this was a pleasant suprise

The RFA meeting huggable and chubby!MC for the first time


  • Bby was v ( triggered )excited to see you at the party
  • When he looked for you, he saw a cute, curvy girl in a red dress talking to Jaehee
  • All the other RFA members were busy so he couldn’t ask them if they had seen you, so despite his shyness towards new people (especially cute girls) he walked to the two of you to ask Jaehee
  • “Hey, have you seen MC? I’m not even sure what she looks like so I’m kinda having troubles here”
  • Jaehee looked at the cute girl next to her and nodded, then said “yeah, I’ve seen her”
  • “Where is she? I want to meet her!” Yoosung ily but you’re so oblivious
  • The cute girl blushed and said “you already have”
  • ??
  • Are you his MC
  • ??
  • You look so soft and pure
  • And now you are getting crushed in his arms
  • “MC I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you you’re so pretty wow I love you”
  • He didn’t care about a few extra pounds, he was already excited for all the cuddles!
  • Blushing the entire evening because he loved the way the dress fit you You can not convince me that Yoosung would not be obsessed with your boobs okay


  • Was feeling really down after the whole Echo Girl/ankle sprain thing
  • Excited about meeting you but high-key worried about you visiting him this late bc of The Beast ™
  • When you knocked on the front door and anxiously pulled at your sweater, he saw you through the peephole in the door
  • He quickly opened the door and hugged you tight, muttering how glad he was that you’re safe and with him
  • He doesn’t care too much about looks, he fell in love with your personality after all so he would think you were pretty anyways but those curves tho
  • Did you say body worshipping?
  • You better expect getting showered in compliments and hearing soft whimpers from him controlling his beast all evening from pinning you against a wall and squeezing every part of you
  • Because you forgot your pyjamas and he was not letting you sleep without clothes or in the ones you are wearing, you had to borrow one of his shirts and sweatpants
  • “But Zen you’re literally half of my size that won’t fit” “Shhh just try, a gentleman won’t let his lady go to bed without comfortable clothes”
  • The clothes fit, but really tightly, hugging your curves
  • Zen had to go outside and calm down to not ravish you right then and there


  • She was never one for physical contact
  • But when this really cute girl walked up to her at the party and revealed that she was the one who had provided her with so much support, she couldn’t help but hug her
  • Baehee secretly loves hugs! And you’re cute and huggable!
  • She was just happy that you weren’t as thin as her, that meant you took care of yourself and wasn’t so busy that you constantly skipped meals
  • Kept sneaking glances at you the entire evening bc “yes that’s my girlfriend best friend and she is so pretty”


  • Let’s be real he had shamelessly been checking you out since the moment you arrived in his penthouse
  • He wasn’t used to seeing women who weren’t stick thin and fake, so he was all for your natural curves (you had an attractive face and body in addition to your personality, what a pleasant suprise)
  • “Am I making you uncomftorable?” he asked when you caught him staring for the nth time and blushed, but smirked when you just shook your head
  • Respected your boundaries and restrained himself to a few pecks on your cheek, as he wouldn’t be able to stop if he did anything else  daddy Jumin
  • Just like Jaehee, not very big with hugs and cuddles before he met you (unless you count Elizabth the 3rd) but now! He loved it when you hugged him from behind when he had to bring work home
  • Salty af bc Elizabeth prefered cuddling with you


  • He had seen you before on the cameras and background check so he knew that you were on the heavier side, but he didn’t mind at all
  • He has probably already jacked off to you a few times, js
  • “She is still eating healthier than me, she is just unlucky and has bad metabolism so as long as she is happy, I don’t care”
  • Despite acting like he didn’t have a crush on you, he was really looking forward to seeing you in person! Defenders of Justice also need hugs ;-;
  • Tried his best to act platonic and/or ignoring you but his need for constantly touching you kind of gave it away
  • When you finally convinced him to at least bring his laptop to the living room so he could sit in the couch with you while working, you leaned your head on his shoulder
  • He gave in, wrapped his arms around you, kissed your forehead and simply held you for a few minutes before returning to work

~ jane


One of the most pleasant suprises in this film was how the stereotypical, good looking and 100% confident man the female main character has fallen in love with, is actually a really nice, sweet and caring guy instead of an asshole.

