lifted his arm off of you so you could get out of the bunk, trying not to wake him up. You managed to get onto the floor and walk to the nearest non alcoholic drink that was laying around, which was a half empty bottle of Tiki Punch. It wasn’t water, but hey it was something. 

Most of HTL woke up early to look better as they had an early show, but you and their manager were still there, along with ATL and their crew, and somehow I guess some of Mayday Parade got there some time last night. Most people were asleep, and basically everyone who was up were half asleep due to their massive hangovers. You sat down next to a half asleep Matt Flyzik with your Tiki Punch in hand. 

You could’t stop thinking about Jack ‘Did we actually kiss? I mean I remember doing so.. sorta…’ You sighed ‘It was nothing more than a drunken kiss… I mean I like him but there’s no way he likes me.. I mean he might but I don’t know. I don’t remember him saying he did… but if he did it would have just been the alcohol.. but alcohol doesn’t necessarily make you lie it just makes you brutally truly honest or maybe that is only with some people or..’ Your thoughts were interrupted when you saw Jack stumble out. He rested his elbows on the counter and held his head in his hands. ‘….Does he even remember?’ You wonder.

~Later that day~

You lazily hand a nice woman the shirt she just bought. You have been feeling gross all day from the hangover, and you just cant stop thinking about what Jack thinks. You want to ask but you don’t even know if he remembers. He was asleep when you left so he may have not even known you were there. Finally, nobody was in line to buy merch so you just sat down and thought, sipping on your bottle of water.Out of nowhere, Zack sent you a text. Usually you guys don’t talk much, so it was weird that he was texting you

Zack: Hey, Jack needs to talk to you. Go to our bus!

You were confused, and technically you weren’t suppose to leave the stand, but obviously it seemed important if Jack needed to talk to you, but wouldn’t ask you to come talk to him himself.

You snuck off and made it to their bus. You knocked on the door, and the familiar lanky Lebanese boy opened the door. He let you in, not saying a word, which was weird for him. Seemed nobody was on the bus. “What’s up?” You ask and sit down on the couch. Jack sat down next to you, looking weirdly nervous. “Uhh… Y/N do you remember anything from last night..?” You started to worry. You nodded and he continued “Do you remember us… ya know” You nodded again. Jack looked down at his twiddling thumbs and stuttered “D.. Did you.. Ya know… feel anything?” 

You got really nervous. “What exactly do you mean by that?” Jack sighed “Like… did you feel a spark in.. in between us? Like we could be…” The skunk boy paused and then continued “Like we could be more than just a drunken kiss..?” 

Your heart was doing back flips in your chest, but you tried your best to keep your cool, and stuttered out “Well… Do you feel anything?” Jack hid his face but you could see the rosy tint rush to his cheeks. “Uhh……… well, yeah.” He looked up and smiled at you nervously. Your lips curled into a huge grin and you hugged him. “I felt something too… I just wanted to know if you felt the same before I said anything” You said resting your head on his shoulder. Jack jokingly pouted. “Well that’s not fair. I thought you didn’t feel the same” You both started laughing, and when the laughter faded away you both kinda just looked into eachothers eyes.

“Ya know.. even before the kiss, I had feelings for you Y/N..” Jack said softly, a bit nervous about how you would react. You smiled and responded “Its ok… I feel the same.” Jack started to smile like an idiot and looked down at his lap, but looked back up at you and his smile dissipated. You both sat in silence looking into eachothers eyes, thinking about what to do next.. It seemed like forever, when you heard someone from the bunks say “God just kiss already!” You both turned towards whoever said that, and there was Rian watching you guys. You started to laugh until you felt Jacks hand turn your head towards him, and he started to lean in..

(Hope you liked it!!! Also, if you haven’t heard Hit The Lights, holy shit LISTEN TO THEM. They’re fantastic!!)

