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why you should watch twisted: the untold story of a royal vizier

  • it’s a musical
  • it’s by the same people who did a very potter musical, so you know it’s good
  • it’s available for free on youtube, and the soundtrack isn’t very expensive, either
  • it gives the wicked treatment to jafar from aladdin 
  • (or ja’far, to get around copyright issues)
  • (actually a lot of the ways they get around copyright in this show are really funny)
  • “and may the rats ejaculate upon you”
  • the titular song literally gave me chills
  • “why is everyone in the kingdom white????”
  • really really good costuming and sets
  • there’s a song called “orphaned at 33″ and it’s fucking hilarious
  • the guy who plays aladdin is amazingly charming yet punchable at the same time
  • poking fun at a lot of disney’s urban legends
  • the bad guys are from the kingdom Pik-zhar
  • “what’s that name, everyone?” “TIGER FUCKER!” “no!”
  • a genuinely touching and compelling love story told over the course of one song
  • a subplot that manages to make a surprisingly well-put point about consent and sex =/= love
  • “all this for a loaf of bread” (just wait until you hear it….)
  • “I noticed you weren’t at dinner, but I saw you try to poison my wine! Usually when you do that it means you want to talk, so what’s up, are you mad at me?”
  • please just watch it because in my opinion it deserves just as much attention as a very potter musical

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what the venus signs look for in a crush
  • aries venus: someone who is true. playful debate. respect. someone who is solid and strong. going on adventures. sharing interests.
  • taurus venus: comfort and simple romance. giving gifts. movie marathons. someone who is there for them. being heard. lots of alone time with their crush. depth.
  • gemini venus: lots of talking. someone who gets their train of thought. good conversation. picking each other's brains. charm and confidence. opening up, surprisingly.
  • cancer venus: consistency. being accepting. someone who inspires them and helps see life in a more beautiful way. someone who is DTC (down to commit).
  • leo venus: someone who shows signs of loyalty to them. being able to call someone in the middle of the night and having them pick up just to chat. someone special to them that also makes them feel special.
  • virgo venus: someone who respects them. someone kinda quirky but is perfect to them. lots of fun. interpersonally adventurous, spontaneity within the relationship. someone who gets their references.
  • libra venus: just looking at someone unique and beautiful even from a distance. something about them is different from others and they can't explain why. body language and tone of voice. maybe a little reserved and/or from space.
  • scorpio venus: someone who is different from them becomes interesting. when they can't tell the whole story behind someone and the mystique draws them in.
  • sagittarius venus: lighthearted fun. interesting and creative ideas being shared. no pressure to be or do anything they don't want to. being inspired.
  • capricorn venus: someone who shares interests. can have real discussions but also share memes. someone who wants to hang around even during the worst moments. feeling confident in conversation.
  • aquarius venus: someone who can introduce things to them. someone to take their ideas seriously. lots of jokes and lightheartedness. nothing to bring them down.
  • pisces venus: listening to each other. small gestures to express appreciation. expressing through words. music sharing. sentimentality.
Little Witch Academia Manga (Teri Terio) Chapter 2 Scanlation!

Translation, typesetting, and everything is done by me.

Akko and her friends make golems in class and adventure ensues. The story is really cute and surprisingly emotional. I had a lot of fun translating this and I hope you enjoy reading it too! Next chapter is in the works~


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for the ut, uf, us and sf bros, how do you catch their attention if you're crushing on them?


-Laughing at his jokes is a sure way to make him notice you. He value humor a lot, so someone who can either fire some puns back at him or looses it if he keeps going for long enough is already attractive to him. Don’t force it though, he can read people fairly well and he knows when you think it’s funny or not.

-He knows you’re crushing on him, no matter how well you’re hiding it he’s got you figured out. This doesn’t mean that he has any idea how to handle it though. If he likes you back, he’s going to be a little flustered around you. But still acts fairly normal. Just to let things progress naturally. He doesn’t really have the energy to go into full romans mode.

-Being lazy is probably going to work best for you? He doesn’t like doing a lot of physical activities, he likes to ‘’conserve his energy’’. So just hanging out at Grillby’s, or watching a show you both likes together is enough. He’s actually kind of introverted, so learning that he can spend time with you without ti exhausting him is really going to make him interested in you.


-While he likes showing off how great he is in front of others, he also likes other people showing off to him. If you’re good at something, no matter how ridiculous you may think it is, he wants to see it. He wants to see your passions.

-He’s all about doing activities together. So take him on lots of friendship dates, and then stop adding the friendship part when you ask him out ;)

-Examples of above include training, cooking, going to the movies, charity, and literally anything else that you can do together. He is so excited to do these things with you.

-He falls for you when he sees how you act when you’re happy and you don’t think he’s looking. Or when he sees that you’re passionate about something.


-I don’t really know what you can do here to be honest, except be persistent. He’s going to push you away whenever you try to be friendly. And he gets aggressive when you get flirty because he’s such a tsundere.

-One thing is if you’re in on his humor. Which is pretty dark and offensive, like really horrible and you shouldn’t be laughing at this dark and offensive. It’s almost so bad that he judges you for laughing when he said the joke. But that’s because he knows that they’re horrible and he didn’t expect less from him. But you? Jeez, kid.

-And if you’ve gotten to the friendship point, letting him flirt with you might work. He’s going to, most definitely. And if he sees you getting all flustered and blushing from his jokes and flirtations, it’s going to really catch his interest. Best thing is if you suddenly flirt back and catch him off guard. That’s when he teleports out because nope can’t deal with that and his cheeks are not red at all nope.


-I think letting him talk about himself is one way to get him to really notice you. You have to find the line between boasting his ego, but still not putting up with his bullshit treatment of others. Let him talk about how he’s the captain of the royal guard, and how he is really great. But don’t let him order you around however he wants. Defiance against him isn’t common, it’s going to shock him.

-He hates feeling vulnerable, and if you can somehow lurk out his emotions without leaving him feeling too open, then you’re halfway to becoming his crush.

-He likes showing off his skills. And since cooking is a passion of his, letting him cook for you on small friendship dates is a nice way to get to know each other. Bonus if you’re good at cooking too, then you can each cook different things and compare them.


-Okay so, it doesn’t matter how obvious your crush is because he is so oblivious to it. Unless you literally sit him down and tell him that you have a crush on him, he isn’t going to notice it. But chances are that if you’re around him enough to get a crush on him, he’s been around you enough to get a crush on you.

-And unless you’re super oblivious too, you can use that to your advantage. Let him woo you.

-Playing secret admirer is also something that will get him going. He’ll be looking everywhere for the person who sent him flowers or cute little notes. He loves the challenge of finding them and he’s blushing up a storm every time he finds a new note. Especially if you leave clues as to who it is, that way he can solve it.


-Just flirt with him. He does it with everyone else, so someone who does it with him is a nice change. Also be cool, but not over the top cool. More like chill? Stressful things make him anxious and he has to spend a lot of energy acting calm all the time.

-Next step is making him feel comfortable enough that he doesn’t have to act calm. This is going to make him trust you more, especially if you can help him calm down. Optional next step is to let him calm you down if you’re anxious. It’s a two way street.

-Despite his constant flirting with people (and you, after a while) he still wants to take it slow. So don’t try and rush him into things. He likes going from friends to better friends to the point where people are yelling at you two to just get together already. Go along with it and just ease into things.


-Oh boy. So this guy is going to get a crush on you pretty fast if you show him that you’re interested. And after that it’s going to be him aggressively wooing you.

Things that work to get him further interested are:

-Boasting his ego and letting him show off his skills.

-Being genuinely concerned for him (It’s going to really throw him off guard but somehow he likes it).

-Both being easily flustered and not being easily flustered. He likes flirting and saying suggestive things. So if you’re easily flustered he’s going to keep going until your face is on fire and then some more. But if you’re not easily flustered, it just makes the moment where you break more fun. And trust me, he will get you to that point. No matter how much you try and keep your cool.

-Also LET HIM RANT TO YOU. He’s not the best with emotions, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s irritation and frustration. And he’s a lot easier to deal with after he’s vented all of that anger off on someone. In turn, he’ll let you vent about everything that’s bothering you. It might not sound like it, but it’s developing into a healthy habit for the both of you. He’s a surprisingly good listener, even though he sucks at comforting people.


-If you’re a decent person, that’s sure to catch his attention. He really likes the contrast between you and the monsters from underground. Some humans are just so soft and sweet compared to what he’s used to. And he likes watching you interact with others, doing normal stuff.

