this was a nice surprise wasn't it

So I saw Dragon Cry

So, I saw Dragon Cry in theatres today.

To the surprise of zero (0) people, I was complaining the entire time.

Spoilers, obviously.

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ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part Six):
  • "You remember FUN, don't you?"
  • "I said take it back!"
  • "Hey, DON'T TOUCH THAT."
  • "I think I can take care of myself, thank you."
  • "We've been trying to get out forever!"
  • "If you promise not to touch anything, I'll show you something."
  • "Someone's gotta stay with me. Please?"
  • "Perhaps this is not such a disaster after all."
  • "I never knew you could be so impulsive."
  • "Let me put this as delicately as possible... we're doomed."
  • "How goes the looting?"
  • "He uh, damaged the canons."
  • "That's it! You're getting dismantled."
  • "No, not, never, nein, no way, ixnay on the es part, negatory!"
  • "I'm surprised you doubt my loyalty."
  • "All lies, I'm sure."
  • "I know, I know, I'm sorry."
  • "We have to choose a door.
  • "Aren't you ever coming back to the diner?"
  • "What are you doing? That won't even make a dent!"
  • "Curses and crashes, we lost him!"
  • "Don't get me wrong, I gotta admit, it is kind of nice to get away from it all."
  • "It was like you had a plan all along."
  • "I would've made it, if it wasn't for you."
  • "Somebody give me a hug!"
  • "Hey, that's my line!"
  • "I have no idea what the next line is."
  • "If only I'd copied and pasted the truth at the start."
  • "That's not even funny. What are we gonna do?"
  • "I love it when you prisoners do that."
  • "Remember that anything worthwhile takes time."
  • "I think we all owe you a big apology."
  • "We have to do something!"
  • "It was an honor to betray my comrades to you."
  • "I think you're about as basic as it comes."

anonymous asked:

Wasn't expecting to get any promo pics this early so that was a nice surprise! The pics themselves not really groundbreaking considering they're basically a "Previously on Game of Thrones" sort of thing. Though it looks like Jaime gets WW early, so maybe he found Tommen's crown too?

Hi, anon.

Yes, nice surprise indeed!

Yup, basically it’s really a “Previously on Game of Thrones in case you forgot where people were heading to by the end of season 6″, mingled with costume updates (or the lack thereof).

Yeah, Jaime getting Widow’s Wail that early came as a surprise to me as well. Earlier on, before we got any spoilers whatsoever, I thought he may take it for himself towards the end of the season once we get the equivalent of break-up with Cersei and letter-burning, as a sort of last resistance, if you will.

So that raises a lot of questions.

Does he take it himself or is it given to him?

If he takes it, I guess it would be more for sentimental reasons at first. After he tried to be there for Tommen and act more fatherly towards him, I bet it will be shattering for him to see that the last kid he’s had with Cersei is now dead as well, and that, yet again, any effort to protect the children was rendered futile.

It may also be that Cersei gives it to him. This in turn would perhaps be her sort of strategical *reassurance* to further back up her claim that she had nothing to do with the Sept - in then sense of: Cersei gives him that sword and says in a teary voice “that was all that remained of him, our poor baby boy *insert fake sobbing*” - cue for Jaime to find the crown, if Cersei on the show finally shows more of book!Cersei’s inability to follow through with any plan whatsoever, and thus leave that piece of evidence somewhere within Jaime’s reach to find once plot demands it.

I don’t think he will find both (crown and sword) at once in episode 1 onward, since I assume that those promo shots are part of episode ½. My best guess at this point is that they will have an unravel-narrative for Jaime to conclude his breaking away from Cersei towards the end of the season (so basically covering those parts of his AFfC arc that we didn’t yet see) wiht him having learned about Cersei’s true colors and her actual involvement in the HS affair more generally (see Margaery’s, Loras’, and her own imprisonment), and of course the Sept Kaboom she will most likely blame on the Sand Snatches + Ellaria. But yeah, we will have to see if the thing with the crown will be played up or if they aren’t just going to have someone break it to him (someone like Olenna perhaps).

Similarly, it would be epically ironic if Cersei gave the *twin blade* to Oathkeeper to Jaime, whereas Brienne strolls through the North with that other sword of Valyrian steel *belonging to* Widow’s Wail. This would perhaps be a nice first allusion to book!Cersei’s straight-up denial that Jaime may have ridden off with Brienne towards the end of ADwD and that he would *never* abandon her for someone the likes of Brienne.

