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You probably already talked about this but what do you think about pokespe?

i have talked about this a few times but no worries!! short answer is i haven’t really read much of it outside of the BW arc but most of the arcs seem to be Okay while BW iS FUCKING TERRIBLE

long answer is..

i read a little bit of the RBY arc when i was a kid and was kind of traumatized by it because it was the volume where that Arbok was shown cut in half and it scared the shit out of me. i read a big chunk of the RS arc a few years ago and thought it was pretty good, if a bit too Edgy for my tastes near the end. i’ve read summaries of the other arcs and know a fair amount about them, but haven’t read enough of them myself to form a solid opinion

meanwhile i’ve read most of the BW arc because obviously i love BW and ugh…………

basically i LOVE its version of N, i love that they amped up his creepy factor because i feel like that factor was always there in the games as well (i always thought he was pretty threatening in general, and he’s supposed to be so strange that people shunned him, i mean come on), but, mainly due to the restraints of the character sprites, people really fail to realize it. Pokespe’s interpretation brings that part of him to the forefront, which turned off a lot of the fans, which still cracks me up to this day…like it’s so telling and so funny because his backstory is also about how people shunned and harassed him because they thought he was Creepy. i love that shit i’m all about it. it’s a really interesting take on the character

BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWFUL…..and its awfulness is actually kind of linked to how good of a character N is?? like while his creepy factor is amped up, so is his level of reasonability. hE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BATTLES IN POKESPE it seems like he p much just wants people to care more about their Pokemon and pay more attention to what their Pokemon want to do. and the second he says this shit to the other characters, they immediately either attack him or pass out…out of…shock???? liKE SHIT I’D WANT TO BLOW UP THE WORLD TOO if the BW arc’s characters were the kinds of people i’d have to interact with

Black and White are just generally irritating and weak as protagonists. White gets…..somewhat better?? but Black never changes. his big character development moment, which is framed as an important moment of growth for him, is literally just images of the gym leaders and Juniper coming to him and saying “YOU WERE A GOOD TRAINER ALL ALONG, BLACK!!! DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT WHAT N SAID!!” when…..N was literally right about Black having a limited understanding of his Pokemon’s feelings. and after that moment suddenly everything is fine??? all his Pokemon come back and suddenly trust him again. IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE and kind of just shits right on B/W’s original message of acknowledging other opinions

i’m also kind of personally offended by them turning Juniper, the first female professor of the franchise, into a vapid and borderline irresponsible professor………in the games she’s fuckin hardcore and is actually the first one to tell N that his opinions have value?? EVEN WHEN HE’S YELLING AT HER like she’s rad as shit. meanwhile in the manga he’s like “you were on the phone and didn’t even notice that the Pokemon in your care were sick” and she’s basically like GRRRR FUCK YOU N!!!!! lIKE???? WHAT????? THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL JUNIPER……..

the conclusion is also fucking weird and rushed as shit (even though i do think the idea of p much the entirety of Unova witnessing the Zekrom/Reshiram battle was pretty cool). also then in the BW2 arc you get…..Lack-Two………………………who should just speak for himself


woohoo im opening commissions

short of it: my job’s pay rate sucks and i get paid once a month and that just doesn’t work out, even with budgeting

SO im gonna draw you guys things because im a slave to capitalism

i don’t have examples for all of these but you can pretty much get an idea from above right. click on the images to see a bit more info about them

so right, you wanna get to the good stuff im guessing?


  • sketch: $5
  • colored sketch: $6
  • lineart: $7
  • lined + colored: $8


  • sketch: $8
  • colored sketch: $9
  • lineart: $10
  • lined + colored: $11

full body:

  • sketch: $15
  • colored sketch: $17
  • lineart: $19
  • lined + colored: $20

watercolor-style coloring:

  • waist-up: $25
  • fullbody: $30

reference sheet:

  • simple: $20
  • more complex: $25

things to keep in mind:

  • all prices are in usd
  • all of these are listed as being without a background or with a simple single-colored bg
  • all prices are base; i will ask for extra for specific things such as complex designs, extra characters, backgrounds, etc. depending on how i see fit
  • when i say colored, it’s either flat or simple soft or hard shading, unless otherwise stated

ALSO i am but a poor soul, lost to vanguard, so I will also accept cards as payment! here is list of what I’m looking for and what I’d be willing to draw for them!

and now, for the ever so dreaded “but hal, what won’t you draw?” list:

  • nsfw/fetish (i will do partial nudity, but that’s my extent and i will NOT draw underage characters)
  • gore/guro
  • mecha
  • animals or furry (animal characteristics are fine, though! you’ll have to ask me on this one)

so if you’re interested, send me an ask or a fanmail, and if you’d rather chat by email, ask me for my email address! (and please ignore the fact that one of these examples isn’t finished but i’m currently working on it and it should hopefully give you an idea of what it’ll look like!)