◢ through all of the excitement of roleplaying with everyone, it appears that i forgot to properly introduce myself, so this mun intro is a little late, but…hello! i’ll try to keep this short, as not to bore anyone with my incessant rambling, haha.

◢ i’m siri! short for sierra. i actually haven’t roleplayed in years, so i’m a little rusty, but i think i’ve been getting back into the groove of things the more i write…! my face claim is yasuraoka hanabi from kuzu no honkai (a reallyyy good manga). i’m a pretty average girl with a passion for voice acting.

◢ if anyone is interested, my skype is syndalkin, and i love to make new friends! we can discuss rp ideas, or just have small mindless conversations to pass the time. anything you’re up to!

◢ also, if anyone is interested in seeing any of my voice acting work, i actually have a danganronpa voice acting blog and a youtube channel (albeit my channel is a bit bare as of right now…)! ahh, sorry to shamelessly promote myself, its just i get so very excited when it comes to voice acting.

◢ its very nice to meet you all!


Honorwatch Animated Short | “Dragunz”

The Overwatch shorts have really good visuals and animation, but really bad writing, which makes them pretty predictable. So predictable, that in a recent stream, I said I could predict how the next one will go. 

And then I animated it.

BTS Maknae line - Girlfriends

>>Hyung line


  • Really cute and extremely kind
  • Has to be able to keep up with all of Jimin’s need for PDA
  • Probably pretty short 
  • Has the habit of scrunching her nose up when she is embarrassed
  • Not incredibly good a cooking 
  • Slight romantic 
  • Laughs when she is embarrassed but usually just giggles
  • Has cute plushies hanging off of her bag
  • Bage Trench coats
  • Flowy Skirts 
  • Probably incredibly bad at dancing ( Jimin would find it so cute lol)
  • Pretty shy, but once she opens up is so adorable
  • Has a lot hidden but doesn’t seem like it
  • Cares about too many people 
  • Kind of a push over? ( Jimin wouldn’t take advantage of this, but rather treasure it…) 
  • Soft and sweet voice 
  • Doesn’t really make the other’s around her feel necessarily happy  with her vibe, but rather with the secret support that she gives the people that she cares about 
  • Really open to anyone, but could come off as initially cold because she’s incredibly shy 
  • More introverted 
  • Secretly a little perverted ??? Knows the stuff but doesn’t really talk about it…
  • Has a sneaky side to her but only uses it in extreme circumstances
  • Cries when angry or having a fight; not the type to ‘scream’ at each other 
  • Good with one on one conversations talking about the thoughts going on in each other’s heads
  • Hides a lot but has one single person (JIMIn) that she can tell almost everything too 
  • Just a really comfortable ,cute, and loving person
  • She would definitely have to be extremely beautiful on the inside , really caring for the other’s around her 
  • Honestly the type to cry into a pillow when no one is looking so that people don’t worry about her < I know it’s sad but many people are like that… please watch out for them :( >  
  • Just full with endless amounts of love, but only gives it to a selected amount of people ; it would make Jimin feel special 
  • Two words - Kind, Adorable 