It’d be ever the more hilarious once we bear in mind how she’s been calling out Brienne on her feelings for Jaime back during the Purple Wedding.

Originally posted by kaorym

I mean, just imagine her being so cocksure of Jaime’s alliance and giving him that sword, thinking nothing of it (because she has no clue that Brienne has Oathkeeper after he gave it to her back during that teary scene - the good old times).

Originally posted by ladybrienne

Because NEVER would Jaime return those feelings because he has *her*, hmmmm.

*plot-twist incoming*

Only to then eventually conclude that part of the arc with Jaime taking his leave. And she gave him the fuckin’ sword on tops to now carry to the North.

I would find that all kinds of epic irony that I ain’t even mad.


Thanks for the question!


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jollibean  asked:

Sorry about your night :( exes like that who wouldn't have gone with you aren't worth your time and love. I hope your friends understood how you felt though, and I hope you had some good moments despite that all. It's okay to have all those emotions and feelings, they are valid in every shape and form and you deserve the best. I bet you looked great and I hope you know you've got many of us who really care about you, so if you need someone to just vent out towards, hit any of us up! take care ♥

I… thank you. yeah, my friends are really supportive and all so they’ve been pretty great…

and yeah, i had fun besides that part. I did indeed feel like I looked really nice, even though my shoes were killing me and I had soooooo much makeup on lol. But it was coolish.

but uh.. yeah. thank you so much.


The boys renewed their vows today.  They had a nice private set up on the cliffs near the ocean at sunset.  Fireworks were set up around and much to their (and my) surprise soon as they kissed the fireworks lit up the sky all on their own.  They stepped back a bit and watched the show, clapping happily when it was over.  

Last night i drempt that @salami-dono was getting a lot of hate for his sexuality and it made me VERY UPSET. So my solution was to marry him and then declare that anyone who had something to say had to go through me first!!!

We had a nice wedding and our reception was fun.
(While we were having our cake, I did the thing he hates, where I took a sip of my drink like ssssslluurrrppp… Aaahh~! Then Clausy said “OOHH MY GOSH! We can’t be married ANYMORE!” It was a joke, though, we all had a good laugh and i gave hm a kiss ♡♡)

Our outfits were really nice, too! I’m gonna draw them later.

anonymous asked:

Cherry, guava, pineapple

cherry: can you play any musical instruments or can you sing?

i can play the ukulele, and i like to think i’m a pretty nice singer!

guava: dark & dramatic makeup or natural makeup?

natural makeup!

pineapple: sexual orientation?

bisexual! surprise motherfucker @mwatneys 

I don’t actually know why I decided to draw priest Aqul tbh but it’s nice practice before I tackled @shxmanisms‘ Euanthe.

They’ve been super kind to me since I made Aqul’s rp blog (and before) and I appreciate that a lot. Especially since they’re the reason I even knew there was some community for Warcraft on tumblr to begin with haha. So thanks! Hope this is alright aaay