-Surprise him by being caring towards him. Casual stuff like friendly worrying. Did you eat today, sleep enough things like that. Don’t go overboard with it though.

-If he doesn’t like you, it’s almost impossible to get closer to him. He’s not going to hurt your feelings intentionally, unless you are a literal jerk. But he’s good at avoiding people.

-If he does like you, he tries to spend a lot of time with you. Quietly in the background making sure everything is okay. These are the times when you should talk to him more. He falls in love with people when they’re not looking, busy being themselves.

Book of Mormon Sweden

I saw the Swedish Book of Mormon production yesterday and it was great. It was well-polished, the ensemble was amazing, the theatre was pretty small so it had a great intimate feeling and the crowd was awesome (lots of cheering and applause; and Swedes are usually pretty hard to get going like that tbh :P) They’d make some slight changes/tweaks, but I honestly thought they were for the better.

Linus Wahlgren’s Elder Price is very similar to Rannells (and he’s got such a good voice), and Per Andersson’s Elder Cunningham was surprisingly restrained, awkward and sweet. Anton Lundqvist’s Elder McKinley was a total scene-stealer. Samantha Gurah was a bit anonymous but charming as Naba, but her Hasa Diga reprise was amazing. Overall, the entire ensemble was amazing and it seemed like they really had fun on stage.

Also, a few details:

  •  There were a couple of new sentences thrown in in the airport scene to introduce the “not allowed to drink coffee or tea” thing.
  •  Elder Poptarts became Elder “Cheerios” in the Swedish production. :-P Probably because that’s a known American brand here; Poptarts are not. 
  •  Joseph Smith slapped Price’s ass during the All-American Prophet – Wahlgren made a thing of wincing and rubbing his ass. I don’t remember seeing it happen in the West End production, at least?
  •  Man Up was staged differently. There were no monsters on stage, probably to avoid the awkward thing with hitting the sword in the right spot? Instead there were monsters on the screen behind them that Cunningham destroyed by “blowing them up” with his hand. Also, there were huge penises flashing on the screen occasionally, and the “tough Elders” that danced in the background had leather wests and leather police hats; bondage vibes.  
  •  Spooky Mormon Hell Dream had very similar choreography, but different costumes. Satan had a red formal suit and a more distinguished vibe. Elder McKinley had a much more prominent role, where there was a bit of a “big reveal” before he took center stage and danced for a longer period than in the West End production. It was great.  
  •  McKinley leaned in for a kiss, but it was after waking Kevin up at the bus stop and not at the covered-in-blood scene. It was very popular with the audience.  
  •  Wahlgren messed up a line/his brain froze during the coffee shop scene and he simply said “eat shit!” to keep up the flow, I suppose. :P It was followed by a surprised silence and then the audience cracked up (most of them probably not knowing it was a mistake). Then there was a pause before Andersson kind of snapped “no, YOU eat shit”, while made Wahlgren break character and laugh for a while. The audience loved it (and I loved it). 
  •  "In the I am here for you"-scene right at the end, Wahlgren and Andersson leaned in so close to each other while Wahlgren was singing that they ended up doing Eskimo kisses to mess around a bit; then Andersson took it further and almost dipped Wahlgren while doing more Eskimo kisses. 

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Can I ask for 33 from first list and 2 from second with Wade Wilson, pretty please? Thank you and have a great day :)

33. after the first date
2. “I had a lot of fun, surprisingly.”

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“I swear to God, Wade, if you don’t keep up, I’m leaving your ass behind!”

You laughed breathlessly into the cold city air, the wind whipping into your face as you ran down the sidewalk. At nearly three in the morning, the streets were all but deserted. 

Shit–ow! Slow down, I’m missing half of my goddamn leg!” Wade’s voice came from farther behind than you expected, so you slowed down a bit, giving him a chance to catch up. 

“And who’s fault is that?” You asked, cocking an eyebrow at him when he reached your side. You took pity on him, reducing your speed again from a jog down to a brisk walk. 

This,” he retorted, gesturing to his torn up left thigh, “is definitely your fault.” 

“Oh, really?” You rolled your eyes at him, pushing at his arm. “Tell me again whose idea it was to take me on a date and kill some baddies on the same night?”

“Totally yours. Worst first date ever, Y/N. How dare you. I’m a classy lady.” The two of you were silent for a beat as he tried to hold an indignant vibe, and then you broke into giggles, looping your arm through his and leaning into him. 

“Wade, you’re in a bright red suit carrying so many weapons that it’s literally not possible for you to be comfortable, and the gunshot in your leg is so bad that I can see daylight through it. Classy lady, my ass.” 

“You’re right, the gun holstered up my ass is probably a little excessive.” You snorted, glancing over at him. He pulled you to a stop underneath a streetlight, stepping in front of you so that you were facing each other. “So, I’m trying to determine whether or not you think this went well.” 

“I had a lot of fun, surprisingly.”

A lot of fun as in ‘this date was shitty as fuck and I’m just saying whatever will make the psycho happy so that I can get out of here and skip town,’ or a lot of fun as in ‘this wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to me so maybe I won’t have to change my identity?’” For the first time since you’d met him, you could hear a real question behind the sarcasm. You smiled at him, flicking his masked nose playfully. 

“I mean, a lot of fun as in ‘your psycho ass should ask me out on a second date,’ you dork. And quickly, because it’s fucking cold out here.”

“Oh, shit. Hey, how about a second date right now? At my place? Clothes optional.” You could see his grin through his mask, and you slapped at his chest, turning on your heel and walking away from him. 

“What kind of girl do you take me for, Mr. Wilson?” You called back over your shoulder. 

“The kind that’s gonna come home with me tonight, I hope,” he yelled back. You didn’t hear footsteps, so you turned around, continuing to walk backwards as you beckoned him towards you. 

“Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Take me home.”

Em’s Birthday Drabbles!

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Here's a question: Top Ten Toku Mechas?

This may come as a surprise to my followers but one of my least favorite aspects of Super Sentai is the mecha.  Of course, that’s like saying my least favorite part of cheesecake is the crust.  I still love it but it’s not cheese or cake so it comes a distant third on the love scale.

That said, I do love me some mecha!  I used to build Gunpla kits on a regular basis and watched so much mecha anime it’s what I became known for before I let my toku fan flag fly higher than my Zeon one (and yes, I had a Zeon flag before I sold it to someone even more passionate about it than I was.)

So, I have watched a lot of mecha related stuff.  I adore the early work of Go Nagai on Mazinger Z, Getter Robo and all the derivatives and spinoffs thereof (Great Mazinger, Grendaizer, Getter Robo G, Shin Getter Robo etc. etc.). I also love Yoshiyuki Tomino’s outpu.  Not just his Gundam work though but his lesser known shows like Space Runaway Ideon, Xabungle and even the much maligned Brain Powerd.

I guess that’s the long way of saying that I’m a mecha fan but you aren’t going to see a ton of Super Sentai mecha on this list of my favorite tokusatsu robots. There are just too many to choose from to limit it.  There will be a few but they will not dominate this list.

Let’s get started.

10. Giant Robo

Airing in Japan in 1967, this series was the brainchild of manga writer  Mitsuteru Yokoyama who also created Tetsujin 28 (known as Gigantor in the US). It has a lot of similarities to his earlier series with a young boy controlling a giant robot by remote control. What really makes this series stand out though are the creative enemies and interesting fights.  I also just love Robo’s design with its Egyptian headdress and stern expression.  

9. Daileon

The robot that transforms out of the hero’s starship from the 1985 Metal Hero series Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion is great for two reasons.  1) I just love the very simple but elegant robotic look of it. 2) It fights giant monsters every week!  This is the only Metal Hero show to feature kaiju (or megabeasts in this case) every week and give the hero a giant robot to take them on with.  That’s pretty sweet in my opinion and makes Juspion a very unique entry in its respective franchise.

8. Jean-Killer

A robot that first showed up in one of the Ultraman Zero side story specials, I feel Jean-Killer really didn’t come into its own until it became the personal mecha of Ultraman Ginga’s rival. I really like its design, the fact that it can transform into a spaceship and the way it goes from being a hated enemy into a grudging ally in the fight against evil.

