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Mitch Marner - The Cooler Rielly

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Request: “  okay i loved your mitch marner hatred imagine and i was wondering if you could do one where your morgan riellys little sister and you move to toronto and meet the team and then you and mitch both like eachother and everyone but you two can see it and if you don’t mind can you throw in some sassy auston matthes and some adorable william nylander “

I’m glad you loved it, and I love sassy Auston and Willy is always adorable so that should be simple.

I also changed this one a tiny bit? I hope you like it anyway.

Warning: None

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Taemin looks soso small and skinny but his cheeks are still round as ever. he doesn't like that so even when he loses weight they won't go away. it must be so hard for him;; pbs twimg com/media/C4iwWFoUcAEIrPp jpg

Ah… he’s so beautiful. Tbh, these last days I’m thinking a lot about Taemin, about what he feels. I didn’t see any people shocked about what Taemin said about boygroups concerts but there’s so MUCH behind about what he said, but… 

(There it goes my opinion because you got me ready to write in my personal blog about this LOL) I guess we get worried because we can’t forget the fact that Taemin is a human being and that he also has his insecurities and he also finds flaws on himself even when he doesn’t have them - it’s something that we all do. So I feel these days Taemin is trying to search for a more manly image, because he’s tired of being defined as cute, because I also feel he gets the meaning of cute as something femenine. I read someone’s opinion around here and it made me think about how Taemin tries really hard to create a cool and adult image from himself not only to show himself as a great singer and performer, but also to protect himself. Like… after all this time he might feel insecure about his image, because he has been exposed lots of times as “beautiful as a girl” instead of just saying he’s beautiful as the way he is. He has an image in how to be cool on his head, and it looks like he’s too focused on his chin, like you can feel he feels that having a well defined chin makes him cooler, while having cheeks makes him look cute.

The reason I was thinking about posting my thoughts was because of this, because I wish someone could stop Taemin and tell him he doesn’t have to force himself to say or act in the ways he does just to create a forced image of himself. It’s true that there’s still people who believes Taemin is cute (in a childish way) or that he’s beautiful (in a femenine way), but the true is that Taemin is cute (sensitive, adorable, funny, shy) and beautiful (handsome, has very beautiful eyes, and a special and unique mouth, etc.). This is why it hurts me so much to see him feeling so insecure about this, because you can feel how he’s actually a very confident person, but he’s fighting against the stereotypes that still follow him. Taemin has such a special beauty and personality, but he’s too focused on being manly to the eyes of everybody, for what manliness means to the public, when there’s no need to do that. It’s really hard to understand because he has been since really young - as the rest of SHINee members - exposed to the media playing a paper that wasn’t his. And I don’t know, lately it’s like he’s going again to search to create a different image just to make people forget about that old image.

Same happened with Jonghyun: he was like the cool, badass and sexy voice of SHINee but he’s a lovely piece of sunshine with a big heart and a big open mind, and some people still don’t want to accept his real self because they go like “ah, I miss the muscles of Jonghyun” like they were something that actually belong to him as a person, you know? Also Onew is not the type of leader who will go to the others and say to them how to act, he’s just a sweet person who just loves his members a lot and just loves to play with them; Key is an incredible person which such a great mind and creativity, members just enjoy playing with him because he’s such a funny and random person, and Minho is not that flaming charisma but also a cutie pie full of love and passion for life.

Ah… I’m so sorry for this long post, lmao. But I wish I could hug him and have at least 10 minutes to talk to him to tell him that he’s just purely beautiful outside and inside. Many people might believe Taemin is rude or cold, but he has such a big heart full of sensitivity and sweetness, I feel he keeps looking for an image to protect himself. Like, “bah, I don’t want to go to boygroups concerts”; he’s himself a die hard stan of Bi Rain, but he’s not the type to expose his feelings that easily. Also, this obsession toward his face… At the end he’s a normal human being full of flaws, fears, dreams… but I wish so hard to tell him that everything is ok… that he doesn’t have to try to follow the rules of genders to look cool. He’s so cool the way he REALLY is.

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tbh Your Aquamarine would be a lot cooler to have as canon. I can't help but imagine the SU Aquamarine screenshots and replace the SU one with yours. Just seems like it would make the ''Evil homeworld gems'' more evil.


ok so here is the art thing even though I can’t art.

It seemed a lot cooler in my head, then my amateur art skills limited it. However, by that point it was a matter of principle and gosh darn it I was going to finish this stupid thing no matter how bad it may end up being.

So anyway here is @incorrect-slytherin and I “bending” our house elements since this post everyone seemed to really like.