Obediently Yours

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Summary: It was long stated that Men of Letters could not have a dog (or any other furry creature for that matter) in the bunker. Legacy member Sam Winchester wants one, so Dean improvises. Au!

TW: dom! Sam like seriously controlling, bdsm, pet play, Dean gets some too, ownership of another human being.

Tags: @training-wolves (baby I fucked up the masterlist link in the bio…could you fix it?) 

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Elegance, class, and a very nice ass-that’s how the remaining Men of Letters could be described. They thrived in indulgence and only accepted the finest. Their home was equipped with everything they needed, well, almost everything. Sam Winchester knew the difference between a want and a need and a pet most certainly fell under need. His brother rarely lived by the rules, but the idea of a dog in their house tracking in dirt and God knows what else was not pleasant. Neither was Sam’s constant complaining. 

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Breakfast

So..I work NA at a small hotel and because we are small there is only ever 1 person on front desk. We also dont have security or valet or shuttle driver etc. So the NA is literaly the only employee on site from 10 to 6. Our continental breakfast runs from 630 to 930 on weekdays and 7 to 10 weekends. Seeing as how I leave a half hour or full hour before it starts and it only takes 20 minutes to set up, you would think that I would have nothing to do with setting up breakfast. WRONG. NA is responsible for setting up breakfast completely before they leave. This means that when the early birds wake up and come down for the 24/7 coffee they get the pleasant suprise of having the breakfast set up already. WRONG AGAIN. I personally have ruined their day because if they knew breakfast was up at 530 they could have blah blah blah and if I explain why it is being set up early then they say the sign should be changed, we should tell everyone when they check in, etc. Does anyone else have this problem? Any tips on how to make this the 6 to 2’s problem without it sounding like i’m just lazy and don’t want to do it?

By: sternlip


Rewatching the family reunion scenes as I plot more of my fic series, and wanted to call out these three moments, because they were such pleasant and welcome suprises for me when they first happened. 

It would be so easy to portray Lagertha as being apart from other women, and endlessly at odds with Aslaug. Yet she’s clearly delighted to reunite with Helga and Siggy, and even though it’s noted that there is initially tension between her and Aslaug–and understandably so–that quickly begins to melt. They realize that they now have something in common besides just Ragnar: they are both mothers, and their sons are half-siblings, and it makes sense to support that bond. Aslaug readily hands over her infant because she recognizes that Lagertha is no threat to either her or her children. Indeed, she is now their savior.

As the episode (and season) wear on, we see the respect and admiration between these women grow and flourish. Ragnar of course is pleased because he wants both of his wives, but they’ve basically passed over him in favor of relating to each other. Even better: it’s not just motherhood or their feelings for Ragnar that unites them. Aslaug actually turns into a big ol’ fangirl for Lagertha the Warrior (as are we all!) This is why, I think, it’s no accident that the arrangement in the threesome shot is with Aslaug in the middle, not Ragnar. It’s not lucky Ragnar, getting both of his wives. It’s lucky Aslaug, getting both of those badass warriors.  

Although it’s of dubious historical accuracy, I’m so happy that Hirst has created a culture in which women of different kinds all have a place. These four women could very easily have slipped into stereotypes: The Badass Babe, the MPDG, the Black Widow, the Madonna. Yet they’re not, and they also don’t exist separately, relating only to the men, but together, relating to each other. Hell, even Torvi manages to bond with the women of Kattegat. That’s pretty darn awesome. There’s still a fair amount of gender fail in this show, as is inevitable for anything created in a sexist culture, but there’s also still a lot of good being done here, and I think the above shots are a good example of how. 

Pleasant suprise

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Character(s): Jackson (GOT7) & reader
Word Count: 1.636 
Genre: Smut
Summary: You and Jackson have been friends with benifits for a while and he pays you a pleasant suprise visit.

