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160722 Yixing mom’s weibo update: “I like the dynamic and dominating you on stage. I also like the slightly unseasoned you playing your roles on screen. However, I like you happy, healthy, and carefree off stage off screen even more! A long long time ago I said to you that you are the type of person who belongs on stage. Even though you go through countless difficulties and hardships to stand on this stage, you never hesitate. So other than saying the two words ‘jia you’ (fighting) everything else is redundant! Last night’s you, your stage was terrific!“

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I guess Error is finally happy having a scarf of his own now x"D I remember one of your comic that he got jealous because Ink made PJ one instead him.

Oh yes!
You remember that?! That was long time ago XD

LOL, good memory XD

Midnight Snack

Word Count: 1554

Warnings: FLUFF AHOY (hah, geddit? Nah, not yet. But it’s a cookie joke!)

Summary: Bucky is unable to fall back asleep, so he goes downstairs for a midnight snack.

A/N: This is a rewrite of a Sam Winchester oneshot I posted a long time ago. I laughed when I realized the reader’s dog’s name was Captain (Which was totally because of Captain America)! XD 

I SAID FUCK THE STRESS AND DECIDED TO POST SOMETHING TODAY!! I really, really missed writing and posting for you guys! You all have been so kind and patient and I didn’t know how else to say thank you than to post a new Bucky fic!

If you would like to be tagged in any future oneshots, please let me know!! I hope you guys enjoy!

(btw this smile kills me. it’s so beautiful. i love that smile)

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Bucky felt the edges of consciousness creep up. He welcomed waking, because he was eager to share his dream with you. It would make you laugh. Like, laugh til you cried. Cap was on the moon and… Shit, nope. Wait. It’s right there at the edge of his brain. What was Cap doing? Was it even Cap? It was gone. He couldn’t remember the dream anymore. Damn.

Bucky turned over to his other side to make himself more comfortable. He bunched his pillow up under his head and reached for you. His hand brushed against your soft bare shoulder. He opened his eyes to the dark room and smiled when his gaze landed on you.

You were laying on your stomach, arms wrapped around your pillow. You were snoring softly, and your hair cascaded around your head like a messy halo. Bucky grazed his fingertips over your arm, up your neck and jaw, until he was gently brushing away the hair from your face. He wanted to trace your features and kiss you until you woke up. He was even content to simply cradle your sleeping face in his hands, but you needed your sleep. He did, too. It had been well over a week since he had slept through the night.

With that thought, he reluctantly dropped his hand from your cheek, shifted onto his back, and closed his eyes once more. He didn’t even want to look at the clock. He knew it was late; and if he knew what time it was, he would only obsess over it. Bucky heard a deep sigh from the foot of the bed, a lot of shifting, and eventually, joints popping. No. No, no, no–

Your dog, Captain, nosed Bucky’s skin until the dog’s huge spotted head was under his arm. Bucky thought that maybe - just maybe - if he laid still and acted like he was sleeping, then Cap would go lay back down. The great big mutt huffed and licked Bucky every which way he could reach. When that didn’t work, he started whining gently. Cap was smart. He knew how far he would have to push Bucky to get his attention. Bucky felt his resolve starting to crumble right before the dog let out soft little barks.

“Captain, cut that out! Mom’s sleeping.” Bucky whispered sternly. Cap wagged his tail while staring Bucky down with his icy blue eyes, just happy to have attention. Bucky groaned. Looks like that was all the sleep he was getting tonight. “C’mon, Cap. Let’s go outside.”

The dog let out a happy little noise and padded out of your room, his shaggy speckled coat swaying with movement. Bucky brushed his hand over your cheek affectionately, kissed your shoulder, then hauled himself out of bed and made his way downstairs.

You rolled over, half asleep, and groped for Bucky. You wanted to bury your face into his chest or his neck or his hair. You weren’t particular about it. You just wanted to feel him beside you, to be surrounded by him. When your fingers met cooling blankets, you let out a disgruntled whine. You opened your eyes to see that his side of the bed was, in fact, empty. Again. Where did he keep going, you wondered? He frequently woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to get back to sleep. You never went to search for him; but, tonight, you were upset because you couldn’t snuggle with him, and you needed to see what was so damn important to keep him from you.