so im selling some old clothes here to help me build up my savings, and if any of you guys could have a look or give this a reblog that would really help me out!!! they’re all femme clothes and are pretty small sizes (bc im short lol), and theyre all fairly cheap and good quality

all the money i get will go towards a couple things

  • the cost of the start of my medical transition (including travel expenses) which i am starting in oct 2015
  • savings that i will continue to build up (through my job etc) that will eventually help me be completely independent from my transphobic, homophobic, ableist, and generally toxic family. this includes bills and allowances that they currently fund, and will hopefully allow me to move out after i finish uni in a few years
  • any future giveaways of trans resources (such as the GC2B binder giveaway i did a few months ago) i may do in the future if i get enough money at any point

the stuff im selling isnt expensive, and every little helps ya know. there are also only 10 items on my page at the moment, but ive requested an expansion on how much i can sell which will be sorted in the next few days, and i’ll be able to put more up then

honestly just visiting the page or giving this post a reblog would really help me out and would be so appreciated

thank you for reading!!!

“My cat keeps breaking into your apartment next to mine so I tied a note to its collar to apologise and you write back so we keep exchanging cat notes and you’re pretty funny.”

Okay Hi so this is the first fic i’m posting on here and i know its not the best but hey i gotta start somewhere right? please enjoy <3

“Happy, i’m home!” He sang over the sound of his slamming door. where is that damned cat? he wondered pushing his pink locks out of his face, “oh no you did not do what i think you did.” The now blue feline stared innocently at him from the open windowsill, meowing in response causing him to drop the pink sock that was previously occupying his mouth.

stupid cat

“thats not going to wash out is it buddy?” Happy slightly tilted his head in response to his owners question, “of course it won't” he sighed scooping up his troublesome feline. “well i guess you’ll just have to go back and apologize huh.” he laughed looking at the cat with a smirk.

Dear owner of the pink sock.

My cat and i a very sorry about the mess he caused, well maybe he’s not sorry but i am, I also think he’s going to be permanently blue now so thanks for that.

-Owner of the shit cat

ps. here’s your sock back.

He scribbled the note out and tied it and the wrapped up sock onto the cat’s collar. placing the cat back onto the windowsill “go apologize you piece of shit.” he shooed off the cat who replied with an irritated meow.

Humming as she kicked her door closed Lucy expected to come home from a long day at work to her always clean apartment, what she was not expecting was to look up and see her floor covered in socks and is that

blue hair dye?

with a small, very blue, cat sitting in the middle looking rather proud of its mess. The girl sighed rather loudly as she stepped over the mess to scoop up the small animal noticing the small attached note in the process. she read the apollogy and smiled.

wow this guys really a dork she though as she grabbed paper to write him back.

Dear shitty cat owner

Your cat seemed very proud of his accomplishment but i thank you for your apology. And im pretty sure my floors going to be blue for a while too. Also i think you and your cat owe me dinner.

-Owner of the pink sock

ps. thank you i don’t know what i would have done without this back.

She happily wrapped up the note fastening it on the cat and again placing him on the windowsill. “go clean up cat, youre not buying me dinner looking like that.” With a happy meow and a tail swish he was walking along the sill back to his owner’s apartment.

Prompt (from ao3): Merlin realizing that he’s fallen into an open relationship with Roxy and Eggsy. Harry is jealous. Merlin is amazed and pleased.

I didn’t get to Harry at all, and it is pretty short, but I hope it’s still good!

The first time is after V-day. They’ve saved the world, the adrenaline is high, and Roxy and Merlin are the only ones in his office after Eggsy runs off to go check up on his mum and sister.

The beds in the recruit dorm are small, but good enough.

They agree it doesn’t have to have strings.

The next time, it’s Eggsy, and a near-death situation is involved. The younger man can barely stand to wash the blood off, but Merlin is there to lend a clinical (and then, at Eggsy’s urging, a not-so-clincal) hand, and eventually it ends with Merlin half-heartedly grumbling about having to pull Eggsy back into the shower.

He patches him up then and leaves him to rest in one of the spare rooms.

There are no strings.

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"Stanford? Oh've look TERRIBLE!" Vivian laughed at him, now being a silly short old lady. "My god, look at you! Still wearing a turtle neck at your age?"

“PSSSH. You look the same…TERRIBLE! Hahaha!

Yeah, it’s a good look for me! Hah…well uh…that and a uh…another reason.

Thirty years…you aged pretty well, heheheh.”