7. Super Robot Red Baron

My brother bought this show on DVD and let me borrow it and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  The first two episodes were surprisingly brutal and shocked me into watching the rest.  It’s a pretty darn good show and I love how boxy and classically robotic the heroic mecha of the series is.  It feels a lot like Giant Robo but it’s a bit newer, giving it a little polish the older series lacked.

6. Leopardon

Spiderman’s personal giant robot from the 1978 Toei series stands as a fantastic example of adding a robot to something that had no right to have one and making it amazing. Of course, it was dreamed up to make the American hero more appealing to Japanese children but it proved SO popular it ended up giving Toei the idea to put robots together with their flagging Sentai shows and revitalize it into SUPER SENTAI.  I owe this webbed wonder a lot for that!

5. Dragon Caesar

Dragon Caesar is my favorite sixth hero mecha ever.  Sure, he may be the first but he gets me in my sweet spot for things I love.  Those would be; giant monsters, robots and robot giant monsters. He also looks like a robot Godzilla, which is something of a weakness of mine as you will see higher on the list.

4. Electronic Starbeast Dol

The undersection of Gavan’s spaceship from the 1982 Metal Hero series Space Sheriff Gavan transforms into this amazing mecha.  It’s a GIANT ROBOT SPACE DRAGON!  So I really need to go into any more detail about why that idea just kicks all the ass in the galaxy? It can breath fire, it can shoot lasers from its eyes and it can grapple enemies.  I love this thing’s design and just wish it got more use in the series.  Still, every time it was used, I loved it to death.

Speaking of Robot Space Dragons…

3. Daijinryu

This monstrous mechanical dragon was the largest single mecha ever to appear in Super Sentai.  Look how huge it is compared to the buildings beneath its feet! Another giant robot space dragon, Daijinryu was the ultimate keeper of balance.  It would appear whenever the battles between the heroes of Gosei Sentai Dairanger and their enemies, the Gorma, got too out of hand and threatened the balance of the universe.  If the fighting didn’t stop, it threatened to destroy the entire world! It also had the power to back that up and dwarfed anything the heroes or villains could send against it.

2. Muteki Shogun

Out of all the mecha to appear in the 41 year history of Sentai, this is my absolute favorite,  I love his design, I love his concept and I love the way it moves and looks on screen.  It’s essentially a Japanese castle that stands up to become a giant robot.  It’s so awesomely cool and outshines even the other mecha of its own series.  Nothing in Super Sentai tops this one for me.

1. Mechagodzilla

Whether and alien duplicate, a weapon reverse engineered from 23rd Century robotics by G-Force or a government Godzilla deterrent made from the bones of the original Godzilla, no tokusatsu mecha is cooler to me than Mechagodzilla. I have loved this one since I was a little kid reading out it in a little orange book from the school library.  Godzilla was my introduction to the world of Japanese fantastic cinema and Mechagodzilla my intro to giant robots. I owe him a ton for my current fandom and still think he’s the best giant robot ever made!

Spotlight: Shiratorizawa Third Years

Q: Which one is the meme lord?

Do you even need to ask? Tendou becomes nigh insufferable when confronted with a new meme that strikes his fancy. He gets an unlikely partner in SemiSemi, who will deadpan snarky replies that make it very clear that he knows exactly what’s being referenced. Yamagata sniggers in the background but doesn’t join in. Ushijima just looks on in mild confusion, whereas Reon has decided ages ago that this stuff is not worth his time.

Q: Who’s the ‘responsible’ one that sighs and fixes everything after Shenanigans™

Equal parts Semi and Reon. The difference lies mostly in the attitude. Reon wears a light smile and softly shrugs when he finds the dorm covered in shaving cream. He picks up a mop and calmly enlists everyone to help out with the clean-up.
Semi, upon finding Tendou and Goshiki up a tree without the ability to get back down in one piece, just glares. There’s a long and very terse conversation with a frightened Goshiki about the stupidity of trusting in his red haired senpai. Semi doesn’t even try to admonish Tendou. Instead he declares that he’s leaving and they can all rot. Once he rounds a corner, he calls Reon, telling him to bring Ushi and a ladder.

Q: Who gets the most love letters and confessions?

Ushijima, being one of the top aces in the country, gets quite a bit of attention, all of which goes completely over his head. Dude is dense as a diamond, to the point where Semi and Tendou make bets behind his back about how many times a hopeful lovestruck kouhai will try to confess before giving up. Semi, meanwhile, is conventionally attractive, but has a resting bitch face and level of salt that scares off any but the most daring. He gets less love letters than he feels he deserves, poor sap. Tendou has a similar problem, due to his general reputation. Both of them are super jealous of Reon, whose calm demeanour and friendly attitude means he’s definitely the more experienced of the bunch, when it comes to love. Yamagata refuses to disclose anything regarding, making Tendou assume he has a lover stashed somewhere (“Under his bed! We need to look under his bed!”).

Q: Who has the weirdest hidden talent?

Depends on what you consider weird. Ushi has green fingers, because of course he does. Tendou seems to collects weird skills as a hobby. He can belly dance, he practices popping his eyes out, he can’t fry an egg but he makes perfect macarons, that sort of thing. No one is the least bit surprised by any of it. Yamagata spent a lot of his early youth in music school, and is still a passable drummer. He even plays in a punk band, sometimes, a gig which is made all the more difficult due to the fact that he keeps losing his phone, meaning he has to change numbers a lot. Semi, meanwhile, is surprisingly good at memorisation. He can recite several Shakespeare speeches and knows the lyrics to pretty much any song he’s heard more than twice. Reon’s secret talent is sewing. The boy can mend a sock and make it look better than it was when brand new. All his clothes have a little pretty personalised tag in them, that Tendou makes fun of. What he doesn’t know is they’re not the result of an overly sentimental mom. Reon did those himself.

Q: Who is most likely to adopt stray kittens?

“You must grow strong,” Ushijima says, feeding little strips of steak to the tiny mewling ball of fluff. When Reon carefully points out that kittens are definitely not allowed in the Shiratorizawa dorms, he will concede and look for a family to place said cat in. The process involves vetting and a lot of strict stares. He doesn’t cry or even respond when he leaves the kitten with them, but his serve lacks strength for the rest of the week.


Do you believe in the power of friendship?
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Why not join the Brofest challenge?
A two month challenge to produce some much needed platonic haikyuu fanfiction.

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Hey, I'd like to request a thing for the RFA+V and Saeran. Can you make a reaction of them visiting Mc's & Jaehee's cafe and MC makes a down right dirty flirt to Jaehee that can only be looked at as raving romantic feelings. Jaehee just brushes it off and isn't even phased by it and thinks MC is just being friendly. (PS I love your blog I just scrolled through all of it it's wonderful)

This is a great request! I didn’t think I would enjoy Jaehee’s route but I found it surprisingly fun and pretty emotional. I also had a great time writing this request but I have no idea how to flirt so I looked a lot of pick-up lines up and made them little NSFW just so you know! I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • This poor boy walks into yours and Jaehee’s cafe right before it closes
  • You’re trying, yet again, to get Jaehee to notice your feelings for her
  • Yoosung orders his usual hot drink and sips it as he watches you and Jaehee talk
  • “You know Jaehee I’m getting hungry, why don’t I eat you up?”
  • Yoosung spits his drink out and becomes bright red because omg did he hear you right?
  • But Jaehee just smiles and tells you that you can just grab any pastry you want and it’d be her treat since the two of you are best friends she’s got you covered
  • Yoosung is still recovering from shock and once you leave, he whispers
  • “Jaehee, I think MC meant she wanted to eat… your um… female part…”
  • She’s S H O O K
  • Once you come back, Jaehee grabs your hand telling you that you need to go with her to her bedroom now and asks Yoosung to close up the cafe
  • Yoosung stands there, still blushing and takes a broom and starts sweeping as he starts to hear moans


  • You invited Zen over to the cafe to try and give you some new pick-up lines to try on Jaehee
  • Zen highkey really wants you two to be together so he’s happy to help
  • He watches as you and Jaehee say goodbye to the last customer for the night
  • Jaehee sighs and complains about her feet being tired
  • You and Zen nodded to each other, turning to face her you said
  • “Well if you’re tired Jaehee, you could always sit on my face.”
  • She just giggles and says that she’ll just sit down on a chair
  • Zen can’t believe Jaehee and once you walk away feeling defeated, he goes over to Jaehee
  • He tells her that you have romantic feelings for her and that you were just flirting hardcore with her
  • Jaehee finally gets it and excuses herself from Zen to go talk to you
  • She whispers something to you and your eyes go wide as she leads you her car
  • You give Zen a thumbs up and he smiles back, feeling happy that you two are finally together, even if he is a little bit jealous