*ps: human faces (and the human body in general) are ridiculous…

Imagine taking Chris to meet Tom Brady.

A/N: I do not know anything about football, Tom Brady, or The Patriots. I’m just making it all up for pure enjoyment so…Please don’t inbox me telling me how wrong I am because I already know I’m very wrong about everything.

“This way, babe.” You led Chris down the bustling hallway while he looked around like a schoolboy in an out of bounds area. “Hey,” you chuckled at his nervous expression. “We’re allowed to be here, we’ve got these pass things.”

“Yeah, about that-” He narrowed his eyes at the VIP pass hanging around his neck and yours. “How did you get these? They would’ve been sold out minutes after they went online. Did you get a scout or something?”

“Or something,” you responded vaguely then released his hand as you walked towards the locker room. Frank, the bouncer, recognized you and smiled; you returned one and whispered so only you and he could hear. “Is Tommy in there?”

“Y/N,” Chris hissed from a distance, too scared to approach. “What are you doing?! These passes aren’t good for locker room stuff, no one is allowed in there!” You giggled and ignored him, rolling your eyes at Frank while beckoning at Chris; Frank chuckled in response.

“Yeah, he is.” Frank nodded. “He’s been bragging about his little sister all day.” You chuckled softly; you weren’t actually related to Tom, he was just very good friends with your older brother. “He’s very excited to see you, though…” He glanced over your shoulder at Chris. “I can’t say he’ll be excited to see that you’ve got a boyfriend.”

“He already knows about the boyfriend, but this will be the first time they’re meeting. Chris is a huge fan so I’ve been holding off,” you told him and he nodded understandingly. “When I say huge, Frank, I mean he’s going to pass out when he finds out I know Tom.”

“If you need someone to carry him out, you know where to find me.” He said in an overtly serious tone then laughed when you did. “Go on in, sweetheart,” he opened the door for you and you glanced over you shoulder at Chris, beckoning him to follow you. “You too, Cap.” It was only when he addressed Chris that Chris dared to follow you into the locker room.

“What did you say to that guy to get us in here?” Chris whispered into your ear when he joined your side, taking your hand into his sweaty one; the football players eyeing the two of you made him incredibly nervous. “Y/N, they’re staring at us.”

“It’s okay.” You chuckled because you knew it was just an act. You had texted Tom before you took Chris to the back, and he had promise to give his team a heads up as well as a job to freak Chris out a little bit. “We’re allowed to be here, they’re just stunned that a superhero is in their locker room.”

“Why?” Chris chuckled softly. “They see Tom Brady everyday.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Cap.” You heard Tom say and felt Chris’ body tensed.

You turned to look at Chris and bit back your smile when you saw his expression, he had no idea how to act or whether or not to turn in Tom’s direction. You squeezed Chris’ hand and he turned to you, eyes wide. You beckoned your head at Tom- who stood behind the two of you- and mouthed, “say something, you dork.”

“Uh-” Chris spun around and held his breath when he came face to face with Tom. “Mr. Brady, I am a huge fan.” He stuck out his hand awkwardly then wince, no doubt mentally slapping himself. “You are one of the best quarterbacks to have blessed The Patriots and I am so happy to be finally meeting you.”

“Why, thank you.” Tom smiled and shook Chris’ hand, causing him to let out an unmanly whimper filled with excitement. You chewed on the inside of you cheek, trying hard not to laugh. “I’m very glad to finally meet you in person, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“You have?” Chris’ eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” Tom nodded, meeting your gaze.

“Oh my God,” he let out another breathy whimper.

“Oh my God,” you finally burst out laughing; Chris turned to you with his hand still in Tom’s, raising an eyebrow. “Can you be any more of a fan girl?” You teased him and he chuckled softly, blushing deeply. “Tommy,” you caught Tom’s attention, “he is usually a lot cooler than this.”

“I’m sure,” Tom chuckled. “Can I uh- Can I have my hand back now?” He asked and Chris’ eyes widened and he quickly dropped his hand. “It’s okay, Cap. I can’t say that I’m not freaking out in your presence, I’m a huge Marvel fan.”

“Really?” Chris grinned then shook his head with narrowed eyes. “Wait- Y/N, did you just call him Tommy?” He asked you and you nodded. “You know him?” His eyes narrowed, his voice filled with shock and slight betrayal. “We’ve been dating a year and you never once thought to mention that you knew Tom Brady?”

“You’ve been dating a year and you never once thought to introduce me?” Tom added with the same expression, in the same tone. “What, are you embarrassed of me or something?” You rolled your eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, kid.”