100 truths tag (thx studying-smarter <3)

1. Name: Madi
2. Nickname(s): Mad-eye [the Jedi, the Rabbi, Moody], Radi Losetrack
3. Favourite Colour: the mac & cheese yellow of my journal
4. Gender: female
5. Elementary school: it was pretty good (describing instead of identifying for privacy reasons)
6. Middle School: crush angst but generally gr9
7. High School: *seventeen heart eyes emojis*
8.College: if I decide to major in journalism, then probably MU or Northwestern for undergrad and Columbia for graduate (dual degree in journalism and law or computer science)
9. Hair colour: brunette
10. Tall or Short: 5′8″
11. Sweats or Jeans: sweats at home, jeans in public
12. Phone or Camera: camera af (I have a Canon EOS T3 but I’m looking to upgrade)
13. Health freak: trying to be, failing to be
14. Orange or apple: granny smith apples
15. Do you have a crush on someone?: ehh, I don’t think so?
16. I guess there is no question here? weird
17. Piercings: single ear piercings
18. Pepsi or Coke: I don’t drink soda
19. Have you ever been in an airplane: yell heah
20. Have you ever been in a relationship: LOL NAH
21, Have you ever been in a car accident: nah
22. Have you ever been in a fist fight: small with my sis
23. First piercing: ears
24. Best friends: idek
25. First award: not sure but first big award = 8th grade Catholic Math League (I got best in the division, which I think is like 4 states)
26. First crush: this kid in my preschool named Ethan apparently? idk I’ve just heard stories
27. First word: mama?
28. Any talent: dancing, math, writing, singing, photography (in order lol)
29. Last person I talked to: my mom
30. Last person I texted: the group chat for my dance class
31. Last person I watched a movie with: Netflix no one
32. Last thing I ate: dinner (beef tenderloin + roasted potatoes)
33. Last tv show/movie I watched: currently watching Ally McBeal
34. Last song I listened to: everyone’s a little bit racist (ave q)
35. Last thing I bought: $80 of school supplies lol
36. Last person I hugged: my mom (she got home from a trip today)

37. Food: pasta alfredo
38. Drink: smoothies
39. Bottoms: these cute & comfy red shorts that I <3 (seen here in these two selfies)
40. Flower: sunflower
41. Animal: dogs
42. Colour: the mac & cheese color? this was question 3
43. Movie: I love White Christmas so much that I’ve watched it at least 4 times this summer. other than that, inside out, harry potter, and… bootlegs?
44, Subject: newspaper / math

(Put an x on the bracket if yes):
45. [ ] Loved someone
46. [x] Celebrated Halloween?
47. [ ] Had your heart broken?
48. [x] Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?
49. [x] Had someone like you?
50. [x] Hated the way someone changed?
51. [ ] Got PG?
52. [ ] Had an abortion?
53. [x] Did something you regret?
54. [x] Broken a promise?
55. [x] Hid a secret?
56. [x] Pretended to be happy?
57. [x] Met someone who has changed your life?
58. [x] Pretended to be sick?
59. [ ] Left the country?
60. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it?
61. [x] Cried over the silliest thing?
62. [x] Ran a mile?
63. [x] Gone to a beach with your best friend?
64. [x] Gotten argument with your friends?
65. [x] Disliked someone?
66. [x] Stayed single for 2 years since the first time you had BF/GF or been single forever?

67. Eating: nothing
68. Drinking: nothing
69. Listening to: Ally McBeal
70. Sitting or laying: sitting
71. Plans for today: summer hw
72. Waiting for: a chance to see Paper Towns
73. Want kids: maybe
74. Want to get married: probably
75. want to travel: yell heah!

What do you look for in a partner:
76. Lips or Eyes: I’d prefer my partner to have both
77. Shorter or taller: idc
78.Younger or older: I’m like almost 16 there’s not much of a window there
79. Romantic or spontaneous: is both an option?? this is a weird question
80. trouble maker or sensitive: sensitive
81. hook up or relationship: relationship
82. looks or personality: personality

Have you ever?
83. Lost glasses: 1 pair of glasses, numerous pairs of sunglasses
84. Snuck out of the house: nah
85. held a gun/knife in self defense: no thank god
86. killed somebody: countless minions
87. broke someone’s heart: doubtful considering someone would have to like me first
88. ????? no question here what
89. cried when someone died: yea

Do you believe in:
90. Yourself: trying to right now
91. Miracles: in general
92. Love at first sight: yes, but not sustainably
93. Heaven: I think so
94. santa claus: in spirit
95. Aliens: we’re not the only life in the infinite universe
96. Ghosts: ehh

97. Is there someone you really want to be with right now: kinda
98. Do you know who your real friends are?: working on it
99. Do you believe in God?: yes?
100. Post as 100 truths: as opposed to 100 lies? I mean I haven’t actually killed countless minions but