  • Jumin usually didn’t like going to yours and Jaehee’s cafe but he made an exception once you insisted that he come by
  • Once there, you took Jumin’s order and swiftly got his drink
  • He sits there and asks if you and Jaehee advanced your relationship any further
  • You sigh and say no that she still just saw you as a friend
  • Jumin tells you to give up since Jaehee has always been stubborn so you two would probably never date
  • You huff and walk straight over to Jaehee and making sure Jumin can hear, you tell her
  • “I bet you taste sweeter than sugar Jaehee, mind if I check?”
  • Jumin’s mouth is hung open, completely shocked at what you just said
  • But Jaehee just says that she probably doesn’t taste like anything and calls you silly for saying something like that
  • Jumin stands up and walks over to her telling her that you love her
  • Jaehee thinks that he joking at first but your blush from embarassment proves otherwise
  • She quickly says goodbye to Jumin as Jaehee leads you to the back of the kitchen
  • Jumim smirks, silently praising himself for finally doing something nice for Jaehee


  • You had told Seven that today was going to be the day that you would confess your feelings for Jaehee and you wanted him there for support
  • Seven shipped you and Jaehee hardcore so he excitedly agreed
  • When he got there, Seven noticed how nervous you looked and asked what was wrong
  • You told him that you didn’t know exactly how to confess your feelings to Jaehee so you were getting anxious
  • Seven pulled you aside and told you what to tell her, your face went red from what he said but you agreed
  • You walked over to Jaehee and grabbed her arms asking
  • “Jaehee, I seemed to have lost my panties, do you mind if I borrow yours?”
  • She blinks a couple of times in confusion and asks you how in the world could you lose your panties?
  • Seven wants to scream to Jaehee that you like her but he plays it cool and tells Jaehee to think about what you said
  • It takes her a minute but once Jaehee realizes what you meant, she is BRIGHT red
  • You smile as you tells you that she’ll drive you home and quickly takes you to her car
  • Before the two of you leave, Seven unzips his hoodie, showing his shirt that says ‘MC and Jaehee are My OTP’ as he keeps shouting


  • V’s basically the dad of the RFA so he knows all about your feelings for Jaehee
  • You invite him to come to yours and Jaehee’s cafe to get some advice from him
  • You set V’s drink down and sit down yourself across from him and sigh telling him how you want to confess to Jaehee your feelings but you just don’t know how
  • V smiles gently and tells you to just let her know how you really feel about her then surely your feelings will get to her
  • With V’s advice, you stand up and excitedly walk over to Jaehee, grabbing her shoulders, you say
  • “Jaehee, I want to touch you all over and you to touch me. Let’s stay together forever.”
  • V almost spills his drink when he hears what you say like what?
  • He watches anxiously as you both await Jaehee’s response but of course she just tells you that she bumps into you all of the time and touches you then
  • Your shoulders slump and you sigh feeling defeated but V comes up behind you and simply tells Jaehee that you love her, you just didn’t know how to express your feelings
  • Jaehee smiles and intertwines her hand with yours and says that she’s more than willing to try a relationship with you  
  • V smiles, feeling genuinely happy for the two of you


  • Saeran loves visiting yours and Jaehee’s cafe since neither one of you ever judge him about his past
  • Plus the two of you make killer drinks so it’s a win-win situation for him
  • One day when he visits, Saeran notices you look a little down and keep staring at Jaehee
  • When you give him his drink, he asks what’s wrong
  • You tell him that you want to be more than friends with Jaehee but you don’t think she likes you in that way
  • Saeran tells you to go over to her and wait since he has a plan
  • You’re willing to try anything at this point so you do as he told you, walking straight over to Jaehee
  • Before you can do anything, Saeran gives you a push and your lips crash onto Jaehee’s lips
  • Saeran smirks at his work as the two of you become blushing messes
  • You finally have the courage and tell Jaehee that you love her
  • Jaehee is taken aback at first but smiles and tells you that she’s secretly felt the same way for a while now
  • The two of you thank Saeran and walk up to her bedroom
  • Saeran grabs a bunch of pastries from the display case and figures that he’s earned them seeing as the RFA finally had an official couple now
Speed Date W/Okada

Originally posted by wrestlingsmarkmatty

This is a little short but I needed to update this series. I have plans for a longer second date Okada fic once I finish the first round of these. I can’t remember who recommended I write Okada with Gedo in this but whoever you are, THANK YOU. This was so much fun to write and I honestly can’t wait to write more of these two.

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole

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how to spot the signs
  • (usually sun or moon, rarely rising)
  • Aries: they may interrupt someone talking without noticing, may inadvertently turn the conversation into something about them or something they're passionate about, will have trouble hiding their moods, will be open in conversations and even if shy, will be fairly direct and straightforward, if you've known them for a little while they are the type to always say 'hi' first and make an effort.
  • Taurus: will seem to comfortable no matter where they are, will make witty jokes often but be more straightforward if you know each other better. complainers but also self-reliant. will talk about relationships a lot (if in one) and other than that will love discussing "pleasure" - favourite shows/food/places
  • Gemini: will talk faster than most, may tell stories leaving out important details, will be excitable and probably fidget a lot, the type to actually roll their eyes when annoyed, witty, laughs a lot, "in the moment"
  • Cancer: will "oh" a lot, ask you questions about yourself, if you ask them what's been going on for them lately they often won't hesitate to tell you everything! they complain as a way to vent but will speak highly of those they care about
  • Leo: will somehow turn the conversation into something about them, if the conversation bores them they might actually space out, will tell jokes and be very friendly. if they really like you, they'll talk about you a little more, will not care if "insulted" in a friendly way, easy-going, can sometimes inadvertently insult someone (e.g I would never do something like that)
  • , dramatic
  • Virgo: is quiet, almost docile but stern. will rarely try to make themselves the subject of the conversation, will talk about things they've overcome or believe in, will do small things "nit picky things" (e.g their locker might be a mess but they wipe the excess water of their water bottle with a napkin after very sip)
  • Libra: not necessarily shy but if everyone is talking they won't butt in, they'll remain quiet and possibly just smile. they seem to be almost easily intimidated even if they aren't, they will talk about being fair a lot (but then say something that completely isn't), they will use manners a lot and do subtle things to make sure you are comfortable, they can become very suddenly agitated
  • Scorpio: will be mostly easy going yet very intense. they will not really talk unless spoken to but once they do they can often talk for hours! they are emotional which makes them very good at telling stories/joining in with conversations - is often surprisingly comical. very "relatable" type people
  • Sagittarius: loud, friendly and welcoming. can be preachy and if given the chance will talk about their goals, they have an overall "chill" vibe. they like everything to have an element of fun so that's what they'll try to do. sometimes can seem arrogant because they "know more than you", dramatic
  • Capricorn: will seem calm, sometimes "stiff", sometimes they're breathing might even seem "stiff". they're overall friendly but are straightforward, they aren't afraid of confrontation but are usually civil, they want to have "easy" conversations and usually not too much stimulation
  • Aquarius: they zone out a lot, some will pretend to be "weird" and that's all they can talk about, others seem to have "deep" conversations while at other times seem to tell stories that are actually go nowhere leaving everyone confused, will talk about their beliefs a lot, will "argue" (debate) a lot, all knowing, friendly
  • Pisces: very relaxed vibe usually, usually great conversationalist because they talk and listen equal amounts, sometimes they seem spacey when no one is talking to them, often jokes a lot and is very fond of self deprecating humour. may even be clumsy. prone to being teary, even when laughing.
Having Babies With Hank McCoy Would Include ...

I went so overboard with this and I could have written more because babies and Hank McCoy are my favourite things, he would make such cute children!! 