Grumpy, you tossed the blanket off of you and pulled on one of Bucky’s shirts. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realized that Captain’s bed was empty. You made your way down the hall to the staircase and descended as quietly as possible. The bathroom, living room, and patio lights were all off. So, if Bucky was in the house, he had to be in the kitchen. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you made your way there. You heard a soft thumping and a chair scraping against the floor. Captain was probably begging for a treat. A soft smile played on your lips as you pushed open the saloon-style doors.

The sight before you stopped you completely.

Bucky Barnes was chin deep in an oreo, enthusiastically licking the cream out like he’d been starved for years. There was an open package in front of him that was nearly gone. Nearly gone?! You crossed your arms and cleared your throat loudly. Bucky jumped and looked up meekly. Even Captain looked embarrassed as he slunk off into a different room.

Bucky wiped his face, hoping to get rid of any cookie evidence. “Hey, doll.”

You wanted to laugh. He looked so startled. You bit the inside of your cheek trying to contain your smiles, and sent him a glare. “What do you think you’re doing?” you asked tightly, jutting a hip out.

Your boyfriend had never looked so small. He spluttered a half-assed apology and explanation, swearing that he would replace them. You ignored him. It was taking all of your willpower to not burst into laughter. You weren’t mad at him in the slightest; you really just liked to see him squirm. “I mean, you know I have trouble sleeping. And they just sounded so good…” he tried to use his wide-eyed puppy look on you.

You had to look away or your facade would crumble. He was so good at getting you to forgive him. You forced a frown. “I’m pissed, James Buchanan. First, I wake up and you’re gone again. All I wanted to do was cuddle with you.” You made your way to him, slowly. “Then, I come downstairs to find you not only eating my oreos, but eating them incorrectly–

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Y/N.” Bucky interjected. “Oreos are supposed to be taken apart and eaten. It’s science.”

You stopped and stared at him in disbelief. “Science?” You shook your head and padded to the fridge. “You’re an amiture. Dunking them in milk and eating them is far superior.”

Bucky scoffed, turning to face you as you got your glass of milk. “Amiture? I was alive when Oreos were first made, doll. And that’s disgusting. The cookie gets all mushy if you put it in milk.” The slightest hint of a smile was on his face.

“So, what do you do when you finish licking the cream out like a heathen? Just eat the cookie all by itself?” You made a noise like you were going to vomit and clutched your stomach for a dramatic effect. “That’s gross. You know the cream is the best part.” You sat on a bar stool next to him and reached for a cookie.

Bucky made sure to wait until your focus was on him. He locked gazes with you, opened a cookie up and licked it obscenely. “That’s why I eat it first.”

You held his stare, doing your damnedest to not bite your lip and let your eyes go hazy. He knew how to use that mouth. Fuck. Instead, you cleared your throat, licked your bottom lip, and preceded to dunk your oreo into the milk until the bubbles stopped. You bit the inside of your cheek to stifle your laughter. “Doing fancy tricks with your tongue isn’t gonna win this for you, Bucky. I mean, I still love you despite the undeniable fact that you eat oreos the wrong way.”

He laughed at you while you ate your milk drenched cookie. “If we have kids, we’ll have the answer. The superior way to eat oreos will be the dominant gene, obviously. Have you even tried to eat it this way?” Bucky prattled on about the highlights of his way to eat oreos, but you were stuck on the fact that he nonchalantly brought up having kids with you. Was he really planning that far ahead? The thought scared and thrilled you.

He was still passionately defending himself when you got off your bar stool and stood between Bucky’s open legs. You cupped his stubbled jaw and pressed your mouth against his feverishly. His debating abruptly stopped as he eagerly returned your kiss. He wrapped an arm around you and laced his long fingers through your hair and gripped you to him like he was trying to rebalance himself.

You pulled away slowly, smiling to yourself over the confused look on his face. He wasn’t the only one that could get easily turned on by your kisses. His warm, steel blue eyes smoldered yours instantly and he quirked an eyebrow at you, leaning in closely. “You get bonus points for tasting like cookies, but the debate is over for now.” Bucky reached for something behind you, chastely kissed your lips, then abruptly stood and left the kitchen.