“I’ll do what I want.” You stuck your tongue out at him and he chuckled; after twenty years, he was used to your childishness by now. “I’m sorry, Chris.” You turned to your frowning boyfriend. “I just thought it’d be a good surprise for our anniversary, didn’t you have a great time today?”

“Yeah but-” Chris stopped himself. “You know what, you’re right. This was a fantastic surprise,” he nodded with a smile. “I really appreciate it, Y/N. Though I would much rather have been friends with Tom Brady from the start, it’s not too late to start now.”

“No it’s not,” Tom agreed with a light chuckle. “We can hang out whenever you want, man. Just give me a call, Y/N has my number.”

“Don’t tell him that,” you slapped Tom’s arm. “He’s never going to spend any time with me when he’s got you to hang out with,” you hissed and the two guys laughed. “You can hang out with Tommy,” you told Chris, “just- in moderation. I’d still like to see you around,” you giggled.

“I don’t want to offend, Mr. Brady,” Chris began and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. “But I would much rather spend time with the love of my life.” He told you and you smiled, feeling heat rise in your cheeks at his confession.

“See-” You bit back your smile as you teased him. “I wish I knew who you were talking about.” He shot you a deadpan expression causing both you and Tom to laugh. “I love you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I love you too,” he smiled and kissed you.

Ranting about the Wild West Steam Fest

I wasn’t expecting it to be spectacular. It’s a small event. I thought maybe they might have improved over last year, at least. It did not. Full rant under the cut.

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Aw man, this was a tricky one both to airbrush AND photograph.

@roterwolkenvogel got herself a Resinsoul Sui body with custom red transparent claws. The color was a lightish, gummy bear rosy red and I underestimated how tricky airbrushing that would be!

I first sprayed some Mr. Crystal Color Ruby Red on top of the parts for some red shimmer, afterwards I sprayed yellow onto the scales.
The claws look like they were completely covered, but I actually just added some red here and there for some depth.
But since the parts are transparent paint applied on one side is visible on the other side too, and if I airbrush both sides they add each other visually.
On top of the yellow scales I added some iridiscent gold.
The whole thing was first sealed flat, than glossy, to get back some of the transparent look. I added extra varnish and gloss on the nails.
They look a lot cooler in real, but my camera had a lot of trouble with all that red :’D
The hands are just a dark red to red gradient with some iridiscent gold on the tips.

The body is for Vogel’s Cumberbatch head, who is super tiny but also really cool. Added a pic of him at the bottom because I actually wanted to show the hands in action…oh well.
Head wasn’t painted by me!

Resinsoul Sui parts, owned by Roterwolkenvogel
Customization, photos and editing by me

Roast (Namjoon x Reader)

You’re single, studious, and savage.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a College!AU where you meet Namjoon at the library and become study buddies?

Fluff + comedy, 3.5k words, namjoon/reader, college au

“You need to find a boyfriend,” Hoseok says, shifting on your bed. “You gotta get some.”

You don’t pause in your typing; although the paper isn’t due for another week, you plan to spend most of your time studying for your math class, so you really need to hurry and get the assignment out of the way first. Plus, you’re nearly finished with it. “I don’t need one, Hoseok,” you reply, scooting your chair closer to the computer. “We’ve already been over this multiple times.”

“Well too bad. I think you do, so I just arranged a blind date with you and one of my other friends. He’s a nice guy.”

You immediately spin your chair to face him. “What?”

“His name’s Namjoon, by the way,” Hoseok says nonchalantly. He sounds especially carefree for someone who is about to get murdered in roughly five seconds. Maybe ten. You wonder how long it would take for you to strangle him to death.

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Light Bulb - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,586

Summary: Jensen realizes his crush on the reader is not going away.

-Jensen and Danneel are married in this fic but they don’t have any kids.

Part 1

“Wait!” Jared shouts catching up to Jensen and moving in front of him.

“You’re drunk, man. This isn’t a good idea.”

Jensen rolls his eyes and pushes past him.

Jared sighs and walks close behind, hoping he’ll be able to keep his friend out of trouble.

Jensen is speed walking towards you but suddenly turns and heads toward the  bar.