Originally posted by lovelyactors

·         All the fun of trying for kids, cos he’s a man with a plan! (don’t worry I’m totally gonna do a whole other set of head cannons for trying for kids ;) )

·         Not being able to take the grin off his face when you tell him your pregnant

·         Lots of nuzzling into you for the next few months because even though they’re not showing as much yet, he knows what’s in your tummy

·         Waddling around the mansions with a massive belly

·         Hank has a permanently proud face whenever he sees you coming

·         Surprisingly its mostly the boys who are cooing and asking to touch your belly when the baby kicks, Peter getting over excited at the possibility of tiny kids running about, Scott trying to be macho about it but laughing when the baby kicks against his hand and Kurt just being adorable and asking loads of questions

·         Hank swaying you from side to side when you cuddle, daydreaming about your little family

·         Giving birth and Hank insisting on being there for you, only for him to faint momentarily when you start pushing

·         Regaining consciousness just are your little boy arrives

·         Both of you crying when holding your little bundle for the first time

·         Parading the little bundle around, but being protective af when it gets too loud

·         Having a few more and all the kids just using his giant ass as a climbing frame

·         Him being scarred at first to go beast mode in front f them in case they hate him

·         Them loving best mode because he’s all blue and furry!! ( think boo in Monsters Inc.)

·         Them shouting Kitty when he’s blue because they just wanna pet him

·         Nursery Rhymes when he’s putting  them to bed

·         Alex suggesting reading science books instead to send them to sleep

·         Hank being disgruntled that works just as well

·         Cute family photos at Christmas (lets crack out those awful Christmas Jumpers!!)

·         Every time the youngest one grows out of being a baby, Hank suggests making another

·         No one can tell me you guys don’t have at least three/ four kids

·         Giant cuddle piles that turn into sleeping piles when you build a fort

o   Hank using his knowledge of physics and geometry to build the best forts !

Hear me out...former Irish dance prodigy Poindexter

-Irish dance is a big thing here in Massachusetts. his mom probably signed him up for dance lessons as a kid to get him in touch with his Irish Heritage ™ and also to help him with his balance and coordination for hockey (a lot of parents will do this)

-it turns out he’s surprisingly good at it and ends up really liking it??! He has a lot of fun at classes and starts competing here and there. He goes to Regionals a few times and actually wins one year

-but Irish dance is expensive and so is hockey, so he has to make a decision and choose one or the other. Hockey wins out and he quits dancing after 6th grade but he misses it and sometimes wonders what would have happened if he’d stuck with it

-the team doesn’t know and dex wants to keep it that way, he doesn’t want to give them any more reason to chirp at him than they already do

-but then November rolls around and Jack ends up sending the team a very confused text about the fact that there are hundreds of girls in curly wigs wandering around outside the Falconers arena? (The Irish dance regional championships take place next to the Dunkin donuts Center in Providence, where Jack would play) and dex doesn’t think and is like “oh it’s just oireachtas season”

-which leads to some extensive googling/fb stalking and ends with nursey finding a picture of dex in a extremely sparkly vest and subsequently losing his frikkin chill

-the team chirps him a little but when St Patrick’s Day rolls around ransom and holster start begging him to teach them some moves and he begrudgingly agrees cause the sight of them attempting to do “an Irish jig” makes him physically cringe

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ay e yEAH [insert mark's voice here from Take It] i wanna requeS T GIFLESS REACTIONSSS BUT THERE ARE SO MANY LIKE -nct [any uniteu] reacting that you can rap better than markeu -you're annoying as haechan because you're his cousin/little sister -you can dance to Navillera 2 times faster and so many more like?????? YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OUT OF THE OPTIONS SO YOU WON'T BE STRESSED <333333 - anon that talks too much

this is going to be gifless like you requested so !! also i chose nct 127 because most of the members are in this unit , if you want another unit do feel free to request again hehe ily

Nct 127’s reaction to you being Haechan’s younger sister

Taeil: When Haechan first introduced you to him , he was polite and really awkward , but as soon as you opened your mouth to speak ,or start making funny jokes/roasts , he knew what was going to come for him - he had to deal with Haechan2.0 .

But surprisingly though, you and Haechan hardly ever tease him , mainly because he’s much older than y'all and he’s so clueless sometimes , you find it hard to make fun of him . But that one time you imitated and teased his owl impression for a whole day straight , he looked so done with you , you eventually apologised and hugged him cheekily .

Johnny: I feel like Johnny would just smile to himself a lot , as he noticed how you’d have similar personality traits with Haechan , and he found it cute that you’d always try to make the others around you laugh .

Being the romantic and sweet guy he is , he wouldn’t mind much if you teased and joked around with him a lot . But if you did it too overboard though , he’d tease you back instantly - making fun of you being shorter than he is , and probably also pat your head after , saying how much you remind him of a kid - which you’d be pouty and whiny about .

Taeyong: As soon as you met him for the first time , “ Ty track !! Ty track !! ” , you high fived Haechan and laughed together with your brother - he facepalmed himself and sighed , knowing that he had to deal with another kid , which he found adorable anyway .

Despite the number of times you played a prank on him though, he’d still help you no matter what , and giving you advice when needed to . Gets annoyed when you greet him with ‘Ty track’ instead of ‘oppa’ but doesn’t show it , because he likes how you’re so carefree and happy all the time , just like Haechan .

Yuta: When you introduced yourself as Haechan’s sister , he immediately replied with a “ Wow donghyuck ah , i didn’t know you had such a pretty sister ” - you knew what his character was like . Both of you eventually got closer and would have little roasts competitions and arguements with one another from time to time , which Haechan sometimes joins in too , which yuta dislikes because all he wants is to talk to you tbh .

“ oppa , stop flirting so much with winwin , he looks so uncomfortable all the time ”

“ shut up , no one’s flirting with who - unless you count me and you ”

“ no one wants to flirt with you ew ”

“ oh i’m sorry i was talking to the BEAUTIFUL lady behind , not you haha ”

Doyoung: Was really excited to meet you , in hopes that you’d be much sweeter and not as annoying as Haechan , but was caught off guard when you and donghyuck played a prank together on him . Was genuinely upset about it and it was not only you apologised and promised to make it up to him that he forgave you .

Nags at you A LOT , and has a frown on his face most of time - not because he dislikes you , but because you’re always disturbing and teasing him , and with Haechan around it’s two times worst . But nonetheless he still treats you like a child sometimes and helps you out a lot , and sometimes you’d catch him smiling and shaking his head at your silly actions .

Jaehyun: Like Johnny , he’d be really chill about it and probably not do much , only laughing and giggling at the jokes you make and how loud you were . At times too , he’d tell Haechan about how he thinks you’re cute , which you eventually found out about because donghyuck cant keep his mouth shut .

Would probably agree with you on playing pranks on the other members , especially on Doyoung because he likes seeing bunny pissed . Loves taking care of you and treating you like a child too , and he probably saved your contact name as “ hyuck’s lovely sister ” or somewhere along those lines .

WinWin: Shookt™ and speechless at first when he realised how you and Haechan were so alike , especially the loudness and happiness , being the mood maker and talker of your first meeting/encounter with each other .

Would just smile to himself quietly and let you do what you want , as he’s used to haechan around , it’s nothing new with you now . But at the same time he’s too cute and pure , you hardly ever make fun/tease him , but instead you’re unconsciously sweet to him most of the time , which of course caught haechan off when he noticed , making him suspect that you had a crush on winwin .

Mark: “ this hyung is so dumb but also great at the same ” - you remember your brother telling you this , and you eventually understood what he meant when you got to know him better . He’s so clueless and naive you feel the need to tease him all the time , which he’d always just sigh and shake his head to after , denying and claiming to what you were teasing about .

Poor Mark now has to deal with both you and Haechan , as y'all constantly tease and joke about him . But since Mark has known donghyuck for the longest time ever , he wasn’t surprised when he noticed that you and haechan were the exact same . At times he’d also smile and laugh to himself , can’t help but agree that you were a funny person .

Haechan: He’d always wanted to introduce you to the members , mainly because he feels that you’d be good friends with them , and also because he wanted to prove to the other members that there was someone just as annoying as he is .

Both of you like just like partners in crime and like to play pranks and tease the other members . But at the end of the day you’re thankful towards him because he gave you the opportunity to meet and make friends with such wonderful people .

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog! Can I make a request? MC's child comes home after being bullied in school and tried to hide it! How do the RFA(Saeran+V) think or do after finding out their child is being bullied?

( `ε´ ) I’ve def had to be mc in a few of these situations for my lil bro.


- It took a while before the two of you noticed. Your daughter always came home from school smiling and hugging the both of you.

- It was a normal habit that you would help her with her homework, but tonight as you helped her look for it, tears sprang in her eyes.

- “Aw, honey, did you accidentally leave it at school? It’s okay, accidents happen. We can try and email your teacher, okay?”

- When she kept crying, that’s when you got worried and started asking her what was wrong.

- After a few attempts at calming herself, she messily blubbered out that the kids at school had thrown her homework away again.