Shout out to your boyfriend for effectively ruining the mood. Now it was your turn to be confused. “Babe, what do you mean?” you called. “This isn’t over.” You looked at the bright blue package of oreos and stopped. Your jaw dropped. “Bucky, you did not. I’m gonna kill you!” You pushed away from the counter and ran through the living room. “Those were mine! Why did you eat the last oreo?!” You ran up the stairs, following Bucky’s deep laughter.

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I’m just gonna say this because I’ve gotten a lot of messages trying to excuse Kate Mckinnon’s transphobic and transmysoginistic behavior.

You can like a celebrity and acknowledge the harmful and problematic things that they’ve done.

You don’t have to hate her or stop watching ghostbusters. Nobody is forcing you to stop liking a celebrity that you like. However, excusing her problematic behavior as “it was a long time ago” and “she didn’t write the whole sketch” throws trans people, specifically our trans sisters, under the bus and makes them feel even more alienated in a community that is supposed to support and uplift them.

Educate people who perform this harmful behavior. Don’t let them get away with it.


Being raped is something I don’t talk about. Ever.
I just saw a reblog about after being raped and made me think about what I did. I went to a friend’s house because I knew her mom wasn’t home. When her mom got home, you know what she said? “That’s what you get for meeting someone online.” She also told me not to be friends with her daughter anymore because I make bad decisions and I’m a bad influence. To this day I haven’t spoken to her since. Her mom dropped me off at my house, broken cheek bone and a black eye. After that I was terrified to tell my parents, I was being blamed.

Dear JSTOR: How do I make friends at college?

dear JSTOR, hi! i’m starting college in september and i’m really excited because i’m going to a great school but i’m also really nervous because I’ve lived in the same place my entire life so i really don’t know how to make new friends. can you help me?

Hi friend! 

This is a great question and I think it’s timely for many people. I’m going to start with some of my personal experience (that will hopefully be helpful – it was a long time ago but I too, was once a college freshman), and then dive into what research says on the topic of friends and friendships. 

If you’re going away to university and living there, you will meet a lot of new people  through classes, dorm living, and extra-curricular activities (I hear the youths play Quidditch these days? WHAT?) and friendships form fast. You’re thrown into close proximity and mingling is encouraged by the university (mixers, club get togethers, etc.), so it’s less “work” than it seems like. I know this is a huge change, but remember that it’s the same change for everyone and you’re all in the same boat. Keeping that in mind can help alleviate some anxiety. I met my two best friends in college - one during my freshman year, and another when I studied abroad for a semester (which was also a huge change!). I don’t remember becoming friends with either one of them—one day I didn’t know them and then, all of a sudden, we were inseparable. Friends are weird like that. And we’ve certainly had our ups and downs over the last 15 years, but they are people who I truly appreciate and who appreciate me in return. In fact, pondering the lifetime of those two friendships, our difficult times and conflicts have actually brought us closer, and I’m so happy to know them. Be honest with your friends. Find people who “get” you. Be weird. It’s cool, they’ll like you anyway. (Join a Quidditch team? Seriously, you kids get all the coolest stuff).

Also: classes. You will have to interact in classes. At first it’s super weird and uncomfortable and everyone looks like they want to sink into a hole and disappear and then, all of a sudden, everyone gets over it and starts talking and complaining and comparing notes and this all happens by maybe the second class. I /just/ went through this last year when I started my master’s degree and trust me, everyone is nervous and everyone gets over it at exactly the same time. Plus, since you’re taking the same classes as these people, you probably share some general interests and have homework to bond over. Bonus!

So what does the research say? “Entering college requires youths to face multiple transitions, including changes in their living arrangements, academic environments, and friendship networks, while adapting to greater independence and responsibility in their personal and academic lives.” (1) This is all true and it is… a lot! It’s a big change, and Pittman and Richmond did a study to see what had positive effects on students’ mental health and adaptability. They found two things contribute to better adjustment: a sense of university belonging (feeling as though you are part of the community) and the quality of the friendships you make. So, how do you feel like you are part of the university? Well, some of that is on your school – but, lucky for you, colleges have teams of people dedicated to making freshmen feel welcome, as well as student support systems that include advisors, mental health resources, and social clubs. You can participate in their efforts by reading the newsletters they send, following their accounts on social media, and attending in-person mixers and learning about clubs once you’re at orientation (orientation also helps! You all get there early and bond). Also –and Tumblr can help out if I’m missing something, I went to college before Facebook even existed – I think there are probably Facebook groups for incoming freshmen? Check to see if your school has one and join if they do. Seeing other incoming freshmen on social media this summer might help ease some anxiety because you’ll already have a community.