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Dating Ponyboy & Being Dally’s Younger Sister

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  • Hanging out with the gang all the time
  • Dally having rules about PDA with Pony and you
  • Dally threatening Pony when you first start dating but he never again because he trusts Pony
  • Pony gaining a reputation for taming the ‘mini Dallas Winston’
  • Living at Buck’s with Dally and having to clean up after their parties
  • Sneaking off to the Curtis’s when Buck’s gets really crazy
  • Cuddling with Pony all night but leaving in the morning to run back to Buck’s
  • Coming up with tons of excuses to go to the Curtis’s house
  • “But Dal I don’t wanna stay at Buck’s all day! You just got out of the cooler, we should go celebrate with the gang!”
  • “You only wanna celebrate so you can see Pony.”
  • “…WHAT?!? No of course not… can we still go?”
  • Soda and Darry being hesitant about letting Pony date Dally’s younger sister
  • Getting into trouble with Dally and getting scolded by Darry
  • Pony defending you when Socs try to mess with you
  • Getting hit on by Tim Shepard, a lot
  • “You touch my little sister and I’ll rip your head off.”
  • “Hey! She’s my girl, you better back off if you don’t wanna get cut.”
  • Getting back at Dally by making out with Pony on the Curtis’s couch
  • Making Dally uncomfortable with your PDA for fun
  • Pony constantly having his hands on you, whether around your shoulders, on your leg or just holding your hand
  • Hating Sylvia’s guts and beating her up when she tries to come back to Dally
  • “I don’t wanna see you hurt again that’s all Dal!”
  • “It’s not your place and it’s not like that broad is gonna hurt me!”
  • “Whatever, everytime I try and help you out you just throw it back in my face! I’m going to the Curtis’s, I’ll be back later.”
  • “I don’t need you help you stupid bitch!”
  • Fighting with Dally a lot
  • Breaking down in Dally’s arms when your dad comes into Tulsa and tries to talk to you
  • Dally only giving you hugs when you are upset
  • Dally always kissing you on the head before you leave his sight
  • Pony loving to kiss your neck
  • Soda walking in on Pony and you making out
  • Accompanying Dally, Johnny, and Pony to the movies
  • Getting really jealous when you see other girls talking to Ponyboy
  • Taking Ponyboy’s virginity and him taking yours
  • Having a really sweet first time with Pony but then being really paranoid about getting pregnant so you make him wait until you can get on birth control
  • Working a part time job so you and buy food and clothes for Dally and yourself
  • Pony visiting you at your job and getting you in trouble most of the time
  • Helping Darry with cooking for the boys
  • Ponyboy being in love with your cooking
  • Two-Bit forcing you to make him cake
  • Baking with Sodapop
  • Bonding with all of the boys and Pony getting jealous sometimes when the boys get too close to you.
  • “I love you, I really do but I hate seeing you with all the guys all over you.”
  • “All over me Pony? We were wrestling I mean it’s gonna happen.”
  • Pony and Dally not letting you go to rumbles and in return you refuse to patch them up after.
  • Being really careful around Pony after a fight because he gets all bruised up
  • Helping Johnny clean himself up after a fight
  • Being utter crap at stitching up cuts but doing your best
  • Hanging out with Johnny whenever you were mad at Pony and Dally
  • Pony and Dally teaming up on you when you want to do something they both disapprove of.
  • When you’re mad at Pony, going to the DX and staying with Soda and Steve for the whole day.
  • Cherry wanting to hang out with you and become friends, but refusing when you see her flirting with Pony.
  • Dally teaching you how to fight
  • Having to spend the night in the cooler when you get in trouble with Dally

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tell me all of your deacon headcanons. every single one. i know you have a soft spot for him (as do i) and i love to hear people talk about their favorite characters.

These are all the ones that were floating around my head at the time. If you want specifics, ask and ye shall receive. This also has a lot more angst than I intended, but it’s Deacon. 50% wit and charm, 50% sadness and regret. I make no apologies. 

General Deacon Headcanons: 

 - He’s not nearly as suave as he makes you think. All his disguises and codenames and secret handshakes? A cover. He uses the sunglasses and drawling accent to make people think he’s cooler than he is, when really, he’s inept. Des has him assigned to “intel,” and he plays it like he’s ‘going out to to recon and recover valuable information.’ What he really does is wander from town to town, and have a drink at every bar, and remember everything he hears. He tries to avoid fighting as much as possible, and inevitably gets involved in something ridiculous, just because he makes terrible choices. For example: Turning an old Corvega into the, quote, ‘Spy-mobile,’ and painting the Railroad symbol on the hood. And then driving said car into a building and jumping out at the last second to see it explode. Good times. Good car.

- His motto: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Anything that sounds fun, or interesting, or creative, he’ll agree to in a heartbeat. Regardless of logic or sensibility. Unless someone’s in danger of getting hurt or it’s just mean, he will absolutely do the last thing you expect. Whatever the situation.