This is my very first smut, so please bear with me. I’m very sorry if you find grammatical errors in my story. English isn’t my native language. I hope you like it!

It’s been over a year since you started living in Korea. With your acting career you appeared in many films and drama’s. You also showed up at some variety shows. And that’s where you found him. 

He was the variety-king, you had to admit. Without even trying to be funny, he never failed to make you laugh. After a few hours of shooting, you and Jackson immediately hit it off. You became good friends with him and the other guys after that. 

Having Jackson as your best friend, had many perks. He was really sweet to you, always treating you as if you were his little sister. At least, you thought so at first. 
You on the other hand tried to give him little hints to show that you like him, but he didn’t get them. So much for my flirting skills, you thought. On Valentine’s Day you decided to make a bold move and confessed to him. 

His feelings for you were the same, but because of his tight schedule, he was afraid that he couldn’t give you anything you wanted in a relationship. You agreed to stay friends. Well… that plan lasted for about a month. Up until then you guys had been hooking up. 

You were almost finished cooking dinner, when you heard your doorbell ring aggressively. Quickly you turned off your stove. “Those darn kids”, you mumbled irritated, while walking to the door to look if someone’s there.
When you opened the door slightly, the person on the other side slammed the door open with a swing, making you jump up. You didn’t have much time to react, ‘cause within a second you felt two strong arms grab your waist and a set of lips kiss yours hungrily. 

Without any mercy he pulled you closer to him by grabbing your ass. When he kicked the door shut with his foot, he entered your living room, still kissing you. Jackson was, without you knowing, back from his recent tour, and judging by his acts, he’s sexually frustrated. From the first moment you slept together, you knew that Jackson liked it rough. Knowing that he worked hard and deserved a break, you decided to just let him do his thing to you. 

Jackson knew the way to your bedroom with his eyes closed. His tongue forced his way into your mouth, exploring every inch of it. Impatiently he opened your bedroom door, almost throwing you on your bed. You smelled his familiar scent. Oh god, how much you missed him. Nervously you were waiting for what’s going to happen next.

Jackson finally stopped kissing you. He looked at you hungrily, his eyes dark and lustful. But, it didn’t last long. He pulled down your pants and panties while leaving marks and kisses all over your neck and collarbones. “You”, he said in between wet kisses, “for the rest of this evening, you’ll do anything I say, whenever I  say it. Understand?” His voice was low. His words came out more like a growl than anything else. “Yes”, you answered quickly, but that wasn’t the answer Jackson was looking for. He rolled you over to your stomach, followed by a sharp slap on your ass. “Yes, what?! Watch your words, young lady”, he snapped at you. You swallowed loudly: “Y.. Yes daddy.” Another slap followed. Jackson smirked. “Good girl. Now do as I say, and I won’t have to punish you. There will be a lot of begging for me tonight.” You let out a gasp. You knew how your begging fueled his ego. Oh, how he loved to see you squirm underneath him, covered in sweat, panting. He would drive you crazy with his fingers, his lips, his tongue and teeth. When you almost get on the verge of hitting your orgasm, he would stop with whatever he was doing. He loved how you whined at the loss of his touch. All night long, he would be like this, until you felt like you were going to burst. Almost crying for his big cock to finally be inside of you. You where longing for the low grunts and swears coming out of his mouth, as he slammed into you mercilessly.

Since you were on your stomach, Jackson had easy access to your bra. He unhooked it and rolled you over with one quick motion. Immediately pulling at the hem of your top, he instructed you to pull it over your head. “Off. I want to see that steaming hot body of yours and I’ll explore every. inch. of. it”, he said lowering his head, a smirk on his face. His fingers ghosted over your thighs, before he forcefully pushed your legs apart. He kissed an nibbled at your skin, causing you to moan. “Already turned on? Bet you’re already wet and slippery as hell for me. Slut that you are.” He gave a firm bite in your thigh. His fingers trailed from your stomach to your womanhood, stopping at your clit, where he began to draw lazy circles. You gasped at his touch and wanted more, instinctively bucking your hips up to meet his fingers. His other hand pushed you down, scratching his nails onto your stomach while doing it. “Did I tell you to move? Only do as I order you”, he warned you. “But I want you so bad, daddy”, you said with whiny voice. “Already?” He smirked. “Patience baby, we haven’t even started yet”, he answered as he trailed his finger against your slit, bringing it to his mouth afterwards, lapping up your juices. “Mmm, as expected”, he smirked. “Got you soaked again, without any effort whatsoever. God, I must be good to you.” “Yes, daddy. You’re so good to me. Only you can fuck me this good”, you breathed heavy, panting.