The quality of friendships is a little murkier, but friendship is generally defined by “mutuality – that is, friendship involves social giving and taking, and returning in kind or degree.” (2) You’re going to meet so many new people, and it’s going to be a lot of fun – I’m so excited for you! Keep the mutuality factor in mind when forming new friendships, and try to find open-minded people with whom you share an interest or two, whether it be in classes or clubs. Meeting new people at college will be easy to do, but determining the quality of newly formed friendships will take longer to really figure out. You may make some mistakes – I did. I was friends in college with some people who weren’t really right for me, and those friendships ended, either by sort of drifting away or, on one or two occasions, through a big argument. And that’s OK! It’s part of life. People come in and out of our lives, and sometimes, when they leave, it’s sad but it’s for a reason. You should definitely be open to meeting new people and trying new things, but remember to listen to your instinct (that weird gnawing sensation in your stomach): if you are around someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is OK to excuse yourself. If someone asks you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, it is ALWAYS OK TO SAY NO – no explanation needed, but “I’m not feeling so great” works well in a pinch. (God, I wish someone had told me that).

OK, to recap! Everyone is nervous, so don’t feel weird; proximity will make meeting a lot of new people pretty easy; and try to join in as you are comfortable/able to do so.

(Also – remember to study. I wish I had done more of that. Seriously, I was really concerned with parties and being “cool” which are… not things I care about anymore TBH. I would really care about having paid attention in that Chaucer class though, because that dude was insightful. And I’d get more of the jokes in A Knight’s Tale, but I digress.)

I hope this is helpful and remember: be kind to yourself.

All the best,


1. Pittman, Laura D. and Adeya Richamond. “University Belonging, Friendship Quality, and Psychological Adjustment during the Transition to College.” The Journala of Experimental Education 76.4 (Summer, 2008): 343-361. Retrieved from JSTOR:

2. Hartup, Willard W. and Nan Stevens. “Friendships and Adaptation across the Life Span.” Current Directions in Psychological Science 9.3 (June, 1999): 76-79. Retreived from JSTOR:

What do we want?   An ASOUE adaptation in which:  VFD has a prominent role, Olaf is terrifying, Violet invents the grappling hook, there are NO SPYGLASSES IN SIGHT, Olaf says “get in the damn jeep”, the literary allusions are preserved, the darkness is highlighted but the humor isn’t lost, Snicket says “Violet, the eldest phenomenon”, you literally can’t tell the Quagmires apart, JACQUES SNICKET, the cast is talented and diverse, there are little hints and flashbacks to VFD pre-Baudelaire fire, and most importantly: KLAUS WEARS HIS FUCKING GLASSES.

When do we want it? Ten years ago, but we understand that adaptations take a long time, and are willing to wait for one that doesn’t completely screw up the order of events. Also, thank you.

Самые употребляемые английские фразы:

A bit. Немного.
A few. Несколько.
A little. Немного; чуть-чуть.
A little bit. Немного.
A long time ago. Давно.
A lot of. Много.
A one way ticket. Билет в 1 конец.
A round trip ticket. Билет в 2 конца.
And you? А ты?
Anything else? Что-нибудь еще?
Are you all right? С тобой все в порядке?
Are you busy? Ты занят?
Are you crazy? Ты с ума сошёл?
Are you here? Ты здесь?
Are you hungry? Ты голоден?
Are you happy? Ты счастлив?
Are you kidding? Ты что, шутишь?
Are you in love with me? Ты любишь меня?
Are you married? Ты замужем/ женат?
Are you OK/ okay? Ты в порядке?
Are you ready? Ты готов?
Are you Russian? Ты русский?
Are you serious? Ты это серьёзно?
Are you sick? Ты болен?
Are you single? Ты одинок? (без пары?)
Are you sure? Ты уверен?
Are you thirsty? Ты хочешь пить?
As a result. В результате.
As a rule. Обычно; как правило.
As soon as possible. Как можно скорее.
At first sight. С первого взгляда.
At long last. Наконец-то.
At what time? Во сколько?
Be careful. Будь осторожен.
By chance. Случайно.
By mistake. По ошибке.
By the way. Между прочим.
Bye-Bye Пока-пока
Can I help you? Могу я вам помочь?
Come here. Подойди сюда.
Come in. Входите.
Do you hear me? Ты меня слышишь?
Do you have any children? У вас есть дети?
Do you speak English? Вы говорите по-английски?
Do you take credits card? Вы принимаете кредитные карточки?
Do you understand? Ты понимаешь?
Does anyone here speak English? Кто-нибудь здесь говорит по-английски?
Don’t be late. Не опаздывай.
Don’t do that. Не делай это.
Don’t worry. Не беспокойтесь.
Everyone knows it. Все знают это.
Everything is ready. Всё готово.
Excuse me. Извините.
Fill it up, please. Наполните бак, пожалуйста. (на автозаправке)
Follow me. Следуйте за мной.
For a long time. В течение долгого времени.
For heaven’s sake Ради бога.
For how long? Как долго?
For once. На этот раз.
From here to there. От сюда до туда.
From time to time. Время от времени.
Go along… Идите вдоль…
Go straight ahead. Идите прямо.
Good afternoon. Добрый день.
Good evening. Добрый вечер.
Good idea. Хорошая идея.
Good luck. Удачи.
Good morning. Доброе утро.
Goodbye. До свидания!
Happy Birthday. С днем рождения!
Have a good trip. Желаю хорошей поездки.
Have a nice a day. Желаю приятного дня.
Have you been to Moscow? Ты был в Москве?
Have you met? Вы знакомы?
Help me! Помогите мне!
Here you are. Вот, пожалуйста.
He’s right. Он прав.
How are you? Как дела?
How are you doing? Как дела?
How are you feeling? Как ты себя чувствуешь?
How do I get there? Как мне туда добраться?
How do I use this? Как мне это использовать?
How much is it? Сколько это стоит?
How’s the weather? Как погода?
How old are you? Сколько вам лет?
I agree. Я согласен.
I don’t care. Мне всё равно.
I don’t know. Я не знаю.
I don’t like it. Мне это не нравится.
I don’t mind. Я не против.
I don’t understand. Я не понимаю.
I don’t want it. Я не хочу это.
I have a cold. У меня простуда.
I live in California. Я живу в Калифорнии.
I love you. Я люблю тебя.
I need help. Мне нужна помощь.
I think so. Я так думаю.
I’d like to buy a cup of tea, please. Я хотел бы купить чашку чая, пожалуйста.
I’ll be back. Я еще вернусь.
I’m years old. Мне лет.
I’m Russian. Я русский.
I’m bored. Мне скучно.
I’m divorced. Я разведён.
I’m fine, thanks. Я в порядке, спасибо.
I’m from Russia. Я из России.
I’m happy. Я счастлив.
I’m hungry. Я голоден.
I’m married. Я замужем (женат).
I’m single. Я холост (незамужняя).
I’m sorry. Я извиняюсь.
I’m thirsty. Я хочу пить.
I’m tired. Я устал.
In fact. На самом деле.
In general. В общем.
Is it possible? Это возможно?
Is it raining? Идет дождь?
Is that ok? Это нормально?
Isn’t it? Не так ли?
It’s here. Это здесь.
It’s OK. Всё в порядке.
It’s raining. Идет дождь.
It’s snowing. Идет снег.
I’ve been there. Я был там.
Keep calm. Сохраняйте спокойствие.
Just a little. Немного.
Just a moment. Один момент.
Let’s go. Пойдёмте.
Me neither. Я тоже.
Me too. Я тоже.
My name is…. Меня зовут….
Never mind. Ничего страшного.
Next time. В следующий раз.
Nice to meet you. Приятно познакомиться.
No problem. Нет проблем.
No, thank you. Нет, спасибо.
No way. Ничего не выйдет.
Not very well. Не очень хорошо.
Not yet. Еще нет.
Nothing else. Больше ничего.
On the left. Налево.
On the right. Направо.
Over here. Вот здесь.
Over there. Вот там.
Right here. Прямо здесь.
Right there. Прямо там.
Rise and shine! Подъём!
See you again. До скорой встречи.
See you later. До скорого.
See you soon. До скорой встречи.
See you tomorrow. До завтра.
Shut up! Помолчи! Заткнись!
Sit down. Садитесь.
Stand back. Отойдите назад.
Start the car. Заводи машину.
Step aside. Отойдите в сторону.
Take care. Береги себя.
Thank you. Спасибо.
Thank you very much. Большое спасибо.
Thanks a lot. Большое спасибо.
That way. Туда.
That’s alright. Все в порядке.
That’s enough. Этого достаточно.
That’s OK. Всё в порядке.
That’s right. Да, верно.
That’s wrong. Это неправильно.
There’s no way Нет никакого способа.
Turn around. Повернись кругом.
Turn left. Поверни налево.
Turn right. Поверни направо.
What are you doing? Что ты делаешь?
What city are you from? С какого вы города?
What do you do? Чем вы занимаетесь?
What do you want? Чего вы хотите?
What happened? Что случилось?
What time is it? Сколько времени?
What would you like to drink? Что бы ты хотел выпить?
What would you like to eat? Что бы ты хотел поесть?
What’s going on? Что происходит?
What’s happening? Что происходит?
What’s the matter? В чем дело?
What’s up? В чём дело?
What’s your job? Какая у Вас работа?
What’s your last name? Как ваша фамилия?
What’s your name? Как тебя зовут?
What’s your nationality? Какой ты национальности?
What’s your occupation? Какая ваша профессия?
Where are you from? Ты откуда?
Where are you going? Куда ты идешь?
Where are you? Где ты?
Where do you live? Где ты живёшь?
Where were you born? Где ты родился?
Who are you? Кто вы?
Why not? Почему бы и нет?
You look beautiful! Ты прекрасно выглядишь!
You look fine! Ты выглядишь прекрасно!
You look gorgeous! Ты выглядишь великолепно!
You look great! Ты отлично выглядишь!
You’re beautiful. Ты красивая.
You’re right. Ты прав.
You’re welcome. Пожалуйста.