  • Playful but very thoughtful 
  • Kind of motherly? 
  • Oversized clothing 
  • Extremely devoted 
  • Vans ( I don’t even know why…) 
  • Easily reads people - People’s emotions 
  • More extroverted 
  • Easily excited 
  • Extremely caring , but more open about it than Jimin's 
  • Good at making sweets (baking) but not at cooking 
  • Probably a little chubby ( like baby fat ) 
  • Has a dog 
  • Watches cartoon junior when she is sick 
  • Very considerate ; careful in what she says but still gets the message across ( if u know what i mean) 
  • Probably wears a bunch of oversized shoes that are worn out
  • Glasses
  • Has a discrete yet big presence 
  • Dances while baking ; doesn’t care who’s looking 
  • Picky with her food ( Don’t ask me why) 
  • Loves babies and is a little family oriented ( not as much as Taehyung) 
  • Loves the beach 
  • Can’t wink 
  • Has a secret stash of chocolate in her cupboard 
  • Has a small yet cozy home 
  • Breaks lots of things easily ( Namjoon haha ) 
  • Goes really quiet when fighting ; looks down at the floor and starts playing with her fingers 
  • Good at slow dancing, bad a hip-hop or any type of urban dance
  • Makes really good pasta (that’s the only thing she can make) 
  • Has lots of home parties with her friends 
  • Makes a scrapbook for a birthday present 
  • Seems innocent is innocent 
  • Friends seem annoying but love each other 
  • Listens to a lot of acoustic music 
  • Hides feelings from most people, but still easily talks about them in front of her real friends ( Not as limited as Jimin’s) 
  • Just a really cheery and happy person 
  • Secretly cares about what people think about her A LOT 
  • Loves her friends and family so much 
  • Two words - Cheerful , thoughtful 


  • Mature yet somehow innocent 
  • A little selfish (not necessarily in a bad way) 
  • Really thoughtful and caring, but is really hesitant in showing it 
  • Into PDA ( surprised u right ? ) 
  • Shy but not as why as Jimin’s, shy in a way that she is already content with her friends, and doesn’t really find it necessary to go around making new one's 
  • Has a really cute and SUPER adorable side to her
  • Ripped black Skinny jeans 
  • WHITE TEE>?!? no… BAnd T-SHIrtssss
  • Good at singing , OK at sports 
  • Good at cooking, pretty good a baking 
  • Loves movies ( probably a marvel fan lol) 
  • Reads a lot ; literature is her getaway 
  • Poetic in a way
  • Gets easily embarrassed but just as easily embarrasses you 
  • Seems corrupted is innocent 
  • A little straightforward
  • More introverted
  • Analysis many people but rather than how they feel, how they think 
  • Slightly clumsy 
  • Simplistic bag 
  • Really cute when she smiles, like a giggle 
  • Text’s to ask if they can cuddle 
  • Goes away when angry (wants to be alone) , goes to a quiet place where she can get her thoughts together 
  • Makes really good smoothie's 
  • Comes to the practice room, but just drops the food by and goes away
  • Does a lot behind the scenes 
  • Not very social at parties
  • Type to lock herself in the bathroom when she is sad  
  • Really quiet when she wants to be - really loud when she’s energetic 
  • Seems pretty bland but is a big romantic 
  • Just really really really sweet , but in secret 
  • Two words - Sweet, shy

// OMG this is so long…SOOOO i just wanted to say that i don’t want to label anyone in any way, and this is solely my opinion in who i see them ending up with. I honestly don’t see any of them really particularly caring about physical appearance, and this is why i didn’t add a lot of the physical aspect on the descriptions. I really hope that this was what you hoped for, and that i didn’t disappoint you :( uGHHH while i was writing this i kept thinking about their future partners, and how lucky they would be. I just hope that they end up with someone that they actually love and I wish that they could do all of the cute fluffy couple-y stuff that normal people do. I would be so angry (well not really ) if they apologize if they get a girlfriend. Like they deserve happiness, having a girlfriend and being in a relationship is a natural part of life… I hope that all the other fans would accept this as well. ANYWAY>>>> I hope you enjoyed<3 If you request, i could do the Hyung line as well <3<3 //

(Staff) Account~Jungkook

 During Boy in Luv,Jungkook had red hair and short fringe.When it was first shown to fans,it didn’t get very good responses.So,after that,Jungkook went to the company staff and was like ‘‘the fans don’t find my hair nice ㅠㅠㅠ’‘ and was a bit sulky.