Łukasz after Wolfsburg - BVB game
  • <p> <b>Łukasz:</b> It's was an uniqe game, because you don't play often against your friend. That was some event for sure, but when i stepped on the pitch i was trying to concentrate on the game only. We talked after the game for a while.<p/><b>Journalist:</b> Did you made any bets on who will win the game?<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> No, we didn't. We called each other before the game. In fact we talk with each other very often, so it was a normal call for us.<p/><b>Journalist:</b> Was your jersey exchange some spontaneous decision or it was planned?<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> No, it was spontaneous. A moment like that is good for that kind of gesture.<p/><b>Journalist:</b> And what can you say about BVB fans chanting Kuba's name after the final whistle?<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> I guess after so many years in Dortmund he have earned fan's gratefulness. He was always their favorite one and it wasn't a surprise that they thanked him like that.<p/><b>Journalist:</b> You could see that he took a deep breath during this chant.<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> That was an emotional moment for him for sure. He was always saying that Dortmund is like home for him. But that's football, sometimes you have to look for happiness somewhere else and that's what Kuba had to do.<p/><b>Journalist:</b> When you were talking after the game was he depressed?<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> He congratulated me that we won and he yelled at me that I scored that goal... no, I'm kidding. No, he wasn't depressed. It's obvious that it wasn't nice for him and his team.<p/><b>Journalist:</b> Is it true that you didn't want to compete with each other that's why Kuba moved from Dortmund to Wolfsburg?<p/><b>Łukasz:</b> I don't think that's a question for me.<p/></p>
  • Solas: I suspect you have questions.
  • Inquisitor: Actually no not really? We beat Corypheus and the Breach was dealt with, so I wasn't really surprised that you left, that seemed pretty normal. Also you know, we were never that close so I didn't expect you to stick around. I assumed that you left to pursue your own goals. Also I have no reason to believe there's anything suspicious going on with you. If you were say - I don't know, for example - an ancient elven god or something, I'd have no way of knowing that. So no I don't really have questions. But hey it's nice to see you, glad you're doing well for yourself. Ok bye now, take care.
EXO on Chen's Birthday
  • Chen: guys, do you know what day it is?
  • Suho: it's a monday
  • Chen: yeah, well do you know what kind of monday?
  • Xiumin: urhm, the 21st?
  • Chen: yeah? and?
  • Luhan: yo man, what are you talking about?
  • Kris: OMG that's right! it's a special day today!
  • Chen: yes! you remember!!!
  • Kris: of course i would!! how could i possibly forget the day i need to take sehun for bubble tea?
  • Chen: wh-what?
  • Kris: he's been begging me for some since last week
  • Chen: oh..
  • Sehun: *walks out of room with crossed arms*
  • Sehun: it's about time
  • Sehun: *puts on sunglasses*
  • Sehun: *walks out front door with shoes on*
  • Sehun: later bitches
  • Kris: isn't he the cutest?
  • Tao: omggggg i wanna go tooooo
  • Kai: so do i
  • Chanyeol: *from other side of house* BAEKHYUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
  • Baekhyun: *from other side of house* WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT YOU STUPID HO???
  • Kai: hey kyungsoo, you wanna go to?
  • D.O.: okay ^^ <3
  • Suho: im going with my galaxy
  • Kris: omg i told you not to do that
  • Chen: WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?!?
  • Everyone: nIcE jOkE, cHeN. yOu CaN't tRoLl uS wItH tHaT.
  • Everyone: bye chenny chen chen~~~
  • Everyone: *walks out door*
  • Chen: *is alone*
  • Chen: *looks at watch*
  • Chen: and 3.... 2.... 1...
  • Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!
  • Chen: honestly, y'all so bad at acting you can't act to save your lives.
  • Chen: honestly, bitches. i ain't hanging with no retards who can't act for shit. im out
  • Chen: *goes to the desert and hangs out with camel family*
  • Everyone: dat bitch just trolled us.
  • Everyone: on his birthday
  • Lay: *crawls from under couch*
  • Lay: omg guys what's happening. what did i miss.

theoriginalgodsgirlrachel  asked:

Alright, I'm dying to know now that I've been re-watching some episodes... Why did Dominator have a guest bathroom? Why did it look so...well, normal? (And even kinda nice/well-kept, too, honestly! Really wasn't expecting the pink, though, haha.) Was there some kind of flash-back scene planned for it in season 3 that would give some hints to Dom's loneliness? Because at this point, I wouldn't be surprised anymore...

Personal theory: Wander found a room and started surreptitiously sprucing it up, smuggling pieces in over the course of the season, a single decorative soap at a time.

sweetgums  asked:

i remember when i was a kid, watching DBZ, and VegeBul pretty much came out of nowhere (to the extent that the characters in the show were really surprised as well, cause Vegeta wasn't even interested in romance, and Bulma already had a boyfriend); and yet VegeBul is one of the most popular and dynamic pairings in the show... would be nice if SasuHina went that way too.

I SUPPORT THIS 10000000%

Ski Trip | 045
  • Bennett: and Joanna had worked quickly to plan a surprise trip for their four children. James had improved significantly in his school work and was finally settled into a routine and his role in their family. That was something to be celebrated. Plus it would be nice to take James out of the city for probably the first time in his entire life. Ben would be lying if it also wasn't partially to bribe the kids a little after telling them about their new sibling. They had taken it pretty well but he still wanted to show them that life wouldn't change all that much. "Mommy look at the snow!" James exclaimed from the back row as they pulled up to the cabin that Ben's dad had, which was they normally stayed. "Cooper! Coop. Look!" He said shaking his younger brother awake. Now he was the one with the overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm. Cooper and Izzy were still getting over their little colds so the drive had knocked them out.