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Hey! Could you please do BTS reactions of you (their gf) watching a horror movies with them? I'm new to your blog and I'm so in love! I love both BTS and EXO <3 keep up the great work!

I already did this request once, but that was such a long time ago and it was terrible so I’ll do it again.

J-Hope: “Y/N AH I CAN’T WATCH THIS KILL ALL THOSE ZOMBIES KILL THEM AH!” //throwing a fit because we all know he can’t watch horror movies//

Originally posted by jjibooty

Jimin: //just pouty because you’re not paying any attention to him and only to the movie// “Y/N, look at me for a second. Y/N. Y/N?”

Originally posted by holy-jibooty

Taehyung: “Y/N, do we really have to watch this? No, I’m not scared. What are you talking about.”

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Jungkook: //continues to peek at you throughout the movie// Like I’m going to be able to focus with you next to me. //smug lil shiz//

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi: “If you get scared, just come to me, okay?” //trying to act all cool in front of you//

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jin: //gulps// “Can we just watch a romance movie? Please?”

Originally posted by jinful

Rap Monster: //you’re yoongi; he’s always taking this chance to do skinship with you// “Just a few more minutes.”

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Kids Stuff Pack Recolors 1/3 “Fantasy” by Simtastique.

Soo I recently noticed I made this Blog some time ago (when I tried and failed to create for Sims 3) and seeing as I got into Sims 4 not to long ago I thought why not use it to share my stuff. So here’s my first set, I made two more sets of recolors for the Kids Stuff Pack and I’m ordering them/Assign correct Tags etc. in the next days. Also Clutter/Decoratives for this one follow either today or tomorrow ! Also sorry for the shitty screenshots if you look closely you can see the exact moment I lost motivation  *UPDATED WITH CUSTOM THUMBNAILS*


  • Bed: 5
  • Desk: 5
  • Deskchair: 10
  • Small/Big Bookcase: 5
  • Wardrobe: 10
  • Chair: 15
  • Sideboard: 5
  • Sidetable: 5
  • Clock: 5
  • Bench: 10

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Marichat "I'm lost"

If Adrien Agreste could describe the Parisian air right now, he’d call it refreshing.

The boy hasn’t been Chat Noir for too long but it’s been a while since he first got his miraculous several months ago. He still hasn’t completely gotten used to the freedom the ring gives him, being kept at home for how many years. So it isn’t so much that a breath of fresh air is refreshing, but rather the ability to go out at night as he wishes that is refreshing.