 After that incident,the staff all doted on him a lot and made it a point to praise him whenever they see him ’‘Jungkookie’s hair has grown pretty long~’‘ and ‘‘Jungkookie’s hair is so pretty’‘

© 정국아 이거 받으라


“We were told by his owner that surrendered him that he is a pure bred Teddy Roosevelt Terrier… AKA a Rat Terrier with short little legs. Teddy will need a person that is comfortable with giving him his insulin shot, 2 times a day, which he doesn’t mind AT ALL. He will also need to be on a pretty strict diet and will need exercise daily to keep him healthy and happy. Diabetes won’t slow him down or lessen his quality of life as long as it’s kept in check. Teddy is a sweet, affectionate dog, he LOVES A GOOD NECK RUB OR BACK SCRATCH. He will back right up to you and ask for a good scratch. He travels well in the car and does well on the leash.”

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Hey Rev! I'm been a fan of Vinesauce for a good while now, but I feel like I'm really missing out on the content the other streamers have to offer. I was wondering, could you do a short summary of what everyone does when they stream? I'd really like to check them all out when I have the time. Thanks!

Alrighty! You can get links to everyone’s channels via though Vinny Joel and I do the most stuff on youtube everyone else is pretty damn active on Twitch.

KY: Does a lot of indie games and talks music from time to time. Good if you want a streamer that will make you think. He will find a game you have never heard of and make you love it.

Joel: Metalhead hipster with a high energy humor know for emulating versions of windows and getting as many viruses on it as possible.

Direboar: I haven’t seen a Direboar stream in a while mainly because the dude streams at really bad hours for me. I think he recently finished Bloodborn and is moving on to the newest Dark Souls.

Vinny: Chill dude with a pension to ramp up when he is doing something particularly odd. Well known for “corruptions” which fundamentally mess with the code of NES SNES and N64 games for hilarious results. I can’t really describe the weird shit that goes down.

Limes: Again streams at times that aren’t really easy for me to catch but is a good streamer. She does a balance of cutesy stuff and brutal mayhem that makes for a fun stream.

Jen: Chill as fuck. Not afraid to tell it like it is. Besides Overwatch I think she has become completely absorbed by Stardew Valley and Rupaul’s drag race.

Rev: I play really fucked up flash games and have a dry absurdist sense of humor. If you search the “RevScarecrow” tag on tumblr you can find a shit ton of stuff related to me.

Hootey: Genuinely one of the smartest and kindest people I’ve ever met. Which is why I like to fuck with him. Recently he has gotten super into the speed running scene and is really good at Punch Out and Ninja Gaiden 2.

Fred: A good guy with a down to earth kinda stream. Last I saw he was streaming Starcraft 2 and his calculus homework.

Imakuni: Loves Sonic and Persona. Those kinda games are her thing. Her energy level is either at a solid 1 or a 20 on a 10 point scale.

FearGingers: Has a shit internet connection now and basically doesn’t stream much any more but is a good guy. On the rare occasion that his stream is live I’d recommend watching it. It will be another few months before you see him again.

Darren: Is consistently drunk and plays mostly open world games. Kinda rare that I catch a Darren stream now just because of the times he streams.

GeePM: #buffstuff #plur Total sweetheart and a great entertainer. He’s a fairly recent addition to the group but has been around the community for years. Miiverse hell is I think his biggest draw which I haven’t seen much of but he has a knack for combing through Miiverse and finding the absolute worst shit. It’s great.

That’s the shortest descriptions of what everyone does that I can give right now. If people wanna sound off in the comments and add to it I’d appreciate it.


So if you’re wondering why there’s been a lack of posts this semester this thing here is why. Here’s Catch & Release, a short film I made for my final year at CCAD!

I ran into soooo much issues while working on this, but I learned A LOT, and my teachers were very supportive and helpful. I couldn’t have done it without them!!

The score was composed by Alex (@rosettimusic​) and it’s pretty sweet!! Please check his stuff out ok. It’s good stuff.