- Again?? What??

- You start cuddling her in your lap, rubbing her back as she sobs. “What do you mean? Honey, are the other kids bothering you?”

- She explains how they bully her- Throwing away her homework and calling her names. They won’t even play with her at recess anymore. And apparently it’s due to her white hair and eyes.

- When Zen comes home to find both of his girls looking upset while cuddling on the couch, he’s instantly ready to Fight.

- After calming your daughter down, the two of you let her play in her room while the two of you talk. You explaining everything to Zen.

- He Is Pissed. He wants to give a piece of his mind to the parents and their kids while you want a more peaceful approach.

- It’s not that you’re not mad, you’re fucking pissed too, but you need to be levelheaded about this if you want something done.

- So on a day you know Zen is busy, you set up a meeting with her teacher to discuss what is happening. You manage to resolve the situation, saying that if it keeps up you will be talking to the principal, but otherwise it should be taken care of.

- Later that day the two of you take your daughter out for a nice outing to take her mind off of things, constantly telling her how much the two of you love her.


- The two of you noticed your son was a bit more irritable than usual. Nowadays he just instantly went to his room after school, only coming out for dinner.

- Jumin was worried instantly. More than you because you just thought it was part of him growing up.

- Jumin ended up going and trying to talk to him but….Unfortunately, your son was a big momma’s boy… He hardly would talk to Jumin.

- After Jumin getting a bit annoyed, you kissed him on the cheek and took a try at getting your son to talk.

- You popped in and tried making a silly face, which made him try to keep acting stern and hide his giggle.

- You sat on his bed and ruffled his hair, asking him why he was so angry lately.

- “The other kids keep laughing at me because my math scores are low… That I won’t  be able to be as smart as dad when I grow up…”

- Is this how rich kids made fun of eachother? You asked him how smart he thought your were.

- “Super smart! You always know what to do.”

- Pfft. You laughed a bit and explained that when you were younger, your math scores were terrible. You even had gotten a failing grade in one class before.

- His eyes nearly popped out of his head. “What??”

- It was easy sailing from there. You managed to cheer him up pretty quickly, and soon he was fussing about how the other kids had no idea what they were talking about.

- (Yeah…He was Jumin’s son alright…)

- After the talk ended, you left to explain what happened to Jumin. He instantly wanted to take this up with the school board (Jumin calm, jeez), but you talked him out of that quickly.

- It wasn’t any hardcore bullying, and soon your son started perking up after school.


- Sometimes when your son came home, he’d be a bit teary-eyed. Just once in a while, and he usually said he was just sleepy and needed a nap.

- When it started happening nearly every day, you felt something was wrong. 

- Everything was confirmed when you decide to meet him where his bus lets him off, and you hear the other kids jeering at him.

- As soon as the two of you get inside, you give him a big hug and call Jaehee over.

- “Sweetie, what’s happening? Are you okay?”

- He ends up breaking down and talking about how the other kids make fun of him on the bus. They’re all older and tease him constantly push him around.

- Jaehee instantly wants to talk to the school and figure out why in the world this is allowed, but you end up taking matters into your own hands.

- The next day you wait for your son to get off the bus, and before the bus doors can close you call out to the bus driver.

- After a stern lecture and a few curses when you weren’t taken seriously, you finally got the situation settled when you threatened to bring it up with the school board and possibly get the driver fired.

- (Jaehee is v impressed)

- Afterwards, Jaehee makes him a frappe while all of you go out and buy him a few new toys.


- Your daughter grew up in a very….geeky home.

- She was introduced to games and the like very early on, and wore a lot of clothing related to the stuff.

- She normally didn’t have a problem about it, but one day she ended up coming home from school, trying to stop herself from crying.

- The two of you were on her in an instant, gently asking what had happened.

- “Mommy, why couldn’t I be like the other girls??”

-….?? What??

- Apparently, the kids in her class were making fun of her for not wearing make-up or dressing all girly like the girls in her class

- (She’s…Too young for make-up!)

- You’re upset, but surprisingly Yoosung is very calm about the situation.

- He ends up getting on his knees and holding your daughter’s shoulders.

- He asks her about certain female characters in games, the ones that saved the day and was the heroines of the games she had played.

- “Do you think they cared what others thought of them?”

- “N-No…”

- “That’s right. Even when others made fun of them, told them they couldn’t save the galaxy, they didn’t care! They kept their head up and kept on going!”

-Oh my god. 

- But…It was helping. Your daughter slowly stopped crying, and then she stomped her foot down.

- “I’m going to be just like Shepard!!” She shouted, balling her fists up and looking stern. “Fuck those guys!”

- Omg, no, sweetie. 

- Now it was your turn for a talk on how she wasn’t ready to say words like that (Gdi Yoosung)

- Regardless, in the end, Yoosung’s little pep talk ended up helping her ignore the kids teasing her.


- Any child of Seven’s was bound to grow up just as quirky as he was.

- Your daughter loved computers and robots, and mainly boy related things, but she was funny as well.

- Just not funny like the kids her age was used too. Mainly..’Seven’ funny…

- She usually got along with others well. She was able to make them laugh, and she had a few friends.

- But one day over dinner, she opened up about a boy calling her weird and ugly.

- The two of you instantly stopped eating, ready to shower her with compliments and assurances that she wasn’t any of that.

-…But apparently she didn’t need that. “It’s okay, I just kicked him in the shin and he shut up.”

- Oh my god. Seven busted out laughing, but you ended up telling her not to kick anyone again if she could help it.

- Soon, she began opening up about the ways the kids tried bullying her.

- “He called me weird, so I turned around and called him illiterate. He looked really confused, so I was all ‘Sorry, i thought we were stating the obvious.’”

- Seven laughed every time, and the two of you were proud she wasn’t letting the other kids bother her too much. She was going to grow up very strong-willed.


- The two of you thought everything was fine until your son had a huge attitude one night. He even started yelling at V! Something he never did!

- “Everyone was right! You’re just as dumb as you look!!” And bam, he ran to his room in a fit of tears.

- Both you and V were very confused. (V even asked if he was wearing his shirt wrong or something.)

- Slowly, you entered your son’s room, calmly asking if you could talk to him.

- After him hugging a pillow to death, he finally said all the kids were making fun of him for his dad being blind.

- (Why are kids so mean??)

- “Why can’t he go get his eyes fixed already? Does he just not want to see me?”

- Aw baby… You hugged him close and just told him how V couldn’t really have his eyes fixed like that. And he could see, just a bit, but it was harder on him now that time had passed.

- He ended up crying for a while from stress, from the kids bullying him, from his dad not being able to see well.

- After a while when he calmed down, you let him sleep as you went and explained everything to V.

- He felt a bit guilty that his son felt that way, but you were quick to explain it was just due to all the stress of the bullying.

- The next day, after school, all three of you sat and had a big family talk. Mainly V talking, but you all sorted out any misconceptions. The talk ended up making your son hug onto V and cry and apologize, but at least a few things were settled.

- The rest of the talk was giving advice to your son. To tell the teachers when this happened, to tell the principal or you two if it got worse, a few tips on how to handle it.

- During the weekend, V ended up making a call to ‘Uncle Jumin’ and being able to spoil your son for the weekend to cheer him up.


- Every time your daughter had to go to school, be picked up early, dropped off late, you were the one who always took her.

- You never really thought anything of it, but one day she asked why her dad never did so.

- Honestly…You just never asked him, you were fine doing it yourself, and he didn’t mind either.

- “The other kids don’t think I have a dad…”

- (Kid logic…)

- You ended up laughing, but when you noticed she looked sad about it, you quickly stopped.

- “Does dad not like seeing me?”

- Aw, baby. The kids had her thinking her dad didn’t like her.

- After reassuring her that her dad was just a bit shy, you sent her to bed and talked to Saeran about it.

- He just said the two of you would start taking turns.

- So the next day, you let Saeran pick her up from school while you went out grocery shopping.

- You weren’t expecting a phone call, but you answered it as you shopped.

- “Yeah, uh… I don’t think they kids are going to say anything anymore.”

- ???

- Apparently, the kids saw him and instantly clammed up. Your daughter even ended up sticking her tongue out at them after she hugged her dad. 

- Oh my god. The two of you laughed about it.

- “So, are you guys home?”

- “Oh, no. I stopped by the ice cream parlor-”

- “What? No! Saeran! Dinner!! Don’t ruin her appetite!”

