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tell us about amelia peabody?? should we read it???

all right, my friend

the short answer to this question is “yes, absolutely,” but i can try to elaborate

do you like indiana jones? the mummy? boy have i got something for you

the series:

  • it’s 19 books long, which seems like a lot but trust me, it’s worth it
  • elizabeth peters aka barbara mertz is the author
    • she’s an egyptologist so the history & archaeology are really good!
  • the whole series is written as amelia’s journals, with some other povs added later
    • listen i love amelia’s perspective but manuscript h …
  • amelia is a super unreliable narrator but she’s also hilarious, which is a great combination imo
  • the series starts in 1884 and goes up to 1923
    • especially in later books the political issues of the time become pretty important
  • the first book is crocodile on the sandbank and it’s pretty short so go for it (reading/publication order here)
  • (almost) every year the family goes to egypt to excavate and they always get caught in a mystery
    • amelia is the only one happy about this


  • i literally don’t even know how to begin to describe her
  • she’s a self-proclaimed feminist (established pretty early on in the first book) and she brings the feminist movement of the late 19th/early 20th century up pretty often
  • her weapon of choice is a parasol
    • a steel-tipped parasol
  • she and her husband have the best relationship
    • sometimes they place bets when they’re trying to solve a mystery
  • she’s also a lowkey misandrist it’s great

everyone else:

  • there are approximately 15000 characters so i can’t talk about them all
  • the family gets to be pretty big by the end of the series but it also gets to be pretty diverse
  • lots of great egyptian characters
  • lots of great female characters
  • a lot of actual historical figures get worked in as well, like howard carter and t. e. lawrence
  • and we can’t forget that villain, that wretch, that consummate master of evil, that genius of crime

this is already really long so basically: i love this series with everything in me, it’s one of the funniest series i’ve ever read and i love everyone in it and it’s just great overall. 10/10

(mild spoilers under the cut but no more than what you’d get from reading my liveblogs)

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firewatch was really good but (under the cut for spoilers)

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hello everyone!! i’ve been accepted into the @fatesnetwork as Midoriko and i’m really excited!! i’m not really good at introductions so i’ll just keep it pretty short,, i’m aro but i don’t mind nicknames!! i’m always tired and procrastinate way too much but thats okay. don’t feel obligated to follow me but if you want you can message me for my skype or LINE or just to say hi!! please take care of me!

Like post for chocolate ask?-

And somewhere in Eri’s room is Satori inspecting herself… or rather… ‘Satori’.

“And… There… I think this looks okay…”

Eri has been living with his mistress for a very long time. If there’s anyone who’s he’s most familiar with, it’s definitely her. His appearance is on-point, borrowing her clothes from his laundry duty as it contains her scent and exact measurements, and he’s using Satori’s perfume provided by Koishi, so he smells just about the same as the original.

In short, he nailed Satori’s appearance pretty much correctly from head to toe.

“Okay… Time to give chocolates to everyone. Hopefully this would surprise Lady Satori when she finds out…”

Eri has been practicing, so he’s well prepared. Adding how determined he is to give Satori a good name, his confidence and determination is actually pretty high today. Which means his acting is actually going to be somewhat good.

Too bad he doesn’t know how much Satori hates the surface.

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all this talk i'm seeing from you and frostbert about sabo and luffy reminded me that i actually wrote a drabble a while ago that i never posted bc it's ehhh but i realized it might be up your alley so i just uploaded it on fanfiction (where i've decided to post my short fic/fic i'm not proud of lol) so feel free to check it out !! hehe /s/11785678/1/Monster

ooooooohhhhh my god im so ready for this imma check it out right away, thank you for telling/linking me!! :D


Men Without Men by Ernest Hemingway

  • Amazon: 4.2/5
  • Goodreads: 3.71/5

It’s always difficult to review or even talk about short story collections, this is because most collections have some bad ones mixed in with the good. Hemingway however, gives the reader a pretty solid selection in Men Without Women. Like the title suggests, this collection focuses almost entirely on men… without women. This overtly testosterone-fueled ride through the 1920’s harkens back to an earlier time in which men were defined by their daring exploits. This Arthurian-like masculinity is expressed in this collection through: bullfighting, boxing, alcoholism, war, gambling, and death among others. 