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Soldier Wars

Chapter 1
[Read Chapter 2][Read Chapter 3][Read Chapter 4][Read Chapter 5][Read Chapter 6][Epilogue]   

Parings: Kotoumi, Nozoeli, Nicomaki

Summary: AU. Soldier Game centric. All you need to know is that they wear suits in this fic and are absolutely badass

Words: ~10,000

Tags: Alternate Universe, Adult Characters, Canon Divergence, M-rated

Note: After writing about 6 pairings in Buy Your Love, I’ll focus more on my 3 absolute favs this time -> Soldier Game Trio is love

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She Should Be
  • **221B Baker Street. Sherlock and Archie are sitting on the couch, with his laptop on the coffee table in front of them. Rosie is dozing in her Moses basket next to Sherlock.**
  • Archie: *browses through crime scene photos* Is Dr Hooper coming over?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Yes. *glances at Archie with a smile* Molly's promised to bring a heart after work. We're experimenting on it once your parents pick you up.
  • Archie: *nods* My mum watches this show called 'Murdoch Mysteries'. It's about Detective Murdoch, who's like you if you were a Canadian copper in the old-timey era.
  • Sherlock: What kind of 'old-timey' era? Regency? Victorian? Edwardian?
  • Archie: Victorian, I think.
  • Sherlock: *types on his phone* What about this Murdoch character?
  • Archie: He uses new, scientific methods to solve murders, just like on 'CSI'. But his methods are only called that cos they're in the Victorian era and his boss prefers old-school ways of solving murders.
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone down next to his laptop* What does that have to do with Molly coming over later?
  • Archie: Detective Murdoch has a girlfriend. She looks at the corpses at crime scenes and works on them at the morgue to find out what killed them and stuff. They get along great as friends. She supports him all the time, and he trusts her skills and knowledge. She helps him out a lot too. Dr Ogden's like Dr Hooper. That's why she's your girlfriend!
  • Sherlock: *stares at Archie* Molly isn't my girlfriend!
  • Archie: *turns to Sherlock* She's not?! *stares at the photo of a severed head* *frowns* Oh. *glances at Sherlock and shrugs* She should be.
  • Molly: *walks in carrying a small cooler* Hello, boys! *looks sheepish when Rosie starts to fuss* Whoops! *goes over to the basket to pick up the crying baby* Sorry, Rosie!
  • Sherlock: *stands up* *takes the cooler from Molly* She'll need feeding soon, so I'll go warm her bottle.
  • Sherlock & Molly: *work together to change Rosie's nappies, feed her, and put her back to sleep*
  • Archie: *opens folder of more gruesome photos* *mumbles to himself* Yep, she's his girlfriend.
  • **Later, after the Watsons and Archie's parents pick up the kids.**
  • Sherlock: *gathers Molly in his arms and kisses her*
  • Molly: *kisses him back after a moment* *gives him a shocked look when they come up for air* Wh-what was that for?!
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Archie helped me realise something.
  • Molly: Realise what?
  • Sherlock: That you should be my girlfriend. Or wife, if you pref––Mmmmmmmph!
  • Molly: *snogs the daylights out of him*
Back and forth

Yesterday was a day of extremes for me. I got up early to go to a strength/ cardio class called Power 45 which was quite challenging – sooooo many glider moves – and incorporated lots o’ squats of various configurations. I wasn’t feeling it right after class but I’m definitely feeling it now, ouch. 

At night I made up for my earlier virtuous self with dinner at Au Cheval, an upscale diner-style restaurant known for their burgers, and drinks at a fancy cocktail bar called the Aviary. (The Aviary is reservation-only and my friend’s group had a last-minute dropout.) The burger was insanely good, sloppy and stacked high; it was only because cooler heads at the table prevailed that we split 2 burgers 3 ways rather than each getting our own. For the cocktails we had a 3-drink “progression” consisting of ordering drinks off a prix-fixe type menu. The presentation was wild and the drinks came with elaborate instructions. My favorite was a rum drink that came poured in layers, with boba-style “bubbles” of dark rum in it. Who even thinks of that?! 

Today I am wobbly from squats and enjoying my quarterly hangover. I just don’t drink as much as I used to and if we hadn’t bought in for the 3-stage menu I might have stopped at 2 cocktails (third one was similar to a Manhattan so quite boozy). I don’t regret it, though. Something I’ve realized about myself is that I’d rather drink once or twice a week and really make it an occasion (something fancy, something novel, etc.) than have a beer or a glass of wine every night. (Of course I’m not going to the Aviary every week…) Either approach is valid in my opinion! But I just seem to enjoy it more that way. 

In the name of realism I decided I would probably not be getting up and running this morning (correct) but I should be ready to get in my run by the time work is over. I’m still going to be sore but that’s fine.