I tag acepippin, smallalison, elderprices, elder-nice, kevnprices, mohritz, moderatelycomposed, stuff-and-shenanigans, emoritz, and anyone else who wants to do it! if you do then say you were tagged by me bc I want to see :)

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where do you find good clothes for low prices? im about 190 pounds and pretty short and it's so hard to find new clothes that flatter me, do you know of any good stores for fat short girls like myself?

torrid and forever21+ sell “short” plus sizes! torrid can be expensive but they have huge sales going on all the time



At the school I went to at the time, I would ride the bus home. And in order to get to the bus, you could either walk on the sidewalk like A NORMAL PERSON, or take a shortcut through a bunch of pretty-tall bushes. Of course I went through the bushes. Apparently I thought it was a good idea to RUN through the bushes, and instead of arriving at the bus, I was at the brick wall of one of the buildings, and I ran right into the electrical box that was attached to the wall.

Whose idea was it to put the electrical box so low, that a short kid like me could run into it? Ugh, stupid people and their electrical boxes.

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was watching fan videos of an anime ship and the background music was I write sins. Then I was like hey this is pretty good and I looked into them and listened to a bunch more songs and long story short I am now panic! trash

A beautiful tale


For backstory on these tweets, in the 1990s (and late ‘80s too, I believe) the Pillsbury Doughboy’s best buddy was the Jolly Green Giant’s apprentice, Sprout. There were some marketing and promotional ads that ran during that time featuring the pair including some apparel and advertisements in cooking pamphlets.

This is the ONE major area where my Doughboy knowledge has a gap. I don’t know what spurred their friendship or why the two were (are?) BFFs. Seeing as the Doughboy was born in Chicago (at Leo Burnett) and Sprout and the Jolly Green Giant’s “Valley” is by Le Sueur, Minnesota, you can’t say it’s because they were neighbors. (The General Mills acquisition of Pillsbury wouldn’t be until 2001, after all.) Maybe it’s because of their height? They are short fellas!

I’m seeking an answer (in video) from the USA Today and hoping they can provide me with a good one! If nothing else, I’m pretty sure I made the person who runs this Twitter account’s night. :)

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hey there, i want some genuine advice on places to shop online (no scams!!). i'm looking for stores that offer free or cheap shipping and a good price for quality :)

I’m no fashion expert that shops at MK and Guess, but I know a few perky little places to shop online :)

THIS STORE is my go-to for all my fave pieces (especially for festival season). They have tons of cute tops, jumpsuits, shoes, co-ords, and shorts. To be honest, they’re probably my all-time favourite!

THIS STORE is also pretty great because of their great sales on dresses, jeans, bralettes, and backpacks! I love their backpack designs, they’re so cute ☺

THIS STORE has the best deals on the internet for clothes, especially shoes. In my experience, their clothing (and shoes) are great quality and I have bought all of these pairs: cut-out boots, clunky gladiators, cartoon clogs, leather plimsolls, black oxfords, and black pin-buckles

  • Are you guys LOVING these outfits?

I want to introduce you guys to a really good website called SHEIN

Alot of my followers ask my for cheap clothing websites that sell fashionable clothes and most haven’t heard of it before.

They sell amazing and very affordable clothing, like the ones above.

  • You can get the white spaghetti top HERE 
  • You can also get the denim shorts HERE  

  • and, you can get the sunglasses HERE & for very affordable prices!

My sister has ordered clothes of them before and they were great and good quality and came in a very timely manner, You guys should check them out :)

Ps: they’re having a pretty awesome sale rn

I’m a Female Director of Photography

And MFA student at a renowned film school. I shot a short film for a male director and the film ended up looking pretty good in the end. The male director was very pleased with my work. He gave me overwhelmingly positive feedback on the shoot and not only that, told other students that I was a great DP.  Our cinematography professor was also very enthused with how the film looked and complimented my work repeatedly. 

It was time to choose DPs for the next project. I was hoping the male director would choose me again for the upcoming project, given our positive history. He had told me that he was considering me, a male DP with whom he had worked (who also did a good job) and another male DP with whom he had not yet worked, but was his buddy. My heart sank a little at the time. I had this inkling that, up against the two other male DPs, my chances of being chosen again weren’t great, but I was still very hopeful.

The male director ended up choosing his male-buddy who wanted to DP (surprise surprise). Indeed, the male director never chose me to DP his projects again. It didn’t matter that I did a great job for him and that we had a good professional relationship. As long as Male Buddy Who Wanted To DP existed (whomever took that role), it was clear that I and other women would have a slim to no chance of being hired, regardless of our talent, ability and professionalism.