Without any warning, he pushed two fingers into you. “You think you were going to get my cock that easy?” He snapped at you, while finger fucking you hard. You tried to suppress your moans, but you couldn’t help yourself. He moved his other hand to stimulate your clit. “Mmmm, oppa~, don’t stop”, you moaned. But when Jackson heard this, he pulled his fingers out of you. “What did I just tell you? Do you want to be punished, kitten? Should I just stop and not let you cum tonight?” He said, raising his eyebrows. “No, no! Please, daddy. I’ll be a good girl. Please let me cum. I need you.” You’re voice sounded pathetic and whiny, just like Jackson wanted to. “Then stay still. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you, or else I’ll get up and leave your house”, he snapped at you.
Deep down, you knew he would never do that. Jackson was just as aroused and needy as you were. He wouldn’t just leave your house without filling you with his warm seed first. But you were still afraid he would do as he said, so you decided to keep this promise. “Yes, daddy, I’ll be good. Please do what you were doing.” A smirk appeared on his face. “My pleasure, baby girl.”

He lowered his head again and started licking your slit with steady and long licks. Every now and then he would stop to suck your clit, feeling you squirm underneath his touch. He would blow cold air onto your soaked womanhood and would drive you crazy, before letting his tongue enter you fully. You were suffering bad, trying to suppress your moans. In your head you were screaming. You bit your lips so hard, you could draw blood and you were so focused on not making any sound, that you almost forgot to breath. When you threw your head back, Jackson took it as a sign that you were close. He pulled away, undressing himself and putting on a condom at the speed of lightning. 

“I think you’re ready for me, kitten”, he said with a smirk, pumping himself a few times before lining himself at your entrance. He entered you painfully slow and it was killing you. He let you adjust to his size, before slamming hard into you. You were already letting out a loud moan before you realized that you weren’t supposed to make any sound. “S.. Sorry.. D.. Daddy”, you breathed, in between your moans. “Scream for daddy”, Jackson growled. He pulled your leg over his shoulder to let him hit your sweet spot with every thrust. You let out a scream of pleasure. “Fuck, baby”, Jackson grunted back at you. “I.. I’m c.. close”, you managed to get out. “Cum for daddy”, Jackson whispered in your ear, his head in the crook of your neck. You let out a final moan of his name as you released. You swear to god that you could see stars before your eyes as Jackson helped you come down for your high. It didn’t took look before you felt his dick twitch inside of you, filling you up with his warm seed, curses leaving that sweet mouth of his. After riding out his own high, Jackson collapsed on top of you and rolled off to lay next to you on the bed. 

“Are you okay?” He asked you worried. You turned to him with a smile, still trying to catch your breath. “You didn’t even say hello when you got in”, you said pouting as a joke. Jackson waved at you with two hands. “Hi, Y/N.” You laughed at the sight. “So..”, Jackson said seductively, turning to you. “Are you ready for a round two?” You pushed him off. “Always so horny, you. Maybe later. Right now, I’m starving. You want something to eat”, you said, and Jackson nodded, pulling you closer to him, grabbing your waist. “It was a pleasant suprise, I have to say”, you grinned.

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Piece of my GCSE art coursework. Were currently using work from our favourtie artists. So an obvious choice for me would be Tom Pericval the cover artist for Skulduggery Pleasant.

Quite suprised on how good the shading on his hat turned out :).
Anyway audiobooks are still happening but I need more characters.
Deadline for audtions for Tanith Low on the 24th to 31st October.