However with this new freedom is some down sides. Due to his lack of interaction with the outside world and being driven around by the Gorilla all the time, he doesn’t completely know the layout of the large city.

In other words, he has no idea where he is.

So after traveling on top of building to building, he catches sight of the familiar College Francoise Dupont. He continues on in the direction of his school, stopping atop it as he tries to locate where his home is. As he realizes his staff has a GPS and goes to reach for it, he hears a voice.

“Chat Noir? What are you doing?”

He looks to his right to see Marinette on her balcony with a tired look on her face. After an awkward small wave, he decides to jump over to her balcony.

Taken aback from the sudden movement, Marinette stumbles backwards falling onto the cold floor. She looks up to see a worried and guilty looking Chat Noir perched on the railing, extending a clawed hand. After a moment she accepts the arm, tugging on it to help her up.

“Sorry…I could’ve timed that better,” the young blonde says apologetically.

“It’s fine,” the brunette yawns. “So, what are doing here? On top of the school? Well my house now but you were on the school but, just- you know what I mean,” she continues.

Taking a moment to gather himself, he replies, “Oh you know, just checking in on the inhabitants of Paris, making sure everyone’s having a good day,” with a smirk.


He freezes a minute, slightly shocked by the statement.

“I mean that’s actually pretty smart. Making sure everyone’s in a good mood so less people are vulnerable to possession by Hawk Moth?” Marinette questioned him. Admittedly, she found it impressive and a good mood on his part, but she knew for a fact that Chat Noir wasn’t patrolling tonight.

“Um, yeah! Totally. That’s what I’m doing. Most certainly.” If the fact that he was totally lying wasn’t completely obvious right now, he didn’t know was.

“Chat Noir. What are you actually doing?”

“I…I’m lost,” he sighed, hanging his head.

Really? You’re lost?”

“Uh, yeah. I was going out to explore a bit and, um, the cat strayed too far from home.”

“So what were you doing on top of the school?”

“I was going to look for directions.”

“You don’t know how to get to your house? If you can’t get to your house, how do you get to akuma attacks?”

“Follow the screaming,” he winced, “not the best answer.”

“So do you need help getting to your house or something?”

“Uh no. I can, probably find the general vicinity of it. Hopefully. Besides, I don’t want to keep you up, it’s almost 2:00 am,” he paused making a face, “speaking of which, why are you up?”

“Oh, I was just having trouble falling asleep is all,” she waved the question off. In reality she was patrolling as Ladybug and she got home around a quarter to one. She hadn’t been able to fall asleep since getting home.

“Do you have something on your mind?” he inquired. If there was something bugging her, he wanted to help. She’s his friend after all.

“No, not really,” she replied. She wasn’t actually too sure if she did want to talk but either way, she needed whatever sleep she could get if she wanted to stay awake in class. “Thanks for asking though.”

“No problem. Well, I should probably get going now,” he turned to leave and paused with his hands on the railing. He turned his head to the side, “By the way,” and turned it back, “if you never need to talk, you can always talk to me.”

Like that, he was gone. Just a shadow in the dead of night.

Marinette went inside with a small smile.

he’s not good enough for you pt.7

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six

A/N; This story is getting extremely long… I’m going to wrap it up soon. I don’t think I’ll let it go over ten parts, I feel like that’s too much. 

Genre; Angst

Pairings; Jaehyun x Reader x Taeyong


Once you got to the restaurant, all the happy smiles and laughter made you feel so much better. You started to realise that maybe it didn’t take as long as you thought it would to stop feeling like crap because your relationship with Taeyong was as good as over a long time ago. Now looking at Jaehyun’s gleaming grin across the table from you, it felt wrong to feel so attracted to him.

You didn’t notice you were staring at him until Taeil, who was sat on the left side of you, nudged your arm and whispered, “you like him, right?”

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Hey guys! So I’ve never made a follow forever (even tho I’ve been on Tumblr for a really long time) so I thought I would finally make one. I finally made my own 5sos account a little less than a year ago after spamming my other account with them. 

ANYWAYS I love this fandom so much and I appreciate everyone that follows me so I just wanted to show some appreciation. It’s going to be pretty short but these are the people that stick out in my mind.

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