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headcanon about people making fun of andrew's height?

i literally have 10 prompts in my ask rn BUT THIS WOULDN’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD…. so here you go friend

warnings for a mention of drake and general insults

  • alright lbr there aren’t many people that would fuck with andrew
  • at this point the world’s got a pretty good idea of what would happen if they did
  • BUT
  • there are the few who think that they’re Too Cool™ and that andrew wouldn’t be able to fight them off
  • they’re wrong
  • example 1: the foxes (pretend no one has graduated yet, ok? ok.) are at an away game
  • possibly at Evermore??
  • and this six foot six HUGE raven is taunting andrew throughout the entire game
  • things like: 
  • “surprised you could even reach to stop that ball, minyard.”
  • “thank god you’re too short to see your own reflection in the mirror every morning… even if you weren’t i’d avoid it as much as possible if i were you”
  • the insults get progressively more personal and offensive as time goes on
  • “did your foster mommy have to get two booster seats for you just so you could reach the table? bet that’s why no one would keep you.”
  • “didn’t know drake liked ‘em short”
  • andrew refuses to give the raven the satisfaction of him taunting back so he settles for closing the goal 
  • but to everyone’s surprise (even andrew’s) allison is the one who goes after the raven
  • she puts an end to his shit FAST and the guy ends up getting red carded (don’t ask me how he just does, ok?)
  • allison gives andrew a little nod as she is herded off the court by an angry wymack (who is secretly proud lbr)
  • andrew doesn’t really give a shit when people make fun of how tall he is
  • i mean most of the foxes aren’t the tallest anyway and andrew knows he could beat the shit out of pretty much anybody
  • BUT the same can’t be said for the rest of the team
  • aaron is pretty much indifferent as well, having dealt with it most of his life, but he isn’t opposed to punching someone when they get a little too annoying or he’s just not in the mood to deal with them
  • dan takes care of it on the court and hurls insults at whoever’s taunting the twins or neil about their height
  • allison makes it her mission to slap the other player’s stick out of their hands so hard that they won’t fully recover feeling in their hand until days afterwards
  • kevin is too focused on exy to do much of anything when it happens on the court, but off the court he is his normal condescending/asshole self until the person goes away
  • don’t screw with his team or he will fuck u up
  • renee is sweet about it, saying something like: “that isn’t very nice, *player name*. perhaps you should apologize?”
  • which somehow scares the shit out of whoever’s making fun of andrew’s height because they can just tell you don’t mess with renee
  • matt stands up for anyone of the foxes, whether it’s a monster or one of the upperclassmen
  • you do not mess with his team, ok?
  • he will beat you the fuck up and doesn’t give a shit if he gets carded
  • nicky gets very offended on andrew’s behalf and goes on a rant
  • eventually the person insulting andrew leaves because nicky is scary as hell when he’s angry and ranting… especially when you’ve messed with a member of his family
  • we already know neil has an Attitude Problem™
  • BUT
  • neil loses his SHIT when someone insults andrew’s height
  • he’s hurling insults at whoever decided it would be a good idea to insult andrew minyard and it literally takes kevin, matt, and nicky to hold him back
  • if they weren’t there neil would be pouncing on the asshole and beating the ever-loving shit out of him
  • later, once andrew is patching up his bloody knuckles in the bathroom, he’ll glare at neil and say, “idiot”
  • “what? they were making fun of you.”
  • “368%”
  • two weeks later allison wins $150 when renee ends up punching a guy for insulting andrew about his height and not backing down when she kindly asked him to

opsmason asked:

Do you maintain a public list of your favorite books? I'm looking for some good fiction to read this summer and I know you've mentioned some titles in the past.

I have a pretty extensive bookshelf at goodreads. You can find it by searching for my name there.

But because I know you won’t, here’s a short list for you to examine:

  • Carter Beats The Devil
  • House of Leaves
  • Leviathan’s Wake
  • The End is Nigh
  • Maplecroft
  • The Martian
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • Redshirts
  • Snowcrash
  • Caught Stealing
  • American Gods