- “….Can we push dinner an hour?”

- “God damnit.”

Dex has a hard time saying no to Nursey. It’s been happening since they stopped arguing as much and started… talking… more? That’s not really the right word, but it’s complicated. Maybe. Some days it feels more complicated than others. They’re friends, he thinks, and maybe it’s best to stop trying to invent new labels for it, whatever it is. Dex may not know what to call it, but he does know that now he likes making Nursey laugh more than he likes making him angry, so that’s something.

Dex 1, Poetry 0.

It starts on Monday. They’re piling onto the bus, ready to head back to Samwell after a 3-1 victory over Yale, happy and proud but exhausted all the same. Dex pulls out the reading for his English class and startles when he feels a heavy weight settle against his side. He looks over and finds Nursey leaning against him, feet propped up on the seat where his hockey butt should be, notebook and pen in his lap. Nursey tilts his head back so he can see Dex’s puzzled expression and a slow grin spreads across his face. Dex’s heart stutters, skipping a beat.

“Hey. Is this chill?”

Somehow, between the stray curl that flops down onto Nursey’s forehead and the strong, strong urge compelling Dex to take a nap right then and there, he just doesn’t have the guts to say no.

On Tuesday morning, Dex is staring at a line of infuriatingly complicated code when he hears a knock on his door. Bleary eyed and cranky, he stomps over and flings the door open to one Derek Nurse, who beams at him like Dex is the best thing he’s seen all day.

“C'mon, Dexy, let’s go get Annie’s!”

Dex yawns, then blinks. “What?”

“You, me, coffee,” Nursey says slowly, pointing first at Dex, then at himself, then down the hall.

Dex considers the offer. He’s been working for two hours now, so long enough to take a break, and he actually hasn’t had any coffee yet today. Maybe some caffeine would help him. Plus, Nursey is wearing that sweater that matches his eyes and also he’s super excited, the way he gets when he lets go of his chill to tell Dex all about his day or about a good book he just finished, and Dex would never admit it but it’s halfway to adorable. So it’s not surprising at all that Dex just can’t find it in him to decline and grabs his jacket, computer abandoned forlornly on his bed until later.

Wednesday night, the boys throw a kegster for their win at Yale. Dex volunteers himself for Nursey Patrol because by 10:00, Nursey has had approximately three beers and has already tried to make his own tub juice in the bathtub upstairs, bake cookies in Bitty’s oven, and kidnap Chowder’s beloved giant plush shark for his own room. Twice.

By midnight, Nursey has also played two rounds of beer pong and lost miserably, first to Lardo and then to Ransom and Holster, and Dex is the only thing standing between him and a third match against Bitty and Tango. “You can crush them next time,” Dex reassures him, guiding him out to the front porch for some air. “Ready to head back?” He watches as Nursey sways against the porch railing, then nudges him with an elbow. “Hmm?”

“Yeah, okay,” Nursey sighs quietly, and Dex is struck by how small it sounds. He slings an arm around Nursey’s waist and Nursey throws an arm around his shoulders before they start walking. It’s cool outside, but Dex doesn’t shiver.

“S'okay ‘f I stay with you?” Nursey mumbles. Dex tightens his arm as they stumble over a tree root and sighs, his breath trailing out in front of him.

It’s part of being on Nursey Patrol, he thinks. He has Nursey’s back, always - he can’t just leave him alone - so of course he says yes.

Thursday night finds Dex at a poetry reading, of all places, with a half unfinished coding assignment sitting on his desk back in his dorm and 50 flashcards to make before his Calculus test on Monday.

Nursey’s tried to get Dex to come to a reading before, but that was back when Dex had some semblance of willpower. Now, here he is, sitting next to Nursey at a table smack in the middle of Annie’s in a sea of beanies and overpriced clothing that sort of reminds him of Nursey’s closet but not really because, well, with him it’s different, okay?

“I thought you said this wasn’t gonna be weird,” Dex mutters. In his sweater and jeans, Dex sticks out like… He sticks out a lot. He’s not good with metaphors. But usually it’s just his hair and his ears, not his entire person, and he’s tripled his usual level of embarrassment.

“Chill,” Nursey grins, ruffling Dex’s hair as he mildly protests. “It’s only weird if you make it weird, Poindexter.” Dex shoots him a half-hearted glare, but he doesn’t say anything as the first girl gets up on the stage.

Dex would kill anyone who accused him of it, but he’s actually having fun. Even though he doesn’t really get poetry, it’s nice to sit here with Nursey, whose comments are surprisingly more entertaining than annoying. He nudges Dex when someone he knows is onstage, and finally Dex can put faces to Nursey’s stories of overly critical classmates and editors who rip his hard work to shreds using only a red pen - like Elliott. He’s going to keep a special eye on Elliott in particular, now that he knows what he looks like. Jerk.

An hour and a half flies by, and Dex has even said hello to some of Nursey’s artsy writing friends who are seated nearby. One of them (he thinks his name is Caleb but he can’t be sure) asks him if he’s been to any other readings before, and Dex shrugs. “This isn’t really my scene, but Derek-” Wait.

Where’s Derek?

He’s not in his chair next to Dex, and he’s not ordering a coffee from the barista. Dex knows he’d have said something if he was getting up to go to the bathroom - oh.

He’s onstage.

Dex’s eyebrows knit themselves together into a scowl. Maybe he’s never actually been to one of Nursey’s readings before, but Nursey always tells him when he’s performing a piece. Sometimes he even lets Dex listen to whatever it is he’s reciting that night as a final test run. It’s nice. Why would he keep this one a secret?

Nursey clears his throat. He’s standing right in front of Dex and he looks… Uncomfortable? Shy? Dex can’t quite place it, it’s so strange. He watches Nursey smooth out the paper in front of him and look up again into the bright stage lights and then it hits him. Nursey’s nervous.

On any other day, Dex would relish in the chance to see what lies under Nursey’s trademark 'chill,’ but right now it has him worried more than anything else. He catches Nursey’s eye, and Dex gives him a (slightly confused, but he’s aiming for supportive) grin and a thumbs-up for encouragement. Nursey nods ever so slightly and straightens up, then starts to read, his eyes still on Dex.

It takes Dex two lines before he starts to process Nursey’s poem, another three before he starts to blush, and then he’s bright red and silent for the rest. He’s not good with metaphors, but he thinks he might know what Nursey means - or else he’s very, very, painfully wrong. Dex would hate to be wrong right now. But then Nursey says the last line in his poem, and everything just… Clicks.

“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went "Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

It hits Dex square in the chest. That’s it. That’s the 'something’ they have.

Dex doesn’t have long to dwell on it, though, because suddenly everyone is standing up and stampeding toward the door, Nursey must have been the last speaker, Nursey, where’s Nursey?

Dex gets up, but he doesn’t go anywhere. He’s tall, he thinks, and Nursey’s tall, too. He’ll find him. And he’s right, because a couple parts ways to move around their table and there he is, still close to the stage but trying to make his way to Dex, and Nursey’s grin is so wide it looks like it hurts and Dex is pretty sure he stopped breathing a few seconds ago.

By the time Nursey finally, finally finds Dex, Annie’s is almost deserted. And even though Dex has had plenty of time to figure out what to say, he’s not the English major, so he doesn’t say anything.

“Hey,” Nursey says softly, still smiling at Dex, and Dex wants nothing more than to see that smile every day for the rest of his life because it’s Nursey, it’s always been Nursey and what’s even better is that for Nursey, it’s always been Dex and before he knows it Dex is in Nursey’s arms and Nursey is swinging him around and laughing.

But just as Dex’s feet hit the ground, suddenly they’re sliding out from under him and he gasps, tightening his arms around Nursey’s neck and squeezing his eyes shut. When he stops moving, he tentatively opens his eyes and there’s Nursey smirking above him, and Dex realizes he’s dipping him, the sap, right in the middle of Annie’s.

“Chill, Poindexter, you’ve already fallen for me once today,” Nursey says smugly, and Dex rolls his eyes. He doesn’t think it works, though, considering he’s bright red and grinning like mad.

“You’re ruining it, Derek,” he scolds, and Nursey pulls him upright.

“Kiss me?” Nursey asks softly in reply, and Dex, well…

Dex has never been one to say no to Nursey.