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Dungeons and Dragons Paladin

Okay, technically it’s Pathfinder, but that’s basically the same right? I’m pretty completely new to the game but really enjoying my first campaign, and I wanted to make some dumb short comics about my group’s misadventures in the near future. 

I play as a lawful-good paladin of Iomedae and he’s pretty rad. Very charismatic, very cheerful, very powerful (sometimes), and TOTALLY not a knockoff of Solaire OR a thinly-veiled, idealized version of myself. 


Oh yeah, sorry if you can’t read my awful handwriting.

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Hello, i just found your blog and your art is amazing! My jaw goes right on the floor whenever i see it! I have a question: do you ever draw stubble on characters? if so, how do you do it? It's so hard to make it look good, i need some help 😥

With stubble or beard, you will need to have a base (something like a dark undertone at the chin+neck area).
From there you add on random strokes, light+short ones for stubble and dark+long ones for beard.

Beards are pretty similar to the hair.
It grows downwards and follows the face shape.
It may grow a bit wilder and curler than the hair so your strokes should be more random, sketchy and rough.

more tutorials/art help can be found here

So yeah, my name is Julia and I’m 22 years old and I’m transgender mtf.
I have yet to begin HRT, but that havn’t stoped me from living as myself for the past two years.

I was always ashamed of the fact that I’m transgender and when I finally “came out” to my parents three years ago I ended up being kicked out.

However, now I have all the support I could ever need and even though I don’t have any contact with my family I have never been happier.
I will never again be ashamed of who I am and I will begin the transition in the near future, so everything I’ve fought for over the years will finally pay of.

That’s about all I have to say, it’s a pretty short version of it all.

I’ve just joined tumblr to see if it’s any good or not. So if you want to get a hold of me I’m @ozusai

Also, never lose hope and always keep your head up high!

Hello everyone! I wanted to make a follow forever but since i’m not close to a follower milestone or it’s not a holiday, i didn’t know what to call this ff..but since it’s Feburary 1st then i’ll just call this my “Feburary Follow Forever” lol. Sorry for the lame edit, i was too lazy to make a better one, and i’ve been obsessed with lil innocent pre-psychopath bookworm Kaneki lately and wanted to feature him for this one..’s my current list of favorite blogs, please check them out and give them a good ol’ follow. This follow forever is pretty short, i’m sorry if i forgot someone who i put in any of my previous follow forevers! i didn’t look at my old ones while doing this one since a few changed urls since then. These are people I see on my dashboard on a daily basis. Also i’m sorry if i misspelled any urls! Love you guys, have a great day~!

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The Necromancer’s headdress is in “good enough” mode, so it’s time to move on to other stuff!  Surprisingly, the most annoying part about this was the hair itself, as I made pretty much every wrong decision I possibly could during this process.

  • Base wig: Arda luthien with short wefts laid over a styrofoam block.
  • Crown: The crown is made from several layers of heat-formed worbla, with resin-cast side globes.  Originally the globes were supposed to be large dragon eyes but we couldn’t get the resin transparent enough for the effect.  I decided to cut my losses and just paint over them instead.
  • Back fin and horns:  Wire and worbla again, sewn directly into the wig.  The horns are made in classic Homestuck style: paperclay built up around a foil base, and then attached to a wonderflex headband that sits on the inside of the wig.  The holes in the fin were made with my new favorite tool: the hot knife.

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Restoration - I read this one last night and it blew my mind. It happens between ANH and ESB and it’s not AU so don’t expect hot steamy scenes but it’s totally worth it.

