this was a nice surprise wasn't it

I don’t actually know why I decided to draw priest Aqul tbh but it’s nice practice before I tackled @shxmanisms‘ Euanthe.

They’ve been super kind to me since I made Aqul’s rp blog (and before) and I appreciate that a lot. Especially since they’re the reason I even knew there was some community for Warcraft on tumblr to begin with haha. So thanks! Hope this is alright aaay

Eyyyy ! Surprised Surprised it’s meee //selfslap

So first off, happy Valentine’s day <3 I hope you have a good one despite what happened a while ago – And I’m sorry if you are disappointed that I turned out to be the one to draw for you //awkward laugh bc my art isn’t as good as some and my digital art is not as nice to look at than some but i hope you like it either way —

Secondly, a while ago, you uploaded a text post explaining why you have been feeling down and so on and one of the reason was because you received a comment about something you posted. You never really say much about it but I have a strong feeling it was me that made you feel that way and if that is the case, I am deeply sorry. I’m not afraid of apologizing if it is rightfully my fault and despite you said you knew I didn’t mean harm, I still have to come out and give a proper apology because that’s the best I could do for you– 

Thirdly, this is actually my second time drawing Georgi for this event. The first time I drew him was traditionally where my cousin just stepped on the paper with no mercy, I think I talked about it before on my blog so we’re not going to detailed with that

but if you wanna see it, here it is ! 

I drew a lil minako, a lil fem minami, a lil mila and was about to add more but ya know

Anyway, I didn’t get to send this be4 bc tumblr glitched out on me so hopefully it works this time —

Happy valentine, I hope you enjoyed the gift and I’m sorry for what I said and I’m sorry if you didn’t want me //awkward laugh


((Thank you so much for this, I have always loved the way you draw your eyes. His hair is also really awesome! Thank you for putting the time into this, it looks really good!

And I love the first one with the other lil gods!! I’m making it my phone background))

vocagumimegpoid  asked:

ahhhh I'm really sorry to hear about the recolouring!!! :'< You totally deserve better cuz youre a great person!! you dont have to feel bad about restricting the rules :>>

aw man thank you for your support i really appreciate it!!!!! i’m really fine now hehe i wasn’t expecting people to cheer me up??? or back me up??? when i went back on tumblr so this is super surprising HEHEHE wat the heck is happening
but thank you again hehe idk part of me will always feel a tad bad because i love people who edit my models into different outfits of the same character im likE YES (especially when people make the clothes i will suddenly be in love with u) but half of me is like black haired luka??? =/= luka it’s a very sad and bad time and it happens almost so very often so i’m forever sitting on a fence debating life

So, gonna vent here:

I am madly in love with @greensunprincess but I’m also pretty poly, so I’m dating this other guy. Everyone knows about it. Everyone seems okay with it. It’s a pretty nice gig all in all.

I brought my new date to my birthday party and introduced him to my mother and sister. They were both happy for me. They like him. Pictures were taken and things were nice.

My Mom, not thinking anything of it, showed the pictures to my brother and his wife because it was a lovely painting party and we all had fun. My sister-in-law went ballistic on my mom (apparently and to no one’s surprise).

She started talking about how positively immoral it was that I was dating multiple people and how I should be ashamed and how it’s my mother’s job to convince me I’m terrible and that my mother should be more involved in both of her children’s relationships. You know, typical things.

This is mostly funny to me because last Christmas: I researched Bible verses on kindness and love and forgiveness, hand made a card that included my favorite of the verses and explained I was willing to let bygones be bygones and start a new year willing to try and love my sister in law as family (because she is), and actually felt really good about forgiving her for her previous transgressions against me and Alice (even though I wanted to be much meaner about the whole ordeal).

So, I find out that my Mother’s first response is to stand up for me when I can’t be there. She got in a huge fight with a woman she has frequently told me not to argue with; not to “start anything” against. She stood up for me because I’m not doing anything wrong and I’m happy and I’m 25 years old and can make my own damn relationship decisions.

This apparently escalated.

Then, my brother, bless his heart, got in the middle and sided with my Mom. He was excited for me and my happiness and this is the first time Mom has ever seen him stand up to his bully of a wife. Things got really heated, Mom left, and my brother followed to make sure she was okay before heading off to make sure he shared his side of this debacle with his Wife’s parents before she could spin a one sided web of half truths.

Color me shocked, tbh.

Mom called my Sister in Law a bitch when she sent me the text explaining everything. (I, meanwhile, was snuggling both of my sweets on the couch while watching cartoons).

I guess both my brother and sister in law sent Mom apologies a bit later.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to be around for that.

close rp w/ Marcus

It had been a while since Marcus and Carl had their gay sleep over, things have been going nicely. While he continued talking and hanging out with Carl, he also managed to get in further contact with this mysterious fellow alien named Arthur, and it was fantastic. He was surprised at how well they really got along, with him constantly being over at Marcus’s apartment.

Marcus invited both Arthur and Carl over so they could both officially meet. However, since Arthur arrived much earlier than expected, the two somehow ended up getting into an aggressively sloppy make out session while they waited for Carl to arrive.


The house was quiet as I drank the tea in the kitchen, lit dimly by the light over the stove. I hadn’t done this in a while, wide-awake at four in the morning with not a soul to keep me company.  It was typical of me during the first two years of uni until my mum and dad lectured me about it. Any time I was awake during my final year, I stayed in my room. Only the bags under my eyes would give me away, but never a mug left in the sink or a misplaced tea kettle. 

Cake For Breakfast by fromherlips