this was a low blow, julian

Cheap Trick was the first time I ever went backstage. The cool thing about how I got backstage is a lot of girls were giving blow jobs to get backstage and I did not even comprehend that. I just got out of juvenile hall and I went from high-end boarding school to low-end juvenile hall, told them I had a trust fund and they pretty much threw me out of juvenile hall, which I was sad about. I found this happy medium with like the gay guys at the all-ages gay club and those weird groupies in Portland at a place called the Paramount. And I had a mouth on me like nothing from the gay guys, they really taught me how to speak and how to conduct myself until Julian Cope, and then Julian Cope taught me a lot more and he was my mentor. None of these people ever sexualised me. I was never sexually involved with any of them, or romantically. Maybe romantically in my head, not in any inappropriate way. It would’ve been first of all illegal, second of all it would be wrong and I’d probably hate them for it. I have a 17-year-old daughter and a record company right now ostensibly called Cherry Forever. You do the math. I don’t take it lightly.
—  Courtney Love, 2009.