Shifting Impressions - Also between ANH and ESB, sort of a series of short stories, all pretty good.

From a Certain Point of View - AU where Han and Chewie left after ANH, just amazing, seriously.

Something Left Undone - Okay, so this fic is amazing BUT I thought it was complete and then I reached the “end” and realized it’s not complete. But it’s great. Seriously. Someone should just keep writing it forever.

Corellian Detour - Between ESB and ANH, but AU, I read it a few weeks ago and really like it (should read it again, really).

Something Not Comprehended - This fic is HOT, okay. And kinda sad. But really hot.


Source: “Tatsu Maki”. No, really, that’s his pseudonym and only known name. Good luck trying to find him, especially when he’s pretty reclusive even for an early 2000s-era artist.

I was lucky enough to scan this, this was done more than a decade ago as part of a compilation of other short comics fit into an Indonesian anime and manga magazine called Animonster. It was a sample comic he did that was spread into multiple parts, obviously based on Kamen Rider, and the main character is basically a blonde female version of Kotaro Minami. Same hair, same clothes, but different colors.

I wonder what the dude’s doing these days…


Breakfast - a short and sweet Vernon scenario

Humming to herself, Y/N went to the pantry to retrieve the ingredients needed to make a breakfast that could serve 13 hungry boys and herself.

It was a good thing you visited your boyfriend at their dorm fully stocked and equipped with cooking materials and ingredients because looking at their pantry right now, you could see they were running pretty low.

After putting away any extra food you didn’t need from the grogery bag, you took the heavy tray of ingredients you did need back to the kitchen. The dorm was pretty quiet right now, most of the boys  passed out in the living room after the sleepover they had last night.

You and Hansol were awake enough to go back to his room and sleep there. A few others like Junhui and Minghao were also conscious enough to slip back into Jun’s room, leaving just enough room for the other 10 boys left in the living room.

Humming one of their songs while mixing some eggs, you felt two arms wrap around your waist and a pair of lips attach to your exposed shoulder. “G'morning,” Hansol mumbled, his voice still hoarse and sleepy.

“Hey, Hansol. Did you sleep well?” you asked while turning to place a pan on the stove.

“Yeah, but you weren’t there when I woke up,” he said, letting go of your waist to grab a mug from a cupboard to make some coffee. “I had to wake up early to make breakfast or else 13 boys would be swarming around me while I cook.”

He couldn’t argue with that and just kept quiet after what you said, now just watching you while you cook like your life depended on it. But while he was observing you though, he noticed that you were wearing his shirt. You were practically drowning in it, the sleeves of the checkered shirt were folded up as not to dirty it. He thought you looked adorable.

He grabbed your wrist gently, stopping you from pouring the eggs into the hot pan. He didn’t say anything, just gently took your face in his hands, leaning forward to capture your lips with his in your first kiss that day.

“What was that for?” you asked when you pulled away, not that you were complaining.

He just shook his head and answered, “I just love you so much.”

A/N: I know, I know, it’s really short. but I legit just whipped this out from one of my document folders right after I came home from school. I edited it a bit cause 2013 Brie wasn’t grasping the concept of grammar back then. forgive me T-T. ALSO I’ll be posting the continuation of Guitar Boy sometime next week. Keep an eye out for it! xxBrie

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Any tips for fat mandalorian s?

In short: build your armor like anyone else. :D Naturally the armor plates will be bigger/wider to suit your body, but it really isn’t much different for larger Mercs. There are patterns and styles that suit different body shapes better, the Legacy style with it’s overlapping plates is very popular with people who choose to look like a walking tank (and carry as many guns), but Boba/Jango style plates are easily adapted to a bigger frame. 

For example: below is a selection of Mercs from the LA area’s Manda’galaar Clan. They’re a pretty good cross section of sizes that you run into in the Mercs, and 5 of six use classic Mandalorian armor suited to their sizes.

Hope that helps.