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say buffy, the scoobies, faith, angel and spike play play laser tag, what do you reckon would happen? who would win? (sorry u had a bad day, love ur blog, im not good at happy asks but the idea of angel or giles in one of those light up laser tag vests just makes me laugh so this is the best i can do)

kfjhshjf you’re right this is a good thought

i’d come up with a proper list of headcanons except that i have never personally played laser tag before, so instead have this nonsense that may or may not make sense:

  • each team has 1 vampire and 1 slayer. (everyone assumes before they even start that angel, spike, buffy, and faith will Kick Ass at laser tag)
  • TEAM A: buffy, spike, xander, anya, giles
  • TEAM B: faith, angel, willow, tara, dawn
  • faith has surprisingly bad aim (headcanon adopted from s10 of the comics). she’s not terrible, but she often Just misses. this results in a lot of frustrated noises + insults fired at anyone who dares point it out (these always hit their mark.)
  • spike spends the whole damn time fixated on hitting angel
  • (also, he won’t shoot at dawn, even if she’s in target range. she rolls her eyes at this and Gets Him)
  • neither willow nor tara is very good at it. they have fun for a while, but it goes on a little long for them? buffy finds them making out in a corner before the game is even over
  • anya surprises them all by kicking Everyone’s ass. she gets super into it because she’s a natural, and things are SO MUCH FUN when she’s good at them
  • (xander’s a little disappointed he doesn’t get to teach her how to shoot better, ‘cause he still has some of that knowledge from Halloween)
  • giles grumbles about the vest at first (’i am a watcher, buffy. a watcher… watches. he doesn’t wear ridiculous vest with lights’ ‘pfft, you wear ridiculous vests all the time’) but also gets really into it?? kind of wants to go again?? he & anya start planning a second trip, probably
  • buffy’s team wins

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What are some differences between russian and american intonation patterns? Any tips on not aspirating consonants? Спасибо большое!

First of all, Russian intonations have larger amplitude - your voice should go up and down, like in a bad, over-exaggerated acting. There are seven basic intonation constructions (IC) that are used for different communication tasks. Here is a very helpful video (IC1 to  IC4) 

As of tips on not aspirating consonants… well, try to mock thick Russian accent when speaking Russian. Or, better, mock the Russian accent in English and then reflect what you do to mimic the Russian accent? Our ears hear a lot more than we believe, and as long as you loose your control over your mouth and let yourself have fun with the Russian accent, you’ll master it almost immediately. It is our conscious control that makes pronunciation difficult. 

Once during a particularly exhausting session with an accent tutor, I got so tired and confused that I stopped thinking of English sounds as of sounds of speech. I simply repeated what my couch said. And, surprisingly, my pronunciation suddenly became 100% American! Unfortunately, as soon as my mind interfered, the miracle disappeared. So, trust your ear and try not to control your articulation too much - the more relaxed you’ll get the better. 

Good luck!

So I went to see Justice League Dark and yelled at Matt Ryan from a balcony & he said he liked my name & also I won a poster (see above, w/ the chair for scale).

Other notes:

  • Met @red-starshine​, who was lovely!
  • Justice League Dark was very fun! Much better than I was expecting, and fun to see with a crowd – people applauded a lot of Zatanna moments, which I found delightful. Batman was also surprisingly hilarious. The plot’s a little convoluted but otherwise enjoyable. 
  • There’s a couple of good jokes – John’s apparently put on some weight and during the panel the creators implied it’s because he’s quit smoking (since they couldn’t show it – they didn’t know it was going to be rated R when they made it), which I thought was cute. Also the “person” who mentions it in the movie is a demon, and he also adds “it looks good on you”. Make of that what you will.
  • Also the phrase “wanton” is used to describe John Constantine more than I would’ve expected it to be. (once. it’s used once. But that’s more than I’ve ever used it and I’ve written porn.)
  • Panel went way better than I expected: 
    • Matt talked a lot about how much he loves playing John (AS ALWAYS) – apparently he had a hard time in the recording booth sometimes because he’d see himself reflected and he wasn’t blond, so it weirded him out; he considered wearing a trench coat (and nothing else, lol – oh, Matthew)
    • #Trenchwatch2k17 – apparently there were about six trench coats that they used when filming the show (one for action sequences, one for when it got wet, etc, etc), and MATT STOLE ONE FROM THE SET. Also, he stole one of the two lighters (having claimed that it got ‘lost’)
    • He also talked a lot about filming the show Constantine and how he loved wearing the trench coat (APPARENTLY) and he’d always have a comic book in his back pocket to check for the physicality, which makes SO MUCH sense to me, because it’s what I always die about w/r/t the show – he nails the slouchy John stuff SO WELL.
    • Some really funny joking around about how when Matt was recording (by himself) he wasn’t picturing himself playing against Enrico Colantoni (that he was mostly playing with himself, lmao OH MATT) – but also Matt joked that Enrico probably wasn’t picturing Matt either, he may have been picturing Keanu Reeves. Big laughs from some parts of the audience at that. 
    • Some interesting stuff from the director etc (sorry guys you talked a lot and I didn’t catch all of it) about how John had a lot of skills but couldn’t pull magic from the air – he had to have some sort of totem (like a coin or whatever), as opposed to Zatanna, who actually can. Which is not something I noticed from JLD itself but in theory I like that as canon.
    • Also really funny proposed sequence (which wasn’t done/in the movie) where they were going to have Felix Faust actually having been baking a cake/making dinner and just that it looked like he was preparing a spell/cursing people. It’s hard to explain but it was amusing. 
    • I ASKED A QUESTION!!!! But I was up in the balcony and they were down on the stage so it was awk.ward. I got my name out and Matt was like ‘oh, I like that – where’s that from?’ (someone else may have asked the ‘where’s that from?’) but anyway I got to chat with MATT RYAN. From a balcony. It was terrifying. 
    • My question was ‘you’ve talked a lot about reading the comics – what’s a particular favorite Hellblazer arc of yours?’ or something like that – I knew he was going to say Dangerous Habits (and he did), but he talked about how sad he was that he didn’t get to do that for the show. He seemed to think they were going to do it in the 3rd/4th season theoretically, which I found interesting (I felt the 1st season was hinting at it strongly enough to be a cliffhanger to end the second half of the season with, or at least the end of S2). 
    • He ALSO mentioned that most days after shooting for sixteen hours, he’d go home, smoke a joint, and read an issue of Hellblazer – and that he had to stop doing that, because it gave him nightmares. Which, OBVIOUSLY. 
    • Matt Ryan is, generally speaking, very smol and charming – he was wearing a black shirt & black blazer & black scarf, and I was DYING. Also when we got in he was downstairs by the bathrooms doing press, which was….a weird place to do it, but ok.
    • A lot of stuff from the creators about how the animated shows/movies are kind of the R&D for the DCCU – they see what works and what sells and what the audience pays for/goes to see, and based on that other stuff gets greenlight. So, obvs, buy the movie and all that.
    • Matt is of the opinion that John can “probably do anything, except quit smoking”, which: oh, honey. 
    • At the beginning of the show they’d told us that five people who asked good questions would win a (SIGNED!!!) poster and, well, see above.
    • I mean mine wasn’t a great question but also it was better than “what did you think of the Stanley Manor arc” or “what can you tell us about the CW seed show” which would’ve been my other choices – like lbr I won that poster on my name and my name alone getting attention. STILL V HAPPY ABOUT IT. 
    • Anyway I went down to claim my poster and chatted with Enrico Colantoni, who was also on the panel, about how much I loved him on Person of Interest.  
    • The line for Matt was way long & we’d already had ~a moment~ so basically I just had to wait for the moderator to go over and get him to sign the last poster and then it was handed over to me, to be dragged back to Queens, NY, on the subway.

AND THAT WAS IT. I came home and put my poster in my living room and went to bed, theoretically. 

Pete Dunne shipcanon for @tooweirdforlifex

Pete Dunne’s the kind of guy to- at first glance- not seem like anyone’s Prince Charming. Too gruff, to mean. Polished only in wardrobe and that’s it. “You can’t trust the man!” But… You know the other side to him. The man who makes you soup when you’re sick without being asked and knows your list of favorite video games by heart. He’s the first to suggest horror movie date night and is rather cute and sweet when he doesn’t feel he must be big and strong and scary. Around you he’s just Pete. The guy who intertwines your fingers with his while walking down the sidewalk and pulls you into hugs at random and is your closest confidant because you know he’ll keep your secrets forever if you ask him to. Because he loves you like crazy- and even when he hides it, the whole world knows it to be true.

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